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					                                   HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE
                                           November 7, 2011
                                               12:00 p.m.
                                   5th Floor Commission Chambers

    I.     CALL TO ORDER




           A. Minutes – Standing Committee

              1. Minutes of the 10/10/11 Human Services Committee Meeting

           B. Boards/Committee Action Items

              1. Health Department

                 a. Monthly Report (No action required)

                     *Monthly Report
                     *Environmental Health Permits

To: FB           b. Approval of Updated Car Seat Program Fee Schedule for FY 2012

                     *Memo from Director of Health Education/Health Promotion
                     *Current Fee Schedule
                     *Proposed Fee Schedule

              2. Department on Aging

                 a. Monthly Report (No action required)

                     *Monthly Report
                     *Charts regarding Senior Millage Services

              3. Medical Care Facility

To: FB           a. Resolution (11-11.39) Department of Human Services Board of Directors
                    Resolution for Use of Post 1998 Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Fund for
                    Payment to Bond for Jackson County Medical Care Facility

                     *Resolution (11-11.39)
  Human Services Agenda
  November 7, 2011
  Page 2


          A. Claims

To: FB        1. Claims dated 10/1/11 – 10/31/11

          B. Minutes – Other Committees (No action required)

              1. 9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging
              2. 9-28-11 Department on Aging Advisory Council

          C. Reporting Schedule – December

              1.   Health Department
              2.   Community Action Agency
              3.   Department on Aging
              4.   Medical Care Facility
              5.   Department of Human Services
              6.   Veterans Affairs
              7.   LifeWays




  Jon Williams, Chairperson                  Steve Shotwell, Jr. – Board Chairperson
  Pat Smith, Vice Chairperson                Mike Way - Board Vice Chairperson
  Carl Rice, Jr.
  Gail W. Mahoney
  Julie Alexander
                                 October 10, 2011
                         5th Floor Commission Chambers

COMMISSONERS PRESENT:          Chairman Jon Williams, Carl Rice, Jr., Julie Alexander,
                               Gail W. Mahoney
                               Steve Shotwell, Jr., Chairman
                               Mike Way, Vice Chairman


OTHERS PRESENT: S. Schweizer, A. Brown, M. Overton, T. Westmeier, M. Wandell,
                S. Hall, H. Klaft, G. Wood Broderick, Linda Powelke



      Motion:      Moved by Rice, supported by Alexander to approve the agenda.
                   Motion passed.



A. Approval of Minutes

   Motion:   Moved by Alexander, supported by Rice to approve the minutes of
             the 9/6/11 Human Services Committee Meeting. Motion passed.

B. Boards/Committee Action Items

   1. Health Department

      a. Monthly Report – Ted Westmeier provided a summary of his report and answered
         questions from the Committee. Jackson’s smoking rate is 27%. Governor Snyder’s
         healthy living plan matches the County’s plan.

   2. Department on Aging

      a. Monthly Report – Marce Wandell provided a summary of the report and read a
         thank you note from a recipient of care.

   3. Region 2 Area Agency on Aging

      a. Bi-Annual Report – Ginny Wood Broderick and Linda Powelke were available to
         present the report. Ginny summarized the department’s activities and answered
         questions from the committee.
     Human Services Committee Minutes
     October 10, 2011
     Page 2

         4. Animal Shelter

            a. Quarterly Report – Steve Hall provided a summary of the report. They still have a
               large number of animals being brought to the shelter. They are working with
               the Cascades Animal Shelter and their collaboration is working very well. Steve
               and Dr. Anderson met with the Jackson County Kennel Club. The Club is going to
               purchase rabies vaccine for the Shelter and they plan to have one or more events
               where they will offer free vaccines for dogs with the purchase of a license. The cat
               sale successful and a learning process for any future sales.


     A. Claims – Claims dated 9/1/11 – 9/30/11

To: FB   Motion:   Moved by Mahoney, supported by Rice to recommend to the full Board
                   the payment of the claims. Motion passed.



     - Mahoney apologized for being late.

     ADJOURNMENT: To the call of the Chair at 12:33 p.m.
To:    Board of Commissioners
       County Administration

From: Ted Westmeier
      Director/Health Officer

Re:    Health Department Monthly Update

Date: October 28, 2011

The Michigan Department of Community Health notified us that we will be receiving
100 doses of influenza vaccine, at no cost to our department, to be administered for
uninsured and underinsured individuals. The vaccine is being provided through the
federal government.

