March Heartbeat Final Edition by xumiaomaio


									March 2009

 This edition of the HeartBeat
               is                                                   National Healthcare
   produced in memory of:
         Maggie Clark
                                                                     Volunteer Week
                                                                        April 19 - 25

                                                National Healthcare Volunteer Week        its to patients in an effort to gather
                                                offers each of us a special opportu-      information to enable care givers the
  Inside this issue:                            nity to recognize the support that        ability to improve a patient’s stay
                                                volunteers provide to hospital staff,     before the patients' discharges.
                                                to patients and their families, and to
 Scott Raynes, Sr VP                        2   the community. It is the perfect occa-    * The volunteer-sponsored fundrais-
                                                sion for WakeMed staff to focus on        ers (uniforms, books, jewelry, cook-
 President’s Corner                         3   the many significant contributions        ware, etc.) resulted in over $65,000 to
                                                that YOU, our volunteers, make on a       be used to support WakeMed pro-
 Volunteer Spotlight                        4   daily basis.                              grams and services.

 Wake Specialty Physicians                  5   The Volunteer Services departments        * 113 departments and functions sys-
                                                at Raleigh Campus and Cary Hospi-         tem wide received support from
 2009 Volunteer Services Processes          6
                                                tal will celebrate with our volunteers    WakeMed volunteers.
 Just The Facts
                                                during National Healthcare Volun-         * Volunteers completed 33 special
 Fundraising                                7
                                                teer Week April 19 - 25. This is a spe-   and ongoing projects for WakeMed
 Cary Medical Explorer Post 11
                                                cial thank you to all WakeMed volun-      departments.
 Notes of Appreciation                      8   teers. It is certainly our goal to say
                                                an extra thank you every day.             * The 97.94% strongly agree/agree
 Donations                                  9                                             score indicates that WakeMed volun-
                                                Are you aware of the following facts      teers find their experiences with our
 Placement Needs                        10&11
                                                from FY08 about The Volunteers at         patients, staff, departments and fa-
 Happy Birthday                            12
                                                WakeMed Raleigh Campus and The            cilities to be outstanding and worth-
                                                Volunteers at WakeMed Cary Hospi-         while. This level of satisfaction and
 Welcome New Volunteers                    13
                                                tal?                                      the gratitude of Volunteer Services
 Thinking of the following volunteers
                                                * 1,042 individual volunteers gave a      staff are their "paychecks”.
 Volunteer Orientation                     14   combined 96,339 hours of service to       * Volunteers make huggables and
 Calendar of Events                             WakeMed Health & Hospitals, repre-        dolls for children and adults, quilts
 Tour Dates                                     senting 44.35 full time employees.        for palliative care and adult patients,
                                                * 420 individuals completed inter-        booties, caps, burial gowns, blankets
 Thanks for your donation                  15   views, orientations, background and       and outfits for babies.
 Sewing Contributions                           TB screenings, and placement train-       * Volunteers escort patients, visit
                                                ing.                                      patients, coordinate visits for fami-
                                                * 30+ Patient Relations Ambassadors       lies, offer diversionary activities for
                                                volunteers completed over 3,700 vis-      patients and families, and deliver
                                                                                          mail and flowers.
                                                                                                              PAGE 2

National Hospital Volunteer Week cont’d                         Scott Raynes Named Senior Vice
* 36 volunteers have four legs... and are always accom-            President & Administrator
panied by an adult human! We had 36+ active canine
teams complete almost 6,500 patient visits in FY08.
                                                                         Cary Hospital
                                                            Following a comprehensive national search that at-
* Volunteers file, run errands, collate, complete special
                                                            tracted hundreds of well-qualified applicants, Wake-
projects, answer phones, and support staff through
                                                            Med has announced that Scott Raynes, MA, MBA, has
many other activities.
                                                            been named the new senior vice president and admin-
* Volunteers offer positive customer interactions, lis-     istrator of Cary Hospital. Raynes will begin his new
ten, smile and serve and offer comfort to our patients      role on May 4.
and visitors.
                                                            Raynes clearly stood out among the applicants because
* WakeMed volunteers represent each generation be-          of his dynamic leadership style and proven ability to
tween 14 and 95 years of age.                               enhance a hospital’s success by growing market share,
                                                            services and medical staff membership. On the ambu-
* Our volunteers represent healthcare providers of the      latory side, Raynes brings a successful track record of
future, the workforce of today, the workforce of yester-    leading 15 surgery centers across three states. Finally,
day, and those who are dedicated to community sup-          he has a strong interest in fully engaging as a business
port who have either never required or had an opportu-      leader in the community – all of which are critical fac-
nity for monetary compensation.                             tors for Cary Hospital today and in the future.
* All of our volunteers represent WakeMed Health &          As senior vice president and administrator of Cary
Hospitals as ambassadors to their communities.              Hospital, Raynes will be responsible for leading, defin-
                                                            ing, and executing the overall direction of Cary Hospi-
We also remember that….
                                                            tal. “We are pleased to welcome Scott to a major leader-
* The members of the Board of Directors of WakeMed          ship role within the WakeMed system,” explains Dr.
Health & Hospitals are volunteers, contributing in-         Bill Atkinson, president & CEO. “He impressed us all
valuable expertise and many hours of support to de-         with his energy, ideas, and proven experience in hospi-
velop and guide our strategic journey.                      tal operations, ambulatory services and physician rela-
                                                            tions. We are confident in his ability to take Cary Hos-
* The Board of Directors of the WakeMed Foundation          pital to the next level by building and enhancing the
are volunteers, contributing invaluable expertise and       programs and services delivered through the facility’s
many hours of support through leadership develop-           inpatient and ambulatory settings. We look forward to
ment, fundraising and educational awareness.                him joining the WakeMed executive team.”
* Our volunteers participate to give and to learn, and      Raynes joins WakeMed from Northcrest Health System
because it is the right thing to do. Thank you for your     in Springfield, TN, where he has been serving as presi-
support all year and for allowing us to celebrate you       dent and CEO since 2005. Northcrest has been very
during National Healthcare Volunteer Week April 19 -        successful as a stand-alone facility competing in the
25!                                                         highly competitive Nashville, TN market area. Prior to
                                                            this role, Raynes served as president and CEO of Pre-
                                                            ston Memorial Hospital in Kingwood, WV. He brings
       We express sympathy to the family of                 more than 15 years of experience in health care leader-
                    volunteer:                              ship.

