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					FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                               Pleasanton Unified School District

APRIL / MAY 2007                                            Foothill Website:                  Attendance Phone: 925.461-6688

Kevin Johnson, Principal                                        P.U.S.D. Website:                              Office Phone: 925.461-6600

Inside this Issue:                            FACE IT!      Foothill Students                              First Place          Christie Frakes

•     Preparing for 2007-08
                                              Write About the Laws of Life                                 Second Place         Ryan Paleczny
                                                                                                           Third Place          Alex Kim
                                              By Lori Vella, Vice Principal
                                                                                                           Fourth Place         Mitch Tombs
•     Nat’l Merit Finalists
                                              The Third Annual Laws of Life Writing Contest                Fifth Place          Leanne Olwin
•     Successful MCC Week                     culminated this year with a terrific awards luncheon
                                              on March 9, 2007. Twenty students who wrote about            The Laws of Life Writing Contest is one of the ac-
•     Falcon Pride!                                                                                        tivities sponsored by the Foothill Community of
                                              one or more of the expected behaviors of Responsi-
                                              bility, Compassion, Self-Discipline, Honesty, Re-            Character Committee. Winning compositions can be
                                              spect and Integrity were honored at the luncheon in          read on the Foothill High School Website under the
                                              the presence of their parents, English teachers, Prin-       Character Education link. They can also be found in
Table of Contents                                                                                          the Laws of Life Writing Contest Booklet. Copies
                                              cipal Kevin Johnson, Assistant Superintendents,
AABC Corner .......................... 16     District Directors, School Board members and the             of this booklet can be found in the school Library
AABC Scholarship .................. 17        Mayor of Pleasanton Jennifer Hosterman. The deli-            and the Main Office.
Adult Education Classes... 21, 22             cious lunch was prepared and served by Barbara
Alumni Career Day .................. 2
                                              Henshaw’s Catering Class, while groups of students
ASB President’s Message ......... 3
                                              from the Foothill Orchestra provided entertainment          It’s Testing Season!
                                              under the direction of Ed Cloyd. This year, 690
Career Center News ................ 4                                                                     Once again, testing season is upon us. This year, test-
                                              students submitted essays for the contest, a 50
                                                                                                          ing starts in late April and runs through most of May.
Counseling Corner.................... 7       percent increase over last year! 73 community
                                                                                                          Testing dates are:
FAB News/Scholarship ........... 18           members judged the students’ work. Overall,
Falcon Pride Awards................. 5
                                              more than 800 people in the community contrib-
                                                                                                          STAR Testing:
                                              uted to making this program a success! The Foot-            Mon.      April 30 CST Lang Arts           Grades 9, 10, 11
February Student of the Month6
                                              hill Community of Character, along with the AABC,
Festival of the Arts ................... 4                                                                Tues.     May 1      CST Social Science Grades 10, 11
                                              who made a major financial contribution, made the
German Language Program .... 7                event possible. Congratulations to the following            Wed.      May 2     CST Science            Grades 9, 10, and 11th
                                                                                                          grade students currently enrolled in a science class
Health Office Reminder .......... 9           contest winners:
                                                                                                          Thurs.    May 3      CST 10th Gr Science Grade 10 only
Honor Roll-Fall Semester..11-15
                                              Freshmen                                                    Fri.      May 4     CST Math              Grades 9, 10 and
Junior Prom............................. 10   First Place           Nick Uhm                              Grade 11 students currently enrolled in a math class AND
                                                                                                          those who completed Intermediate Algebra or Math IV in a
Library & Media Center........... 8           Second Place          Matthew Yang                          previous year.
March Student of the Month .. 6               Third Place           Jessica Saldinger
MCC Week ............................... 6    Fourth Place          Tanya Sehrgosha                       All testing will begin at 8:12 AM in 3rd Period class-
                                              Fifth Place           Erica Schoefer                        rooms.
Office Volunteers Needed ..... 10
PPIE Events............................. 20   Sophomores                                                  Seniors will report to school after the testing period
Principal’s Message.................. 2       First Place           Megan Barrett                         each day. Students not scheduled to take a test during
                                              Second Place          Alex Leong                            this time are to report after the testing period on that
Public Review-Materials ........ 10
                                              Third Place           Kristina Fink                         particular day. Odd and even periods will be alter-
Rotary Spirit Run ................... 21                                                                  nated on successive days. “A” Period and “B” Period
                                              Fourth Place          Andrea Kang
School Site Council .................. 9                                                                  classes will be held each day for all students enrolled
                                              Fifth Place           Asra Ziauddin
SELPA Awards ........................ 21                                                                  in these sections. The regular school day, during
Sr Class Parent-Activities.. 19,20            Juniors                                                     testing, will start as follows:
Sr Class Activities @ a Glance23              First Place           James Zhao                            Monday, April 30th                  10:47 AM- 1st Period
Student Assistance Fund ........ 10
                                              Second Place          Shawn Chen                            Tuesday, May 1st                    10:17 AM- 2nd Period
                                              Third Place           Chelsea Leibow                        Wednesday, May 2nd                  10:17 AM- 1st Period
We the People.......................... 3
                                              Fourth Place          Alyssa Ng                             Thursday, May 3rd                   10:17 AM- 2nd Period
Yearbook Distribution.............. 8         Fifth Place           Anthony Machi                         Friday, May 4th                     10:47 AM- 1st Period

                                                                                                          Continued on Page 9—Testing
PAGE 2                                                           TALON TALK – FHS                                                      APRIL / MAY, 2007

Academic Excellence — Our Core Mission
Dear Parents and Foothill High School Community,

As the season’s change, we begin our preparation for the 2007-08 school year. On Monday, March 5, 2007, it was our pleasure to welcome the
parents from Foothill High School’s Class of 2011. Our enrollment is anticipated at approximately 2,250 students for the 2007-08 school year. Our
counseling department has now completed student course registration. With the continued support of our community, district superintendent, and
Board of Trustees, we are able to offer all of the programs that were offered during the 2006-07 school year, including the support classes that were
started this school year. A seven period day will, again, be available for students — our freshmen will continue to be enrolled in math and English
classes at a 20 to 1 ratio. We also continue to do all that we can to maintain a smaller school atmosphere as our enrollment continues to increase.
We are also excited that our successful collaboration program, started this year, will continue. The traditional period 1 – 6 school day will, again,
begin at 8:12 AM and conclude at 2:48. The school day for students on Wednesday, again, will begin at 9:00 AM. Students taking an ‘A’ period
will meet from 7:00 – 8:07 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students taking a ‘B’ period will meet from 2:53 – 3:47 PM daily.
Exciting changes will also open with the 2007-08 school year. Two new science rooms will open, a laptop program will begin, planning for an
Engineering Academy will begin, and our community garden will open. We will also be finalizing our updated facilities master plan which in-
cludes a new classroom wing, expanded PE facilities, gym expansion, and more.

In this issue of Talon Talk you will find a list of the Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 or better) and the Honor Roll (3.50 - 3.99) for the fall semester of
the 2006-07 school year. Forty percent of our student body earned such recognition — 906 of our 2,275 students: 310 students earned Principal’s
Honor Roll status and an additional 596 students earned Honor Roll status. Congratulations to the students who earned such recognition and to
their families. Congratulations also to Shishir Agrawal, Ben DeStein, Yun Ding, Wesley Hong, Joshua Liu, Pulin Sun, Ryan Tsai, Galen
Willett and Joon Woo for earning recognition as National Merit Finalists. In a Foothill High School tradition, Associated Student Body President,
Hollie Lyseng, and I will have the honor of recognizing these students and introducing the valedictorians, the highest academic honor a student can
receive, and salutatorians for the Class of 2007 during our April 28 academic assembly. Look for the announcement of names on our marquee and
in our next edition of Talon Talk.

As highlighted on the preceding page, important standardized testing is forthcoming. Student performance is important to both our students and our
school. My expectation is that all students will work to provide an accurate reflection of their ability on all tests. We are working to insure that
scores are reflected on student transcripts. In addition, students who do not reach the proficient level will be provided academic support classes to
help improve skills. Please work with us to encourage peak performance for all students. Congratulations to our current sophomores for their dili-
gent and dedicated effort with the High School Exit Examination in mid March. I was very impressed by each student’s commitment to success,
and am confident that such commitment will continue. Our expectation is that our growth Academic Performance Index rating will grow by at least
10 points. As an educational community, we remain committed to continued growth and improvement.

Finally, thank you to Denise Watkins, Kerry Sirotta, JoLeeAnn Smith, Jill Thomas, Jan Hope, Pat Davis and Carlene Bailey for coordinating a very
successful Falcon Royale. We appreciate all who continue to provide so much support to our school and community. In the spirit of community
and school support I think of the passing of our district’s board President, Juanita Haugan. Thank you, Juanita, for your many years of dedicated
service to the students of Pleasanton. You made a positive difference. Your commitment and care are traits that we will attempt to emulate.

As always, your support of Foothill High School is appreciated. It is a pleasure to work on behalf of your students and our community.

Go Falcons!


Kevin M. Johnson

Foothill Alumni Taking the Time to Make a Difference
Foothill High School graduates will be back on campus Friday, April 20, 2007 for Foothill’s Annual Alumni Career Day. Graduates
will arrive from all over the state, and some from out of state, to introduce current students to a variety of careers and encourage
them to strive toward a successful future.

Approximately 45 Alumni presenters will focus on the rewards, educational requirements, and life experiences associated with a
broad spectrum of careers with the hope of inspiring and enlightening students. Alumni returning come from a wide variety of occu-
pations, including: Law Enforcement, Teachers, Musicians, Writers, Sales & Marketing professionals, Military Personnel, and Video
Game Designer to name a few. A true testament to this program is that we have had many presenters return year after year, some for
as many as 10 years.

Foothill Alumni will enjoy a luncheon prepared by the school’s catering class before making their presentations to the Juniors and
Seniors during their fifth and sixth period classes. It is also a time to catch up with old friends and reconnect with staff members.

Thank you Alumni for investing in our student’s future careers!

Submitted by Lynn Pulino, Counseling Staff
                                                                                                                     FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL

APRIL / MAY, 2007                                          TALON TALK - FHS                                                        PAGE 3

A Message from Hollie Lyseng,                                      Competition with “Class”
ASB President                                                       After months of practicing, research,
                                                                    studying and hard work, Foothill's We
  Hello Falcon Family!                                              the People advanced to the State Finals
                                                                    in Sacramento, on February 8th and
  As everyone looks forward to the end of the year, more and        9th. We the People is an academically competitive team that
  more exciting events are taking place. We are currently in the    competes against other schools in the state in the format of a
  process of electing next year's Associated Student Body rep-      simulated Congressional hearing. The team is made up of six
  resentatives. Also, positions are changing for class represen-    units consisting of four or five students per unit. This compe-
  tatives as well as next year's class of 2008 takes over and       tition consists of a four minute prepared presentation with
  2007 moves on.                                                    each unit answering a number of difficult questions, followed
                                                                    by a six minute question and answer period with a panel of
  While people are finding out whether or not they got into the     three judges. The judging panel usually consists of judges,
  college of their choice, they have still had to keep up with      lawyers and college professors.
  everything going on at school. AP tests begin April 16 and
  continue until May 14. Although seniors do not have to par-       The competition has four levels with a one-loss elimination.
  ticipate, STAR testing also begins in late May.                   We competed at the district level, advancing to the regional
                                                                    competition in December. There, we defeated both Leader-
  In support of our spring sports, I would like to congratulate     ship High School of San Francisco and Jesse Bethel High
  the Boys Golf who won the EBAL tournament in Discovery            School of Vallejo. This victory earned the team the right to
  Bay. Also, our Junior Varsity girls Lacrosse is on an amazing     compete in the state finals against 12 schools from across the
  winning streak this season and I would like to wish them the      state. Foothill's team has advanced to the final four, at the
  best of luck for the remainder of the year. The Foothill JV       state level, for the past eight years. The competition at this
  girls Softball team won the Walter Wood tournament against        State event was the toughest we have ever faced. The team
  Logan recently, Good Job Girls! Our swimmers are doing            did exceptionally well, with units 3 and 4 receiving the high-
  awesome as well with our lady Falcons taking first in all but     est score of the competition in each round. Although we did
  one event and boys maintaining their legacy of domination,        not advance to the final four, I am exceedingly proud of this
  Keep Up the Good Work! Girls Varsity Softball always re-          year's team. They demonstrated dedication, hard work, great
  minds us that We Bleed Blue and always makes us proud,            performances and exceptional good sportsmanship in losing
  good job ladies!                                                  to their cross town rival, Amador.