Steve Hall has submitted a grant proposal to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and
Rural Development (MDARD) which will provide additional funding for our spay/neuter
program. If awarded it will provide funds for our veterinarian to work an additional 5
hours every two weeks plus buy necessary supplies. This will enable us to spay/neuter an
additional 300 animals.

Attached is a monthly breakdown of the number of onsite water well and onsite sewage
disposal permits issued by the Environmental Health Division since 2004. Even though
there have been significant decreases since 2004, the last three years show stable numbers
for both onsite sewage disposal and onsite water well supplies.

The renovations to the WIC program area have been completed. It provides more room
for clients and eases congestion in the client services area. Please stop by and look at the

We are requesting approval for a revised fee schedule for the Car Seat Program.
              Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
2004 Wells    42    30    45    95    78    86    70    77    68    76    52    25
2005 Wells    21    38    50    72    66    88    51    57    70    68    41    27
2006 Wells    19    29    44    60    51    50    41    54    35    36    27    19
2007 Wells    23    10    23    32    34    35    35    38    27    28    16    15
2008 Wells    10    7     9     23    18    18    34    28    19    26    15    9
2009 Wells    5     8     7     19    15    15    21    23    16    16    16    7
2010 Wells    8     7     19    24    13    19    28    23    15    10    11    14
2011 Wells    11    9     15    22    13    24    17    30    21    11

2004 Septic   36    18    39    70    72    72    54    60    63    68    42    30
2005 Septic   13    34    44    74    52    83    49    37    47    55    31    15
2006 Septic   21    22    38    43    44    46    37    48    38    32    21    18
2007 Septic   23    8     23    20    29    29    21    29    21    27    17    11
2008 Septic   6     5     8     17    21    16    21    11    19    16    8     2
2009 Septic   3     1     6     15    11    16    15    12    7     14    9     8
2010 Septic   5     4     18    17    11    19    11    12    8     10    5     7
2011 Septic   3     4     8     10    12    20    13    12    15    8

Permits Issued for Water Wells and Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems in Jackson County
                             Jackson County Health Department
                                 1715 Lansing Avenue • Ste. 221 • Jackson, Michigan 49202
                                                 Phone (517) 788-4420
                                                  Fax (517) 788-4373

To:         Human Services Committee
            Board of County Commissioners

From:       Shelly Bullinger
            Director of Health Education/Health Promotion

Subject: Fee schedule update for Car Seat Program

Date:       October 28, 2011

Motion Requested: Approve the updated Car Seat Program fee schedule for FY 2012

I.      Background
        A. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of children 0-14 years old. Research on the
            effectiveness of child restraints has found them to reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71% for
           infants and 54% for toddlers when used correctly. Furthermore, children ages 4-8 restrained in
           booster seats are 59% safer than in a seat belt alone. Approximately 88% of Jackson County
           families do not buckle their children in correctly, putting them at risk of serious or even fatal

        B. The Car Seat Program (CSP) provides brand new, safe car seats and safety seat education to all
           residents with services focused on the low income population. 95% of CSP clients are
           WIC/Medicaid eligible, qualifying them for a discounted rate which is $5-$10 less per car seat
           covered by special grant funding received throughout the year, such as Jackson Traffic Safety
           Program, Advanced Turning, Office of Highway and Safety Planning. We are the only low cost
           option in the county.

        C. Car seat wholesale purchase prices fluctuate on a regular basis.

II.     Current Situation
        A. The fee schedule in place is static even though our purchase prices fluctuate regularly.

        B. Last year we provided 650 families with car seats and education.

III.    Analysis
        A. Strategic—One of strategic goals is a healthy community and this aids in preventing childhood

        B. Financial—We are passing on the costs of purchasing the car seats to the end users. Discounts are
           given to low income but are offset through grant funds.
      C. Customer—The program targets low income families that might not have the resources to secure a
         safe car seat.

      D. Timing—The program is ongoing and the revised fee schedule can be implemented after final

IV.      Recommendation: Approve the proposed car seat program fee schedule that will allow for the
         on-going change in purchase price that is passed on to the client.

The Title recommends Motion Requested.

