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									              Internet Business Marketing

                                                                             By: Matt Bacak
The only way to get more clients to your online business is by using a host of internet business
marketing strategies. These strategies will attract web surfers to your site and hopefully convert
into sales. That being said, the following are a few things you could incorporate into your
internet business marketing strategies.

   1. Search engine optimization
This is where you make your website easily usable by humans and also allow for search engine
spiders to crawl it. This internet business marketing facet requires developing high quality
content, better site arrangement, incorporating various media etc. When you take time to
optimize your website for search engines, you’ll get a lot of free high quality site traffic which
will result in many sales.

   2. Social media
Social media sites are very good for creating better relationships with your clients and
prospective customers. Creating social media pages is an internet business marketing technique
that will allow you to inform people of contests, new products, changes in your business model
etc. and allow you to get immediate feedback. It is also very easy to turn your followers into
repeat customers allowing for greater sales.

   3. Video content
More people are gravitating to video sites as their main information sources over written
content. This means that you should create a lot of unique video content and post it to the top
video sites. These videos can be about your business, how to videos, product descriptions etc.
Depending on the content, they could go viral causing a jump in new clients and thus sales. The
best thing about this internet business marketing facet is that it’s very easy to accomplish; you
just need a video camera.

   4. Local listings
You have to make listings on Google places, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp etc. in order to attract
clients in your business. This internet business marketing technique will sensitize people about
the services you offer, how to get to your site, contests etc. These listings are also listed on
search engines meaning that people looking for the service or product you offer have a chance
of getting to your business.

   5. Write reviews
Most people read customer reviews before buying anything over the internet. This means that
you should find ways for clients and other businesses to say positive things about your
business, products or services. This can be in the form of positive comments, testimonials,
product reviews etc. This internet business marketing facet will give credibility to your online
business causing more clients to trust you and therefore buy from you. This means that you
have to offer high quality services in order to get positive reviews.

   6. Email marketing
This internet business marketing strategy has been around for a long time but it’s still effective.
You have to collect emails from clients and prospective customers in order to pitch your
products and services to them in the future. You have to make your respondents trust you by
first sending them useful information. After gaining rapport, start pitching your product or
service. Email marketing is also another good way to keep your clients updated on any changes
in the business.

There are many other things you can incorporate into your internet business marketing
strategy. It usually takes a lot of time and work but the effects are usually well worth the

There are many strategies to making money on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless
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