FY 07 ASW Directorate Milestones and Issues by dffhrtcv3


									ASW Metrics Symposium
          04-05 Jan 2007

            CAPT Jim Berdeguez
   Director, Oceanography Operations for
          Anti-Submarine Warfare
                 (228) 688-4843

• CNMOC & NOOC Relationship
• DOO Roles & Responsibilities
• ASW Directorate Alignment and
• Oceanography Program Operational
  Model & Battlespace on Demand
• Why Metrics?
• Director’s Objectives
                                                               ---------------------------------        • Operations / CONOPS
                                                                           Deputy                       • Operational Resource Allocation
                       • Train, Man & Equip
                       • Enterprise Policy
                       • POM / FCT / IRCA                                                                              CO NOOC
                                                                           COS                                                                        Production
                       •Operational Oversight                                                                                                        Center CO’s
                                                                                                                 --------------------------          (Supporting)
    N1/                          N3/N5 (COO)
N4/N6/N7/N8/                                                                                                                                         CMC
    N9                             N3A/N5A                                                                   N01

                                                                                                   Naval Oceanography ASW Center SSC MS
                                                                                                   Naval Oceanography ASW Center Yokosuka JA

                                                                                                   Naval Oceanography NSW Center San Diego
   CURR OPS                   EXERCISES
                                                         TSC                Inter-agency
--------------------        --------------------                                                   Naval Oceanography MIW Component SSC MS
  NCC Liaison                      Plans
                                                                                 Int’l             Naval Oceanography ISR Component Pearl Harbor HI
                                                                                                   Naval Oceanography ISR Component SSC MS
                       Desired Effect
                                                                                                   Strike Group Oceanography Team Norfolk, VA
                                                                 DOO’s                             Strike Group Oceanography Team San Diego, CA
                                                                                                   Naval Maritime Forecast Center Pearl Harbor, HI
                                                                                                   Naval Maritime Forecast Activity Norfolk, VA

                                                                                                   Naval Aviation Forecast Center, Norfolk VA
       COO                                         CFO
                                 NOOC Organization
                                                             Naval Oceanography Operations Command (NOOC)
                                                                         Stennis Space Center, MS
                                                                                  O-6 (CO / COO)
                                                       ASW     MIW     ISR      MAR     FLT    NSW      AVN        NAV   PTA

                                                                        Naval Maritime                              Naval Oceanography             Naval Aviation
                                                                        Forecast Center                               Special Warfare                 Forecast
                                                                        (NMFC) / Joint                               Center (NOSWC)                Center (NAFC)
                                                                       Typhoon Warning                                 San Diego, CA                Norfolk, VA
                             MIW Comp SSC, MS                           Center (JTWC)                                    O-5 (CO)                     O-5 (CO)
                             MIW Comp Ingleside, TX                    Pearl Harbor, HI
                             MIW Comp Corpus Christi, TX                     O-6 (CO)
                             MIW Comp San Diego, CA                                                                                                       NAFD Sembach
                                                                                                                         NOSWD Norfolk
                             MIW Comp Bahrain                                                                                                             NAFD Atsugi
                                                                                                                         NOSWD Stennis
                             MIW Comp Sasebo, JA                                NMFA Norfolk                                                              NAFD Bahrain
                                                                                                                         NOSWD Pearl Harbor
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Brunswick, ME
                                                                                                                         NOSW Comp Guam
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Willow Grove, PA
                                                                                                                         NOSW Comp Bahrain
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Camp David, MD
                                                             ISR COMP Stennis                                            NOSW Comp Stuttgart
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Patuxent River, MD
                                                             ISR COMP Pearl Harbor                                                                        NAF Comp Oceana, VA
                                                             ISR LNO DIA DT                                                                               NAF Comp Jacksonville, FL
                                                             ISR LNO JFCC-ISR                                                                             NAF Comp Mayport, FL
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Key West, FL
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
                                                                                                                                                          NAF Comp Pensacola, FL
  Naval Oceanography               Naval Oceanography                                                                                                     NAF Comp Whiting Field, FL
  ASW Center (NOAC)                ASW Center (NOAC)                     Strike Group                 Strike Group                Strike Group            NAF Comp New Orleans, LA
Stennis Space Center, MS              Yokosuka, JA                    Oceanography Team            Oceanography Team           Oceanography Team          NAF Comp Meridian, MS
        O-5 (CO)                         O-5 (CO)                           (SGOT)                       (SGOT)                      (SGOT)               NAF Comp Corpus Christi, TX
                                                                            Norfolk                    San Diego                   Fallon, NV             NAF Comp Kingsville, TX
       NOAD Brunswick                      NOAD Kadena                       O-5 (CO)                   O-5 (CO)                    O-4 (OIC)             NAF Comp Fort Worth, TX
       NOAD Jacksonville                   NOAD Misawa                                                                                                    NAF Comp El Centro, CA
       NOAD Naples                                                                                                                                        NAF Comp San Diego, CA
       NOAD Norfolk                                                                                                                                       NAF Comp Pt Mugu, CA
       NOAD Pearl Harbor                                                                                                                                  NAF Comp Lemoore, CA
       NOAD San Diego                                                                                                                                     NAF Comp Fallon, NV
       NOAD Sigonella                                                                                                                                     NAF Comp Whidbey Island, WA
       NOAD Whidbey Island                                                                                                                                NAF Comp Diego Garcia
              DOO Roles & Responsibilities
                            Collaborate with:
                            • CNMOC N9 (Lead code);
                            • ONR, SYSCOMs, PEOs;
                            • R&D Labs, Academia;
                            • CNMOC N3/N5                               Collaborate w/ CNMOC N8 (lead code);
                                                                        ID and seek funding for capability

