Jonathan Wane married Elizabeth Hollister

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					Jonathan Wane (possibly 1781 – 1842, died Cirencester) married Elizabeth Hollister

Son: Richard Wane christened 6th Jan 1807, Fairford, Gloucester
Son? William Wane 1817 Gloucester – 1881 census
Possible other son: Isaac Wane – see below

Children of Isaac Wane born about 1791 and Sarah Brewster born about 1801:
(Isaac Wane marries Sarah Brewer (?), Bermondsey, Surrey 1818)
Jonathan Wane born 22nd March 1819, Draper (died 1895, Northleach)
Christening 28th April 1819 Fairford, Gloucester
Married: Mary Habgood, born 1819, Cerney Wick, Gloucester in 1852, Cirencester
Son: John Wane, born 1855, Northleach
Daughter: Henrietta Wane, born 1857, Northleach
Daughter: Mary Elizabeth Wane born 1860, married William Redington (wife 2) in
1887 in Northleach, daughter Christine Redington born 1893, High Wycombe.
Son: Richard Hurst Wane, born 1863, Northleach

Isaac Wane born 13th March 1820 (on 1841 census with Isaac and Sarah)
Christening 14th April 1820 Fairford, Gloucester
Married: Eliza Mary Brangwin, born 1820, Great Marlow, Bucks in 1847. (Parents
Mary Keene and George Brangwin born 1792, grandparents Mary Deane and Edmund
Brangwin born 1762)
NB Eliza’s uncle, Abraham Brangwin married Jane Knowles Dreweatt. Abraham and
Jane’s daughter, Jane Dreweatt Brangwin, married William Byles who was a
publisher and printer and owned the Bradford Observer. Their children included
Ellen Margaret Byles (born about 1860) who married Charles Wade, and her brothers
Willam Pollard Byles (one of the oldest, born about 1839 – MP and Member for
North Salford) and Alfred Holden Byles (again one of the oldest, born about 1841)
whose son, Father Thomas Roussel Byles, was lost on the Titanic. Ellen and Charles
Wade had Geoffrey Byles Wade and Anna Margaret Wade (1891 census).
Son: John Wane 1849-1908, married Eliza Treacher 1840-1931, son Francis 1880 and
daughter Florence 1882-1963 (my grandmother)
Daughter: Emma Sarah Wane 1852 married Robert George 1844-1921, daughter
Minnie 1884, son Stuart 1885, son Morton 1889, daughter Gladys 1894
Daughter: Mary Wane 1854 married William Redington (wife 1), son William 1879
daughter Mary (May) 1880, son Thomas 1883, daughter Marjorie 1885
Daughter: Clara Wane 1856
Daughter: Caroline Annie Wane 1860
Son: Richard Wane 1864

Michael Atwell Wane born 15th Dec 1822
Christening 8th Jan 1823 Painswick, Gloucester

Willam Atwell Wane born about 1826 (on 1841 census with Isaac and Sarah)
William Atwell Wane, Fairford 1826 - m. Fanny Morgan, Hanninton, Wilts,
1837- (daughter of John Morgan 1802 - 1860 and Catherine, 1818 -)
They had son: Charles Morgan Wane, Highworth, Wilts 1858-1901 m Fanny
Lush, Scarborough, Yorks, 1859 -1894 (could this be the Charles that has
been confused with Charles Wade?)

Charles and Fanny had 7 daughters: Ellen, 1884, Catherine, 1885, Lotta,
1887, Grace, 1889, Norah, 1893-1893, Rhoda, 1894 PLUS
May, born in Cricklewood, London, 1891 - 1981 m Percival Pilcher,
Portsmouth, 1884 -1969
They had a daughter born 1925, still living, m Anthony Gent 1924 -
who then had daughter b 1952 who married a Hart b. 1952 and they produced
Louise Hart b 1978.

John Haynes Wane born 1826/7, Ampney Crucis, Gloucester, grocer and
Married: Mary Anne Wane, born Shefford, Beds. He must have married Mary Ann
George – see below, a widow.
1891 census: Living in Back Street, Hatfield with wife Mary Ann, wife’s sister Jane
Johnson, born 1843, Beds, and son Alfred George Wane born 1872.
1881 census: Living in Fore Stree, Hatfield with son James George Wane, born 1872,
Stevenage, wife Mary Anne, and wife’s sister June Johnson, born 1837, Beds
1861 Census: unmarried, staying in Hatfield with Mary Ann George (Grocer and
Ironmonger) formerly Johnson, born Beds, her daughter Fanny and Mary’s sister
Frances Johnson, born Beds. John is possibly manager of above shop.
1841 census: John Wane staying in Painswick

Harriet Haynes Wane born 9th July 1828
Christening 7th August 1829 Fairford, Gloucester

Henry Wane born 26th May 1830
Christening 6th Sept 1832 Fairford, Gloucester
Married: Marianne Ricketts, born about 1830, Castle Eaton, Wilts
1871 census Joseph Ricketts staying, born Wilts, unmarried brother in law, retired
veterinary surgeon
1861 census has relatives staying: neice Charlotte E. Ricketts born 1867, nephews
George R. Ricketts born 1867 and Albert Ricketts born 1872
1841 census: Henry Wane staying in Painswick with Harriet and John Haynes
(veterinary surgeon)

Arthur Palmer Wane born 16th August 1832
Christening 6th Sept 1832 Fairford, Gloucester
1881 census: Staying with Joseph Ricketts born 1826 Castle Eaton, Wilts, retired
veterinary surgeon, Joseph’s wife Frances, born 1853, Kent, sons Joseph 1873 and
Herbert 1881 and daughter Margaret 1874. Joseph Ricketts had a brother, Richard
born about 1830, a sister Elizabeth, born about 1833, and sister Marianne, born about
1830 see above. Their father was a Joseph Ricketts born about 1799.
(also on 1841 census with Isaac and Sarah)

Richard Wane born about 1835 (1841 census with Isaac and Sarah)
Charlotte Wane born about 1837 (1841 census with Isaac and Sarah)

Alfred Wane born about 1840 (1841 census with Isaac and Sarah)

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