                                                            Raynes holds a bachelor of arts degree in business ad-
  Maggie Clark who died March 4, 2009. Maggie vol-
                                                            ministration from the West Virginia Institute of Tech-
  unteered from June 2003 to September 2008 par-
                                                            nology, a master of arts degree from Morehead State
  ticipating in flower delivery, Email-A-Patient and
                                                            University in Morehead, KY, and a master of business
  assisting with special projects in Volunteer Services
                                                            administration degree specializing in health care from
  on the Raleigh Campus. She contributed 858 hours
                                                            West Virginia University. He and his wife, Shawna
  of service. Please help us remember and honor our
                                                            are natives of West Virginia and they have two daugh-
  If you become aware of a present or former volun-
                                                            Please join us in welcoming Mr. Raynes to WakeMed
  teer who has died, please let the Volunteer Services
                                                            and in sharing our appreciation with the entire Cary
  staff know.
                                                            Hospital leadership team.
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                                          The President’s Corner
The Volunteers at WakeMed Raleigh Campus
With the weather warming up, all of a      Our next fundraiser will be held May
sudden it’s becoming increasingly          5 and will be a T-Fal Cookware sale.
obvious that spring is right around        The sign-up sheet is in the Volunteer
the corner. The WakeMed Raleigh            Services office. Come help with the
Campus volunteers have remained            sale and meet other volunteers!
busy throughout the winter and have
much activity to report.                   You should have received your ballot
                                           for the election of next year’s           addressed if you do not communicate
The Uniforms 2U sale held February 4       Volunteer Board members. Please           with the Volunteer Services staff.
was a record-breaking success. The         remember to fill out your form and        Positive feedback is also appreciated.
volunteers working the sale stayed         return it to the Volunteer Services
busy throughout and ended up               office.                                   If you are due for your annual
recording sales of $52,000 and earning                                               refresher orientation, one will be held
a profit of $9,802. Thank you to all       March and April are the months when       April 16.
who came out to support this activity.     all of the WakeMed volunteers are
                                           evaluated in their placement              The following week, April 19-25 is
Additionally, a blood drive was held       positions. It is also the time when the   National Volunteer Week. While each
March 4-6 at the WakeMed Corporate         volunteers are surveyed and asked         and every one of you is valued
Center and in the Andrews Center.          about their experiences on the job.       throughout the year, goodies are
Our thanks go out to those who             Please take the time to fill out your     provided during Volunteer Week in
contributed to the drive itself as well    surveys so that the Volunteer Services    the Volunteer Services office. Be sure
as those who came to donate. In all,       office can get feedback from you.         to come down and enjoy!
186 pints of blood were collected by
the Red Cross over the three day           Remember, if you have a problem or        Ann Wyker
period.                                    concern with respect to your volunteer    President, Volunteer Board
                                           position or experience, it cannot be      WakeMed Raleigh Campus

                                           The Volunteers at WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                           doubling their efforts at expense         volunteers.
                                           control. The volunteer luncheon in
                                           October as well as the spring             Mark your calendar for the Uniform
                                           luncheon are expenses specific to the     Sale on April 6. There will be other
                                           Volunteer Services operational            items for sale along with uniforms. If
                                           budget. Because Cary Hospital             you have an opportunity, stop by and
                                           volunteers receive recognition in         visit.
                                           many forms throughout the year, and       The Volunteer screening event will be
It’s hard to believe we have reached
                                           in an effort to partner with our          held on April 30. Be on the lookout
the third month of 2009. February
                                           hospital administration in containing     for your invitations to come soon. We
flies by so quickly. March is here with
                                           costs, the board voted unanimously to     will be including vision and glaucoma
snow one week and 80 degree
                                           suspend the April luncheon this year.     screening this year. Be sure to
temperatures the next. As I write this
                                           We appreciate in advance your             register as soon as possible.
newsletter, I can hear the birds
                                           support of the decision made by your
                                           elected board members, and look           The next time I write, Easter will
At the February 2009 board meeting         forward to being together with full       have passed, flowers will have been
of The Volunteers at WakeMed Cary          membership and community                  planted, and the weather will be
Hospital, we discussed the upcoming        volunteers in October.                    warm. Until then, thank you for all
volunteer recognition that is                                                        that you do and be safe.
                                           You should receive a mailing for the
customary for National Volunteer
                                           Blossoms for Life campaign soon.          Pat Quick
Week. We discussed recent feedback
                                           This is a wonderful opportunity to        President, Volunteer Board
from active Cary Hospital volunteers
                                           remember those near and dear to           WakeMed Cary Hospital
about how to reduce expenses as well
                                           your hearts. The money is used to
as our collective understanding that
                                           fund programs supported by Cary
all healthcare organizations are
                                                                                                              PAGE 4

