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					                Enjoy a Holiday with Volkswagen Cars
        Volkswagen cars may be one of those automotive companies that take a lot of pride in the
quality of their product, the durability and long lasting cars, the adaptability of the car to
different terrains and the comfort that these cars may bring. However, it does not mean that
Volkswagen cars are immune from damage and does not need preparation before going out on a
holiday vacation or trip.

        According to popular surveys, one of the biggest hassles and also the most frustrating
things to happen during a getaway or an out of town trip is having a car that is either broken or
gets stuck in the middle of the road. This article will discuss the different ways by which one can
get the car ready for a holiday.

       The first thing to do before traveling is to have a test drive at least around a block just to
test whether the machine is working or the car is in a good state.

       Keeping the oil in check is also an important thing to regularly watch. Since oil not only
makes driving the car smoother and the performance of the engine to the optimum, but it can also
prevent the engine from being rusty.

       The cleanliness of the air filters and the functioning of the cooling system must also be
ensured since it makes fuel use more economic and prevents an episode of overheating especially
when traveling in tropical states or countries.

       An extra set of tires or simply ensuring that the tires have the sufficient amount of
pressure is an also important task to make the holiday getaway going fine. At the same time,
bring materials for repair in case of unexpected occurrences where the car needs a little fixing.
        When traveling in a snowy road or rain, one must use a fog light to see the driveway and
limit the use of handbrakes since the moisture freezes brake linings and cables. Engine must also
be periodically heated before continuing to drive.

       Some people advise to refrain from using the window wipers in snow or strong wind
storms since these weather conditions may snap the wipers and break them.

        One must also bring at least an extra supply of fuel or filling the tank with gasoline
before leaving in order to be prepared in case traveling to a deserted area where the next gasoline
station can only be reached miles away.

        For safety purposes, one must make sure that the rearview mirror is at a position where
the driver readily sees what is behind or at the side.

        A frequent cause of accidents are tailgating and overtaking – it must be emphasized that
there is no need to rush and it is better to arrive late and safe, than early visiting heaven.

       Volkswagen cars may indeed be the best set of automobiles that one can have, but if not
taken care of, the best things can also become the biggest regret of our lives. At the same time,
keeping the car in check is important if one wishes for a blissful holiday trip.
              Volkswagen 2012 - The Cool and Stylish
        The cars designed and being designed by the automotive company Volkswagen can be
described as chameleon, adaptable, timeless, and ever changing. The company has always kept
its products abreast with latest technological updates and addresses the calling of the times.
Volkswagen 2012 is being said to be the face of new cars and the epitome of the automotive
industry as we move towards a new decade.

       The article will be focusing on two of the promising automobile designs for Volkswagen
2012 – which is the Volkswagen Up! and the new design of the Passat.

                                                                                   The        car
                                                                           which was created to
                                                                           address the call for a
                                                                           vehicle that has an
                                                                           economic use of fuel
                                                                           to equip with the
                                                                           rising    price     of
                                                                           gasoline     is    the
                                                                           Volkswagen        Up!
                                                                           This is priced at $
                                                                           14, 000 and is a
                                                                           modification of the
                                                                           2007      automobile
                                                                           design intended for a
                                                                           family     hatchback
                                                                           that provides a big
                                                                           cabin space and
thrifts in fuel – but the company decided to marry a design that shares some aspects of the new
car with those of previous VW models.

       It resulted with an eleven foot long car that looks small and rigid on the outside but the
spacious on the inside. The car also provides plenty of room for luggage plus a trunk that is
narrow but deep to fit the things one needs to pack. The cabin of the car was also well designed
with ventilation for heating and additional controls but does not seem bare or complex through
the use of trim panels that make it look polished. The comfort in the seats aside from the
ergonomic design is the addition of a squab and back rest.

       An electricity operated version of the Volkswagen Up! will also be available in the
market soon in order to accommodate the clamor for cars that support a greener environment.

       A few years ago, the Volkswagen Passat is a car that only the people from the upper-
upper class can afford, but the new design of this car for North America costs seven thousand
lower than the previous models since it was made of less expensive materials and the
complexities of its engineering are reduced, but it must be emphasized that the look of luxury
and lavishness was not compromised.
       The 2012 Passat uses a 2.5 liter five cylinder engine instead or the turbocharged engine in
the previous models, thus, it has a decreased horsepower and torque statistics but the
performance should not be undermined. The car also looks larger and wider than the European
versions but this was because American lifestyle preferred a sedan that is midsize.

        The automobile engineers also mentioned that they kept the plush interior and
entertainment system inside so that the luxury car remains a priced car. The use of leathery vinyl
for the steering wheel
handles, wood trim and
accent for the sides and the
seats of the car covered by
synthetic suede give it a
classic look.

       There      are   other
models for Volkswagen 2012
such as the Beetle Turbo, the
Tiguan, the Jetta and the
Golf Cabrio – but the cars
mentioned above are the
timely models. They are cool
and stylish but easy on the
pocket to be afforded by a people in crisis.

