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									Waste Management Seminar
KvK, UK Trade & Investment and UK meets NL

Global Transaction Services
June 2011
Dick Oskam
Head of Global Transaction Services, Netherlands
What is Global Transaction Services?
Dick Oskam
Head of Global Transaction Services, Netherlands
Organisational Structure

When formed in 2008 GTS brought together
• RBS N.V. (formerly know as ABN AMRO Bank N.V.) transaction banking
• Citizens corporate money transmission
• RBS Commercial Cards
• RBS international banking services and banking relationship services
• RBS Lynk (Divested in Nov 2010, 20% stake retained)
• RBS Merchant Acquiring (Divested in Nov 2010, 20% stake retained)
• Ulster Bank
• UK & Netherlands Domestic Cash Management

In 2011 GTS has expanded to include
• Trustee and Depositary Services (TDS)
• RBS Luxembourg S.A.

Access the Resources of our Global Network
Corporate Cash Management Clearing Capabilities
Because our clients
                                                RBS corporate cash management clearing capabilities around the world
operate globally, we are
firmly committed to
maintaining an extensive
worldwide presence
With regional trading
hubs in the world’s key
financial centres, our
capabilities are available
around the clock                                                                   Stamford
                                                                                                                                         Hong Kong



             Notes: (1) Through partner bank
                                                Americas          Europe, the Middle East and Africa                          Asia Pacific
  (2) The sale of our Argentina business to
        Banco Comafi S.A. is expected to be     Brazil1           Austria            Ireland                Russia            Australia1             Pakistan1
             completed in H1 2011 subject to    Canada            Belgium            Italy                  Slovakia          China                  Philippines1
                          regulatory approval   United States     Bulgaria1          Kazakhstan             Slovenia1         Hong Kong              Singapore
         (3) RBS completed it's orderly wind-
           down of the Venezuelan business      Mexico            Croatia1           Latvia1                South Africa1     India                  South Korea
   (4) RBS successfully completed the sale      Colombia1         Czech Republic     Lithuania1             Spain             Indonesia              Taiwan1
       of RBS Chile business to The Bank of     Venezuela3        Denmark            Luxembourg             Sweden            Japan                  Thailand
    Nova Scotia (Scotiabank Chile). On the
    same date, The Royal Bank of Scotland
                                                Argentina2        Estonia1           Netherlands            Switzerland       Malaysia               Vietnam1
     N.V. signed a Partner Bank Agreement       Chile4            Finland1           Norway1                Turkey            New Zealand1
                        with Scotiabank Chile   Ecuador1          France             Poland                 United Arab
     (5) We have announced the sale of our      Peru1             Germany            Portugal1              Emirates

             business in Uzbekistan to Korea
  Development Bank expect to complete in        Uruguay1          Greece             Romania                United Kingdom
                                     H1 2011                      Hungary1                                  Uzbekistan5

Product Structure
                              Global Banking &                             UK Corporate &
                                                                                                                  Citizens                                   Ulster
                                  Markets                                   Commercial

                                                                            GLOBAL TRANSACTION SERVICES

                                      Cash                                                          Trade                                  Cards                      TDS & Mgt Co services

  International Liquidity                    Payables and                            Traditional Trade                       Commercial Cards                         Trustee / Depositary
  & Investment Mgt                           Receivables                             Finance                                 •   Onecard                              Services (UK)
  • Global Concentration                     •   Electronic Wire Payments             •   Letters of Credit                  •   Declining Balance Card               • Independent Trustee /
  • Multibank Sweeping                       •   Electronic ACH Payments              •   Collections                        •   Approval to Buy                        Depositary services provided
  • Cross Border Cash                        •   Cheque issuance                      •   Guarantees                         •   Lodge Card
                                                                                                                                                                        – UCITS retail schemes
      Optimisation                           •   Electronic Direct Debit              •   Document Preparation               •   Expense Management &
                                                                                                                                                                        – Non-UCITS retail schemes
  •   Investment Solutions                   •   Cash collection                      •   Channel: MaxTrad                       Reporting
                                                                                                                                                                        – Qualified Investor
  •   MoneyMarket Investor                   •   Electronic receipt                                                                                                         schemes
  •   Short term funding solutions           •   SEPA payments                                                                                                          – Common Investment
  •   Multicurrency conversion               •   Lockbox                                                                                                                    Funds
  •   FX micropay                                                                                                                                                       – FSA unauthorised