      Volunteer Spotlight                                                     Volunteer Spotlight
   WakeMed Raleigh Campus                                                    WakeMed Cary Hospital
       ~ Ruth Maupin~                                                          ~ Ajay Unnithan ~
                            My name is Ruth Maupin and I       My name is Ajay Unnithan and I
                            was born in Williamston, NC. I     was born in Raleigh in 1991. I lived
                            went to college at Fayetteville    there until I was three and then
                            Sate University and majored in     moved to Apex with my parents
                            English and speech. This is        and my older sister. My maternal
                            where I met my future hus-         grandparents helped us move and
                            band. After we married, we         settle in. Apex is a town known as
                            moved to Arlington, VA. We         the ‘Peak of Good Living’, and I
                            have one daughter, whose fam-      have enjoyed living here because of
ily lives in Springfield, VA. My granddaughter’s name is       its wonderful people, public ser-
Rachael. She is eight years old and a barrel of fun.           vices, and the great summer weather. I attended
Rachael was born a preemie, but she is doing fantastic         Apex Elementary School for six years and went to
now. Rachel is smart, beautiful and a great child.             Ligon Middle School in downtown Raleigh for three
                                                               years. Currently a senior at Enloe High School in Ra-
In the Arlington, VA/Washington, DC area, I was an ac-         leigh, I will be graduating in June.
counting manager for a non-profit organization. Part of
my job included travel in the US and out of the country        I heard about the volunteer program at WakeMed
several times. In October 2001, post 9-11, we were sched-      Cary Hospital from my sister who also volunteered
uled to go to Canada. I thought the trip would have to be      here during the time she was in high school. I have
postponed. Since much work had been done for this trip,        thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at WakeMed Cary
it was not canceled. At the airport, you would have            Hospital. I wanted to volunteer here because I enjoy
thought you were in another country. There were armed          helping out people in the community. Being a hospi-
soldiers everywhere. It was a very confusing and nerve         tal volunteer is a very rewarding experience. I have
wracking time.                                                 volunteered in MPD, Observation, and Day Surgery.
                                                               Along the way I have had the opportunity to meet
Family is very important to me. I have four sisters and a      some extraordinary people and forge relationships
brother. My brother has seven children. He and my sister       with diverse people from my community. Ms. Beth-
-in-law sent each of them to college. My sisters are my        any Kelly, manager of Volunteer Services has helped
dearest friends. When we get together we laugh a lot,          me a great deal, and provided invaluable guidance
sometimes eat a lot and just have the best fun. They are       over the four years that I have had the privilege to
my rocks and I can’t say enough about them. I didn’t say       volunteer at Cary Hospital.
we agree all the time, but that makes life more interest-      In my spare time I play the piano, which is an instru-
ing.                                                           ment I have enjoyed learning to play for over ten
                                                               years. I have played over 15 seasons of basketball,
In the summer of 2006, we decided to live life at a slower     soccer, and baseball with the Apex Parks and Recrea-
pace. This was the start of my journey to Raleigh. I be-       tion youth leagues. Now, however, if I am so lucky as
came a volunteer at WakeMed in the fall of 2007. It had        to allocate any spare time away from all the high
always been my plan to give back to the community, and         school work, I enjoy playing basketball, reading, run-
this was my opportunity. I work delivering mail and flow-      ning and spending time with family and friends. My
ers, and I also work in the volunteer office doing mail-       two role models are my mom, Sue, and my dad,
ings, collation, data entry, and filing. When I go up to the   Mohan, who came here from India in 1980, and have
floors and see how dedicated the staff is, I really feel       always worked hard for a living.
blessed and grateful to be here. It has been a joy and a
pleasure to work with and for Marie and Jackie.

When I am not at WakeMed, I volunteer at Interact of
Wake County. My hobbies are taking my golden doodle,
Turner, on long walks. Turner, of course is my dog, he
weighs 76 lbs and he is a mighty hand full. I also like to
cook gourmet foods, antique shop, and I am working on
an oriental garden in my backyard.
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                           WakeMed Establishes Wake Specialty
                                  Physicians Practice
WakeMed is pleased to announce the establishment of a       WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Pediatric Diabetes and
new company under the WakeMed corporate umbrella –           Endocrinology
Wake Specialty Physicians, LLC, which is a “spin-off” of    WakeMed Faculty Physicians - General Surgery/Trauma
WakeMed Faculty Physicians (WFP).                           WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Ear, Nose and Throat -
                                                             Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
The new Wake Specialty Physicians brand includes our        WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Facial Plastic &
private, community-based physician practices, which          Reconstructive Surgery
have grown over the years to meet the need for services     WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Orthopaedics
in our community. These practices serve patients at         WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Dentistry
WakeMed North Healthplex, in Wakefield, Cary and now        WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Internal Medicine
at Brier Creek. The focus of these practices is very dif-   WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Urology
ferent from our WakeMed Faculty Physicians, and as a        WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Vascular Surgery and
result, they have been named and incorporated differ-        Endovascular
ently to distinguish them from the WakeMed Faculty          WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Neonatology and Special
Physicians practices.                                        Infant Care
WakeMed’s growing physician practice network now in-
cludes: WakeMed Faculty Physicians, Wake Specialty          Wake Specialty Physicians
Physicians and Wake Orthopaedics. These practices are       The new Wake Specialty Physicians practices include
led by Dr. Susan Weaver, who was recently named sen-        many of the same physicians who practice at WakeMed
ior vice president of WakeMed Physician Practices.          Faculty Physicians (WFP). This new model was estab-
                                                            lished to give our physicians the opportunity to practice
A brief overview of each practice follows to help employ-   medicine in a variety of settings. The Wake Specialty
ees understand the difference between each practice and     Physicians model offers the same high quality medical
how they work together under the WakeMed brand.             care in a private practice setting. The model expands the
                                                            physicians’ scope of practice and provides services closer
WakeMed Faculty Physicians                                  to home for patients.
While the name has changed over the years, the role of
WakeMed Faculty Physicians has not changed since it         The new Wake Specialty Physicians currently in-
was established in 1969. These diverse practices are        cludes the following private practices and locations.
based on the WakeMed Raleigh Campus and include
more than a dozen specialties. WFP will continue to:        WakeMed North Healthplex
                                                            Wake Specialty Physicians – ENT, Head & Neck Surgery
  Offer physician services to the community’s diverse       Wake Specialty Physicians – Facial Plastic Surgery and
     population including the medically underserved or      Premier Med Spa
     uninsured patients through services rendered in the    Wake Specialty Physicians – General Surgery
     clinics located on WakeMed’s Raleigh Campus;
                                                            Wake Specialty Physicians – Urology
  Provide 24-hour call coverage in numerous areas;
                                                            Wakefield HealthPark
  Offer specialty physician services to support the broad   Wake Specialty Physicians – Women’s Center
     range of inpatient services offered by WakeMed;
                                                            WakeMed Brier Creek Medical Park
                                                            Wake Specialty Physicians – Gastroenterology &
  Provide graduate medical education to medical stu-         Hepatology
     dents and residents from the University of North
                                                            Wake Orthopaedics
     Carolina School of Medicine.
                                                            Similar to the Wake Specialty Physicians model, Wake
WakeMed Faculty Physicians now includes the following       Orthopaedics, LLC is a wholly-owned, not-for-profit sub-
practices, all of which are based on the Raleigh Campus):   sidiary of WakeMed that was established in 2003. Wake
                                                            Orthopaedics is a private practice that provides ortho-
WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Hospitalists                   paedic services throughout the region. The practice is
WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Intensivists                   comprised of nine physicians with subspecialties in spine
WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Obstetrics/Gynecology/         surgery, joint replacement, hand and shoulder, sports
 Colposcopy                                                 medicine, and trauma. They are managed by an outside
WakeMed Faculty Physicians – Maternal Fetal Medicine        agency and the physicians work for both the practice and
WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Gastroenterology               WakeMed Faculty Physicians.
WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Pediatrics
                                                                                                            PAGE 6

