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Relocation Checklist


                             To Do

                            Relocation Checklist
    Relocation Checklist

       Once you have decided you would like a new life down under you should do as much research as
       you can about the area where you would like to start your new life. If you can visit Australia this
       will be invaluable and enable you to make contacts which will help you further down the line.

       The most important research you can do will be into the cost of living, house prices and
       employment opportunities in the area .

       Discuss your migration plans early on with your family to make sure they are all happy with the
       idea .

       Research your visa options , find out if you are eligible for an Australian Visa and work out which
       is the best one for you.

       Employ the services of a registered migration agent and start your visa application.

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2     Relocation Checklist
Relocation Checklist

    If you own a property you may wish to get it ready for sale or for the rental market.

    If selling your property, now would be a good time to put it on the market - you should allow at
    least 18 months for the sale of your house.

    Review your finances and establish a budget for your move

    Start repaying any debt and put money aside where you can to cover the cost of your move.

    Update your resume with any recent experience and qualifications and prepare it for the
    Australian Market.

    Start job hunting and applying for work - register with agencies in Australia .

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3   Relocation Checklist
Relocation Checklist

    Check your passports. All passports must be valid for at least 2 years when entering Australia .

    You may wish to discuss your plans with extended family and friends around this time.

    Collect together all your personal papers including :
        Birth & Marriage papers
        Driving Licence
        Qualification Details
        Employment references

    Arrange quotations from international removals companies to move any belongings .

    If you have children speak to their school(s) about the move
    Start researching schools in Australia .

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4   Relocation Checklist
    Relocation Checklist

       Now is the time to start looking for flights to Australia .

       Request Credit references from your bank
       Open an Australian Bank account
       Set up a trading account with a foreign exchange broker and discuss fixing your rate
       Speak with a financial advisor about transferring your pension
       Consider Life Assurance needs and write your will

       Around this time your medicals and police checks will be required for your visa

       If you are taking pets with you to Australia you should obtain quotations and book pet shipment
       Look into which items are prohibited to take into Australia
       Clean and paint any garden furniture you plan to take - items with soil on are prohibited
       Sell or give to charity any unwanted furniture

       Secure accommodation for your arrival in Australia

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5     Relocation Checklist
Relocation Checklist

    Book your flights to Australia if you haven't already done so
    Arrange any temporary accommodation required when you arrive in Australia
    Book any en route accommodation required on your journey
    Arrange temporary car hire for your arrival in Australia
    Organise Travel Insurance

    Give formal notice to your employer depending on the terms of your contract

    Register children in Australian Schools
    Request any hand-over files from current schools

    Give notice on any rental accommodation
    Book Australian kennel accommodation

    Request hand-over files from your Doctor and Dentist
    Organise Healthcare Insurance

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6   Relocation Checklist
    Relocation Checklist

       Satellite TV Subscription
       Mobile Phone contract
       Current Insurances
       TV License
       Direct Debits
       Telephone and broadband account

       Request any up-to-date statements on pensions and savings
       Ensure you have at least 3 months bank statements
       Request mortgage statements
       Request any no-claims car insurance documentation
       Pay off any remaining debts
       Shred any surplus personal records
       Cancel any unwanted bank accounts and destroy any unwanted cards

       Arrange postal redirection
       Set up new web based email accounts to stay in touch with family and friends

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7     Relocation Checklist
    Relocation Checklist

           School Hand-over files
           Medical Hand-over files
           Dentist Hand-over files
           P45 from your current employer
           Any outstanding bank, pension, savings statements
           No claims car insurance documentation
           References from landlord if applicable
           Any Tax Refund

           Bank or Building Society
           Passport Office
           Vehicle Licensing Authority
           Pension Company
           Tax Office

       Transfer funds to Australian bank account
       Cancel any remaining Direct Debits
       Bring utility and council tax bills up-to-date and arrange for their cancellation

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8     Relocation Checklist
    Relocation Checklist

       Cancel any newspaper or milk orders
       Complete any final packing
       Cancel your Car Insurance
       Sell your car
       Check your goods have left ok and any pets have been transported successfully
       Purchase any currency required en route and Australian Dollars for use on arrival
       Check your Visa and travel documents
       Arrange airport transport

       Double Check all travel documents and visas
       Confirm airport transfers
       Get a good nights sleep before your long flight

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9     Relocation Checklist
 Relocation Checklist

      Contact Family and friends to let them know you have arrived ok.
      Buy a pre-paid mobile or SIM card for your UK Phone

      Contact your removalist for an update on the shipment of your goods
      If you have shipped any pets you may wish to check up on them

     Apply for your Australian Driving license

      Register with Medicare and your local doctor and dentist

     Apply for your Australian Tax File Number (TFN)

      Register children at school and meet with teachers

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                                               explore the area
10   Relocation Checklist
 Relocation Checklist

11   Relocation Checklist
 Relocation Checklist

12   Relocation Checklist

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