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					                                                               “DOING” FAITH
                                                                        As you have heard through various forms of announcements in recent weeks,
                                                                 our 21st semester of FAITH has begun. We began FAITH outreach evangelism ten
                                                                 years ago in 2001, and have done two semesters of it every year since then. It would
                                                                 be hard to say over these last ten years how many people have come to faith in Jesus
                                      Christ and have joined our church as a result, or how many people have joined our church simply as the result
                                      of a FAITH visit. Suffice it to say, the numbers would be staggering. All I know is that when we are visiting
                                      in the community and sharing Jesus, people are joining; when we are not, they don’t.
                                               Is FAITH hard to do? For me it is. You may not know this, but I am basically a shy person. In crowds
                                      I make myself shake hands and talk to people because that is what a preacher is supposed to do. But while I
                                      am reaching out to others, I’m relying on God’s strength to make me bold, and His strength is always made
                                      perfect in my weakness. As a matter of fact, few things as a pastor come easily for me, but that may not be a
                                      bad thing. It reminds me to rely on God for just about everything I do, and after all, that’s the way it should
                                               I share that just to let you know that going out and visiting in FAITH does not come naturally, nor
                                      is it always easy, for everybody. So you be praying for us on Tuesdays between 11 am-12 noon, and 7-8 pm
                                      when we’re out visiting. And if you think you’re too shy or that you don’t have the spiritual gift of evangelism,
                                      then join the club! None of those excuses absolves us from Jesus’ command to do so. And I think you’ll
                                      discover that witnessing will soon become just like any other spiritual disciplines– Bible study and prayer,
                                      tithing, worship–once you start and overcome the initial hurdles that Satan throws in your
                                      path, it will become the most natural thing in the world, and you’ll wonder how you ever
                                      got along without it. That’s because when you’re obedient to God, He enters the equation
                                      and enables you to do things that, relying solely on your own strength and trusting in your
                                      own power, you never dreamed possible.
                                                                                                                     Trusting God,
Volume 51, No. 6: February 10, 2011
                   Preparing . . .
                   Children & Preschool - Sabina Silvoy

                         Despite the weather, spring is just around the corner. Not only does spring remind me
                     of the New Life I have in Christ, it also brings me to a time of preparing for things to come
                     like the Family Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, and Children’s Camp.
                     Although I am excited about how God is going to use these ministries to impact a child’s life,
                     it is hard to know where to focus first. I covet your prayers for these upcoming ministries.
    I also request your prayers for my precious grandson, Eli Tariku. Many of you know that my oldest daughter
Anna and her husband Jon have been in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia. A few months ago
they were matched with a 2 year old boy named, Tariku. Anna and Jon are in Ethiopia now and appeared
before the Judge for the official adoption this past Wednesday. However, part of their paperwork could not be
located. Please pray that their paperwork will be found and the adoption can be completed this week. Once
the adoption is complete, it will take six to eight weeks to get a Visa for Eli to leave Ethiopia. During that time
Anna will take him to a missionary guest house there in the capital city, Abuba Addis. When Eli receives his
Visa, I will travel to Ethiopia and help Anna make the long trip home with Eli. We are so thrilled and eagerly
anticipate how God is going to bless and use Eli. Please keep Eli and all of his family in your prayers as he makes
the transition into a new family.

                 Invitation Workers Sign-Up Now for
                 Michael W. Smith Concert, April 9, 2011
                 Spiritual Development -John Hughes

                  ...Imagine a child coming forward wanting to
                  simply give their heart to Jesus!
                  ...Imagine a teenager coming forward wondering
if Jesus Christ will truly love and accept them!
...Imagine a “good ole boy” farmer who truly wants to begin a real
relationship with Jesus Christ but just does not know how!
...Imagine a senior adult who realizes 90% of their life has passed
by and they missed Jesus, but they don’t want to miss Him now!