  On Saturday, March 24, Foothill hosted the Color Guard and        This year's team dedicated their season to Sharon Cao, a
  Percussion show in honor of our unrivaled band. They go to        lovely and brilliant classmate who was taken from us sud-
  the guard and percussion championships on March 30, so we         denly at the end of her sophomore year. It was her dream to
  would like to wish them the best of luck, although they cer-      be a member of this year's team. We will always remember
  tainly do not need luck.                                          you, Sharon.

  Foothill and Amador recently closed their performance of          This year’s team consists of the following students: Sunny
  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with out-            Agrawal, Shanzel Afridi, Philip Auyang, Kimberly
  standing reviews.                                                 Brown, Frank Chen, Rick Chen, Ben Destein, Shailin
                                                                    Dhar, Yung Din, Lauren Guerdat, Wesley Hong, Tyler
  Congratulations again and thank you to everyone who makes         Jurich, Samuel Kim, Sid Kundu, Shreya Mali, Grant
  Foothill proud to always bleed blue!!                             Miller, Khasi Mowlavi, Ryan Rubin, Nikhil Sharma,
                                                                    Jacob Singer, Spring Sun, Ryan Tsai, Deepthi Vjayragha-
  GO FALCONS!                                                       van, Joon Woo, Marcella Yee, and Kelly Zhou.

                                                                    I, and the We the People team, would like to thank the fol-
  Sincerely,                                                        lowing people for their help and support: Kevin Johnson,
  Hollie Lyseng,                                                    Matt Campbell, Mark Hailey, John Mannion, Dan Schneider,
  ASB President                                                     Karen Wind, Candice Cole, Steve Wickersham, Michelle
                                                                    Jurich, and all the wonderful alumni students who come back
                                                                    every year to help. We love and thank you all .

                                                                    Submitted by Cindy Juarez,
                                                                    Social Studies Teacher and We the People Coach
PAGE 4                                                      TALON TALK - FHS                                            APRIL / MAY, 2007

 Festival of the Arts 2007                                         Career Center News
 The Visual and Performing Art Department of Foothill High
                                                                   Summer Programs
 School presents Festival of the Arts 2007, as part of Art is
                                                                   The Career Center has some great oppor-
 Education, a month-long celebration of youth arts learning in
                                                                   tunities for Summer Programs for stu-
 Alameda County. Over 500 pieces of incredible student art
                                                                   dents. If you want to participate or learn
 will be on display from Monday, April 2nd through Thursday
                                                                   more about them please come in and
 April 5th during school hours. To celebrate the outstanding
                                                                   “check-it out”! Examples of program
 work created by Foothill students, a reception will be held on
                                                                   locations are: Columbia University, UC
 Sunday evening, April 1st, from 6pm to 8pm. Local artists
                                                                   Berkeley, Georgetown University,
 and teachers will be brought in to judge the artwork and
                                                                   UCLA, UCSD, Boston University, North-
 awards will be presented at the Sunday reception. Awards
                                                                   eastern University, and Penn State.
 and prizes will be given in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Ap-
 plied Design, Photography and Video Production. The com-
                                                                   SAT’s & ACT’s
 munity is invited to view this display of amazing artwork
                                                                   If you are a junior planning to attend a 4-year college, you need
 during school hours, please check in with the office for a
                                                                   to be sure to register to take the SAT I or ACT. If you are ap-
                                                                   plying to a UC you will also need to take the SAT II’s. You
                                                                   may do this online.           To register for SAT’s go to:
                                                                  To register for ACT’s, go to:
                                                          There are deadlines so don’t procrastinate!!

                                                                   Test Prep — Information on many different test prep programs
                                                                   is available in the Career Center.

                                                                   ROP Classes
                                                                   ROP Classes are offered to students who are Juniors or Seniors.
                                                                   Registration for fall 07 is complete. However, if you are inter-
                                                                   ested in registering for any of the ROP Courses, you may still
                                                                   be able to sign up. Please see Mrs. Barker in the Career Center
                                                                   for information. Below is a list of the classes that are offered:
                                                                   Auto Collision Repair I and II         Computer Aided Drafting
                                                                   Criminal Justice                       Auto Machinist
                                                                   Cosmetology & Manicuring               CSI
                                                                   Auto Service Maintenance               AP Environmental Science
                                                                   Health & Society                       Forestry/ Natural Resources
                                                                   Environmental Science                  Health Occupations
                                                                   Landscape Design/Nursery Practices     Economics of Business Ownership
 The art students have decided to also add a fundraiser to the     Developmental Psychology of Children   Marketing
 Festival this year. They are supporting the "Empty Bowls"         Television Production                  Computer Networks and Systems
                                                                   Visual Communications                  Web page Design I & II
 project. The mission of Empty Bowls is to create positive and     Multimedia Design and Presentation     Nursing Careers
 lasting social change through the arts, education and projects
 that build community. Empty Bowls was started in 1990             Career Interest Inventory
 when a high school art teacher in Michigan helped his stu-        Not sure what career you are interested in? Want descriptions
 dents search for a way to raise funds to support a food drive.    of careers? Not sure what colleges are best for you? Come to
 By the following year the originators had developed this con-     the Career Center and explore all the options that await you!
 cept into the "Empty Bowls" Project. Since then Empty
 Bowls events have been held throughout the world, and mil-        Work Permits
 lions of dollars have been raised to combat world hunger.         Any student who has a job is required by law to have a work
                                                                   permit. The applications for a work permit are in the Career
 The basic idea for Empty Bowls is simple. Students create         Center. Please allow 24 hours for them to be processed. As
 ceramic bowls, then serve a simple meal of soup and bread.        summer is approaching, be sure to get your work permit re-
 Guests choose a bowl to keep as a reminder that there are         newed if you plan on working during summer vacation.
 always Empty Bowls in the world. In exchange for a meal
 and the bowl, the guest gives a suggested minimum donation
 of ten dollars. The ceramics students of Foothill High School
 have been working feverishly creating bowls to sell at the
 Festival of Arts. They have chosen Open Heart Kitchen as the
 hunger-fighting organization who will receive the money
 they collect. The Foothill catering department will be creating
 and serving homemade soup and bread during lunch on April

 Submitted by Nancy Scotto,
 FHS Ceramics Teacher
                                                                                                         FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL

APRIL / MAY, 2007                                        TALON TALK - FHS                                                PAGE 5

                       Falcon Pride!
                       Congratulations to the following students who received a Falcon Pride Award for exemplary citizenship or
                       class work.

                    February Awards                                                  March Awards
 Student Name               Nominating Staff                      Student Name              Nominating Staff

 Alexander, Nick            J. Koobatian                          Aguilar, Brandon          L. Pappas
 Andrus, Winston            M. Crawbuck                           Alvarez, Geraldo          M. Martella
 Auyang, Phillip            M. Jurich                             Arora, Ishika             C. Jones
 Baek, Grace                S. Kleespies                          Barrantes, Julia          E. Pagtakhan
 Barrack, Lewis             K. Deenihan / D. Willy                Biehl, Stephanie          M. Crawbuck
 Benson, Teagan             C. Gibbons                            Brooks, Austin            C. Jones
 Bulick, Brittney           K. Sandler                            Chang, Deanna             C. Jackson
 Burke, Brittany            B. Reber                              Conflenti, Julie          H. Gilliland
 Daroza, Alex               D. DeGiobbi                           Czaja, Michael            B. Moorefield
 Delaney, Matt              B. Correia                            Debenedetti, Anthony      B. Moorefield
 denbroeder, Justin         M. McLaughlin                         Duddy, Claire             B. Reber
 Dickens, Kimberly          M. McLaughlin                         Dutcher, Evan             C. Jackson
 Enns, Carter               L. Noronha                            Falcon, Adam              K. Begg
 Frakes, Christie           E. Pagtakhan                          Gerstenberger, Kate       L. Dennis
 Gerlach, Katie             J. Koobatian                          Ha, Cindy                 L. Noronha
 Haire, Austin              L. Maher                              Haverland, Candice        M. Martella
 Hintze, Maria              G. Martinez                           Jardin, Michael           C. Jackson
 Hsieh, Henry               E. Pagtakhan                          Joda, Sam                 L. Dennis
 Jurich, Tyler              K. Johnson / M. Campbell              Kim, Thomas               K. Deenahan/ D. Willy
 Kalos, Sean                K. Begg                               Knuppe, Lauren            B. Correia
 Kawaguchi, Sarah           C. Gibbons                            Kruger, Bryan             J. Parmelee
 Kawaguchi, Sarah           L. Dennis                             Larson, Whitnie           L. Noronha
 Kim, Kevin                 L. Noronha                            Lee, Rebecca              J. Koobatian
 Ladino, Geanlucca          K. Deenihan / D. Willy                Ling, Eric                C. Jackson
 Law, Alex                  M. Jurich                             Marvive, Matt             K. Deenahan/ D. Willy
 Little, Kyle               M. Crawbuck                           McGarry, Brian            E. Pagtakhan
 Loke, Melissa              B. Correia                            McKewon, Jacquelyn        M. Hailey
 Lynn, Ryon                 M. Hailey                             Okuda, Ioana              J. Nix
 Malcom, Hayley             G. Martinez                           Ofstedahl, Paige          H. Gilliland
 Marvive, Matt              K. Sandler                            Raman, Meera              M. Primeau
 Miller, Grant              K. Johnson / M. Campbell              Reil, Greg                M. Dubach
 Mintz, Alexander           J. Mannion                            Ricci, George             L. Pappas
 Motavalli, Parsa           J. Castagnini                         Santiago, Alyssa          K. Begg
 Na, Kellen                 A. Thoe                               Smith, Sam                L. Hetherington
 Neuer, Kelsey              M. Charuhas                           Song, Jinny               A. Thoe
 Rubin, Ryan                K. Johnson / M. Campbell              Soroushian, Melissa       D. DeGiobbi
 Rudisill, Karen            J. Mannion                            Stewart, Rachelle         M. Primeau
 Shin, So-Yeon              M. Hailey                             Traurig, Lauren           M. Dubach
 Stafford, Jason            B. Reber                              Vilain, Olivia            M. Crawbuck
 Staurt, Brittany           J. Castagnini                         Vonderhaar, Ryan          B. Reber
 Tombs, Mitch               M. Lewandowski                        Wieser, Kristen           J. Koobatian
 Wardrip, Jackie            K. Begg                               Williams, Suzanne         B. Correia
 Wheatman, Rebecca          D. DeGiobbi                           Wood, David               D. DeGiobbi
 Wong, Derek                A. Thoe                               Woodruff, Megan           J. Parmelee
 Yankowski, Matt            L. Dennis                             Yoo, Eddie                A. Thoe
                                                                  Zampierin, Andrew         M. Hailey
PAGE 6                                                     TALON TALK - FHS                                           APRIL / MAY, 2007

Presenting Kayci Thomas, FHS                                         Introducing Ryan Rubin, FHS
February Student of the Month                                        March Student of the Month
Foothill High School is pleased to announce that Kayci Thomas        Foothill High School is proud to announce its March Student of
has been chosen as its February 2007 Student of the Month.           the Month, Ryan Rubin. Ryan was nominated by his AP Eco-
Mr. John Mannion, Kayci’s AP Civics teacher says, “Kayci is          nomics Competition “We the People” teacher Cindy Juarez. Ms
extremely conscientious and dedicated student. She is a true         Juarez says about Ryan: “He is a perfect example of what a
pleasure to teach each day.”                                         Student of the Month should be. He is intelligent, enthusiastic,
                                                                     hard-working and just a joy to be around. He makes a room
Kayci has two AP classes, Calculus and Civics. While she             light up when he is in it.”
carry’s a strong academic schedule, her true passion is Video
Productions. During her Freshmen and Sophomore years she             Ryan’s academic schedule during his senior year is rigorous.
attended school in Tucson, Arizona were she was Treasurer of         He is taking four AP classes, Calculus, English Literature, Japa-
the Media Club. She participated in technical support for            nese IV and his competition Economics. He is also taking
school plays and helped organize a trip to Hollywood. Her re-        Physics and Chamber Choir. Ryan’s current GPA is 4.333 with
sume at Foothill has her being the Student Director of the FYI       a cumulative GPA of 3.773.
student video bulletin. The Teacher of this Class Mr. Scott          Ryan has a passion for the theater, as well as music. He’s been
Sears says “Kayci is an excellent student. She has a great work      involved not only in The Homecoming Skits, but in the Drama
ethic. Kayci is an excellent leader in the video class and a Fal-    Club as well where he’s participated in three musicals and three
con among Falcons!”                                                  plays. Ryan has had the lead role in four of the six productions.
Kayci’s Pre-Calculus teacher last year, Mr. James Parmelee,          He has also taken first and second place in High School Theater
nominated her to attend a Leadership summit started by Presi-        competition at Ohlone College. Ryan is part of a rock band
dent Eisenhower called People to People. She participated in         where he sings. His musical talent does extend beyond singing
the theater section of the Summit last summer. Mr. Parmelee          as he plays the piano and guitar.
says about Kayci, “She is a very kind and polite person, willing     Showing Pleasanton Community of Character traits at a recent
to help others in need. Kayci is a person who genuinely says Hi      “We the People” competition, his teacher Cindy Juarez says
and asks how you are doing.”                                         about Ryan: “He is probably the best sport I have ever met.
This year in March, Kayci will be participating with her church      Immediately after finding out our team had not made the final
group to build a house in Mexico. The organization is called         four – Ryan went to the Amador Team and worked with them
Corazon. She also is working to get her private pilots license to    to help them win the State Competition. There is no one better
fly small planes. She hopes to achieve this by the summer.           to exemplify a perfect Student of the Month.”
Her goals are to go to Loyola Marymount University to study          In Ryan’s own words, he says about himself: “I have an unnatu-
Film and TV Production. She hopes to have a career working           ral love for US History and Constitutional Law.” He would
behind the scenes in film or television, with her “ultimate          like to attend UCLA or Berkeley after graduation and study
dream” to start a company which films and distributes Broad-         Political Science or Law. He plans on working in the govern-
way Musicals.                                                        ment in any capacity, as he wants to “leave a positive mark.”
                                                                     He would also like to maybe act or sing on the side.
Congratulations, Kayci!
                                                                     Congratulations, Ryan!
Submitted by Coni Miller, Office Assistant
                                                                     Submitted by Coni Miller, Office Assistant

