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									                                             The FAAT List is not designed to be an
                                         authoritative source, merely a handy reference.     Or download the document from the Web:
  Federal Emergency Management Agency
                                        Certain organizations and terms listed herein are   www.fema.gov/library/femainfo.shtm
                                        obsolete, but are included because they may still
                                                appear in extant publications and                         1) Approval Authority
                                                         correspondence.                                  2) Affirmative Action
                                                                                                          3) Applicant Assistance
                                           Your comments and recommendations are                          4) Allocation Advice
                                        welcome.    Please forward your input or direct                   1) Agriculture Adjustment
         FEMA                                        your questions to:                     AAA
                                                                                                          2) American Automobile
       Acronyms                                                                                           Association
                                                  FEMA NP-AE                                              1) Applicant Assistance Center
      Abbreviations                                                                         AAC
                                                                                                          2) Activity Address Code
                                               ATTN: FAAT List                              AACS          Automated Access Control System
           &                               500 C. Street SW – Rm 205                        AAD           Assistant Associate Director
                                                                                            AADR          Age-Adjusted Death Rate
         Terms                               Washington DC 20472                            AAR           After-Action Report
                                                                                                          American Association of Retired
                                             or electronically forward your inputs to:                    Persons
                                                                                                          American Association of State

THE                                             FAAT@fema.gov                               AASHTO        Highway and Transportation
                                                                                                          1) American Bar Association
                                                                                                          2) American Bankers Association
                                        Please address requests for additional copies to:                 Association of Bay Area
                                LIST         FEMA Publications                              ABC
                                                                                                          1) Associated Builders and

          JUNE 2002                           (800) 480-2520                                ABF
                                                                                                          2) American Baptist Churches
                                                                                                          Automatic Broadcast Feed
                                                                                            ABM           Anti-Ballistic Missile
                                                                                            ABNCP         Airborne Command Post

                  1                                             1                                             1
ABO     Agents of Biological Origin                     1) Area Contingency Plan                    Alaska Division of Geological and
        1) Area Committee                               2) Alternate Command Post                   Geophysical Surveys
        2) Hydrogen cyanide (symbol for)                3) Accelerated Conversion          ADM      Acquisition Decision Memorandum
        Agency-wide Corrective Action        ACP        Process                            ADMIN    Administration
        Program                                         4) Allied Communications           ADMSYS   Admissions System
        1) Air Combat Command                           Publication                                 Automated Document Ordering
ACC                                                     5) Access Control Point            ADOS
        2) Agency Command Center                                                                    System
        Accounting Classification Code                  Advisory Council on Professional   ADP      Automated Data Processing
ACCS                                         ACPSEM     Standards for Emergency
        Structure                                                                                   Automated Data Processing
                                                        Managers                           ADPE
        1) American Council on Education                                                            Equipment
        2) Automated Construction                       1) Acreage Conservation Reserve             Adventist Development and Relief
ACE                                          ACR        2) Agency Confirmation Report      ADRA
        Estimate                                                                                    Agency
        3) Army Corps of Engineers                      3) Advance Confirmation Report              Automated Disaster Reporting
                                             ACS        Alternate Command Staff            ADRS
        Administration for Children and                                                             System
        Families                                        American Congress on Surveying     ADS      Adventist Disaster Services
        Advanced Certified Floodplain                   and Mapping                        ADVON    Advanced Echelon
        Manager                                         Advanced Concepts Technology                1) Aeromedical Evacuation
                                             ACTD                                          AE
        American Council of Government                  Demonstration                               2) Architects and Engineering
        Industrial Hygienists                           Agent Characteristics Toxicity -   A&E      Architectural and Engineering
                                             ACT FAST
AChE    Acetylcholinesterase                            First Aid and Special Treatment    AEA      American Economic Association
        Advisory Council on Historic         ACV        Actual Cash Value                  AEC      Agency Emergency Coordinator
ACHP                                         A/D
        Preservation                                    Analog/Digital                     AECB     Atomic Energy Control Board
        1) Advanced Contracting Initiative   AD         Assistant Director                          1) Aeromedical Evacuation
        2) Approved Course of Instruction    ADA        Americans with Disabilities Act             Coordination (or Control) Center
        Advisory Commission on                          Automated Disaster Assistance      AECC
ACIR                                         ADAMS                                                  2) American Evangelical Christian
        Intergovernmental Relations                     Management System                           Church
        1) Administrative Contracting        ADD        Automated Deployment Database               Aeromedical Evacuation Control
        Officer                                         Automated Disaster Deployment      AECE
ACO                                          ADDS                                                   Element
        2) Agency Claims Officer                        System                                      Aeromedical Evacuation Crew
        3) Agency Collection Officer                    Arkansas Department of             AECM
                                             ADEM                                                   Member
                                                        Emergency Management                        Achieving Extraordinary Customer
                                                        Alaska Division of Emergency       AECR
                                             ADES                                                   Relations
                                                        Services                                    Alaska Earthquake Information

