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Gatekeeper Training 2001


									 Ottawa County’s

Gatekeeper Training
       2009     •Last update 10-12-09
                Your Gatekeeper Trainers

Tory Heilman
      Outreach Specialist
      The Ability Center of OC
Melanie Gyde
     Patient Navigator
     American Cancer Society
Dianne Mortensen
     Executive Coordinator
     OC Senior Resources

                             Gatekeeper Training 2009
      No Wrong Door Sponsors

             United Way
Mental Health and Recovery Board
   Ottawa Residential Services
The Ability Center of Ottawa County
  Ottawa County Commissioners
   •Ottawa County Senior Resources
•Ottawa County Job and Family Services
  •Ottawa County Health Department

                        Gatekeeper Training 2009
                Special Thanks

   Peace Lutheran Church
        For Location
Thanks to Ottawa Residential
      Services for the
 Food and Beverages today!

                Gatekeeper Training 2009
    The Big Question

 Why are
you here?

       Gatekeeper Training 2009
                     The History
Wood County No Wrong Door
Various Community Surveys
  The Planning Committee
The No Wrong Door Concept
       The Present
        The Future

                Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                The PROTOCOL
ENGAGE    Listen and help the caller formulate and
          communicate needs or request.

DIRECT    Give caller the number and contact person at the
          agency best able to help the caller.

ASSURE    Give your name and ask the caller to call back if
          your initial advice was not successful. Ask for the
          caller’s name and number if appropriate.

Treat people like you would want to be treated!

                                  Gatekeeper Training 2009
          Asking the Right Questions

  The Key to engaging the person in
need is knowing what questions to ask.

                       Gatekeeper Training 2009
                             The Questions
1. What county do you live in?
2. Is there a minor child in the home?
3. Are you or is there a veteran in the home?
4. Do you have an eviction or termination
5. Where/Who have you called already?

                            Gatekeeper Training 2009
                    Definition of Crisis

A Crisis is a disruption of the balance
in a person’s life. The person in crisis
faces a problem that he or she cannot
handle with the coping skills that he or
 she has developed, or solutions that
    have worked in the past are not
   effective in the current situation.

                       Gatekeeper Training 2009
                        Concepts of Helping

1. Each client is an individual in his or her own
2. Each client is entitled to respect for his or her
   dignity as a human being
3. Each client has a right to express his or her
   attitudes and opinions
4. Each client has a right to make his or her own

                              Gatekeeper Training 2009
      Basic Intervention for Gatekeepers

1.   Identify the problem
2.   Clarify the client’s expectations
3.   Clarify the gatekeeper’s expectations
4.   Help the client accept responsibility

                              Gatekeeper Training 2009
                         Spotlight on Businesses

                      Sutton Center
        1854 East Perry Street Port Clinton, OH 43452
1.    Nurse Mid-wives of Bay Park Community Hospital
2.    Stein Hospice
3.    United Way
4.    American Red Cross
5.    WSOS Community Action Commission
6.    Independent Choices
7.    Family and Child Abuse Prevention
8.    YWCA Childcare Resource and Referral
9.     Salvation Army
10.   Ottawa County Transitional Housing

                                        Gatekeeper Training 2009
         Nurse Midwives of Bay Park Community Hospital

Offer Services to Women and their families:

•Well Women Gynecology
•Menopause health management
•Family-oriented prenatal visits and birth experience
•Alternative pain control methods during labor
•Diagnosis and treatment of Sexually-transmitted diseases
•Family planning
•Breastfeeding support from certified lactation consultants

Located at the Sutton Center                     (419)734-3129

                                          Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                     Stein Hospice

     Serves terminally ill and their families
•Team approached care
•Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•Bereavement services are also available to anyone who
has lost a loved one regardless of whether they died in the
hospice program. Bereavement program serves ages 3 and
•Individual and group counseling
•Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most
private insurance companies
Located at the Sutton Center           1-800-625-5269

                                   Gatekeeper Training 2009
    United Way

Gatekeeper Training 2009
   American Red Cross – Ottawa County
• Congressional mandate to help Americans prevent, prepare for, and respond to
•Business hours Mon. – Fri., 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., 419 734-1100
•Available 24/7; after hours number, 1-888-590-0098
•Disaster Relief – emergency needs for those affected by disaster including, food,
clothing, shelter, health and mental health needs
•Armed Forces Emergency Services – emergency communication for members of
military and their families. Also can work with military families and military retirees
to secure emergency financial aid
•International family tracing services; international and humanitarian law resource
•Adult/Infant/Child CPR and first aid training; scholarships available
•Childcare provider training
•Tele-Care program – reassurance calls to the homebound, Mon. – Fri.
•Weekly blood pressure screenings
•Many volunteer opportunities; training for disaster services – always free of

