FOIA Request of State Auditor by nashmusic


									Eddie Garcia
Post Office Box 120235
Nashville, TN 37212

SENT VIA US Mail & Telecopier (617) 727-5981

January 31, 2012

Office of the State Auditor, Executive Office
Room 230
State House
Boston, MA 02133

Re: Audit of Monies Paid to State Legislators

Dear Auditor Bump:

I am inquiring on this particular subject matter to clear up a misconception or confirm
the issue.

Mr. Mark Finnerty of the Legislative office of Treasury advised me that each legislator
is given an annual amount of $ 7,200 to operate, fund and administrate their Capitol
office and/or their district office.

Additionally, that they are taxed on their W2 for the income of the $ 7,200. However, I
am confused if there is an audit available or a report available to audit or review how
they actually spend taxpayer dollars.

I cannot imagine, in these economically trying times, that this $7,200, times the
number of legislators, is just given out and no method is in place to ensure it is being
spent on official legislative duties, matters, expenses rather than paying their personal
rent or mortgage, electric or heating bills or car payments or vacations in the

Is there such an audit available and may I request an audit be done on the receipts,
disbursements to and of the following legislator for the years he was in the House of

                WILLIAM LANTIGUA, former state Representative.

Thank you and I am hopeful there is a mechanism in place to ensure the steward of
the taxpayers monies is ensuring their money is well spent and appropriately.


Eddie Garcia

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