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Public Comment Summary
              September 2007
Public Comment Summary

In This Public Comment Summary

Introduction................................................................................................. THF-1
   Where Do You Live? Where Do You Work? ............................................... THF-2
   The Community and Culture of Yuba County .............................................. THF-2
   The Economy of Yuba County.................................................................... THF-2
   The Natural Resources of Yuba County....................................................... THF-3
   Projects and Plans in Process ..................................................................... THF-3
Issue Summary ............................................................................................ THF-3
   Rural Atmosphere ..................................................................................... THF-4
   Local Job Creation ................................................................................... THF-4
   Traffic ...................................................................................................... THF-5
   Development Constraints........................................................................... THF-5
   Commercial Development ......................................................................... THF-5
   Beale AFB ................................................................................................ THF-6
   Redevelopment of Existing Areas ................................................................ THF-6
   Recreation................................................................................................ THF-6
   Conservation Priorities............................................................................... THF-6
   Public Services and Other Issues ................................................................ THF-7
Demographic Information............................................................................. THF-7
THF-1           Yuba County Communities ...........................................................THF-7

APPENDIX B .................................................. COMMUNITY STATION RESPONSES
APPENDIX C ............................................................WRITTEN SURVEY RESPONSES
APPENDIX D................................................................................................ MAPS
                                                            TOWN HALL FORUMS
                                                          Public Comment Summary

As part of the Yuba County General Plan Update process, five Town Hall Forums were
conducted in July 2007 at five locations in the county, including:
        The County Government Center in Marysville,
        The Peach Tree Mall in Linda,
        The Victim/Witness Center in Olivehurst,
        The Wheatland Community Center, and
        The Foothill Lions Club in Loma Rica.

The Town Hall Forums offered several options for community members to provide
their input on the key issues that will be addressed as a part of the General Plan
update. Multiple stations were set up at each Town Hall Forum, with each station
presenting information relevant to the General Plan update, and most stations offering
an opportunity for members of the community to provide input in various ways.
At each Town Hall Forum, both County
and consultant staff circulated among
stations in order to promote one-on-one
and small group discussions with
community members. Staff and consultants
would ask questions about participants’
vision for the future, trying to get a sense
of why people feel the way they do, instead
of being satisfied with the immediate input.
Staff and consultants engaged in a two-
way communication, attempting to
disseminate important information about
the county, as well as planning principles,
so that the community input was better
informed than otherwise would be
For those who preferred written comments
to a face-to-face interaction, consultants
and staff distributed a written survey
related to planning issues. This survey
could be completed during the forum, or
mailed to the County at a later date. At
the end of each forum, additional surveys were passed out to participants, with
instructions to distribute to friends and neighbors that could not attend one of the
Town Hall Forums.
Consultants delivered a presentation at each forum describing the General Plan
update process, offering an opportunity for verbal questions and answers from the
community. This presentation was designed to provide context to participants so that
their comments were pertinent to General Plan update. The regulatory background
was described in the most concise manner available, and the primary topics of

Public Comment Summary

consideration were outlined. Following is a description of some of the exercises
offered at this first round of Town Hall Forums.
Where Do You Live? Where Do You Work?
The Live-Work station was devoted to visual representation of issues associated with
the homes, workplaces, and travel patterns of community members on a map.
The Community and Culture of Yuba County
A Community station offered participants
the opportunity to provide their thoughts
on community gathering spaces and
recreational opportunities on a comment
sheet. Participants were encouraged to
think about where they meet and interact
with their neighbors, and what about the
built environment is physically and
otherwise supportive of these cultural
and social activities.
The Economy of Yuba County
At this station, staff and consultants
asked participants to visually identify the
locations and types of job-generating
development (agricultural, commercial
or industrial development) on a map
showing their vision for the future of the
Participants were presented information
about some of the primary economic
activities in the County. The information
related both to the types of jobs Yuba
County residents have, as well as the
types of jobs offered by businesses located in Yuba County. (Since an increasing
portion of Yuba County residents work elsewhere, the jobs offered locally and the jobs
held by residents do not necessarily coincide). The existing conditions information was
presented as a primer for a discussion of what economic activities are desired in the
future and where those activities might be located. Several categories were offered
from which participants could choose, including medical, industrial, agricultural,
retail, and office. This exercise was designed and implemented both to gauge the
community’s interest in different types of job development efforts and to determine the
desired types and locations of commercial activities.

                                                             TOWN HALL FORUMS
                                                            Public Comment Summary

The Natural Resources of Yuba County
At the Natural Resources station,
participants were invited to “spend”
a total of $100 “YuBucks” to reflect
their priorities on conservation issues.
Since land use planning, considering
limited public resources, is ultimately
an exercise in establishing priorities,
the participants were not issued
enough money such that they could
spend it evenly among each of the
natural resources listed. Participants,
thus, were forced to choose among
several worthy natural resources to
preserve for the future – just as staff and decision makers must do, as a part of long
range land use planning.
Projects and Plans in Process
At this station, County staff presented maps and other information to explain recently
approved development projects and plans. Attendees were encouraged to provide
their input on these recently approved plans and projects as a way to probe for input
on what the community would like to see in the future. If someone did or did not like
a particular aspect of a recent project, County staff engaged in a discussion that will
provide to staff and consultants useful information for planning policy as a part of the
General Plan update.

Issue Summary
A number of issues were consistently identified by community members as being
crucial for the General Plan update. These issues included:
        maintaining Yuba County’s small-town or rural atmosphere;

        addressing the need for local job creation within the county;

        addressing traffic problems, especially on State Routes (SR) 65 and 70;

        concerns about development in floodplains and loss of agricultural lands;

        providing commercial services for county residents, including restaurants,
        grocery stories, and general merchandise – but with different ideas about the
        types and locations needed;

        maintaining Beale AFB as a job center for Yuba County

        redevelopment and improvement of existing developed areas, including
        commercial areas, in Marysville, Linda, and Olivehurst.

Public Comment Summary

Rural Atmosphere
Yuba County’s rural atmosphere and
small-town feel were commonly
identified “likes,” and community
members reported a desire to
maintain these characteristics. Many
participants supported maintaining
large acreage minimums for new
residences, with especially strong
support for minimum acreage
requirements in foothills areas, such
as Loma Rica, as well as the area
around the city of Wheatland.
Another common suggestion was to
focus or concentrate growth, especially residential growth, in a particular area or
areas. Possible concentration areas suggested included existing unincorporated towns,
a new town or towns, or allowing urban development only within incorporated cities.
Community members articulated problems with conflicts and a lack of compatibility
between ongoing agricultural operations and new residential uses.
Local Job Creation
Community members agreed that economic development, including job creation, was
important for Yuba County. Respondents expressed a desire to avoid a future with
Yuba County primarily serving as a bedroom community for people working in
Sacramento, Roseville, or other existing job centers. The necessity for county residents
to commute to Sutter, Placer, or Sacramento counties for employment was recognized
as a cause of traffic problems.
Suggestions for job creation were primarily geared towards encouraging light
industrial and retail development, especially in the southern portion of the county.
Common sites proposed for industrial development on the Economy map exercise
included the existing industrial park near the airport, as well as other sites in
Olivehurst, and in currently vacant land between Linda and Beale AFB. Some
participants also proposed industrial development along the Yuba River, perhaps
related to the existing dredge operations.
Retail development was proposed primarily along with SR-65 and SR-70 corridors.
During the Loma Rica forum, small-scale retail uses were proposed for Loma Rica,
Oregon House, and Brownsville, as well as along SR-20 at Marysville Road and
Township Road. However, discussions at the Loma Rica forum indicated that citizens
were not necessarily in agreement on whether or what type of retail development they
wished to see in foothills areas.
Office development was proposed primarily in existing population centers, including
Marysville, Wheatland and Linda. Similarly, medical facilities were generally placed in
Linda/Olivehurst, Marysville, Wheatland, and in existing foothills communities.