                                                 Gatekeeper Training 2009
WSOS Community Action Commission
Family Development Center                           (419)734-2652
Hours: M-F 9AM to 4PM or by appointment
• Homeless Prevention Program aids people at high risk
• HomeNet programs offers transitional housing for homeless
• Housing program for disabled individuals
• HEAP program offers utility assistance
• Weatherization program for home owners
• Air conditioner program
• Offers advice & financial aid to 1st-time home buyers
Child Development Center
 Provide day care services & run Head Start program
•Center Base Children attend classes Monday through Thursday for 3 ½ hrs day.
Home Base families receive a Home visit each week and attend a group socialization
day twice a month.
•WSOS contracts with several child care center in Ottawa County to provide
enhanced services to children

                                                  Gatekeeper Training 2009
                         Independent Choices

      Non-Profit Support Provider Agency
• in-home   support for Board of DD in Ottawa, Erie and
Sandusky Counties
• Financial Management
• transportation
• daily living skills training and support
• assistance with medication and medical appointments
• emergency respite care
• contact Monday through Friday: (419)732-0155

                                  Gatekeeper Training 2009
                    Legal Aid of Western Ohio
• Fees: none, but clients must qualify based on income
• By appointment only
• Civil cases only – not allowed to handle criminal cases
• Four primary areas of legal assistance
   - Family law (domestic violence)   - Government benefits
   - Health care                      - Housing (eviction defense)
• Rural Program –Legal aid for low-income clients
    - education                 - senior citizen issues
    -employment                 - consumer problems
    -disability discrimination
• Migrant Program –Legal aid for migrant farm workers
    - employment         - education    - immigration.

                                      Gatekeeper Training 2009
  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa County

•Matches children with an adult mentor
•Ages 7-16
•Provides extra attention time and support for
youth primarily from single family homes
•Local Office located at The Sutton Center
•Available by appointment

Volunteers are always needed please inquire if interested in
                                   Gatekeeper Training 2009
   Family and Children Abuse Prevention Center

Monday through Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm (419)734-3266
•Serve victims of domestic violence, assault,
menacing, or stalking
•adults 18 years and older
• male or female
• may serve minors only if defendant is an adult and
with permission of a legal guardian
• Services for clients seeking CPO/SCPO

                                Gatekeeper Training 2009
  YWCA Child Care Resource & Referral
  The mission of YWCA Child Care Resource & Referral is to
       improve the quality, availability, accessibility, and
   affordability of child care to parents, as well as providing
        consumer information to parents and providers.

•Assist parents in locating and evaluating affordable, quality child care in
16 Counties of Northwest Ohio

•Resource for child
 care providers, employers
and policy makers

•Contact: (419)732-7807 or 800 632-3052

                                             Gatekeeper Training 2009
The Salvation Army-Social Service Office
 •   Office in Port Clinton
      –   Office Hours 9am-5pm
      –   Serving Ottawa County Residents
      –   Call for Appointment
 •   Provides Emergency Assistance
      –   Emergency Food, Shelter &
      –   Rent & Mortgage Assistance
      –   Prescription medicine Assistance
      –   Emergency Transportation
      –   Utility Disconnection &
 •   Programs & Services
      –   School Supply Assistance
      –   Holiday Gift & Winter Coat
 •   Disaster Services
      –   Assists First Responders with
          emergency assistance

                                                Gatekeeper Training 2009
         Ottawa County Transitional Housing Family Case Management

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 4:30             (419)734-9494

Ruth Ann’s House
•      transitional housing to homeless women and homeless women with
•      must be homeless and meet 35% income guidelines
Direct Housing
•     Provide 6 months rent and security deposit for homeless women and
      homeless women with children
Non-Residential Housing Services
•     Support Services
•     Emergency Assistance
•     Case Management

