; How To Offset A Lack Of Motivation
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How To Offset A Lack Of Motivation


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									A Lack Of Motivation Hits Us All At One Point
Everyone goes through a bout of lack of motivation at some point. Some may deal with a lack of
motivation on a regular basis depending on their situation. A lack of motivation is a powerful source
if you let it breed and develop into further mental and emotional weights. Understanding the root of
the lack of motivation, how to switch your thinking, and ways to identify when you are slipping into
it will allow you to take control versus be controlled. If we let ourselves be controlled by outside
forces, things beyond our control, or downright depression, then we are enabling our self-
destruction to a certain degree. In this post I will give a few sure fire ways to bust out of a lack of
motivation and how to switch your thinking into a more proactive mindset.

Reduce Lack Of Motivation With A Purpose
Having a purpose, something that is meaningful and that you strive to achieve will dramatically
reduce your lack of motivation. More times than not, I see folks who in essence float through life
with little to no purpose. In return, they get a depressed sense of motivation which snowballs into
lower productivity at work and at home. We all need a purpose, something to fight for. It can be
your family, upward mobility, faith, whatever your purpose is. The true antagonist is to be void of
purpose. In basic terms, find a purpose and cement unwavering faith around it until you reach the
level in which you desire.

Finding Your Flow Will Also Reduce Lack Of
What exactly is Flow? In Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book Flow, The Psychology Of Optimal
Experience he first started to ask subject groups to journal and reflect how they felt at random parts
of the day. The results proved to be dull and provided little insight. He contended that it is hard for
people to capture true feelings and motivation or lack of motivation after the fact. An analogy
would be being able to remember your exact feelings on a special event, like your wedding day,
weeks, months, or years later. Dr. Csikszentmihalyi altered his research by paging his subject group
throughout the day and having them document their exact feelings, motivation and lack of
motivation, and the like at the time of the page.

The research concluded that times when people were in their “Flow” they felt their best. They lost
the concept of time because they were so enthralled with what they were doing at that moment. In
other words, their lack of motivation was reduced and/or eliminated. He also contends that the best
times in people’s lives are not the leisurely times. When a star athlete is playing in the most
important game of their life, when a Pastor is giving the most important sermon of his or her life,
the birth of a child, or a couple’s wedding day may all be Flow. These moments, when motivation
meets passion, action, and one’s abilities are the ones that Dr. Csikszentmihalyi describes as Flow. If
you find your flow, a lack of motivation will rarely come up for you

Your Strengths Plus Passion Equals Reduced Lack
Of Motivation
Another way to reduce lack of motivation is both chasing your passions and adhering to your
strengths. If you are seeking your passions (which are interdependent of your purpose) and
aligning those with your natural and developed strengths, you are increasing the likelihood that your
motivation will stay persistent and thrive. If you are not chasing your passions or putting your
strengths to use I have no doubt that you will go through multiple bouts of lack of motivation.

Final Thoughts On Lack Of Motivation
These are just three different approaches to steering away or getting out of a bout of lack of
motivation. There is no one size fits all approach, so these three options may not fit you. One of
the fundamental reasons I started this blog was to chase my passions to help others develop their
leadership both professionally and personally. I actually get into my “FLOW” doing this and it is
driving me towards my purpose as well. So when you are dealing with a lack of motivation, find the
root cause of it. I can almost guarantee that it is one of the three points I talked about in this
post. A lack of motivation is fine from time to time, it is how you deal with it that matters the most

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