           The Top Speeding Cars of Volkswagen 2012
        Car companies have realized that the need for speed will not be satisfied and with the
latest technologies on turbo engines and maximizing speed with minimum use of fuel – the
desire for highway demons will not be satiated yet. The collective term Volkswagen 2012
showcases some of the new automobile designs by the famed car brand which is of top speed and

        The first car of Volkswagen 2012 with such promise of speed is the Volkswagen CC
which means “Comfort Coupe.” This car is a rehash of the early generations of Passat but differs
in the design of the engine, platform and dashboard. The architecture of the car is more compact
with the four door body of the car ending with a coupe making it to be the love child of vintage
cars and midsize sedans.

       This designing is the result of the growing American demand for cars that are big in size,
spacious luggage space but with a lower price, to the detriment of styling, high end materials and
even comfort. Just like how there is a very enclosed and tight space at the back which makes
people avoid sitting there and limiting the passengers to the Volkswagen CC to only two.

       But in terms of performance, the Volkswagen CC does not lag behind with the use of a
V6 four cylinder turbo engine that has a rapid acceleration moving from 0 to 60 miles per hour in
a matter of seven and a half seconds, and kicking 200 horsepower. The powerful engine and wise
fuel economy of this car makes it a reward for people who enjoy an active and on the go

       Volkswagen’s smaller but classier SUV, the Tiguan, was created and modified to
increase its American sales by at least 30 percent. The exterior of the car was minimally changed
with the bulbous architecture of the car and the headlamps placated sharply to enhance the
corners – the Tiguan remains to give of a sense of simplicity but toughness.

       In terms of the performance, the Tiguan uses a 2.0 liter TSI turbo engine that can thrust a
horsepower of 200 and 207 pound feet of torque which is similar to other engines of sedan cars
by Volkswagen. Aside from these, American versions of this automobile will have additional
overdrive features together with an extra overdrive since cars used in here appear to require more

       The fuel saving economy and mechanics of the car is also a plus for its consumers aside
from the smooth leather upholstery, spacious and clean looking interior provided by the car.

        The Volkswagen GTI does not differ so much from the Tiguan with a similar type of
engine that generates almost the same amount of torque and power. However, it differs with the
interior design of the car that looks like made of more durable materials such as hard glass and
thicker leather. The only downside for this car is that it looks less roomy and the refinement in
the interior is not so much appreciated as other cars.

       Volkswagen 2012 is sure to make waves in the automobile market as soon as these
products are to be released. Choosing the right car with the right considerations is important to
make the driving experience remarkable.
                Volkswagen Cars: Car of This Century

        It was over four centuries ago when the world has seen the advent of automobiles which
was first designed to please the emperor of China. At present, there are more than 500 million
automobiles that are being used in the world for different purposes, and these numbers are
continuously growing despite the financial crisis being faced globally. Many automobile
companies such as General Motors and Chrysler have been on the brink of bankruptcy for the
past three years but there are companies that remain to thrive in these trying times, and a good
example would be Volkswagen cars.

        The premier car brand began as a trade union by the Nazis in 1937 and was initially
designed by the famous automotive engineer, Ferdinand Porsche. The company was created to
help the average German afford cars for travel and other purposes because back then,
automobiles used to be owned by aristocrats and members of the Third Reich army. The prefix
“Volks-“ which meant people was placed in the name of the car company in order to emphasize
that these car models are made for the people, every people and all people.

        The automobile company was able to survive the Second World War, the unification of
Germany and the rise of other car companies. The durability and good customer service was the
attributed reason for the success of these cars plus the maintenance of production that are of high
quality and continuously undergoing innovation. It was in the 60’s and early 70’s circa that they
were able to create cars that boast of advances such as a single body for a car or monocoque, the
use of newly discovered alloys to make the power engine more durable, introduction of
electronic fuel injection to optimize acceleration and allowing consumers the chance to decide
between a car of manual or automatic transmission. These advances are highly different from
other automobiles at that time resulting to a label of Volkswagen cars as an elusive and luxury

       The most famous models of the car company are the mini model Polo, the classic and
spunky look of the Beetle, and the car of compact architecture, Golf, which had different
generations. The market of Volkswagen used to be limited to smaller designs of car which is
made for personal use until the shift of the millennium. The reason for upping the competition
with other companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and others was the decreasing sales of
Volkswagen in North America due to the introduction of bigger cars for lower prices.

        Perhaps, what makes Volkswagen cars truly the automobiles of the century is its
characteristic of being adaptive to trends and changes through time. This is evidenced by the
creation of cars that are friendlier to the environment, and the use of green energy such as
Volkswagen engines using low sulphur diesel, the E100 or neat ethanol fuel, utilization of
flexible fuels and vehicles powered by electricity.

      In the future, we will be seeing more cars with more capabilities and interfaces to
accommodate the changing needs of people.
                   Choosing the Best Volkswagen Cars
        Owning and having a car has been considered as a necessary thing to have these days.
Commuting and traveling via public transport vehicles used to be more convenient until
American living preferred living far away to the suburbs from working in the city, and enjoying
long road trips during weekends than salons and spas. Driving a car removes the stress of waiting
for the next train to arrive plus the invitation to a greater social life.