Attachments:      Recommended Car Seat Program Fee Schedule for FY 2012
                  Current Car Seat Program Fee Schedule
                                                Current Fee Schedule

1.   Car Seat Program

     Type of Car Seat .............. Cost (WIC/Medicaid).........Cost (Non-WIC/Non-Medicaid)
     Infant .................................................. $20.00 ................................... $35.00
     Convertible ........................................ $30.00 ................................... $40.00
     Booster (high back with harness) ....... $30.00 ................................... $40.00
     Booster (high back without harness) .. $15.00 ................................... $25.00
     Booster (no back) ............................... $10.00 ................................... $15.00

     Short Term Rentals (Less than one month ........ Cost ... Refund on Return of Seat
     Infant, convertible, and high back
     booster with harness..............................................$20.00................. $10.00
     High back booster with out
     Harness, and no back booster................................$10.00................... $5.00

     * Car Seat Program assumes that car seat cost increases, if applicable, may be factored in annually.

                 Car Seat Program Fee Schedule (2012)
Car Seats                                   Cost
Infant Carrier, Convertible, Boosters……………….Wholesale price plus sales tax*

Education Fee………………………………………$15.00

*WIC/Medicaid eligible clients will receive a discount of $5 - $10, depending on the seat

Short term rentals
Infant Carrier, Convertible, Boosters………………$20 rental / $10 refund (upon return)
                          Jackson County Department on Aging
                     November 2011 Human Services Committee Report
                                Marce Wandell, Director

Enrichment Specialist
Brietta Allen is our new Enrichment Specialist, filling the vacancy left when former Enrichment
Specialist Lori Carpenter became the Nutrition Services Manager. Brietta has a degree in social
work with a concentration in Community Organization, experience working with seniors and
planning programs. Brietta is interested in connecting with other organizations to bring
programs to seniors. We look forward to Brietta continuing our direction of increasing senior
enrichment opportunities while organizing senior center programs we currently offer.

FY 2011 Grant Meal Count Increase
Grant Fiscal Year 2011 had an increase in both Meals on Wheels (MOW) and Congregate meals
when compared to FY 2010. MOW grant meals totaled 168,212 in 2010 compared to 177,656 in
2011, an increase of 5.6%. (Medicaid Waiver funded meals are not included.) Congregate 2010
meals totaled 33,542, compared with 40,521 meals in 2011. This is a 20.8% increase.

The Congregate increase is due primarily to our starting a Congregate Second Meal program in
November 2010. Twice a week seniors eating a hot Congregate meal can take a cold meal home,
to eat for supper or for lunch the next day if the nutrition site they attend is not open five days a
week. Our goal in offering a Congregate Second Meal is to have nutritious meals available more
often for seniors. We’re please that 351 seniors benefited from Congregate Second Meals in

Senior Millage: Compare Pre-Millage With 2010
Attached are graphs depicting increases in Department on Aging services when comparing 2004
Pre-Senior Millage with 2010. There is a chart showing units and meals provided, and a chart
for clients served.

In looking forward to renewing Senior Millage in 2012, I’d appreciate your input as to what
information will be helpful to Commissioners. I can present information such as cost per meal
and hour of service, clients and units of service provided in various areas of the county, revenue
sources, potential service reductions without Senior Millage, and/or other information you
prefer. I’ll talk with you about this at the Human Services Committee meeting.

                                                                 Compare Pre-Senior Millage 2004 with 2010
                                                                    Jackson County Department on Aging

                                                                     220000                                                          60000
                                                                                                  200770                                            49717
                                                                     200000                                                          50000

                                                                     180000                                                          40000
                                                                                        166115                                                              33542

                                                                     160000                                                          30000

                                                                     140000                                                          20000


                                                                     100000                                                               0
                                                                                        Meals on Wheels                                             Congregate


                                               Home                                                             Caregiver
                                                            In-Home        Case           Alzh        Medicaid                                  Counselin
                                               Care                                                               Ed. &             Chore
                                                             Respite       Coord.        Respite      Assistanc                                    g
                                               Asst.                                                             Support
                                                                                                       e Prog.
                 2004 Pre-Sr. Millage          14455          3185          2903          2512             0             0            707            243
                 2010                        21875.25       5921.75       3704.25       4517.75          1899           853         1248.5          1162.25

              Health Promotion 2010 total sessions: 463 (not tracked in 2004). Sr. Center, Unmet Needs, and Caregiver Info. not tracked by units.
                                                      Compare Pre-Senior Millage 2004 with 2010
                                                         Jackson County Department on Aging






                                                  Medicare Caregiver            In-Home
        Senior                 Congregat Meals on Medicaid I&A, Ed.,  Home      Respite &   Health  Counselin           Unmet
                    Coordinati                                                                                  Chore
        Centers                 e Meals  Wheels Assistance   and     Care Asst.   Alzh.   Promotion    g                Needs
                                                  Program   Support              Respite
 2004     1468         1275          1106           976            0        756   337      96     182   146      103      0
 2010     2135         1819          1702          1053          1017       754   496     181     245   148      141     173