 The 2009 Volunteer Services                               S = Situation. State why you are communicating
                                                           the information. Identify yourself, department, loca-
 “Processes” are Underway!                                 tion, and in the event a patient is involved, identify
                                                           the patient and room number. Give brief description
March and April are extraordinary months of the year       of the need.
for the volunteer programs at WakeMed Health & Hos-
pitals. We celebrate, announce election results, orient,   B = Background. Give information related to the
survey, evaluate, communicate and much more! The           situation and any other important facts that will
support and response from all of our volunteers are        help clarify what has happened.
critical to the continued work of your organizations and
                                                           A = Assessment. State your assessment of the situa-
to the improvement of our programs. Please participate
in the following events and processes:
                                                           R = Recommendation/Results. State what you
** Vote for your leadership — fill out a ballot to elect
                                                           need or want.
new members to the board of your volunteer organiza-
tion.                                                      The Joint Commission
** Help us identify opportunities to improve your ex-      Continuous readiness – Pick up your copy of the 2009
perience — Complete a volunteer satisfaction survey        Continuous Readiness Tool from the Volunteer Ser-
regarding your volunteer placement experience, and         vices office.
your volunteer staff.
                                                           The Joint Commission Tracer Methodology:
** Receive performance feedback from your team —           What is a Tracer? The tracer methodology process is
Completed individual annual performance evaluations        used by the Joint Commission to survey hospitals.
from the managers and/or lead contacts in your place-      Surveyors will pull patient charts and “trace” their
ment areas.                                                processes throughout the continuum of care. The sur-
** Celebration of National Volunteer Week – April 19 -     veyors will study charts, talk to staff and may inter-
25.                                                        view patients or families. Surveyors can call upon
                                                           staff and volunteers in all departments to answer
** Annual refresher orientations for veteran volunteers    questions. A staff person’s or volunteer’s records can
(April 16 in Raleigh; April 13 in Cary) — Refresh your     be pulled from Human Resources or Volunteer Ser-
understanding of key information, meet requirements        vices.
and stay abreast of changes.
                                                           Service Excellence
We appreciate your involvement on all levels of partici-
pation in volunteer service at all of the WakeMed              E5 = Exceeding Expectations
Health & Hospitals locations. Thank you.                            Every Interaction
                                                                    Every Customer
                                                                    Every Time

                                                           First Impressions are everything. Perceptions are
               Just the Facts                              based on first impressions. Perceptions are our cus-
                                                           tomer’s reality. Once perceived, it is hard to change a
                                                           person’s diminished opinion. It is important to get it
 Patient Safety
                                                           right the first time!
 WakeMed Patient Safety Standard # 3: Communi-
 cate Clearly Using SBAR.                                  Hand Hygiene

 SBAR is a simple communication method that is             When volunteering, wash your hands 100% of the
 used throughout WakeMed that helps us to listen           time!
 better, understand each other and work better to-
 gether to help serve our patients. Having this stan-
 dardized method of communication helps to elimi-
 nate the possibility of misinterpretation, misunder-
 standing or omission of critical facts.
                                                                                                             PAGE 7

                                                          issue. I learned a lot in the Emergency Department
       The WakeMed Volunteers                             and the workers/employees were very friendly and
       Support Expense Control
                                                          Kelly Hogan, IS: I just wanted to thank all of you for
                                                          the opportunity to work with and volunteer with
 At the February 2009 board meetings of The Volun-        WakeMed’s IS Department. I really enjoyed my time
 teers at WakeMed Raleigh Campus and of The Vol-          spent at WakeMed, the experience I've received, the
 unteers at WakeMed Cary Hospital, your leadership        people I've met, and the things I've learned. I will con-
 made the decisions to suspend the luncheon func-         tinue to use some of the knowledge and experience I
 tions normally held in April of each year. For several   received through volunteering.
 months, Volunteer Services staff heard from volun-
 teers their thoughts regarding National Volunteer
 Month Recognition Events. It was the consensus of
                                                          Cary Hospital
 many that WakeMed is continuously generous with
 expressing appreciation for the time and efforts that    Mini Chirayath, 3West: “Great place to work. Very
 volunteers give. Volunteers have asked that we con-      encouraging experience. Unique staff and coworkers.
 sider “letting pass” the spring luncheon event this      Well organized and friendly…”
                                                          Dorothy Goodson, Tea Cozies: “My time at WakeMed
 The staff in Volunteer Services and the Executive        Cary gave me quality time with my daughters. I liked
 leadership of WakeMed extend our thanks to you for       being exposed to the medical environment. I myself
 these decisions and for the extraordinary support        have wished I had pursued nursing or similar path-
 that we receive from you every single day. Your gen-     way…”
 erosity is unbeatable.
                                                          Xiaoying Fu, Emergency Department (back): “I liked
                                                          working in the Emergency Department. This is a
                                                          warm and friendly environment.”
Exit Comments                                             Annette Daum, Emergency Department (liaison):“I
                                                          hope to volunteer again as my schedule permits. It
These are folks who contributed to our program that       was a privilege to serve. Thank you for the opportu-
have relocated, gone back to school, or left for other    nity.”
obligations. This is what they said about their experi-
ence:                                                     Carol Coile, Day Surgery: “I love volunteering at
                                                          WakeMed Cary and want to continue long term as I
Raleigh Campus                                            am available. I hope to return (soon).”
Doreen Silver, HPP: I think Marie and Jackie do a         Praveena Paladugu, Gift Shop: “I enjoyed volunteering
fantastic job! They offer a supportive and professional   and learned new things.”
volunteer environment. WakeMed is lucky to have
them at the forefront of the volunteer services I loved   Joanne Boggis, Day Surgery – “My time as a volunteer
working at WakeMed with the hospitality pets pro-         was a rewarding experience I will never forget. Thank
gram. I always felt so welcome and appreciated, espe-     you for all your kindness.”
cially by Marie and Jackie. I would recommend anyone
                                                          Audrey Lynn Reynolds, Observation: “Fantastic oppor-
to apply for a volunteer position at WakeMed.
                                                          tunity to assist in community and it was especially
Theresa Plummer, ROR and Patient Registration:            nice when patients would engage in conversation and
Everyone was great! I wish I had the time to return.      seemed to enjoy the company. Staff was extremely
                                                          positive and encouraging.”
Lynne Ferreria, HPP: Wicket and I loved our volun-
                                                          Lavita Anderson, Endoscopy: “The staff was very
teer experiences and so wish we had been able to con-
tinue.                                                    friendly and they really worked with my schedule.”