    These are just possible folks who will hear the gospel proclaimed
clearly through the music of Michael W. Smith and the personal            Preparing for Adolescence
invitation extended to them. They are coming forward because
they are told a Christian brother or sister would like to share with         Parenting Workshop
them how to be sure they have Jesus Christ in their lives.
    I want to challenge you to be 1 of 100 from FBC, and 1 of                  Three Wednesdays
500 from our community, to meet, encourage, and then guide                   Beginning February 23
one person coming forward through a simple presentation of the                      6:00 pm
gospel. Pray with them, get basic information, and then help              Memorial Social Hall Room 110
encourage them in their new relationship with Jesus. You could
                                                                              Led by Sabina Silvoy
be the one who assists them in connecting with our church. You
may be the one who stands beside them when they come forward
for baptism. You may be the one who helps them connect to a                          Sessions:
Sunday School Class.                                                        Caution! Bridge Out Ahead!
    Hundreds of you have committed thousands of dollars to go
“Forward in Faith”. We are building to reach those who have yet           Something Crazy is Happening
to come! This is an opportunity to spend a small amount of time                   to My Body!
and to impact the life of a person for all eternity.
Sign up online, email or call me at 382-6063.                                         Who Am I?
    Yours for making disciples who seize God-given opportunities,        Call or email Sabina to sign up!
                                Media Minute
                                Media - Ron Lawhon

                     I still have some copies of
                     The Sons of Jubal recording.
                     This CD of 15 songs includes
                     Midnight Cry, A Mighty
                     Fortress, In Christ Alone, and                                  AARP Driver Safety Class
Thou O Lord as well as other favorites in various                                      for Drivers over 50
styles. I have some copies of this disc available for
purchase at $15.00. Get yours before they are gone                               Thursday, February 17, 1 pm to 4 pm
or I have to return them. All proceeds go to fund                                                and
missions by the Jubals.                                                          Friday, February 18, 9 am to 12 noon
    We are still collecting old cell phones and we
appreciate those who have brought some in. We                                       AARP developed this six hour classroom
send these for recycling, and they send a check that                             refresher to help drivers 50 years and older
we use for missions. There is a drop box in the FLC                               improve their skills and prevent crashes. It
for these phones.                                                                covers age-related physical changes, rules of
    We are beginning work on a new website design
                                                                                  the road, and updates on recent changes in
for our church, and we could use your help! If you
                                                                                   the law. And, you may be eligible for up to
have been to other church websites and see pages
                                                                                 20% discount on your automobile insurance
that are informative, attractive, or effective please
send me the church web address so we can go see                                    premium. Fee is $14 for the two-day class
what others are doing well. This will help us build a                             ($2 AARP discount). Sign up by calling the
better site for our church.                                                            Family Life Center, 229-386-1643.

                 Extended Session - February 13                                         February 13                         February 16
                                                                                     Deacons in Service                 Family Night Supper
Coordinator .............................................. Jennifer Alexander
                                                                                        Charlie Taylor                         Chicken
Bed Babies/Creepers ......Rita McGahee & Beth Rakestraw                                 Wayne Hanna                         & Dumplings
Toddler B ............................................ Jin Ping & Victoria Guo                Ushers
                                                                                            Group 2                        Turnip Greens
2 Year A............................... Beth Thompson & Karla Mallard
3 Year A.............. Peggy Golden, Melinda & Mallory Moore
                                                                                          Jerry Shiver                  Tossed Salad / Dessert
8:30AM Service Volunteer ................................ Janice Landi
                                                                                         Jerry Branch                    Kids: Chicken Strips
                   February 6, 2011
             Sunday School Attendance
      New Members ............................................. 0
      Members Present .................................... 792
      Prospects Present ...................................... 18
      Visitors Present ........................................... 19
      Sunday Morning Total ............................. 829                            Forward in Faith Facts
      Vida Abundante ....................................... 57                         Forward in Faith Gifts this Week ................. $ 34,223.23
      Extension Department ............................. 36                             Total Gifts to Forward in Faith ................ $ 3,590,870.73
      Grand Total .............................................. 922
                                                                                        Total Forward in Faith Commitments .... $ 3,892,505.00
      Total Contacts ......................................... 254

                         Budget Giving
   Regular Offering ....................................... $ 59,753.31

   Weekly Required Budget .......................... $ 45,506.25
   Offering to Date ....................................... $ 232,665.53
   Budget to Date ........................................$ 273,037.50                                                                           and
   Under Budget ............................................. $ 40,371.97                                                              Figures
            This Week at FBC: February 13-19, 2011                               Gratitude
            13    8:30 am      Morning Worship (Sanctuary)                     Pat Berger; Ray & Tallulah Rogers.
                  9:30 am      Sunday School
                 10:00 am      Vida Sunday School (Zimmerman Bldg)
                 11:00 am
                 11:00 am
                               Morning Worship Service (Sanctuary)
                               Vida Worship Service (Zimmerman Bldg)
                 11:00 am      Vietnamese Worship Service (Mission Annex)      to Jim and Jane Butler in the death of Jane’s brother-in-