  Duplicate Client Count: Clients may have received more than one service
                               Resolution (11-11.39)
           Department of Human Services Board of Directors Resolution
        for Use of Post 1998 Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Fund for Payment
                 to Bond for Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Whereas, the Jackson County Medical Care Facility (JCMCF) serves all the people of
Jackson County; and

Whereas, the current JCMCF building was completed and occupied in 2002 at its current
location of 524 Lansing Avenue; and

Whereas, the citizens of Jackson County supported a millage in 1999 which allows
Maintenance of Effort (MOE) monies to be used for building upkeep/repair, and
operational costs; and

Whereas, the Human Services Board of Directors, together with the Administration and
Staff of the JCMCF, have gone to great lengths to maintain and operate the facility in a
manner consistent with the mission of the JCMCF; and

Whereas, the Human Services Board of Directors supported and passed a Resolution to
have up to $288,343.16 of the interest payment and fees (that are due November 1,
2011) on the bonds for the JCMCF be remitted from the post 1998 MOE Fund and that
the County Treasurer transfer $288,343.16 from the post 1998 MOE Fund for the direct
payment of said interest and fees; and

Whereas, the Human Services Board of Directors has concurred with the County’s
request that an amount necessary to cover the reimbursement the JCMCF receives for
health insurance and other retiree benefits and past balance inequities be transferred to
the Jackson County General Fund on behalf of pre-1986 JCMCF retirees in the amount of
$236,051.00; and

Whereas, the Human Services Board of Directors has concurred with the County’s
request that an annual resolution of the Human Service Board of Directors be drafted and
considered and upon approval such reimbursements be continued.

Now, Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Jackson County Board of Commissioners
hereby authorizes the actions as requested by the Human Services Board of Directors.

                           James E. Shotwell, Jr., Chairman
                        Jackson County Board of Commissioners
                                 November 15, 2011
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging                                                                     Page 1 of 6
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2011 at 2:00p.m.
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, 102 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230
Members Present   
 Parke Hayes (Board Chair), Jack Branch, Howard Griffis, Lisa Pinkerman, Patricia Smith, 
 Carol Tuckerman, Chris Wittenbach    
Members Excused 
   Lauren Grinage, Arlene Shepherd, Gearldine Spieth 
  Brenda Lang, Margaret O’Malley, Julie Wetherby, Ginny Wood‐Broderick 
  Laura McMurtry 
    1. A regular meeting of the Region 2 Area Agency on Aging Board of Directors was 
        called to order at 2:00p.m. on Tuesday, September 22, 2011.  The president 
        was in the chair and the secretary was present.  Upon completion of the Pledge 
        of Allegiance the secretary called the roll.  The minutes of the August 18, 2011 
        meeting were read by the members and adopted upon motion by Howard 
    The Board Directed the Board Assistant to purchase another American Flag for the 
    102 building. 
    2. Presentation: UB & T Wealth Investments –Christopher Phillips, J.D. & Eric 
        Dahlberg from the Wealth Management Group presented a snapshot of our 
        investments as of this date. (copy attached) 
    3. Reports 
        a. Director’s Report:  Ginny Wood‐Broderick presented her report, (copy 
            attached). In the future this report will be sent with the Board Packet. It was 
            agreed that the list of networking events in the past month was a good 
        b. Office of Services to the Aging (OSA):  Laura McMurtry reported that 
            Diversity and Wellness are topics of conversation in Lansing. SCSEP is 
            meeting its benchmarks and there is a possibility that the program will move 
            from the Department of Labor to the Administration on Aging. Peggy Brey 
            the OSA Deputy Director has resigned and moved to Oregon. There are 
            plans to fill the position. Integrated Care is something we need to pay 
            attention to. The Federal budget is still an unknown. 

H:\ADMNCONT\Packets-Sue\Human Services\2011\November\9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging.docx
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging                                                                     Page 2 of 6
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2011 at 2:00p.m.
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, 102 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230
         c. Personnel Committee:  Jack Branch reported that: 
            The Personnel Committee reviewed the compiled results of the Executive
            Director’s Annual Performance Appraisal. The committee voted to accept the
            report and place it on file. We felt it was a very positive evaluation – there
            were some suggestions made – some of which have already acted upon.

