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					   Westchester Owners
       Committee                                    Westchester RAP
    Board of Trustees                                                 October 2009
Robin Motley, 281-579-0761x624                                  WOC Needs Your Help
         Vice President
  Craig Parks, 281-497-7239              The WOC Board of Trustee’s and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) are           working hard to maintain the attractive appearance and appeal of our neighborhood in
                                    order to promote continued value appreciation of our homes. To be most effective we
  Jerry Ramos, 281-531-5952         need everyone’s help!                   Many violations result from homeowners lack of knowledge of the deed restric-
          Treasurer                 tions. We encourage every resident to go to the our website
 Bonnie Tyndall, 281-497-4940       and become familiar with the deed restrictions and ACC Guidelines.                 It is the responsibility of each homeowner to know the deed restrictions and the
              Patrol                ACC guidelines and insure that they are in compliance with both. By being knowl-
Carroll Satterfield, 281-493-3136   edgeable and following them you do your part to help cut down on the number if vio-        lations which must be attended too and you help to maintain the appearance and safety
              Legal                 of our neighborhood.
   Clay Roth, 713-840-6676               One deed restriction that is routinely violated is Article IV Section 8’s prohibition            on contractor’s parking of trailers over night in front of a residence. In addition to de-
 Sanitation/Mosquito Control        tracting from the appearance of the neighborhood, the parking of trailers is also a
 John DeFilippo, 281-493-9899       safety hazard. Trailers are hard for drivers to see around and kids can be easily ob-              scured by them creating a real hazard.
   Joe Barber, 281-236-4363              If everyone will see to it that their contractors are adhering to this restriction we                all will be able to enjoy a safer and more attractive neighborhood. Thanks.
  Bob Ferguson, 281-493-6402
     Community Relations
  Robin Foster, 281-759-7567
 John LeaRussa, 281-531-7971
  Swim /Tennis Membership
  Dawn Dudley, 281-870-8576
       Pool Reservations
   Myra Lewis, 281-870-9808
    Ming Su, 281-531-1587
    Architectural Control
   Joe Smith, 281-496-9346
   Clay Roth, 713-840-6676
  Bill Hopkins, 281-497-7937
                                                           October Yard of the Month                                         14747 Quail Grove
                                                                  Mark & Michelle Barrett
  W/NFVIII Women’s Club           Westchester / Nottingham Forest VIII
             Chairman                    Women’s Club News
   Linda Rapp, 281-558-4652

             Treasurer                Our new directories are out, and they are beautiful! Thanks to Carol
 Allison Easton, 281-597-1252    Litzman and Karla Gjertsen for doing a wonderful job, and to Sue Steinbis      for lining up our sponsors. Thanks, to our members (over 170!) and our
Project Disbursements / Ads /    sponsors for their support, enabling our neighborhood club to keep going
           Lunch Bunch           strong and giving back to our community each year.
   Sue Steinbis, 281-496-2482         If you joined the club this year and have not yet received your new di-
                                 rectory, contact Carol Litzman at or 281-589-2595. If
                                 you'd like to join, it's never too late! Bring your $15 check (made out to W/
              Advisors           NFVIII Women's Club) to Allison Easton, 14903 Broadgreen, and put it in
   Myra Lewis, 281-870-9808      the box on her porch. You'll also find membership forms in the box.
   Sue Steinbis, 281-496-2482
     Moms and Moms-to-Be                                       October Coffee
   Ruth Parks, 281-497-7239           Plan to come to our next neighborhood coffee on Friday, October 16, to       chat and snack. Gail Baragar is opening her home at 14723 Kellywood for
           Pool Marquee          all neighbors to drop in between 10 A.M. and 11:30. We hope you'll stop
   Myra Lewis, 281-870-9808      by! If you can bring a plate of fruit or goodies, let Linda Rapp know at      281-558-4652 or
   Corresponding Secretary                                  Halloween Treat
   Ann Didion, 281-558-6316
             Directory                Carol Litzman is planning a “terror-ific” Potluck Lunch, but we prom-
 Karla Gjertsen, 281-752-4565    ise, it won’t be too scary, just a good time to be together. Drop by to taste
                                 some of our "witches' brew" on Thursday, October 29, from 12-2 p.m. at        14722 Carolcrest. Please call or e-mail Carol (281-589-2595 or litz-
               E-mail   to let her know that you’re coming and what you can contrib-
  Robin Foster, 281-759-7567     ute to our informal luncheon. So, come enjoy the fun!
        Yard of the Month                 Fun Girlfriend Time! Glamor Shot Outing
     & Holiday Decorations           Make Friday, November 13th your lucky day: enjoy a makeover
Sharon Standefer, 281-752-4433   and light lunch, receive a beautiful 5x7 professional photo by "Remember
           Art to Lunch          When Photography" all for $12 during our outing to the Mary Kay Studio,
 Cynthia Weir, 281-531-6757      11301 Richmond (between Kirkwood and Wilcrest) from 9:45 to 1:00.
   Linda Rapp, 281-558-4652      Reservations are needed. Please contact Lilac Gallery at
                                 or 281-558-4226. Let her know if you'd like to carpool.
                                Cornelius’ Timely Tip for October
    Did you know that fall is one of the best times to plant trees, shrubs and perennials? Nursery stock planted now al-
lows for roots to settle in and become established. When spring arrives, this root system can support and take full advan-
tage of the surge of new growth. Fresh nursery stock is arriving daily so, stop by and take advantage of the selection
available and this wonderful time of the year to work outdoors!
    Once again, we have received heirloom bulbs from The Southern Bulb Company. Chris Wiesinger, aka “The Bulb
Hunter,” searches the Texas countryside to gather and preserve the “lost and forgotten” varieties; he then propagates and
reintroduces them back to the home gardener. Our collection of Fall bulbs (plant these now for Spring blooms) include,
the Red Spider Lily, ‘Gold Dawn’ Narcissus and ‘Snowflake’ Leucojum. These varieties, in addition to several others
available, are full-sized bulbs and are grown from historic stock. We will also be receiving Tulip bulbs which are suited
for Texas gardens-they require no refrigeration or digging up each year!
    The Fall season has so much to offer in the garden! Visit for more fun ideas and activities!

