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                                         April 2010
                          Region I Director & Oregon District Staff
                          Steve & Sandy
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 Oregon District          Terry & Cheri
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 Oregon North
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 Oregon District
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District Legislative                      
                            June Clark                                             --

 Sunshine Person        Novena Slater-Roth          --
And Spring Is Here…

        This is a great time to be a member of GWRRA. Spring has sprung, the flowers are in
bloom, and my bike already has many miles put on it . On March 14th, we rode in Chapter
I’s annual Blarney Ride, hosted by Chapter I & Wingman in Portland. The Blarney Run is a
food drive and fundraiser for the local food bank the Sunshine Division. 140 motorcycle
enthusiasts show up on a beautiful day to ride the ride that Don Winterfield team had so
graciously set up for us. Don seems to always find interesting new roads for us to ride, and
this time was no exception. Motorcyclists are sure a generous bunch which was apparent by
the amount of food and cash that was donated for this event. By the end of the day, they had
filled 6 barrels of food plus had over $400.00 cash to help feed some hungry local families.
Cheri & I would like to add our thanks to those of Rick & Kathy Mashek, Chapter I CD’s for all
those of you that came and supported this wonderful cause. THANK YOU!

        On March 20th and 21st we had an Officers Training Class (OCP – Officer’s
Certification Program). It was held in Albany at Glenn and Laurie Anderson’s “club house”.
We had 30 members attend from WA-P, WA-Z, WA-X, OR-I, OR-G and our friends from the
new chapter OR-H. You all should be proud of your chapter officers for spending their
weekend learning how to run their chapters better, you are all winners because of it. It was
said over and over that weekend, “Make sure that what you do and the decisions you make
are for the betterment of the membership”. I again want to personally thank the officers from
Oregon for spending their weekend there. I also want to thank Mike Briggs and Eric Carlson
for coming down from Washington to teach the class. We are so fortunate to have such
good instructors available to us. We’d also like to thank Glenn & Laurie for not only allowing
us to use their barn (although it’s unlike any “barn” I’ve ever seen LOL), but also for arranging
such wonderful dinner plans for us all. For those that missed the training, you also missed
an amazing weekend of fellowship.

       Next on my “gotta remember list”…make sure to sign up for the Oregon District
Rally. The Rally Committee has been working very hard to get everything ready for you.
The hours put in by the committee will be apparent when you see all of the activities we have
planned. This is a great place and a great opportunity to meet new people so don’t miss
it…remember, there is something for everybody! Hope to see you there.

         So, to wrap things up for this month…let’s recap and give you MY reasons I think it is
great to be a GWRRA Member…there is so much you get for being a members, such as
Wingworld magazine, rescue plus, and the Goldbook as well as member discounts at Honda
shops and some Hotel chains. Chapters have dinner rides, chapter gatherings, ice cream
rides, annual chapter rides and rallies, things are going on everywhere, you just have to keep
your eyes open. Oh, and did I mention all of the training opportunities that are available for
little or no charge? We should all take advantage of these opportunities…how about the
Advanced Rider Course (ARC), Co-rider, and first-aid/CPR classes offered at our rally at
Kah-nee-ta this year. I plan to take it one step further, as we don’t have an Oregon District
Rider Educator; I am personally going to Bremerton, Washington next month for a PLP
(Parking Lot Practice) class so I can learn to set up parking lot practices for us. The district
also needs seminar presenters and there are training classes for that and we’d love to see
certified trainers in Oregon…so please let me know if you are interested. Speaking of
training, are you interested in attending a Trike Riding class? Several people have shown
interesting in having a Trike Course in Oregon, if you are a trike owner who’d like to take the
class let me know and I will see if we can get something set up.

If you have any questions about anything, or just want to talk…or better yet, want to go for a
ride, Cheri and I would like to hear from you…until then…

Live the Adventure…Ride!

Terry & Cheri Huffman
Oregon District Directors


       Mark your calendar for May 8th, at 2:00PM, because that is the when we
officially welcome our newest Oregon Chapter. Chapter OR-H Their kickoff
will be held at McNary Lock & Dam West Park, see attached flyer for details.
CD Mark & Sheri Bridge and ACDs Tony & Carol Fink have a great event
planned and it’s a beautiful setting. (Did I hear ROAD TRIP????) Let’s all make
this a day they won’t forget. Let’s welcome this new chapter with a huge
turnout. (Of course donations to their Foolish Auction are gladly accepted )

OREGON DISTRICT STAFF MEETING – And yes this means CDs too!