              The Personnel Committee reviewed Health Insurance quotes that were
              received and a comparison of the coverage and cost of each. Our current
              insurance through the Teamsters is better coverage for less money than either
              of the quotes received. Our current policy is part of the Collective Bargaining
              Agreement and so will remain in place until September 2013. We will review
              other plans as we renegotiate the union contract at that time.

              The Personnel Committee reviewed a proposal to renew the Health &
              Wellness Program for another year. The Committee approved the renewal
              and forwarded it to the Finance Committee for funding approval with the
              suggestion that the unused money from this fiscal year be applied to the new

              The Personnel Committee reviewed the proposed organizational chart.
              Position descriptions with changes resulting in a wage adjustment were
              forwarded to the Finance Committee for financial action; therefore, the
              following motions address only changes to the position descriptions and do
              not address any wage adjustments.

                  By direction of the Personnel Committee Jack Branch moved ‘That the
                  position of Technical Manager be eliminated’. Motion Carried.

                  By direction of the Personnel Committee Jack Branch moved ‘That the
                  current Executive Assistant title be changed to General Operations
                  Director and that job responsibilities be changed as reflected in the new
                  job description’. PC5c3 Motion Carried.

                  By direction of the Personnel Committee Jack Branch moved ‘That a new
                  Executive Assistant position be added with job responsibilities as
                  reflected in the proposed job description’. PC5c4 Motion Carried.

H:\ADMNCONT\Packets-Sue\Human Services\2011\November\9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging.docx
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging                                                                     Page 3 of 6
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2011 at 2:00p.m.
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, 102 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230
               The Personnel Committee reviewed a proposal for the addition of three union
               staff positions. These were forwarded to the Finance Committee for financial
               action; therefore, the following motions address only the addition of the
               positions and do not address wages.

                  By direction of the Personnel Committee Jack Branch moved ‘That an
                  additional Nurse Position and an additional Social Work position be added
                  creating one additional Care Manager/Supports Coordinator Team’. (PC5c1)
                  Motion Carried.

                  By Direction of the Personnel Committee Jack Branch moved ‘That an
                  additional Program Coordinator position be added who will assist the
                  management and Care Management Staff’. (PC5c2) Motion Carried.

                  The Personnel Committee was advised that our current State Ombudsman
                  will be retiring at the end of December. The position will be posted in

               The Personnel Committee reviewed a draft of an Executive Succession Plan
               Policy & Procedure. This document is required by the State. By direction of
               the Personnel Committee Jack Branch moved ‘That the Executive Succession
               Plan Policy & Procedure be approved and placed on file as corrected’. (Copy
               attached.) Motion Carried.

               The Personnel Committee reviewed a slate of candidates for re-appointment
               to the Advisory Council. By direction of the Personnel Committee Jack
               Branch moved ‘That the slate of candidates be approved as presented for a
               two year term ending September 2013. (copy attached) Motion Carried.
            d. Finance Committee:  Howard Griffis gave the following report. 
               The Committee reviewed the Agency’s financial records for the past 
               reporting period.   
              Howard Griffis moved “That the 
                August 2011 Financial Report,  
                August 2011 Check Register,  
                Year‐to‐Date (YTD) Revenue and Expense Report ending 08/31/2011, 
                YTD Fiscal Year Comparison ending 08/31/2011, 
                YTD Contractor Expenditures ending 07/31/2011, 
                Credit Card Report ending 09/06/2011 be adopted. Motion Carried. 
H:\ADMNCONT\Packets-Sue\Human Services\2011\November\9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging.docx
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging                                                                     Page 4 of 6
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2011 at 2:00p.m.
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, 102 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230
               Howard Giffis moved “That the July 2011 MI Choice Waiver and  
               August 2011 Care Management Financial Reports be adopted. Motion 
       The Finance committee reviewed a suggestion from the Personnel Committee that 
       the Agency engage a Financial Advisor to review Agency investments. The Finance 
       Committee believes that there is no need to make a change in our 
       financial/investment planning at this time.  
     The Finance Committee reviewed a proposal to fund the Health & Wellness Program 
     for FY 2012. By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the 
     program be funded in an amount not to exceed $12,000, this amount includes the 
     $6,000 remaining in the 2011 allocation’. Motion Carried. 
     The Finance Committee reviewed wage proposals for the Management staff as well as 
     for the new positions. The Finance Committee determined that there are sufficient 
     funds for these changes and new positions. 
       By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the 
       Management Salary Increases be approved as presented’. (copy attached) Motion 
       By Direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the starting 
       wage for the new Executive Assistant position be established at $38,000 during a 
       probationary period’. Motion Carried. 
        By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the wages for 
        the new union positions be established per the current Collective Bargaining 
        Agreement as follows: 
               Nurse, RN                 $21.47/per hr. 
               Social Worker             $20.47/per hr. 
               Program Coordinator  $15.00/per hr. with a $1.00/per hr increase every 
                      months until it reaches the top rate established by the CBA for this 
               position’. Motion Carried. 
        By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the Lenawee 
        Department on Aging request for reallocation of funding be approved’. (7a1) 
        Motion Carried. 

