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					                                       WHO Collaborating
       Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
Title of the position
Health and Nutrition data analyst
Job summary
The WHO Collaborating Centre CRED (, located within the School of Public Health of
the University of Louvain in Brussels, focuses on research and training for public health and
epidemiology of natural disasters and civil conflicts. It works closely with several UN agencies, the
European Commission, World Bank and other universities and research organisations in Europe, US
and developing countries. It maintains, however, its strong independent position in regards to
publication and analysis.
This vacant position is responsible for undertaking analyses of the data available in CRED’s Complex
Emergencies Database (CE‐DAT), mostly involving demographic, epidemiologic and nutritional
survey data. The analyst will also be expected to supplement it with data from other sources.
Interest and understanding of the broader context of the conflict is required to place the analysis in
the right framework. Types of analysis will include development of baseline, trend and comparative
analysis. Familiarity with demographical dataset (UNICEF MICS, DHS) will be helpful.
The successful applicant will work within a small, dynamic and multi‐cultural team consisting of
open‐minded and creative analysts, epidemiologists and IT experts, receive day to day supervision
by the programme head and report to the Director. The job will involve global travel both for
research implementation, conference presentations and teaching.
Salary will be according to the University pay scale.
Key responsibilities
          Undertakes brief analyses of relevant emergencies based on CE‐DAT data.
          Takes initiative to produce research for peer‐reviewed journals based on CE‐DAT data and
conflict research
          Represents CRED at international and European meetings and conferences
          Plans and presents academic content for conferences, meetings and training courses
relating to the CE‐DAT initiative
          Produces country/region‐specific analytical reports based on multiple sources.

        Training: CRED encourages staff members to participate in short training programmes
        Conferences: CRED promotes the presentation of research in international conferences.
        Travel: CRED's international work implies travelling on a regular basis to the USA, Africa
and Asia.
        A broad network of international contacts in different institutions and continents. There is
an opportunity of working with them on a daily basis during the project.
        Budgetary resources are provided for the professional costs related to research

Minimum job requirements
Graduate/second level degree in either public health, epidemiology or statistics (including
biostatics, econometrics or demography) plus a minimum of two years' experience in data analysis.
Experience with field epidemiology or population‐based survey research in emergencies or other
challenging settings is an asset. Strong writing and communication skills are essential. Good
computer skills (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint etc) and knowledge and experience with data
analysis software (e.g. SPSS, Stata, SAS etc) are indispensable. Must take initiative and be
self‐directed. Fluent English and French are prerequisites for this position.

How to apply
Please forward motivation letter and resume to:
Dr. Olivier Degomme (
Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
School of Public Health – Catholic University Louvain
30.94 Clos Chapelle‐aux‐Champs
1200 Brussels ‐ Belgium
        We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
This job description is not intended to be all‐inclusive. Staff may perform other related duties as negotiated to
meet the ongoing needs of the centre.

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