                                            Gatekeeper Training 2009
          Take Five

   Gatekeeper Training 2009
                              Agency Spotlight

  Office Hours: M-F~8-4        Phone: 419-898-6459
Dianne Martin Mortensen, M.Ed, CTRS~Executive Coordinator
Kim Sedlak~Senior Resource Clerk  Shelley Seamon~Fiscal
                                  Gatekeeper Training 2009
Ottawa County Senior Centers
  Genoa Senior Center    Elmore “Golden Oldies”
Monday, Wednesday, and        Senior Center
        Friday             Tuesday & Thursday
    419-855-4491             419-862-3874
      Oak Harbor              Port Clinton
    „Harbor Lights‟          Senior Center
    Senior Center        Tuesday, Thursday, and
 Monday & Wednesday              Friday
    419-898-2800             419-734-1481
 Danbury Senior Center   Put-in-Bay Senior Center
  Monday thru Friday           Various Days
    419-798-4101              419-285-5501
Home Delivered
Home Care Services
              Provided by:

 OPTIONS for Independence
      Office Hours - Tuesday’s
 Located at 8200 W. State Rt. 163
            Oak Harbor
    1-888-676-4667 or
Alzheimer's & Respite Care

    DayBreak Adult Day
    (located at Ottawa County
   Riverview Healthcare Campus)
   8180 W. State Rt. 163
       Oak Harbor
    Senior Services
• 60+ Clinic                 • Farmer’s Market
    Heritage Health Care         Coupons
    1-800-811-0320           •   OCTA Transportation
•   Drug Repository              Support for Medical
    Program                  •   Ottawa County Senior
•   911 Cell Phones for          Services Directory
    Seniors                  •   AARP Tax Services
•   File of Life Program     •   Homestead Exemption
•   Medicare Part D Review       Tax Information

1-877-898-6459 or 419-898-6459
      Ottawa County Senior
         is on the Web!
If you think growing older means winding down,
         staying in, and saying good-bye
               to your active years…

  It’s time you take a look inside…
          Check it Out!

  Ottawa County Senior
    Information Line
Updates for Seniors on the happenings of
              our County.
   Area office on Aging of NWO, Inc.
Business hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm                   1-800-472-7277
• Serves Seniors age 60 plus and their families
• Provides Information and Referral
• PASSPORT Program – in home care program for frail seniors
• Assisted Living Waiver – financial assistance for eligible individuals
21 plus to live in contracted assisted living facilities
• Long Term Care Consultation- Free in Home assessments of needs
and discussion of community resources with individuals and their

                                          Gatekeeper Training 2009
      Long Term Care Ombudsman with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality

Business Hours: Mon- Fri 9:00am to 5pm            1-800-542-1874
• Free service
•Advocates for quality care for all residents of nursing homes,
adult care facilities, and consumers receiving in-home care
•Works with consumers to resolve problems/concerns about
quality of care and residents’ rights
•Provides information about facility selection in a ten county area
•Provides information relating to Medicaid and Medicare and
other programs affecting long term care services
•Provides a complete list of resident rights as mandated by Ohio

                                           Gatekeeper Training 2009
           Spotlight on Business

    Ottawa County
 Department of Job and
    Family Services
8043 W. St. Rt. 163, Oak Harbor

                  Gatekeeper Training 2009
Ottawa County Department of
Job and Family Services
Stephanie Kowal, Director

 8043 W. State Route 163, Suite 200, Oak Harbor, OH
          (419) 898-3688/ 1-800-665-1677
Income Maintenance

• Food Stamps
• Cash Assistance
• Medicaid
• Cost Recovery
Child Support Enforcement
• Establish, collect and
    distribute child support
•   Locate absent parents
•   Establish paternity
•   Enforcement tools
Family, Adult, and
Children Services Unit
• Reports of Abuse or Neglect
• Investigations
• Protective Services (Adult
    and Children)
•   Substitute Care
•   Subsidized Childcare
•   Emergency Financial
Workforce Development

 • Business Services

 • Job Seeker Services

 • Training and
  Supportive Services
Family and Children First
• Coordinate youth
    related programs
    and organizations
    in County
•   Wrap Around/
•   Help Me Grow
How to Reach Us
• Location:
  – Ottawa County DJFS
    8043 W. State Route 163
    Oak Harbor, OH 43449

• Phone: 1-800-665-1677 or 419-898-3688

• Hours:
  – Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  – Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Department Contact
• Income               • Workforce Development:
  Maintenance:           – Connie Cornett
  – Connie Cornett
                       • Administrative/ Agency
• Family, Adult and      Questions:
  Children Services:     – Stephanie Kowal
  – Janice Zipfel
                       • Family and Children First
• Child Support:         Council:
  – Tracy Armentrout     – Ralph Yoss
   Ottawa County Veterans Service Office
     Veterans serving Veterans since 1886

•Provide Temporary Emergency Financial Assistance to county
veterans and their dependents:

   •Utilities        • Rent/Mortgage        • Clothing
   •Food             • Personal Hygiene     • School Supplies

    NOTE: Must be residents of Ottawa County
          90 days prior to application

• Transportation VA Medical Centers and Community-Based
Outpatient Clinics.

