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					                                      NEIGHBOURHOOD ACTION GROUP (NAG)
                Kents Hill and Monkston (incorporating Monkston Park, Brinklow and Kingston)
    Action Points arising from NAG Meeting held on Monday 24th Jan 11 at Monkston Community Centre
TVP                        Sam Gregson     
Parish Council             Gwen Corbett    
                           Peter Laws      
Ward Councillors           None
Residents                  Max Rashid (Chair)
                           Sabine Broecker 
MKC                        Michael Kerrigan
For Information:
TVP                        Colleen Lavery  
                           Thomas Bowhuise 
                           Julie McPheat   
Parish Council             Graham Clark    
                           Amanda Wilmot   
Ward Councillors           Jaime Tamagnini-Barbosa
                           John Bint       
                           Sam Crooks      
                           Subhan Shafiq   
                           Vanessa Mcpake  
Residents                  Steve Parsons   
MKC                        Jane Munn       
   Ref                                           Action                              Owner     Req by Date
Jan11-01       Completed survey forms to be requested back by 25 February 2011.       Max       28/01/11
               Max to advise Amanda to enable forms to be amended to include this
               date. Responses will be reviewed/analysed at next NAG on 28/02/11.
Jan11-02       Max to request Amanda to chase up Kents Hill School regarding the      Max       28/01/11
               possibility of including surveys in children’s Book Bags.
Jan11-03       Max to advise Amanda that surveys forms should be associated with      Max       28/01/11
               Infact as a separate loose page.
Jan11-04       Max to ascertain possibility of printing c.500 survey forms (to be     Max       28/01/11
               inserted into school book bags) on coloured paper, to differentiate
               them from surveys distributed directly to homes.
Jan11-05       Sam to finalise design of survey list, to include space for comments,  Sam       28/01/11
               with Amanda. Master version to be delivered to Sam to photocopy as
Jan11-06       Gwen, with Steve and Michael, to conduct an EVA in Monkston Park       Gwen      25/02/11
               during late February for discussion at next NAG meeting.
Jan11-07       Peter and Michael conduct a mini-EVA for Kingston to identify some    Peter/     25/01/11
               current issues.                                                       Michael
Jan11-08       Max to review EVA schedule with Amanda to ascertain when the next                11/02/11
               round is due.
Jan11-09       Max to distribute the NAG Constitution to those members who have       Max       28/01/11
               not yet signed it.
Jan11-10       Gwen, Peter and Michael to review the Constitution prior to the next  Gwen/      25/02/11
               meeting to enable it to be signed off.                                Peter/
Jan11-11       Sam to liaise with Gail Buckland regarding the benefit (or otherwise)  Sam       28/01/11
               of Partners Against Crime attending NAG meetings.
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Jan11-12       To address issue with dog mess in Monkston playing fields (probably      Gwen      04/02/11
               due to recent snow), Gwen to display a poster on the Notice Boards
               reminding dog owners of their responsibilities
Jan11-13       Michael to arrange to have stickers, relating to fines applicable for    Michael   04/02/11
               dogs fouling public areas, to be posted on dog waste bins across the
Jan11-14       Max to ensure that the funding request for the remainder of this year     Max      04/02/11
               is submitted before the deadline (12th February)
Jan11-15       Michael to bring an ‘Environment Kit’ to the next NAG.                   Michael   28/02/11
Jan11-16       Max to inform Amanda of revised meeting schedule and request              Max      04/02/11
               venues are amended/booked. Next meetings:
                    Monday 28th Feb, Christ the King Church, Kents Hill.
                    Monday 18th Apr, venue to be changed
                    Meetings to be booked on a bi-monthly basis (incl Monkston Pk)
Jan11-17       All to consider how the NAG could be involved with the Summer Fete         All      Ongoing
               this year. Freebies, competition, how to encourage participation....??
Items for discussion at the next meeting (Monday 28th Feb, Christ the King Church, Kents Hill):
         Review actions
         Analyse surveys (forms and list), review distribution/collection channels, and agree way forward
         Kingston and Monkston Park EVA feedback
         Budget update
         ‘Environment Kit’ training
         Sign constitution

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