Foothill's Multicultural Week — An Amazing Event
by Gaurav Rijhwani, MCC Officer
During the week of March 12th – 16th, Foothill High School celebrated its 18th Annual Multicultural Week.
Foothill has become increasingly diverse over the years. Multicultural Club's motto this year was "United we
stand, divided we fall." On the first day of MCC week there was a fashion show, planned by director Sabrina Alahmad along with
Hasnain Nazar, Anita Bhatia, and Payal Desai, representing different clothing around the world. Tuesday consisted of a cultural fes-
tival, organized by Nikeeta Sharma, Meera Raman and teacher Michelle Garlit, with students’ displays representing a plethora of
countries around the world, sharing music, background, artifacts, food and much more. Wednesday was a lunchtime Cultural Food
Day, organized by Armin Toor, Cindy Ann, and Luisa Nino, with campus clubs and groups selling to our students cultural foods
from around the world. The Foothill catering class, under the direction of Barbara Henshaw, prepared and served a staff luncheon on
that day also. On Thursday, numerous students watched a video titled "A Class Divided," in the multipurpose room. A discussion
after the video, led by Shailin Dhar and Nikhil Sharma, further engaged students in the topic of diversity. On Friday, the long-
awaited annual school-wide assembly finally occurred. Students performed various dances and demonstrations representing differ-
ent cultures. This assembly, organized by President Shanzeh Afridi along with other officers including Devin Kals and Sunny Tripa-
thy, included eleven acts that entertained the already enthusiastic student body.
The assembly brought a successful Multicultural Week to an end. The Multicultural club once again exceeded expectations and
topped all preceding multicultural weeks. This week would not have been possible without the constant dedication of club advisor,
Faye Gabriel, as well other faculty members including Michelle Garlit. The Multicultural club would like to thank all its supporters,
faculty, student body, and community for their participation and contributions to the week.
                                                                                                                  FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL

APRIL / MAY, 2007                                            TALON TALK - FHS                                                     PAGE 7

Counseling Corner                                                    Danke Frau Kettering!
                                                                     Foothill’s AP German class was very fortunate to have Frau
Seniors: Still trying to decide where you want to attend col-        Kettering, the grandmother of senior Katie Kettering, come
lege? Many colleges offer visit programs where you can sit in        visit and share her experiences in Germany during World War
on a class, eat in the dining hall, and spend the night in a dorm.   II, as well as the building and fall of the Berlin Wall and the
Check with college admission offices to see what they have to        wall that separated East and West Berlin. This is the second
offer this spring break. Also, your counselors are available if      year AP classes have had this wonderful personal touch with
you need help deciding where to go and remember to keep your         personal stories about how life really was during those very
grades up—we have had students whose admission offers were           difficult times.
rescinded due to low grades!
                                                                     Frau Kettering was here, from Germany, on an annual visit with
                                                                     her family. We are very appreciative of the time she gave us,
Juniors: Want to get a head start on the college admissions
                                                                     and to Katie for sharing her grandmother with us. Frau Kette-
process? PUSD will be offering a “College Bootcamp for Sen-
                                                                     ring’s visit to our class was a vivid reminder of how fortunate
iors” this summer, from July 16-20th. This week-long class will
                                                                     we are to live in this country and how necessary it is to protect
be taught by a PUSD counselor and will cover topics such as
                                                                     our freedoms and rights.          Thank you, Frau Kettering!
narrowing down your college choices, college essays, financial
                                                                     Herzlichen, herzlichen Dank!
aid, and more. See the summer school brochure or website for
more information.

All Students: Summer School brochures will be available soon
through the counseling office and district website.

Submitted by Jennifer Friesen,

Foothill’s German Program
Ranked #1 in Northern California
At a reception at U.C. Berkeley on April 29, Foothill German
students will be honored for their high accomplishments on the
National German Exam, a standardized exam taken by German                    Frau Jackson with Frau Kettering (holding flowers)
students nationwide. We are so very proud at what they have
achieved.                                                            Guten Tag!
Foothill High School’s German Program is definitely on a roll        This time of year for our German students and Deutschklub is
and scored with the most students in the 90th percentile or bet-     near the top of our usual busy schedule! February brought our
ter. For the past nine years Foothill has ranked among the top       tradition of both the German students and Deutschklub making
three schools in Northern California. However, this year FHS         chocolate roses, which were given to each staff person and
tipped the scales by having the most students achieving this         some made it into the hands of a special valentine! Next we
tremendous accomplishment. Of the 97 FHS students taking the         celebrated Karneval or Fasching in German, which we call
exam, 18 percent of them scored in the 90th percentile or better     Mardi Gras. Jelly doughnuts are a tradition near Cologne and
and 66% scored in the 70th percentile or better. The stakes were     we make those delicious treats in class—always a treat for our
not easy, as Foothill is always in competition with Gunn High        students! Deutschklub had an exhibit during Multi-Cultural
School in Palo Alto and Lowell High School in San Francisco.         Week for freshmen to visit and learn about the interesting sides
The three schools enable Northern California to have some of         of the German-speaking world. The MCC celebration included
the highest scores in the nation.                                    German grilled bratwurst, which seems to have become quite
                                                                     popular, as we quickly sold out! This season’s highlight was
Congratulations to those students achieving the 90th percentile      the “Immersionstag” or immersion day at the German-
or better: 2nd year students—Bryan Chang, Grace Yi,                  American School in Menlo Park on March 18th. Eighteen stu-
Vikra Ramakrishnan, Linett Rasmussen, Ted Stromberg,                 dents went to spend a day speaking German. They participated
Sarah Weinberg, David Meyer, Austin Mann; third year                 in a variety of activities, including soccer games; preparing
students—Michael Anderson, Annie Cho, Justin DenBroe-                traditional foods for lunch and snacks, a Spelling Bee, dancing,
der, Jonathan Hwang, Sara Khan, Christina Mews, Mat-                 watching short videos and acting the Siegfried legend. Every-
thew Shadish, Sarah Sohail; fourth year student—LeeAnn               one had a GREAT time and came home happy and tired.
Meyer; and fifth year student— Katie Kettering.                      Upcoming is the Soccer Bridge on May 12, and our tradition of
                                                                     a family night at a German restaurant in the Bay Area. Busy,
Way to go, Foothill German students! We know how hard the            busy, busy. So until the next Talon Talk, we wish you alles
German students work and it is great to see their efforts re-        Gute!
                                                                     Submitted by Frau Jackson
                                                                     German Language Teacher, World Languages Dept. Chair
PAGE 8                                                        TALON TALK - FHS                                          APRIL MAY, 2007

Library & Media                                                      June Yearbook Distribution
Center News                                                          English teachers will have the option of allowing students to
A main objective of our librarian, Mr.                               pick up their yearbooks during class time. Otherwise, year-
Bradford, is to update our library col-                              books will be available for pickup in Room D-19 only during
lection. AND HE HAS! With the help                                   the following dates and times listed below:
of AABC and Friends of the Library                                   Distribution Dates
we are making a huge dent in our badly outdated collection.          Tuesday, June 5: Seniors Only
Along with the non-fiction/curriculum books that are tragically      Wednesday, June 6 - Friday, June 8: All grade levels
outdated, we have also made the fiction section a priority. With     Time
your students telling us what they want to read, it’s been very      7:40—8:10 AM
exciting to see the interest and circulation rising, which equates   2:50 PM — End of the line or 4 PM
to lifelong learning and leisure reading.
                                                                     Student must provide yearbook receipt. Students not prepared
Two other students and their families have made it possible to       with their receipts will need to stand in line and endure a very
get more books into the hands of Foothill students—James Kim         lengthy wait while a yearbook staff member pours over a list
& Kira Fuerstenau. The library and all of the Foothill student/      containing 2,000+ names! Think about hot weather! Think
staff/families THANK YOU. We cannot grow on state funds              about lines of needy students! Think about what you'd rather be
alone – you, the parents, are the backbone of our library!           doing that afternoon! Therefore, start the hunt now for your
The archival scrap booking is going strong, thanks to Karen          receipt, and keep it in an easily accessible location! That way,
Bonner-Wilson and her loyal committee members: Kathy                 students will get their books through a quick and easy process.
Compton, Grace Martell, Lori Burnnett, Ruth Loewenhardt,
Lourdes Contreras, and Staci Compton. They started with              Beginning Monday, June 11, yearbooks can only be picked up
Foothill’s opening year, 1977, and jumped to the last 6 years.       before school in Room D-19. Please, do not interrupt the class-
They hope to have most of these done by Alumni Day in April,         room during school hours.
and all done by June. A BIG, BIG project. Karen will be leav-
ing Foothill, along with her youngest child, this June. Great for    There is still time to purchase a yearbook! A limited number of
her and sad for us! If there is anyone who would like to help in     books will be available for purchase after Friday, June 8. Stu-
this project, please email or         dents should sign up on a list that will be posted outside D-19
Karen directly at Karen has              on Monday, June 4, and leave their name, grade level, and
started a system that is beautiful, long lasting, and is making it   phone number. When extra books are released, seniors will
possible to access them on the web. Getting started now would        first be served, followed by all other students in order of the
make a smooth transition and, as always, we would appreciate         list. Books will be sold for $80.00 in cash only. Any book not
all help.                                                            collected and paid for by Monday, June 11, will no longer be
The district has started a pilot program of “Thin Client” com-       held and will be available for sale to other students. Please pick
puters in our library. They’re faster and much cleaner looking.      up all books as soon as possible!
The students have more work area, and as usual, they’ve
learned quicker than the staff. The one BIG CHANGE is that           General reminders for parents and students: The yearbook is
they can ONLY SAVE to the server or a FLASH DRIVE.                   the end-product of a class at Foothill. I am proud of the hard
Therefore, as a service and fundraiser, the library is ordering      work and time my students put into it all year long, trying their
1gb, flip cap, blue falcon logo flash drives. We are excited and     best to provide the Foothill community with the best yearbook.
plan to start selling them at Walk Through Registration.             Like any class, the students are bound to occasionally make
                                                                     mistakes. Please keep in mind that the students did try their
Submitted by Brenda DuCharme,                                        very best, and if there is a problem or concern, please contact
Library Media Assistant II                                           Lindsay Maher at Please do not
                                                                     contact the students, or interrupt class time to resolve yearbook
                                                                     concerns. We hope you will enjoy the book, which showcases
                                                                     the creativity and originality of our talented yearbook staff.

