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									                                                                                                        November, 2009
                                                                                                                      Issue No. 443

Lake St. Croix Beach
The Official Posting Place for Lake St.
Croix Beach City meetings is at the posting
board in front of the City Hall.                                                           Truth-In-Taxation
A majority of the City Council may be in
attendance at any City meeting.                   Annual Notice to All Residential         Hearing
November Calendar                                          Utility Customers
                                              Bills can pile up just like snow, but the
                                                                                           Monday, December 21,
Note: All city meetings start at 7:00 p.m.
and are held at the City Hall except as       Minnesota Cold Weather Rule is               2008 at City Hall
noted otherwise.                              designed to protect people who may
                                              have trouble paying their utility bills in
Monday, November 2
Budget & Finance Committee                    winter. The Minnesota Cold Weather           City Proposed Budget and
                                              Rule applies from October 15 to April        Levy Information inside.
Wednesday, November 4                         15. The rule, established by the
Cable Commission – 6:30 p.m. at Lakeland      Minnesota Public Utilities Commission,
City Hall                                     means that your utility cannot
                                              disconnect your residential electric
Wednesday, November 4                                                                      All property owners are required by law
                                              service during the winter if the
Planning Commission – CUP Public Hearing                                                   to have garbage service, if you have a
                                              customer meets the following
                                                                                           personal means (such as business
Thursday, November 5                                                                       ownership) to dispose of household
                                              1. Utility disconnection would affect
Land Use Review Committee – 2:00 p.m.                                                      trash it should be on notice with the city.
                                              the customer’s primary heat source;
                                                                                           The recycle container provided by
                                              2. The customer has declared inability
Saturday, November 7                                                                       Waste Management (yellow top) is to
City Council Special Meeting – 9:00 a.m.
                                              to pay on forms provided by the utility
                                                                                           be used for recycle items only.
                                              (Note: Customers receiving “any form
                                                                                           PLEASE READ THE TOP OF THE
Tuesday, November 10                          of public assistance,” including energy
                                                                                           CART FOR ACCEPTABLE ITEMS.
Parks Commission                              assistance, are deemed to have
                                              qualified for inability to pay status);
Wednesday, November 11                        3. The household income of the               Ordinance 1801.010 Curfew for
LSCV Fire District – Fire Hall                customer is less than 50% of the state       Minors . . . Between the hours of
                                              median income level, as documented           9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. during the
Wednesday, November 11                        by the customer to the utility; and          months of September through May and
Veteran’s Day – City Offices Closed           4. The customer enters into and              between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and
                                              makes reasonably timely payments             5:00 a.m. during the months of June
Thursday, November 12                         under a payment agreement that
Middle SCV WMO at Washington Conser-
                                                                                           through August, it shall be unlawful for
                                              considers the financial resources of         any minor under the age of 16 years to
vation District Office
                                              the household.                               idle, loiter, or be upon the public
Monday, November 16                           If you have trouble paying your utility      streets, boulevards, sidewalks, alleys,
                                              bill, local agencies may be able to
City Council Meeting                                                                       parks, beach or other public places in
                                              provide payment assistance. The
                                                                                           the City of Lake St. Croix Beach.
Wednesday, November 18                        state Department of Human Services
LSCV Partnership Team – St. Croix County      recommends you call the county in
Government Center                             which you live.                              Special Assessment – Pay Off Pay-
                                              If you know you are going to have            ment due to City Offices by No-
Monday, November 23                           trouble paying your utility bills, please    vember 15, 2009 to avoid being
Alliance Meeting – 4:30 at Fire Hall          contact the utility to try and work out a    assessed to 2010 taxes.
                                              payment schedule.
Thursday, November 26                                                                      Applications are now being
Thanksgiving Day – City Offices Closed
                                                                                           accepted for commission and com-
REMINDER:                                                                                  mittee appointments for 2010.
ALL structures need to be                                                                  Contact City Hall for an application,
removed from Shoreland Park by                                                             651-436-7031.
November 15.
Hello everyone!
   It’s been quite some time since I’ve written for the newsletter, sorry for the lack of communication. I did, however, want to update
you about a couple of things we’ve been talking about.
   The Budget and Finance Committee, with member appointments completed in April, has been delving into the City's financial situa-
tion to assist the City Council in its policy-making role. The goal is informing and advising the Council on better ways to manage the
City’s financial affairs to the ultimate advantage of taxpayers and residents. The Committee’s authority is limited to that role exclu-
sively. So far, the Committee has contributed to several council and staff efforts completed or in process by providing detailed infor-
mation and recommendations for:
      Reducing the 2010 budget and tax levy
      More comprehensible financial reports
      Engaging a professional accountant
      Audit cost savings
      Investments yielding better returns
      Dedicating surplus funds for planned projects
      Improving banking arrangements
   The Committee encourages input from residents and welcomes attendance and involvement at its meetings. Minutes, reports and
other information generated by the Committee can be viewed at City Hall or on the website: www.lscb.govoffice.com.
   The Council is also looking into a rental ordinance to include a drug free/crime free provision and we ask for your input on the idea.
I personally feel this is an important issue the city is facing. It is not likely to go away and a proactive approach is the best way to ad-
dress it. Unfortunately, with the downturn in the economy, many of the houses that went through foreclosure are now rental properties.
This is changing the demographics of the city and I believe we need to be prepared for it.
   The city has awarded the snowplowing contract to Tri-County Services out of Hastings and we are currently requesting bids for the
lawn maintenance in the spring. For the first time, the city has measured the areas to be mowed and maintained for the contract. I’m
pretty pleased about that since we can now compare contracts apples-to-apples for more consistent results.
    Thanks for your time - I’ll write again soon,

Calendar of Events for Valley Library in Lakeland –
November 2009
Valley Library                                                               Animal Control
380 St. Croix Trail South                                                              In the month of September, there was 1 cat reported lost.
Website: www.washington.lib.mn.us                                            No animals were reported found.
Phone: (651) 436-5882                                                                  All dogs and cats over 6 months of age must be licensed.
Monday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.                                                      Licenses can be purchased at City Hall during normal business hours
Tuesday - Thursday 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.                                           or by mail. Application, payment, and proof of current rabies vac-
Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.                                                      cination required.
Morning Storytime                                                            Impounded animals are brought to the Humane Society in Woodbury.
November 6, 13, and 20 at 10:30 a.m.                                         License Renewal is now due.
Pre-School through Kindergarten age kids and their caregivers
A free computer class: "Intro to the PC"                                        2009 – 2011 Animal License Application
Wednesday, October 21, 1-2 p.m.                                                Fee: $10 neutered/spayed, $25 not neutered/spayed
Learn how to use a mouse and keyboard, as well as identify the other             Proof of current rabies vaccination must
components of a PC (personal computer). Class is free and lasts one
hour. Limited to 2 participants. Sign up at the library’s Service Desk                   accompany application.
or by phone.                                                                 Animal’s Name ___________________ Age _____
 “Homework Rescue Online Tutoring” available in all metro                    Breed________________________
public libraries
   MELSA (the Metropolitan Library Services Agency) is pleased to an-        Sex Male or Female           Neutered Yes or No
nounce that Homework Rescue Online Tutoring will be available in all         Weight__________________ Color ____________
metro public libraries beginning September 8, 2009 – in plenty of time       Owner’s Name ____________________________
for students to familiarize themselves with this terrific resource well
before they’re drowning in homework!
                                                                             Street Address_____________________________
   Homework Rescue will be available from 1:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. 7           Phone No. ________________________________
days a week, in English and Spanish. There is no fee to use it and                Mail to: City of Lake St. Croix Beach, 16455 20th Street South,
interested library card holders can access it from their home comput-                           Lake St. Croix Beach, MN 55043
ers or from computer workstations in the library. All you need is a
valid library card with one of the participating library systems: Anoka
County Libraries, Carver County Libraries, Dakota County Libraries,
Hennepin County Libraries, Ramsey County Libraries, St. Paul Public          Foreclosure Information
Libraries, Scott County Libraries, or Washington County Libraries.           Contact the Home Ownership Center at www.hocm.org
   The metro public libraries hope that this live one-to-one homework        Or call (651) 458-0936 Ext. 551 or 553
assistance from certified tutors will indeed by a “lifesaver” for students
in grades 3 – 12.                                                                                      Public Safety
   Tutoring is provided in all core subjects: science (biology, chemistry,
physics, and earth science), math (algebra I and II, geometry, trigo-                               (Including Reports)
nometry, and calculus), social studies, and English/language arts.
Homework Rescue Online Tutoring is PC and Mac compatible and does
not require downloads, plug-ins, or add-ons.                                              Fire Department Report
   For more information about the tutoring described above and about         In July, there were 8 runs reported in Lake St. Croix Beach, and in
other services provided as part of Homework Rescue, visit your metro         August, there were 5 runs reported in Lake St. Croix Beach.
                                                                             The Fire Department’s Website is www.lscvfd.com.
public library or visit melsa.org/homeworkrescue.
                                                                                                Solid Waste and Recycling
  Law Enforcement Report                                                       Garbage Service_
                            September, 2009                                    The City of Lake St. Croix Beach currently has three garbage haulers
                        Complaints Investigated                                who are licensed to collect garbage on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  5 Noise/Loud Music Complaint              1 Fight                            only:
  5 Suspicious Finding/Vehicle/People       1 Unruly Customer                    Highland Sanitation          651-458-0043
  4 Civil Issue                             1 Juvenile Issue                     Maroney Service Inc.         651-439-7279
  3 Parking/Driving Complaint               1 Underage Consumption               Waste Management             651-437-9201
  2 Animal Complaint                       1 Fireworks                         Residents may choose a garbage hauler from those who are licensed
  2 Vandalism/Property Damage              1 Mental Health Info                with the City. All residents must have a contract with a garbage hauler
  2 Family Issue/Assist                    1 Restraining Order Violation       or be able to prove that their garbage is taken to a proper collection
  2 Harassment                             1 Unwanted Male                     site.
  2 Welfare Concern/Check Area
  Plus additional:                                                             Recycle Service
  1 Council Meeting                Citations Issued: 7                         We use a single-sort recycle service. Only certain materials can be
      Sheriff’s TIPline                                                       recycled. These items are listed on the lid of the cart. Please set your
                                                                               recycle cart at the curb by 7:00 a.m. every other Thursday.
            A quick, simple way to forward information to Washington
                                                                                      Recycle Hauler is Waste Management          952-890-1100
  County Investigators anonymously.
  E-mail: sheriff@co.washington.mn.us                                           Win a $25 gift card just by recycling! Congrats to
  Or Phone 651-430-7850                                                        1849 Quarry Avenue – Latest Winner!
                      Crime in progress – call 911
                                                                               Hazardous Waste Site                  
                                                                               Washington County Environmental Center Now Open
  Nuisance Complaints                                                           The Washington County Environmental Center, at 4039 Cottage
                                                                               Grove Drive in Woodbury, is now open. The center replaces the coun-
                                                                               ty’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site in Oakdale, which
       Exterior Storage (3)
Exterior Storage                                                               closed at the end of June. The new center is at the corner of Bailey
 Trailers, Boats, RV’s, Lawn Equipment, Utility Trailers, Etc.                Road and Cottage Grove Drive, four miles south of Interstate 94 and
 Should be stored in rear yard or side yard.                                  south of the county’s Public Works building.
 Your yard might not be big enough! There are limits and                        The Environmental Center will be open 12:00 – 7:00 p.m. Tuesdays,
                                                                               and 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Thursdays and Saturdays.
    setback areas.
                                                                                 The new facility will continue to accept household hazardous waste
 Watercraft & Watercraft Trailers: Must be licensed & owned
                                                                               and electronics. A drop-off service for residents and small businesses
    by resident occupying residential property.
                                                                               will be added for common recyclables including paper, cardboard,
      Boats -25 Feet                                                           bottles, and cans. This service will be available during service hours
      Boat Trailers – 35 feet                                                  only. The Environmental Center will feature a large Free Product
 Vehicles – Current registration & operable.                                  Room where usable household products, such as paint, automotive
 Other items may require that they be stored within a building                products, and cleaners will be available for residents to take for free.
    or fully screened.                                                         For additional information on the Environmental Center, go to
                                                                               www.co.washington.mn.us/envirocenter or call 651-430-6655.
  Junk Cars                                                                      For other options, visit RethinkRecycling.com
  Ordinance 723.01 -- “Junk Vehicle” shall mean any of the following:          Yard Waste Dropoff & Compost Site
          Any type of vehicle requiring a license to operate on any           Bayport: River City Services Woodbury: Compost Concepts
           public highway or street, but without a current license at-         Location: 201 2nd Ave. S.               4600 Cottage Grove Drive
           tached thereto.                                                     Phone: 651-430-2809                           651-436-1213
          Any type of vehicle not in operable condition.                      Open To: All Washington County Residents
          Any type of vehicle that is partially dismantled and is used        Call for days of collection and pricing
           for sale of parts, or source for replacement parts for repair of
           other vehicles.                                                     Brush Site – Final 2009 Date
          Any type of vehicle that is kept for salvage or scrap of any          Thanks to Aggregate Industries who has agreed to provide a dispos-
           sort.                                                               al site for brush from Lake St. Croix Beach residents again this year.
                                                                               Aggregate Industries does not accept any construction materials.
                                                                               They will accept only brush such as limbs, trees, and shrub trimmings.
                          Building Permits                                     No leaves or grass.
                                                                               The site will be open from 8:00 to 11:00 am on the following Saturday:
                                                                               November 7
         Remember to Contact the Building Inspector
                before you start a project!                                                 Community News
                     The Building Inspector, is located at
                   Lakeland Water Department Plant No. 2                       Rainbow Christian Preschool
                          1190 St. Croix Trail South                           Rainbow is a non-profit, half day early childhood program sponsored
            Mailing Address: P. O. Box 321, Lakeland, MN 55043,                by St. Croix Valley Church in Lakeland. We currently have preschool
                           Phone: 651-436-1405                                 openings for 3 – 5 year olds and would love to have your children join
    September, 2009                                                            us. Class Offerings:
  Replace existing roof                              1410 Ramada Ave. S.       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 year old preschool 9:00 – 11:30 a.m.
  Replace sheetrock & wiring, main level             1370 Ramada Ave. S.       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 year old preschool 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.
  Replace patio doors                                      16310 19th St. S.   Tuesday, Thursday 3 year old preschool                9:00 – 11:30 a.m.
  Replace siding                                      1590 Queens Ave. S.      Please call 436-8691 for registration materials and information, or visit
    October, 2009                                                              the website: www.stcroixvalleychurch.org
  Replace heat pump and handler                       1790 Queens Ave. S.
  Repair foundation wall                                   16787 16th St. S.   Meals on Wheels Wants You!!
  Install garage                                       1991 Racine Ave. S.
                                                                               Volunteer Drivers needed in Lower St. Croix Valley to deliver meals.
  Replace existing roof                               1780 Quentin Ave. S.
                                                                               One hour out of your week can make some ones entire month!
          Please note: The Building Department Office Hours
                                                                               Do you need meals? If you are 60 years of age or older, homebound,
                      Mondays 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.                                and having trouble preparing meals, you may qualify for Meals on
                      Thursdays 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.                              Wheels. Please call 651-275-5810 for either interest!
XYZ Club (Extra Years of Zest)                                                       M/S/P (Geare, Simonson) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF
                                                                                     THE REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING ON SEPTEM-
XYZ Club, for seniors 55 years and older, meets every Tuesday morn-
                                                                                     BER 21, 2009 AS PRESENTED. MOTION PASSED UN-
ing at Memorial Lutheran Church in Afton. Cards will be played at 9:00
a.m. with a coffee break at 10:00 a.m., followed by more card playing
until noon. Programs will be announced as they develop. For informa-
                                                                                     M/S/P (Geare, Simonson) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF
tion, registration, or cancellation, call Laura Fritsche at 651-730-1076
                                                                                     THE SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL, PERSONNEL COMMIT-
by 9:00 a.m. on Mondays.