                                   Gatekeeper Training 2009
  Ottawa County Veterans Service Office
   Veterans serving Veterans since 1886

• Advocate and assist in filing claims with the Department of
Veterans Affairs:
    • Disability                  • Healthcare
    • Home Loan Guaranty          • Education and Training
    • Burial Benefits            • Life Insurance
    • Dependents’ and Survivors’ Benefits
•Assist in ascertaining military documents and/or awards.
• Schedule Tours/Transportation/Assist in applying for the Ohio
Veteran’s Home.
•Provide Flag case, Flag and Grave Markers to family.

                                     Gatekeeper Training 2009
Ottawa County Veterans Service Office
    Veterans serving Veterans since 1886

  Ottawa County Veterans Service Office
       8444 West State Route 163
               Suite 102
         Oak Harbor OH 43449

          8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

                           Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                          Food Assistance
The Food Assistance Program formerly Food Stamps
  Dept. of Job & Family Services         419.898.3688 or 800 665.1677
WIC Program (Women, Infants & Children)
  Ottawa Co. Health Department           419.734.6800 or -800.788.8803
Served Meals
  The Gathering         St. John Lutheran Church offers a hot meal the last
  Thursday of the month(4:30 – 6:00 PM) 207 Adams Street, Port Clinton
  Faith House           Port Clinton Church of the Nazarene offers a hot
  meal every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM (free supper)
  Danbury Senior Center Free meal 2nd Saturday of the month for the
  recently unemployed in Marblehead and Danbury Township.
Emergency Groceries
  United Way                             419.734.6645 or 866.394.8848

                                             Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                                      Food Assistance
Great Food for All
•   GREAT FOOD FOR ALL is a food provisions company that works side by side with
    organizations , non-profits , churches and dedicated individuals who wish to assist their
    communities with high quality food at a fraction of grocery store prices.
•       Open to all - no income eligibility requirements.
•   Good way for working families to stretch their food budget.
•   Basic food packages available include meat, vegetables, fruit, cereal and dessert.
•   Cost is usually $30.00 Enough food for one week for a family of four!
•   Special meat and chicken combo boxes are available for an additional charge of $15- 20 with
    the purchase of a basic package.
•   Orders are placed and paid for in advance. Pick-ups are Saturday mornings
•   Cash or Food Stamps
•   Local sites
      • Marblehead Chapel on the Lake
      • St John’s Lutheran Church Oak Harbor
      • Consumers of The Oak House In Port Clinton may order and pick up food at The Oak
•   Ordering information also available at The Sutton Center and area food pantries.

                                                         Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                   Food Assistance
Food Assistance East Side of Ottawa County
• Danbury Food Pantry at St. Paul's Lutheran Church,
    541 Church Road, Marblehead - 3rd Saturday 9 - 10 AM
•    St. Vincent de Paul Society
    109 E. Perry Street, Port Clinton Regular food giveaway
    every other Saturday 9:00 – 10:30 am
• Other Food Assistance
• Erie Shores Assembly of God Port Clinton
    By referral from United Way
•    Oak House Club House Port Clinton
    For Club House Members

                                     Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                 Food Assistance
Food Assistance West Side of Ottawa County
• St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
       165 Toussaint, Oak Harbor
       Open Monday and Thursday 9:00 AM to noon
• Elmore Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church,
   • 19255 Witty Road, Elmore - Last two Fridays of the
      month 9:00 to noon
• Genoa Trinity United Methodist,
      313 S. Main Street, Genoa – 2nd Saturday at 10:00 AM
      4th Thursday of the month 3:30 - 5:00 PM.
• Elliston Zion United Methodist Church (Angel Food Ministries)
   • 2212 18045 North Williams street, Elliston - Oct

                                    Gatekeeper Training 2009
                            Food Assistance

Seasonal Food Assistance

• Holiday Bureau Judy Just 419.798.4163
• Volunteers of America 419.734.5952
• Delivered Meals
• Home Delivered Meals c/o Ottawa County Senior
  Resources 419.898.6459 or 877.898.6459
• Mobile Meals of Port Clinton c/o Magruder Hospital