  Solutions for FIs                          Channels                                Supply Chain Solutions                  Merchant services                        Independent
  • Clearing solutions (€, £, $,             •   Access Direct                        • Pre- & Post Shipment                 products – via our                       Management Company
      Global Currency Solutions              •   Access Online                            Finance                            Partner Worldpay                         (Luxembourg)
      and Global Payment
                                             •   SWIFT Corporate Access               • Export LC Finance                    •   Card Acceptance                      • Full liability Third-Party
                                             •   RBS Service Bureau                   • Receivables Purchase                 •   Point of Sale terminals                Management Company
  • FI Corporate Solutions                                                                Programmes                                                                    services to Luxembourg
      (International ACH, Corporate                                                                                          •   Integrated Point of Sales              UCITS (SICAV/FCP) and
                                                                                      • Supply Side receivables
      Account Services)
                                                                                          purchase programme
                                                                                                                             •   Additional Value Products              non-UCITS (SIF) schemes
  • FI Treasury Solutions (CLS                                                                                               E commerce                               • Standalone Risk
      Third Party Service, Treasury                                                   • MaxTrad Supply Chain
                                                                                          Finance                            Business Gateway                           Management Services to
      Settlements, Ancillary                                                                                                                                            Irish, UK & Lux Fund
      Settlement Services)                                                                                                   Hi Capacity Gateway
  • NBFI Solutions                                                                                                           Global Gateway

Customer Value Proposition

Customer needs                                                       GTS Delivery

• Make and receive payments quickly and reliably across the          • Physical (branch network) and internet licenses on a global
 globe                                                                scale

• Up to date (intraday) information on payment status, account       • Reliable internet-enabled technologies that deliver real-time
 balance globally                                                     payment information

• Maximise the efficiency of cash and liquidity management           • Efficient processes that maximise straight through

• Risk management services (network and currency)                    • Local knowledge and advisory services – tailored solutions
                                                                      rather than standard products

GTS in the UK
Janet Benjamin, Director
Global Transaction Services UK
Global Transaction Services in United Kingdom

                                      Head Office
RBS in United Kingdom
                                      36 St Andrew Square
                                      EH2 2YB
                                      Tel. +44 (0)131 556 8555

                                      • Presence in the United Kingdom since 1727

                                      • Branches over 1,900

                                      • Global Transaction Services (GTS) ranks among the top five
                                       payments businesses in the world. Our offering combines expertise
                                       in international cash and liquidity management, trade and supply
                                       chain finance, global merchant services and commercial cards for
                                       our corporate, financial institutions and public sector clients

Market leading credentials in the UK

Today the RBS group        RBS has the capacity and the capability to fully meet your needs
will process…              • 95% of FTSE 100 companies bank with RBS
3.5m cheques and credits   • We process £1 in every £3 in the UK economy
                           • No. 1 processor of BACS items
£38m dispensed from
                           • No. 1 processor of CHAPS payments
                           • Largest acquirer of card transactions with c.48% market share (via Worldpay)
£100m of card              • ISO9002 accredited Corporate Service Centre
payments acquired

£127bn of CHAPS
payments made
                           RBS offers local expertise and global reach
18,900 standing orders     • RBS is a top 6 Cash Management Bank globally (Source: Euromoney)
and Direct Debits set up
                           • Top 10 global SWIFT processor
132,700 telephone calls    • RBS is a trusted brand with 40m customers globally, 25m in the UK

Market Position

• RBS is the 6th largest transaction bank by revenues behind Citi, HSBC, Bank of America, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank (FY
• The 2010 Euromoney surveys confirmed that RBS is one of the top 6 global transactions banks with 6th places in the most used
 international cash manager and trade finance categories

                                     UK                  Netherlands                Western Europe*           USA                        Asia