                                                                     Lindsay Maher
                                                                     Yearbook Adviser

                    Foothill Library at 7:40 AM!!!!!
                                                                                                               FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL
APRIL / MAY, 2007                                             TALON TALK - FHS                                                 PAGE 9

                     A Reminder from the                               2007-08 SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL
                     Health Office                                       PARENT REPRESENTATIVE
•    If your emergency card information has changed since Au-
     gust 2006, please update the information by contacting the
     Health Office. We need the most up-to-date information          School Site Council, Maximum
     for your child’s health and safety.
     With allergy season already here, make sure you have com-
                                                                     Impact – Minimum Time
     pleted a prescription, or over the counter medication con-      Parents, you have a wonderful opportunity to have a great im-
     sent form, and have it on file in the Health Office. A com-     pact on Foothill High School by being part of the School Site
     pleted form is required in order to administer medications.     Council. The council is made up of equal parts school staff
                                                                     (administration/teachers), and community (parents and stu-
The Health Office at FHS is open from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM              dents). The Site Council provides direction and approval for
daily. If you have any questions, please call the school Health      school goals, programs and policies. It is a great way for par-
Clerk, Chris Faubion, at 461-6605.                                   ents to get to know the staff and student leadership, to give in-
                                                                     put and vote on important decisions, and to know what is hap-
                                                                     pening at school. The School Site Council meets from 3:30 -
                                                                     4:30 p.m., the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings start
                                                                     on time and end on time. The time commitment is minimal!
Testing (continued from front page)
Please impress upon your student the importance of doing well        There are two openings for parents on the 2007-08 School Site
on these tests. Your student’s 2007-08 class schedule will be        Council. If you are interested in filing for a seat, complete the
influenced by his/her performance on these tests. In addition,       required information below and turn it in by April 30th.
Foothill’s ranking, statewide and nationally, is based on the
testing results. Schedule requests for students scoring profi-       Applications received after April 30th may miss inclusion on
cient or advanced will not be adjusted. Those students who           the ballot.
score Far Below Basic or Below Basic in English/Language
Arts or Math will be scheduled into at least one support class       To apply for a seat with the 2007-08 School Site Council,
for the subject area in which he or she needs further help. Stu-     please complete the following:
dents scoring at the Basic level will be considered on a case-by-    • Your Name (please type or print clearly)
case basis. You can help your student to perform at their opti-      • Street Address City Zip
mum level by encouraging them to get at least 8 hours of sleep
each night prior to testing, and to eat a good breakfast each day.   • Phone E-mail
If you have any questions about the STAR testing program,            • Names of children attending Foothill
please call the main office at (925) 461-6600.                       • Please write a short statement (200 words or less using
                                                                         Times New Roman font size 10) describing your back-
Advanced Placement Testing                                               ground and interest in serving on the School Site Coun-
AP testing will be held on-site from May 7th through May 18th.           cil.
Registration for AP testing is complete. Students enrolled in an
AP course have received a sign-up sheet which includes the           You may turn in a hard copy of the application information to
date and time each test is given. It is important to note that       Claudia See (main office); however, we would prefer you
students are expected to attend school for all periods during        e-mail it to Lori Vella at:
these two weeks except when actually taking the scheduled AP
test in morning or afternoon sessions. If you have any ques-         Your statement will be cut and pasted, and placed on the ballot.
tions regarding AP testing, please contact Matt Campbell, Vice       Ballots will be compiled and sent out in the Walk-Through
Principal, or your student’s AP teacher.                             Registration packet. Votes will be tallied after walk-through
                                                                     registration has been completed. For more information, call
Sincerely,                                                           Lori Vella at 461-6653.

Lori Vella,
Vice Principal
PAGE 10                                                   TALON TALK – FHS
                                                                                                                      APRIL / MAY, 2007

Junior Prom — April 28th!                                            Public Preview—Proposed New
                                 This year’s Prom venue is the       6-12 Instructional Materials
                                 Bishop Ranch Business Center,
                                 Bishop Ranch #2, 2600               Beginning on February 22, 2007, and continuing until April 4,
                                 Camino Ramon, in San                2007, parents, staff, and community members will have an op-
                                 Ramon. The Prom will begin          portunity to preview new 6-12 instructional materials proposed
                                 @ 7 PM and end at 11 PM.            for district adoption. This preview will include grades 6-8 so-
                                                                     cial studies, as well as 10th grade world history, 11th grade
                             Tickets will be on sale April           U.S. history, and 12th grade civics and economics.
                             16—20 before school, at lunch
                             and after school until 3:50 PM.         The public preview for these new courses and instructional ma-
                             Every student (including                terials will be held in Media Services at the District Office at
                             guests) attending the Prom              4665 Bernal Avenue. Individuals interested in previewing
                             must complete a Junior Prom             these instructional materials may review them at Media Ser-
Agreement. Prom Agreements must be turned in at the time of          vices between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
ticket purchase. Only one Agreement form, per couple, is re-         The materials will not be available for checkout.
quired. Junior Prom Agreement forms are available in the main        If you have questions about this public preview, please contact
office.                                                              Judith Martin, Coordinator of Media Services, at 426-4430, or
                                                                     Dianne Howell, Director of Secondary Education, at 426-4330.
Tickets will not be sold to students who have an outstanding or
unresolved school debit. If you are unsure about a debit, please     The scheduled hours for the Media Center are Monday through
contact Coni Miller, office receptionist, at 461-6600. Ticket        Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
cost is $65 per person. Ticket cost includes dinner.

Prom pictures will be in the FHS small gym from 4:00-6:30
PM. Formal pictures will not be taken at the Prom.

                                                                     Volunteers Needed to Assemble
Foothill Student Assistance Fund                                     Back-to-School Packets
Through generous donations from our Foothill families, our
school has attempted to maintain a student assistance fund for
the past several years. This account is administered by our          Can you help us out on June 11,
head counselor, Susan Shanker. Money from this account is            2007? That’s the day our wonder-
used to help students who are in financial need pay for items        ful parent volunteers will be assem-
such as, but not limited to, P.E. clothes, field trip fees, senior   bling our 2007-08 Back-to-School
caps & gowns for the graduation ceremony, and Junior Prom            packets. Assembly will begin at 9
and Senior Ball tickets. If you would like to contribute to this     AM and end around 1 PM. If you can give us a hand, please
fund, please keep in mind that any amount would be appreci-          email our parent-in-charge, Kari Lambert, at:
ated. Checks should be made payable to FHS Student Assis-   Juice and snacks will be provided!
tance. Please send your donation to:

                  Foothill High School
                  c/o Pat Smith, Activities Secretary
                  4375 Foothill Road
                  Pleasanton, CA 94588

At your request, a receipt for your donation will be mailed to
your home. A self-addressed envelope enclosed with your
check would be appreciated if you would like a receipt returned
to you. Any amount you can donate will help a grateful student.

Thank you!
                                                    TALON TALK - FHS                                        PAGE 11
APRIL / MAY, 2007

                    Foothill High School Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 and Above)
                                         Fall Semester, 2006-07
                                  Siddhartha Kundu         Joon Woo             Alicia Lo
                                  Kimberly Kurotori        Emily Works          Christina Louie
                                  Christopher Kyer         Ling Xu              John Lynn
                                  Leslie LaBarre           Marcella Yee         Anthony Machi
                                  Gregory Lassalle         Barnabas Yik         Melissa Martin
                                  Da Som Lee               Jared Young          Dillon Martinez
                                  Eunice Lee               Jia Zhou             Nathan Masuda
                                  Jessica Lee                                   Leeann Meyer
                                  Paula Lee                Juniors              Tessa Miller
                                  Samuel Lee                                    Anthony Monterrosa
                                  Andrew Levy              Aditi Abraham        Zahra Murtaza
            Seniors               Michelle Lim             Shaherzad Ahmadi     Kaley Ngo
                                  Jeffrey Lin              Amy Atherton         Neda Nguyen
            Miranda Adler         Sheng Lin                Anish Badjatiya      Jennifer Ni
            Shanzeh Afridi        Jason Liu                Junbae Bang          Keval Patel
            Shishir Agrawal       Joshua Liu               Scott Banks          Taylor Peterson
            Sarah Allbritten      Jacinda Lofland          Robert Barrett       Bryan Qi
            Amanda Arthur         Ryon Lynn                Emma Battershell     Lauren Rodriguez
            Emily Astbury         Shreya Malli             Rishi Bhandarkar     Alicia Roe
            Philip Auyang         Kelly McMahon            Stephanie Biehl      Rachel Romijn
            So-Yeon Baik          Megan Misencik           Frances Bo           Valerie Rycerski
            Ryan Baker            Samara Mohammed          Grayce Bullock       Joseph Schlies
            Jessica Bell          Kirtan Patel             Amandeep Chattha     Andrea Schneck
            Sarah Bonnar          Christina Payne          Shawn Chen           Samar Shah
            Kimberly Brown        Rebecca Payne            Michael Chinn        David Sin
            Sarah Bunker          Amy Petersen             Michelle Choi        Su Sin
            Eamon Carey           Trang Pham               Ryan Coleman         Sarah Sohail
            Daniel Cerruto        Ashley Quintana          Lyndsey Collier      Megan Stander
            Deanna Chang          Meera Raman              Jeremy Crane         Jordan Strangmeyer
            Carolyn Chen          Paul Rava                Cameron Dadrass      Samantha Suchland
            Christine Chen        Fiona Robison-Rivera     Andrew Darrin        Ryan Sullivant
            Frank Chen            Rosalia Rochon           Alaynah Fiedler      Brian Szeto
            Rick Chen             Nicholas Roth            Jonathan Forman      Paul Thies
            Nicole Cohen          Ryan Rubin               Alexey Freed         Emily Tjon
            Gautham Darapaneni    Melineh Sarkis-Kelly     Karrah Garcia        Simon Walfridsson-Schultz
            Benjamin DeStein      Michelle Sastri          Melanie Gin          Justin Wang
            Shailin Dhar          Katherine Shadish        Danielle Glaeser     Robin Wang
            Yun Ding              Nikeeta Sharma           Matthew Glassanos    Ellen Yang
            Steffany Galbraith    Nikhil Sharma            Yuchen Guo           Jennifer Yi
            Lindsay Gaudinier     So-Yeon Shin             Shridhar Gupta       Madeline Yung
            Mark Gottscho         Brett Smith              Elise Haykin         Mihir Zaveri
            Lauren Guerdat        Rachelle Stewart         Samson He            James Zhao
            Ealeen Hii            Pulin Sun                John Holmgren        Joana Zuniga
            Britney Hill          Ashley Szeto             Rebecca Hucker
            Wesley Hong           Edmund Tam               Minju Hwang          Sophomores
            Jack Hu               Courtney Tarnow          Katia Johnston
            Youn-Woo Jang         Xing Tong                Melissa Kalbarczyk   Kristopher Adkins
            Heather Jansen        Suneet Tripathy          Michelle Khoury      Swetha Akella
            Julia Johnson         Ryan Tsai                April Kim            Ashley Amos
            Michael Johnson       Anthony Vanderzee        Bessie Kim           Michael Anderson
            Tyler Jurich          Brian Viceral            Suzy Kim             Bowman Bagley
            Kelsey Keane          Deepthi Vijayraghavan    Mohini Kundu         Colton Baptista
            Christopher Khoury    Jennifer Vincent         Kenrick Lam          Samuel Berney
            Michelle Kim          Casey Wang               Christina Lambert    Justin Blonigan
            Samuel Kim            Rebecca Wheatman         Tiffany Lee          Brandon Butera
                                  David Wieser             Sarah Lewis          Christine Chang
                                                                                FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL
PAGE 12                                  TALON TALK - FHS                             APRIL / MAY, 2007

              Foothill High School Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 and Above)
                               Fall Semester, 2006-07
Sophomores (continued)                                  Freshmen
Annie Cho                Pooja Mehta                    Nicholas Byron
Kristina Chun            Jenny Mei                      Angela Chan
Michael Czaja            Shawn Merchant                 Matthew Clark
Justin Denbroeder        Christine Mikkelsen            Andrea Davis
Kourosh Farsai           Eric Miller                    Janelle Dorcy
Jason Ferrel             Robert Miller                  Ryan Fuerstenau
Jeffrey Fong             Aditya Murali                  Justin Fung
Corey Francesca          Kellen Na                      Erin Gray
Aurelia Fu               Prachi Naik                    Julianna Haykin
Rohan Ghanta             Hye-Min Oh                     Jenica Holt
David Gruen              Lauren Pritchett               Allison Hyatt
Meng Guo                 Sumita Raman                   Kylie Johnson
Prerna Gupta             Hindu Rao                      Marina Kelsh
Kapil Gururangan         Monique Rico                   Elias Khoury
Cindy Ha                 Gaurav Rijhwani                Hyun Kim
Christine Hanamura       Nathaniel Roberts              Christy Kwok
James Hedrick III        Danielle Scott                 Nidhi Mastey
Jourdin Hermann          Charles See                    David Meyer
Kathleen Hitchens        Matthew Shadish                Tara Najim
Jonathan Hwang                                          Jae Nam
Samuel Joda              Robin So                       Prihatha Narasimmaraj
Hoon Kim                 Jessica Spindler               Christine Nguyen
Hyung Kim                Erica Tam                      Elizabeth Orpina
Kevin Kim                David Tran                     Joon Park
Stephanie Kim            Conrad Trembath                Sejal Popat
Stephanie Kolb           Aarshi Vipani                  Chelsea Randel
Andrew Kuo               Jiaxu Wang                     Kyle Scroggins
Krystal Lau              Bogu Wei                       Ariel Siner
Stella Lee               Jessica Weiller                Tyler Starkman
Michelle Leu             Katherine Woolley              Harrison Tan
Kyle Little              Christine Wu                   Anca Todor
Vienna Liu               Athena Xides                   Amy Tran
Hiu Ma                   Matthew Yankowski              Peter Tsou
Paige McGlinchy          Elyse Young                    Rachel Usedom
Luis Medina              Megan Yu                       Agam Virk
                         Asra Ziauddin                  Karen Wang
                                                        Jennifer Yang
                                                        Matthew Yang
                                                        Jonathan Yankowski
                                                        Grace Yi
                                                        Kathleen Yumul
                                                        Paayal Zaveri
                                                        Jeffrey Zhang
APRIL / MAY, 2007                                   TALON TALK - FHS                               PAGE 13