Sola Ogunniy ED: Marie Johnson and Jackie were
very dedicated and quick to respond to every need/
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             Raleigh Campus
            Fundraising Results

Uniform Sale – Raleigh Campus
Thank you to the following volunteers :

   Timothy Lee          Peg Fuchs
   Sara Kirk            Joyce McGee
   Charlotte Luke       Doris Allen
   Lydia Phillips       Carol Jeffreys
   Michelle Finlayson   Jama DiSorbo
   Willie Gilbert       Reid Craft
   Carolyn LaRue

These volunteers assisted with The Volunteers at
WakeMed Raleigh Campus Uniforms 2U sale on
Wednesday, February 4, 2009. Close to 500 employ-
ees visited the sale and were extremely pleased to
see the variety and quality of items available. Not
only did we have a fun day, but we raised a record
breaking $9802.32 in profits.

                                                               Cary Medical Explorer Post 11

                                                         Presentation and demonstration by Decon Team

  Long time friend and supporter of the volunteer pro-
  grams at the Raleigh Campus and Cary Hospital,
  Calvin Parks accompanied by (L to R) Susan Hester,
  Bethany Kelly and Marie Johnson. Currently Calvin
  coordinates handling and delivery of magazine dona-
  tions from the residents of Glenaire Retirement Com-
  munity in Cary.
                                                                                                           PAGE 9

         BLOOD DRIVE RESULTS:                                       Donations Needed:
                                                                Volunteer Services WakeMed
The Volunteers at WakeMed Raleigh Campus and the
American Red Cross hosted a two day blood drive at
                                                                       Cary Hospital
WakeMed’s Andrews Center on March 5 & 6. This                   & WakeMed Raleigh Campus
drive included a bloodmobile at the Corporate Center
on March 4, and an opportunity to donate at the          The Volunteer Services departments at the Raleigh
American Red Cross fixed sites. Pints collected to-      Campus and Cary Hospital offer magazines, comfort
taled 186.                                               items, word puzzles, books and other select reading
                                                         material to our patents. Donations of gently used or
WakeMed, as always, has an extraordinary response        new magazines, novels (romance, mystery, westerns)
to the needs of the community whenever help is           and word puzzle books will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the following volunteers who staffed the    Criteria:
canteen and registration areas:                          • Magazines – Must be current. Monthly publica-
                                                         tions published within the past 12 months are accept-
       Reid Craft            Jama DiSorbo                able. Weekly publications or news related magazines
       Sara Kirk             Carol Jeffreys              should be no more than two months old. Gifts of a
       Louisa Ukoch          Jim Miller                  magazine subscription in English or Spanish are ac-
       John Agurs            Ben Citero                  cepted. If you are donating magazines that have been
       Mickey Gault          Sam Rosenberg               delivered to your home, the mailing address or any
                                                         other personal identifying information should be
                                                         marked out or removed before delivering to the hospi-
                                                         • Books – Paperbacks are preferred. They must be
                                The Volunteers at        clean and odors free (no musty or moldy smell). Books
                                WakeMed Raleigh          must fall into the category of light reading. Experience
                                Campus receives a        tells us when a person is sick they most often stick with
                                donation of several      materials that are easy to read that do not require in-
                                homemade boxes of        tense concentration.
                                goodies for the Pedi-    • Due to, and out of respect for, the diversity of our
                                atric Diabetic Clinic.   customer base, reading material of a religious nature
                                Emily Stark is work-     cannot be distributed and therefore cannot be accepted.
                                ing toward her Sil-      • New or gently used children’s books (6 months – 5
                                ver Award from the       years of age) are requested.
                                Girl Scouts of Amer-
                                ica.                      There is an urgent need at the Raleigh Campus for
                                                          Spanish, African American, and men’s magazines.
                                                          There also is a need for crayons (large or small) and
                                                          coloring pencils.
           Notes of Appreciation                          Raleigh Campus: Wound Care Facility Library:
Susan and Marie:                                          Current DVDs needed for patients to watch
                                                          while patients are receiving treatment in
We received our 1st shipment of huggables and they        Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.
are absolutely adorable! We are thrilled with them
and I know the children will be as well. We handed        Donations can be delivered to Volunteer
one out to a crying child today around noon. His          Services during regular business hours,
mother said that was the first time today she saw a       Monday - Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm.
smile on his face. Thank you again.

Carolyn Beck, MT(ASCP)
Manager, Pathology Clinical Services
                                                                                                              PAGE 10