                                                              TOWN HALL FORUMS
                                                            Public Comment Summary

Problems regarding the fee structure of the existing industrial park were identified.
Other suggestions included support for nature-based tourism and outdoor
recreational tourism, including fishing,
hunting, and boating.
Traffic was identified as a problem by an
overwhelming majority of participants at all
forums. Common problems reported by
community members included conditions on
SR-20, SR-65, and SR-70. Some participants
proposed bypasses, especially for Wheatland
and for truck traffic around Marysville.
Many residents also identified a need for
public transit, especially at the Olivehurst
and Wheatland forums. The large number of
Yuba County residents commuting outside
the county to find work was recognized as
the primary cause of traffic by many forum
Development Constraints
Many participants reported concerns
related to development constraints
such as infrastructure capacity and
conditions, destruction of habitat land,
and flood risk. Flood control issues
were a major concern of community
members at the Olivehurst forum, but
flood concerns were also expressed in
Wheatland and Marysville.
Concern about the loss of agricultural
land and conflict between existing
agricultural land uses and new residents was expressed, particularly at the Wheatland
forum. Similar concerns were reported at the Marysville and Loma Rica forums.
Participants in Loma Rica (and to a lesser extent Wheatland) reported concerns about
the lack of adequate infrastructure for development in some areas. Community
members preferred that new infrastructure needs and ongoing infrastructure and
service costs to serve new development should be funded by developers rather than by
the county. Concerns about the destruction of habitat land were related particularly to
the Spenceville Wildlife Area and migration corridors in the foothills.
Commercial Development
Participants overwhelmingly reported a need for improved access to basic commercial
services at all five forums. Based on visual interpretation of the map activities, desire

Public Comment Summary

for retail services is especially intense in the southern part of the county, including
Linda, Olivehurst, and along SR-65 in and near Wheatland. Specific needs which
were identified through participant comments included grocery stores, banks, general
merchandise shops, clothing and department stores, lumber and hardware stores, and
a variety of restaurants.
Participants in Loma Rica expressed a range of attitudes towards commercial
development. Some community members felt that commercial services should be
focused in Marysville in order to preserve the rural character of the foothills, while
other residents felt that a limited number of small, local businesses might be needed in
the foothill areas. Participants at the Loma Rica forum generally did not support
development of large-scale commercial, chain businesses, or fast-food restaurants in
foothill areas of the county.
Beale AFB
Residents expressed support for Beale AFB and its ongoing importance as a job center
for the county. The continued function of Beale AFB was cited as a consideration for
development projects in the vicinity. Residents variously suggested that the County
should have a strategy to address an eventual closure of the base, or to address a
transfer of functions from Travis AFB, as development pressures increase in the area
around that AFB in Solano County.
Redevelopment of Existing Areas
Many community members expressed a desire for improved conditions in older
developed areas of the county, particularly Linda, Olivehurst, and Marysville.
Specific problems which were identified included crime and drug problems in Linda,
and disused or poorly maintained commercial space in Linda, Olivehurst, and
Marysville. Some participants suggested that redevelopment and reuse of existing
vacant commercial space should be pursued rather than permitting commercial
development in undeveloped areas.
Streetscape improvements, including sidewalks, were suggested to improve safety.
Participants reported primarily outdoor and neighborhood social recreational pursuits.
Water-related recreation, including boating, was frequently reported, but use of parks
in general was widespread.
Common gathering places for social activities included homes, churches, parks, and
community organizations. A need for community center and common recreational
facilities was identified.
Conservation Priorities
The “YuBucks” activity offered an opportunity for residents to define their conservation
priorities by “spending” money. Priority categories included mineral resources, open
space and views, historic and prehistoric resources, air quality, habitat lands and
biological resources, water resources and water quality, and agricultural lands.

                                                                    TOWN HALL FORUMS
                                                                   Public Comment Summary

Participants were also encouraged to identify any natural resources categories not
specifically included.
Exhibit THF-1 illustrates the distribution of YuBucks at the Town Hall Forums.







         Air Quality   Agricultural    Mineral     Historic Open Space   Habitat   Water
                         Lands        Resources   Resources

Exhibit THF-1: Conservation Priorities

There were some differences among the various forums in terms of priorities;
agricultural resources were a higher priority in Wheatland (tied with water quality) than
in other forums, and open space received the highest percentage of the tally in Loma
Rica, with approximately one third of the total.
Public Services and Other Issues
A need for better library facilities was cited by participants from several of the forums.
Inadequate road maintenance and capacity were also common complaints.
Community members in Marysville, Linda, and Olivehurst, in particular, expressed
positive feelings about the diversity of their communities.

Demographic Information
Participants who completed the mail-in survey form provided demographic
information, including age, race/ethnicity, gender, income, occupation, and work and
residence locations. A total of 57 surveys were completed. The following tables
summarize the demographic characteristics of respondents. Although these
characteristics do not necessarily match the total group of Town Hall Forum
participants, they are expected to be similar. In some cases, percentages do not add
up to 100 percent due to rounding, and participants who declined to report

Public Comment Summary

                 Age                                           Gender
0-25                          2%                  Male                        45%
25-34                         5%                  Female                      48%
35-44                        17%
45-60                        43%
60+                          29%                            Household Type
                                                  Single                      23%
                                                  Family with Children        25%
               Ethnicity                          Family without Children     51%
Non-Hispanic White           75%
Hispanic or Latino/a          6%
African-American              2%                             Annual Income
Asian                         2%                  Less than $20,000            9%
Native American               8%                  $20,000-35,000               5%
Other                         6%                  $35,000-50,000              16%
                                                  $50,000-75,000              14%
                                                  $75,000-100,000             33%
                                                  More than $100,000          21%

Age range of participants is older than the county as a whole. More than 50 percent
of the county’s population is under 35 years of age, including 21 percent of the
population which is between 20 and 35. However, this group made up only 7 percent
of forum participants. A higher number of participants over 45 years of age was
observed relative to the county as a whole.
The gender of participants was similar to the county population as a whole – the
county is evenly divided between men and women.
In terms of ethnicity, White residents were overrepresented and Hispanic and Asian
residents were underrepresented in the Town Hall Forum participants compared to
their population in the county as a whole.
The income levels reported by participants are substantially higher than the county as
a whole – the median household income for Yuba County in 2006 was about
$38,000, but only 30 percent of community members who participated in the Town
Hall Forums reported incomes of less than $50,000 per year.

                       YUBA COUNTY GENERAL PLAN UPDATE
                            TOWN HALL FORUMS
                           Public Comment Summary


Public Comment Summary

                Appendix A - Live/Work and
                 Economy Station Responses

Live-Work and Economy Station Input


      Congestion from Beale and Yuba College
      Camp Fire West Rd & Spencerville Rd intersection is blind spot
      N Beale Rd needs to be fixed due to vehicle/bike conflicts: separate path
      for bikes/pedestrians needed
      Need ease of access for students along Beale Rd and in vicinity
      Traffic concern from Linda into Marysville
      Traffic concern from Linda into Yuba City
      Traffic concern when concerts occur
      Simpson Lane into E. Marysville being corrected
      Public transit good for college
      Marysville needs 3rd bridge or some other solution to service town
      Need off ramp directly to Sleeptrain, not through Olivehurst

     Place homes in foothills; avoid deer migration; blue oaks; etc
     Do homework; take proactive planning effort
     Enough concentration/critical mass exist for hospital, services, highways,
     Avoid existing communities; a few new towns
     Different type of growth in valley areas; enough concentration of growth to
     support business growth including home based businesses

     Quarry project in Camp Far West area needs road improvement;
        o Issues with: water supply, noise, traffic
     Yuba College (president and staff) may be planning satellite offices
     around county away from main campus; want to plan in coordination with
     County on GP

Camp Beale Air Force Base
     Concern about lack of ordnance (unexploded munitions) info
     County should require survey before use
Plumas Lakes
      Proximity to places/cities; parks
      Neighborhood feel
      Flood safety concerns, though happy with levee improvements
      Want more shops, services, gas stations near residences
Increase public involvement
      Parent meetings at Marysville USD, college, etc
      Need organized programs and facilities: softball, gyms, etc

      70% found out from newspaper
      Different types of projects, depending on environmental resources,
      developer marketing strategy…avoid NIMBYs…enough to support
      infrastructure…clustering…pockets between federal/state lands
      Rural atmosphere in Loma Rica positive attribute
      Fire Department: Brophy district has unmanned station nearby, need to
      improve tank there
      Camp Fire West Rd- enjoy quiet of neighborhood except boaters; views
      enjoyed of Sutter Buttes, coast range
      Involve youth/high school kids: in planning/recreation needs, social
      science courses


     Local shopping/economic center in Yuba County
     Want more businesses/retail/services locally
     Fees on airport too high (drainage fees $39,000), levee fees too high in
     industrial areas
     Need for employment development; jobs for local residents
     Redevelopment along Olivehurst (only RDA) in county; opportunity for

     Speed of traffic is concern, kids walk in roads
     Reckless drivers occasional problem: live at end of Grove Ave, opened
     Rupert Ave, turned neighborhood into a shortcut
     Concern about regional ‘cut through’ traffic (only regarding speed/safety)

    Nice people
    Traffic problems
      Crime problems


Do not
      Do not allow Feather Creek
      Do not enjoy light industrial near houses
      Do not block views of Buttes
      Develop strategy to help existing communities, like Olivehurst and Linda,
      through new growth
      Build where developed areas are located
      Build around existing transportation lines
      Need more high-density residential in neighborhoods
      Enjoy new growth, good revenue for the County; hope development can
      help Olivehurst and Linda

    Kaiser Permanente in Wheatland to support southern Yuba County
    Happy about new residents and younger population
    Quiet, good neighborhood; look out for each other
    Need to improve roads; rough now
    Linda area drug problem needs to be addressed
    Clean up
    Plumas Lake needs high school/other school; kids go to Wheatland for
    high school