 Overall cash management             1st                 1st                        11th                      10th                       12th

 Domestic cash management            1st                 1st                        18th                      15th                       15th

 International cash management       2nd                 1st                        10th                      5th                        9th

 Trade                               1st                 2nd                        16th                      6th                        6th
                                                Source: RBS Cash Management Market Share, Business research findings, prepared by Greenwich Associates, April 2011
                                                                                                                             Note: * Excluding UK and Netherlands

• The North America proposition has recorded significant improvement and RBS is now seen as the 2nd foreign bank behind only
• Commercial Cards are believed to have market share of c.30% in the UK and are #10 globally

Doing Business in the UK

 The UK is a popular place to do business. In fact it attracts more foreign direct investment than any
other European country*, reflecting it’s status as one of the world’s most open economies**

 As a leading global bank with a presence in the UK that stretches back more than 250 years, we are
well positioned to provide the local expertise and resources you need.

 Our market-leading DCM, ECM and M&A capabilities can support you in reaching your strategic
objectives. Our Relationship Management Teams within Corporate Banking Division teams can provide
expert advice when you need it.

 Within GTS, RBS can manage:
- in-country delivery of domestic and cross-border payments
- foreign exchange
- working capital and supply chain financing
- trade finance
- on-line banking giving you greater control and visibility over your business

(*) UK Dept for Business Innovation & Skills report, February 2011

(**) In the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index 2010, the UK was ranked 4 th out of 183 global economies

Doing Business in the UK

Things to Consider:

• Registering an Establishment or Subsidiary - various forms will need to be submitted in respect of
 Director and shareholder information, address details and other such documents e.g. memorandum &
 articles of association (company byelaws or equivalent).

• Corporation Tax - having registered an establishment or subsidiary the entity will be subject to UK
 taxation. The current full rate of corporation tax is 26%, but this is set to reduce by 1% each year until
 2014, when it will be 23%.

• Value Added Tax - The current standard rate of VAT is 20%. There is also a limited range of goods
 and services subject to the reduced rate of 5%. All companies with revenues over £73,000 per annum
 are required to register for VAT.

• Business & domestic charges payable to local authorities – in the UK, the government
 organisations responsible for setting local business and domestic charges are local authorities and
 national valuation agencies.

• Know your Customer Requirements “KYC” in respect of opening Bank Accounts & doing
 business – KYC is a process undertaken by all Banks to comply with statutory and regulatory
 obligations in relation to the prevention of Money Laundering, Sanctions & Terrorist Funding and other
 criminal activity. Each Bank will have it’s own internal policies in this respect.

United Kingdom – Products and Services

                                                                                                                               DOMESTIC                                                                                                     INTERNATIONAL
                           •   Bacs payments                                                                                   
                           •   Same day value CHAPS payments                                                                   
                           •   Urgent wire payments                                                                                                                                                                                         
                           •   Faster payments                                                                                 
                           •   Payroll solutions                                                                               
                           •   Tax payments                                                                                    
Payments                   •   Book transfers                                                                                                                                                                                              
                           •   Standard payments                                                                                                                                                                                            
                           •   Direct Debit Payments                                                                           
                           •   Standing orders                                                                                                                                                                                             
                           •   FX services                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                           •   SEPA credit transfer                                                                                                                                                                                        
                           •   Cash & Coin (Bulk delivery)                                                                     
                           •   Cheques (Checkpay & Positive pay)                                                               

                                                                                                                               DOMESTIC                                                                                                     INTERNATIONAL
                           • Cash & Coin (Direct cash, PrimeCount, Lockbox,                                                    
                               Business quick deposit, detailed reports)                                                       
                           •   Cheques (Postal payments, centralised encoding)                                                 
                           •   E-invoicing                                                                                                                                                                                                 2
                           •   Direct Debits                                                                                                                                                                                               3
                           •   SEPA Direct Debits                                                                                                                                                                                          
                           •   Standing orders                                                                                 
                           •   Collection Account                                                                                                                                                                                          
                           •   European Lockbox                                                                                4,5                                                                                                         4,5
                           •   Electronic incoming transfers                                                                                                                                                                               

    Note: (1) Domestic cheques cleared locally, foreign cheques sent for clearing or centralised clearing in Frankfurt, restrictions apply (2) Via Direct Debit Limited, restrictions apply (3) International Direct Debit through Access Direct; approvals required (4)
                                                                                                                                 Domestic cheques cleared locally, foreign cheques sent for central processing (5) Multi-country solution delivered through RBS N.V.

