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									1300 University Blvd., CH 310
 Birmingham, AL 35294-1170
       (205) 934-4736
      UAB Department of Physics
         & Samford University
Research Experience for Undergraduates

    2004 REU participants with faculty mentors,
           Dean & Associate Dean NSM
Research Experience for Teachers (RET)

Debbie Anderson      Eric Lambert              Sean Ward
   RET 2003            RET 2003                 RET 2004
     JCIB         Clay-Chalkville High   Jesse Bethel High School
                        School                  Vallejo, CA
• National Science Foundation
  (NSF), REU & RET Program
• "Regional Initiative to Promote Undergraduate
  Participation in Experimental and Computational
  Materials Research“
   – Open to U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents
   – Underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply

• Alabama Space Grant Consortium (ASGC)
  “Research Experience for Undergraduate Students”
                 Program Goals
– Introduce and expose undergraduate students and teachers to the
  cutting edge research taking place at UAB
– Provide students and teachers with the opportunity to plan and conduct
  a research project
– Students learn how to draw conclusions from the research that they’ve
– Students learn how to discuss and present their findings
– Students and teachers establish long-term mentoring relationships with
  UAB faculty and graduate students
– Expose students to the many opportunities in the sciences
– Create interest in pursuing graduate studies
– Teachers will be able to use the RET experience to enhance their
  classroom experience
– Develop mechanisms to support high school science programs and
  mentoring relationships
– Teachers work with REU students in their research efforts
        Interdisciplinary Research
• Physics Department is currently conducting
  Interdisciplinary research with the following departments.
  Students can see how disciplines join forces in research
  and development
   – Chemistry
   – Biophysics
   – Materials Science & Engineering
   – Physiology
   – Dentistry
• Students can see how disciplines join forces in research
  and development
In the Lab – Physiology & Biophysics

Jorge Nunez, 2004 Physics
  1st Place Physics Poster
  Presentation Winner

Project Title: “Human Mesenchymal
  Stem Cell Attachment and Spreading
  on #-D Porous Hydroxyapatite Bone
  Graft Substitute.”
                 Available Projects
• Astronomy and Astrophysics
   – Spectroscopic analysis of planetary materials
      • Exploration of Mars from an exobiological perspective

• Biophysics
   – Imaging of Bio-materials
      • How to move DNA molecules around and store information

• Computational Physics
   – Computer simulation of chemical vapor deposition in materials
      • Watch materials grow from the gas phase on surfaces in a
   – Computer Simulation of Properties of Materials
      • How to model the properties of polymers, ceramics, and
   – Evaluate Defects in Microelectronic Materials
      • Learn how to examine the brains of your computer
            In the Lab – Materials Research
Mpumelelo Richards conducts Materials Research in Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut’s lab
           Mpu tied for 2nd Place in the 2004 Poster Presentation

 Project Title: “Analysis of Unidentified SiC Defect Using Electron
 Paramagnetic Resonance”
         More Available Projects
• Laser & Optics Research
   – Studies on New-Laser Materials
      • How to make your own super laser

• Materials Research
   – Microwave Plasma Processing of Materials
      • How to make good quality synthetic diamond crystals and films
   – Explore the world of nano-materials synthesis and characterization
      • How to build a single electron memory device
   – High Pressure-High Temperature Research
      • How to make new materials by pressing and laser heating
   – Research at National Synchrotron Facilities
      • Investigate crystal structure of materials using bright x-ray sources

• Optical Coherence-Based Imaging
   – Helping physicians to "look" inside the human body with light instead of
                 In The Labs - Optics
        Justin Allman working with Dr. Sergey Mirov in the Optics Lab
  Justin was Physics 2nd Place winner (tie) in the 2004 Poster Presentation

Project Title: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of bulk
and thin film TM-doped II-VI materials
                  What To Expect
• Room check-in

• Orientation
   – Complete payroll information
   – Complete key request and obtain access cards
   – Receive access codes
   – Overview of program and objectives
   – Tour facilities