Reminder for All Oregon District Staff Members and CDs/ACDs, the Staff Meeting will soon
be upon us. We have a new location for this meeting. As this is the last Staff Meeting prior
to the Rally it is imperative that all members are in attendance. Details for the meeting are
listed below, but the easiest way to get there…join us for Chapter G’s May 15th Breakfast
Gathering and come straight to the Staff Meeting follow their gathering. See you there!

                               Oregon District Staff Meeting
                Directly Following Chapter Or-G Gathering (Approx. 10am)
                              ANNETTE’S WESTGATE CAFÉ
                                  1311 Edgewater St. NW
                                        Salem, OR
                                      (503) 362-9588

      Chapter G’s Gathering
        HomeTown Buffet

      District Staff Meeting
    Annette’s Westgate Cafe
Hi Everyone!!

Hope that you all are enjoying the nicer weather and riding a lot. We attended the OR-I Blarney
Run in March and really enjoyed ourselves. There were over 1600 pounds of food brought in by
chapters from Oregon and Washington and over $400.00 in donations for the Sunshine Division
of the Portland Police Bureau. What an awesome time, and the Blarney Stew was excellent!!

Upcoming rides are the April Fools Ride put on by OR-I and the Right Turn Ride put on by OR-G.
Hope to see everyone there. It is very important that we all support every chapters event.
Speaking of upcoming events; OR-H is our newest chapter in Hermiston Oregon. They will be
having their kickoff on May 8th. This is a very exciting time for our District. It has been a long time
since we had a new chapter startup. It is very important that the members of GWRRA in Oregon
come out and show their support of our newest chapter.

This past weekend we attended the Officers Certification Program training that was held in Albany
at the shop of Glenn and Laurie Anderson. The training was intense but very educational. We
learned things that we did not know. And all of this training is important for us to pass along to
you, the member. This isn’t just another training session. This is training that is required by
National for all officers to attend. The reason for this is the “not for profit” status which our
organization holds. In order to keep this status, we have to make training and rider education as
more than 51% of our program. If you did not get a chance to attend there will be other training
sessions in Washington soon.

Well till next time ride safe and keep the rubber down!

Alan & Kimmie Neuburger

Officer Certification Program Training in Albany, OR – March 20 & 21st 2010

 ~ Totally into what the trainer’s saying ~            Our friends from Washington joined in too!
Spring Safety Tips

           Take some time to reacquaint yourself with your bike. Practice basic techniques such as
            braking, shifting, turning and swerving in an empty parking lot or other safe area before
            going on the road.
           Remember at this time of the year there may be large amounts of sand on the road left over
            from winter. Potholes can be extremely dangerous to a motorcycle and are also more
            common in the early spring
           Keep in mind that animal activity often increases in the spring.

Riding in Weather Conditions

Only a freak motorcycle rider enjoys riding in foul weather, but that doesn't mean you'll never do it.
Rain, ice and snow can all be surprises so you want to know how to handle riding in poor weather.

Rain poses two major challenges: traction and vision. Traction seems to be the primary concern for
most riders. Watch out for metal fixtures (such as manhole covers and bridge gratings), painted
areas, and places where built-up oil and grease have not washed off; these become much slipperier
when wet. However, there is still a surprising amount of traction on clean asphalt or concrete.

You can test traction by testing a surface with your rear break. (Before you do this: make sure your
tires are in good shape; you need a reasonable amount of tread depth). If you do this at moderate
speeds on a flat, straight road, it won't become a thrill ride. Avoid locking up the rear wheel on a
steeply crowned road, where it will tend to slide downhill and out of line.

Once you have a feel for traction, you should have some idea of how much you can safely ask the
tires to deliver under braking and cornering.

There are additional steps you can take to improve traction. Premium aftermarket tires are virtually
certain to give better wet-road grip than original-equipment tires. Additionally, a slight increase in tire
pressure will improve wet-weather traction.

Be very careful of any large metal road surfaces or metal sections running parallel to your direction of
travel including expansion joints, metal plates and railroad tracks. Painted surfaces can be almost as
slippery as metal.

Turning a motorcycle on slick, wet surfaces demands a smooth touch. Braking abruptly or making a
sudden steering input could get you intro trouble.
Additionally, initiate your turns a bit more gradually. Downshift smoothly, engaging the clutch a bit
slower than usual, and avoid abrupt throttle changes. Use a taller gear to reduce the forces reaching
the rear tire. Apply the brakes in such a way that the tires are not loaded abruptly. Allow more space
to stop or slow down so that you need less. And also make sure that drivers around you have time to
react to your moves.

You already know that drivers have trouble seeing you. This is an even larger issue in the rain, low
light, obscured windows, and a foggy windshield, will additionally impair driver visibility. Consider a
bright rain-suit, and retro-reflective striping or panels.