                              Gatekeeper Training 2009
                Prescription Assistance
•Community by Community
•      Call United Way 419-734-6645
•Ottawa County Rx Card
•Medical/Financial Counseling
   •Magruder Hospital 419-734-3131
•Drug Depository
   •Ottawa County Senior Resources
      •419.898.6459 or 877.898.6459
•Disability Specific organizations
• Various web-sites (see handout)

                           Gatekeeper Training 2009
    Rent & Mortgage Payment Assistance Programs
•The Salvation Army                                                    (419)732-2769
•     -Emergency Rent assistance
•Ottawa County Transitional Housing, Inc.                              (419)734-9494
•     -emergency rent to female heads of households
•United Way                                                            (419)734-6645
•     -Emergency assistance/ through churches and community funds
•Ottawa County Veterans Services                                      1-800-610-8872
•     -Rent and Mortgage assistance to veterans
•Volunteers of America                                                 (419)626-6505
•     - First month rent and assistance programs for veterans, age 62 and
•          older, persons with mental disabilities, and people who are homeless
•Ottawa Co. Dept. Job and Family Services                               (419)898-3688
•     -Rent & mortgage assistance must have minor in the home
•Sandusky Metropolitan Housing Authority
•     -Section 8 applications. (Waiting list) must pick up applications
•WSOS                                                                  (419)734-2652
•      -Home Net Program: Rent, Mortgage Lenders, weatherization, etc

                                                  Gatekeeper Training 2009
Home Purchasing/Ownership Assistance Programs

•WSOS                                              1-800-775-9767
• -First Time Home Buyer Program, Down Payment Assistance
•Habitat for Humanity                                (419) 734-7074
•      -First Time Home Owner, no interest mortgage, new build
•OHPCDC/Conestoga Program                             (419)734-6645
•       -Accelerated equity mortgage program
   - Grants and loans for first time home buyers in rural counties in

                                       Gatekeeper Training 2009
                        Foreclosure Assistance
•United Way 2-1-1  
 800.650.4357 from pay phone
•Consumer Credit Counseling of Northwest Ohio
 800.355.2227 or 419.531.2227
• HUD Certified Counseling Agency
•Foreclosure Intervention Hotline
•Ohio Home Rescue Fund managed by the Homeownership
Preservation Foundation.
•Ottawa County Job and Family Services
 800.665.1677 or 419.898.3688
•Mortgage assistance.
•Legal Aid of Western Ohio       
 800.224.7914 or 800.857.8908

                                    Gatekeeper Training 2009
                         Foreclosure Assistance
•These organizations can help:
•Ottawa County Treasurer:
•Robert J. Hille   800.788.8803 or 419.734.6750
•Payment plans for current taxes or delinquent taxes
• Information on reducing property tax
•Ottawa County Transitional Housing
• Individual and family support services
•WSOS Community Action Commission          
  800.775.9767, 419.734.2652 or 419.639.2802
• Mortgage Assistance Program/HUD Certified Counseling Agency
• Veterans Service Commission
  800.610.8872 or 419.898.2089
••            Provides mortgage assistance to veterans

                                          Gatekeeper Training 2009
              Brush Arbor Care and Share
Hours: Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm Friday 2:00-5:00pm
          924 Lake Street Gypsum, OH 43433
        MAILING: PO Box 65 Gypsum, OH 43433
•(419)732-2577 Service/Intake
•You may also contact United Way 2-1-1 for additional
hours and service
To help anyone in need of clothing, furniture or
household items.

All items are donated to the facility and donated back
into the community through the church.

                                    Gatekeeper Training 2009
Liberty Center of Sandusky County Inc.

  • Shelter for men, women, or families
  • Located at:
    142 E. State St Fremont, Ohio
  • Must fill out an application
  • Must perform a background check
  • The shelter is accessible 24 hours a
  • (419)332-8777

                            Gatekeeper Training 2009

             Run by Volunteers of America
• Shelter serves homeless men, women, and families
• Emergency Shelter
• Case management, health care and self efficiency
• Located at:
   1843 Superior Street
   Sandusky, OH 44870
• (419)626-6505