       New homes around Wheatland need proximate groceries/restaurants
       Open air shopping mall: walkable, handicap friendly; socially oriented
       Want to have nearby retail, services, entertainment
       Enjoy theme/design of Linda/Elk Grove shopping centers; need more
       commercial nearby, not Yuba City
       Need retail for new residents nearby; losing sales tax to Yuba
       Area behind Linda should be Industrial park
       Industrial plants have child care and pay living wages
       Light industrial near airport
Job development
       More businesses
       Help out home businesses
       Mixed-use: 2-story with housing above in Olivehurst
       Keep Marysville historic character and visitor-oriented business
       Develop recreation as economic engine: hunting and other sportsman
       Revenue generating land uses needed in Yuba County
       More incentives for a friendly business environment
       Quality employees for office work needed

       Trains for people on welfare
       Train set up along Hwy 65 or other highways; need more options for
       regional travel
       Inter-regional traffic is a problem
       Mass transit; need regional cooperation for regional transit
       Regional transit to new development areas and existing communities,
       currently just serving existing; plan for fiscal feasibility
       Hesitant about bypass and 3rd bridge, serves other counties’ needs
       Should not have bypass of Marysville if affects business
       Like sidewalks/storm drainage, needed elsewhere too
       Support truck traffic
       Aggregate operators’ effects on Hwy 65: traffic congestion, highway
       maintenance, damage to other vehicles
       Congestion on Hwy 70 now at bottleneck, need to fix
       Traffic bottlenecks on highways
       Connect commercial areas

       Need more parks/recreation, including serving Hispanic population
       needs/cultural preferences
       Recreation zone: waterfront (ex. Chevy’s on the river), boat ramp, around
       potential 3rd bridge (2 suggestions)
       Enjoy Washington Park remodel; want revitalization/redevelopment
       Limit noise at amphitheater
       Leaving after retirement, not much to offer seniors; don’t like need to drive
       for entertainment, have to catch a bus into Yuba City for things
       Need senior center with entertainment

      Enjoy water features
      Plumas Lake forum online: join chat forum, thread ideas for public input,
      read about levees
      Balance for diversity/demographics is important


     Bypass for 65- north through Sheridan; 65 bypass will need to be 65 mph.
     Need 4 lanes out of -Lincoln-
     65 is bad traffic area; 65 is a barrier; need alternatives; don’t create
     barriers to travel
     Traffic concerns; road and infrastructure must be improved before
     residential development; could allow other development, but require for
     Traffic problem w/ being a bedroom community; causes traffic problem
     Like double lines to Southfield on 65; good for safety; improved safety
     Concern about traffic of new growth; don’t have much commercial now;
     but stores in May are coming (these may be separate thoughts/topics)
     Have to get on Hwy 65 from Main Street at 6 a.m.
     Yuba Highlands- concerns about traffic impacts, no matter what people
     say; think it will impact Beale BRAC might cut AFB
     Need public transit options- can’t just plan residential development and
     hope for transit- need a plan
     Issue: mass transit plan- need better transit; need to give public transit
     No planning has happened for public transit; need to establish plan for
     transit and make residential plan to accommodate transit options

     Development should occur within incorporated cities only. Urban land use
     planning is a function of municipal government, not a county
     Need more due diligence before proper approval
     Yuba Highlands- say going to bring in jobs; but doubt that will actually
     bring in jobs
     County should not be in the development business. This GP should set
     policy that all development must occur in the city limits
     Paying for infrastructure, roads, etc. after development; do before. Need
     to bond and pay for ongoing infrastructure, etc., developer responsibility
     Country is meant to provide services but not urban growth
     Home development around Wheatland residential; don’t disturb prime
     Housing- can build around sensitive biological resources
      Afraid of water available in the future in Camp West Area; now
      development shows what effects surrounding existing development
      Agree that should have compact development; Plumas Lake is bad
      planning because nothing other that SF houses
      Yuba County should not build homes, bad infrastructure to support
      industrial/commerce base, not more home
      General Plan policies need to restrict growth (----------) to incorporate
      What are the constraints on growth?; need a good constraint analysis

     Employment- Beale AFB; like this land use
     Not many jobs
     Agricultural need to preserve; like Beale AFB; economic benefit
     Need to bring jobs into communities, and need to bring jobs into cities and
     existing communities
     Need to bring jobs into existing communities- Olivehurst, Linda,
     Wheatland, all communities
     Look at Placer County ability to attract industry and grow together, Beale
     AFB, economic activity, elect protection company
     Agricultural commissioner needs to be an advocate for farmers again; not
     police, current Agricultural Commissioner is not an advocate
     Urban encroachment restricts farming; people can’t farm anymore,
     spraying, moving farm equipment is more difficult with traffic; hard to spray
     Keep urban growth away from farming; provide buffer of 200 to 300 ft.
     Development affects land value
     Farming is changing, demand and supply changes fast, right-to-farm
     doesn’t work because of political pressure by encroaching residents

    Like small-town atmosphere; not congested
    Small-town atmosphere like good neighbors- people looking out for each
    other ; good elected official-mayor
    Like small-town atmosphere; community involvement; can keep
    atmosphere even with growth
    Preserve rich historical sites around Wheatland i.e. Emigrant trail hop riots
    first black mayor Gold Rush, Indians. Not casinos. Chinese Claude
    Like privacy of neighborhood; like having half an acre
    Peace, quiet of neighborhood concern about noise
    Neighbor- Like neighbors; peace and quiet; want non-well water; want NID
    to serve area
    Neighbor- Like what brought into neighborhood, noise and habitat
    concerns for the future
Open Space/Environmental
     Like rural atmosphere; like habitat; wildlife; open space, good air quality
     Avoid habitat damage choose other than sensitive areas for biological
     Avoid Spencerville Wildlife area and other habitats
     Avoid flood-threatened areas; for future urban growth; avoid flood plain;
     don’t develop until resolve those issues
     Concern about parks, concern during last GP update, have become
     worse, not better

      Look at preserving open space around cities and existing residential areas
      around cities
      Like when elected officials listen to positive comments
      Plan for full range of land uses and compact, not spending land uses;
      open spaces and other necessary uses
      Outreach: 30% newspaper, 30% flyer, 1 radio, posting at stores, etc. 10%
      How and why: 40-mile road qualify as scenic hwy- removed?

       Water and sewer are big issues
       Road infrastructure in place prior to vertical development for residential,
       commercial, and industrial development

    Hwy 65 Corridor need more commercial. Keep tax dollars in Yuba County
    Additional Commercial services in Wheatland area
    Redevelopment of Peach Tree Mall

      Light industry walking distance to services
      Additional opportunities for employment in industry
      More industrial uses (higher paying)
      No industrial in Wheatland. Lack resources (water) to support
      High Tech. Industrial Center (Provide quality- higher paying jobs)

     Beale Conversion to Business Park timeframe 2020-2030
     Medical services in Wheatland area

Agriculture/Natural Resources
      Program in GP to protect prime agricultural land- create program to sell
      water to raise money for agricultural land preservation
      Consider a natural resources element
      Preserve prime Wetland habitat
      Conserve agricultural land for community based (sustained) agriculture.
      Feed local markets
      Preserve riparian forests- set back levees for flood control
      Maintain Community Atmosphere and Agriculture
      Water as an asset. Abundant resource to support environmentally friendly
      Maintain prime agricultural lands
      Protect agricultural resources
      Agriculture has to be maintained and is a priority

      No gravel quarry
      Job Growth to match population growth
      Need to correct “Wheatland incorporated boundaries
      (Protect) ensure Beale AFB stay in Yuba County
      Redevelopment of buildings already in place


     Traffic controls, calming is good
     Commute traffic on 20 a problem. People cut across Peoria Rd.
     Rices Crossings Road not fit for emergency access
     Circulation/Infrastructure: Roads meet current needs; more accepting of
     rural style infrastructure and expect more of independent lifestyle
     Should improve traffic; school kids walking along roads; hazard for kids
     Traffic is bad generally; during commute hours; gravel trucks are a
     Should cover the gravel trucks so they don’t break windows
     Need more traffic calming; need lower speed limit in areas with people
     Provide safe routes walking to school; safe routes for all people
     Traffic: logging trucks are a problem; possible need another lane or place
     to pull off

     Ranchers: Too many subdivisions- too much development in agricultural
     areas; people complain when they come to the -----
     Ag ongoing is difficult tempting to sell when land is valuable, difficult to
     Should have growth only in already developed areas; difficult to serve
     rural areas
     Would improve: pave more of the roads; ridges parcel size; smaller lots
     desired; want clustered housing, PUD, more clustered
       Want smaller parcels, easier to maintain for older folks; want residential
       options for older people
       Want to keep rural areas rural. Should focus population growth in already
       developed areas
       Like 5 ac. Minimum in existing GP. Don’t mind PUD developments and
       clustering, so long as average does not change
       Keep 5-acre parcels
       New-comers want to change area; want smaller lots; keep 20-acre
       minimums in areas where that applies
       Need smaller parcels in areas with smaller parcels consistent with
       surrounding area; change zoning cap
       Concern about negative glare; light pollution; would like to see no growth
       around Loma Rica