        Teenagers and newly employed individuals is the largest group to avail of cars, and
parents try their best to ensure the safety of their children. Hence, they struggle through different
considerations before purchasing one whether it would be the small Volkswagen cars, the
standard utility vehicles by BMW
or    the     opulent     looking
Mercedes Benz models.

        The prices of these
automobiles are the first
consideration      that   these
youngsters as well as their
parents must think of. Cars
created by Volkswagen such as
the Fox, a small car with a
roomy interior plus a great
sense of style, and can be
availed for a price as low as $
7,460. There are other cheaper
models such as Polo and Golf,
but if the person wants a more
highway        demon        and
adventurous car, it comes with a
higher price with the cheapest Nissan cars at a price of $18,000 to the sinful Bugatti models
worth 800 grand.

        The next thing to consider after choosing a car that is within the allocated budget is the
parking area such as for students going to college, there are dormitories that have their own
garages while there are ones who just let the car at the side of the driveway. It must be
emphasized that there are cars with more durable and water resist coatings while there are ones
that are highly vulnerable to the wear and tear of changes in the environment.

       At the same time, new members of the working American puts more weight about
considering the seating and loading capacity of the automobile since it may serve as a purpose of
loading objects or as a business sideline of using a single car and share in the fuel expenses.

       After considering these two factors first, one can then focus on the appearance and
external features of the automobiles. America being the land of the free, subscribe to the belief
that owned objects reflect the personality of the individual. Volkswagen cars provide a more
personal and excluding atmosphere reflecting an introverted and secretive individual because of
their small size and compact design, unlike, bigger models of BMW’s and Mazda cars that
appear to encourage weekend getaways and group outings. Sports cars like Bugatti and Ferrari
are commonly the choice of people who are impulsive, active and filled with radiating energy.

        The other considerations can then follow such as the time needed to take care and the
frequency of cleaning the automobile. The customer service and presence of entertainment
materials to be enjoyed while driving can also be done later but that does not mean that they are
not a priority.

        Everything comes down to the personal taste of the person who would own and use the
car whether it is among the best Volkswagen cars or Chevrolet models. Putting a good use,
regularly using the car and fixing problems as soon as possible makes the car last longer than
brands alone.

             Volkswagen Luxury Cars – Truly a Luxury
       In 2009, there were more than 6 million Volkswagen cars that were sold thus making the
car company that hailed from Germany rank as the third top automobile brand in the world,
which makes not just the cars but the brand itself a luxury.

        Luxury cars were what made Volkswagen withstand the reign of Nazi Germany, the most
destructive war on the face of the planet, the rise of communism, the Cold war and the recent
financial crisis. Despite its expansion of their product line, the company had always left a special
place, a significant importance to the improvement and the development of luxury Volkswagen
cars. Here are some of the highly noted and positively reviewed of these luxury cars.
         The 2008 Volkswagen Eos is popular because it is one of the rare four seat premium
cabin with a retractable hardtop design and at a reasonable price of 30 thousand dollars but this
retail price can still be discounted. Another plus of this car is that it provides an integrated power
sunroof that provides an amount of fresh air to enter the car making the driving experience crisp
but comfortable. The performance of this luxury car is also far from being underwhelming
through a proven and tested two liter, four cylinder turbo engines that delivers an impact of 200
horse power.

        Some of the amazing features in the Eos are heated front seats, use of durable and high
quality leather as upholstery not just for the seats but also for the handle of the steering wheel;
cruise and automatic climate control; and entertainment packages such as a stereo system that
has eight speakers and is touch screen, iPod connectivity, FM radio, CD player, an auxiliary jack,
and a digital music playlist slash storage.

        Another deluxe car is the 2004 Volkswagen Phaeton, which was derived from the
mythological figure who drove the sun carriage, and was later used as a term for horse drawn
carriage; and true to the origin of its name. The Phaeton is a sedan with a sleek, classy
appearance but the inside is more fascinating because of its wide interior space, a length of
approximately 204 inches and the layout of the seats being well thought of. The audio system, an
LCD television, presence of cup holders and food storage spaces, adequate ventilation and air
conditioning, control for navigation and its top performance may it be in terms of speed, stability
and maintenance is also promising. This luxury car exudes elegance and luxury, and is priced at
$ 64, 600.
         The 2010 Volkswagen Touareg is a luxury car that is SUV in design costing about $
70,000 and can accommodate five passengers. It has a powerful steel alloy engine that is on top
of its performance. Upholstery for the seats that is leatherette with accents of walnut wood
combines to make the interior architecture of the car classic and modern in appearance. The
entertainment package is composed of Bluetooth, stereo CD player with 10 speakers, a satellite
radio and an audio jack.

       Another great feature of luxury Volkswagen cars aside from the durability, sleek and well
planned design are the optimization of safety features like airbags, antilock brakes and stable

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