Also consider your own vision. Your view can be impaired by faceshield fogging or a windshield that
rises into your line of sight. Rain-X does help disperse water on both face- and, more importantly,

Reprinted from
             2010 SCHEDULE OF EVENT
3 OR-I April Fools Ride - Hillsboro Honda
18 OR-G Right Turn Ride

8     OR-H CHAPTER KICK-OFF – McNary Lock & Dam West Park 2PM
16    OR-J Tell Me Where to Go Ride
28   – 31 WA-L Spring Fling – Kennewick, WA

13 OR-I Birthday Party - Oaks Park
Casino & Resort

June 30- July 3 WING DING – Des Moines, Iowa
11 OR-I Mystery Ride

8 OR-G Trivial Pursuit Ride
26-29 REGION I RALLY Tillamook, OR
30- Sept. 3 Migration from Region I Rally to Idaho Rally

17-18 WA-P Oyster Feed – Longbeach, WA
24-25 End of the Season Campout – Hosted by OR-J

4 OR-G Chili Cook-Off
29 OR-J Halloween Party
20 OR-J Gathering moved due to Thanksgiving

4 -Shriner's Toy Run TriMet Center Street
4 OR-I Secret Sister Reveal Party
11 OR-I Christmas Party
11 OR-J Christmas Party
12 OR-G Christmas Party
   Goldwing Road Riders Association

    Oregon Chapter H Kick-off
  When: Saturday, May 8, 2010 – 2:00PM
  Where: McNary Lock & Dam West Park
         3rd Street
         Umatilla, OR 97882

             Meet Your New Chapter OR-H Leaders:
   Chapter Directors – Mark & Sheri Bridge (cell – 541-571-3880)
Assistant Chapter Directors – Tony & Carol Fink (cell – 541-571-8005)
                        (Most have AAA/AARP or Senior Pricing Available)

HERMISTON (about 15 minutes East)
Motel 6 Hermiston #4405
655 North 1st Street
Highway 395 and Jennie Avenue.
Hermiston, OR, 97838
Phone: (541) 567-7777
$55.99 – $65.99 (plus tax)

Oxford Suites Hermiston Oregon – All Suite Hotel
1050 N. First St.
Hermiston, Oregon 97838
Phone: (541) 564-8000 Toll Free: (888) 545-7848
$119.00 - $217.00 (including tax)
Complimentary Full Hot Breakfast Buffet and Complimentary Evening Reception featuring appetizers and your choice of
wine, beer or soda pop

Best Western Hermiston Inn
2255 S Highway 395
Hermiston, Oregon 97838-9466
Phone: (541) 564-0202
$95.00 - $115.00 (plus tax)
Complimentary continental breakfast is served every morning

Oak Tree Inn Hermiston
1110 SE 4th Street
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 567-2330
$89.00 – $98.00 (plus tax)

Comfort Inn & Suites (OR167)
77514 South Highway 207
Hermiston, OR, US, 97838
Phone: (541) 564-5911
$100.00 - $150.00 (plus tax)
Free Deluxe Continental Breakfast

BOARDMAN (about 30 minutes West)
River Lodge and Grill - Boardman, OR
6 Marine Drive
Boardman, OR 97818
Phone: (888) 988-2009
Call for rates

Rodeway Inn (OR097)
105 Front Street S. W., Boardman, OR, US, 97818
Phone: (541) 481-2375
$60.95 – $95.95 (plus tax)
                                 CAMPING NEAR KICK-OFF SITE
                                 (All within 20 minutes of Kick-off site)

Umatilla Mariana RV Park
1710 Quincy
Umatilla, OR 97882
Phone: (541) 922-3939
Full RV Hook-up - $23.00 per night
Tent Sites - $15.00 per night

Pioneer-RV Park
1590 W Highland Ave
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 564-9286
Call for rates

Hat Rock Campground
82280 Hat Rock Road
Hermiston, OR 97838-6394
Phone: (541) 567-4188
UP TO 2 PEOPLE                                           REGULAR RATE       GOOD SAM RATE

Water & Electric                                              $22.00                 $19.80
Full Hook-up (when avail.)                                    $25.00                 $22.50
Each Addl. Person (2 yrs & up)                                $2.00                  $1.80

Pilot RV Park
2125 U.S. 395
Stanfield, OR 97875
(On Interstate 84 @ Highway 395 - Exit 188)
Phone: (541) 449-1189 – (877) 745-6878
All Sites Full Hook Up: Water, Sewer & Electric: 30/50 amp.
                                  Chapter E
                    “Friday July 11th & Saturday July 12th Campout”
                       “Saturday July 12th is Dinner at 5:30 PM ”