     No services in rural areas to east
     Would improve: would like more local jobs; want farmers markets, jobs for
     locals, recreation jobs
     Beale AFB can use pharmacy and shop
     Economic development: most people either have home business or
     commute; people choose lifestyle involving long drive

    Should crack down on drugs
    Like: neighborhood been there for 27 years; liked more b/f traffic; traffic
    noise is an issue
    Like: private, quiet, very little traffic compared to a city. Like tall pines of
    Neighborhood- like wide open spaces, trees, like quiet
    Like about neighborhood- like rural atmosphere, like lots of recreation,
    open space, not too many people
    Like about neighborhood: rural atmosphere, lack of density, like neighbors
    but privacy, like having large amount of land
    Like: everything- views, neighbors are great, weather is good, Cathedral
    Oaks water should be improved
    Like: people, nice and outgoing; like 5-acreas; expect rural lifestyle
    Like: space b/w house and neighbors; like wildlife; concern about traffic

Open Space/Environmental
     Should preserve open space in foothills; for views and habitat protection
     Want more sustainable economy; economic activity should respect natural
     environment; organic farming, and healthy activities for the environment
     Water quality for drinking is poor; iron is a problem for taste; aesthetic,
     support community move to require well testing before a building permit
      Should keep rural recreation areas rural

      Building permits are too expensive, like water and recreational areas;
      Mulland Lake Golf Course
      Rural Lake: 288-3231 Geanie MacClara Bullards Bar
      Improve: people moving to rural areas need to be careful of fire; need to
      accept rural services and lifestyle

Recreational/Open Space
     Recreational Potential
     Hills- Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Trails
     Open space along Yuba River. Preserve Spencerville Wildlife Area
     Recreational business upcountry

    Retail beyond corner store in Foothill area. Keep it on the highway
    Residential Zoning. Barrier to retail
    Some limited commercial along HWY 20
    Keep retail where it is- no additional
    Reuse of existing facilities. Peachtree Mall
    More grocery choices in Marysville
    Keep services in Marysville or Oroville

      Industrial center used at airport
      IND at Airport retail in Marysville. Additional grocery options

      No subdivisions in Foothills. 5AC minimum. No Spring Valley
      Reuse of existing space in Marysville vacant
      Yuba 2007 = Solano 1977 along to corridor retail. Traffic bypass
      Marysville in Yuba
      Keep the Foothills rural
      Keep existing AG in production bring outside money
      More jobs besides Beale
                            TOWN HALL FORUMS
                           Public Comment Summary

   Appendix B      Community Station



    Respondents like the friendliness, diversity, and relaxed attitude of the
    people of Yuba County.

      General gathering places include restaurants, community events, pow
      wows, shops, and private homes. Specific gathering places include
      Oakwood Park, Fernwood Park, amphitheater, Chinatown and the
      business district, Riverfront Park, Englebright Lake, Wheatland High
      athletics, and softball fields in Yuba City.

      The positive aspects of those gathering places include food, available
      space for public interaction, proximity, open space, and the small
      community feel.

      Places people go for fun inside the county include hiking and biking
      locations in neighborhoods, community events, tennis courts and Little
      League parks, Gold Socks games, parks, amphitheater, the softball
      complex, Englebright lake. Places outside the county include
      Sacramento, Yuba City, Yuba Sutter Mall, lakes.

      Traffic is the primary concern for future development – including 70 and
      the need for a Marysville bypass. Shared recreational facilities for
      schools/parks, additional greenspace/park land, bike and pedestrian lanes
      and facilities, and planned communities with multiple uses were all
      identified as desirable. The need for job growth was identified, along with
      concern about poverty.

Raw Responses:
  1. What do you like about the people of Yuba County?
        Friendly and industrious
        Friendly and caring
        Diversity- live among Linda, Hmongs, Hispanics, and Caucasians=
        teacher. Camp Far West Lake. Wheatland= supportive.
        Natural history, diversity of land and people
        The friendly people and diversity
        Friendliness and good feel for community
        Relaxed, helpful, friendly.
     Friendly, helpful, country oriented, less frantic than city people
2. Where do you gather with your friends and neighbors?
         Restaurants, pizza parlors in Marysville and Yuba County
         Community Events; Plumas Street, Grocery Stores, Fair
         Native American Pow Wows- Yuba Community College, at home,
         local parks in Linda (Oakwood Park, Fernwood Park), Concerts @
         amphitheater, traffic off-ramp from 70 to Algodon, Bypass through
         Very rural= not with neighbors. Marysville= historical places of
         interest. Old Chinatown, business district, Riverfront park= where
         people come here. Historian
         The Brick, La Salsa
         Plumas Lake (at home), Yuba Community College (work)
         Softball complex (Yuba City), Restaurants, other people’s homes,
         Englebright lake, home, Wheatland High sports functions
         On our ranches, BBQ’s, Restaurants
3. What do you like about the places you listed in Question 2?
         Places to eat, available space for public interaction
         Community events are plentiful throughout the year- always
         something to do and ways to volunteer. I always see friends at the
         grocery store which makes the chore more enjoyable
         Convenience open space of larger parks.
         Like historical places, history and culture.
         Proximity to my home
         Small community feel, family, parks- tight knit family community.
         Friendly people. Watch sports games, gym.
         People with like interests
         Home and decent variety of food but not the quality of city
4. Where do you go to have fun?
         Lassen County- Eagle Lake
         Hiking; walks in my Loma Rica neighborhood, biking, community
         Fishing- lake Oroville, playing tennis at Wheatland High School
         (poor condition), Work with school districts to keep up parks and
         facilities, Little League parks in Alicia School by Yuba county
         Airport has little league facilities.
         Hiking around rivers and greens, water people, not much recreation
         in Yuba, Gold Socks softball game.
         The Gold Sox games, The movie theatre in Colusa, the acting
         company, Hammonton County Parks
         Sacramento, Amphitheater, Marysville for grocery, retail, Yuba City,
         Yuba Sutter Mall
         Softball Complex, Englebright Lake
         Tahoe and lakes on my ranch
   5. If the County grows in the future, do you have ideas about how this growth
      should be designed to provide better gathering places, better recreation
      opportunities, and a better environment for Yuba County’s people?
              Take care of traffic problem first- if don’t fix this nothing else will
              work, Need diversity of jobs, jobs in different levels, technical
              demands, poverty is a huge problem, jobs and low end jobs at high
              end to keep things going, and education- quality of schools-
              academic and vocational.
              Planned communities such as Yuba Highlands make sense.
              Clustering various styles and types of housing with green space,
              parks and golf courses, along with retail and services close by,
              rather than massive stretches of subdivisions
              Roads, bridges around Marysville= bypass. County require school
              and parks to coexist next to each other (share facilities) need roads
              with bike lanes and sidewalks for pedestrians, County= curb, gutter,
              Need significant planning for roads= 2 miles= 45 minutes=growth
              impact. Meeting places for youth and seniors and place for
              historical- museums and art history
              Renovate the state theater, Riverside Restaurant, performing arts
              theater, Bike trails, regional parks
              Smart growth- planned, house built but no commercial yet, Roads 1
              way in before, now 2. No interchange, 70 South-bound is very bad.
              Relieve traffic, provide more recreational activities (organized).
              Yes. Most of growth should be in Foothills, not in the existing


Raw Responses:
  1. What do you like about the people of Yuba County?
          Friendly and industrious
          Down to earth, people=friendly- diversified
  2. Where do you gather with your friends and neighbors?
              Camp Far West Lake (boating), Marysville Tracks (motorbikes)
              Front yard, new park
  3. What do you like about the places you listed in Question 2?
              Local location, activities that are available
  4. Where do you go to have fun?
              Visit friends, stay home, walk the mall= go to Yuba City. Fishing.
              Would like to see a civic center built for a place to meet
  5. If the County grows in the future, do you have ideas about how this growth
     should be designed to provide better gathering places, better recreation
     opportunities, and a better environment for Yuba County’s people?
              Movie theater, major gym or fitness center.
             Need more restaurants, need a civic center. American legion=
             have coffee shop. Traffic is horrible= 70 L.A. Sacramento. 65=
             Marysville bridge bottle neck 3:30-6:00. Improve and maintain
             natural resources. Better planning and road planning. Need speed

Raw Responses:
  1. What do you like about the people of Yuba County?
          Friendly and industrious
          In each area of the County/foothills/Wheatland/Olivehurst where there
          is a sense of each community and there is a core of people at each
          who are very committed to improving their community
          Open and friendly
  2. Where do you gather with your friends and neighbors?
          Camp Far West Lake (boating), Marysville Tracks (motorbikes)
          Camping in Foothills, at the mailbox, service/volunteer groups
          One the front of the garages
  3. What do you like about the places you listed in Question 2?
          Local location, activities that are available
          We have a beautiful river and some marvelous lakes. All citizens
          should know that these belong to them for their use and their families.
  4. Where do you go to have fun?
          As above otherwise there is not a lot- cannot even become a casual all
          day mall shopper because we don’t have one.
          Over at my neighbors house.
  5. If the County grows in the future, do you have ideas about how this growth
     should be designed to provide better gathering places, better recreation
     opportunities, and a better environment for Yuba County’s people?
          Movie Theater, major gym or fitness center.
          More for young people to do- theater, skating rink, rock climbing. More
          for seniors- organized such as Yuba city has day trips and activities at
          the center. Our environment will be better when the old houses &
          weeds are gone- we need a strong sense of community pride.

