How to Make Animations on Fireworks by ewghwehws


									How to Make Animations
  Utilizing Fireworks
    By: Erik Wahlstrom Class of ‘07
    For: Introduction to Digital Media
Open up fireworks
                       Click here to start
                       a new movie.

Click here to pick a
movie you’ve
already started.
                   Click on frames
Click off Layers   and History

                        This is
                        what it
                        looks like
Start with an idea then start to create what you want

For the purpose of this demonstration I will use a stick figure. The
reason I use a Stick Figure is because it uses the most amount of
                         Use the line tool

Use this to change the
color of your line.
Click on this to
change the size of
your line
                                    Click here to go
                                    to your newly
                                    created frame

                           Click here to make a
Start with an idea than    new frame
make new frames to start
                             Make sure you take
                             advantage of the
                             copy/paste function so
                             you don’t have to
                             redraw everything!

                              Use the white arrow
                              to distort certain lines
                              you copy and paste.

Make certain small changes
to make you object move.
While in this view you can
change the path of objects   Use this to look at all
to make them more fluid      your frames at the
                             same time.
Use this menu to check the
progress of your movie.
If you want to make it into a movie or add sound continue
with tutorial.
Open up WMM
Once open make a new folder somewhere so you can export all
of your frames.

Once exported go into WMM and import frames, input them into
movie, and then change the frame rate by going to Show
Now Explore

The best way to find out how to use Fireworks is to play
around with the program and find out for yourself.

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