                             Foothill High School Honor Roll (3.5-3.99)
                                       Fall Semester, 2006-07
                                    Sarah Goett              Jeffrey Randel      Chelsea Barbario-Kitts
                                    Molly Gomes              Carter Rankin       Griffin Beemiller
                                    Megan Gomez              Rebecca Rhee        Victoria Bell
                                    Danielle Gordon          Matthew Rice        Teagan Benson
                                    Vanessa Griffith         Elliott Ripley      Michael Beretta
                                    Kelsey Gullick           Kathleen Rombach    Christina Blake
                                    Kelsey Hall              Katelyn Rossler     Sarah Bolf
                                    Laura Hammel             Calley Sabhlok      Karin Bouche
                                    Alicia Harding           Calvin Santos       Tyler Brown
                                    Michael Henn             Katrina Sayre       Jamie Bui
                                    Mycah Hetzler            Marissa Scanlon     Erika Burg
                                    Evan Hirata              Samuel Schoonover   Shannon Byrne
            Seniors                 Breanna Hoffmann         Jacob Singer        Allyson Cauble
                                    Angela Jo                Cameron Smead       Dalen Chan
                                    Devin Kals               Eunkyung Song       Michael Chen
            Austin Abbruscato
                                    Lauren Kang              Sarah Spiegel       Michael Cheng
            Paige Allender
                                    Brittany Kepke           Brittany Stuart     Byung Choi
            Bryce Alvari
                                    Katharine Kettering      Anthony Sullivan    Rebecca Clark
            Kevin Ambrose
                                    Alex Kim                 Kristin Sullivan    Nicole Coggshall
            Justin Ayres
                                    Grace Kim                Andrew Surrena      Julie Conflenti
            Adam Bailey
                                    Michelle Kim             Maryam Taeb         Katheryn Cordero-Drysen
            Caitlyn Beardsley
                                    Yoon Ko                  Russell Takehara    Samuel Correia
            Fredrick Benavidez
                                    Kathleen Kruger          Richard Tardif      Kaitlyn Cross
            Jenna Berman
                                    Kirstie Kuhns            Kayci Thomas        Christopher Crownover
            Jessica Berry
                                    Lynne Kwik               Hung To             Bryant Dante
            Niral Bhavsar
                                    Richard Landrum          Scott Tomlin        Kevin Davidson
            Nicholas Bonham
                                    Jennifer Lau             Lillian Torng       Anthony Debenedetti
            Anne-Sophie Bousset
                                    Mia Lawrence             Andrew Torres       Maria Dong
            Brigitte Brierley
                                    Jessica Lee              Andrea Trembath     Evan Dutcher
            Casey Brusch
                                    Andrew Leimer            Brandon Trevor      Brian Earle
            Nikolas Bunton
                                    Marianne Leung           Tara Udinski        Ariel Eastburn
            Christina Burke
                                    Jessica Lowe             Corey Van Oordt     Kristina Evans
            Anne Burrell
                                    Hollie Lyseng            Jan Vanderzee       Christine Feng
            Cynthia Cech
                                    Kayli McCammon           Jordan Vash         Kelly Fisher
            Helen Chan
                                    Patrick McClay           Lauren Verissimo    Adam Foster
            Aimee Chou
                                    Kayla McColm             Sidarth Vijay       Whitney Frost
            Jeffrey Compton
                                    Joseph McGuiness         Christina Wagner    Kira Fuerstenau
            Tyler Cornfield
                                    Jacquelyn McKewon        Chase Wainscott     Sundeep Gambhir
            Benjamin Cortez
                                    Joshua Mendonca          Brooke Wallace      Spencer Gharrity
            Kimberly Court
                                    Grant Miller             Galen Willett       Robert Gordon
            Tyler Couto
                                    Sarah Mirto              Daniel Williams     Uday Gulati
            Alexander Dantzig
                                    Marisa Miyasaki          Kelly Wolfe         Gregory Haar
            Thomas De La Torre
                                    Jessica Morgan           Brittany Wolff      Daniel Harizal
            Amanda Demott
                                    Parsa Motavalli          David Wood          Eric Hartsuyker
            Daniella Devera
                                    Alissa Murphy            John Woodruff       Andrew Herbert
            Andrew Dibbern
                                    Diar Myint               Kenneth Woods       Andrew Hinkel-Lipsker
            Rachel Donald
                                    Meghan O’Malley          Justin Worley       Stefan Hoeing
            Leanne Drake
                                    Christina Ochoa          Bonnie Wu           Michelle Horton
            Timothy Duranleau
                                    Steven Ogilvie           Stephen Yoshida     Benjamin Hubbard
            Megan Dwyer
                                    Krystal Oji              Andrew Zampierin    Samuel Hyams
            Dustin Emery
                                    Leanne Olwin                                 Ardavon Jahanian
            Kendra Fernandez
                                    Megan Ortisi             Juniors             Jillian Janisen
            Brett Ferrill
                                    Sonya Pangali                                Julia Jelincic
            Cooper Firth
                                    Maija Panger             Delaram Afshari     Yifan Jiang
            Colleen Fitzgerald
                                    Kayla Patrick            Rosilyn Ali         Andrew Jilwan
            Thomas Flaherty
                                    John Polites             Jillian Anderson    Herman Kahlon
            Trideep Ghosh
                                    Nathan Poon              Jennifer Bach       Salwa Kamal
            Daniel Gilliland
                                    Steven Pratt             Grace Baek          Mark Kanakis
                                                                                 James Karavakis
                                                                                         FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL
PAGE 14                                     TALON TALK - FHS                                     APRIL / MAY, 2007

                           Foothill High School Honor Roll (3.5-3.99)
                                    Fall Semester, 2006-07
                                  Amanda Schmitz               Khaliun Enkhtaivan    Taneshia Relf
                                  Sara Schoch                  Brian Faggiano        Nicholas Richmond
                                  Ian Scott                    Randi Fanene-Hieber   Nicole Sager
                                  Elizabeth Sedlak             Karen Feng            Ryan Schanen
                                  Sang Seo                     Lily Forest           Joseph Schmidt
                                  Sarick Shah                  Alisha Freeman        Amanda Schultz
                                  Alaina Shimmin               Melissa Gandy         Justin Serrao
                                  Marissa Stevens              Esteban Garcia        Stephanie Seto
                                  Lindsey Stremme              Kate Gerstenberger    Petr Sharetskiy
                                  Kara Strickland              Gabrielle Gilbert     Melody Shariff
                                  Kelly Sweeney                Daniel Gin            Pardeep Singh
                                  Christine Tardif             Michael Guthrie       Sohni Singh
                                  Michael Thomas               Edmond Hare           Kalli Smith
          Juniors (continued)     Devon Ueda                   Tayler Harris         Dahm-Yi Soh
                                  Nicholas Valenziano          Liam Hazelton         Xia Song
          Esther Kim              Amanda Venema                Rusteen Honardoost    Sarah Sparks
          Jeeyeon Kim             Jeffrey Weaver               Lyndon Hong           Alysha Steele
          Michael Ki              Benjamin Weinberg            Nicole Hope           Andrea Takehara
          Nahyun Kim              Curtis Wheaton               Alison Irwin          Alyssa Thiede
          Susan Kim               Hei Wong                     Wesley Jensen         Erin Thompson
          Linda Ko                Megan Woodruff               Katherine Johnson     David Thorn
          Justin Kozloski         Daniel Yeffa                 Allen Jue             Gioia Tornaghi
          Stephanie Labrash       Tanya Zimmerman              Andrea Kang           Kelsey Udinski
          Katelyn Larussa                                      Sarah Kawaguchi       Michael Vayder
          Jonathan Lee            Sophomores                   Cody Keller           Olivia Vilain
          Ki Lee                                               Olivia Klei           Stephen Whelan
          Anna Lei                Nicholas Alexander           Derek Lee             Chung Wi
          Christine Li            Winston Andrus               Erika Lee             Kristen Wieser
          Jeffrey Liang           Austin Angelidakis           Hwa Lee               Jessica Williams
          Calvin Lien             Arica Arnold                 Rebecca Lee           Bernie Wong
          Samuel Lindley          Chima Atuegbu                Seungdo Lee           Ka-Ho Wong
          Shannon Little          James Babb                   Alexander Leong       Mariah Worley
          Michelle Lowe           Alexandra Baker              Megan Leoni           Nicole Yee
          Saba Mashhadialireza    Eugene Bang                  Ngo Leung             Jae Yoo
          Maria McGlinchy         Megan Barrett                Jessica Liew          Michael Young
          Holly Micheff           Alyse Bateman                Brendan Lo            Tara Zahiri
          Brooke Miller           Samantha Beadle              Kelsie Lofland        Frank Zhang
          Mathew Miller           Rebecca Bell                 Jerome Lynch
          Sonya Modi              Lauren Bellenie              Ashley Magwili        Freshmen
          Elisabeth Narum         Edris Bemanian               Hayley Malcolm
          Nasseim Nassiri         Samuel Bo                    Maya Martinez         Temahra Abernathy
          Kirk Naylor             Kristianna Bormann           Samuel Marx           Michaela Acebedo
          William Nelson          Kari Boughton                Brian McGarry         Victoria Adams
          Alyssa Ng               Eric Brunnett                Mitchel Mikasa        Joseph Alicea
          Christine Nguyen        Melissa Canivel              Melissa Miller        Emily Allbritten
          William O’Brien         Cristen Carrell              Yea Mun               Danielle Alvari
          Min-Joon Oh             Natalie Chase                Sara Nolan            Ryan Anderson
          Grace Pak               Lu Chen                      Paige Ofstedahl       Olivia Andrus
          Eugene Park             Victoria Chen                Julie Oh              Maria Anthon
          Rebecka Parris          Hye Choi                     Jennifer Ong          Vanessa Ashley
          Roxanna Pourzand        Arianna Chopelas             Kristina Ortiz        Danial Asif
          Tanya Prasad            Cameron Coon                 Carlee Payne          Sadhana Balasubra-
          Nathan Proctor          Corina Cost                  Katie Phan            manyam
          Kailey Richards         Ashyka Dave                  Matthew Ponzini       Keri Ball
          Robert Roelofs          Steven Depinna               Bethany Poon          Kaitlynn Ballstadt
          Brian Romine            Payal Desai                  Kelcey Probert        Ryan Banks
          Karen Rudisill          Daniel Devincenzi            Sahil Punamia         Naman Barman
          Priya Saxena            Lauren Donlon                Kiyan Rajabi          Elizabeth Battershell
          Kathryn Schaeffer       Neil Dwyer                   Brendan Randall       Leslie Beaudin
                                               TALON TALK - FHS                                  PAGE 15
APRIL / MAY, 2007