United Kingdom – Products and Services (Cont’d)
                     •   Business current account                                                               •   Group Account
                     •   Business currency account                                                              •   Lodge Account
                     •   Business currency extra account                                                        •   Reserve Account
 Account Services    •   Business currency reserve account                                                      •   The One account
                     •   Business instant access reserve                                                        •   Corporate Money Market Account
                     •   Solicitor’s Reserve account                                                            •   Collection Account
                     •   Special Interest Bearing account                                                       •   Currency Interest Paying Account
                     •   Currency Call Deposit account                                                          •   High Yield Currency Accounts

                     •   Global Liquidity                                                                       •   Multi-Bank Cash Concentration
                     •   In-Country Interest Compensation                                                       •   Cross Border Cash Optimisation
                     •   Cross Currency Notional Pooling8                                                       •   Automated Balance Transfer
    Liquidity        •   Global Netting                                                                         •   High-Yield Current Account
   Management        •   Domestic Zero Balancing                                                                •   Investment Accounts
                     •   Cross-Border Zero Balancing                                                            •   Escrow Service
                     •   Shadow Administration                                                                  •   Money Market and Repo

                     • MaxTradTM                                                                                • Purchase Order Management
   Global Trade      • Comprehensive Import Solutions                                                           • Electronic Document Preparation
     Finance         • Comprehensive Export Solutions                                                           • Supply Chain Finance

                     •   Bankline                                                                               •   Access Online
                     •   Datalink                                                                               •   Access Direct
Electronic Banking   •   e-invoicing                                                                            •   SWIFT Corporate Access
                     •   Bankline Direct                                                                        •   The RBS SWIFT Service Bureau (with SWIFT Corporate Access)

                     •   Onecard                                                                                •   Government Procurement Card
                     •   Trade OneCard                                                                          •   Pre-Loaded Card
  Cards Offering     •   Business Credit Card / BusinessOne (Charge Card)                                       •   Approval2BuyTM
                     •   Corporate Card                                                                         •   Zenix Card Alliance
                     •   Purchasing Card                                                                        •   Lodge

                     •   Face-to-face Card Transactions                                                         •   Self-service and Unattended
Payment Services     •   Online Card Transactions (Business Gateway)                                            •   Cross-Border Trading
     from            •   Online Card Transactions (Business Gateway Plus)                                       •   Call Centre
 RBS WorldPay        •   Mail & telephone order                                                                 •   Cash Disbursement
                     •   Recurring Payments

                                                                 Note: (6) Available through RBS N.V.(7) Some features may not be available in certain countries. In addition, there may be legal, tax and regulatory restrictions
                                                                                          (8) Cross Currency National Pooling (CCNP) and CBCO cannot be offered without prior approval of the Global Liquidity Advisory team

Waste Management in the UK

   The UK market is split into 3 main activities

   •Commercial – bin lorries for businesses (restaurants, shops and

   •Municipal – domestic collection, landscaping (local council

   •Industrial – hazardous material, construction sites

   These markets are supported

   •Landfill sites

   •Other key facilities – recycling plants

Guarantee Requirements

Tender bonds
• Provided by the bank of behalf of the client when bidding for new contracts with municipal, industrial or commercial activities

Performance bonds
• Typically issued to local councils, these support the domestic collection contracts that the waste management company has
entered into
• In the main, these are open ended with no fixed expiry date resulting in an increase finance cost
• Amount is a percentage of the overall value of the contract

Environment Agency bonds
• To support the operation of a landfill site
• Bond is linked to the permit that the waste management client needs to obtain from the Environment Agency
• Amount is set to adequately cover the tonnage of input into the landfill
• Value is reviewed either annually, every 3 years, 5 years or other period and linked to the retail price index (RPI)