                                                                                     TEE, AND BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING
                                                                                     ON OCTOBER 8, 2009 AS PRESENTED.          MOTION
                                                                                     PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

     The Lake St. Croix Beach City Council Meetings                             OPEN COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC (Non-Agenda Items)
              may be viewed on Channel 16.                                       Mary Parr stated she had checked the website and was unable to
Schedule: Nov. 4 and Nov. 18 at 4 p.m. and midnight                        find the minutes from the worksession on August 29, 2009. City Clerk-
            Nov. 5 and Nov. 19 at 7 a.m.                                   Administrator Cindie Reiter stated staff would make sure those minutes
            Nov. 11 and Nov. 25 at 1 p.m. and 9 p.m.                       were on the website. Ms. Parr then stated that it was brought to her
                                                                           attention that some sealed bids did not remain sealed. A bid was re-
            Nov. 12 and Nov. 26 at 9 a.m.                                  vealed to another bidding company and they were then pressured to
 Upon occasion, the transmission of these meetings may be                  lower their bid. She noted that sealed bids should remain sealed.
 delayed or not available due to technical difficulties. Check             When asked, she stated these bids were for snow plowing or mowing.
      their website for more information www.vactv.org                     It was noted that neither of those services are put out for bid as sealed
                                                                           bids, and the snow plow bids were part of this agenda, which was on
                   Lake St. Croix Beach City Hall                          the website and part of public information. However, the bids were
16455 20th Street South                                                    only made public after the bid deadline had passed.
Lake St. Croix Beach, MN 55043                                                   Gina Allen asked about the mulch that was left over from the rain-
Phone: 651-436-7031         Fax:       651-436-8310                        gardens. She wondered if she could have some of it for the raingar-
E-Mail: lscb@comcast.net                                                   dens she needed to install on her property. The Park Commission told
Web Site: www.lscb.govoffice.com                                           her she could have it if the City Council did not have plans for it.
Office Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.                                        Councilmember Simonson stated that the mulch would need to be
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday or call for an appointment.                     added to the raingardens in the spring after the snow melts and the
                                                                           mulch that is already in the raingardens adjusts.

                                                                               PUBLIC SAFETY REPORTS Presented by Councilmember
                       HIGHLIGHTS                                          Geare
                 REGULAR CITY COUNCIL                                      Law Enforcement
                                                                                 Logged 4,478 miles driven in the 5 cities, 65 calls, 7 citations
The following are unapproved minutes from the October 19, 2009 City        Fire Department
 Council meeting. Minutes may at times be condensed to fit space.                5 calls in August to Lake St. Croix Beach
                (Complete minutes on file at City Hall.)                   Animal Control
                                                                                 1 cat lost
    Members Present Julia Lambert, Dan Danielson, Linda Geare,                  No reports of found animals
     Deb Legrid, Janet Simonson
                                                                                 Pet licenses expired on April 30, 2009, and the new licenses
    Staff Present John Parotti, Cindie Reiter, Amy Truhlar, Amy                  are valid until April 30, 2011. Forms available at City Hall.
    Others Present Jesse Getzie, Linda O’Donnell, Gina Allen, Pete            CITY ENGINEER'S REPORT
     Geare, Mike Simonson, John Jansen, Mary Ashby, Mary Parr,             John Parotti, SEH
     Cheryl Kopp, Barb Kopp, Ron Carlson, Dennis Geyen                       Quasar Court Catch Basin Repairs - Update
Call to Order by Mayor Lambert at 7:02 p.m.                                           On September 21, 2009 the City Council awarded a contract
                                                                           to Zappa Brothers, Inc. for the reconstruction of two catch basins at the
    Pledge of Allegiance was said.                                        north end of Quasar Court. The work was started on Tuesday, Octo-
                                                                           ber 13, 2009. The work has been completed with the exception of the
    APPROVE AGENDA                                                        street patch, which has been scheduled to completed later in the week
     M/S/P (Danielson, Geare) TO APPROVE THE AGENDA AS                     of October 19, 2009, weather permitting. When the work is completed
     PRESENTED.                                                            and an invoice received by SEH, the City Engineer will make a rec-
                                                                           ommendation for payment.
     Councilmember Simonson explained that she wanted to move
Item 8E, Snow Plow Bids, to be the first item under New Business,              Street Patching Project – Update
Item 8A, so City Engineer John Parotti could be involved in the discus-                Gator Maintenance has submitted an invoice for street
sion without needing to stay through the other discussions.                patching completed in September. The submittal of an invoice is the
          AMENDMENT         BY     COUNCILMEMBER           SIMONSON,       trigger for the City Engineer to inspect the work. Upon review, the City
          SECONDED BY COUNCILMEMBER DANIELSON, TO                          Engineer, John Parotti, discovered there were a number of areas that
          MOVE ITEM 8E, SNOW PLOW BIDS, TO ITEM 8A.                        were overlooked and Gator Maintenance will return to complete the
          AMENDMENT PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.                                    work. Mr. Parotti noted that the work that has been completed was
                                                                           performed per contract, and the missed places appear to only be an
     MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.                                            oversight by the operator. He further noted that the major intersections
                                                                           were completed except for one in the north end of the city.
   CONSENT AGENDA                                                                     Councilmember Danielson asked for suggestions regarding
    Mayor Lambert read the items on the Consent Agenda. Council-           the water stops in the street that they are not going to be repairing. Mr.
member Geare stated she had some corrections to the October 3,             Parotti stated those could be patched with the more traditional pothole
2009 worksession minutes.                                                  hot or cold mix patches. He further stated that the water department
         M/S/P (Simonson, Geare) TO REMOVE THE MINUTES OF                  will come through and inspect each one of those gate valves to ensure
         THE CITY COUNCIL WORKSESSION ON OCTOBER 3,                        they are operating correctly. Patching the pavement adjacent to the
         2009 FROM THE CONSENT AGENDA AND ADD THEM                         valve is all that is needed. Councilmember Danielson asked if there
         UNDER NEW BUSINESS, ITEM G. MOTION PASSED                         was any need to do a cut and patch project on any of those areas. Mr.
         UNANIMOUSLY.                                                      Parotti noted that as he drove around, he felt that pothole patching
                                                                           would be adequate.
          M/S/P (Geare, Simonson) TO APPROVE THE CONSENT                               Mayor Lambert asked about the places that were fixed by
          AGENDA AS AMENDED. THE FOLLOWING ROLL CALL                       Gator Maintenance and how they appeared. Mr. Parotti noted the
          VOTE WAS TAKEN: SIMONSON – AYE, LEGRID – AYE,                    loose gravel left on the street from this process and stated the city
          GEARE – AYE, DANIELSON – AYE, LAMBERT – AYE.                     could perform street sweeping now or wait until their regularly sche-
                                                                           duled street sweeping. Councilmember Danielson asked if there were
any safety issues with leaving the gravel on the streets. Mr. Parotti         the main reason they do not use sand is the clean-up required after-
noted that rollerblades have an especially difficult time going through       wards. He stated that on commercial lots, not as much would be put
the gravel, but they usually are able to go around the areas. Bicycles,       down as in a municipality, but the sand still washes into the catch ba-
to a lesser extent, also have some difficulties, but can also avoid the       sins and drainage systems. He further noted that the street sweeping
areas. Councilmember Danielson then asked if cars could slide                 in the spring actually cleans up very little of the sand put down as
through an intersection where the gravel is loose. Mr. Parotti stated         much of it has washed away by that time. Councilmember Simonson
that if drivers are obeying the speed limit, they should not have any         asked how much a ton of salt would cover. Mr. Getzie noted that tem-
trouble, other than a small increase in stopping time if trying to stop too   perature is a factor, but with good humidity and temperatures above 19
quickly.                                                                      degrees approximately 200 – 300 pounds per acre would be used.
            Councilmember Simonson asked whether the city typically           City Engineer, John Parotti, calculated how many acres of streets the
does a fall street sweeping. She asked whether the City Council had           city had. He stated that he was doing his calculation quickly, but he
approved a vendor for fall street sweeping and when that would be             figured about 31 acres of city streets.
performed. There was some discussion about whether a vendor had                  Councilmember Danielson then asked Mr. Parotti whether putting
been chosen for the fall street sweeping. Mr. Parotti explained that fall     the liquid application on the major roadways would be enough. Mr.
street sweeping is typically performed after most of the leaves have          Parotti stated that was a tough question as each winter was different
fallen and noted that although some leaves have fallen off the trees,         and each driver’s threshold was different. However, he did feel it was
most have not.                                                                a valid way to approach this new possibility, and the City Council could
                                                                              then make a decision after winter whether it had worked well or not.
   Washington County Flood Insurance Study – Update                           Councilmember Danielson then asked if Mr. Parotti saw any problem
          Mr. Parotti noted that this item was the first item under New       with water quality issues with the brine application. Mr. Parotti stated it
Business, and he informed the City Council that SEH is working with           would be similar to salt applications, and the chemicals used are used
neighboring communities on their floodplain ordinance and could do            in other areas as well. However, he noted that it would depend on the
the same here in any capacity they would like.                                city’s perspective, because some people would not want any chemi-
                                                                              cals applied to watersheds. He believed that it was a trade-off though,
     NEW BUSINESS                                                            because Mr. Getzie had a valid point regarding the sand being very
    o Snow Plow Bids                                                          messy and washing away into drainage structures. The trick was to
    Four bids were received for snow plowing services – Tri-County            not over-apply the solution.
Services, Gator Maintenance, The Snow Associates, and Miller Exca-               Mayor Lambert stated that with the application of the brine solution,
vating. Councilmember Simonson questioned if any of the snow plow             the plowing, and the salt application, it would cost the city approximate-
bids submitted performed snow plow duties for any municipalities. City        ly $3,000 every time the streets needed plowing if they went with The
Clerk-Administrator Cindie Reiter noted that Tri-County Services pro-         Snow Associates. Councilmember Simonson asked about the time it
vided service to Afton. It was noted that Jesse Getzie of Snow Asso-          would take to plow. Mr. Getzie estimated it would take 30 man hours.
ciates was in attendance at the meeting. No other bidding company             Councilmember Danielson asked if city staff knew how long it had
had a representative in attendance. Councilmember Danielson clari-            taken others in the past to perform the plowing. City Clerk-
fied that the Snow Associates bid was per occurrence, not by the hour.        Administrator Reiter noted that she did not know how long it had taken
Councilmember Simonson asked what kind of equipment they would                Barnes last year, but she thought the driver from Washington County
use in the city. Mr. Getzie replied that they would primarily use dumps       (almost two years ago) told her that with a two-inch snowfall (the trig-
with an 11 or 12 foot blade. Mayor Lambert wanted to make sure Mr.            ger at the time) it would take him about 8 – 11 hours to get through the
Getzie was aware that the streets in Lake St. Croix Beach were nar-           entire city if there were no problems. There was further discussion
row. Mr. Getzie noted that they have access to graders. Mayor Lam-            about the length of time to plow the city.
bert asked why he was bidding on a municipal contract, when his com-             Pete Geare asked how they determine when to put the brine down.
pany primarily does commercial contracts. He stated that it was avail-        He pointed out that often a storm will be predicted, but the area will
able and thought it would be a good option for his company.                   only get a trace of snow. Mr. Geare stated that the weather here is
    Councilmember Simonson then asked what the liquid ice melt appli-         very unpredictable, and he did not feel this was a good idea. Mr. Get-
cation was as it was listed separately from the salt application. Mr.         zie noted that if the brine is put down and the three inch trigger is not
Getzie responded that it is a pre-treat and is entirely liquid. He further    met, the brine will prevent the snow/ice from bonding with the street for
explained that with salt, the goal is to get a brine going, but with the      a limited time. If the snow is not moved, the solution will become di-
pre-treat the brine is actually being put down, which prevents any type       luted and stop working. He stated this would be a concern for him as
of bond between the snow/ice and the pavement. The liquid ice melt            well with a three inch trigger. He noted that other methods could be
application is typically put down two or three days before a storm. He        used such as pre-wet salt (where the salt is wet before it is loaded onto
did note there could be some situations where snow/ice would stick to         the truck). Mayor Lambert asked how accurate they had been at pre-
the pavement with a three-inch trigger as the solution can become             dicting heavy snowfalls. He stated they had done very well and went
diluted. He explained that the solution is primarily a sodium chloride        on to explain that they had a 24 hour weather monitoring setup in Hud-
and calcium chloride mix with some sugar beet extract to help with the        son and contracts with two meteorologists in Nebraska. He noted that
tracking (sticking to car wheels and being carried to the more heavily        they are watching the radar 24 hours a day during approaching snow
traveled areas), and it is amber in color. He stated that the solution        events because they have clients with a zero tolerance policy.
could be put on wet or dry pavement, but would need to go on ahead               Councilmember Geare wondered if the brine solution was put down
of the storm. They can potentially use 50% – 75% less salt if the solu-       and only two inches fell, could brine be put down again. Mr. Getzie
tion is laid down. Councilmember Simonson asked about the environ-            responded that because the solution can become diluted, they could
mental impacts of the method. Mr. Getzie claimed that the liquid is           only put it down again once the snow was cleared off the roads.
better for the environment as there would not be roll-off as is found            Mayor Lambert again noted that even without the brine solution, it
with salt. He also stated that they do not use any sand due to the ex-        would cost nearly $3,000 for each plow with The Snow Associates.
pense, the mess and subsequent clean-up, and the environmental                Councilmember Danielson noted there was $26,500 in the snowplow
hazards. Also, he noted that sand does not treat anything.                    budget so they would go through that quickly. He suggested looking at
    Councilmember Simonson then asked if the pre-treat would be used          each of the bids individually. Starting with the bid from Miller Excavat-
in the whole city. After Mr. Getzie reported that would be the case,          ing, he stated he did not like the $500 per month mobilization fee, not-
Councilmember Geare clarified that it would need to be put down be-           ing that would mean $3,000 per year just to have them as the snow
fore every storm. Councilmember Danielson asked if the city could             plow contractor. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter pointed out that there
choose to just use the pre-treat on the most heavily trafficked roads.        was a $390 per month mobilization fee when the city was plowed by
Mr. Getzie stated that could be done as well, as the charge would be          Washington County. Mr. Getzie stated that often times with a mobiliza-
per lane mile, which would be a square foot measurement. Typically,           tion fee, that amount is deducted from the charge if there is plowing
one to two gallons are used per 1,000 square feet, depending on               performed that month. However, Councilmember Danielson noted that
weather conditions. Councilmember Simonson pointed out that with              he could not find that stated in any of the papers from Miller.
more than 11 miles of city streets, this would add approximately $2,200          Councilmember Simonson asked if Tri-County had a staging area
per snow occurrence. Councilmember Danielson stated that if they              nearby. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter stated she did not think so, but
used it only on the major streets in the city, it would not cost as much.     they do the plowing for Afton, and Afton’s Public Works employee re-
    Councilmember Simonson then noted that the city wants contractors         layed to her that they were happy with their services. Councilmember
to follow the MnDOT Handbook for Snow Plow Operators and asked if             Simonson noted that the bid from Tri-County was the lowest, but
Mr. Getzie was familiar with that. She stated that the handbook talks         Councilmember Geare wondered how much they would charge for
about not combining salt with sand, and Councilmember Geare asked             salt/sand as all bids listed a different charge. City Clerk-Administrator
if that was why his company did not combine them. Mr. Getzie stated           Reiter noted that Tri-County would access Washington County’s salt
and sand as Barnes did last year. Councilmember Simonson noted             vague, but there are times when cities can use it.
that they were asking the snow plowing companies to follow the                Mayor Lambert then noted that the addendums the City Council
MnDOT Handbook which clearly states not to mix the salt and sand.          have looked at refer to three citations to a house, but they wondered if
Councilmember Legrid noted that they all mixed salt and sand except        that would need to be for the same person or just the house. The City
for The Snow Associates. Councilmember Simonson stated that her            Council asked Deputy Wick if he would be willing to come to a work-
understanding was that salt and sand negated each other. Mr. Parotti       session to discuss this with them further. He stated he could come or
explained that the salt/sand mix has been used for a long time. Sand       another deputy could come as well if he is not on duty.
has benefits when the temperature is too cold for salt to work.                   John Jansen, 1300 Riviera Avenue South, clarified with Deputy
   Councilmember Simonson then noted that Tri-County was the least         Wick that although the party houses have all been rentals, not all ren-
inexpensive going by their per hour bid. Councilmember Danielson           tals are problem places. He also asked whether any of the problems
pointed out that Tri-County seems to have the most extensive equip-        were happening at duplexes where the property owner lived in one of
ment. Councilmember Simonson stated that if Afton was happy with           the units. Deputy Wick reported there are some problems where the
their services, Lake St. Croix Beach would probably be happy as well.      property owner is present, and some problems in locations where the
She was a little concerned that they did not list a price for the          property owner is not present.
salt/sand. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter explained that it would work
like last year with Washington County billing the city directly.              o Draft Local Floodplain Management Ordinance
   It was noted that the City Council would need to choose a snow             Councilmember Danielson requested that the City Council offer
plow contractor at this meeting as the current contract will expire on     funding for City Attorney services for the administration of the Planning
October 31, 2009. Mayor Lambert stated that for next year, they            Commission’s recommendations. Councilmember Simonson ex-
should figure out how to standardize the bids so they could more easily    pressed concern because the draft of the ordinance needs to be sub-
compare them.                                                              mitted to the DNR by November 4, but the Planning Commission does
   Gina Allen wondered why Washington County did not need to follow        not meet again until November 4. She wondered if the Planning
MnDOT’s Handbook as far as the salt and sand not being mixed. The          Commission would be calling a special meeting before that in order to
City Council did not have an answer for that. Councilmember Daniel-        meet the deadline. City Clerk-Administrator explained that Molly Sho-
son asked the City Engineer if Washington County sold just salt. Mr.       deen of the DNR had been at the October Planning Commission meet-
Parotti did not think so from what he has heard, but could not state one   ing, and wants the draft early in November to review. Councilmember
way or the other for fact. Mr. Getzie, from The Snow Associates,           Simonson then asked whether the Planning Commission was planning
stated that they do not use government salt/sand, they have a private      to start from scratch or take the draft from the DNR and customize it for
dealer. Councilmember Simonson stated that for the future, she             Lake St. Croix Beach. Linda O’Donnell, Planning Commissioner,
thought the brine solution was worth looking at for the environmental      stated that after reviewing the draft ordinance with Ms. Shodeen at the
concerns alone, but it seemed to be too expensive for the city this        October meeting, the Planning Commission will just be looking at what
year. The Councilmembers agreed they liked this option and appre-          kind of variances have been issued in recent years and incorporate
ciated Mr. Getzie presenting it.                                           that information into the ordinance.