    People of Wheatland listed community-centered events and activities as
    meeting places with friends and family, instead of private locations such
    as restaurants, movies, stores, etc…
    Respondents go outdoors for fun including hiking, walking and gardening,
    and they frequent local bars and the community center.
    Suggestions for future development and growth include directing it to
    existing incorporated areas, banning casinos, and further developing
    parks and recreation space.
Raw Responses:
  1. What do you like about the people of Yuba County?
          They care about their county. Many are communities, but they still try
          to stay included.
          Wheatland- richest historical legacy in CA not developed yet.
          They are good looking.
          Conservative values relative to the rest of CA. They are mostly hard
          working and unpretentious. The population is diverse in ethnicity but
          homogenous in values.
          People are warm, friendly, supportive, caring.
          They have been my neighbors all my life.
  2. Where do you gather with your friends and neighbors?
          Home, church in Yuba City.
          Outdoors- informal, Rivers, lakes, forests, schools, close proximity to
          natural resources & history.
          The river bottoms along the Feather River.
          In the street. The Lions Club Christmas tree lighting on Front St.,
          fireworks on July 4th in the street in front of my house.
          City Council meetings, church, senior center in Wheatland.
          Wheatland community functions, school functions.
  3. What do you like about the places you listed in Question 2?
          In good weather (oudoors)
          Few law enforcement officials.
          Easy to get to – no cover charge.
          Open to suggestions, provide place to gather, skillful and great city
          council and mayor. Like orchids, like rural atmosphere. City officials
          are concerned about residents around her neighbors.
  4. Where do you go to have fun?
          Bullard Bar, Soccer fields
          Sloughs behind home, bypass, neighbor’s backyard. Community
          “Temptations” on Hammonton Road or the bar.
          No time for such.
          Walk, drive on country roads, senior center, have flower gardens.
          Spencerville wildlife area.
  5. If the County grows in the future, do you have ideas about how this growth
     should be designed to provide better gathering places, better recreation
     opportunities, and a better environment for Yuba County’s people?
          More regional parks are needed. There needs to be more sports and
          entertainment venues, out on 40 mile road.
          Need more governmental structure, only have 2 cities only mainly have
          County government. Can provide planning, public services to the
          County. County- hard to provide for entire county areas. No casinos.
          Add brothels so I don’t have to drive to Nevada to spend my money.
          No casinos.
          Concern about builder’s projects and who their neighbors would be.
          Comfortable in the community.
          Growth should take place within the incorporated cities.


Raw Responses:
  1. What do you like about the people of Yuba County?
        I don’t- Newcomers think they can do anything- legal or not. Olders do
        not want to change for the good of all. Exceptions of course- Lions
        Club Churches etc.
        Generally quiet and mind their own business.
        Care for each other (mostly).
        In Camptonville I enjoy the pleasant rural attitude that the people have.
        Most people share the same values for open space, local food and a
        higher quality of life.
        The people of Yuba County are friendly and open.
        They’re down to earth, authentic, friendly- still has small town “feel.”
        Foothills of Yuba Co. People are slower paced and enjoy the rural
        Good neighbor feeling- small community.
        Many are good, honest family people who appreciate the low density,
        natural beauty of the county, especially in the foothill area.
        Mixed population residents of old residents. Rural people all willing to
        help each other.
        Their general sense of community and that is multiplied in Loma Rica.
        In our area around Loma Rica, Brown Valley: Independent, rural
        atmosphere where neighbors truly care for on another. Although
        independence is valued, these neighbors act in caring and selfless
        ways to take care of one another in time of need. It is like going back
        in time 2 generations. This is rare in today’s world and cherished.
        Friendly, care about our communities (Foothills/mountain areas).
        They are friendly in the foothills.
        People are very social and mostly nice. Help these neighbors.
        Friendly and helpful.
  2. Where do you gather with your friends and neighbors?
        Lions Club or res.
        Oregon House
        Mostly church property.
        Lions club, home
        Homes, children’s activities, parks.
        Camptonville, Community Resource Center, Camptonville School, the
        lake or rivers.
     Lions Community Center in Loma Rica, my house, friends’ houses.
     The Brick, The government center, Amicus Books, all city parks and
     Ellis’ Lake
     At neighbors homes.
     Usually at my house. We have a large group of neighbors who get
     together often and discuss community affairs. Fire dangers, etc. We
     also go to Collins Lake for ice cream.
     At home (Collins Lake) and Church (Loma Rica)
     Neighbors homes, Yuba River, Collins Lake.
     Lions Club and friends homes.
     Church, home, Collins Lake.
     Local restaurants, Burgee Daves at the Mayo, Lost Luigis Pizza Place,
     and community events. Lake Frances, Bullards Bar.
     Mostly we gather at my house on Springvalley Rd. Browns Valley
     because of the rural setting and view.
     Lions Club and Loma Rica Community Church. Pizza House.
     At home or at theirs.
3. What do you like about the places you listed in Question 2?
     Safe reasonable pub price. They are involved in helping others.
     My religious organization is there.
     Common interest
     They are friendly and welcoming.
     I love the Lions Club because it does so much good for the community
     and it has a bar.
     Only place you can have a civil conversation in a public setting,
     opportunity to see government at work, cultural and community
     oriented, open green spaces- relaxing
     Like being able to sit outside and not hear traffic and sirens. Enjoy
     viewing local wildlife.
     Collins Lake is near and is a lovely location. I wish the County offered
     more retail and places to go to. We certainly don’t need more fast food
     It’s easy to make friends; many friends are unconventional “character”
     people. It’s a good county to raise a family.
     I know everyone and we are all committed to the community.
     Simplicity, acreage, quiet and peaceful
     Close to home, schmoozing with the locals and tourists. Feel safe.
     Lake Francis- easy access to lake, especially for Seniors and
     handicapped folks.
     Not too crowded.
     They do good Community service and have good commodore.
     Space and quiet.
4. Where do you go to have fun?
        Lions Club- International show dogs international compete in poetry.
        Some acting; raise tomatoes and “Cain.”
        Yuba River & San Francisco
        Lake, flowers
        Scottish festivals, Bug O Rama, Concerts, Coast
        In my backyard or across the street at Bullards Bar Reservoir, also the
        trails around the lake. However I would like more trails linking to the
        stores and school as well as around Marysville Rd.
        Yuba River, Lions Club, various festivals throughout the year, County
        Cycling rural roads, Spencerville wildlife area, Bullards Bar- the hills,
        Urban- movies, shopping (Yuba City) downtown Marysville- historic
        Marysville- shops, restaurants
        Spenceville Wildlife Area, Yuba River, Covered Bridge.
        Collins Lake- Most of over shopping is outside the County. I do use
        some shopping in downtown Marysville.
        At Collins Lake (locally) and camping in the Rocky Mountains.
        Camping in Tahoe Nat’l forest.
        Yuba River, Spenceville, Grass Valley, Nevada City
        Collins Lake, Laporte
        Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Events in North
        San Juan, Bullards Bar, Lake Francis, local community events.
        I enjoy working on my 17 acres on Spring Valley Rd. We are a
        member of Thousand Trails. I am a retired CalTrans Engineer; my
        wife is retired School teacher. I have lived here all my life.
        Marysville, out to dinner.
        Yuba City and Nevada City for shopping and dining.
5. If the County grows in the future, do you have ideas about how this growth
   should be designed to provide better gathering places, better recreation
   opportunities, and a better environment for Yuba County’s people?
        Set aside Dark areas this is Res-ag area which has become a bed
        room community sorry to say.
        Work out the traffic.
        Keep access for rivers and lakes
        Place to hold festivals etc. in Foothills children’s park in Loma Rica
        Growth should be a slow balanced process that benefits the
        community with little impact. No leap frog communities keep it
        centralized and work on already existing neighborhoods before
        expanding out.
        I would really like to see home sites not be less than 5 acres. I would
        love to see a “diner” style restaurant in Loma Rica. How about a Hwy
        70 bypass?
        “New Urbanism” compact/ mixed use development. No sprawl!
        Commercial and entertainment centers in the Ca (not Sutter). Public
        transit. Bikeways and pedestrian-ways. Less auto-oriented
development. Etc. Develop unique historical features- as in downtown
Avoid urban sprawl. Keep open spaces and wildlife areas intact. Use
areas in the cities for development.
We don’t need 5100 homes and no infrastructure to support them.
Five Acre lots with Parks and Tennis Courts or bocce balls and picnic
tables could be nice. Encourage more neighborhood get-togethers.
We invite our neighbors every other week for an outdoor movie- bring
your own chairs; lots of fun.
By keeping growth to a minimum because growth means traffic
density, crowding, raised taxes.
Slow, managed growth. Keep the foothills rural. Expand the tourist
Yes, the less development in the foothills, the better. If it must be
developed, the prime open space and natural habitat should be
Encourage outdoor recreation opportunities. Lakes. Hiking trails.
Yes, don’t forget us senior citizens and handicap friendly venues. For
the “Foothill” folks.
I like Yuba County like it is, and hope to not see it overdeveloped. I am
against subdivisions.
Make sure the infrastructure is developed, public station, fire and
schools along with Commercial development to serve those that buy
the homes. Make developers do the infrastructure, rather than the tax
payers. Make sure open space is maintained, so quality of life for all
can be maintained. A need for restaurants and such business along
Marysville Rd. area.
Cultural events.
Public Comment Summary