Asset finance - Lombard
Contract hire
Locate, finance, maintain and dispose of vehicles - from a single car to a commercial fleet - for one fixed
monthly payment.
Contract purchase
The control of ownership, but with greater flexibility at the end. Plus a guaranteed residual value helps
make the asset more affordable.
Finance lease
A flexible method of finance that offers the practical benefits of ownership without the potential burdens.
Hire purchase
A straightforward option, where you ultimately own the asset. Includes flexible payments and perhaps a
balloon final lump sum.
Operating lease
Particularly effective for specialised assets of higher value, this helps improve cash flow and allows off-
balance sheet funding.
Sale and leaseback
A useful option, which gives you a cash injection and no ownership worries - we buy your vehicles and
lease them back to you.
Car and van hire finance
Attractive, tax compatible short-term revolving debt facilities for major vehicle rental businesses.
Working Capital harder with Lombard

Increase your cash flow and avoid the risks of falling asset values.


As a leading global bank with an extensive presence in the UK, RBS is strongly positioned to help
you develop your business in the region.
Our standing in the UK market is built on strong foundations of:
Strong relationship management
A dedicated Relationship Director will help you anticipate issues and spot opportunities, offering a single
point of contact for professional advice and personal service from someone who understands your
business and sector. Supported by the strength of RBS, they can make sure you benefit from an
integrated, seamless solution.
Proven experience
As a global leader in transaction banking, financing and risk management we have supported many
corporates to improve efficiency and achieve their strategic objectives in the UK. Our commitment to
helping clients simplify complexity, optimise working capital and reduce operational risk is valued by
corporate treasurers in global organisations throughout the world.
UK Credentials
RBS in the UK
●#1 Small Business Banking
●#1 Corporate and Commercial
●# 1 Cash Management
●#1 Private Banking
●#2 Personal Current Accounts

                                           Products and Services at a glance

Transaction                                                Advisory                                              Risk management
banking                                                    and finance                                           and trading
Liquidity and Cash Management                              Debt capital markets                                  Currencies
Trade Services                                             Equity capital markets                                Fixed income
Card solutions                                             Corporate broking                                     Risk management solutions
As one of the top five payments                            Corporate finance                                     Equities
businesses globally, we can help                           Through our closely linked capabilities               Organisations face an
you optimise your working capital,                         In debt and equity capital markets,loan markets       increasingly complex range of risks.
increase visibility and control,                           and advisory services, we can support you in          We can work with you to identify
mitigate risk and successfully execute your commercial
                                                           accessing liquidity from a wide variety of sources.   these challenges and develop
strategies around the world. We offer innovative cash
and liquidity management, a full range of trade finance    From expansion through acquisition to balance         targeted solutions to address them.
solutions, as well as merchant acquiring and commercial    sheet structuring and regulatory issues, our          The depth and breadth of our presence across
card products and services.                                integrated corporate finance team is well placed to   asset classes globally gives us the expertise and
• Corporate accounts in sterling, US dollar, euro and      advise you.                                           resources to execute transactions
                                                                                                                 and implement your trading and
other major currencies
• Electronic banking through Bankline, our web-based       ●Debt financing                                       hedging strategies.
electronic banking system                                  ●Equity financing
• Domestic and international payments                      ●Corporate broking                                    ●Interest rates & inflation
• International cash management                            ●Corporate finance and M&A                            ●Foreign exchange
• Trade services, including documentary credits and        ● Structured Finance                                  ●Equities
documentary collections                                                                                          ●Flow credit trading
• Lending products, including overdrafts, term loans and                                                         ●Short-term markets
credit cards                                                                                                     ●Government bonds
• Investment of surplus cash, in interest-bearing                                                                ●Commodities
accounts and fixed-term deposits                                                                                 ●Futures
• Treasury and financial market services                                                                         ●Emerging markets
• Insurance
• Invoice Finance
• Asset Finance
• Commercial Cards
• Personal banking needs for incoming expatriates or
local staff
• Personal wealth management
• Comprehensive advice on issues relating to
employment law and health and safety


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