   Councilmember Geare inquired if Mr. Getzie had looked at less ab-          Councilmember Danielson explained that the ordinance will be sub-
rasive brines. He responded that they had, and he could give them a        mitted to the DNR for review. After the review, the DNR will give any
sheet that would explain more about what it is. He noted that their        suggestions to the city. A public hearing will then be held for the new
mixture is calcium chloride, which is corrosive, but it is more environ-   ordinance, the Planning Commission will recommend approval of the
mentally friendly. He added that they could also use potassium in          ordinance, and submit it to the City Council for adoption. Council-
place of salt, but the cost would be much higher. One resident asked       member Danielson asked City Attorney Amy Schmidt her thoughts on
about the molasses solution they had heard of last year, and Council-      the length of time it will take to draft the ordinance. She estimated it
member Danielson noted that The Snow Associates solution is a sug-         would take one to two hours. She then asked about the interplay be-
ar-based solution as well. Mr. Getzie then explained that their solution   tween the ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan/Local Surface Wa-
is an extracted sugar beet solution, and the molasses, although using      ter Management Plan. There was discussion about the dollar amount
the same type of ingredients, would be a heavier solution. The costs       that would be needed for City Attorney fees in regards to the ordin-
for cleaning up would also be higher with the molasses solution.           ance.
Councilmember Danielson suggested a cost-benefit analysis would be                     M/S/P (Danielson, Simonson) TO APROVE UP TO $750
good for this situation to determine which method would be best overall                FOR PREPARATION OF THE LOCAL FLOODPLAIN MAN-
in the long run.                                                                       AGEMENT ORDINANCE AND INCLUDE THE MEETING
            M/S/P (Danielson, Simonson) TO ACCEPT TRI-COUNTY                           TIME IN THAT AMOUNT. MOTION PASSED UNANIM-
            SERVICES AS THE SNOW PLOW CONTRACTOR FOR                                   OUSLY.
                                                                              Councilmember Danielson noted that, if necessary, the Planning
           Councilmember Legrid asked Mr. Getzie if he would be will-      Commission could hold a meeting before the November City Council
ing to come to a worksession to talk with them further about the differ-   meeting to review any changes suggested by the DNR. There was
ences. Mr. Getzie stated he would be willing to come when they would       further discussion of the process for approving the ordinance. City
like, and he left some information with the City Clerk-Administrator       Engineer, John Parotti pointed out that the ordinance needed to be in
explaining the negatives about sand and the safety information for his     place by February 3, 2010.
                                                                             o    City Clerk/Treasurer Resolution, City Treasurer Job Descrip-
           Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Wick had arrived and                tion, and City Treasurer Employment Opportunity Request
explained that there had been 65 calls and 7 citations in September.          Mayor Lambert explained that the City Council has been discussing
Councilmember Danielson asked if they had solved the car break-ins.        outsourcing the treasurer position, and that they as a group have de-
Deputy Wick stated that they are still investigating. He stated that it    cided that would probably be the best way to go. She stated that the
was just one weekend, and they had not received any further reports of     benefits of this staffing model will outweigh any additional costs that
more break-ins. Councilmember Danielson asked if there were any            may occur, but knowing how much the city currently spends on these
other issues the City Council should be informing citizens about. Dep-     duties, and what they expect to spend on a city treasurer, the costs will
uty Wick replied that they have just had calls about some parties in the   be equal. She then stated that the benefits of a separate city treasurer
city, but nothing else major was happening. Councilmember Simonson         will be a higher level of professional knowledge and two sets of books
asked Deputy Wick if he knew whether the party houses were rentals.        with two different people looking at them. Councilmember Legrid clari-
He responded that they were all rentals, and they had contacted the        fied that the mayor had grouped the entire City Council together, but
property owners and advised them on the situation. Councilmember           she was not in favor of this change. Mayor Lambert then stated that
Simonson then noted that several cities had adopted rental ordinances      the other four members of the City Council agree with the change.
with a crime free/drug free addendum and asked if he was familiar with     She further noted that it was worth a try because the city needed to
them. Deputy Wick responded that he was aware of them, and that            modernize the way it does its books and bring that system into the 21st
was something they could look at. They have also been looking at a         century.
disorderly house ordinance which is related to too many calls for ser-        City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted that there was a written com-
vice to one location and can go from there. Councilmember Simonson         ment submitted and the person wanted it read into the record. John
stated that the addendums they have seen stipulate that if there are       Sievert, 1580 Riviera Avenue South, noted that no clear explanation of
three calls to one location, the landlord must take some kind of action.   the costs to be incurred, the money to be saved, or the reasons to do
Deputy Wick stated the disorderly house is a state statute, so no city     this have been clearly communicated to city residents. He went on to
ordinance is needed to use it. He did note that the statute is somewhat    ask multiple questions regarding costs, benefits, the existence of the
Budget & Finance Committee, and audits. He expressed concern                 Croix Beach has had higher standards, noting the annual audit. Coun-
about what he saw as a lack of reasons for changing the operations of        cilmember Danielson stated that the City Council thinks the audit is too
the city from a process and procedure that have worked well for dec-         expensive. Ms. O’Donnell noted that there are benefits to having an
ades, and he expressed fear that this would erode the quality of ac-         annual audit such as ensuring everything is being done correctly, from
counting, the credit rating of the city, and add needless cost and com-      contracts to conducting meetings. Mayor Lambert stated her under-
plexity to the operations of the city. He then asked the City Council to     standing of the audit as just making sure the numbers add up, and it is
answer his questions and address his concerns.                               not a real in-depth audit. Ms. O’Donnell noted that there were meet-
   Councilmember Simonson stated that the City Council has dis-              ings where the City Council would ask the audit firm to track items,
cussed these things in detail at many public meetings, and the minutes       especially with all the debt service moneys. Councilmember Simonson
are available for those meetings if residents are unable to attend the       stated she remembered asking questions and being told that the audit
meetings. She stated she was therefore confused as to Mr. Sievert’s          firm did not give advice. Ms. O’Donnell suggested that the City Council
comments about discussion and explanations to residents. Mayor               table this issue because she felt the City Council was acting prema-
Lambert stated the City Council has been discussing this issue since         turely and should get more information before making this decision.
February, and thought they had been clear regarding the reasons for             Councilmember Simonson stated that the City Council is hoping to
doing this. She stated Mr. Sievert was welcome to attend any of their        start with an accountant as treasurer on January 1, 2010, so as far as
meetings or call any of them to ask the questions. Councilmember             acting prematurely, they do not have a long time frame. Mayor Lam-
Simonson then read again Mr. Sievert’s comment that this would erode         bert pointed out that they actually will have to have the city treasurer
the quality of the accounting, and stated that the City Council is doing     start on December 31, 2009. Councilmember Simonson then stated
this because one of the benefits will be to get a professional accoun-       that the City Council had spent hours on the budget, and she felt fru-
tant doing the city’s books, which will improve what the city is doing.      strated because no one really knew if the city was doing a proper ac-
She also did not understand his comment that this change would erode         counting of staff benefits and/or wages. She went on to say that she
the credibility of the city or add needless cost because the City Council    felt that if the city had a professional spending the same amount of
has repeatedly said they are hoping to at least break even on this.          time on these issues as the City Clerk spends, they would not have
She noted that with a separate City Clerk and City Treasurer, the city       those frustrations because they would know it was being done proper-
will not be required to have a massive audit every year, and will be         ly. She also noted that she never knew how much the city had in re-
required to have two sets of books which will ensure no one is stealing      serves until the Budget & Finance Committee started to look at it.
money and the books are being maintained properly. She felt that             Therefore, she feels that what the city is doing in that respect to be
having two sets of books will improve the way the books are kept.            lacking as far as her needs for making good decisions and feeling that
   Mayor Lambert then stated that by separating the positions, it will al-   they are doing the proper, professional accounting. She stated that if
low City Clerk-Administrator Reiter to focus on the other duties she has     the city breaks even using a separate city treasurer, it will be worth it.
by relieving her of the treasurer duties. Councilmember Simonson             She felt that the city did not have anyone giving advice and looking out
noted that the City Council had asked City Clerk-Administrator Reiter        for the city’s best interests when the City Council got the bond to pur-
to estimate how many hours she spent on these duties. From this, the         chase the current City Hall. If the city had an accountant, they would
City Council has estimated it will only take approximately 8 – 10 hours      have the person looking out for the city’s best interests.
a month to perform the job duties of the treasurer. She went on to note         Councilmember Legrid disagreed. She stated that she has spoke
that the city currently pays $2,000 per year for payroll services, which     up before but her thoughts seemed to be ignored or interrupted. She
will no longer be an expense as this would be among the job duties of        expressed her feelings that the City Council is being premature and
the City Treasurer. It was noted that the audit cost the city $11,500        acting haphazardly. She agreed with Ms. O’Donnell that the issue
last year.                                                                   should be tabled until more information can be gathered. She then
   Councilmember Simonson then stated that the current City Council          stated that when the City Council is saying things like “better reports”
has spent more time discussing budget and finance than was her pre-          and “deficiencies,” they are getting really close to talking about job
vious experience on the City Council. She explained that the Budget &        performance which can not be done at this time. She stated it is irres-
Finance Committee was created in order to get some assistance in             ponsible to condemn someone for using the reports which are given
looking more closely at the budget. Every month, the committee gives         and saying anything about the job performance in a public forum. She
a report to the City Council, and the report is discussed.                   felt it would be wise for the City Council to stand back, look at the deci-
   Linda O’Donnell asked the City Council to table consideration of the      sion more in depth, and determine if it is a better system after more
ordinance change separating the City Clerk and City Treasurer posi-          research is done.
tions. She noted that when the City Council first started discussions           Councilmember Legrid referred to the Special Meeting of the City
about separating the positions, they told residents they would only do       Council on October 8, 2009 where discussions took place about what
this if there were cash savings for the city. The City Council now says      issues should be worked out before they proceeded. She noted that
this is not about money, because they want a Treasurer/Financial Di-         they should have the Employee Handbook approved before hiring
rector, which she thought sounded pretty serious for a little city like      someone. The ordinance stated the treasurer position would be a two-
Lake St. Croix Beach. She noted the lack of a cost-benefit analysis,         year term, and she wondered why this would be the case when no
and stated that, with an approval from the mayor, by reviewing minutes       other employees have set terms. She stated that the City Council has
from City Council meetings, City Council worksessions, Budget &              been talking about this for many months, but never gave any financials
Finance Committee meetings, and Personnel Committee meetings                 in regards to the position until Ms. O’Donnell presented them at this
along with her knowledge of city government she had worked up a              meeting. She also noted that the City Council is saying the separate
rough cost-benefit analysis noting that it is not all inclusive. She read    treasurer position will save money on the audit, but one should still be
aloud her numbers, citing a total cost as $29,600 for 2010.                  performed at least every three years. Mayor Lambert pointed out that
   Mayor Lambert stated they do not yet know how much an audit will          she has said many times they will still have audits performed, just not
cost so she did not understand how Ms. O’Donnell could get that num-         every year. Councilmember Legrid stated a policy should be set be-
ber. Ms. O’Donnell noted that the Budget & Finance Committee Chair           fore hiring someone that states what will happen during and after this
had estimated the cost that she used, which was approximately half of        person is hired. The policy should state how often an audit will be
the cost of last year’s audit. Mayor Lambert and Councilmember Si-           performed. She stated that she is totally against this at this time and
monson also took issue with Ms. O’Donnell’s amount for wages and             urged the rest of the City Council to table it to allow for more time to
overhead, stating this would be a non-benefit position. Ms. O’Donnell        investigate it. Councilmember Danielson told her she should make a
agreed that number could be lowered along with the wages. Ms.                motion if that is what she wants.
O’Donnell stated that there is no money in the budget for 2010 for a                       MOTION BY COUNCILMEMBER LEGRID TO TABLE THIS
treasurer, even if they brought the total cost down to $15,000. Ms.                        ORDINANCE.
