IACUC: Live Vertebrate Animals Animal Care and Use Amendment

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					                          Animal Care and Use Amendment Form
            Oregon State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Use this form to make a change to an Animal Care and Use Proposal. Return completed form to
IACUC@oregonstate.edu or send to IACUC, Office of Research Integrity, 308 Kerr Administration, Corvallis,
OR 97331

Principal Investigator:          Telephone:                    E-mail

Department/College:        Granting Agency:

ACUP Number:
Project Title:

Which type(s) of changes in protocol are being proposed? Check all that apply.
Change in personnel                                  Change in number of animals
Change in animal species                             Addition/deletion of procedure
Change in surgical procedure                         Change in anesthesia or analgesia
Change in animal housing                             Change in euthanasia method
Change in funding source                             Change in project title
Change in veterinary care                            Change in hazardous substance use
Change in category of animal use

Describe all proposed change(s) in detail. If change in personnel, identify personnel no longer involved and new
personnel. New personnel must satisfy educational and occupational health requirements before approval will be
granted. If change(s) proposed add any procedures that have the potential to cause animal pain or distress, then
you must describe the methods and sources by which alternatives to these procedures have been sought. Please
review the original protocol and confirm that all principal investigator assurances apply to proposed change(s).
(Attach additional sheets if necessary.)

Justify the need for these proposed changes.

IACUC Action _____________        Approved ___________________            Date______________
                                               IACUC Chair

IACUC Amendment Form                           July 21, 2003