Name ________________________________# of people____
                Phone number: ______________


                   REGISTRATION for Campout
No Electricity: Circle which applies
Bike/trailer or car/tent camping:
        th    th
July 11 /12
$10.00 per night                                                   $_________

Electricity:          Circle which applies
Bike/trailer or Motor Home or Trailer:
         th     th
July 11 /12
$14.00 per night                                                   $________

         Saturday Breakfast-$3.00 each                            $_________

                                REGISTRATION for Dinner
Choice (for each person):
                 _____26-30 oz. Top Sirloin Steak
                 _____ 1 whole chicken.
Served along with Soup, Salad, Baked Potato-Dinner Rolls, and Dessert, with coffee, ice
tea or lemonade.
Price of the dinner is $23.75 for each person with 20% gratuity =
$28.50. No splitting dinners!!!!!                  $________
                                        Total amount $_________
Make Checks out to Chapter E and mail to: Mary Hunter 91699 Donna Rd.
Springfield, Or. 97478. Any questions you can E-mail: or call 541-912-3640
Horse Ranch RV Campgrounds:

From the Eugene area. Go east on Hwy. 58 to Crescent Junction
make a left turn at Crescent Junction (north) at Hwy.97. Turn left towards
LaPine (north) just before you get to La Pine, turn right on Hwy 31, towards
Silverlake (east) the campground is approx. 28 miles from Hwy 97 on the
left side of the road if you get to the Fort Rock turn off you have gone to
far, the name of the campground is Horse Ranch RV Park.

Bend area:        Go south on Hwy 97, just after you go through La Pine
turn left on Hwy 31, towards Silver Lake, (east), the campground is approx.
28 miles from Hwy 97 on the left side of the road if you get to the Fort Rock
turn off you have gone to far, the name of the campground is Horse Ranch
RV Park.

To get to the restaurant you go passed the campgrounds above going
towards Silver Lake. Just before you get to Silver Lake there is a road that
turns off to the right (south). There is a sign at this intersection pointing
towards “The Cowboy Dinner Tree” it is approx. 4 miles down this road on
the right.
   Winging Where the Fun Shines
      GWRRA, Oregon District Rally 2010

      Kah-Nee-Ta High Desert Resort & Casino –
               Warm Springs, Oregon
                       June 17, 18, 19, 2010
 Come Join Us for Fun in the Central Oregon Sun

    Show and Shine                                                   Light Parade
    Miniature Golf Tournament                                    Training Classes
    50/50                                                             Door Prizes
    Great Guided Rides                                             Entertainment
    Grand Prize Drawing                                            Time to Relax
    Salmon Bake Dinner                                     Advanced Rider Course
      Hurry the pre-registration ends May 15th 2010
   Mail registration and check (payable to GWRRA Oregon District Rally) to:
                     Dianna Borke, District Treasurer
                             5006 NE Jarrett
                         Portland, Oregon 97218
For registration forms go the Oregon District Website -
                       2010 Oregon District Rally                                         Gold Wing Road Riders Association
                       June 17, 18, 19, 2010                                              KAH-NEE-TA High Desert Resort & Casino
                                                                                          Warm Springs, Oregon

                       Please print clearly and sign the form at the bottom. Each Rider must fill out a sepatate form. No refunds after May 15th.

Name                                                                                                    Member #                                            Age

Co-Rider                                                                                                Member #                                            Age

Please list names of children

Address                                                                                                                                         Direct Miles to Rally

City                                                                                                    State                                   Zip

GWRRA Chapter                                                                                           District                                Phone #

Current GWRRA Position, if any:_________________________

Pre-Registration June 2009 ----May 15, 2010 (postmarked)
Member                                               $                           25.00          x                          =             $
Non-Member                                                              $        30.00          x                          =             $
Life Member                                                             $        20.00          x                          =             $
On Site Registration
Member                                                                  $        30.00          x                          =             $
Non-Member                                                              $        35.00          x                          =             $

On-Site Camping                      (extra ppl @ $10.00 each for RV & Teepee, $14 for Rooms)                                       Sorry no Tents
Large RVs                            1 per space (up to 3 ppl)         $29.00 + tax                                            Call to make your own reservations
Tent Trailers                        2 per space (up to 3 ppl)         $29.00 + tax                                    tell them you are with GWRRA for special rates.
Rooms in the Village                                   (up to 2 ppl)    $95.00 + tax                                                    (800) 554-4786

TeePees                                                (up to 3 ppl)   $69.00 + tax                                All RV sites, Teepees and Rooms include swim passes