• Faculty Presentations

• Opportunity to travel to our industrial partner sites

• Weekly Development Seminars

• Poster Presentations at the end of program
          Faculty Presentations
• Faculty present information about their current
  research projects
• Students and teachers will then
  – Identify points of interest during presentations

  – Determine which research project is of interest to them

  – Arrange to meet with faculty members that they would like to
    work with

  – Establish mentor relationship with chosen faculty member,
    establish goal and begin research project
Student Career Development Seminars
• Scientific Researchers and Scientific Communication
• Talking about Your Research: Scientific Posters and Talks
• Finding the Graduate School That’s Right for You and the
  Funding to Pay for It
• Putting it All in Writing
• Ethics in Science: Cooperation & Health Collaboration in the
• Ethics in Science: Mentoring and Authorship
• Practice Poster Presentations by the REU
• From Idea to IPO, Parts 1 & 2
• Poster Presentation
• REU Student Power Point Presentations to faculty
• REU wrap-up and review session
         Poster Presentation
• Students present their work at the Poster
  Presentation at the end of the program

• 1st and 2nd places winners are designated in
  each of the participating categories

• In 2004, Two Physics REU students tied for 2nd
  place in the Poster Presentation
  (Mpumelelo Richards and Justin Allman)
    Resume Enhancers & Career Builders
•     Student Publications
     – Mentors submit student research papers to
       national journals for publication
       1. Shane A. Catledge, Monique Cook*, Yogesh K. Vohra,
          Erick M. Santos, Michelle D. McClenny, and K. David
          Moore, “Surface Crystalline Phases and
          Nanoindentation Hardness of Explanted Zirconia
          Femoral Heads”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials
          in Medicine 14, 863 (2003)

       2. M.E. Zvanut, Haiyan Wang, Mpumelelo Richards, and V.
          V. Konovalov "Observation of an S=1 native defect in
          as-grown high purity semi-insulating silicon carbide"
          (Submitting 2004)
  Resume Enhancers & Career Builders
     Students have the opportunity to present their research project and
                      findings at national conferences

Lorenzo Smith II (REU 2004),
   Abstract accepted for
   presentation at 2004 Fall
   Meeting of the Materials
   Research Society, Boston,
   MA, Nov. 29-Dec 3, 2004.
   "Gas-Phase Nanoparticle
   Dynamics During Laser
   Synthesis of Zinc Oxide
   Nanostructures“, Lorenzo
   Smith II, Masashi Matsumura,
   Renato P. Camata

    Shatoya Brown (REU 2004) (Photo not available)
    Abstract accepted for presentation at 2004 Fall Meeting of the Materials
    Research Society, Boston, MA, Nov. 29-Dec 3, 2004. "A Hybrid
    Laser/Aerosol Method for the Synthesis of Porous Nanostructured Calcium
    Phosphate Materials for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications.“ Shatoya
    Brown, Hyunbin Kim, Renato P. Camata.
• The REU program will pay $3,288 for ten week

• Additional $612 for stay at UAB campus
  dormitory during summer

• Plus participant travel expenses (up to $371) for
                      The Process
• Complete Application (Online application for 2005 REU/RET
  Program is not available until November 29, 2004)
• Forward link for recommendation to the person who will be providing
  you with a recommendation
• Request official transcript or letters of recommendation to be mailed
    – Dr. Yogesh K. Vohra
      c/o Charita Cadenhead
      University of Alabama at Birmingham
      1530 3rd Avenue South
      CH 310
      Birmingham, AL 35294-1170
• Complete applications (with all documents) will be submitted to
  committee for review and selection
• Applicants accepted into the program will be notified via U.S. Mail
  and e-mail no later than April 1st.
            Contact Information
Dr. Yogesh K. Vohra
   Director, REU Program
   (205) 934-6662
                           University of Alabama at Birmingham
                           Department of Physics
Dr. James C. Martin
   Director, RET Program   1300 University Blvd., CH 310
   (205) 934-8090          Birmingham, AL 35294-1170

Charita Cadenhead
  Program Coordinator
  (205) 975-8076

Fax: (205) 975-8009

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