                Appendix C      Written Survey



    Unique characteristics of the County include rivers, foothills, friendly and
    small town atmosphere, diversity, low density, agricultural lands, Beale
    AFB, access to nearby amenities.
    “Likes” include rural lifestyle and friendly people, diversity, lack of density,
    openness, lack of freeways, medical facilities.
    “Dislikes” include poverty, methamphetamine problems, gangs, traffic, lack
    of youth activities, overdevelopment in floodplain/flood control problems,
    economic development issues, lack of services.
    Important issues identified include poverty, education, need for local job
    creation, locations for development, water issues, Bullards Bar Dam,
    services for new development, parks and recreation, affordable housing,
    need for better planning, maintaining Beale AFB.

Raw Responses:
  1. What is unique about Yuba County?
            - High Poverty Level
            - Methamphetamine Production
            - Gang Activity
            - Historical City- Marysville
            - Rural Lifestyle- most of county
            - Beale AFB- yet largely isolated environment
        A resource rich county (water, aggregate, and people). We are
        supported by a military base which I support. Yuba county has a
        diverse population of good people- Hmong, Hispanic, and Caucasians
        who work. We have Yuba College- a great resource and we have
        Bullard’s Bar Dam (Future) Recreational Potential is Unlimited
        Two counties- one dominated by two rivers and the other wonderful
        Small town atmosphere, friendliness of people, diversity, lack of
        Historical past, diverse land & natural resources, people
        Rural atmosphere; small town quality of life; close enough to big cities
        to get there if you need a fix of culture or “big” shopping. Lots of rivers,
        lakes, and wild life. Rice fields, orchards, birds, fresh air and sunshine.
        The history. The rural areas.
      Low population density. The rivers, Spenceville Reserve, Beale AFB,
2. What do you like and dislike about Yuba County?
          - Opportunity for Rural Lifestyle
          - Affordable, quality medical facilities
          - Heavy traffic – Hwy 20, 70, 65
          - Lack of focus on quality life opportunities/activities for youth
      I dislike the lack of infrastructure developments (in the older regions). I
      hope to see money invested regularly in improvements. I dislike the
      gridlock on Highway 70 into Marysville- trucks must be re-routed-
      Marysville is dying a slow death by discouraging businesses by
      overpricing/gouging/over-taxing/. Give incentives not disincentives.
      Also, over development in the flood plan.
          - Like people and county character
          - Lack of good management and maintenance of “old boy
          - small town atmosphere, friendliness of people, diversity; lack of
          - lack of services- shopping, commercial- especially in south
               area- Linda/Olivehurst/Plumas Lake/Wheatland. Traffic into
               Marysville from South County. Lack of activities for children-
               Parks and Recreation
          I love the openness of Yuba County. I love its lands, water, wildlife,
          historical past, and the small town feeling. I dislike the unplanned
          growth of our Ag. Land and poor conditions of roadways.
          I like the friendly small town feel. I don’t like the pockets of
          blighted, drug infested squalor and poverty. I don’t like the poor
          flood protection.
          I like the lack of freeways, short commute time. We don’t have
          enough affordable, accessible housing.
          - Space in country, close to mountains, Beale AFB- Need
               Hospital, Yuba College, baseball team (pro.), agricultural land
          - Traffic is getting worse
3. What are the most important issues facing Yuba County over the next 20
            Eliminate Poverty, Set higher expectations for Educational outcome
            for all, Local job creation to greatly reduce the need to commute to
            Sacramento or Chico for work
            Protect Bullards Bar Dam. Yuba County will own the dam and the
            State/Feds/Developers will want to steal our resource. Our
            grandparents and parents mortgaged our future and the mortgage
            is finally going to be paid off. Educating the public on being
            involved in decision making. Inform land owners how taxes are
            being used.
            Where to place influx of people, how to get water into the foothills,
            jobs - we need to work on getting industry out (of), Traffic is not
            adequate and doesn’t access foothills well.
            Services for all new housing in S. Yuba Co Develop Parks and
            Recreational Activities
            Saving agricultural lands, water, affordable housing, roads and
            bridges, industry, health care facilities.
            Sudden growth with no consistent planning to control it.
            Willingness of County and City of Marysville to change zoning and
            uses with no apparent thought as to whether it makes long term
            The population increase- smart growth, getting people where they
            need to go, need more light industry and jobs, we need more
            neighborhood friendly environment with stores and supportive
            services nearby
            Growth. Employment, keep Beale open and active, developers
            need to pay their share of overall improvements, schools and
            parks, fire, police, water, balance to keep agriculture, Sacramento
            amphitheatre needs a race track or casino, job market


Raw Responses:
  1. What is unique about Yuba County?
        The people
  2. What do you like and dislike about Yuba County?
        The area is beautiful but the traffic is terrible
  3. What are the most important issues facing Yuba County over the next 20
        Business and jobs

Raw Responses:
  1. What is unique about Yuba County?
        The rural/agricultural part of it
        We are listed as one of the poorest counties in the state per capita, we
        have the highest welfare rate in the state, and yet, a small portion of
        the county decides what revenue options we can build. The race track
        and casino are just a few examples.
  2. What do you like and dislike about Yuba County?
        Like the small town feel. Dislike the insecurity with regards to our flood
        Like the community I love in
        Dislike that social issues (drug abuse, homelessness, etc) are
        inadequately addressed
  3. What are the most important issues facing Yuba County over the next 20
        Flood control, traffic control, population growth, commercial/housing
        Economic growth