                            Foothill High School Honor Roll (3.5-3.99)
                                      Fall Semester, 2006-07
                                   Divya Goel              Spencer Miller        Andrew Wassom
                                   Stephen Greenaway       Dhruv Monga           Casey Watkins
                                   Raymond Gu              Arnesh Mudaliar       Connor Wrenn
                                   Alexis Haire            Julie Musbach         Daniel Wu
                                   Tonya Hale              Namrata Nadella       Diane Wu
                                   Brian Hausmann          Dhruva Nariani        Reece Yamada
                                   Alexandra Herman        Katherine O’Brien     Bryan Yaniec
                                   Michael Hisaka          Anna Oh               Laura Yoshida
                                   MacKenzie Hom           Kevin Oh              Kristi Youn
                                   Emily Huang             Jimena Perez          Katerina Yu
                                   Ken Huang               Marina Polites        Sonny Zhang
                                   Tanya Huang             Victoria Pollins      Peter Zimmer
            Freshmen (continued)   Tiffany Huoh            Jovanna Ponco
                                   Elizabeth Hurley        Nicole Proctor
            Patrick Berrigan       Andrew Ihn              Vikram Ramakrishnan
            Ashley Bhatia          William Ilgen           Linett Rasmussen
            Urmi Bhatt             Zachary Ingram          Kashmila Rathnam
            Chelsi Bias            Alia Ismail             Abigail Reynolds
            Brock Blades           Francis Jo              Ashlee Rice
            Kendall Blades         Neema Jyothiprakash     Michele Richardson
            Brody Bockover         Amanda Kahangi          Robbin Rose
            Guillaume Bousset      Sean Kalos              Alana Roth
            Nathaniel Braun        Ajey Kaushal            Sharon Rubin
            Elsa Brown             Umer Khan               Alejandra Ruiz
            Zachary Buen           Heather Khoury          Jessica Saldinger
            Jake Bussani           Sabeen Kidwai           Olga Salgado
            Ashley Callery         Alexander Kim           Neal Salud
            Kira Capaccioli        Brian Kim               Lionel Sanchez
            Eric Cavalli           Dohyeong Kim            Charles Santos
            Hannah Celli           James Kim               Shireen Saxena
            Christiana Chan        Brynn Kron              Erica Schoefer
            Conan Chan             Pranav Kumar            Taylor Schoonover
            Bryan Chang            Suyeu Kuo               Kelsey Scott
            Christopher Chang      Kristina La Duca        Tanya Sehrgosha
            Nathan Cheung          Lawrence Lam            Ankeeta Sharma
            David Choi             Michael Lambrecht       Shree Sharma
            Abhiraj Chowdhury      Jennifer Lee            Woo-Sik Shin
            Chris Chu              Seung Lee               Arman Sidhu
            Erin Collins           Timothy Lee             Justin Silva
            Sara Court             Stephen Lin             Alexis Smith
            Christian D’Adamo      William Loewenhardt     Kukhwa Song
            Xiaoxuan Dai           Harsha Lokavarapu       Gregory Soyka
            Samantha Dalton        Brian Louie             Sean Starkman
            Brandon Defazio        Pedro Maciel            Kyle Suchland
            Ketaki Deshmane        Katriz Mangayan         Ethan Sun
            Kimberly Dickens       Sarah Manley            Nishita Suresh
            Nicole Doi             Austin Mann             Kent Takenaka
            Derek Easley           Mary Marotto            Shelby Takens
            Kristin Easley         Marialisa Martinez      Stephenie Tarnow
            Nicole Edgington       Michael Marvive         Aurelia Torng
            Nneoma Elendu          Macy Masajlo            Garrett Toschi
            Carter Enns            Preston May             Lauren Traurig
            Adam Falcon            Kevin McGough           Lynn Tun
            Yasmin Fathi           MacKenzie McLeod        Heui Uhm
            Zoe Fowler-Kimsey      Michelle McNamara       Taylor Vincent
            April Ganser           Kristin Metzler         Joseph Walsh
            Druthi Ghanta          Alison Miller           Jessica Wan
            Andrea Glaeser         Kevin Miller            Jaclyn Wardrip
            Alyssa Goard           Paisley Miller          Saylee Wasnik
PAGE 16                                              TALON TALK - Parent Club                                        APRIL / MAY, 2007

                                                                     Free ways to help your school make money!
AABC Corner                                                          The holiday shopping season is coming fast! Please register for
                                                                     eScrip before you shop so that your purchases benefit AABC!
Board & Committee Openings!
                                                                     Here are several ways to help the AABC raise money for the
Looking for a fun group of people to work with, laugh with and
                                                                     school that don’t cost you anything! If enough people would
who support your school? Foothill AABC is looking for people
                                                                     support our school with Raley’s Quality of Life, eScrip, Wa-
who are interested in getting involved and supporting the
                                                                     moola for Schools and SchoolPop then we wouldn’t need to do
school. We need people for a variety of committees and board
                                                                     fundraisers. How do they work? Generally, you register your
positions. Most of the board/committee roles are really very
                                                                     cards with the organization and a small percentage of your pur-
manageable! If you are interested or would like to discuss vari-
                                                                     chases are provided to us as a contribution. Doesn’t sound like
ous roles or responsibilities, please contact Denise Watkins @
                                                                     much, but a small amount for 2000 families adds up! It’s easy or 925-200-8054. The election
                                                                     and it’s free to you! Please, please, please – register for
for Board Positions will be held at the May 8th AABC Meet-
                                                                     Raley’s, eScrip or Albertson’s depending on where you shop
ing , at 7:00 PM in room C-6 at Foothill High School!
Please join us!
                                                                     Raley’s Quality of Life
                                                                     Do you Shop at Raley’s or Nob Hill? You need a Quality of life
                                                                     Card! Pick one up from the AABC or from Raley’s (just ask the
                                                                     clerk when you pay) any time, register it on-line and present it
                                                                     every time you shop. If your kids have moved up from the
                                                                     middle schools, be sure to re-register your card for Foothill
                                                                     High School AABC on-line at Contact

                                                                     Electronic Scrip – All you have to do is sign up and then shop
                                                                     where you would normally shop. Registration for eScrip is
                                                                     free. You register your favorite credit card, Safeway club card,
                                                                     and Macy’s card and designate Foothill AABC as your benefi-
                                                                     ciary! As you shop, the AABC gets a percentage of your pur-
                                                                     chases. Local retailers that are registered with eScrip include:
                                                                     Safeway, Macy’s, Gene’s Fine Foods, Whole Foods and many
                                                                     more. If you are interested in checking the full list refer to
                                                            If you are already registered, but just need to
                                                                     change your designator, log onto and our group ID
                                                                     is 144 046 752! Please change your support to AABC if your
Falcon Royale
                                                                     children have moved up to the high school level.
Thanks to those that supported Falcon Royale! We really ap-
preciate those among our community who volunteered (untold
                                                                     WaMoola for Schools
hours by some), donated items, bought tickets, attended the
                                                                     Washington Mutual allows you to register your Washington
event and had a lot of fun! We appreciate the support and it
                                                                     Mutual credit or debit card in the WaMoola for Schools pro-
raised much needed funds for our school!
                                                                     gram. You can go to and search on WaMoola
                                                                     or the go to this specific link to learn more about the program.
A special thanks to all the local business merchants who sup-
                                                                     You can request that your funds are directed to Foothill AABC!
ported Falcon Royale. Say thanks next time you are in to see
Want to know what’s happening at Foothill? Sign-up for
                                                                     If you like to shop on-line, is the place for
PUSD Econnection! This district-run information distribution
                                                                     you! You simply go to school Pop first, register for Foothill
is safe and effective. The district will not share your email with
                                                                     AABC (do a school search) and then shop at whatever retailers
anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time! When you regis-
                                                                     you would have anyway! There are 100’s of on-line merchants
ter, you identify the school of interest so you get information
                                                                     that support our school with percentages as high as 8% of every
for your schools! Sign-up today! Go to the district website
                                                                     purchase returning to our school! Merchants include Hp Shop-
( and click on PUSD Econnection,
                                                           , Barnes & Noble, Lands’ End, Dell, JC Penney, GAP,
or use the link below:
                                                                     Eddie Bauer, Office Depot, LL Bean and many many more.
                                                                     It’s easy and it supports our school! Want to help more? Get a
                                                                     schoolpop Visa and 1% of every purchase can go to the school
                                                                     of your choice! Check it out at

                                                                     Submitted by Denise Watkins
                                                                     AABC President
                                                                                                               FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL
APRIL / MAY, 2007                                      TALON TALK - Parent Club                                               PAGE 17

                                 AABC 2006-07 Scholarship Awards
                                                 Foothill High School
                                         Activities & Academic Booster Club
                                        Application Deadline: April 16, 2007
 •     $1,000 Awards (2 each)         4 yr college                                          Min 3.0 GPA

 •     $500 Award (1 each)            4 yr college/2 yr College/Vocational School           Min 2.0 GPA

 General Scholarship Information
 AABC is offering three scholarships to Foothill High School Seniors who are planning to further their education. There are two
 scholarships for $1000 each, and one for $500. Recipients must attend an accredited institution of higher learning. Awards will be
 based on efforts, activities and interests both in and out of school. Consideration will be given to students who have demonstrated
 academic improvement over the past four years.

 Application Guidelines:
 • Applicants must submit a completed application to Mrs. Bing in the Counseling office by April 16th.
 • A copy of academic transcripts including courses and grades must accompany the application.
 • A history of activities, interests, work experience and volunteer service must also be attached.
 • An explanation may be included explaining any considerations you would like the Scholarship committee to consider when
    reviewing your application, i.e. accomplishments, financial need, personal hardship and personal challenges.
 • Award recipients will be notified by May 18th. Awards will be presented at the Senior Awards Night.
 • Payment will be made once proof of enrollment is received by the AABC treasurer.

                                                    AABC SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                        Foothill High School
                                                Activities & Academic Booster Club

                                               AABC 2006-07 Scholarship Application

 Name: _____________________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________

 Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________


 Cumulative GPA: __________

 Please indicate type of post secondary institution you should be attending:

 ________ 4 YR College/University
 ________ 2 YR Junior / Community College
 ________ Vocational School

 Name of the educational institution you plan to attend in 2007-2008: _________________________________________________

 ___       Academic transcripts are attached

 ___       History of extracurricular activities, work experience, leadership and community service record is attached

 ___       Explanation of considerations (financial need, personal hardship, challenges & accomplishments) you would like the
           Scholarship committee to consider are attached

 Application Deadline: April 16, 2007                                          Return application to Mrs. Bing / Counseling Office
PAGE 18                                            TALON TALK - Parent Club
                                                                                                                        APRIL / MAY, 2007

FAB News
Happy Spring Foothill Falcon Families!

Foothill Athletic Booster’s (FAB) is currently going through
the nomination process for the election of our new Executive
Board and as always we are seeking leadership and committee
volunteers to fill vacant positions on the board. Our most
sought out position to be filled for the 07/08 school year, is
Treasurer. We need someone who possess bookkeeping skills                  FOOTHILL ATHLETIC
and is familiar with QuickBooks. If interested, please visit our
web site at                                          BOOSTER SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                                     Foothill Athletic Boosters will award $1,000 scholarships to
Some “FAB Facts” that might interest you; FAB has spent              four graduating senior student-athletes who can best articulate
$123,000 so far this year for your athletic programs. The alloca-    and describe the positive impact that participation in athletics at
tion will surprise you, $11,900 to Baseball, $9,900 to Soccer,       Foothill High School has had on their lives. Applications for
$9,800 to Football, $6,000 to Volleyball, $3,100 to Softball,        these scholarships can be downloaded from
$5,000 to Cheerleading, $4,400 to Golf, under $1,000 to Cross         or they may be obtained at the FHS counseling office.
Country, $3,700 to Tennis, and lastly, $5,000 currently on La-
crosse and Water Sports that we are still donating money too         Eligibility Requirements:
for official fees and tournament expenses as their seasons are
currently under way. FAB is replacing or purchasing snack bar        •   Must be a graduating Foothill High School Senior
equipment, such as refrigerators, metal containers and storage       •   Participated in a sport for a minimum of one season during
materials, so if you would like to offer assistance please contact       any of your four years at Foothill
Bobbie Stetson at                         •   If you competed in more than one sport, indicate each sport
                                                                     •   Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
In order for FAB to continue to be the force that supports our       •   Must submit a copy of your first semester report card from
athletic programs, we need your involvement. This has been a             your senior year to verify cumulative GPA
very exciting year thus far for our athletes! I would like to ac-    •   A coach must complete the Acknowledgement portion of
knowledge and congratulate our winter sports athletes! We                the application for each sport in which you participated
have so many athletes to be proud of, please visit our website at    •   Must be enrolled in a United States college, university, to see all of the EBAL All League athletes            junior college or Vocational Training program by January
and Athletes of the Week winners that we have had from Foot-             15, 2008.
hill athletics. We should all be proud of the many successes of
                                                                     •   Must submit a one-page typed essay addressing the fol-
our athletic programs and our athletes.
                                                                         lowing topic: “Describe the role athletic participation at
                                                                         Foothill High School has played in your life.”
In closing, I would like to extend, on behalf of FAB, our most
                                                                              ◊ Use a minimum 10 pt. font, preferably Arial or
heartfelt sympathy and sorrow for the many loses our Foothill
                                                                                  Times Roman
Families have suffered this past few months. Please know that
your loss has touched all of the members of FAB’s hearts and                  ◊ Staple your essay & copy of your first semester
lives, and we are thinking of you during this very difficult time.                report card to the completed application

Jaylene Groeniger                                                    The 2007 FAB Scholarship Award Winners will be an-
FAB President 06/07                                                  nounced at Senior Awards Night on May 31, 2007.