                                      PLACEMENT NEEDS
WakeMed Raleigh Campus                     Monday- Friday, 7 am – 5 pm, 2        a story to a child, and by promot-
Charts Collation/Special Projects:         – 4 hour shifts available,            ing the benefits of reading to chil-
Monday – Friday, 2 – 4 hours shifts        General office/clerical support:      dren. Interactions with children in
available, 8 am – 4:30 pm                  phone duties; data entry, filing –    a group setting or on an individual
Volunteers assist with assembling          alpha/numerical order, sorting;       basis. Bilingual volunteers
charts, special projects: mailings, ori-   receptionist duties; collation pro-   needed.
entation packets, data entry, filing in    jects.
alpha or numeric order and similar                                               Receptionist Support:
projects. Ability to work alone or       Patient Access:                         Monday – Friday: 2-4 hours shifts
with groups. Ability to collate and      Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm, 2         available, 8 am – 8 pm
assemble as requested.                   – 4 hour shifts available               Service excellence opportunity to
                                         Volunteers lend support to the          assist customers in the Heart
Flower Delivery: substitutes             registrars and customers by as-         Center Waiting Room; Occupa-
Monday – Friday, 12 pm – 2:30 pm         sisting with the admissions proc-       tional Health & Safety and other
Volunteer receives and sort flowers,     ess by greeting customers, trans-       locations. Greet families, answer
e-mail a Patient items, and gifts. De- porting patients via wheelchair,          phones, locate families, coordinate
livery of flowers and gifts to patients. and escorting customers to loca-        visits, assist employees, and pro-
Must be able to lift light items and     tions as appropriate.                   vide directions.
walk distances.
                                         Patient Relations: (Raleigh             Sewing Individuals and Groups
                                         Campus / Zebulon Campus)                Do you knit, crochet, sew? Your
Hospitality Pets:
                                         Monday – Friday: 2 – 4 hours            talent is needed to assist with mak-
Flexible scheduling, 2-hour shifts
                                         shifts available, 8 am – 4 pm           ing gifts for patients and family
available, Monday - Friday
                                                                                 members. Items include: hug-
Volunteer and canine team visits with Volunteers to enhance customer
                                         service and satisfaction by visit-      gables, bereavement quilts for
eligible and consenting patients.
                                         ing patients and gathering feed-        adult and children’s emergency
                                         back from them to assist in im-         departments, lap quilts and many
Infection Control:
                                         proving services and making a           more items.
Monday – Friday, 2 – 4 hour shifts
available, 8 am – 4 pm                   stressful visit less demanding.
Assist with data input, hand hygiene Ability to move freely about fa-
                                         cility, excellent communication         Cary Hospital
and isolation protocols on patient
                                                                                 ** Placements with immediate
care units. Excellent opportunity for skills, with good problem solving
                                         abilities. Must be able to write        needs.
health related career minded volun-
teer candidate.                          legibly. Bilingual volunteers
                                         needed!                                 Floaters
                                                                                 Volunteers needed to cross-train to
Information Services:
                                   Reach Out and Read:                           cover volunteer positions in vari-
Monday – Friday, 2 – 4 hours shifts
                                   Monday – Friday: 2 – 4 hours                  ous departments when volunteers
available, 8 am – 4 pm
                                   shifts available, 8 am – 4 pm                 normally scheduled are out due to
Basic computer skills needed.
                                   Volunteers read to children wait-             illness or vacation. Placement ar-
                                   ing to been seen by physicians                eas needing Floaters include: In-
Office Support/ Data Entry: Many
                                   and/or other medical personnel in             formation Desk (Main), Gift
different areas available! Occupa-
                                   WMFP Pediatrics. Volunteer                    Shop, Patient Registration, In-
tional Health & Safety; Founda-
                                   readers demonstrate positive in-              formation Desk (Day Surgery).
tion; Human Resources; Volunteer
                                   teraction skills, exhibiting the
Services; Patient Relations; Case
                                   positive outcomes that can occur
management; Foundation; Surgical
                                   through the simple act of reading
                                                                                                          PAGE 11

                                      PLACEMENT NEEDS
Endoscopy                             of patients, passing out and pick-     mation, sit for periods of time, and
Mondays and Fridays, 8 am – 12        ing up meal trays, filling water       sort in alpha and numerical order.
pm                                    pitchers. With special training        passing out and picking up meal
Volunteers needed to assist with      may be asked to assist with patient    trays, filling water pitchers. With
stocking supplies and patient         feeding.                               special training may be asked to
transport on discharge.                                                      assist with patient feeding.
                                      Radiology Patient Escort
Patient Registration                  Friday, 10 am – 3 pm; Sunday, 8
Wednesdays & Thursdays, 12 pm         am – 1 pm
– 4 pm, Fridays, 8 am – 12 pm         Volunteers provide safe, courteous
Greet Cary Hospital customers,        and timely transport of patients
assist staff to ensure the smooth     throughout the facility by wheel-        Add to your Volunteer
and efficient flow of traffic         chair and may assist staff with               Wardrobe!
through the registration process,     stretcher transport. The volunteer
escort patients/families throughout   may assist with other non-medical           WakeMed Raleigh
the facility.                         duties such as stocking supplies or             Campus
                                      running errands.
Multi-departmental Support                                                   Ladies, if you would like to add a
Volunteer (Pathology Lab, Phar-                                              second volunteer uniform to your
macy, Food Service)                   Zebulon/Wendell:                       ready-wear, ask about the pink
Sunday – Saturday, 7 am – 10 pm                                              button up jackets with 3/4 length
Flexible scheduling available         Hospitality Pets:
Volunteer duties include assisting    Flexible scheduling, 2-hour shifts;              Prices are:
Pathology Lab with clerical as-       Monday - Friday                               S—L          14.00
signments, hourly rounds to Phar-     Volunteer and canine team visits              XL— 2 XL     16.00
macy to deliver patient medica-       with eligible and consenting pa-
tions that cannot be transported by   tients.                                Please contact the Raleigh
the tube system and assist Food                                              Campus Volunteer Services
                                                                             department at 919-350-8293 if
Service staff with delivery of late                                          interested.
trays to patients.                    Business Center

Material Processing & Distribu-       Patient Financial Services
tion                                  Flexible scheduling, Monday –
Mondays and Wednesdays – flexi-       Friday                                 Cary Hospital Spanish
ble daytime scheduling                Assist staff by providing general          Interpreters
Assist staff by helping with de-      office and clerical support: data
partmental flow and processing,       entry, filing, sorting, etc.           Effective March 17 the hours of cov-
stock supplies, supply delivery.                                             erage for on-site Spanish Interpret-
                                                                             ers will be Monday – Friday, 7 am –
Patient Services                      Operations Center                      3:30 pm. The Interpreter can be
Flexible scheduling                                                          reached by calling pager number 66
Volunteers needed on adult nurs-      Call Center                            -5667 or cell phone 630-7451. For
ing floors primarily during meal-     Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm,       hours outside this schedule, please
time shifts, 8 am – 10 am, 11 am –    2 – 4 hour shifts                      page 66-5766.
1pm and 4 pm – 6 pm. Duties in-       Utilization of computer system to
clude stocking supplies, running      assist in scheduling. Ability to
errands, seeing to comfort needs      enter data, pull up data, fax infor-
                                                                                PAGE 12