                             Gatekeeper Training 2009
                        Volunteers of America

• provides low income housing, emergency shelter, or
transitional housing to men, women, or families
•Low income housing for persons with mental disabilities,
persons who are age 62 or over, veterans and the homeless.
•Food Pantry and Holiday Food Basket Program
•Scholastic Books program- provides books, games, and
crafts to needy kids in Ottawa County
•Corason Place housing for individuals with a physical
disability (Erie County).
•operate Adult Care Facilities and subsidized apartments in
Erie and Ottawa Counties for individuals with mental illness.
• (419)626-6505
                                    Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                       Low Income Housing
Low Income Rentals
•Bay Meadows                                                  (419)734-5002
•       -HUD housing: subsidy based rentals
•Lakeview Estates                                                     (419)732-2405
•       -HUD housing: subsidy based rentals
•Ottawa Residential Services, Inc.                               (419)734-7622
•       -low income to moderate income rentals
•-HUD housing-accessible subsidy rentals
•Volunteers of America                                                 (419)626-6505
•       -low income housing, housing for people with chronic mental disabilities,
•        Veterans housing, age 62 plus housing
•Transitional Housing
•Ottawa County Transitional Housing
•            -Transitional Housing available at Ruthann’s House for Homeless Women & children with
a priority to domestic violence victims
•Volunteers of America
•            -Transitional Housing available through referrals from the Giving Tree mental health
services for person with mental disabilities

                                                       Gatekeeper Training 2009
          Let’s Eat!

   Gatekeeper Training 2009
               Agency Spotlight

     Ottawa County
    Health Department

Or toll free in Ottawa County

                 Gatekeeper Training 2009

   About Us

  Hot Topics


ronmental Health

                                              Office Hours: Monday through Friday - 7:45am to 4:30pm

ealth Education

                                                       Ottawa County General Health District
                                                              Mission Statement
 ency Preparedness
                                       The primary mission for the Ottawa County Health Department
                                                   •Prevent Disease and Disability
                                                    •Prolong Life
                                                  •Promote Health and Individual Efficiency

                                                          FDA Recall Announcements
Vital Statistics                                          Shingles Vaccine Available!
                     Notice of Privacy Practices

nks of Interest
      Ottawa County Health Department
                    Public Health
•Skilled Home Health Care (RN, PT, OT, ST, Aide)
•Homemaker/Chore Services
•Communicable Disease Investigation
•Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH)
•PKU Testing and Newborn Assessment
•School Nursing Services
•Help Me Grow

                              Gatekeeper Training 2009
       Ottawa County Health Department
•Well Child
•TB Skin Testing
•Family Planning
•Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
•WIC (Women, Infants & Children)
•Detention Facility and Minimum Security Sick Call

                                Gatekeeper Training 2009
        Ottawa County Health Department
     Programs Supported by State Law or Regulation

•Recreation Parks
•Manufactured Home Parks
•Swimming Pools & Bathing Places
•Food Service Operations

                                   Gatekeeper Training 2009
       Ottawa County Health Department
     Programs Supported by State Law or Regulation

•Food Vending Operations
•Household Sewage Disposal Systems
•Household Water Systems
•Rabies Control
•School Sanitarian

                                 Gatekeeper Training 2009
        Ottawa County Health Department
                    County Programs

•Emergency Response
•Water & Sewage Investigation
•Nuisance Investigation
•Insect/Rodent Control
•Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments

                                    Gatekeeper Training 2009
                        The Protocol in Action
• Scenario #1: My husband lost his job and our mortgage
payment is overdue….
      ENGAGE          DIRECT             ASSURE

• Scenario #2: My sons rent is a month past due and his
landlord is threatening to evict him…
       ENGAGE           DIRECT           ASSURE

•Scenario #3: I need help with my electric…
      ENGAGE            DIRECT            ASSURE

•Scenario #4: My wife lost her job and our rent is overdue…
      ENGAGE            DIRECT           ASSURE

                                   Gatekeeper Training 2009
                       Agency Spotlight

Ottawa County Transportation
          OCTA provides quality,
 accessible, cost effective, and safe public
              transportation for
              Ottawa County.

