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Marijuana As Medicine by stizorm


All About The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis. Marijuana Helps Slow Cancer Growth.

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All About The Benefits Of Cannabis.

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The believed that marijuana may very well be utilized for medicinal purposes is just not a brand
new concept; in actual fact it has been around for thousands of years. Ahead of I started to
perform investigation on this topic I strongly believed that marijuana may be made use of as an
effective medicine. I had heard many stories about its possible for helping cancer and AIDs
patients, among other illnesses, to handle each the symptoms in the illnesses along with the
unwanted effects in the therapies. These treatments could incorporate chemotherapy or radiation
in the case of cancer patients. I also was well conscious with the truth that marijuana has in no
way had a single recorded case of a person dying from a marijuana overdose. This in itself is
trigger to say that marijuana could possibly be a safer medicine opposed to other prescriptions.

With this evidence alone, it could appear that I am a complete supporter in the prospect of
marijuana being made use of for medical purposes. This is not completely the case. Before
performing any of my investigation I've heard the horror stories of persons becoming absolutely
addicted and getting the drug take more than their lives. The entire problem of marijuana can be a
very debated subject and should be looked at from distinctive viewpoints just before deciding a

As I conducted my analysis one of many key arguments in this heated debate is about the actual
prospective for it to help persons better cope using the symptoms of illnesses. Many people think
that marijuana has much to provide persons within the realm of medicine; other individuals say
that it does additional harm than great. People that are proponents of marijuana being legalized
say that it's of tremendous medical worth. They propose that it may help alleviate chronic pain,
quit muscle spasms from occurring, cause a obtain in appetite and help stop nausea, and also
relieve pressure within the eye. Several of the ailments that may be helped by this drug include
things like AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, a number of sclerosis, and glaucoma. AIDS and cancer
patients could benefit from marijuana by getting both the discomfort connected with this illness
diminished. Also these patients could be helped by getting a a lot more stimulated appetite and
much less nausea. Those with epilepsy may very well be helped by potentially having seizures
prevented. Men and women suffering from various sclerosis could possibly have less painful
muscle spasms. Also those that have glaucoma could possibly be provided with relief from intra-
ocular pressure and potentially be spared serious eye harm.

This write-up as a entire was fundamentally a list of all of the methods that it might be beneficial
for quite a few diseases. It also pointed out that for a really lengthy time marijuana was becoming
made use of as medicine already so this thought of it being valuable just isn't new. Soon after
seeing all of the illnesses that it could potentially assist with I was shocked. All I could consider
with regard towards the individuals who suffer from these illnesses is that if I were in their spot I'd
choose to try something that could potentially operate.

Nonetheless, you'll find people who disagree absolutely and say that marijuana has no place in
the medical world what so ever. They cite the reality that marijuana has in no way been accepted
as a accurate medicine by most major organizations involved in testing and certifying medications
such as the Food and Drug Administration. Also, it has been pointed out that medical marijuana
nonetheless cannot be prescribed within the vast majority with the states currently. Marijuana is
also not sold in pharmacies, and maybe by far the most crucial thing to note is that marijuana is
still ranked inside the exact same category of drugs as heroin, LSD, along with other illegal drugs.

This post was defiantly against medical marijuana. It criticized each any every single part of it
getting medical value. It pointed out that it has never ever been approved for medical use by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It also broke down the criteria for a drug to become certified
to have medical value and talked about each point and why marijuana didn't qualify. This post
was, if nothing else, extremely successful at showing the sharp contrast in views in between the
supporters and opposition.

One more argument that has been produced is no matter if or not marijuana has the possible to be
an addictive drug. Some individuals say that marijuana presents a threat to society resulting from
its addictive properties. There is a good reason to believe in this point of view. Through the time
among 1992 and 2006 the strength of marijuana massively improved. In truth, it's estimated that
this boost might be as much as one particular hundred seventy-five percent. This triggered the
amount of persons that are dependent upon marijuana to boost. There are several risks that go in
addition to dependency upon marijuana. Certainly one of these is that some users could possibly
drive although beneath the influence in the drug. Making use of marijuana impairs motor skills and
can result in accidents. Overall, marijuana is the second most often detected drug in driver's

When reading this post, it became clear that the author was very against all forms or marijuana
both medical and non-medical. It goes on to talk about the evolution of cannabis into what we've
right now, and also the purpose that it's so addictive. The author of this write-up also shows the
greatest cause they believe that marijuana must not be legalized in any form. Medical marijuana is
1 step closer to legalization. This puts young children and teens at danger and this write-up
primarily makes a statement against such circumstances.

However, you will find people who say that marijuana just isn't addictive and is truly an incredibly
safe drug to use. One such individual is Paul Armentano author of "Marijuana isn't addictive". In
his article, Armentano cites a report completed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Based on the
IOM, much less than ten percent of people today who try cannabis meet the description of an
individual who exhibits addiction. This can be a far cry from the amount of men and women who
showed addiction to other drugs.

These drugs included tobacco which was at 32 percent, heroin at 23 percent, cocaine at 17
percent, and alcohol at 15 percent. All of these percentages are high in comparison with marijuana
which was at less than ten percent. Another element that supports the fact that marijuana is non-
addictive may be the lack of withdrawal symptoms. Cannabis in contrast to tobacco or alcohol
does not cause serious withdrawal effects. By far the most notable effects for marijuana are slight
apprehension, agitation, and lack of sleep. Tobacco produces similar withdrawal effects, but
considerably additional serious by comparison. Many instances tobacco's effects are enough to
persuade an individual to begin up again, which is not correct for marijuana.
This post to me was really eye opening. It presented a very massive quantity of facts which was
focused on the concern of no matter whether or not marijuana is addictive or not. It compares
dependency rates with numerous with the other abused narcotics; along with discussing the
withdrawals that each drug causes. Overall, it clearly is in favor of marijuana becoming utilised as
medicine, and presents scientific evidence to show why it must be.

1 more significant piece of evidence that help legalization comes from an article titled "Medical
Marijuana". Even though the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was
conducting a study about the chemicals that marijuana contains, scientists discovered one thing
intriguing. The particular chemical substances that they studied are named cannabinoids that are
chemicals one of a kind to the marijuana plant. These chemical compounds had been found to
essentially be anti-cancer.

This write-up is quite crucial due to the information that it consists of regarding the distinct effects
of cannabis' chemicals. The post also goes on to restate the benefits that were given previously
inside a separate commentary. Additional inside the source, the legal victories are also discussed
which had been connected to how medical marijuana was able to obtain to where it is these days.

In conclusion, cannabis becoming made use of for medicinal purposes is a highly debatable
subject. A lot of research have been performed with every single seeming to create different
outcomes. Following reading by means of all of the articles, my opinion has not been swayed by
the opposition. I nevertheless side with individuals who believe in legalization for medical
purposes. I do nonetheless comprehend that people have really different and really robust
opinions on the subject. It really is difficult to tell exactly who's ideal or incorrect. There is so much
evidence presented each for, and against legalization of cannabis as medicine that it is much less
about who to think and a lot more about who not to believe.

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All About The Benefits Of Cannabis.

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