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									                               Santa Ana College
                    Nealley Library Faculty Survey, Fall 2005
                                          November 2005

In an effort to better serve the needs of their users, the Santa Ana College (SAC) Nealley Library
staff administered a questionnaire last year to students-users asking for their feedback on the various
resources and services that the library offers, as well as the quality of the services provided. To gain
another perspective, they asked their colleagues/faculty-users for their opinion on how library
resources and services assist their students in respect to library-related assignment.

Seventy-six faculty responded to the online survey. The majority of respondents were full-time
instructors (63%), members of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division (24%), and have been
teaching for six or more years (74%).

Summary of Findings

Overall, SAC faculty only occasionally assigned students a project that required them to use library
resources. Of those that did, however, were highly satisfied with the level of resources/services provided
to support the curriculum and student assignments.
     Of those who assigned library-related work, over 60% asked students to “locate/use Internet
        resources,” and “locate/use periodical articles.”
     Over 50% expressed “no opinion” on their level of satisfaction of “electronic books,”
        “videos/DVDs, music CDs,” and “subject web sites.”
     Faculty-respondents that utilized the various resources/services provided by the library rated
        80% “satisfied” or “very satisfied”
     72% of respondents stated that their students were not prepared to conduct library
        information searchers and/or library research on their own.
     39% of faculty respondents “rarely” or “never” gave assignments requiring students to use
        library resources.
     Over half of respondents had not encouraged their students to attend library instruction
     70% of respondents expected the SAC library to be the primary resource for supporting
        students’ library-related assignments or research papers.

Respondents also made many complimentary comments in testimony to their satisfaction with library
services and resources. The comments are very revealing!

Areas that library staff may want to concentrate on: 1) expanding faculty awareness of the various
resources available to them and their students in the library, 2) enhancing students’ competency to
conduct library searches and/or research, and 3) coordinating with faculty to increase the number of
assignments pertaining to “information competency.” These efforts by library staff will assist students in
mastering one of the general education student learning outcomes identified by SAC faculty.
Details of Responses

1. I am a:
   63% Full-time instructor
   37% Part-time instructor

2. I am a faculty member in the following division:
    1% Business
    1% Career Education & Workforce
    9% Counseling
    1% Exercise Science, Health & Athletics
   24% Humanities & Social Sciences
   13% Human Services/Technology
   13% Science, Mathematics & Health Sciences
    1% Library
   15% Continuing Education

3. How many years have you taught at Santa Ana College?
   14% Less than 2 years
   12% 2 to 5 years
   28% 6 to 10 years
   46% Over 10 years

4. How often do you give assignments which require your students to use library resources?
    8% Very often
   34% Often
   18% Sometimes
   17% Rarely
   22% Never

5. The following characterized my library-related assignments: (mark as many as apply)
    65% Locate/use periodical articles (i.e., journal, magazine, newspaper articles)
    53% Locate/use library book resources
    61% Locate/use Internet resources
    58% Locate information for a research paper
    53% Use course reserve materials
    33% Access online course material (e.g., Black Board, faculty Web page, etc.)
     2% Other

6. Please indicate your level of satisfaction of resources/services provided by the library to support
   the curriculum and student assignments.

                                               Very                                     Very
                                                          Satisfied   Dissatisfied                  No Opinion
                                              Satisfied                              Dissatisfied
   Books                                       47%         49%            4%             0%           17%
   Electronic books                            32%         59%            9%             0%           55%
   Print magazines, newspapers, journals       32%         68%            0%             0%           30%
   Electronic full text, journal, magazine,
                                               36%         58%            3%             3%           37%
   newspaper databases
   Reference books                             36%         62%            3%             0%           25%
   Electronic full text reference databases    45%         55%            0%             0%           42%
   Videos/DVDs, music CDs                      26%         61%            9%             4%           55%
   Subject web sites                           22%         78%            0%             0%           54%
   Course reserves                             53%         44%            2%             0%           20%
7. My students are prepared to conduct library information searches and/or library research on
   their own.
   28% Yes
   72% No

8. I have encouraged my students to attend the new library instruction workshops.
   43% Yes
   57% No

9. I encourage student participation in the library workshops by:
   21% Accepting attendance as an extra credit assignment
   33% Incorporating it into the curriculum as a regular course assignment
    8% Incorporating it as an “hours-to-be arranged lab”
   46% Other:
            - Verbal recommendation. (4)
            - Class discussion, will make it an assignment in the future.
            - Not aware.
            - Become acquainted with services.
            - Class discussion of need for internet and computer expertise.
            - Quiz credit.
            - Using prior procedure of scheduling a class session.