                           Gatekeeper Training 2008
  OCTA Public Transit
• OCTA provides specialized transportation services
  within Ottawa County and to Lucas, Seneca, Huron,
  Wood, Erie and Sandusky Counties on a scheduled
   – In-county service operates from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday
     through Saturday. Sunday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
   – Out-of-county service is scheduled to:
       • Toledo – M-W-F from – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
       • Sandusky – Weekdays – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
       • Fremont – Weekdays – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
   – Please call our office to schedule all other out-of-county
Public Transit Fares

• In-county fare is $2.50 one-way for the
    first township & 50 cents each
    additional township.
•   Lucas/Seneca/Huron Counties - $10.50
•   Erie/Sandusky/Wood Counties - $ 5.50
•   Eligible Senior Citizens and Disabled
    Citizens are half-fare.
Scheduling Transit Service
• OCTA provides planned transportation and
    our system is designed to accommodate the
    special needs of hundreds of riders daily.
•   Trip requests must be made a minimum of 24
    hours in advance for in-county service.
•   Trip requests for out-of-county service must
    be made a minimum of 1 week in advance.
•   Trip requests are accepted in our office:
    – Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    – Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Scheduling Transit Service
• When making a reservation, please
 be prepared to furnish the rider’s
 name, pick up point, destination,
 duration of trip, a telephone
 number, and if any
 accommodations such as
 wheelchair or a personal attendant
 are necessary.
OCTA Office Contact
• (419)898-RIDE (7433)
• (888)898-RIDE toll free
• Ohio Relay (800)750-0750
Agency-Related Services
Independent Choices                                    419-732-0155
Clients and their families
Innovative Support Services                            419-898-5409
Clients who attend Day services in Oak Harbor
Ottawa County MR/DD                                    419-898-0400
Medical, educational, Employment for qualifying Ottawa County Clients
Ottawa County Senior Resources (senior centers) 419-898-OCTA
Contact OCTA for all senior transportation needs
Ottawa County Department of Job & Family Services 419-898-3688
Low-income clients-basic needs. Enhanced Program (medical app'ts)
   Job Find Program (employ., training, etc.) Low-income eligible

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Ottawa County Educational Service Center                      419-855-3589
School age riders. Career Camps & PIC Program.Leadership, tutoring &
   job skills training. (Subject to availability of funding)
Rural Opportunities                                          419-354-3548
Migrant camps, Hispanic community. Youth/family unity & educational
   programs. Subject to availability of funding.
WSOS                                                         419-734-2652
Migrant program
Veterans Assistance Center                                   1-800-610-8872
Transport VA patients only.
Volunteers of America                                        419-626-6505

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Other transportation-related resources or services
• Salvation Army                                                419-732-2769
Provides money for gasoline once/year – limited to availability of donations.
• Share-A-Ride                                                  419-241-1919
Get connected with people going your way.
• Vehicle Repair (Dept. of Job & Family Services)             1-800-665-1677
Car repairs for low-income individuals with minor children for work purposes
• Ottawa County Board of Elections
Provide transportation to and from voting booths on voting days
                       419-898-3071 or 1-800-697-9807

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      Rehabilitation Services Commission
Vocational rehab services for people with disabilities:
Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR)
serves People w physical, mental & emotional disabilities.
Ottawa County Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor: Gale Kline (419)625-8819
Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired
      serves people with low vision or blindness.
Ottawa County Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor BVR : Bobbi Miga (419)866-5811

 Fees: none (must be eligible)
 Continuing education, supplies & books
 Work adjustment training
 Tools & equipment, assistive or adaptive devices
 Job placement, training and follow-up.

                                                   Gatekeeper Training 2009
                   Ottawa County Board of MR/DD
Hours: M- F, 8- 4                               (419) 898-0400
• Service & Support Administration                            toll free: 866-755-4440
• Transportation (contracted through OCTA)
• Family Support funds disbursement
•Family Support Specialist / Advocacy
• Benefit Coordination
• Senior Enrichment programs
• Employment: Sheltered, Supported and Community (contracted through Riverview Industries,
•Affordable housing development and management (contracted through Ottawa Residential
Services Inc.)
• Nursing Consultation
• Supported Living funding for community residential support
• Active Treatment and skills development Habilitation Center (Medicaid Program)
• Early Intervention Developmental Therapy Coordination
• Early Intervention Service Coordination (0-3 year olds)
• Administration of Medicaid for waiver programs
• 24-hour on-call emergency system
•Major unusual incident investigation

                                                      Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                        The Ability Center
Hours M-F 8:30-5             (419)734-0330
Assists people w/ disabilities to live their lives as
independently as possible. Core services include:
• Advocacy Services
   –Systems Advocacy – on issues such as education, transportation, housing
   and personal attendant care.
• Community Living and Information Services
• Equipment Loan Program
• Youth and Independent Living Skills Services
   –Youth Leadership Group- for youth ages 13-19 with disabilities
• Home Modification and Ramp Program
• Nursing Home Transition Program
• Independent Living Assistance Program