                                                                        Collaborate w/ OPNAV Resource

                                                                        Support IRCA process by participating
Oversight of service delivery through                                   in Fleet Collaborative Teams
commands, components, detachments,
production centers

Lead customer interaction in person &
through production centers,
commands, components, detachments

Lead marketing within CNMOC/COO
guidance                                              Set demand signal within COO Guidance

                                                      Collaborate w/ CNMOC N8 to increase capacity,
                                                      efficiency via Lean 6-sigma methods

   NOOC Function                                      Act as sponsor for specific products / product
   CNMOC Function                                     lines
                ASW Directorate Alignment Status
                         and CONOPS
                                             CNMOC                                                                    CONOPS
                                                                                                                  -- 2 O5 Commands
                                                                                                                  WestPac Footprint
                                          ASW Director                                                            (YOKO)
                                                                                                                  Surge Ready (Stennis)

                                                                                                                  -- ASW Reachback Cell
          CO, Naval                                 ASW                      CO, Naval Oceanography
      Oceanography ASW                           REACHBACK                     ASW Center Stennis                 Heavy Production &
         Center Yoko
      C7F/CTF-74/CDS-15                             CELL                      Deployed ASWCs/STK
                                                                                                                  Analysis (Stennis)

                                                                                                                  -- Non-Acoustic and
                                                                                                                  Weather Production
                                      OIC, Naval            OIC, Naval                             OIC, Naval
                                  Oceanography ASW      Oceanography ASW        OIC, Naval
                                     Detachment         Detachment Norfolk    Oceanography        Oceanography
                                                                                                 ASW DET Naples   -- NOATs
                                      San Diego          FLTASWCOM DET        ASW DET Pearl
                                                                                                     CTF 69
                                                             Norfolk                                              1to2 person teams surge
                                                                                  CPRW 2
                                                                                                                  forward to support
                                                                                Pearl Staffs
                                                                                                                  critical decision nodes
                    OIC, Naval
                                                                                                                  (TASWC, DESRONs)
 OIC, Naval
Oceanography       Oceanography
  ASW DET            ASW DET
   Misawa             Kadena                                                                                      -- NOADs
                     CTG 72.2                                                                                     Embedded Support
 CTF 57/72                            OIC, Naval        OIC, Naval          CPOIC, Naval          CPOIC, Naval
                                      ASW DET
                                                       Oceanography      Oceanography ASW
                                                                                                  Oceanography    (TSCs, DESRON 15,
                                                       ASW DET JAX                               ASW Detachment
                                       Whidbey                               Brunswick              Sigonella     NMAWC)
                                                         CPRW 11              CPRW 5                 CTF- 67
                                       CPRW 10
  Deployed Ops Support                                    CDS-24
                                                                                                                  -- Submarine support will
  Major ASW Staff Support                                                                                         be provided ASW RBC
                                                                                                                  (CSG 2, CSG 9, and CSG
  MPRA TSC Dets                                                                                                   10)
  Operational Model -- Desired Effects