                                                     Lawn Smarts
                                                     By Mary Anne Fried

    The clippings from your freshly mowed lawn are chock full of nutrients. So don’t throw them away!! Buy a mulch-
ing mower blade to replace your current blade and you won’t have to bag your clippings!
    A mulching blade will allow you to leave the clippings on the lawn where they’ll feed your grass all over again.
(Your finished lawn will look just like it does when you use a regular blade.) Over the course of a season, you can return
enough nitrogen to your lawn to equal an additional fertilizer application. And you don’t have to buy plastic bags and
throw bags of grass into the landfill!
    When fall rolls around, most of your leaves can be mulched too; if you run the mower over them weekly instead of
raking and bagging the leaves.
    Doing this one simple thing; buying a mulching mower blade or asking your lawn service to use one, saves the envi-
ronment and your wallet.

                              Update On Prohibited Yard Parking Program
      The Westchester Owners Committee’s application to the Houston Planning and Development Department to estab-
lish a Prohibited Yard Parking Requirement Area (Section 28-303 of the Code of Ordinances) within the subdivision is
still under review, and it may be later this month before we learn if it has been accepted.
      If the application is accepted, residents will have 20 days to submit written protests against establishing a Prohibited
Yard Parking Program for our neighborhood. Notice of the protest period will be made with signs posted at entry points
to the neighborhood and online at the neighborhood Web site, if the application is ac-
      The program would prohibit homeowners from parking vehicles on unimproved front and side yards. If established
in Westchester, violations in the Prohibited Yard Parking Requirement Area would be a misdemeanor, and violators
could receive a fine up to $150 a day.
      For more information, contact WOC Community Relations Chairperson Robin Foster at 281-759-7567 or or the Houston Planning and Development Department at 713-837-7880.
                                                 Mom’s Club News
     This fall the Moms Group will meet at least once a month during the week and once a month on a Saturday for play
dates for all ages and once a month for Moms Night Out Dinner. The dates for October are:
Lunch at the Playground – Friday, October 2, Noon at the St. John Vianney Playground. This is a great enclosed play-
ground perfect for little ones. Bring your lunches and let’s meet for a play date.
Saturday Morning Play date – Saturday, October 17, 10:00 am at Nottingham Elementary Playground. We will meet
at the elementary school playground so big brothers and sisters can come along too!
Moms Night Out Dinner – Thursday October 22, 7:00 pm, location to be announced. Check out Big Tent for the lat-
est details.
Family Halloween Party - To be determined and posted on Big Tent soon.

If you would like to be added to the Moms Group e-mail list, please contact Ruth Parks 281-497-7239 or ruth- or Kristin Anthony at Moms group is a great way to meet people in our
neighborhood with preschool aged kids. We are a very casual group and all are welcome to join. Dads and expectant
mothers are welcome to join too.

                    Security Update                                            Reminders
    There has been some vandalism to cars parked on        Heavy Trash Pickup is every Friday — Please move your
streets in and around Westchester lately. One incident       heavy trash items to the curb on Thursday evening or
involved tires being slashed on several cars. This is                           Friday morning.
another good reminder of why it is important to park        The next meeting of the WOC Board will be held on
in your driveway and not on the street.                    Tuesday September 15 at 7:00 pm in Room E-9 at St. John
                                                              Vianney All homeowners are encouraged to attend.
          New HPD Crime Monitoring Site
                                                                          Helpful Numbers
     The Houston Police Department has launched the
first phase of a new interactive crime tool for citizens               Constable – 281-463-6666 The goal of this                Republic Waste – 281-446-2030
new crime statistics website is to keep citizens in-           Cypress Creek Pest Control – 281-469-2679
formed of crime occurring in areas where they live          __________________________________________
and work and to help HPD in solving crimes.
     Users can track and map crime trends in neighbor-      RAP feedback and ideas for improvement are welcome.
hoods throughout the city. Search for crime incidents,      Written submissions are due by the 20th of each month.
occurring as far back as 30 days or as recent as within      Send to Joe Barber by e-mail at
the last 24 hours.

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