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               Sight Center of Northwest Ohio
The Sight Center provides services that maximize the
independence of individuals who are blind or visually impaired and
minimize the incidence of blindness through education and
Fees - - Sliding fee & third party (BSVI, Medicaid, Medicare, etc)
• Rehabilitation Teaching
• Orientation & Mobility
• Technology Resource Center
• Job Development Services and Employment Consultation
• Visual Rehabilitation Assessment & Optical Aid Training
• Education and Prevention of Blindness Services
• Radio Reading Service (SCAN)
• Talking Books
• Roving Eye Mobile Unit

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                  Community Health Services
 Located in Fremont Ohio              medical:419.334.4428
 Fees - sliding fee scale             dental: 419.334.8943
• Ottawa County residents may obtain services
• By appointment, but 24-hour crisis line is available
• Provide prevention, outpatient, intervention and residential
• Evaluation, treatment & guidance to families of kids with
emotional issues
• Services for teen parents
• Dental services
• Migrant Services

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                                 Hospice Services
• Stein Hospice                   • Odyssey Healthcare
• 419.732.1787                    • 419.887.6700
• Heartland Home Health and       • Serves all Ottawa County
Hospice                           residents diagnosed
• 419.448.8518 or 800.505.7444    terminally ill
• Cottage Cove at Riverview       • Bereavement Services
Healthcare                        • grief recovery program -
• 419.898.2851                    pain consults
• Memorial Home Health and        • Home care
Hospice                           • Inpatient care Center
• 419.545.6419 or 800.419.1555
• Hospice of Northwest Ohio
• 419.661.4001

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        Dental Center of Northwest Ohio

• Fees - sliding fee scale, Medicaid 419.241.6215
• By appointment only
• Provide dental care for children and adults
• Mobile unit travels to nursing homes
• Satellite site in Findlay
• New mobile dental unit in Ottawa County
   •Located in front of Ottawa County Health
   •Contact OC Health Department for dates and
                             Gatekeeper Training 2009
          Take Five

   Gatekeeper Training 2009
                                         TDH Enterprises, Inc.
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30                                     (419)732-1420

• Employment services for youth and/or clients of BVR
      •Income eligibility/ barrier
• Youth must be eligible for serves through the Workforce Investment Act
• Case Management, Tutoring, job seeking, job skills, job development, leadership development and
financial assistance for post high school education
• Call for appointment
•YEP! (Youth Employment Program)

•YEP! Requirements
•Must be between the ages of 16-21 years of age.
•Youthful offender and/or disengaged from the educational system.
•Income eligible 200% poverty guidelines

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Ottawa County Educational Service Center

• Serve Ottawa County Residents only          419.855.3589
• Must be under the age of 21
• Audiological Services (hearing impaired)
• Autism
• Gifted and Talented
• Home School Accreditation
• Ohio Reads Program
• Parent Mentors
• Speech and Language
• Visually Impaired
• Youth-at-risk (drop outs/GED/job preparation)

                                     Gatekeeper Training 2009
          Easter Seals of Northwest Ohio

• Home Care Services               (419)734-3031
• Home Care Caregiver Training
• Children's Developmental Services
• Durable Medical Equipment Loans
• Child Passenger Safety Program
• Special Needs Car Seats
• Summer Camps / Camperships
• Disability Awareness / Public Education Programs
• Information and Referrals

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  The Ohio State University Extension

Hours: M-F 8am-4:30pm (419)898-3631/1-800-322-4159
•Agriculture Services
•Family and Consumer Services
          -Dining with diabetes
          -Family nutrition program
• Monthly Spending Less, Living Better Classes
      -Financial management materials and trainings
      -Bankruptcy and debtor education
      -Childcare provider training
•4-H Youth Development
      -Car Teens
      -After school collaborations
      -Community Clubs and summer camp
•Community Development
               -Leadership Ottawa County

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                             Joyful Connections
           phone: 567-262-3181 fax: 567-262-3182
By appointment only
•may receive referrals from:
    •courts, attorneys, social workers,
      children services or self referrals
    •referral and orientation process required
•Supervised exchanges-parents and grandparents can
  exchange their children for visitation;
•Supervised visitation-children can visit with one or both
parents or grandparents

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     Family and Children First Council

Hours: M-F, 8am-4:30pm   419-898-3688 ext 211 or 229
Serves any family with a minor child in the
• Family Preservation Program
• Service Coordination for Multi- Need Families
•Family Case Management
• Child & Family Wraparound Teams
•Help keep families together
• Help children & youth succeed in school

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