O’Donnell then noted some intangible benefits. She cited that Ron
Carlson, Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee, stated at a meet-                      Councilmember Simonson asked what was missing before
ing that the city could be very creative in how to invest municipal funds.   she could make the decision. Councilmember Legrid stated that she
She noted that the legislature does not allow this and actually states       wanted information from a CPA to see what the actual costs would be
the limited places where cities can invest funds. Ms. O’Donnell then         and an Employee Handbook should be ready. She also suggested
noted that for long range planning, the city could use a professional        they should be more specific in the information they want in their re-
firm for that issue and it would cost much less. She then again asked        ports. If they want a report done differently, they should ask for it. She
the City Council to table the ordinance, consider what the costs actual-     also stated the city could hire a firm to create a report that city staff
ly will be, and figure out where the money is going to come from.            could add current information to on a monthly basis. Mayor Lambert
   Councilmember Danielson pointed out that Lake St. Croix Beach’s           stated they have asked, and the city has been moving in that direction.
sister cities choose to have a professionally hired out person for these     She went on to explain that it is not just about the reporting. She
services. Ms. O’Donnell noted her opinion on this was that Lake St.          stated she does not know the City Clerk’s education, but they are re-
quiring a B.S. in accounting and prefer a CPA. Councilmember Legrid          that they had been talking but had no figures. Councilmember Simon-
wondered why someone would be qualified to give advice just because          son wondered where the city would go to have an impartial cost-benefit
of a piece of paper with B.S. on it.                                         analysis done and how much it would cost. Councilmember Legrid did
            When an interruption came from the audience, Council-            not know, but suggested that the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC)
member Legrid pointed out that this is what she was referring to when        would probably have those answers.
she said she was ignored or interrupted. The resident stated he was a                    Councilmember Danielson asked Ron Carlson if he had any
resident and did not appreciate what he was hearing. Mayor Lambert           input. Mr. Carlson stated he was torn between speaking for himself
then stated that the idea was to get someone with more education and         and speaking for the Budget & Finance Committee. Councilmember
a more in-depth knowledge of the accounting system works to provide          Danielson stated he could do both. Councilmember Simonson sug-
the City Council with more financial information and financial advice        gested speaking for himself as the other residents were doing. Mr.
than they are getting right now. She further stated that the City Clerk-     Carlson stated that the Budget & Finance Committee is doing what
Administrator does an adequate job, but there is a good-better-best          they were charged with – looking more deeply into the budgeting and
concept and she would like an employee to move from good and better          financing issues facing the city – which the City Council did not have
to best. If that can occur without spending any extra money, she felt        the time to do. He pointed out that there seemed to be a preconcep-
that would be the way to go. She pointed out that Lake St. Croix             tion that the city needed to have a federal level audit, which was not
Beach is the only city in the area that is set up with a combined City       the case. An audit outlined by the state auditor will cost a substantial
Clerk/Treasurer position, and she did not understand why that was.           amount less ($5,000 - $6,000 by his estimate). He stated that the
            Mary Parr expressed her appreciation for Linda O’Donnel          theory that the city needed to collect money every year for the emer-
and the work she had done as she had wanted to see this type of in-          gency reserves is also not true as there is plenty of money in emer-
formation. She noted the value of a person on sight and available to         gency reserves already. Mr. Carlson also stated that the Budget &
residents and the information they had did not say whether the person        Finance Committee has given insight into the investment possibilities
would be working on sight. She wondered if they would be able to get         and how much money the city has to invest. He stated that the com-
someone with the qualifications they were seeking for a job that is only     mittee will be giving a recommendation later in the meeting regarding
8 – 10 hours per month who would be available to be on sight during          the checking account which is not earning interest and little service
the day and available to the public. She also clarified that since the big   such as electronic banking. He noted that the Budget & Finance
accounting scandal with Enron and Arthur Anderson, jobs are more             Committee has done these things that the treasurer has not had the
split so that accountants perform accounting duties and consultants          time to do. He is hoping that a separate treasurer will provide that kind
can provide advice. She agreed that the audit costs too much, and the        of advice to the City Council on a regular basis, and the Budget &
city would be able to get it done more inexpensively. She also agreed        Finance Committee will probably disappear. Mr. Carlson also stated
that if the City Council wants different formats or reports, they should     that some of the figures Ms. O’Donnell gave were disingenuous, but
explain what they want. Agreeing with Linda O’Donnell and Council-           agreed that as a citizen, he would like to see a cost-benefit analysis as
member Legrid, she suggested the City Council table this to gather           well. He noted that it should be realized though that some benefits are
more information that is needed to make this decision.                       not tangible so the dollar amount can not be measured. He stated that
            John Jansen expressed his concern for the lack of specific       getting the type of professionalism aboard for modest cost is good for
information showing the potential savings of hiring a separate treasur-      the city. He stated that the neighboring cities do this, and he thinks
er. He stated that the concept of separating the positions does not          with good reason.
make sense to him, because the city would be going backwards by                          Dennis Geyen, noted that Mr. Carlson was correct in regards
needing two sets of books again which will need to be reconciled. He         to intangible benefits, but when making a decision, you need to have
noted that he spent 20 years on the City Council, and he never had           some way to measure it. He thought that it was not defined well
any question as to what was going on with the accounting. He did not         enough from the standpoint of what the city is really trying to do. He
recall any of the City Council asking for the format of the reports to be    suggested that Lake St. Croix Beach could get some idea of the costs
changed. The City Council could explain what they needed, and re-            and benefits from the surrounding cities which use this staffing struc-
ports could be generated for that purpose rather than hiring a CPA. He       ture. He noted that annual audits are beneficial as they show that
also expressed concern that they could hire a CPA for the amount they        everything is being done correctly every year, but it comes down to
are willing to spend. Mr. Jansen suggested using people in the com-          what is best for the city. He pointed out that they need to sell it to the
munity to reorganize how the reporting is done, but that would require       people by showing them what has been spent and what has been
people with experience in municipal or other kind of accounting. The         saved. Mr. Geyen stated that people will come back with questions if
City Council had rejected people with that experience for the Budget &       they do not show the costs and benefits. He further stated that if they
Finance Committee. He suggested another committee to look at the             do not have all the information it is better to wait to make the decision
accounting reports. He also suggested they table the issue to look at        until they do have it, because there are a lot of consequences with
some of the other options.                                                   going forward if it does not work.
            Mayor Lambert pointed out that the City Council did contract                 Councilmember Simonson stated this was the reason she
for a cost-benefit analysis and they did not get back what they wanted.      asked where the city could go to get a cost-benefit analysis. She
Therefore, the person was not paid. She appreciated the comments,            asked if anyone had ideas of where to go or how much it would cost.
but this was not only about the reports. It is about a more in-depth         Mr. Jansen suggested starting with LMC to get their suggestions on
level of knowledge, a lot more experience in accounting, someone who         where to go and how to approach this. Mayor Lambert stated they did
would be able to advise the City Council on how to manage its money.         not go to them with that question because they had contracted with
            Gina Allen agreed with Linda O’Donnell, Mary Parr, John          someone to have it done. After being asked by Ms. Parr who they had
Jansen, and Councilmember Legrid because the City Council is going           contracted with, Mayor Lambert responded that it was Tom Niedz-
too fast on this. The City Council should have numbers, and echoed           wiecki. She noted they were not able to use what they got back.
Ms. Parr’s comment that they will need two people in order to get the        Councilmember Simonson wondered how much time it would take to
advice they want. She recognized their comment that they have talked         get an analysis performed. She wondered if they would be able to get
about this a lot, but they still do not have any concrete numbers or         one before their next special meeting on November 7. Ms. Parr sug-
facts regarding what they expect to pay with reasons behind it. She          gested they could get some information by calling an accounting firm to
felt the city deserves an audit every year, and if they are not going to     find out how much it would cost to hire an accountant by the hour.
do that, they should have a policy in place to clearly state when and                    Councilmember Danielson stated that he was very comfort-
how often an audit will be performed. She also felt that the duties for      able with the resolution they had before them, and if things fell apart
the position were not clearly listed as all that was stated was the per-     they could rescind the resolution. City Attorney, Amy Schmidt, clarified
son would need to perform the accounting and give the City Council           that it was an ordinance, not a resolution. Mayor Lambert inquired if
advice. She advised them to table this, and look at it for next year         language could be inserted into the ordinance that would state how
because it did not need to be done right now. Ms. Allen stated that a        often the city would have an audit. Ms. Schmidt stated that the pur-
lot of residents feel the same as those who were speaking at the meet-       pose of this ordinance was to formally take the action to separate the
ing, but City Council was not talking to residents to get their opinion on   two positions. The language to set the audit times would not fit here,
hiring another employee.                                                     but a new ordinance could address that issue. Ron Carlson suggested
            Councilmember Simonson noted that the city would be re-          that the audit language could be put into a resolution as there are
quired to have an audit every year that the City Clerk and City Trea-        many resolutions that set policy. Councilmember Simonson stated she
surer are a combined position. So if they hired someone after January        was more concerned about the fact that all they had before them was
1, 2010, they would need to have an audit performed for 2010. They           numbers put together by a resident which may or may not be biased.
are trying to avoid that by having someone in place before the dead-         She did not believe it would cost the city $29,000 per year as the num-
line. Mayor Lambert stated the City Council was not rushing into this        bers stated. She expressed concern that they did not have a cost-
as they had been talking about this since February. Ms. Allen noted          benefit analysis to counteract that.
          MOTION BY COUNCILMEMBER SIMONSON TO TABLE                            Mayor Lambert explained again that the City Council was under the
          THE ISSUE UNTIL THEIR SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEET-                  impression they could have a workshop as long as they did not take
          ING ON NOVEMBER 7, 2009.                                          any action. It was explained that if a workshop or meeting was not in
                                                                            the list of regularly scheduled meetings, it is considered a Special
          Cheryl Kopp, resident, asked about the motion made by             meeting. However, if they listed them as part of their regularly sche-
Councilmember Legrid earlier. It was noted that there had not been a        duled meetings, they could be called workshops. She wanted to do
second to that motion.                                                      that starting with the December meeting. City Clerk-Administrator
          MOTION BY COUNCILMEMBER LEGRID TO TABLE THE                       Reiter asked whether this needed to be by resolution or motion that
          ORDINANCE FAILED DUE TO LACK OF SECOND.                           they designate a regular day for a regular worksession. City Attorney
                                                                            Schmidt noted that at the first meeting of the year, the City Council
           Mary Parr asked whether worksessions were now regular            approves all meeting dates. She suggested that since it was so late in
City Council meetings. Councilmember Simonson explained that their          the year, it would be easier to vote by resolution to adopt a workshop
regular worksession would be labeled a Special City Council meeting         schedule with the dates listed like the regular meetings are. Council-
so they could take a specific action. Mayor Lambert explained that the      member Danielson asked if they had to set the actual date or if they
worksessions were all Special meetings as they were not aware there         could have it looser so that if a workshop needed to be called on a
was a difference until talking with the attorneys at LMC. No action has     date not already set, that could be done. City Attorney Schmidt ex-
been taken at previous worksessions. Starting in December 2009,             plained that they needed to establish the date. If the day is not in-
they will be worksessions and will be regularly scheduled, but they may     cluded in the list established at the beginning of the year, it would need
be taking action at the meeting on November 7, 2009.                        to be called a Special City Council meeting. The list would need to
           Councilmember Simonson stated she was trying to make a           state that the worksessions were held on the first Saturday of the
compromise to recognize the importance of a cost-benefit analysis           month. Deviating from the set schedule would require the designation
before they make the decision, but the decision could still be made         of a Special meeting.
before the November Regular City Council meeting. Mayor Lambert                          M/S/P (Geare, Lambert) TO TABLE THE ISSUE UNTIL
noted that they had approved $300 for the cost-benefit analysis which                    JANUARY 2010. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.
had not yet been used.
           COUNCILMEMBER LEGRID SECONDED THE MOTION                            o City Council Worksession Minutes – October 3, 2009
           TABLE THE ISSUE UNTIL NOVEMBER 7, 2009.                             Councilmember Geare stated that on page two of the minutes under
                                                                            the Rental Ordinance discussion Apple Valley (AV) should be changed
           Councilmember Legrid asked whether legal counsel could           to St. Louis Park (SLP) on lines 2, 3, 8, 16, and 19. Councilmember
be available for that meeting to answer questions they may have. Ms.        Legrid asked that her name be changed from LeGrid to Legrid.
Schmidt stated she would be able to attend the meeting. Mayor Lam-                     M/S/P (Legrid, Lambert) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF
bert asked Councilmembers Danielson and Geare if they had any                          THE CITY COUNCIL WORKSESSION ON OCTOBER 3,
comments. Councilmember Danielson stated he was ready to vote                          2009 WITH CHANGES (AV TO SLP ON LINES 2, 3, 8, 16,
now. Councilmember Geare stated she thought the cost-benefit anal-                     AND 19 IN THE RENTAL ORDINANCE DISCUSSION AND
ysis would be a good idea, but noted that without knowing where to go                  NO CAPITAL G IN LEGRID). MOTION PASSED UNANIM-
or how much it would cost, it made it difficult to put a cost or deadline              OUSLY.
on it. Councilmember Legrid offered to call LMC and let City Clerk-
Administrator Reiter know what the cost may be if they have an esti-             OTHER BUSINESS
mate, but obviously could not guarantee a completion date.                     o Budget & Finance Committee Report
           Mr. Carlson noted that one idea that has been discussed             Councilmember Simonson asked why the City Council did not get
several times was to put an amount in the budget for the treasurer          the report in their City Council packets. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter
position, and then they would know what it was going to cost. He            explained that the report was not included because it was supposed to
stated that the reports and projects that they end up having the trea-      go to Mayor Lambert and herself for review. She had provided her
surer work on could be limited by the pay. He suggested the City            comments to Ron Carlson, but had not received an updated report
Council could direct the person to perform certain duties, and when         from him to include in the packet. Mr. Carlson stated that was not true
they hit the budgeted amount that would be the end of it. Mayor Lam-        because it could be considered polling, which would be a violation of
bert asked what would happen if the money ran out in October. Mr.           the Open Meeting Law. Mayor Lambert asked that City Clerk-
Carlson responded that they would then be done having a treasurer for       Administrator Reiter send it to the City Council on Tuesday, October
a while. He compared it to the city engineer and city attorney –            27, 2009. Mr. Carlson stated it should be put on the website as well.
amounts are budgeted and when they run out, the City Council must           City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted there were some things she
think very carefully about what they have them do after that. He then       would respond to when Mr. Carlson was done speaking, and she
stated that since the person will be an employee, they will be able to      would add her comments to the report to the City Council and on the
both give advice and perform the accounting duties.                         website. Councilmember Simonson asked whether things were in the
           MOTION PASSED, 4 AYES, 1 NAY (DANIELSON).                        report that were not discussed at the meeting. When Mr. Carlson told
                                                                            her no, she asked why the report was not public. Mr. Carlson told her
           Mayor Lambert stated the meeting on November 7, 2009             to ask the clerk. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter explained that Mr.
should be videotaped, and asked the videographer if he would be             Carlson had put information regarding taxes that would be due on the
available. It was noted that the meeting could be rescheduled if the        City Hall if the city were to rent a portion to a non-governmental entity,
cost-benefit analysis would be available a little later than that.          and she had differing information so had asked him not to use the
           Mayor Lambert then asked the City Council if they wanted to      numbers. Councilmember Simonson stated that the information was
discuss the other documents regarding the treasurer position. Coun-         discussed in a public meeting, so the information was public and
cilmember Simonson noted that on the advertisement it states 10-15          should be included in the City Council packets whether it was right or
hours a week. She thought all their discussions had been much less          wrong as these were essentially minutes of the meeting. Mr. Carlson
than that. Mayor Lambert suggested it be changed to 8 – 15 hours per        stated these were not minutes, just a summary of the meeting. City
month.                                                                      Clerk-Administrator Reiter stated they had not discussed the property
       City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted that on the position de-       taxes at the meeting. Councilmember Danielson stated it was the
scription sheet, it stated the position was part-time without benefits.     responsibility of the City Clerk to bring the information to the City
She pointed out that PERA is required for employees making more that        Council.
$425 per month. There was discussion that the LMC website had                  Ron Carlson, Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee, first noted
stated it was based on hours per week, and the PERA website states          that the Budget & Finance Committee (BFC) had previously recom-
$425 per month.                                                             mended to the City Council to correct some inaccuracies of the 2010
   Councilmember Legrid asked why the ordinance stated that it would        budget. The City Council had not done that, so the treasurer will go
be a term of two years. Mayor Lambert thought that was standard.            forth with the Truth In Taxation process and publish the budget as is.
Councilmember Simonson stated that is only in dealing with contract            The Fire District was discussed at the meeting as well. The City
employees. Councilmember Legrid pointed out that the city is an at-         Council decided at the workshop that they would promote changes to
will employer, and no other employee has a contract. City Attorney          the fire district and the Fire Relief Association. The BFC will do noth-
Schmidt suggested removing the time frame language or changing the          ing more regarding this issue.
language to read at-will employment.                                           In regards to the Treasurer’s Monthly Report, the City Council had
                                                                            seen examples of end of month reports as well as the current report,
                                                                            which is up to the date of the City Council meeting. The BFC recom-
  o   Regular Meeting – Workshop                                            mended this so that discrepancies would not be shown from the City
Council meeting ending total to the beginning monthly total of the next         do the seal coating for the year 2010. Mr. Carlson suggested letting
month because of bills entered after the City Council meeting for that          the City Engineer figure out what the schedule for the street mainten-
month. He noted that it is common practice in business to report                ance ought to be, and budget accordingly. The plan would give the
month-to-month. The City Council did not give an opinion on this is-            City Council something to show residents why certain roads are being
sue. It was pointed out that at the November City Council meeting,              done first.
they would be given a report showing information through the end of                The BFC then talked about investments. Mr. Carlson noted that this
October. Councilmember Geare noted that the Public Safety Reports               also goes back to a long-range street plan so they will be able to know
are presented month-to-month also and are reported at the City Coun-            how much is available to invest and what kind of liquidity they will
cil meeting. Councilmember Legrid noted that she had attended the               need. He stated that there is approximately $300,000 they could in-
BFC meeting, and it had been noted that it helps to deal with decisions         vest more advantageously than the current way. He asked City Clerk-
such as the roads to see where the city is at financially at meeting            Administrator Reiter if she had bought a CD. She noted that the City
time. Councilmember Simonson stated that the report is given when               Council had not directed her to do so. Councilmember Danielson
they get to the meeting so it is difficult to get an in-depth understanding     noted that future City Councils may decide different ways to spend
of it. She stated she would prefer to get a report in advance so she            money so it would not be right to buy long-term CDs, but one or two-
would have time to get a better understanding of the information.               year CDs would not be inappropriate. Mr. Carlson reported that some
Mayor Lambert noted they had also discussed having the month-to-                money had been moved into the 4M fund, and he suggested that the
month report, and a list of the bills to be paid at the City Council meet-      use the 4M fund for major money management operation (checking,
ing that they need to approve. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter pointed          reporting, electronic banking, etc.), and use the local bank (US Bank)
out that the disbursement list is the list of what they would approve to        for convenience (cash withdrawals for petty cash and daily deposits
be paid at the meeting. She presented that two different versions had           from the parking lot). He did note that the 4M fund is not FDIC insured,
been presented prior, along with a Claims Approval list, but had re-            but it is insured to a very high amount (Mr. Carlson thought it was near
ceived no feedback. She also stated that if someone has a report that           $100 million), so he thought it would be safe. Mayor Lambert reported
is easily understood showing where the money is at, they could email it         that the city moved approximately $74,000 to the 4M fund and asked
to her and she could make it appropriate for Lake St. Croix Beach.              City Clerk-Administrator Reiter how much was left in the local bank.