Objective: Provide the warfighter an asymmetric
  advantage by exploiting the current and future state
  of the Environment. That is, enable efficient and
  effective operational planning and mission execution
  (i.e., provide Commanders options) to:

      •   Exploit maneuver and system capabilities
      •   Drive time out of the combat process
      •   Achieve warfighting surprise and advantage
      •   Quantify risk
      •   Get the right forces to the fight, safely and on time

                       At an affordable cost
          Operational Model -- Key Tenets

•       Focus on answering warfighting requirements by the
        application of operational oceanography
•       Standardized level of service (quality, relevancy of
        information) – for each directorate
•       Team effort: Tight integration of Civilian / Military
        expertise, knowledge, experience
    –     Bring resources of the entire Enterprise to bear on the
          challenge of the day
•       Automate everything that should be automated –
        people should work on meaningful tasks that can’t be
        done by machine
    Operational Model -- Description

• Couple Situational Awareness from being on-scene
  and at critical (forward) C2 nodes with expertise at
  production and reachback centers
   – Small, permanent footprint forward, augmented by warfare-
     specific, surge-capable teams of trained and trusted experts
   – Anchored and supported by a 24/7 reach-back/production
     capability (masters-level expertise) focused by the DOO’s on
     today’s operations and challenges
   – Deliver knowledge via:
      •   Portal
      •   M2M when appropriate
      •   Secure chat/VTC as required
      •   IAW Delivery model developed by respective DOO
     Naval Oceanography
Concept of Operations

                       Key to Directorates and Teams
    Aviation           MIW                        ASW                NSW
    Maritime           Precise Time
                                                  MIW                FST
    Fleet Operations   ASW
    ISR                Navigation                 Survey             IA
    NSW                Production Center          Fleet Operations
     Naval Oceanography
Deployed Force Lay Down

                         Key to Directorates and Teams
      Aviation                                                         NSW
                         MIW                        ASW
      Maritime           Precise Time                                  Exp.
      Fleet Operations   ASW                                           Survey
      ISR                Navigation                 Survey
      NSW                Production Center          Fleet Operations
            The Future
     Battlespace on Demand
– Tier I: The Environment Layer
   • Efficient and Effective sampling (LBSF&I)
   • Improved skill metrics in ocean modeling capability

– Tier II: The Performance Layer
   • Understand how environment impacts
   • Accounts for both the expected environment and
     capabilities of sensors and platforms through multiple

– Tier III: The Decision Layer
   • Quantify risk
   • Actionable Asset / Sensor allocation
   • Meaningful Courses of Action
           So why are we here?
              Why Metrics?
• Substantial NOP Investment – Finite Resources
  (people, models, surveys, databases: $)
• Production Management Plans (PMPs) – Newly
  implemented document to manage priorities and
  guide (primarily) labor resources
• Are we sensing adequately to understand operational
  environment (Tier 1)?
• Building new capabilities (Tier 2 and Tier 3) through
  experimentation (Sea Trial)
• Are we making actionable difference (Tier 3)?

Must measure and analyze to determine if we are on
the right course with the right resources applied
         Director’s Objectives

• Kick off meeting – just beginning… more to come
• Get on same sheet (N84, CNMOC, COO, ASW
  Directorate, Production Centers, PMW-180)
• Various levels of measures throughout process,
  various efforts already underway
   – Document, understand, leverage those efforts
   – Identify gaps in the end-to-end measure process
• Focus on the Warfighter metrics “What is the
  relevance we bring to the Naval/Joint forces”
• Begin to answer Major Questions and Issues
• Complete Action items (Agenda)
     ASW Directorate
“Taking Care of Business”


            CAPT Jim Berdeguez
   Director, Oceanography Operations for
          Anti-Submarine Warfare
                 (228) 688-4843

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