Raw Responses:
  1. What is unique about Yuba County?
        The many outdoor facilities available.
        Open space/ agricultural land, rural nature, Beale AFB
        It is the County of my roots, having my grandfather the wisdom to start
        farming in the 1870’s. Yuba County is home. Great grandfather and
        mother, grandparents, parents and my daughter all buried in the Lofton
        Diversity of land types- opportunity for quality development design.
        The rivers, mountains and natural beauty. Yuba County’s unique
        History- Gold miners, immigrants, Cam for west, hop riots, Donner
        Party rescue.
        Water, military base, agriculture, space, history.
        Beautiful communities, wide open spaces, small town atmosphere,
        friendly neighbors.
        Open space.
  2. What do you like and dislike about Yuba County?
        Congested roadways like the location- near mountains and oceans.
      Traffic, Highway/Road conditions, poor community planning, developer
      I love the land, the friends, and the wildlife. Dislike the fact that many
      folks don’t register to vote. Development on the flood plains or prime
      agricultural land is a very serious problem.
      Like-opportunities Dislike- “urban” planning and development outside
      of incorporated cities. Do not allow it.
      Like: easy to get around relatively safe, small town feel, scenic.
      Dislike: poverty, drug usage and sales, large numbers of prostitutes,
      Yuba County seems to pander too, and attract larger numbers of poor.
      Like conservative values and diverse ethnic population. Dislike lack of
      local retail and industry to provide jobs. Like small-town atmosphere.
      Dislike that only southern 1/3 of county is easily accessible. Dislike 2-
      lane section of HWY 65- need bypass with 4 lanes.
      Like-history, rural area. Dislike- traffic, lack of planning, levees with
      housing behind them.
      We like the small town atmosphere, good people, and our dislikes
      would be lack of planning for resources- water, etc. Very important in
      Wheatland as water resources are a continuing problem.
      Quiet open space most disliked Ostrom Rd. Quary.
      Lack of vision (going from not wanting any growth to being a large city
      not looking what the people need).
3. What are the most important issues facing Yuba County over the next 20
      Traffic and jobs and unemployment.
      Growth, traffic Saving Prim Agricultural Land/Open Space, Containing
      development, flood protection, saving Beale.
      Development. Ex: Yuba Highlands project is a controversial issue.
      May I suggest the general plan conduct a study to identify non-
      agricultural land located below the wildlife and above the farming land
      and outside of flood plains to serve as future areas for development?
      Chapter 12.20 “AE” exclusive agricultural zone includes 12.20.040
      Conditional Use Permits. One such conditional use is (21) surface
      mining on agricultural land. Given that Yuba County has the longest
      construction aggregate resources in California and the West Coast and
      only 6-7% of Prime Agricultural land; therefore, there is no need for this
      Conditional surface mining permit on prime agricultural land. Please
      remove from AE exclusive agricultural zoning to meet its purpose.
      What about the Williamson act? Yuba County is one of only 5 counties
      that have not enclosed the Williamson Act. The California Land
      Conservation (Williamson) Act has been the state’s premier
      Agricultural land protection program since its Enactment in 1965.
      Please consider adopting the Williamson Act of some Land
      Conservation Plan.
      Levees, traffic, growth, adequate facilities in advance of growth.
          Commercial development-we need much more, jobs, develop more
          parks and open spaces along our beautiful rivers and waterways, and
          easier commute to Sacramento.
          Insufficient infrastructure (highways, water/sewer) to serve projected
          growth. Housing developments built in flood plains.
          Yuba County needs to allow development in Cities only, jobs- traffic-
          water- environmental issues- Need to develop real jobs so our
          communities live and work in the same area. Education- sustainability-
          over-riding issue.
          Water growth- growth shocks not include industrial in Wheatland Area
          as the area not enough natural resources to protect it.
          Water and growth
          Highway 65. There is a bypass around Lincoln to Sheardin. Why don’t
          they go all the way to the 4 lane on the North side of Wheatland
          instead of making a bottle neck in Wheatland? It is only going to get
          worse with all the cars and trucks.


    Respondents commented on the rural character of the town and the need
    to protect that lifestyle with 5-acre lot minimums. They appreciate the
    natural beauty, fresh air, and proximity to diverse natural environments.
    They identify the residents as having ‘good family values’ and being
    friendly and quiet.
    Likes and dislikes were mixed in the survey. All traffic comments were
    negative regarding strained capacity on roads, commute times, sense of
    unplanned growth without upgrading infrastructure first, etc. Some people
    would like to see infill development in Marysville. Most would like to see
    more economic development and retail opportunities, but there is
    disagreement regarding the most appropriate location. Some dislike
    residential developments that place restrictions on agricultural uses; Loma
    Rica is agriculture and should stay that way, residential can go
    somewhere else or deal with the agriculture the way it is.
    The most important County issues identified were traffic and extent of
    development. There is a fear of over-development that will ruin rural
    characteristics and the environment of Yuba County. There is also a plea
    for more economic development within the county so it does not become a
    bedroom community, further exacerbating traffic problems.

Raw Responses:
  1. What is unique about Yuba County?
        Family values. With all of the chaos in today’s society, there are very
        strong grass roots values. This (so far) outweighs the “seedier”
        I like the small-town feel, quiet.
     Natural beauty.
     Lots of recreation possibilities, we have a good combination of Flatland
     and Foothills, County officials need to figure out how to run the county
     so both groups benefit.
     Lakes, rivers. Close to everything (coast, mountains, etc.) Small
     Yuba County has nice, non-crowded foothills- Lets keep it that way.
     Then the transportation problems will not increase.
     People, natural resources, rural characteristics.
     Open spaces, rural atmosphere, clean air and water, historic character.
     Natural beauty.
     Yuba County provides an authentic rural lifestyle for those seeking this.
     5 acre minimum lot sizes in rural areas of Loma Rica, Browns Valley,
     Oregon House, etc. have helped preserve this. These rural
     communities have a strong identity as a community and the residents
     care about each others’ needs in ways rarely seen in today’s world
     elsewhere. This is something good and worth protecting.
     Quiet friendly neighborhood somewhat laid back attitude.
     Natural beauty of the foothills area
     Quiet, friendly neighborhood and space.
     You have a major city where everything is available, but yet you still
     have the country where you don’t hear your neighbor sneeze and you
     can see all the stars in the sky not dimmed by city lights
     It is centrally located between major metropolises, but has remained a
     ‘quiet country haven’
2. What do you like and dislike about Yuba County?
     Dislike how Marysville looks. It has such potential to be charming. As
     entrance to the foothills, energy needs to be put into the ?. My drive to
     work is beautiful- but more and more cars.
     I would like to have a little more commercial business in foothills and a
     high school so children don’t have to go so far to school. Better
     maintenance of roads and more Police Patrols. I dislike pot-holed
     Like the location. Dislike lack of economic opportunity.
     Dislike: Apparent lack of cooperation between county and city
     (Marysville); Likes: Great location in state, lots of recreation within 90
     min. drive.
     Like: Location, small community. Dislike: Amount of substance abuse.
     What I like most about Yuba County is the foothills because it is not
     crowded too much. I am against subdivisions in the foothill. The five
     acre minimum is dense enough. We need to get rid of Dan Logue.
     High unemployment, school performance, over developed in
     residential, not enough industry & commercial.
     Like all of the above. Dislike the unplanned poor growth that is starting
     to occur- too many houses without proper planning- not enough
services and parks. Dislike increasing heavy traffic congestion on
roads meant for long ago with less traffic.
I like the mix of housing areas for dense populations (i.e. Plumas Lake,
Marysville), and truly rural areas (Hallwood and up). I like the business
opportunities in industrial areas near airport. I dislike the economic
downturn in Marysville (lots of boarded up empty buildings). I also
dislike the recent trend to sell Marysville parklands for strip malls given
the high number of vacant buildings that could be demolished and
Like: see above. Dislike growth without infrastructure in place to
support it.
Like- rural atmosphere. Dislike: traffic.
Friendliness of people and ability to move around the county with ease.
I love the country
I hate the fact that ‘we’ don’t get a vote on growth in and around the
foothills. I don’t think the supervisors should be allowed to ignore all
warnings about growth and just do it.
It is shabby, no pride, people are able to have many-many broken
down vehicles on their property creating eyesores and health/rodent

Roadways are full of potholes, Marysville Rd is a freeway and needs a
center divide for vehicles turning onto streets, need a stop light at
Marysville Rd and Hwy 20 or better access onto Hwy 20 going in both
directions. Currently, you cannot see in either direction if there is
another vehicle next to you. Also, vehicles coming from the Hallwood
direction towards Browns Valley, there is a semi blind curve and when
you pull out on Hwy 20 from Marysville Rd, you can get in an accident
from the speeding vehicles on the highway.

Need more parks, and places for adults and families to gather during
the summer months. Currently, Hammon Grove Park access is
dangerous, no way to pull off the highway and signage or notification
you are getting close is non-existent, and people tend to slam on their
brakes once they realize they are there. We could use hiking trails,
equestrian trails and need to create extra space on the streets and
major roadways for the bicyclists who use the area to train or just go
for exercise.

Security, it would be fantastic to have some Sheriff/CHP substations in
the area. Places closer to our area to report crimes or just get to know
our security up here. Currently we call 911, and then give our story
only to be transferred to Grass Valley or CHP and restate everything.
This is a grave delay for response time in an emergency situation. We
also need a non-emergency number to call.
      We need more areas for commercial property. However, we need to
      limit commercial business to ‘mom and pop’ type businesses. No
      McDonald’s type business, no Starbucks, no more Chevron style mini-
      mart gas stations that gouge you for every dime. We need more
      restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, gift/nick nacks, etc. We could
      use a Recreation Center type business, like a fitness center, swimming
      pool, tennis, running lap, etc.

      Keep us zoned ARR 5 acre parcels. And stop the developers from
      creating CRRs that state no farm animals. We are agriculture and
      should remain that way. Encourage property owners to grow fruits and
      vegetables. Allow co-ops to sell these items.

      Voting places need better access and parking. Need to have the
      Browns Valley Post office have a better entry and exit. Currently, the
      oversized vehicles have to park on the roadway and block views when
      pulling out onto Marysville Rd.