Councilmember Simonson stated it was not a matter of understanding,             City Clerk-Administrator Reiter reported that after paying the bills to-
but it would be easier if they had a report in advance of the meeting so        night, it will be $50,000 - $60,000.
she could get a better idea of what is being discussed. She inquired               Mr. Carlson reported that the BFC is done working on the Treasurer
whether they could get a month-end report at month’s end. City Clerk-           position. If the City Council would like their help as the process moves
Administrator responded that they could. Mayor Lambert suggested a              along, they should direct them to do what is needed.
month-to-month report with a separate column showing what they will                The annual audit was also discussed at the BFC meeting. A repre-
approve at the meeting. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted the               sentative from Foley-Kalseim firm in Stillwater came to the city to look
disbursements list affects ledger balances after checks are printed.            at what they needed to see, and estimated $6,500 - $7,500 to do an
She provided the Engineer budget balance as an example. That would              audit to state standards. Mr. Carlson suggested getting RFPs out for
give both the month-end report along with the total they will be approv-        quotes on audits with the relaxed standards. He noted that previously
ing at the meeting. City Administrator Reiter pointed out that informa-         the city needed to have an audit to federal government standards be-
tion on the Interim Financial Report By Account Number shows how                cause they were receiving federal funds for the hazard mitigation grant
much was budgeted, how much has been spent, and how much is                     program. That is no longer the case, so the city can start having audits
available for the rest of the year. She would look into printing a dis-         done to the state standards. He further suggested sending an RFP to
bursements total at times other than when she is printing the majority          Foley-Kalseim, HLB, and others. He noted that the person he was in
of checks for the month. Councilmember Simonson noted what the                  contact with at Foley-Kalseim told him that if they do the audit before
mayor was asking for is what they are getting as of the day of the              April 15, 2010 they will charge more because they are very busy. After
meeting. Mr. Carlson stated that if they had a month-end report and a           April 15, they will charge up to $1,000 less. Mr. Carlson noted that the
list of disbursements that is up to meeting, that would give the City           city’s auditor in the past has generated the city’s reports to the state,
Council the information they would need.                                        which are due in March. He stated that they city could use reports
    Mr. Carlson noted that the BFC discussed cash flow reporting and            generated by the computing system, send them in, and wait until after
had presented a report in July. The City Council had directed the trea-         April to receive a less expensive audit. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter
surer to do a report like this periodically. He felt the report from the        noted that the reports are due by March 31.
treasurer at this meeting could be simplified to just show how much                Mr. Carlson then reported on property taxes for City Hall. He stated
total cash the city had, and how much is dedicated to reserves and              that he got an estimate from the Washington County Assessor’s Office.
accruals and how much is undesignated. This would give a showing of             He reported on the numbers for a hypothetical case where the city
where the money is in very broad terms. The BFC had shown a graph               rented out part of City Hall to a private entity. With his numbers, the
in July and felt that was substantially different than what was presented       city would pay $3,000 per year in property taxes. After being asked,
now, but it was up to the City Council to decide what they wanted.              he noted that if the city rented area to a non-profit or a government
Councilmember Legrid pointed out that the historical report was also            entity, taxes would not apply. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted
very important showing high and low points. Mr. Carlson stated it was           that there was trigger where taxes would come in. Her concern was
important, but the specific intent of this was for projection. Council-         whether it was property taxes or sales & use taxes. Although she also
member Simonson and Mayor Lambert then stated that they liked the               pointed out that the information she had was in relation to a General
graph from July. Councilmember Legrid noted that this was a work in             Obligation Bond, and the city had to get a Revenue Bond. She noted
progress and could tweaked.                                                     that at that time, the city could have rented out a portion of the building
    Mr. Carlson noted that the next thing on the report was surplus cash        to the previous owner without crossing the threshold of having to pay
allocations. The estimate is that at the end of the year, there will be         taxes. Mr. Carlson stated he could assure the City Council that sales
approximately $200,000 of excess cash over the current designated               & use tax did not apply to real property.
reserves. He stated that the chore of the City Council is to designate             Councilmember Danielson asked if this was the discrepancy that led
those funds for things such as street improvement or bluff stabilization.       to the report not being in the City Council packets. Mr. Carlson re-
The BFC had given suggestions of where to allocate the money into               ported that it was. Councilmember Danielson stated that this was a
accrual funds for street repair. The money could also be put into ac-           great report, and numbers from another citizen, which were unsubstan-
crual funds for bluff stabilization, city parks, or the demolition of the old   tiated, were still given to the City Council. City Clerk-Administrator
City Hall. He noted that the City Council already knows there is a need         Reiter noted that she expressed concern at the BFC meeting regarding
for a fund for street repairs and a long-range spending plan for that.          the last few reports that came from Mr. Carlson with items that she did
The plan would be helpful before deciding what to allocate for that.            not agree with. Therefore, the report was to go to all the members for
Councilmember Simonson reminded everyone that was supposed to                   comment before distribution. Councilmember Danielson stated that he
be on a workshop agenda, and John Parotti said he would attend.                 disagreed with that and was going to take it to the next level.
Councilmember Danielson suggested scheduling that for early in 2010.               Councilmember Simonson asked if that communication would vi-
They could then have a plan and put bids out in early spring. Council-          olate the Open Meeting Law as they were passing a report among
member Legrid noted that December is such a hectic time of the year,            committee members and making changes. City Attorney Schmidt
and if possible it should wait. Mayor Lambert stated that if the city is        asked if the members of the committee were sending it out amongst
able to get bids out early they may get a better deal. She also did not         themselves. Councilmember Simonson stated yes. Mayor Lambert
think it would take Mr. Parotti very long to develop a five-year spending       corrected her that City Clerk-Administrator Reiter sent it out to the
plan for the streets. Councilmember Danielson suggested they could              committee members. Councilmember Simonson stated that she was a
get a dollar amount and direct Mr. Parotti to spend it in the most cost-        member of the committee. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted she
effective way. Councilmember Simonson noted that they did budget to             only relayed to Ron that she did not agree with the property tax sec-
tion, but she did send the original report to Mayor Lambert. Mr. Carl-             Mayor Lambert            asked where Attorney Mark Vierling
son noted that he had only sent this report to the City Clerk to be put     was. City Attorney Schmidt noted that she had been in court all day so
into the City Council packets. Councilmember Danielson then stated          she did not see him today. She asked whether the City Council
that it should have been included in the packets for their review. Mr.      wanted her to attend the meeting on November 7, 2009. The City
Carlson asked City Attorney Schmidt her opinion on violation of the         Council noted that it would depend on whether a cost-benefit analysis
Open Meeting Law. She noted that if it was circulated among the             is obtained in time for that. They will let her know.
members, violation of the Open Meeting Law was a risk. Linda
O’Donnell stated she was at the BFC meeting and there was discus-                   CLERK-ADMINISTRATOR/TREASURER REITER’S REPORT
sion initiated by the City Clerk-Administrator because of the way Mr.               City Clerk-Administrator/Treasurer Reiter reported that the law
Carlson presented things as being the viewpoint of all the members.         enforcement, the fire protection for the 4th quarter, fire department
The City Council had been very clear upon establishment of the com-         building payment (debt service), and the annual water core facility
mittee that all views would be voiced. There was concern that was not       payment are all in the disbursements list this month. That is why the
being done. She noted that at the end of the meeting Mr. Carlson            disbursements total is so high for this month. The grants to the Youth
stated he would do the report and send it to City Clerk-Administrator       Service Bureau, Human Service Inc. (HSI), and Community Volunteer
Reiter. If other committee members had something in response, they          Service (CVS) through the United Way are also included. She estab-
could type up their own statement and the report would be all inclusive.    lished a fund for the cost-share grant for the raingarden – fund #470 –
Mr. Carlson stated they had never talked about that. Ms. O’Donnell          and re-coded last month’s expense, which was in fund #100. Sen-
stated he said he would type up the report and if the other members         tence-To-Service (STS) crews were here on October 17, 2009 and
had something to add, they could have it included. Councilmember            removed the woody vegetation from the levee, which included a large
Danielson stated that it still could have been handed out to them at the    mass of willows. Amy Carolan and Molly Shodeen came to the city to
meeting like Ms. O’Donnell’s document was, and the clerk should have        look at the south end of the bluff, and they estimated 5 – 7 days for
given this report to the City Council as well. Mayor Lambert stated it      STS to remove the Siberian Elm from the bluff south of the swim
would have been helpful to have the report, and City Clerk-                 beach, which they would like to have done in the winter of 2010. City
Administrator Reiter should have attached her comments on a sepa-           Clerk-Administrator/Treasurer noted that it was already reported there
rate sheet of paper.                                                        was $74,000 transferred from the local checking account to the 4M
                                                                            fund. As Mr. Carlson noted earlier, the $250,000 FDIC limit applies to
     COUNCIL/STAFF REPORTS                                                 the money at US Bank, but not the 4M fund money market account.
        Councilmember Danielson’s Report                                    The US Bank is the depository for the 4M fund, so if the City Council
        Councilmember Danielson stated the Planning Commission              decides to switch to have the 4M fund as the city’s checking account,
meeting mostly consisted of discussion regarding the floodplain ordin-      the funds will sweep daily out of the US Bank account into the 4M fund
ance and the recommendation to work with the city attorney. He              checking account. The FDIC insured limit of $250,000 has been ex-
stated that the he wanted the Planning Commission to take up the            tended until 2013. She noted that the 4M Fund Money Market Account
issue of the hotel that has been created in the city. Mayor Lambert         investments follow state statutes, so even though the fund is not feder-
stated it was not a hotel, but a short-term rental property. Council-       ally insured, they are very low risk.
member Danielson went to state that the Planning Commission did not                 The Truth & Taxation meeting is set for the December City
want to take up that issue, so the City Council will need to discuss this   Council meeting, which is December 21, 2009. The proposed budget
during a workshop early in 2010. Mayor Lambert asked if they just did       and levy will be in the newsletter as it was certified to the county, in-
not want to take it up that night because of the floodplain ordinance or    cluding the discrepancy to the budget portion.
if they did not want to take it up at all. Councilmember Danielson                  One bid of $10,000 was submitted for the demolition of the old
stated that the Planning Commission did not want to take up the issue.      City Hall by someone the building inspector had recommended. That
                                                                            does not include the one asbestos removal bid for $6,100. Council-
        Councilmember Geare’s Report                                        member Simonson noted that the City Council had been surprised that
        Nothing further to report.                                          only one bid was received with the economy the way it is. The City
        Two new addresses were drawn for the Recycle Incentive Pro-         Council suggested advertising for bids in newspapers such as the
gram.                                                                       Stillwater Gazette. Councilmember Simonson also suggested prepar-
                                                                            ing written specifications before advertising for bids. Mayor Lambert
         Councilmember Legrid’s Report                                      compared it to getting the measurements for the lawn mowing bids,
            The Cable Commission meeting was very short, and was            stating they would get more comparable bids because companies
held outside because no one had the key to the Lakeland City Hall.          would know exactly what was needed. She noted that when the build-
They authorized the quarterly distributions to be distributed, and she is   ing was searched for asbestos before, the ceiling and the walls were
waiting to get together with the Mr. Glasgow to sign the checks. Coun-      not opened, so it is not known exactly how much asbestos is there.
cilmember Legrid also reported that she attended the Park Commis-           Therefore, the bids would have to be somewhat open-ended. City
sion meeting. The swim buoys have been removed. The parking lot             Clerk-Administrator Reiter asked if the City Council would want to do
ended up very close to the budgeted amount, and the lock box did very       another asbestos evaluation. Mayor Lambert stated she would like it if
well this year. There was an issue with the springy toys at Pettitt Park,   the companies would come and look at the building before they sub-
and her husband will try to fix them. The flags will be taken down on       mitted a bid. Councilmember Geare noted that the report from SEH
Veteran’s Day, the designated day for that.                                 states they did not open the ceiling and the walls to check for the as-
            Mayor Lambert asked if the Park Commission did the mea-         bestos. The bid for the removal states their bid is based on the SEH
surements for mowing. Mike Simonson, Park Commission member,                survey. If there is asbestos in the ceiling and the walls, the bid will
reported that most of the areas were measured, but there a few area         increase. City Clerk-Administrator asked if they would like to hire a
done very infrequently that were not measured. Mayor Lambert stated         company to come and test the walls and the ceiling to check for asbes-
she would contact the Park Commission Chair as she wanted the bids          tos. She recalled that the city was aware there was asbestos in the
for lawn mowing services to go out soon. City Clerk-Administrator           ceiling tiles. Ron Carlson, who has been in attendance at meetings
noted they could send it out to the same companies as last year, and        where this was discussed, had agreed to write the specifications for
people could let city staff know if they have new companies they would      the asbestos removal. He suggested asking the City Engineer what
like it sent to.                                                            they would charge to write the specifications and advertise for bids as
                                                                            he no longer feels comfortable doing it himself. He wondered if the city
       Councilmember Simonson’s Report                                      could get the basis the contractors are using for bids. If the city knew
            Councilmember Simonson reported that the Middle St. Croix       that, they may be able to get an estimate on their own and would not
Water Management Organization (MSC WMO) prepared their budget               be entirely blindsided by an increase in the amount of asbestos in the
for 2010, and it will remain the same as it was in 2009, which means        building. Mr. Carlson suggested asking Mr. Parotti what the charge
the city’s contribution will also remain the same. Lake St. Croix Beach     would be for SEH to manage the project. He noted that they would
received the full amount of the reimbursement for the cost-share grant.     usually charge 20% of the total cost, sometimes more on smaller
Included in the sum was $1,100 for volunteer labor. Therefore, the city     projects, but he felt this was a relatively simple project. The City
share came in under budget for what was allocated for the raingar-          Council asked City Clerk-Administrator Reiter to look up what SEH
dens.                                                                       charged to check for asbestos last time. Mayor Lambert wondered
                                                                            why the city did not know if asbestos was in the walls if SEH had hired
        Mayor Lambert’s Report                                              a company to come and check the building. Councilmember Simon-
        Nothing further to report.                                          son noted that if a building is being used, walls can not be torn down or
                                                                            holes drilled because the asbestos would then become dangerous.
        City Attorney’s Report
        City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted that no one ever called her        ADJOURNMENT
regarding fire proof cabinets as referred by Councilmember Simonson.                 M/S/P (Legrid, Danielson) TO ADJOURN AT 10:45 P.M.
