In The Snow by ewghwehws


									In The Snow

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        Sue was a lonely child.
       She had no siblings, and
    her parents often let her run wild.
One winter morning, she went outside
      in her cute pink boots and
     a red nose she couldn’t hide.
       She played in the snow,
       until her poor little body
      shivered from head to toe.
   But she couldn’t go inside yet.
           Despite the cold,
        she had one last quest.
    She had to build a snowman.
    Someone she could play with
      in her winter wonderland.
 So she started with one small ball
              of snow.
    Cold and tired but she was
   determined to make it grow.
    Soon she was almost done,
         and that was good
because her red nose had started to
She made his face from the ground.
  She made him eyes and buttons
  with stones that were black and
  She gave him a stick for an arm,
and she took off her thick red scarf
      just to keep him warm.
The lonely child didn’t want
        to say goodbye,
and no matter how hard she
  she couldn’t help but cry.
  She hugged her snowman
         before she left,
 a tear felled on his shoulder
     and he too had wept.
She left so fast that she didn’t
what her weeping snowman
      had become to be.
The next day when she came
          out to play.
She found that her snowman
      had moved away.
 She looked and looked but
         couldn’t find
   that snowman she built
   who was trying to hide.
Finally she saw him behind a
   he was peeking around
   to see if she would see.
 She couldn’t believe that he
          could walk
  and was more surprised
   when he started to talk.
 He said “Hello friend how are you
          She smiled at him
And he asked, “Do you want to play?”
            She said “Ok”,
      and he became her friend
        in a very special way.
They played until the sun went down.
     They said their goodnights
      and parted with a frown.
   However, she came everyday
      and over and over again
           they would play.
    She was not lonely anymore.
           She had a friend
  who would love her forevermore.
 One day she had come outside to
 and found that the winter snow
    had started to melt away.
   Her and her snowman both
           started to cry
but it was nothing they could do,
        but they had to try.
  Then the snowman had a plan.
    He told her not to worry,
 but to build another snowman.
  He spoke to her gently with a
             teary eye,
and said “Take a piece of me with
      and I shall never die.”
       So she did as she was told
and took a piece of the snowman’s snow
and put it in the freezer; someplace very
        As the land grew hotter
       She kissed him goodbye.
      And left with a sad trotter.

  The next day she came at first light
       to see if he was still there
  but found all the snow out of sight.

 She found her red scarf laying on the
        She looked everywhere
 but her snowman could not be found.
 Soon winter time came
       back around.
She took her piece of him
and rebuilt him from the
They played and played
     like never before
   and looked forward
 to the years they had in
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