                                                                     APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON OR BE-
                                                                     FORE APRIL 27TH, 2007 TO:

                                                                                  FAB Scholarship Committee
                                                                                    c/o Counseling Office
                                                                                     Foothill High School
                                                                                      4375 Foothill Road
                                                                                    Pleasanton, CA 94588
                                                                                                                         FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL
APRIL / MAY, 2007                                          TALON TALK - Parent Club                                                        PAGE 19

Senior Class Activities!
Submitted by Senior Parent Committee Chairpersons

CHECK OUT the Class 07 Senior Newsletter on the
FHS website! It has details for each of the upcoming
senior class events! A hard copy of the newsletter will
be mailed to all senior homes during Spring Break.
Following are highlights from the newsletter.

Senior Awards Night—NOTE THE DATE CHANGE!!
Senior Awards Night will be held Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 6:30pm
in the Multipurpose Room (MPR) at FHS. The administrators, faculty,
                                                                           All seniors and their families are welcome to attend Baccalaureate, a
and staff of FHS organize and host this evening with the assistance of
                                                                           non denominational, inspirational, voluntary senior celebration of
parent volunteers who will provide decorations and refreshments for
                                                                           graduation. This parent/student sponsored and planned event takes
the honorees and their guests following the presentations. Please con-
                                                                           place Sunday, June 10 at Valley Community Church, 4455 Del Valle
tact Diana Harding at if you are inter-
                                                                           Parkway, Pleasanton, at 5:00 pm. and will last about an hour. If your
ested in helping with decorations or desserts for this event.
                                                                           graduate chooses to participate in Baccalaureate, please send two pic-
Check out the on-line, or home-mailed Senior Newsletter for details!       tures for the slide show — one kindergarten or younger, and one cur-
                                                                           rent or senior picture. Due Date for pictures is May 1. If you have
After-the-Ball Breakfast                                                   any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask — you can email Diane
All grads are invited to attend the After-the-Ball Breakfast, served at    Jordan at or call 600.1260.
Foothill in the multipurpose room following the Senior Ball, which
                                                                           Senior students are needed to participate in Baccalaureate as vocalists,
will be held on Saturday night, June 2. This breakfast is a senior class
                                                                           musicians and readers. Auditions will be held Wednesday, May 2,
parent- sponsored event. The breakfast is provided at no charge to the
                                                                           3:00 p.m. in Mrs. Koobatian’s Choir Room. If you have any ques-
students. Breakfast is served from 12:30 a.m. until approximately 4:00
                                                                           tions regarding the auditions, please call Barb Arioto at 461.9932.
a.m. In addition to monetary contributions, the needs for the breakfast
are as follows: plastic eating utensils, paper plates, napkins, and cups   Check out the on-line, or home-mailed Senior Newsletter for details!
for hot or cold beverages; breakfast foods, such as muffins, bagels,
ready-to-cook hash brown potatoes, fruit, juice, milk, butter, pancake     Grad Night
mix, coffee, and tea; commercial size grill and warming trays; and         Grad Night ‘07 will be held at ClubSport in Pleasanton, 7090 Johnson
volunteers for set-up, serving, and clean-up. We are also looking for      Drive, on June 15. Check-in begins at 10:00 p.m. Graduates will not
camp stoves for cooking and a karaoke machine for entertainment. If        be admitted prior to this time. Students will be admitted until 11:00
you can help in any of these areas, please contact Margo Cefalo at         p.m. Check-out begins at 3:00 a.m, and ClubSport will close at 4:00,                  Susan       Ingebretsen         at   a.m. The parents of the Class of 2007 sponsor this safe and sober, or Diane Farrell at dianemfar-                     event. .                                                           Grad Night Tickets are on sale through June 13th, at $150 each. If
A fun slide show with pictures of your seniors will play throughout the    you have not yet purchased your graduate’s ticket, go to the Foothill
breakfast hours. We need your help with this project. A box marked         Grad Night 2007 section at
"After-the-Ball Breakfast" will be provided in the main office for you     and download the Grad Night Flyer, Waiver of Liability, and Rules
to leave a CD of your digital photos. Please clearly mark the CD           and Regulations. Checks should be made payable to FHS Grad Night
"After-the-Ball Breakfast". Please submit your digital photos by           ‘07. Your senior’s name will be placed on a master list. Contact Erin
Friday, April 27.                                                          van derZee, (Phone: 484-0244, email: evander-
                                                                  with questions.
We are also in need of a volunteer to help us put this slide show to-
gether. If you can help us out with this project, please contact Margo,    We still need lots of volunteers! Please contact the Grad Night ’07
Susan or Diane at the email addresses shown above.                         Volunteer Coordinator, Maureen Shearer (Phone: 426-5502 email:
Check out the on-line, or home-mailed Senior Newsletter for details! if you are able to help the night of the event.
                                                                           Pass the word — we need your help to make this safe and sober event
Senior Barbeque and Swim Party                                             a success!! The Decorations Committee is in need of volunteers in
The Senior Class officers, and the Senior Class parent volunteers are      building our props and decorations. Also needed are strong volunteers
excited to present Foothill’s annual Senior Barbeque and Swim Party!       to assist with the transportation and assembly of props early in the day
This fun event will take place on Tuesday, June 5th, from 5:00 - 8:30      on Thursday, June 14th and Friday, June 15th. Please contact Lydia
pm, at the Foothill High School pool and football field. The tickets are   Roberts (Phone: 461-1725 email: or Lynley
priced at $10. Senior Barbeque & Swim tickets will be on sale the          Payne (Phone: 249-1941 email: if you can
week of May 29th. The parent chairperson for this event is Laura All-      help
britten. Volunteers are needed to purchase food (using the money
from ticket purchases), decorate, barbeque and chaperone. Dads, this       The Food Committee welcomes any monetary donations in support of
is a great event and we would love your help as well!! If you can help     the menu which will be offered to our graduates. We also need under-
in any way, please email Laura at:                    classmen parents to help on Friday evening, June 15 between the hours
                                                                           of 6- to 9 p.m. (during the graduation ceremony) to pick up food and
Check out the on-line, or home-mailed Senior Newsletter for details!
                                                                           other items for Grad Night. Please contact Sydney Metz (Phone: 484-
                                                                           1713 Email: for further information.

                                                                           Check out the on-line, or home-mailed Senior Newsletter for details!
PAGE 20                                     TALON TALK - Parent Club & Community News
                                                                                                                         APRIL / MAY, 2007

Senior Class Activities!                                               Pleasanton Partnerships In
Submitted by Senior Parent Committee Chairpersons
                                                                       Education (PPIE) Foundation
Grad Night ‘07 Memory Wall
                                                                       Contact: Debi Covello, PPIE Executive Director
A special area at Grad Night is devoted to displaying photo
                                                                       Phone 925.846.5620,, or
collages of each senior. This wonderful tradition is a great sur-
prise and unique keepsake for your graduate. Parents are asked
                                                                       Grant Applications Deadlines
to create their child's photo collage using the guidelines and
                                                                       PPIE Foundation Education Grant application packets may be
suggestions listed in the FHS on-line Senior Newsletter, or in
                                                                       obtained from the PPIE website, This year’s
the home-mailed copy of the newsletter. Check out the news-
                                                                       deadline for Education Grant applications is Tuesday,
letter for collage workshops.
                                                                       April 10, 2007. Education Grants are available to teachers
                                                                       and faculty of PUSD and fund in amounts up to $2500. For
          Collages are due in the office by June 13th.
                                                                       more information, contact the PPIE office at
                                                                       or (925) 846-5620.
THANK YOU to all who have contributed to our success so
far, including all the Foothill families who participated in the
                                                                       20th Annual “Salute To Partnerships Luncheon
Grad Night 2007 Tea Fundraiser. There’s still time to contrib-
                                                                       Mark your calendar! PPIE’s 20th Annual “Salute to Partner-
ute, and add your company name to the list of contributors.
                                                                       ships Luncheon” (honoring PPIE’s benefactors) will be held
Please contact Amy Lofland – 462-5389, ba-
                                                                       Wednesday, May 2nd, 11:15am – 1:30pm at Castlewood, if you would like to donate cash, or an
                                                                       Country Club. Tickets are available on the PPIE Website
item for the Grad Night 2007 raffle! Please give your support
                                                                       ( for $40 each. Or, mail your check payable to
to these companies for their generous donations to our safe and
                                                                       PPIE, 333 Division Street, Pleasanton, CA, 94566. For more
sober GRAD NIGHT ‘07 celebration!
                                                                       information and ticket purchase, please contact the PPIE of-
The Abbruscato Family                   Madden Charities, Inc.         fice at or (925) 846-5620.
Aria Technologies, Inc.                 The McMahon Family
Big 5 Sporting Goods                    Mimi’s Café                    Luncheon Drawing Tickets
The Burrell Family                      Oakland Athletics              Support PPIE and all Pleasanton schools and students by pur-
The Clorox Company                      Pinnacle Document Systems
Fidelity National Title,                Ponderosa Homes                chasing your PPIE drawing tickets. The drawing will take
Pleasanton                              Pro Image Studios              place at the Salute to Partnerships Luncheon on May 2nd.
Bruce Gach, M.D.,                       The Raghavan Family            Need not be present to win.       Purchase Drawing Tickets
Livermore, Pleasanton Pediat-           The Roth Family                online at Or, mail your check payable to
rics                                    Safeway
Gatorade                                Jonathan Savell, M.D.,         PPIE, 333 Division Street, Pleasanton, CA, 94566.
Greenbriar Homes                        Valley Eye Care Systems                       Grand Prize - $1500 value!!
Hacienda Child Develop Fund             Specialty Termite
The Haykin Family                       Straw Hat Pizza - Pleasanton               Donated by Black Tie Transportation
Jamba Juice – Pleasanton
Dan Kavanaugh, CPA
                                        Linda Traurig,
                                        Alain Pinel Realtors
                                                                       •   Oceanside Dream Getaway for 2 - Penthouse Ocean
The Kim Family                          Union Bank of California           View Suite for 2 nights at the Luxurious Beach House
Gerald Lamberti, DDS                    Linda Zaiss,                       Inn in Half Moon Bay
Blaise Lofland,                         Residential Pacific Mortgage
Alain Pinel Realtors                                                   •   Dinner for 2 each night, including a bottle of wine
                                                                       •   Two 60 minute Swedish Massages
JOIN US FOR THE FINAL GRAD NIGHT COORDINAT-                            Transportation to/from the Inn from your East Bay home
ING MEETINGS on Monday,-April 23rd, Monday-May 7th ,
and Monday- May 21st. All meetings are held in the Foothill            Additional gift baskets will also be included in the drawing
library at 7 p.m. Please join us and help make these events            Suggested Donation of $2.00 per ticket, 3 tickets for $5.00,
successful!                                                            10 tickets for $15.00, 20 tickets for $25.00

Check out the on-line, or home-mailed Senior Newsletter for details!   PPIE Ambassador Program
                                                                       PPIE is looking for a Foothill Ambassador for next school
                                                                       year to work as a liaison between PPIE and the school. Re-
                 It’s time to start planning Senior
                                                                       sponsibilities include: Submitting PPIE information to the
                 Activities for 2008! Please con-                      Talon Talk Newsletter, E-Connect, reporting on PPIE pro-
                 tact Judi Palin at (925) 426-8602,                    grams / events at the AABC meetings, attend two Ambassa-
       , or                           dor Coffee meetings per year, and other miscellaneous duties.
                 Lynn Pulino at (925) 846-1964,                        If you would like to volunteer or need additional information,
                                                                       please contact Debi Covello at PPIE: or (925)
       , if you would
like to help with these events. We are holding our
                                                                       Mission Statement:
first Class of 2008 planning meeting on April 25th,                    Pleasanton Partnerships In Education (PPIE) Foundation is a
at 7 p.m. in room C-6.                                                 community based organization, existing to enhance learning
                                                                       experiences for students of the Pleasanton Unified School District
                                                                       through a partnership of business, education and the community
Hope to see you there!
                                                                                                              FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL

APRIL / MAY, 2007                                    TALON TALK - Community News                                               PAGE 21

