Reception by keralaguest


									Communication, Language & Literacy                                          Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
   Recognising and writing our own names                                      Counting in order 1-10
   Getting to recognise other children‟s names                                Using number names in order in familiar contexts up to 10 including „0‟
   Letters and Sounds                                                         Counting reliably up to 6/10 objects
   Listening to stories and rhymes                                            Finding 1 more or less than a given number up to 5
   Writing lists and labels                                                   Using simple mathematical language to describe shapes
                                                                               Using shapes to make pictures and patterns
Specific stories to include -                                                  Using simple mathematical language to describe size
Titch stories                      Once there were Giants                      Comparing two lengths
Funny Bones                                                                    Family surveys
                                                                               Estimation

                                                                                                   Personal, Social & Emotional Development
                                                              Coverage of work                      Making friends and sharing and taking turns
Physical Development                                              Autumn 2011                       Learning the rules of the classroom
 Awareness of space and of self                                                                    Working within the boundaries of the school
 Group games; ring, group and playground games
                                                                  “Who am I?”                       Following the Values programme
 How we feel after exercise                                (Settling into Reception)               The areas of the classroom – resources etc
 Gaining control over fastenings                                                                   Personal Hygiene
 Using a correct pencil grip and gaining control                                                   Learning the new routines of the school day
 with mark making implements                                                                        SEAL – Circle time
 Using and holding scissors correctly                                                              Knowing about ourselves – what we can do
                                                                                                    Listening to and following instructions
                                                                                                    Taking care of our environment, beginning with our
                                                                                                    Respecting each other and our resources
 Knowledge & Understanding of the World
     Ourselves – our bodies; senses, body parts, bones
                       our families; who‟s who, other families
                       class baby album; now and then                                       Creative
                       looking after ourselves; washing, hygiene                               Drawing – self portrait, our families
                                                                                                Role play area
                         routines, healthy eat
     Computers – how to use the mouse, choose a program, using the
                                                                                                Painting – easel; colours, mixing colours
                                                                                                Making funny faces biscuits
     drawing program
                                                                                                Collage
     Using clay to make Diva             Cookery
                                                                                                Handprints and footprints
     Sound walks                          Divali
                                                                                                Working with different media
     Seasonal change                      Christmas

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