She asked the City Council if they had a preference regarding one to                 MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.
two hour rating, but noted that the building has a fire alarm system and
the fire response time is approximately 3 minutes. The cabinets will
cost $1,674 each, and City Clerk-Administrator Reiter will look into
removing the current cabinet.                                                                 CITY COUNCIL WORKSESSION
        Two bids for the skylights were received, and it will cost approx-
imately $3,500. She would like to move forward with the repair, but the
City Council wanted to do some construction in the room where they             The following are approved minutes from the October 3, 2009 City
are located. She will ask the two bidders for the skylight for bids for      Council worksession. Minutes may at times be condensed to fit space.
the room, but needs to know what to tell them they will need to be                           (Complete minutes on file at City Hall.)
done. She asked if there was more to it than making the half wall in
the room a full wall with a doorway. Mayor Lambert noted they will               Members Present Julia Lambert, Dan Danielson, Linda Geare,
have to move the ceiling fan, and she had talked to LPD owner, Pat                Deb Legrid, Janet Simonson
Wood, who said he could rearrange the electricity in there if needed.
The skylight repair will cost the city $1,000 and insurance will pay the     CALL TO ORDER by Mayor Lambert at 9:14 am.
            City Clerk-Administrator Reiter asked about recodification of    APPROVE AGENDA
the zoning book. She stated that the issue with the boarders drives              Danielson moved to approve the agenda, Legrid seconded.
home the fact that the language is old and should be redone. She               Danielson moved to change the title of the meeting to work session.
asked for the City Council to seriously consider this project, and stated    Lambert explained that since the City Council (CC) has not officially
the city has plenty of funds for this, as pointed out by Mr. Carlson. The    made these sessions as a regularly scheduled meeting they are re-
last quote was given about one year ago from the LMC for $10,000 -           quired by law to be called a special session. Danielson explained he
$12,000 based on the number of pages. The City of Lakeland used              wants the meetings to be called a work session so the citizens know
this service after working on it themselves with staff for a few years.      there will be no decisions will be made. Danielson requested this be
Councilmember Simonson asked if this included putting the codes on           put on the agenda for the Oct meeting. Carlson stated he thought that
the website. City Attorney Schmidt explained that the recodification         was the way they were already set up. Lambert explained that they can
through LMC is done through American Legal Publishing, and includes          be once the CC takes action. Dan stated he will ask the clerk to add
web access. Councilmember Danielson asked if they host it. City              this to the agenda for the October meeting.
Attorney Schmidt noted that yes, it is on their website, searchable, and       Simonson requested we move #3 to #2 to continue the discussion
user-friendly.                                                               regarding the League of MN Cities. Simonson moved as such. Daniel-
            City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted that the document          son seconded and vote was unanimous.
room will become quite small with the addition of the conference room,           Agenda as amended was approved unanimously.
so she requested some consideration about hiring back Marilyn Siebe-
naler to have some more documents scanned. She could also go                 LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA CITIES MEETING AND AGENDA IN-
through the State Retention Schedule and after documents are                 FORMATION
scanned, some could be destroyed to free up some space. Mayor                   Further discussion regarding the special meetings as work sessions
Lambert stated they would discuss this, but it should be an open appli-      took place. The expectations regarding when the agenda has to be set
cation for all residents.                                                    were discussed and Legrid handed out proposed guidelines. Simonson
            M/S/P (Danielson, Geare) TO PAY THE BILLS AS PRE-                stated the previous council often issued agendas that were very vague.
            SENTED. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.                               Carlson stated the previous council was very good about stating the
                                                                             agenda for special meetings. Lambert explained the agenda is re-
           Councilmember Danielson asked why the city was over               quired to be published for special meetings and adhered to but work
budget. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted that the city is paying        sessions do not have the same requirements. Simonson requested
$2,800 for the old City Hall, which is included in the total. He then        that we revisit this. Danielson moved that we table the discussion and
asked why , under Government Building, the city is over budget by            Geare seconded, vote was unanimous. Carlson stated Afton has work
over $14,000. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter noted that the property        sessions regularly and suggested we ask them how they accomplish
taxes were not accounted for in the budget, which were more than             this. Danielson stated the work shops are designed to gather informa-
$10,000. Councilmember Simonson asked why the property taxes                 tion and discuss issues and are helpful.
were not budgeted. City Clerk-Administrator stated that there would
not have been property taxes for this year if the sale had been com-         FIRE DISTRICT AND FIRE RELIEF ASSOCIATION FINANCIAL
pleted by July 1, 2008. However, the delay caused property taxes to          OVERSIGHT
come due. Councilmember Simonson noted that they would have                     Council discussed the Fire Relief Association (FRA). Danielson ex-
known by September that they would need to pay taxes.                        pressed his frustration with the way the FRA came to the council and
      Councilmember Danielson then noted that there is a substantial         demanded we make up the difference when the stock market took a
overage in PEIP. City Clerk-Administrator Reiter stated that, as noted       down turn. Carlson explained the raise was a lump sum paid to the
at previous meetings, both employees are now carrying family cover-          firefighters when they retire based on how many years of service.
age. That money has shifted out of wages and into PEIP. Therefore,           Lambert stated the FRA stated the firefighters would retire if they did
wages will come in under budget. Councilmember Danielson asked if            not get the raise. Lambert explained that Carlson spoke to the Alliance
the money had come from the people who had ordered the sign and              meeting and did not get a favorable reaction from the FRA and the Fire
were to reimburse the city. Councilmember Geare confirmed they               Department (FD) officials. Lambert explained the JPA is silent on the
have not yet done so. Councilmember Danielson asked why there was            FRA. Carlson stated FD did not have the power to create the FRA.
a charge of $480 to mow private property at the Villas. Ms. Reiter           Discussion centered on the legality of the FRA since the Joint Powers
stated that was complaint driven and will be certified to the county for     Agreement (JPA) does not officially recognize the FRA. Carlson stated
taxes.                                                                       the sponsoring cities are responsible for funding any shortfall in their
           Ron Carlson asked City Clerk-Administrator/Treasurer Reiter       retirement fund and the FRA had the 2 options, rescind the raise or get
to explain what it meant on the cover page of the Treasurer’s Report         our approval. It was discussed if the JPA had been modified for audit
where it read “FEMA/DNR Grant . . . Request to transfer $13,869.54           requirements and Lambert suggested we get a current copy of the JPA
from #406 to #100.” She explained that the FEMA grant is in the              to verify this. Lambert stated the Mayor of Lakeland Shores was inter-
process of being closed out, and the 12.5% the city is responsible for       ested in having a mayors meeting to discuss the current JPA and if it
in the creation of the wetland is still in fund #406. To close out fund      should be modified in light of the current situation. Lambert explained
#406, the money should be transferred into the General Fund (fund            they FD had made some of their money back and were looking for
#100). Mr. Carlson then asked whether the fund #406 balance would            ways to economized in order to make up the shortfall. Carlson stated
go to -$35,000 as the balance in the fund is currently a negative bal-       the amount needed to fund the shortfall might be quite a bit less since
ance. City Clerk-Administrator/Treasurer stated that she is requesting       the stock market would continue to appreciate. Legrid stated it ap-
to transfer a negative number out of the fund. It was clarified that the     peared that the FRA and the FD did not differentiate the funds and
amount in fund #406 is money that has already been spent, but the            Danielson agreed. Carlson stated the FD might economize in order to
negative amount will go down as the balances are transferred.                contribute to the shortfall as well. Lambert stated there is no oversight
                                                                             by the cities as to the management of the FRA and asked if the CC
                                                                             had any suggestions. Carlson stated the BFC did make some recom-
mendations, 1) require through the JPA the cities have oversight in           es and the city has no right to regulate the behavior of people or make
changes in retirement benefits, 2) cities require some restraints on the      a separate class of residents. More discussion again ensued as to
investments of the FRA and require the FRA join the new FRA retire-           whether or not rentals are businesses or regulating the behavior of
ment fund that PERA is starting Jan 1, 2010 that would manage the             people. Simonson stated she will contact the tenants union for more
funds and 3) the cities have authority over any changes in the budget         information regarding the Addendum. Geare stated she would ask
of the FRA since there is no approval needed if the budget change is          Sheriff Hutton why there was not always a report written for each call.
less than 5%.                                                                 Carlson stated there was a rental issue in Afton regarding the anten-
Carlson suggested the CC pass a resolution asking for changes in the          nae constructed on that property. He stated Afton requires the lease
JPA and give it to the other cities for discussion. He stated the Auditor     the county rents must have a 2 year lease and thus regulating the
has directed the FRA to change their bylaws for the cities to approve         property. Danielson stated the rules don’t apply since the county
benefits increases but it’s up to the cities to make it happen. Carlson       owned the property and not a private resident. Lambert stated she
stated convincing the FRA to join the PERA fund might be the best             would contact the State Atty General to determine if rentals are a busi-
way to approach the issue. Lambert stated the mayors meeting might            ness or not.
be the best way to start that discussion. Simonson suggested ap-
proaching the other mayors with this idea and getting support before          BUILDING REPAIRS/OPTIONS FOR OLD CITY HALL
we pass a resolution to avoid being a lightening rod for the issue in the       Next the CC discussed the demolition of the old city hall. The city is
Valley. Legrid stated we need a current copy of the FRA bylaws and            responsible for mitigating the asbestos before the demolition is done.
that we need to make an effort to make sure the annual audit was              Simonson stated she does not understand why there is only one bid
appropriate since they only have a 5 year audit. General audit and            and perhaps we should advertise in the newspaper for the mitigation
audit practices of the FRA were discussed. Carlson was given direction        and the demolition. The Stillwater Gazette, the Hudson HotSheet
for the Audit Committee of the FRA to ask for a more thorough audit           shopper and the St. Paul Pioneer Press were mentioned as possible
than it has been in the past. Legrid pointed out that the PERA FRA            venues. Danielson suggested the City Clerk could expand the number
fund might be an excellent alternative to the current situation. Carlson      of businesses we send the request to. Lambert suggested we give
stated if the PERA FRA fund takes a down turn we would have to fund           some direction to the Clerk. Danielson stated the square footage of the
that as well but the odds of that are much lower. Danielson suggested         building, the septic system and hazardous mitigation. Geare stated we
we make a sample resolution to take to the mayors meeting asking for          can remove some of the requirements like seeding the area. Carlson
these changes. Carlson stated he has already has written one but it is        stated the mitigation part could be open ended as the engineer did not
important this CC come to a consensus before any changes are pro-             open up the ceiling and the walls and that could drive up the cost and
posed to the mayors meeting. The resolution was discussed in relation         the current bid does state that disclaimer. Danielson stated it would be
to the FRA and the councils concerns regarding the current situation. It      helpful to have the business actually look at the building before they
was determined the mayor has the option to take this to the mayors            provide a bid. Danielson suggested we table this until spring since it’s
meeting and present this if she chooses. Simonson suggested the city          getting too late in the year to demolish the building. Carlson pointed
in the future the city appoint a sitting member of the CC to the Fire         out there is no money in the 2010 for demolition of the old city hall but
District Board so there is more citizen representation on that Board.         there is money for this year and we can carry it over to next year.
                                                                              Carlson explained there was en extra $18,000 in this year’s budget
RENTAL ORDINANCE                                                              that was allocated to buying cabinets and streets and re-direct it to this
   Legrid requested copies of the Apple Valley (AV) and the St. Louis         project. Simonson stated that money was earmarked for streets. Carl-
Park (SLP) rental ordinances along with the police reports from LSCB          son stated this was not in the 2010 budget but the 2009 budget. He
and the petition requesting a rental ordinance. Geare stated she did          also suggested we can take the necessary money out of reserves and
receive a response from SLP and the individual she spoke to was very          pay for it that way. Danielson suggested we vacate the street right in
helpful. Geare stated an issue would be that SLP has a police force.          front of the building to make one contiguous piece of property. Lambert
Lambert stated the sheriff’s office would be supportive of this initiative.   suggested we do the mitigation piece now and do the demolition in the
Geare pointed out that the deputies do not always write a report every        spring. Legrid suggested we make an advertisement for both pieces.
time a call is made. Danielson and Legrid stated they feel renters            Carlson suggested we have the engineer do the bid specs and the
should not have a greater burden than homeowners. Simonson and                advertising but Simonson stated that gets very expensive. Danielson
Lambert pointed out rental property is a business operating in the city       stated 450 yards of dirt is excessive and questioned the amount of fill
and the city has a right to regulate businesses operating in the city.        needed. Lambert stated she would get find more information about
Extended discussion ensued regarding this point. The requirements of          the specs to get a more detailed advertisement. Carlson offered to help
the SLP ordinance were discussed and this was contrasted to what              with the bid specs. Geare stated she believes the water was turned off
would be the consequences if a homeowner were to behave the same              at the street last year but not sure of the well was capped.
way. Carlson stated there is a fee to be licensed to rent property in
SLP so the fees to enforce the ordinance would be covered. Danielson          TREASURER POSITION/ORDINANCE – COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS
stated this would be passed on to the renters and be an unfair burden.        FOR STAFF STRUCTURE
Carlson stated this would be a cost of renting and doing business.              Lambert stated she did receive the response from tom Niedswiecki
Discussion turned to whose responsibility it is for the behavior of the       regarding the cost benefit analysis. Lambert expressed disappointment
renters and who should be responsible for addressing the situation and        in the results as this was not what was requested. Simonson stated
turned again to whether or not rental property is a business. Extended        the ordinance as written by the City Atty lists the Treasurer as a con-
discussion again ensured regarding this subject. Legrid suggested we          tractor since the IRs and PERA require the position to be an employee.
ask the City Atty if can give an opinion of the ordinance. Danielson          Legrid stated we should table this as we can not tell of there is a cost
wanted to know if it is discriminatory to have a rental ordinance. Si-        benefit to the split. Simonson stated that aside from the cost, there are
monson pointed out other cities ordinances have passed the legal test         is some intrinsic value to having a CPA do our books. It is more about
so it must be legal and constitutional. It was determined the SLP or-         how the money is handled and how the money is invested and if the
dinance would require the property owner to register the property as a        accounting is being done correctly. Carlson agreed and stated the way
rental, not the renters themselves. Lambert asked Danielson how               wages and benefits are reported in other cities is different than ours.
having rental property is not a business. Danielson stated that renters       He also stated the discrepancy in the ending balance of one month
should not have a special burden not borne by a homeowner and ob-             and the starting balance of the next is confusing even though it is due
jected to the crime-free / drug free addendum to the lease. Geare             to timing. Carlson also stated the fact that our Treasurer only wanted to
commented that SLP stated both the property owners and the tenants            move $74,000 instead of the recommended $100,000 because she
liked the ordinance. Legrid also stated she didn’t like that addendum         didn’t know the 4M fund is not subject to the $250,000 limit on FDIC
either. Discussion again turned to whether or not rental property is a        insurance limits. Danielson stated we would have professional money
business and much discussion ensued. Legrid asked Danielson if the            management instead of a part-time bookkeeper. Danielson asked if
Addendum was not part of the lease would he be more in favor of a             there is a need for 2 separate sets of books and Lambert responded
rental ordinance. Danielson stated a registration ordinance would be          there is a state requirement for the separate sets of books. Legrid
acceptable otherwise every single homeowner has to sign the Adden-            stated there is a requirement for the separate sets of books. Carlson
dum too. Simonson stated the difference between rental property and           stated there is the possibility of the books being online so the Treasur-
homeowners is that the rental property is a business and the city has         er could do them from home. He also stated there are requirements for
the right to regulate it. Carlson stated really the Addendum establishes      some records kept by the bookkeeper and the Treasurer has require-
a basis for lease violation and Geare stated this Addendum gives the          ments for others. Simonson stated the clerk currently does not spend
homeowner an out if they need it. Simonson stated the city does not           much time on Treasurer functions so there would not be a large cost.
force the property owner to evict the tenant, just levies an administra-      Carlson stated he has resolved the issue of the wages and benefits
tive fee if they don’t. Danielson stated again rentals are not business-      being coded incorrectly in the budget and showed the clerk how to
code them correctly. Simonson asked what the downside of having a                  Councilmember Legrid noted the need for someone who is very
CPA as a Treasurer because she can’t see one. Danielson stated that          knowledgeable in municipal accounting requiring at least five years
we would save money on the audit. Carlson stated he has found an             experience. Mayor Lambert suggested stating five – seven years of
audit firm in Stillwater that can do our audit for much cheaper. Simon-      small-city accounting experience, noting the perceived differences in a
son stated we do not get the kind of audit from our current firm that        larger city accounting and finance department. It was suggested that
citizens expect. The current firm just adds up the line items and does       the experience may be more relevant and important than the account-
not provide the kind of advice that we need. Simonson asked if there         ing degree or CPA title. Mr. Carlson noted that there are some exam-
was a job description and Carlson stated he has a prototypye that he         ples of job titles and descriptions and recommended qualifications for
has written from others he has seen. Simonson asked if the Personnel         each on the League of Minnesota (LMC) website. There was no listing
Comm would take up a job description before the Personnel Policy             for a Treasurer, but there were listings for City Clerk/Treasurer and
was written. Geare answered that they were involved in the formation         various accounting positions. Councilmember Legrid had her laptop
of that policy and have not been able to address that issue. Simonson        with her and stated she would get the listings so the City Council could
said we can direct that committee to address this. Costs for a CPA           look at them.
were discussed. Carlson suggested we hire an accountant for cheaper                Mayor Lambert repeated the qualifications they had discussed
but that may not be what the city wants. The costs and needs of the          and agreed on so far: B.S. in accounting with CPA preferred and five+
city were discussed based on hours needed and budget constraints.            years of small-city accounting experience (minimum of five years).