Rotary Club of Pleasanton —                                         Pleasanton Unified School district and
Presents 14th Annual Spirit Run                                     Amador Valley Adult & Community
                          On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17, a
                                                                    Education Present . . .
                          family tradition takes place in down-
                          town Pleasanton. Meet under the           Parent Education Classes in April, 2007
                          arch for the Annual Spirit Run. There
                          will be events for adults and children.   “Now is the Time” Tax-Free College Bound Funding
                          T-Shirts and goodie bags will be          Class meets: Tues., April 3, 2007 7:00 – 8:30 p. p.m., Amador
                          given to participants. For entry forms    Valley High School, Room L3
                          or race information call (209)795-7832    Instructor: Ron Blanton has 28 years economics teaching ex-
                          or go online to                           perience with the Pleasanton Unified School District and is a
                                 licensed Financial Advisor, financial planner and a member of
                                                                    NASD and SIPC.
                                                                    This seminar will help you understand and take advantage of
                                                                    the new IRS 529 plans, which U. S. A. Today recently called
                                                                    “the hottest new investment” for saving for college. Find out
                                                                    how the power of tax-free investment versus taxable investments
                                                                    is crucial to meeting the needs of parents saving for college.
Tri-Valley SELPA — “Make a
                                                                    Ready or Not, Here We Come! Preparing Your Child
Difference” Awards                                                  for Kindergarten
                                                                    Class Meets Wednesday, April 18, 2007          6:30 – 8:30 p.m.,
Nominations Due Wednesday, April 18, 2007 - Submit                  Hearst Elementary School Multipurpose Room
yours now!                                                          Instructors: Heidi Burton & Robin Treto have taught preschool,
                                                                    kindergarten and first grades here in Pleasanton. They are ex-
The “Make a Difference” Awards were established to celebrate        tremely interested in helping to prepare children and their fami-
the special education and resource youth throughout our com-        lies for kindergarten.
munity and provide an opportunity for families to acknowledge       Is your child ready for Kindergarten? Come learn how to pre-
individuals who have gone “above and beyond” to make a dif-         pare your child to transition into Kindergarten. We will be dis-
ference in the life of their special child.                         cussing academic, social, emotional, and physical readiness
                                                                    factors to consider as you prepare your child for school. We
Who can you nominate? Here is just a small list!                    will also share ideas to help keep the Kindergarten jitters away.
Teacher, aide, counselor, tutor, librarian, coach, doctor, grand-
parent, physical therapist, resource specialist, scout leader,      Cool School Moves: Helping Your Child with the 3 R’s
mentor, program specialist, community volunteer, school ad-         Using Brain Gym®
ministrator, bus driver, interpreter, etc.
                                                                    Class meets: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
                                                                    Hearst Elementary School Exploration Room B 28
Don't miss this opportunity! Let your child's special person be
                                                                    Instructor: Sydney Shepperd is a parent educator, certified
the center of attention at this event designed exclusively for
                                                                    Brain Gym® instructor, and learning specialist.
families of students receiving special education services. A
                                                                    Brain Gym® is a highly effective, easy to apply system of
picture of your awardee with your child will be published in the
                                                                    movements designed to maximize our brain power. In this
“Make A Difference” program. Additionally, along with an
                                                                    class, parents will learn to help their student access and opti-
award certificate, they will receive a photo keepsake that in-
                                                                    mize his inborn learning abilities and true potential. Parents will
cludes the text of your nomination. A gift they will treasure!
                                                                    learn: the optimum learning strategies for reading, math and
                                                                    spelling, relaxation and self-quieting techniques for behavioral
This is a fun family evening with student entertainment, great
                                                                    issues and test-taking.
food, and that wonderful moment when your family will pre-
sent an award to your special person! All nominees, meeting
the criteria listed on the nomination form, will receive an
                                                                    Passport to Pleasanton - Multicultural Faire
                                                                    Saturday, April 28, 10:00 a. m. – 2:00 p. m.,
award. Nomination form can be downloaded from the SELPA
                                                                    Pleasanton Fairgrounds
website: or call 426-9144.
                                                                    Come celebrate the diversity of our community, with ongoing
                                                                    entertainment, dancing, singing, instrumentals, martial arts
The “Make a Difference” Awards ceremony will                        demonstrations, etc. Free food samples! Sponsored by the Plea-
be held in the evening on Wednesday, May 16,                        santon PTA Council with PUSD and Amador Valley Adult
2007 – Save the date!                                               School.
                                                                    (Continued on Page 22)
PAGE 22                                           TALON TALK-Community News                                           APRIL / MAY, 2007

Pleasanton Unified School district and Amador Valley Adult &
Community Education Present . . .
Parent Education Classes in April, 2007                               Applying the 40 Assets® in Your Family
                                                                      Class meets: Saturday, May 12, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Amador Val-
                                                                      ley High School Library
You Just Don’t Understand – Improving Couples’                        Instructors: Cliff Crain/ Liz Hannigan, Co-Directors of the Cen-
Communication                                                         ter for Creative Living in Danville
Class meets Thursdays, April 26 & May 3, 2007                         This class is for parents who want to go “beyond the basics” in
7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Harvest Park Middle School-Room A2                  learning to apply the 40 Assets in their family. For parents who
Instructors: Cliff Crain& Liz Hannigan                                have already taken the introductory class, “Building the 40 As-
This is a two-session class designed to help couples communi-         sets – What Parents Can Do” (see class description above) this
cate more effectively with each other and with their children.        is your opportunity to take an in-depth look at some of the in-
Participants will learn that men really are from Mars, and            ternal and external assets, and practice using them in your fam-
women are from Venus… in terms of their communication                 ily and community. No fee.
styles. Techniques will be taught that help parents move away
from arguing, attacking, defending and disconnecting. The             Parenting Your Teen
roles of the “conflict avoider” and the “right-fighter” will be       Class meets: Tuesday, May 15, 2007, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Harvest
explored. New ways to share and resolve conflicts will be             Park Middle School – Room A2
taught. Take this class to re-energize your relationship!             Instructor: Carol Wood, MFT, practicing in the Tri-Valley for
Cliff Crain, M.A., MFT, and Liz Hannigan are co-directors of          12 years, former counselor at Horizon High.
the Center for Creative Living in Danville, and have counseled        This class is designed to inform and support parents of teens in
hundreds of couples since 1992. They have learned many of             dealing with the current realities of adolescent culture. It will
the skills explored in this class the “hard way,” as a married        raise awareness of at-risk teen behaviors, and help parents in
couple with children.                                                 their role as models for their teens. Parents will learn how to
                                                                      develop their own peer support system, and examine their chal-
Sharing Ideas for Parenthood – Ongoing class. Join                    lenges and strengths as parents of adolescents. No fee.
Class meets Wednesdays, 1/10 – 6/6/07, 9:30-11:30 p.m., Plea-         Turning Conflict Into Compliance
santon Presbyterian Church Room #5                                    Class meets: Wed, May 16, 2007, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Harvest
Instructor: Ruth Gasten, Parent Educator for over 35 years.           Park Middle School Multipurpose Room
For parents of children birth to 12 years. Topics include: setting    Instructor: Tom Dozier, Owner and Primary Instructor for
limits, teaching social skills to your child, building your child’s   Guaranteed Parent Training.
self-esteem, and much more.                                           Does your home seem like a battleground? Does your child
                                                                      refuse to do as told? This class, based on the works of Dr.
Registration is required. Simply call the Amador Valley Adult         Glenn I. Latham, teaches specific skills to address non-
School at: (925) 426-4280. For more information, visit us             compliance of children. Parents are taught to clearly communi-
online at:                           cate their expectations, establish specific positive consequences
                                                                      for compliance, use a written contract, ignore inappropriate
                                                                      behavior, stop/redirect behavior that can not be tolerated, and
Parent Education Classes                                              establish a “response cost.” The importance of a positive home
                                                                      environment, where parents and children are happier, and chil-
in May, 2007                                                          dren do the things they are expected to do, is highlighted. No
The “Strong-Willed” Child
Class meets: Wed., May 2, 2007, 6:30                                  Sharing Ideas for Parenthood
– 8:30 p.m., Harvest Park Middle
                                                                      Class meets Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 a. m., 1/10-6/6/07. This is
School MP Room
                                                                      an ongoing class. Join anytime!
Instructor: Tom Dozier, owner and
                                                                      Pleasanton Presbyterian Church, 4300 Mirador, Pleasanton
primary instructor for Guaranteed Par-
                                                                      Instructor: Ruth Gasten, Parent Educator for the past 38 years.
ent Training
                                                                      Fee: $25.00 for semester
Strong-willed children respond poorly
                                                                      Topics to be discussed include: the importance of setting limits,
to traditional parenting methods and
                                                                      discipline strategies, managing anger in yourself and your chil-
fight parental authority. But strong-willed children have the
                                                                      dren, teaching social skills to your child, and how to build your
strength to stand up to peer pressure and other negative influ-
                                                                      child’s self-esteem. Designed for parents of children birth to
ences. In this class, you will learn how to tell your strong-willed
                                                                      twelve years, this class meets in a supportive group format.
child what you expect, and to avoid the sometimes exhausting
power struggles between you and your child. You will also
                                                                      Registration is required. Simply call the Amador Valley Adult
learn how to create a home environment where your strong-
                                                                      School at: (925) 426-4280. For more information, visit us
willed child will thrive. No fee.
                                                                      online at:
      Pleasanton Unified School District                                                                             Non-Profit Organization
        FOOTHILL HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                         U.S. Postage PAID
                                                                                                                     Pleasanton, CA 94588
             4375 Foothill Road                                                                                      Permit No. 127
            Pleasanton, CA 94588

Principal                Kevin Johnson
Vice Principal           Matthew Campbell
Vice Principal           John Dwyer
Vice Principal           Lori Vella
Talon Talk Editor        Patricia Smith

   Senior Class Events, Through June 15
   A brief summary of the upcoming activities follows. Please see the Class 2007 Senior Newsletter on the FHS website for complete

   May      31      Senior Awards Night: NOTE THE DATE CHANGE!! Foothill High School multi-purpose room, 6:30 - 8:30
                    PM. Seniors will be recognized with honors, scholarships, and special achievements. Only the seniors receiving
                    awards, and their families, will receive an invitation to the event; however, anyone in the Foothill community may at-
                    tend. This is an occasion for the family, with a reception following the ceremony. Dressy attire for students would be
                    appreciated. Please call Coni Miller, 461-6600, with questions.

   June     02      Senior Ball: The Galleria Design Center, 101 Henry Adams Street, San Francisco. Doors will open at 7 PM, with dinner at
                    8:00, followed by dancing until midnight. At this time the ticket cost has not been determined; however, the cost per
                    person will not exceed $75. The actual cost per person will be announced the week of April 23rd. Senior Ball pictures
                    will be taken in the Foothill small gym from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Formal pictures will not be taken at the Ball. Please
                    complete the enclosed Senior Ball Agreement. A completed Senior Ball Agreement is required at the time of ticket
                    purchase. Tickets will be sold daily, May 23 - 30, before school, during lunch and after school. Please make checks
                    payable to FHS Class 07. This event is chaperoned by Foothill staff. Attire is formal.

                    After-the-Ball Breakfast: Foothill High School Multi-Purpose Room, 12:30 AM until approximately 4:00 AM.
                    Breakfast is provided at no charge to the students. This is a parent-sponsored event.

   June     05      Senior Class Barbeque and Swim Party: @ the Foothill High School Pool from 5:00 - 8:30 PM. This is a parent-
                    sponsored event. Tickets will be on sale May 29 - June 1. Ticket cost is $10.

   June     10      Baccalaureate Ceremony: Valley Community Church, 4455 Del Valle Parkway, from 5:00 - 6:00 PM. This is a par-
                    ent-sponsored, voluntary event for graduates and their families.

   June     13      Mandatory Graduation Practice: Alameda County Fairgrounds Amphitheater — Mandatory practice for all gradu-
                    ating seniors from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM.

   June     15      Mandatory Senior Checkout: Foothill large gym, 8-11 AM. All seniors, including Independent Study, are required
                    to report to the large gym promptly at 8 AM. If not previously handled, student debits must be cleared during this
                    process. Graduation ceremony guest tickets will be picked up by seniors during this morning’s checkout. If waiting to
                    receive your guest tickets until Friday presents a family hardship, please call Vice Principal, Matt Campbell @ 461-6600.

   June     15      Graduation Ceremony: Alameda County Fairgrounds Amphitheater. Ceremony begins at 6:00 PM.

   June     15      Grad Night: ClubSport in Pleasanton, from 10:00 PM - 3:00 AM. This is a parent-sponsored event.

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