H:\ADMNCONT\Packets-Sue\Human Services\2011\November\9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging.docx
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging                                                                     Page 5 of 6
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2011 at 2:00p.m.
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, 102 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230
              By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the allocation of 
              Fiscal Year 2012 Older American Act Contracts be awarded as proposed’. (7b1) 
              Motion Carried. 
              By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That because of its 
              age and lack of room in the operating system partition the current computer server 
              in the 102 building be replaced with the purchase of a PowerEdge T310 in the 
              amount of $2,839.00’. FC7c Motion Carried. 
              By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That the Agency be 
              authorized to purchase new software from TechSoup in the amount of $1,909’. 
              FC7d Motion Carried. 
              By direction of the Finance Committee Howard Griffis moved ‘That grant allocations 
              per SGA 2011‐5 be allocated as presented’. (copy attached) Motion Carried. 
          Advisory Council:    The Advisory Council provided the attached report. 
          Building Committee: The Building Committee has not met. Because there are many 
          things pending further discussion of space has been put on hold. 
7.  Unfinished Business:  
    Mutual of America Board Resolution – At the September 2010 Board Meeting 
    changes were made to the contribution amounts allocated to the 403(b) Thrift 
    Plan for each of our employees. Mutual of America recently advised us that a 
    Board Resolution should have been passed to complete that change – although 
    the contributions have been made at the new rate for the past year. Howard 
    Griffis moved and was supported that the Board of Directors Resolution 
    regarding our 403(b) Plan with Mutual of America be approved. (copy attached). 
    Motion Carried. 
8. New Business:  
    Ginny Wood Broderick advised the Board that plans are being made for a 
    Strategic Planning session. This will most likely take place in January or February 
    2012. Information will be forthcoming. 

H:\ADMNCONT\Packets-Sue\Human Services\2011\November\9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging.docx
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging                                                                     Page 6 of 6
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2011 at 2:00p.m.
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, 102 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230
         Ginny Wood Broderick drew attention to the Integrated Care and PACE material 
         that was included with the Board Packet. There will be more information coming 
         on this topic in the months ahead. 
         The Board reviewed the dates for the 2011‐2012 Board meetings. 
         The Board thanked the Finance Committee for their hard work in maintaining our 
         financial situation. After hearing the presentation by UB & T the Board was 
         impressed by the work that has been done. 
9.  Announcements:    
10. Public Comments: None 
11. The meeting adjourned at 3:40p.m. 
                       Next meeting:  Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. 
             Region 2 Area Agency on Aging – 141 N Main Street – Brooklyn MI 49230 
Margaret O’Malley                                                 Ginny Wood‐Boderick 
Executive Assistant                                               Board Secretary 
Approved at the ___________________ Board of Directors Meeting. 

H:\ADMNCONT\Packets-Sue\Human Services\2011\November\9-22-11 Region 2 Area Agency on Aging.docx
                                   MEETING MINUTES
                                      September 28, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 1:04 p.m. by Chairperson Barbara McClure.
Members Present: Sharon Best, Diane Derby, Joe Evans, Howard Griffis, Tina Gross, Barb
McClure, Donald Peterson and Peggy Younglove.
Department on Aging Staff: Marce Wandell, Kara Lorenz
June 29, 2011 Meeting Minutes: Motion made by H. Griffis to accept minutes as written. Motion
seconded by S. Best. Motion passed.