Simonson addressed re-wording the resolution to accommodate em-              She wondered if the group would like the person to have investment
ployment as opposed to a contractor. Legrid stated she would like to         experience. Councilmember Legrid noted the difficulty in judging the
have more information on how a Treasurer would benefit the city be-          advice as people could have many years experience and still give bad
fore she gave an opinion on the value of the position. Danielson asked       advice. Mr. Carlson thought that the requirement of municipal expe-
if we can allocate money from the street fund as an example for work         rience would cover the kind of things they would want. Mr. Jansen
done on that subject if they need to put more time into that. Discussion     noted that the city will be limited in the places they could invest money,
ensued on how we can allocate hours and budgeted money for a                 so the investment experience would not necessarily be very valuable.
Treasurer. Geare pointed out it must be capped at 20 hours before part       Councilmember Danielson agreed that the investments the city would
time benefits are triggered. Lambert asked if this should be on the          want would be very safe places for the money that would hopefully
agenda for the next CC meeting. Discussion ensued on the publishing          earn some interest, so the experience would not be necessary and the
requirements and effective dates of the ordinance. Lambert pointed out       small-city municipal experience would cover the kind of investment
a Treasurer must be employed on Dec 31 to avoid an audit as Jan 1 is         experience the city would want. Mr. Carlson noted that the type of city
a holiday. The role of the Personnel Comm was discussed in the               experience should also be a consideration as Marine on St. Croix and
process. It was determined requirements for the applicant, a job de-         Woodbury would be two totally different kinds of experience. Invest-
scription, an employment advertisement and a scoring process. A joint        ment, accounting, and management experience may not be obtained
meeting of the personnel committee, the Budget and Finance Commit-           in a very small city, but may be in a larger city.
tee and the CC was proposed for October 8, 2009 at 7pm to address
the above subject.                                                                JOB DESCRIPTION FOR TREASURER
                                                                                   Mayor Lambert then stated that she thought the job would take no
ADJOURNMENT                                                                  more than 15 hours per month. Councilmember Legrid stated she had
Legrid motioned to adjourn, Danielson seconded, vote was unanimous.          noticed that more than 14 hours would require the city to pay PERA for
                                                                             an employee. Councilmember Danielson wondered if the PERA re-
                                                                             quirement kicked in at 14 hours or more than 14 hours. Council-
                                                                             member Legrid stated she would look for the section. Mayor Lambert
              SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING                                   suggested making the position 10 – 12 hours per month to avoid the
                                                                             trigger for PERA. She went on to state that based on what City Clerk-
                                                                             Administrator/Treasurer Reiter gave to the City Council, Ms. Reiter
  The following are approved minutes from the October 8, 2009 City           only spends about 10 – 12 hours per month on treasurer duties.
Council worksession. Minutes may at times be condensed to fit space.         Councilmember Legrid noted that there is a great deal of things in-
                (Complete minutes on file at City Hall.)                     volved in the hiring process and suggested going through the HR ma-
                                                                             nual on the LMC website so nothing is done incorrectly.
    Members Present Julia Lambert, Dan Danielson, Linda Geare,                    Councilmember Geare pointed out that Mr. Carlson had given a
     Deb Legrid, Janet Simonson, Ron Carlson (Budget & Finance               report to the City Council in September which had stated that duties
     Committee)                                                              would include those required by Minnesota State Statute 412.141.
    Staff Present Amy Truhlar                                               She wondered if those duties or the statute should be listed in the job
    Others Present John Jansen, Dennis Geyen                                description.
                                                                                   Councilmember Legrid noted that on the LMC website, they listed
Call to Order by Mayor Lambert at 7:05 p.m.                                  Auditor/Treasurer as one position. However, once she read some of
                                                                             the duties out loud, the City Council agreed that was not what they
    APPROVE AGENDA                                                          were looking for. Mr. Carlson stated that the website did not have a
        M/S/P (Geare, Danielson) TO APPROVE THE AGENDA AS                    Treasurer position listed. The closest thing he could find was a
        PRESENTED. MOTION PASSED, 4 AYES, 1 ABSENT.                          Clerk/Treasurer. He suggested they could use that as a starting point
                                                                             and extract the duties they would want the treasurer to perform.
     QUALIFICATIONS FOR TREASURER POSITION                                        Councilmember Geare then read an excerpt from the Draft RFP
      Mayor Lambert explained that the meeting was called to discuss         for City Treasurer from the Budget and Finance Committee dated
the treasurer position, and the first thing that should be done is to de-    9/10/2009. She noted that qualifications listed on the draft included
cide what qualifications are desired in a treasurer. Ron Carlson, Chair      working familiarity with the Minnesota City/Town Accounting System
of the Budget and Finance Committee, noted that the city had the             (CTAS), and they had not listed that under their qualifications.
choice of either a CPA or an accountant who is not a CPA. Council-                 Councilmember Legrid read the description listed under Finance
member Danielson noted that currently the city has a bookkeeper,             Director/Audit/Treasurer on the LMC website. The City Council
which is a two-year degree, and Mayor Lambert noted that a CPA               thought that description was very much like what they wanted. Mayor
would have a four-year degree and a certification by the state after         Lambert stated she really liked the term Finance Director. Council-
passing a test. Mayor Lambert suggested that the qualifications state        member Legrid expressed her opinion that this title better stated the
the city’s preference for a CPA, but require a B.A. in accounting. John      duties they were looking to have performed as it was something more
Jansen, a resident, noted that if the purpose of separating the clerk        than just treasurer duties. Councilmember Danielson agreed that they
and treasurer position was to save money, the qualifications should not      should use that title. Mayor Lambert asked Mr. Jansen his opinion
be set too high, as the higher qualifications will result in higher salary   about this. He was concerned that 10 – 12 hours per month would not
requests. Mayor Lambert noted that saving money was part of the              be enough for someone with the qualifications they were looking for,
decision, but not the entire reason for the switch. Councilmember            but agreed with Mayor Lambert that in this economy, many people
Danielson stated the City Council is attempting to get a person who is       were looking for work.
qualified to give monetary advice to the City Council. Mayor Lambert               Mr. Carlson again expressed surprise that the LMC did not have a
added that they are also seeking someone who can aid the city in             listing for Treasurer as it is a position required by statute. He noted
some long-term planning in regards to budgetary issues. Council-             that a city may be able to hire a Finance Director as a consultant, but a
member Danielson and Mayor Lambert noted the need to plan for                Treasurer could not be a consultant. Mr. Jansen noted that the Trea-
upcoming, costly road projects.                                              surer used to be an elected position in the city, along with the City
Clerk position. They were separate, and both were elected positions.          the person would not be limited to a certain number of hours per month
Each position kept a set of the books, and they would then compare            just to get the necessities done, but could have some flexibility built in
them to ensure accuracy and that both sets were the same. The state           for special projects as needed.
legislature and LMC encouraged combining the positions and making                   Mayor Lambert relayed that the City Council should budget a cer-
them appointments, not elected positions. When the positions were             tain amount of dollars for the position and stick to that amount. They
combined, however, this made an audit necessary. He noted that at             can not be taking some of it from one fund and some of it from another
the time, the City Council considered the annual audit to be a good           fund. It was agreed that this was the argument being made. She then
thing. Councilmember Danielson noted that the audits have become              stated she had done some simple math, and if the position cost $150
so expensive now. Mr. Jansen explained that was one reason why he             per hour for 12 hours a month, it would cost about $22,000 per year.
was not sure they would save any money by hiring a CPA. Council-              Councilmember Legrid pointed out that is more than is spent right now.
member Danielson stated that the city would save $2,000 a year for            There was discussion on the expected cost per hour for the position.
payroll service, which could be performed by the person in this new                 Mr. Carlson suggested they figure out what they want the person
position. Mr. Jansen explained that many small businesses outsource           in this position to do. He had given the City Council a sample RFP and
payroll services now as it can be done more efficiently by an outside         a sample job posting, but noted one mistake in the samples. He stated
company.                                                                      that he was sorry to say that the treasurer, being a city employee,
      Mayor Lambert wondered if a Finance Director could be a consul-         would report to the City Clerk, not the mayor and City Council. He
tant or if that position would need to be an employee. Mr. Carlson            noted that was an administrative detail and how the city actually func-
suggested the City Council should define what they want the job to be         tions, is another matter.
and then decide on the qualifications. Councilmember Legrid agreed                  Mayor Lambert stated that the duties listed in the sample RFP
that the City Council was jumping way ahead and suggested taking a            and sample job posting covered the job duties they would want per-
step back as the job description should come first. She also pointed          formed by the person in this position. Mr. Carlson noted they would
out the HR manual from LMC listed many of the items that should be            not have to have this person do all these duties, but were possible
discussed and decided upon before publicizing the availability of the         duties as the need arose. Mr. Geyen wondered if a person could get
job. One example she gave was to decide where the job would be                all the duties listed done in as little as 10 – 12 hours per month. Mayor
performed – would the person be at City Hall or would they do the job         Lambert stated that the City Council had asked the City Clerk how
from home. Mayor Lambert noted that the person would not neces-               much time she spent on specific duties, and this was what she had told
sarily have to perform the duties at City Hall. The person could come         them for the treasurer duties. Mr. Geyen stated he had talked to some
to City Hall for items needed, but could perform the duties of the job at     friends who do this kind of work about this issue. He stated he told
home. She gave the example of neighboring cities and their treasurer          them the budget, the size of the city, and the number of employees.
does not spend much time at the City Halls. Mr. Jansen cautioned              He relayed their thoughts that it would take 8 – 10 hours to do the ba-
them on that as the city would not want official documents stored at a        sics. He was not sure some of these duties were the basics. Coun-
person’s home. He further warned them to be careful and told them of          cilmember Danielson asked if Mr. Geyen knew the going rate. Mr.
a nearby city (Bayport) where the City Clerk/City Manager had re-             Geyen replied that he was told the minimum rate for just the basics
signed and was then immediately hired on a contract basis.                    was $75 per hour. If the city wants the person to sign off (certify)
      Councilmember Legrid clarified that PERA was required for more          things, the rate would be closer to $150 - $200 per hour.
than 14 hours per week. Mr. Carlson stated that the point is the City               Mayor Lambert asked the rest of the City Council and the Budget
has to have a Treasurer. There are two choices with this – a combined         and Finance Committee member present if they thought this scope of
Clerk/Treasurer position or a Treasurer who is an employee of the city.       services covered what they were looking for. She went to compare the
Hiring a Finance Director as a consultant would not fulfill this require-     current City Clerk-Administrator/Treasurer Reiter’s own list of duties
ment because if that person is doing the duties of a treasurer, he must       with what was listed on the documents Mr. Carlson had provided to the
be an employee. Councilmember Danielson stated that the person                City Council earlier. The only additional duties they would be asking
could work up to 58 hours a month without triggering the need for PE-         the treasurer to do would be the payroll and manage investments.
RA. He noted that the duties of the treasurer were fairly short in length     Mayor Lambert noted that some of the duties Ms. Reiter currently per-
of time and could probably be done in about 12 hours per month. Mr.           forms as treasurer would be performed by the bookkeeper and not the
Carlson stated that, as pointed out in the draft RFP for the position, the    treasurer. This led her to believe the new treasurer could perform the
person in the treasurer position would perform the duties required by         duties in approximately 12 hours per month.
statute and anything the City Council would need up to an amount that               Mr. Carlson stated that his samples were designed so that flexibil-
is allowed by the budget.                                                     ity was built in to the job. The City Council could decide based on
      Councilmember Danielson suggested that advice given by the              costs whether to have monthly, quarterly, or annual reports. He went
treasurer could be built into the cost of a project so it would be out of a   on to state that we should expect to pay what our neighboring com-
different fund. Mr. Carlson wondered if that would actually be legiti-        munities are paying, which he thinks is probably less than the numbers
mate as this person would be an employee. Dennis Geyen, a resident,           talked about earlier.
stated that would confuse things and make it harder to keep track of                Mayor Lambert went back to the qualifications the City Council
the actual costs of this position. Mayor Lambert clarified Mr. Geyen’s        would want in an applicant for this position. She repeated the qualifi-
position as she understood it, stating the city would need to budget a        cations they had already agreed upon. She wondered if they would
certain amount of money for this person so they would be able to clear-       want someone familiar with CTAS. Mr. Carlson stated this was not
ly keep track of costs of this position to see if it was costing more or      necessary as Mr. Niedzwiecki (the treasurer for neighboring cities) did
less than they budgeted. Mr. Geyen agreed and stated that the person          not use it and there were other alternatives. Councilmember Legrid
would have certain things that would need to be completed, and they           noted that a familiarity would be helpful if the person was to be able to
would need to ensure they could be done in the specified amount of            clearly understand how the accounts and finances are currently set up.
time. He also pointed out the convenience of having employees at City         It was noted that CTAS was a free program provided by the state.
Hall all day if a resident has questions they would like to ask or talk       Councilmember Danielson pointed out that switching to another pro-
about an issue they have. Mayor Lambert noted that the city has post-         gram would be an added expense. Mr. Carlson suggested it would not
ed hours, but the employees choose to leave the doors open whenever           be an expense as the person taking the position should have it. Coun-
they are at City Hall. Mr. Carlson explained that paying employees            cilmember Legrid noted that this person would be a city employee, and
from different funds is not legitimate as they are wages that are bud-        Councilmember Danielson agreed with her that the city would need to
geted. That works for the city engineer or the city attorney as they are      purchase the software to be used.
contracted positions. Their pay can be charged to different funds                   Councilmember Legrid suggested the person should have expe-
based on the work they are doing, but employees’ wages are different.         rience with investments and debt services if this new person will be
He noted that some employees at large companies are paid according            giving advice and knowing what to do with the investments. Mayor
to which department they are doing work for. Mr. Geyen stated that is         Lambert noted that there are so many limitations on where the city’s
usually to cover the overhead of the employee. Because each de-               money can be invested that it is not necessary that the person have
partment has a budget, some employees are paid according to which             that experience. Mr. Carlson stated a sharp treasurer would perhaps
department they are working in. Councilmember Danielson stated he             be able to find new places for investments.
was referring to situations where large projects, such as the streets,              Mr. Jansen asked why the City Council was looking at hiring a
needed long-term funding plans, and it would be a one-time cost in-           separate treasurer. Mayor Lambert stated there were two reasons –
stead of being on-going. There would not be a lot of situations like          reduce costs and a higher level of professional experience at the posi-
this, and therefore not a good way of keeping track of costs. Mr. Carl-       tion. Mr. Jansen stated the higher level would most likely bring higher
son stated in reimbursement situations, the administrative time could         costs. Mayor Lambert responded that the treasurer will do the payroll,
be tracked for that, but otherwise it should be a budgeted amount.            saving the city $2,000, and the City Clerk will no longer be performing
Councilmember Danielson stated he was trying to think of a way that           the treasurer duties so those funds can go to pay the new treasurer.