10. I expect the SAC library to be the primary resource for supporting my students’ library-related
    assignments or research papers.
    70% Yes
    30% No, please explain:
            - If they have Internet access at home then they may not use the library's resources. (4)
            - No research assignments in the type of classes I teach. (3)
            - Not on site, so we use any library. (2)
            - Only as needed for additional research.
            - SAC and web resources used in my online course.
            - Math classes are pretty well self-contained.
            - Internet and books in classroom also available.
            - Students can also work in the Academic Computing Center or Nursing Skills Lab.
            - Students use the Internet and students must form own opinion.
            - I have them use Google for any information that I may not provide.
            - I expect my students to use ALL libraries and resources available to them, not just SAC.
                Proper research involves searches in many venues.
            - Math Study Center highly recommended and the library mostly for other classes.

11. Other comments/issues that respondents wanted to share:
    - I am a faculty in the Student Services Division. (3)
    - Keep up the good work. (2)
    - All of you do a great job! Thank you so much for being there for students (and community). I hope
       there’s a way we can incorporate more of the orientations early in the student's college experience so
       they’re prepared in higher level courses. Thank you again, Dr. Charlene Pearson.
    - Easy access for continuing education students, especially the adult and concurrently enrolled high
       school students
    - Students often comment the library is the best place on campus to study and enjoy using it.
    - I’m a coordinator, so I can encourage instructors to inform students about library services.
    - I would like to start using the library more and incorporating it into my class. This is my first
       semester, but I always assign a research paper.
11. Other comments/issues that respondents wanted to share: (cont.)
    - I am not sure how often my students use or need thesis services. They’re required to do a term
       paper and weekly current events. They may be using it and I’m just not aware.
    - Thank you for your concerns.
    - We could use a library extension at CEC.
    - The SAC Library is not CED student friendly.
    - The only personal use I've tried to make of the library was to borrow some French tapes for my
       personal review and we had none. Do we have any now?
    - I teach art and my students use the library primarily for visual sources.
    - Our students are assigned an Internet project, which, I believe, most of the students complete
       using their home computers. Some students may come to the library if they do not have a
       computer at home.
    - The librarians and staff are the "Corazon" of the SAC community. You are the most wonderful
       and the best colleagues I have ever experienced. Santa Ana College faculty, students and
       community are blessed to have the best staff in California.
    - I have been teaching ESL part-time at nights and on the weekends. I have not been able to
       explore what is available to incorporate it into class assignments. I know it is important for
       students to learn to use the library, but it is not such a pressing need at the ESL levels. So much of
       the courses I teach (pre-algebra, algebra, and trig) are well supplied with outside help,
       manipulative, etc through the tutoring center and the Math Study Center that I never feel the need
       to send kids to the admittedly quite admirable library.
    - I teach in the Older Adult Program; my students are not mobile. I hope to use the Nealley Library
       for my own research for lessons and for supplemental materials to take to class but the nature of
       my class is such that the students themselves do not do research.
    - The workshops were not being held in early Oct. when I needed them for my classes.
    - I teach in Special Services and students may use library for workforce information or job search
       information. However, they are not assigned specific projects in the library.
    - You are doing a great job with limited resources!
    - I've been meaning to require use of the library as a part of my classes. Unfortunately it always
       seems to get put on the back burner in the crush of each semester's activities. I appreciate this
       survey as a reminder of the ways I could better make use of our resources.
    - I give students extra credit for completing the information competency tutorial online.
    - Library should share resources more. We are all here to serve students
    - This may be the second time I've done this. Students claim library has no videos from 1990s or
       1940s. They needed these for assignments in History 118.
    - My own dealings with the library have been positive experiences.

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