3. What are the most important issues facing Yuba County over the next 20
      Traffic and subsequent safety and transportation. I would enjoy mass
      transit options to work. Who would think there would be traffic out here
      at 6:30 a.m.? Air quality and I personally am interested in consistent
      parcel acreage divisions in my community.
      Controlling growth, doing it so that infrastructure is in place where
      growth is developed. I would like to see 5 acre minimum maintained in
      most of the foothills. Would like to see by-pass from Hwy 70 to 20 to
      reduce truck traffic. Growth, development, infrastructure.
      Need to bring in more industry. Need jobs here in county, so people
      do not have to commute. Lets not become a bedroom community.
      Substance abuse and its impact on community/resources including
      county jail. Strain on county resources and workers due to increase in
      population. Traffic.
      I am afraid the county is going to over-develop and this will cause
      environmental and transportation problems.
      Growth and development particularly that it be diverse, well planned
      and feasible.
      Urban sprawl. Deterioration of rural quality.
      We need to identify which residential areas in the county we want to
      preserve as rural and which areas we want to permit higher
      densification of residential housing. The areas we want rural should be
      kept at 5 acre minimum. Other areas can permit housing at 4 to 5
      house per acre and/or multi-family in the 5 acre min. areas, there
      should be clarification about PUD’s. If a PUD proposes a dense area
      of housing and open green space, then this proposal still needs to
      equal an average of 5 acres/5 parcels. Otherwise, we experience a
          densification of population which threatens our rural lifestyle that we
          cherish and will defend fiercely.
          Traffic, traffic, traffic
          Traffic, development, maintaining natural beauty
          Absolutely it would be growth
          One of the most important issues facing Yuba County is growth. It is
          understood that growth will happen, however, areas need to be set
          aside now for proper roadways, water distribution, sewage, electrical,
          telephone, cable, etc.
          Everyone needs to be informed and included on the say and design of
          our area. This town Hall meeting was good; however, numerous
          people do not receive the Appeal Democrat. Notifications should be
          mailed out to each and every individual or utilize the small local
          papers: Territorial Dispatch and Rabbit Creek Journal. All little burgs
          need to be included.


    People noted the relative affordability of Yuba County, especially given its
    proximity to cities such as San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno, as well
    as the plentiful natural resources and recreational opportunities contained
    within the valley, foothills, and mountains, though they would like these
    developed further.
    Regarding likes and dislikes for the county, it was noted that many town
    centers and surrounding neighborhoods are run down and need
    reinvestment. Most people appreciate the small town atmosphere with
    some noting that stores close at night and on Sundays, while others would
    like better restaurants, big box retailers, grocery stores and other diverse
    retail so they can shop at home rather than in Sacramento or Roseville.
    Traffic is a big concern. People identify a desire for small town life but
    would like more commercial amenities.
    People identified the biggest challenges facing the county as growth
    pressures/overdevelopment, traffic congestion, and economic/job
    development. People want more services nearby (gas stations, banks,
    restaurants, schools, grocery stores, libraries, etc), but don’t want more
    housing growth as well. Some would like by-passes constructed to link
    new housing developments to highways, so their traffic avoids existing
    communities. Others would like new developments to be built near
    existing heavy infrastructure.

Raw Responses:
  1. What is unique about Yuba County?
        The people.
     In Johnson Park area, not as much crime as in Sacramento, or even
     Yuba City.
     Bullards Bar
     Live within walking to places in city.
     Affordable housing, quiet suburban life.
     Small town atmosphere, close to Sacramento, affordable housing,
     beautiful landscape, friendly people
     Living in the country but being close to town.
     The diverse ways people can live the American dream. You planners
     have a tough job to do, I pray God bless you with the wisdom to make
     good decisions. I know it takes money raised by the taxes etc. I’ve
     listed below.
     Natural resources that others want- water, gravel, 4 major lakes for
     recreational boating, fishing, camping, county that has a beautiful lake
     in the center, variety- agricultural land to mountains to 3000 elevation,
     2 ½ hrs from Reno, San Francisco cultural centers, ocean.
     It’s far enough away from the family so we have our own life and
     privacy but close enough to be home within a couple of hours if
     needed. We have a Wal-Mart.
     Variety; (close to ocean and mountains, rivers, lakes, parks, camping,
     hiking). Also, conservative values, family values, (both parents
     “History” and location. Away from the large city attire. Even though
     Yuba Sutter area is growing; the area is still country to me.
     Rural ‘country’ atmosphere of community
     Home prices are lower than Sacramento
     Home prices
     Slower pace
     Noticeably more conservative (along with Sutter County)
2. What do you like and dislike about Yuba County?
     Not enough shade. Lake is dirty.
     I would like to see more “sidewalks” and street improvements in
     downtown Olivehurst residential area. Therefore, Olivehurst would not
     look so “run down.”
     No real development plan. Need access to Yuba River.
     I love working with the staff.
     Dislike- no Safeway, no In and Out Burger, no skating in Yuba City.
     More commercial sites (Stores, Gas Station) around Plumas Lake City.
     I dislike the lack of commercial development for the area.
     No grocery stores close by. Everything is old. We don’t feel very safe.
     We need new schools.
      I would like to see more restaurants and shops come to the Olivehurst
      area. It would be nice if we could spend our money here rather than in
      Roseville or Sacramento.
      I like small town, dislike gang activity, no good restaurants, do not want
      urban sprawl to happen to us like Lincoln, Yuba City, Plumas Lake; it
      brings people from big cities here because they can afford it.
      Like: Rural country living and small town atmosphere. The great
      outdoors. Dislike: High taxes, high building permits, traffic, and
      government that is deaf to public concerns, rapid growth, and rice
      Dislike No retail centers (not even a shoe store), no home
      improvement stores; lumber etc., like- walking into a store and meeting
      some one I know (always).
      There is not much to do. There are no good restaurants. The traffic is
      a nightmare. There are neighborhoods that need to be cleaned up.
      Like that places close at night and Sundays. Small town feeling.
      Strangely enough, I like that this area “looks the other way” for
      otherwise law abiding people who stay at the river bottoms. Though, it
      can’t become a huge community. I see them as staying temporarily in
      I like smaller towns (country) atmosphere, but people can be friendlier
      towards one another. Too many out-of-towners sometimes destroy the
      area. Too bad it’s that way at times.
      Dislike the many dilapidated motels/businesses along N Beale Rd
      Dislike vacant businesses in downtown Marysville (ex Marysville Hotel)
      Dislike lack of libraries (particularly in Linda and Plumas Lake)
      Dislike lack of restaurants/retail that appear safe/appealing (particularly
      in Linda); I eat in Yuba City
      Like rivers, historical area
      Dislike traffic, roads, gridlock on bridges, lack of clothing
      stores/restaurants (in number and variety), empty buildings in
      Like everything about Loma Rica because we’re out of the way of the
      nitpicky ‘citified’ government rules, fines, Big Brother
3. What are the most important issues facing Yuba County over the next 20
      More new homes should mean that Olivehurst should get some banks,
      restaurants, and other “quality of life” improvements. I have lived in
      Yuba County (Olivehurst) for 18 years, and I love it.
      Who they elect to the board and how the cities expand.
      Don’t know.
      Possible growing population of people and more business.
      Obviously the threat of flood, increase of crime.
New development, more job opportunity, less drugs and crime, new
Traffic- would like to see other freeway to Oroville- Highway 70 traffic is
too congested and fast.
New housing growth, traffic, floods, job rate, employment, (better pay,
benefits), homeless.
Slow down housing, vote no the Highlands we don’t need 5,100
houses up the hill, keep Beale AFB open, encourage more restaurants
(other than Mexican and Chinese). Need to listen to the people.
Growth needs to be slowed down. It needs to be in areas with access
to major highways to prevent congestion. Funneling 5100 homes’
traffic through E. Linda that already has developed traffic problems is
an example. Infrastructure.
Retail centers, recreational activities for seniors/ young people,
economical transportation to travel to job opportunities, air quality, jobs
for semi-skilled.
Traffic, congestion due to too much growth. Not enough retail
business and restaurants. We need a really good steak house that is
family oriented. Need more/bigger schools and teachers. Smaller
Growth- need to be slow. Each governing individual needs to work for
the people, not for special interests.
More housing and jobs; we don’t want any on unemployment if not
needed. Many low-income families working and more self-sufficient. I
know by experience since I have lived here since 2000.
Certification of the levees, providing 200-year protection (by levee)
Streamlining development process; working with developers to
encourage growth in downtown Marysville
Transportation master plan that includes street beautification along N
Beale Rd and Lindhurst Blvd
Attracting industries into the county which would provide jobs and tax
Redevelopment of the Peach Tree Mall to attract retail such as ‘mall
stores’ like Borders, etc
Development of recreational features such as a paved bike path along
the Feather River; dual use of detention basins as catch and release
fishing ponds
Roads-not enough lanes on freeway in city
Bridges-not enough lanes, gridlock during rush hour
Infrastructure- can only access Yuba City via bridges over Feather
Library has limited hours/materials- hard to do research at libraries in
this area
We need a good bookstore like Borders or Barnes and Noble
Law makers making too many more taxing and nitpicky rules; our
individual freedom is dwindling
                            TOWN HALL FORUMS
                           Public Comment Summary

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