                 12:00 pm      Vida Baptism Service (Sanctuary)
                  4:00 pm      Sunday School Leadership Class (MSH)            law, Gene McBee, of Columbia, TN; to Spud and Sherry
                  4:30 pm      Children's Handbells
                  5:00 pm      Vida Praise Band Rehearsal (Zimmerman Bldg)     Bowen in the death of his cousin, M.J. (Jay) Bowen, III,
                  5:30 pm      Blessed Expectations Social (Bowen Conf. Rm)
                  5:30 pm      Bible Drill Practice                            of Metter, GA; to Tommie Tucker in the death of her
                  5:30 pm      Adult Discipleship (MSH)
                  6:00 pm      Youth - Servant Leaders
                                                                               brother, Bob Thompson, of Wichita Falls, TX; to Gary
                  6:00 pm
                  7:00 pm
                               Adult Ensemble Rehearsal
                               Evening Worship (Sanctuary)
                                                                               and Tina Baxter family in the death of her father, Jack
            14    8:30 am      SAINTS Exercise (FLC)                           Matkowski, of Americus.
                  9:00 am      Step Aerobics (FLC Basement)

                 10:30 am      Staff Meeting (Office Conf. Room)
                  3:45 pm      Childrens New Christian Class (Rm 221)             Congratulations
                  4:30 pm      Aerobics Class (FLC Basement)
                  5:00 pm      Men's Basketball Game (Gym)                     to Daryl and Wei Barron on the birth of a son, Elijah
                  6:00 pm      Christian Karate (FLC Basement)
                                                                               Lianghan Barron.
            15    9:00 am Girlfriends Bible Study (Bowen Conf. Rm)

                  6:00 pm Men's Basketball (Gym)
                  7:00 pm Joy Explosion Band Rehearsal (MP Room)
            16    8:30 am      SAINTS Exercise (FLC - Gym)
                  9:00 am      Step Aerobics (FLC Basement)
                  5:00 pm      Family Night Dinner (FLC - Gym)
                  5:45 pm      Adult Discipleship (MSH, G23)

                  5:45 pm      Children's Amplify! Choirs
                  6:00 pm      Prayer Meeting (FLC)

                                                                                           Show Me the Funny
                                                                                           Sho th
                  6:00 pm      Vida Bible Study (Zimmerman Bldg)
                  6:00 pm      Praise Band Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
                  6:30 pm      Children's Missions (RA / GA / MF)
                  6:30 pm      Father/Daughter Social (Mem Social Hall)(4-6)
                  7:00 pm
                  7:00 pm
                               Youth - Joy Explosion
                               Choir Rehearsal (Choir Room)                                     Women’s Life Lunch
                                                                                               with Vanessa Dorminey
                               Finance Committee Meeting
            17    8:30 am      SAINTS Exercise (FLC - Gym)
                  9:00 am      Step Aerobics (FLC Basement)
                 10:30 am      Joyful Sound Choir Practice & Lunch
                                                                                               Thursday, February 17

                 12:00 pm      Women's Life Lunch with Vanessa Dorminey

                                                                                                      12 noon
                  1:00 pm      AARP Driver Safety Program (Part 1 of 2)
                  1:00 pm      Ladies' Bible Study (Patio Room)
                  4:30 pm      Aerobics Class (FLC Basement)
                  6:00 pm
                  6:30 pm
                               Men's Basketball (FLC - Gym)
                               Celebrate Recovery Worship & Groups                             $6/person, childcare provided
                                                                                                sign up with Layne or at
                  7:00 pm      Properties Committee Meeting (Patio Rm)
            18            Church Office & FLC Close at 1 pm

                  9:00 am AARP Driver Safety Program (Part 2 of 2)
                 12:00 pm Homeschool PE Class (Gym)