Director’s Report: Marce Wandell reported:
- Lori Carpenter is our new Nutrition Services Manager, who will supervise Meals on Wheels
   and Congregate meal preparation and delivery. This will include meal planning and
   purchasing as well as supervising kitchen staff, meal transporters and nutrition site leaders.
   Lori replaces Amy Maier and was our Enrichment Specialist. Lori has restaurant management
   experience. We will now be taking applications to fill the Enrichment Specialist position.
- TRIAD Safe Sound and Secure held their annual seminar on Sept. 14th at the Department on
   Aging. The event is designed to give seniors information regarding frauds and scams.
   Approximately 55 seniors were in attendance.
- The annual fall congregate luncheon honoring volunteers will be held Oct. 14th at the Jackson
   County Human Services Building. The event will be scheduled from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
   Will be held in room 005 of the Health Department.
- Project Fresh: The Michigan Office of Services to the Aging funds this project as well as
   Region 2 AAA. There were 100 sets of $20 Project Fresh/Market Fresh coupon books
   distributed. Danielle Pequet, In-Home Services Coordinator recorded a DVD presentation to
   explain the program. Seniors could view the DVD while waiting to meet with one of four staff
   people. Within the first hour 63 coupon books were distributed. All 100 coupon books have
   been distributed. B. McClure asked where the coupons can be redeemed (at any participating
   Farmer’s Market). Produce vendors sign up through the state and turn coupons into County
   Treasure’s office or Allegiance.
- The Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) issues various grants, one being called
   SMP (Senior Medical Patrol). Marce handed out a brochure about this program. This grant
   pays for costs related to educating seniors in identifying and reporting fraud and abuse in the
   Medicare/Medicaid health care programs. In grant year 2011 additional funding was issued
   called SMPII and tied to recruiting/training a new volunteer. Due to a delay in training, staff
   time was limited so Region 2 AAA said we could use these funds for Senior Safe, Sound and
   Secure seminar and newsletter cost for SMP related information.
- Medicare Part D open enrollment starts October 15th. Staff and volunteers are available to help
   seniors complete searches for various medication coverage plans.
- The Region 2 AAA Medicaid Waiver program contracts with various home care agencies to
   provide services to Medicaid Waiver clients. The Department on Aging receives close to
   $54,000 a year in Homemaker and Personal Care Waiver funds. (This does not include Meals
   on Wheels Medicaid Waiver revenue.) When a Waiver client needs transportation for
   shopping or appointments, Region 2 AAA case managers authorized Homemaker or Personal
   Care services and transportation. Medicaid Waiver recently changed service definitions
   regarding transportation. Transportation is now only allowed under a service called
   Community Living Supports, or CLS. The Department on Aging will continue to provide

                                                                                         Page 1 of 4
    Homemaker and Personal Care services, including transportation, to Medicaid Waiver clients
    when service needs are similar to grant funded in-home services.
-   At the June Advisory Council meeting a question was raised about whether or not Medicaid
    (insurance for people with income below the poverty level) pays for transportation to medical
    appointments. Lisa Rudolph, Department on Aging Caregiver Information and Assistance
    Specialist, researched this question and give the following information about Medicaid funded
          If a person has straight Medicaid (green card with white Michigan on it, not an HMO),
          and they do not have a way to get to a medical appointment, then Medicaid is supposed
          to cover transportation in the least expensive manner possible, after they have tried
          existing resources first, like family/friends, and public transportation.

         The process for Medicaid transportation: The Medicaid client must contact their Dept. of
         Human Services (DHS) case worker prior to the appointment (week or more prior.) A
         doctor has to complete a medical necessity form DHS-54-a, stating how often doctor
         appointments are likely to be necessary. The DHS caseworker then arranges
         transportation. In Jackson County transportation is arranged thru JTA, or DHS
         volunteers or family/friends if necessary.

         If a person has Health Plan of MI, which is an HMO type of Medicaid, they must call
         their HMO company for transportation approval for medical appointments. They may
         only use the contractor that is contracted with that HMO for the transportation to be

         For Medicaid Waiver clients, Region 2 Area Agency on Aging Waiver staff stated that
         clients must also go through their DHS caseworker, not their Waiver care manager. In
         general, Medicaid Waiver cannot pay for routine medical transportation.

    -   Region 2 AAA Grant contract extension. Proposals are written for multiple Reg. 2 AAA
        grants which are then awarded on a three year cycle. This coming year we would normally
        be writing proposals for funding that would start 10/1/2012 (fiscal year 2013). On the state
        level funding has been approved through one more year. The Office of Services to the
        Aging plans to extend current contracts an additional year.
    -   The Department on Aging began the volunteer tax program in 1980, to help seniors
        complete their Michigan Homestead and Home Heating credit forms. The program
        became an AARP TaxAide site in the 1990’s and expanded service to include income tax
        forms. In 2008 we became a VITA tax site for the Community Action Agency (CAA), and
        electronic filing (e-filing) of tax forms began; tax volunteers use CAA laptop computers.