                          Happy Birthday

                          WakeMed Raleigh Campus

April Birthdays           Sadako A Sutherland 15      Edrie Greer 4
                          Earlene B Troublefield 21   Diana C Hughes 9
Sotera Agivolassitis 22   Emma Voigt 4                Carol W Jeffreys 27
William H Allen 30        Katherine M Webber 29       Juan Jimenez 15
Helen Aubrey 9            Brenda Yarborough 23        Marjorie Kalcinski 24
Clementine Baksteen 30                                Margarita Leach 4
Wade Burnette 26                                      Miriam Liggett 1
Olga M Cadilla-Sayres 3   May Birthdays               Tingting Lu 1
Pearl Cunningham 21                                   Susan Mitchell 20
Jessica L Denton 20       Cindy Adleman 25            Dung H Nguyen 3
Peg Fuchs 4               John W Agurs 9              Barbara F Pappas 15
Rebal Goetz 9             Premsagar Bandi 11          Michelle L Portee 12
RoseMary R Kenny 22       Roy H Beasley 27            Robin K Sayres 11
Sara Kirk 9               Barbara J Brown 11          Thelma Shedrick 3
Carolyn A LaRue 30        Lynn Burton 11              Matthew Smith 19
Brain L Lanier 25         Melissa A Clark 16          Matthew R Stillwagon 13
Derrick R O’Neal 24       Reid Craft 13               Jaclyn P Sumner 15
Georgetta Paskoff 15      James A Ford 27             Victor M Tolomei 18
Iradell S Sanders 8       Beth L Garrison 16          Hope M Yarbrough 7
Lilian Sauerwein 25       Mickey Gault 21
Rose Smith 28             Alma Gill 15

                               Cary Hospital

April Birthdays           Helen Rho 19                Stacy Gibbs 16
                          Olga Tkachenko 17           Lauren Hahn 8
Betty Beaman 16           Haley Toune 3               Fadia House 6
Megan Clyburn 19          Linda Tuffey 28             Henry Jessup 20
Vivian Collins 15         Jane Warner 18              Marian Lucas 18
Carolne Deal 17           Brenda Yarbrough 23         Andrea McLamb 19
Ruth Cornwell 3                                       Joan Morelen 17
Barbara Hall 6                                        M. Petrilich 7
Philippa Hertrick 18      May Birthdays               Lola Shields 2
Sharon Hinton 2                                       Sunaina Tailor 24
Vera Jarman 11            Suzanne Askar 29            Nancy Tombaugh 4
Harriet Kelner 22         Ruth Blaine 10              Ajay Unnithan 28
Dana Managan 25           Regina Brest 9              Aileen Webster
Gloria Murphy 3           Sherry Bunce 18             Barbara Williams 5
Georgetta Paskoff 15      Mayrene Castleberry 20      Ida Williams 5
Hetal Patel 29            Loretta Consiglio 13
Alyssa Quiday 21          Ann Drake 10
                                                                                              PAGE 13

WakeMed Raleigh       Michelle Portee       Anuyuga Sampathkumar        Deneen Taylor
Campus                Emily Proctor         Lola Shields                Scott Falkner
                      Audrey Reynolds       Eileen Tschopp              Joanne Stella
Mary Scott Bennett    Megan Skillen         Akash Sinha                 Brenda Willoughby
Jessica Brittain      Tanisha Spencer       Megha Sinha                 Bouchra ElQani
Courtney Brown        Corey Stafford        Courtney Dupree             Steve Hawkins
Janaye Bryant         Parthenope            Darcy Dupree                Sarah Neuman
Jennifer Chou         Triantafyllidis       Rohini Vannikumar           Suzanne Askar
Allen Craft                                 Nikki Jarmin                Jo Sharples
Miheret Daba          WakeMed Cary Hospital Jerry Luddington            Rebecca Cavari
Cindy Dickens                               Kim Luddington              Aditi Senthilnathan
Michelle Glawe        Robert Bird           Eileen Kelly-Greenblatt     Lakshmi Nallamothu
Shakita Graham        Margaret Knox-Ingle   Han Nguyen                  Elise speaks
Andrea Ingalls        Andrea McLamb         Megan Walter                Sahar Kazemazdeh
Carrieline Johnson    Sara Niazi            Patricia Lowery             Ashley Bullard
Joyce McGee           Rebecca Pelkey        Libby Jones                 Greg Martin
Sylvia Poole          Rohan Rajeev          Kyle Goodman

       Thinking of the
    Following Volunteers                          Our Condolences To
    WakeMed Raleigh Campus                           WakeMed Raleigh Campus
    Courtney Brown                                Cindy Dickens: death in the family
    Norma Bryant
                                                    Alma Gill: death in the family
    Lynn Burton
    Joan Gay                                       Sally Perdue: death in the family
    Evelyn Johnson                                Sarah Pierson: death in the family
    Juanita Jolly
    Joyce McGee                                       WakeMed Cary Hospital
    Jesse Murphrey                                Tandra Burson: death in the family
                                                Michael Courchesne: death in the family
    WakeMed Cary Hospital
    Pat Dorry
    Gloria Murphy
    Jean Sessler
                                                                                                        PAGE 14

Volunteer Orientation                                        Calendar of Events
WakeMed Raleigh Campus                                  WakeMed Raleigh Campus
• Thursday, April 2, Conference Dining Room, 5:30 pm
  – 8:30 pm                                             T-Fal/Dynamic Cookware, Wednesday, May 5,
• Wednesday, April 15, Conference Dining Room, 1 pm     2009, Andrews Center Rooms 1 & 2, 7 am—4 pm
  — 4 pm
• Monday, May 11, Conference Dining Room, 5:30 pm       Volunteer help is needed, please call 919-350-
  – 8:30 pm                                             8293 to sign up.
• Wednesday, May 2, Conference Dining Room,
  9:30 am — 12:30 pm
                                                        WakeMed Cary Hospital
WakeMed Cary Hospital
                                                        Uniforms 2U2, Monday, April 6, 7 am – 4 pm,
• Tuesday, April 7, Conference Center, 5:30 pm – 9 pm
                                                        Conference Center
• Tuesday, April 21, Conference Center, 8:30 am – 12    Heart Saver Class: - Thursday, April 2 and Tues-
  pm                                                    day, May 5.
• Tuesday, May 5, Conference Center, 5:30 pm – 9 pm
                                                        Call Education Services 350-2409 to register.
• Tuesday, May 19, Conference Center, 8:30 am – 12

