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									   System for a Transparent
Allocation of Resources - STAR
  GEF Expanded Constituency Workshop
         1 to 3 November 2011
        Cape Town, South Africa
Moving from GEF4 to GEF5
  • GEF Council requested reforms in resource allocation
    framework (RAF)
  • GEF evaluation office, through the consultations with
    recipient countries, provided useful comments

This presentation describes the new rules
 and operational procedures corresponding to
 the new resource allocation system, STAR
        Outline of the presentation
What is new from GEF-4 RAF to GEF-5 STAR

Overall allocations of the GEF-5

Operational procedures of the STAR
What is new in the GEF-5 STAR?
   New allocation areas and countries
                   GEF-4 RAF              GEF-5 STAR
               Biodiversity and     Biodiversity, Climate
  AREAS         Climate Change        Change, and Land

               Individual and       All countries have
ALLOCATIONS                           individual allocations
                group allocations

               LDC and SIDS in      No group allocations
                 New rules
                GEF-4 RAF             GEF-5 STAR
          10% for BD and 15%  10% for BD and LD,
Caps       for CC                11% for CC

          No                   $2 M in CC, $1.5 M in
Floors                           BD, and $0.5 M in LD

                                Flexibility for small
          50% rule,             countries ($7 M rule)
Others                          Set-aside 20%
          Set-aside 10%
          Programs not in the STAR
 International Waters
 Persistent Organic Pollutants and Sound Chemicals
   Corporate budgets
   Country Support Programme
   Regional and global projects/programs
   Small Grants Programme
   Earth Fund (private sector)
          Distribution of GEF-5 Resources
$ Million

200                                                             BD
 100                                                       CC

      0                                               BD
                  AFR                            LD
                    GEF-5 STAR Allocations
                           GEF-4 RAF                      GEF-5 STAR
                           $3.1 Billion       Replenishment       $4.25 Billion
                        Initial Allocations           STAR Envelopes (M$)
            Countries     CC        BD         CC        BD      LD         Total   Flexible
Angola                   Group     Group      5.18       6.99    3.48       15.65     No
Botswana                 Group     Group      3.18       2.11    5.21       10.50     No
Lesotho                  Group     Group      2.00       1.50    0.81       4.31      Yes
Malawi                   Group      4.20      2.00       4.39    1.19       7.58      No
Mozambique               Group      6.80      3.19       7.00    2.87       13.06     No
Namibia                  Group      6.50      2.00       6.28    5.69       13.97     No
South Africa             23.90     22.50      25.71     21.68    5.25       52.65     No
Swaziland                Group     Group      2.00       1.50    2.69       6.19      Yes
Zambia                   Group      5.10      3.77       4.26    3.01       11.04     No
Zimbabwe                 Group     Group      2.00       1.72    2.87       6.58      Yes
   STAR Operational Procedures (1)

 Projects will be approved on a first-come first-served basis.

 In the event of project cancellation before the last six months of
  the GEF-5 (31 December 2013), resources will remain available to
  the country to be used in the same focal area.

 In the event of project cancellation after the last six months of the
  GEF-5 (1 January 2014), resources may be used in the same focal
  area or in others, at the discretion of the CEO and with the
  approval of the Council.
      STAR Operational Procedures (2)
 Countries classified as “flexible” may use the full value of their
  allocation freely, without the need to respect the specific focal
  area amounts.

 Endorsement letters must refer to current STAR allocations in
  each relevant focal area, including preparation costs (PPG) and
  Agency fees

 A revised letter of endorsement is required if an amount over 5%
  of the original is requested during the CEO endorsement period
      STAR Operational Procedures (3)
 For “flexible” countries, reference must be made to the total
  amount and to the individual amount for each focal area.

 The Secretariats of the relevant conventions must be informed of
  “flexible” cases in the endorsement letter.

 For the June 2012 Council meetings, reports on the implementation
  experience of the STAR will be provided.

 For the June 2013 meeting, the Council will discuss an assessment
  of STAR design and implementation prepared by the Office of
  Evaluation (OE), in addition to a report on progress in the
  development of indicators.
            Next steps

   Implement the STAR

For more detailed questions, please contact GEF

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