        AARP is now requiring TaxAide sites to do e-filing through AARP. One of the e-filing
        requirements is holding senior personal tax information, something the Department on
        Aging does not want to do. In addition, we don’t see a need to duplicate electronic filing
        already provided by CAA. We recently received notification from AARP Michigan that
        AARP will no longer be supporting the TaxAide site at the Crouch Senior Center. AARP
        TaxAide had been paying Tax Volunteer mileage. Marce has approached a non-profit
        board, Friends of Jackson Seniors, and asked them if they would consider paying mileage.
    -   The annual Region 2 AAA grant program assessment was conducted June 30th. Reg. 2
        AAA staff determined we are in compliance with grant documentation and adherence to
        Michigan Office of Services to the Aging Service Standards. The Reg. 2 AAA grant fiscal
        assessment was done July 14th, with results showing we are in compliance with financial
        recording keeping requirements.

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   -  In July, August, and September Marce attended Township Board meetings at Napoleon,
      Hanover, Concord, Liberty, Parma, and Henrietta. October meetings: Sandstone 10/10/11
      at 7:00 p.m.; Grass Lake 10/11/11 at 7:30 p.m. November: Spring Arbor Township
      11/14/11 at 7:00 p.m.
   - Estate Recovery information was handed out. The Department on Aging is hosting training
      about Estate Recovery tomorrow at noon and another one at 5:30 pm.
   - Distributed a handout about Integrated Care for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries (people who
      receive Medicare and Medicaid).
Area Agency on Aging Board Report: H. Griffis reported:
   - Funding adjustments in from OSA for Home Care Assistance, Congregate, Home
      Delivered Meals, Disease Prevention, and Caregiver Education and Support.
   - Approved three new positions at Region 2 AAA.
   - Also received a $2,000 MMAP performance award. T. Gross asked about personal care
      assistant training. Better Training, Better Quality (BTBQ) is part of a state grant to
      develop curriculum for home care workers.
Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council Report: P. Younglove reported what she learned at the
region advisory council meeting:
    - Can receive a reduction in car insurance when attending a AARP Driver Safety program.
    - Chelsea Hospital has implemented a “Senior Friendly” ER for seniors.
    - Discussion on Savvy Caregiver program and how it works.

TRIAD Senior Safety Council: J. Evans reported:
   - Senior, Safe, Sound and Secure annual event was held. Seems it was the best so far with
     55 people in attendance. Region 2 AAA funded $1000 for this event, and $2000 SMP II
     funds. Inspector Jim Shaw from the Michigan State Police Jackson Post gave the
     introduction. Michigan State Trooper Derrick White was the first speaker and talked about
     local fraud and safety issues. Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand was also a speaker at this
     event. A Senior Brigade representative gave good information for seniors.
   - With the money provided were able to give away as door prizes 20 paper shredders and a
     fire proof safe. Surveys from participants came back very positive.

Old Business:
Annual Advisory Council Client Survey: Kara distributed and reviewed survey results. T.
Gross recommended thanking particular staff who clients complimented. D. Derby asked about
one comment on HDM relating to “no one asking why” they stopped meals. The department
routinely does a follow-up when meals are stopped. A client asked if labels on meals could be in
larger print. Marce will look into the specifics of the labels.

Kara distributed the proposed half-sheet survey form to be used for client input at Crouch Senior

By-Law Revision: Reviewed final reading of By-Laws. Motion made by T. Gross to approve.
Motion seconded by P. Younglove. Motion passed. Marce will forward final draft to the Human
Services Committee for approval.

Crouch Senior Center Program Committee Member List: Marce distributed a list of Crouch
Senior Center Program Committee members. This group advises the Enrichment Specialist about
programs at the senior center. It is part of the Crouch Senior Center Program Committee Guiding
Principles for the Advisory Council to review the list of members.

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New Business:
Advisory Council on Aging Secretary: A motion was made by T. Gross to nominate Diane Derby as
Advisory Council Secretary, a position currently vacant. Motion seconded by P. Younglove. Motion

Announcements: S. Best attended a meeting for state education retirees. A MI Café spokesperson
spoke at the meeting and gave the Department on Aging many compliments.

Marce asked for volunteers to stay over an extra hour after the October 26th meeting to package
shelf stable meals.
Meeting Adjourned: Motion made by H. Griffis to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by S.
Best. Motion passed.
Next Meeting Date: 1:00 PM, October 26, 2011.

                  Respectfully Submitted, Carol Wheaton, Department Secretary

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