                Tour Dates
WakeMed Raleigh Campus
• Wednesday, April 1, Volunteer Services,
  1 pm – 2:30 pm
• Thursday, April 16, Main Visitor Lobby                WakeMed Raleigh Campus
• (Near Gift Shop), 6 pm – 7:30 pm                      Congratulations to volunteer Rebecca Pareja on her
• Wednesday, May 13, Volunteer Services,                acceptance in to Wake Forest Medical School.
  9:30 am – 11 am
• Monday, May 19, Main Visitor Lobby                    Happy Anniversary to volunteer Roy Beasley and his
  (Near Gift Shop), 6 pm – 7:30 pm                      wife Edna, who celebrated 56 years of marriage on
                                                        April 5, 2009.
To register, please call 919-350-8293                   Happy Anniversary to volunteers Ben and Wanda
                                                        Citero, who celebrated 55 years of marriage on Febru-
WakeMed Cary Hospital                                   ary 20, 2009.
• Thursday, April 9, Volunteer Services, 7 pm
                                                        Congratulations to captain Walt Martin, son of volun-
• Thursday, April 23, Volunteer Services, 10 am
                                                        teer Carl Martin and his wife Velma, upon his retire-
• Thursday, May 7, Volunteer Services, 7 pm
                                                        ment from the Wake County Sherriff’s Department
• Thursday, May 21, Volunteer Services, 10 pm
                                                        after 30 years of service.

To register, please call 919-350-2363.                  Congratulations to volunteer Sophia Malik on her up-
                                                        coming wedding to Adnan Mustafa on April 11, 2009.
                                                                                              PAGE 15

Thanks for Your                                            Sewing
Donations                                                Contributions
WakeMed Raleigh Campus                       The efforts of our talented sewing volunteers bene-
• Lefaye Gillard—stuffed animals             fit WakeMed Health & Hospitals by providing us
• Sheri Deaver—magazines                     with beautiful handmade items made especially for
• Nancy Taylor—magazines                     our patients – young, old, big and small. These
• Carol Williams—UNC stuffed animals         gifts, made with such love and attention to detail,
• Magdalene Williams—stuffed animals         add a dimension of comfort and care that is second
                                             to none.
WakeMed Cary Hospital                        Many thanks to the individuals in our community
• Ashley West—stuffed animals
                                             that sew independently and deliver their treasures
                                             each month, to the individuals who sew and also
                                             participate in our in-house volunteer programs and
                                             to the sewing groups who meet on a regular basis.

   Still have Christmas Cards                All Sewing Volunteers will receive formal name
                                             recognition in conjunction with the Annual Awards
        around the house?                    and Recognition functions that will be held for each
   Instead of throwing your Christmas        WakeMed volunteer organization, The Volunteers
  Cards in the trash, bring them in to the   at WakeMed Cary Hospital and The Volunteers at
  Cary Volunteer Services office. Vol-       WakeMed Raleigh Campus, in October 2009.
    unteer, Joan Carson, transforms the
   used cards into beautiful gift tags for   WakeMed Raleigh Campus
            next holiday season.             Needles Club of Heritage
                                             Happy Hearts of Heritage
                                             Northern Wake Senior Center
                                             Cary Senior Center
                                             Threads of Love
                                             Sunshine Seniors
 If you would like for us to add your        NC Museum of Art
 special remembrance, anniversary,                       Countless individual sewers
      births, etc., please call your                  not associated with sewing groups
   Volunteer Services Department.
                                             WakeMed Cary Hospital
      WakeMed Cary Hospital                  Apex United Methodist Church
          919-350-2363                       Ann Foster Workshop
     WakeMed Raleigh Campus                  Carolina Preserve Yarn Spinners
          919-350-8293                       Garner Senior Center – On the Mend
                                             Harriet Kelner Workshop
                                             Reedy Creek Baptist Church
                                             Spring Arbor of Apex
                                             Windsor Point Workshop
                                                       Countless individual sewers not
                                                       associated with sewing groups
                                                                                                                PAGE 16


The Melissa Brown Memorial Nursing Education Loan Fund was established in memory of Melissa Brown, Great 100
Nurse and daughter of Peggy Brown, Manager of 3C Urology/Renal/Cardiology. The Volunteers at WakeMed Raleigh
Campus have administered this fund since 1991. The fund provides financial assistance to individuals seeking nursing
degrees from North Carolina colleges and universities. Please consider a contribution to this fund to support nursing
education and career development. For more information contact: Susan Hester, Director of Community Services at 350-
8005. Complete the form below and return to the Volunteer Services department at WakeMed Raleigh Campus.


                 Donor Name                                                           Address

  AMOUNT OF DONATION: ___________________             In Memory/Honor of:

  Mail to: The Volunteers at WakeMed Raleigh Campus      Acknowledgment to be sent to:
           Attn. Susan Hester, DCS                                                                 Name
           P.O. Box 14465
           Raleigh, NC 27620-4465
  Please make your check payable to: The Volunteers at WakeMed Raleigh Campus

A special program developed by The Volunteers at WakeMed Cary Hospital, Blossoms for Life is a unique way to say
thank you for care you have received, to remember a loved one, to celebrate the birth of a child, to celebrate an anniver-
sary or to recognize special people and events. Recognition of the Blossoms for Life donors, memorials and honoraria are
on display in the Cary Hospital Conference Center. All gifts received by Blossoms for Life are used to fund programs
and services throughout the hospital. If you are interested in making a contribution, please complete the form below
and return the Volunteer Services department at Cary Hospital.


  Donor Name                                                                          Address

  AMOUNT OF DONATION: ___________________             In Memory/Honor of:

  Mail to: The Volunteers at WakeMed Cary Hospital    Acknowledgment to be sent to:
           WakeMed Cary Hospital                                                                Name
           1900 Kildaire Farm Rd
           Cary, NC 27518
  Please make your check payable to: The Volunteers at WakeMed Cary Hospital
Department of Volunteer Services
3000 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610-4465

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