THE BEACON (USPS 548-820) is published
weekly except the weeks of Thanksgiving & Christmas
by First Baptist Church, Tifton
404 Love Avenue, Tifton, GA 31794-4498.                                                                                        POSTAGE PAID
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to                                                                                            at TIFTON, GA
THE BEACON, 404 Love Avenue, Tifton, GA 31794-4498
Wayne Roe, pastor
John Hughes, minister of spiritual development/associate pastor
Gary Aikens, minister of music/worship
Bill Hughes, minister of youth/college/singles
Ron Lawhon, minister of media
Jim Donovan, minister of church administration
Sabina Silvoy, director of children & preschool ministries
Mark Myers, minister of recreation and senior adults
Jose Lopez, hispanic pastor
Kiet Le, vietnamese pastor
                                            WMU FOCUS WEEK 
                                              February 14­20, 2011 
                                        National WMU Theme: UNHINDERED 
   “Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that 
hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let 
  us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the 
        cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1‐2 
                                                   MISSIONS FOCUS 
                           • Pray for Missions 
                           • Engage in mission action and witnessing 
                           • Learn about missions  
                           • Support missions (financial giving, supporting missionaries and families) 
                           • Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle 
                           • Participate in the work of the church and denomination 
                                         NEEDED: ………….HEARTS For Missions 
    There is a place for YOU….in the WMU children’s organizations and Women On Mission. Perhaps God 
         is calling you to step out of your comfort zone and become a  member of Women On Mission or a 
          volunteer in one of the children’s ministries. Prayerfully consider this call and talk to one of the 
   organizational leaders about how you can experience the joy of serving Him in new and exciting ways!  
                     6:40 pm     Each Wednesday             Mission Friends and GA’s 
                   12:00 noon     First Tuesday             Women on Mission, Patio Room.  
       Covered Dish Luncheon, Inspirational Missions Speakers, Opportunities to participate in mission projects 
       ‐‐Provide meals for campus wide Bible study twice a year. Support projects, prayerwalk campus. 
       ‐‐Set financial goal and promote state missions emphasis in September.  
       ‐‐Provide monthly financial support to Pattycake House. 
       ‐‐Provide clothing for children made by members as well as new clothing donated by members. 
       Special pregnancy ministry ‐  Bibles are donated.  
   •   ‐‐Give financial support to this national WMU project that aims to provide missionaries and the 
       people they serve with drinking water free from disease‐causing microorganisms.  
       ‐‐Promote awareness of this national project and focus on local needs by using rice bowl 
       contributions in October for four agencies: Brother Charlie’s, Soup Kitchen, Meals on Wheels, Mell 
       Food Pantry.  
       ‐‐Provide new clothing for children as well as personal items for women. 
      •    SANTA’S HELPERS 
           ‐‐A Mell Association ministry. Members sew stockings, volunteer to pack toy bags, assist in 
           distribution, donate money and toys, bake and package 400+ cookie bags for distribution day. 
      •    NURSING HOME 
           ‐‐ Sewing ministry makes walker bags, visits residents and distributes bags.  
            ‐‐Contribute food, plastic aprons and gloves for operation. 
       •   ‐‐Provide grooming bags for stranded travelers or other needy patients.   
            ‐‐Provide funds to help support state projects.  
           ‐‐Set goal and promote International Missions (Lottie Moon) in December. 
           ‐‐Provide financial and volunteer support for Bible school. 
           ‐‐Promote church wide food drive and stock pantry.  
           ‐‐Contributed 200+ Bibles for distribution bags last year. 
           ‐‐Set goal and promote NA Missions (Annie Armstrong) in March.  
           ‐‐Provided food and funds 
           ‐‐Prepare hospitality baskets for Hospice patients. 
      •    ‐‐Prepare personal care bags and phone cards for distribution by Savannah Chaplain to men as 
           they arrive in port. 
           ‐‐Collect devotional books for distribution to female inmates. 
           ‐‐Provided four scholarships to GA’s for a week at Camp Pinnacle.  
      •    ‐‐Participated in various community projects and hosted ministry luncheon.  
           ‐‐Prayerwalk at the school and provide hospitality room three times a year.  
         FBC WMU 2010­2011  LEADERSHIP                          FBC Women on Mission Leadership 
             Marolyn Mixon, WMU Director                             Ina Claire Webb, Facilitator 
         Annette Hammond, Assistant Director                      Gerri Markham, Vice Facilitator 
    Ina Claire Webb, Women On Mission Facilitator                      Joyce Parker, Secretary 
         Carolyn Branch, Churchwide Missions                           June Branch, Treasurer 
                      Coordinator                                 Marilyn Arnold, Prayer Chairman 
        Betty Thomas, Missions Support Leader                      Joy Burkett, Hostess Chairman 
      Margaret Kelley, Missions Outreach Leader                                    
              Sabie Suggs, Acteens Director 
             Gladys Johnson, Mission Action 
               Melinda Moore, GA Director 
       Christy Bozeman, Mission Friends Leader 

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