T-Shirts               Please indicate the number of shirts you would like next to the size.
Short Sleeve           S             M                 L               XL                       x        $ 15.00           =             $
Short Sleeve           XXL                                                                      x        $ 16.00           =             $
Short Sleeve           XXXL                                                                     x        $ 17.00           =             $
Long Sleeve            S             M                 L               XL                       x        $ 18.00           =             $
Long Sleeve            XXL                                                                      x        $ 19.00           =             $
Long Sleeve            XXXL                                                                     x        $ 20.00
Sweat Shirt            S             M                 L               XL                       x        $ 20.00           =             $
Sweat Shirt            XXL                                                                      x        $ 22.00           =             $

Pre-registration 50/50 tickets:                                                                 x        $      1.00       =             $


Advanced Rider Course                                  How Many_______                          x        $ 30.00           =             $

Class room classes:
Co-Rider - No Charge                                   How Many_______

Saturday Night Dinner                ($26.00/pp pay at the dinner)
(Pre-Registration only)              How Many         ______
Couple of the Year, Individual of the Year & Masters Appreciation Breakfast                                            ($15.00/pp pay at the breakfast)
Attending Yes / No                                     How Many_______

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: (Please make checks payable to "GWRRA Oregon District Rally")                                                                  $

Agreement: I/We the undersigned agree to comply with the rules governing this event. I/We hold harmless GWRRA, it's officers,
representiatives, and event sponsors, for loss or injury to personal property. I/We have read and understand

                        Rider                                          Date                                         Co-Rider                 Date

          PLEASE MAIL THIS FORM TO:                   Dianna Borke, District Treasurer, 5006 NE Jarrett, Portland OR 97218
                          GWRRA District Rider Education
                         Rider Course Registration, form A.1

      Please check one of the following courses and location you would like to attend:
   X     GWRRA Advanced Rider Course (ARC)              Course location Oregon District Rally
        GWRRA Trike Rider Course (TRC)*                 Course date:       See Rally Schedule
                                                        Course start time: See Rally Schedule

Riders/Co-Riders must be current GWRRA members to take these courses!
Riders/Co-Riders must wear full protective gear as defined by GWRRA.
Riders/Co-Riders must provide proof of motorcycle insurance or Bond coverage.
Riders must have valid operator’s license with motorcycle endorsement.
Registrations are accepted on a first-come basis. Class size is limited.
Submitting this form does not guarantee a place in a course.
A confirmation letter will be your proof of acceptance into a course.
*Due to course restrictions, only conversions with three wheels in contact with the ground may

        Courses will take place rain or shine. No refunds due to weather.

  •     Cost for all courses is $30.00 per motorcycle,
  •     Cancellations will be accepted up to 7 days prior to the course.
  •     GWRRA of Washington reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses.
  •     In the event of a cancellation by GWRRA Instructor, all fees will be refunded.
  •     If the course is rescheduled, students will automatically be enrolled in the rescheduled

  Rider:              __________________ GWRRA Membership # __      __________
  Drivers License #: ___         _______ E-mail: ___                      ____
  Co-Rider: ______________________________ GWRRA Membership # __________________
  Street____                           ______ State: _    _ Zip: __          __
  Chapter: __      ______ Day Phone: ____         ___________
  Proof of motorcycle insurance or Bond coverage must be presented at the beginning of
  GWRRA WA District Rider Education reserves the right to deny course participation to
  anyone unable to provide proof of insurance coverage or not in full protective riding

                                     Make check payable to:
                                      GWRRA OR District
                                      Please do not send cash!

   Enclose completed registration form and fees along with the Oregon Rally Registration Form.
   Questions? Telephone Terry Huffman at 503-648-0343 or e-mail:
                              Region I Rally
                      August 26th, 27th 28th 2010
                         Tillamook Oregon

      Enter the winning design for the tees shirts or the winning
       Theme for the Rally and receive a free registration to the
     Entries should be submitted no later than February 1st 2010
                           Steve & Sandy Henicksman
                                  258 Stone Run Lane
                              Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404

Want a discounted Registration?                           Come and enjoy our GWRRA extended
Simply Register for both the Region                       Family. Visit the Tillamook Creamery,
Rally and the Idaho District Rally to                     the Air museum, ride the Oregon Coast
receive a 25% discount at both                            or just lean back and enjoy the
rallies.                                                  company visiting with friends

                  Length: 1,072 feet Height: 192 feet (over 15 stories) Width: 296 feet Area: Over 7 acres
                  (enough to play six football games) Doors: 120 ft. high, 6 sections each weighing 30 tons.
                   220 ft. wide opening. The sections roll on railroad tracks

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