Additionally, she thought that if there was someone who could actually        ple job advertisement from LMC website. Councilmember Legrid
manage the city’s funds and make some money in interest that would            asked where this job opportunity would be posted. Mayor Lambert
be worth the change. Councilmember Danielson stated he did not                suggested the LMC website, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the Still-
think that managing the money was the driving force behind the deci-          water Gazette. Councilmember Danielson asked whether the Pioneer
sion. Mayor Lambert also stated the city would save the $12,000 in            Press has a website like the Star Tribune has for job postings. Coun-
audit fees every year. Mr. Jansen suggested looking for another audi-         cilmember Legrid also suggested the ICMA website, which she ex-
tor, and stated his high opinion of having an audit every year. Mayor         plained is the International City/County Management Association, a
Lambert stated she did not understand that argument as she did not            professional association. Councilmember Danielson also suggested
think the accounting for the city was complicated enough to warrant an        the newspaper in Hudson.
annual audit. Mr. Carlson stated there was a misconception within the               Mr. Carlson pointed out that there was also some information
Clerk/Treasurer that the city needed to have a federal government             about overlapping duties between the clerk and the treasurer from
level audit. Mayor Lambert noted that other cities do not have audits at      Edward Cadman, Staff Attorney at LMC. He presented that the City
all. She stated that she did not agree with that either, but thought there    Treasurer had statutory duties and the City Clerk has statutory duties,
was not a need to pay so much money for an audit every year for an            so the City Council needs to be careful when they ask the treasurer to
accounting system that is so straight forward. Mr. Jansen noted that          do something that it is not a statutory duty of the city clerk. At some
sometimes you see that a person has made off with a lot of money              point during this process the city needs to get advice from the city at-
from a small city over a period of time. Councilmember Danielson              torney so duties are not overlapping or going against statutes.
noted that brought up another point that he wanted – that the position              Mr. Carlson then asked what role the Personnel Committee would
should be bonded and the person be bondable. Mr. Carlson stated               be playing in this process. Mayor Lambert responded that the Person-
that was the law, but with two people looking at the books (the City          nel Committee Chair, Doug Williams, does not want to move forward
Clerk and the Treasurer) there was less likelihood of someone stealing        until the committee finishes with the Personnel Policy. Councilmember
money. He then stated that the city currently uses a big, international       Simonson asked if this meant the committee would not even be in-
firm to do an audit to federal government standards, which is not ne-         volved in the hiring process. She noted that as an advisory committee,
cessary. The Budget and Finance Committee is looking at an alterna-           they should take direction from the City Council as far as their priori-
tive auditor to do an audit to state standards. He predicted that the city    ties. Mayor Lambert stated the Personnel Committee will be the ones
will get an audit for half the price it is currently paying. Councilmember    to score the applications. Councilmember Danielson suggested they
Legrid then stated that if the audit is being reduced to $6,000 per year      direct the Personnel Committee to score the applications and present
and a separate treasurer would cost more than $6,000 per year, the            all applications to the City Council. Based on the scores, the City
city would actually be increasing expenses.                                   Council could then narrow the applications down to a manageable
       Mayor Lambert stated than many cities get along fine without an        level.
audit every year. Councilmember Legrid stated that there is an audit                Mayor Lambert then went back to the sample job opportunity list-
every year at the bank where she works. Mayor Lambert replied that            ing they had and suggested they change the job title to Finance Direc-
the bank has other people’s money. Councilmember Legrid pointed               tor/Treasurer and that a CPA is preferred. Mr. Geyen then explained
out that the city has the taxpayers’ money. Mayor Lambert then stated         that signing off on things meant they were certifying that the figures are
that the city’s funds are one pot of money and a checking account, and        correct. If something then turns up wrong, they are responsible. If the
to spend $12,000 on an audit for something that simple was a waste of         city does not have an employee who can sign off, then the city is re-
money. She stated that HLB Tautges Redpath does nothing more                  sponsible for the loss. Mayor Lambert noted that if they are an em-
than make sure the books balance. Councilmember Legrid pointed out            ployee, they will not need to sign off, the City Council would do that.
that they also check meeting notices and minutes to make sure those
things are done correctly as well. Councilmember Danielson stated                   SCORING PROCESS FOR APPLICATIONS
that they do not give any advice. Mr. Jansen and Mr. Carlson pointed                 The process for scoring applications was then discussed. Coun-
out that they have given advice in the past such as how much should           cilmember Legrid then noted that in the LMC HR Handbook they had a
be in reserves and other things.                                              portion for scoring applications. In that section, they suggest using
       Mr. Carlson then stated that the Budget and Finance Committee          point values of 0, 5, and 10 so the numbers do not end up oddly. The
is of course looking at costs, but they are concerned about getting           City Council discussed various ways of scoring a B.A. in accounting,
more professionalism into the city’s financial reporting. He stated the       CPA, municipal experience, municipal investment experience, and
reports are very complicated and hard to understand. Councilmember            payroll experience. Councilmember Legrid noted that they will need to
Danielson and Mayor Lambert agreed. However, Mr. Jansen stated he             have the veteran’s preference as well. She added that an applicant
never thought the reports were very complicated or hard to under-             can also get that if they are the spouse of a veteran. A veteran’s prefe-
stand, and Councilmember Legrid stated she understood them just               rence form will need to go with the application which will also list
fine.                                                                         whether they are a disabled or deceased veteran or the spouse of one.
       Councilmember Danielson then stated that starting balances and         Councilmember Legrid noted that on the information on the LMC web-
ending balances do not always match, and the explanation of checks            site, it lists 5 points out of 100 for a veteran and 10 points out of 100 for
being paid in between made it seem to him that there is no control on         a disabled veteran. Councilmember Danielson stated it would need to
that. He then stated who knows where the money is. Mr. Jansen ex-             be 5% of possible points for a veteran and 10% of possible points for a
plained that is one reason for an audit. Councilmember Danielson              disabled veteran. Councilmember Geare then suggested they get the
replied that is reason for better accounting practices. Mayor Lambert         categories they would want to score before they assign point totals so
added that the current treasurer lists the taxes for wages and benefits       they could ensure those percentages. Councilmember Simonson
in miscellaneous expenses, and Mr. Carlson explained to her how it            noted it was important to keep the veteran percentages correct. Mr.
could be done to come out in the right place. Mr. Carlson stated that         Carlson suggested starting with 100 points and dividing up that total
she still resists. Mayor Lambert stated that it has to do with knowing        between the categories.
the computer system. Mr. Carlson complained that the way the items                   There was a discussion of the B.S. in accounting, a masters de-
are reported currently, there is no way to see what a person is actually      gree in accounting, and a CPA and how it should be scored if they are
paid because the pay is divided up between the wages, taxes, bene-            requiring certain qualifications and preferring others. Mr. Geyen also
fits, social security, etc. The city’s budget for employees is not the pay,   suggested they would want to look at their level of experience at each
the budget is for take home pay.                                              level and what their experience has been depending on whether they
       Mr. Carlson then stated that he brought this up because he thinks      focused on one thing or had a variety of experiences.
the city needs a more rational or professional approach to maintaining               They decided to have a total of 100 points to make the veteran’s
the city’s budget, finances, investments, and all the rest. He stated         preference percentage easy to figure out. Councilmember Simonson
that is the reason the Budget and Finance Committee is looking at this        suggested that a basic requirement should be on the lower end of the
model of staffing. He stated that if the city can save money, break           scoring range because they would not want to consider a person with-
even, or spend a few bucks it is worth it. Mr. Jansen said he did not         out that basic requirement. Mr. Carlson noted that the municipal expe-
think hiring a separate treasurer is going to solve Mr. Carlson’s issue,      rience would be subjective as they would need to look at what kind of
and they will need to make that clear to the new treasurer.                   experience they had and what level they were at. They decided to list
There was a brief discussion that the title of the new position should        it as municipal accounting experience. There was discussion about
include Treasurer even if the title is Finance Director/Treasurer.            whether they would want to list it as small city municipal accounting
                                                                              experience as larger cities would have people specializing in one cer-
    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR TREASURER                                       tain area, but that could be a subjective area. They decided they
     Mayor Lambert explained that because this person will be an em-          should separate education and certification. Mr. Geyen suggested that
ployee, this will not be an RFP but a job opportunity. She then read          if they had an applicant with a high level of experience with a master’s
the sample job listing written by Mr. Carlson. He also provided a sam-        degree and a CPA, they may only stay with the city until they could find
a higher-paying full time job. It was suggested, however, that there                  CPA                           20 points
may be a retired individual just looking for part time position or some-              Masters Degree in Accounting 10 points
one who works for more than just this city. There was discussion that                 Veterans Preference            5 points for veteran OR 10 points for
the experience may be more valuable and important than a CPA.                                                     disabled veteran
      Councilmember Simonson expressed concern that with the quali-                   Total Possible Points        100 points
fications they were discussing, they would end up with someone with
bookkeeping experience which would leave the city no better off than                              Mr. Carlson noted that the City Council would need an appli-
they already are in terms of expertise. She thought the goal was to get               cation form that should reflect the requirements they are looking for.
someone with real expertise and knowledge in municipal accounting.                    He suggested looking at the LMC HR Manual for suggestions to tailor
She wondered if the qualifications they wanted would get them some-                   the application to get the information they need. Councilmember Legr-
thing different from what they have right now and stated that the differ-             id stated that they would actually need an application packet. Mr.
ence in professional experience they were desiring should somehow                     Carlson then noted that they should go through the HR manual be-
be scored. Mayor Lambert stated that was where the importance of a                    cause there is a lot of information there about the trouble that can be
CPA would come. Councilmember Simonson noted that looking at the                      caused by incorrect procedures. Councilmember Legrid noted that
qualifications they had discussed, the current City Clerk was as quali-               there is a hiring procedure in the manual that the city should follow.
fied as anyone they would get to apply. Councilmember Danielson                       Councilmember Simonson suggested that this should be the focus of
stated the city does not currently have a CPA so that is scored higher                the Personnel Committee, and they should be tasked with the hiring
because that is what they want. Mr. Carlson suggested making that a                   procedure to ensure things are done correctly. Mayor Lambert stated
requirement then instead of a preference. Councilmember Simonson                      she would take that to the committee and advise them of their duties.
wondered if it was worth the extra money to have a CPA. Mr. Geyen                                 Councilmember Simonson stated her belief that if someone
noted that the issue with a CPA is that there are different areas of ex-              does not have the time to commit to a committee or commission, they
pertise. Mayor Lambert stated that the question becomes how they                      should perhaps resign their position. Mayor Lambert stated that the
can raise the level of expertise in this position given its current descrip-          Personnel Committee meets approximately once per month. Council-
tion. One suggestion is to require the CPA. Councilmember Daniel-                     member Simonson stated the City Council can not wait for the Person-
son pointed out that the current staff does not do payroll, and that                  nel Committee to move this process along. Mayor Lambert replied that
would also be a bonus. Also, the B.S. in accounting, not just a B.S., is              they are currently discussing the Personnel Policy which would help
a minimum requirement. Mr. Carlson, Councilmember Danielson, and                      with this process as the hiring process would be included in the policy.
Councilmember Simonson agreed that was different from what the city                   It was noted that the policy was pulled from somewhere else and is
currently has.                                                                        being tailored to Lake St. Croix Beach. Mayor Lambert stated that they
      There was further discussion on how many points a B.S. in ac-                   are going through the manual page-by-page, and there is one member
counting, a master’s degree is accounting, a CPA, and municipal expe-                 who nitpicks everything.
rience should be. Mr. Carlson felt that if a B.S. in accounting was a                             Mayor Lambert asked if everyone was satisfied with the qua-
minimum requirement, no points should be given for that. An applica-                  lifications, the job description and opportunity, and the scoring process.
tion from someone without a B.S. in accounting would be rejected.
Councilmember Danielson noted that this was just a scoring technique,
and applications would be reviewed.                                                       ADJOURNMENT
      After discussion, they decided on the following scores:                                 M/S/P (Legrid, Lambert) TO ADJOURN AT 9:23 P.M. MO-
                                                                                              TION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.
Municipal Accounting              5 points for every year experience up
                                to a maximum of 50 points for 10 years
                                or more
B.S. in Accounting                10 points
                                                      Treasurer's Report
                                                   Period Ending October 19, 2009
                                                    Beginning                                                                            Ending
 Fund              Fund Description                  Balance       Receipts       Disbursements                   Transfers              Balance
 100       Routine Operations                      $501,049.16         $       1,549.49   $ (100,971.29)                            $      401,627.36
 300       Debt Service MWP91 (Retired)            $     350.00        $            -     $          -                              $          350.00
 350       Debt Service MWP92 (Retired)            $    739.05         $            -     $          -                              $          739.05
 360       EDA Debt Service                        $    386.40         $            -     $          -                              $          386.40
 402       Street Capital Projects                 $ 35,000.00         $            -     $          -                              $       35,000.00
 406       Flood Recovery – Haz. Mit.              $(22,833.87)        $          64.53   $          -          $35,000.00          $     (22,769.34)
           WCD Cost Share Grant
 470       (Raingardens)                           $ (2,220.69)        $       1,531.78   $       (201.00)                          $        (889.91)
 480       EDA Public Project Bond                 $ (7,651.14)        $            -     $            -                            $      (7,651.14)

           Total All Funds                         $504,818.91         $       3,145.80   $   (31,876.32)       $(101,172.29)       $      406,792.42
City Directory                                                                         Representatives
                      City Council                                 Gary Kriesel
Julia Lambert                                                      Washington County Commissioner 651-430-6213
Mayor, 436-3414                                                    Julie Bunn
E-Mail: julialambert01@gmail.com                                   Minnesota Representative (District 56A) 651-296-4244
General Administration, Public Safety, Park Commission
                                                                   E-mail: rep.julie.bunn@house.mn
Dan Danielson
Councilmember, 436-5668                                            Kathy Saltzman
E Mail: lscbdanielson@gmail.com                                    Minnesota Senator (District 56) 651-296-4166
Deputy Mayor, Planning Commission                                  E-mail: sen.kathy.saltzman@senate.mn.

Deb Legrid                                                         Tim Pawlenty
Councilmember, 605-5815                                            Minnesota Governor 651-296-3391
E-Mail: deblegrid@aol.com                                          E-mail: tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us
Cable Commission
                                                                   Michelle Bachmann
Linda Geare                                                        U. S. Representative (District 6)
Councilmember, 436-6272                                            E-mail: michelle.bachmann@mail.house.gov
E-Mail: lscbgeare@gmail.com
Public Safety, Streets, Recycle Committee
                                                                   Amy Klobuchar
Janet Simonson                                                     U. S. Senator 612-727-5220
Councilmember, 436-6653                                            E-mail: klobuchar@senate.gov
E-Mail: janetmsimonson@comcast.net
Soils, Water, Comprehensive Plan                                   Al Franken
                                                                   U. S. Senator 651-645-0323
                                                                   E-mail: info@franken.senate.gov
                                                                                     Meeting Schedule
Animal Control 715-386-7789
Building Inspector 651-436-1405                                         Planning Commission – 1 Wednesday
Clerk-Treasurer 651-436-7031                                            LSCV Alliance – 4 Monday at Fire Hall at 4:30
Fire Hall (non-emergency) 651-436-7033                                                          nd
                                                                        Middle SCV WMO – 2 Thursday at Washington
Lakeland Water Utility 651-436-8044                                     Conservation District Office
Police (non-emergency) 651-439-9381                                
                                                                        Park Commission 2 Tuesday
Street Lights Out - Xcel Energy 1-800-960-6235                         Recycle Committee Varies
Well Water Test Kits - Wash. Co. 430-6655                          
                                                                        LSCV Partnership Team – 3 Wednesday at St.
U. S. Post Office - Lakeland 651-436-5469                               Croix County Government Center
                                                                       Budget and Finance Committee, Varies
Fire, Medical & Sheriff Emergency 911                              
                                                                                      rd         nd
                                                                        City Council 3 Mon (2 Mon in Jan & Feb)
                                                                        Land Use Review Committee –1 Thursday every
                                                                        other month at 2:00
                                                                        LSCV Fire District – 2 Wednesday at Fire Hall
                                                                   Please call the City Hall at 651-436-7031 for the address of any meet-
                                                                   ing held outside of the City. Check the City’s Posting Box for up to day
                                                                   information on City meetings.

          Future Newsletter Articles should be submitted to: Newsletter Editor at the Lake St. Croix Beach City Hall.
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 cause the river has touched your life in an intimate and irreversible way, because you are unwilling to accept
                                         its loss.” - David Bolling, 1994
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                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 2
                                                                                                    LAKE ST CROIX BEACH
                                                                                                     LAKELAND, MN 55043
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