             2                                               2                                           2
         Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison            1) Agriculture                                   1) Agreement In Principle
AELT                                                                                     AIP
         Team                               AG     2) Adjutant General                              2) Airport Improvement Program
         Alabama Emergency Management              3) Attorney General                   AIR        Applied Insurance Research
         Agency                                    Alternate Governor’s Authorized       AIREP      Aircraft Report
         Alaska Emergency Response                 Representative                                   Automated Information Systems
AERT                                                                                     AIS
         Team                                      1) Association of General                        (obsolete; see AIC)
AES      Aeromedical Evacuation System      AGC    Contractors                           AIT        Aeromedical Isolation Team
         1) Air Force                              2) Advanced Gas Centrifuge            AKDT       Alaska Daylight Time (GMT - 8)
         2) Acre Feet                              Associated General Contractors of     AKST       Alaska Standard Time (GMT - 9)
AFB      Air Force Base                            America                               AL         Applicant Liaison
AFD      Airport Facility Directory         AGCR   Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor                      1) Agency Location Code
                                            AGE    Aerospace Ground Equipment            ALC
         Alliance for Fire and Emergency                                                            2) Agency Logistics Center
         Management                         AGL    Above Ground Level                               1) Airlift Control Center
                                            AGO    Agency Collections Officer            ALCC
         American Federation of                                                                     2) Airlift Coordination Cell
         Government Employees               AGZ    Actual Ground Zero                    ALCE       Airlift Control Element
AFGWC    Air Force Global Weather Central   AH     Alternate Headquarters                ALCOM      Alaskan Command
AFMS     Automated Forms System                    Alternate Host Communications                    1) Additional Living Expenses
                                            AHCC                                         ALE
         Air Force National Security               Center                                           2) Automatic Link Establishment
         Emergency Preparedness             AHG    Ad Hoc Group                                     Automated Local Evaluation in
         Air Force Operations Support       AHJ    Agency Having Jurisdiction                       Real Time
         Center                                    1) American Insurance Association                Aerial Locations Of Hazardous
                                            AIA                                          ALOHA
         Air Force Radiation Assessment            2) American Institute of Architects              Atmospheres
         Team                               AIC    Automated Inventory Control           ALS        Advanced Life Support
AFRB     Air Force Reserve Base                    Agency for International                         Airborne Laser Swath Mapping
                                            AID                                          ALSM
         Air Force Rescue Coordination             Development                                      (aka LIDAR)
         Center                             AIF    Assistance Information Form                      Alternate Regional Emergency
AFRES    Air Force Reserve                  AIG    Address Indicating Group                         Transportation Coordinator
         Armed Force Radiobiology                  Assistance to Individuals and                    1) Ante Meridiem
AFRRI                                       AI&H                                         AM
         Research Institute                        Households                                       2) Amplitude Modulation
         Air Force Special Operations              1) Arson Information Management       AMBUS      Ambulance Bus
         Forces                                    System                                           1) Air Mobility Command
                                            AIMS                                         AMC
         Air Force Technical Applications          2) Automated Inventory                           2) Army Materiel Command
         Center                                    Management System                                Automated Message Processing

             3                                           3                                               3
         1) Aerial Measuring System           AOIC    Acting Official in Charge                      Advanced Radiological Accident
AMS      2) American Meteorological           AOR     Area of Responsibility                         Assessment
         Society                                      1) Assembly Point                              Atmospheric Release Advisory
         American Satellite                           2) Alternate Power                             Capability
AMSC                                          AP
         Communications                               3) Associated Press                  ARC       American Red Cross
AMSLAN   American Sign Language                       4) Aerial Port                       ARCA      Area Requiring Corrective Action
AMT      Amount                               APA     Administrative Procedure Act                   Automated Resource for Chemical
         1) Above Normal                      APE     Area of Potential Effect                       Hazard Incident Evaluation
         2) Alert and Notification                    American Public Health                         Amateur Radio Emergency
                                              APHA                                         ARES
         Alternate National Emergency                 Association                                    Services
ANECC    Coordination Center (obsolete; see           Animal and Plant Health                        1) Action Request Form
                                              APHIS                                        ARF
         FAOC)                                        Inspection Service                             2) Aviation Route Forecast
ANFO     Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil                Association of Public Health                   Areas Recommended For
                                              APHL                                         ARFI
ANG      Air National Guard                           Laboratories                                   Improvement
ANGB     Air National Guard Base              API     Application Programming Interface    ARG       Accident Response Group
ANI      American Nuclear Insurers                    Association for Professionals in     ARI       Acute Respiratory Infection(s)
         Association of National Olympic              Infection Control and Epidemiology             Accidental Release Information
ANOC                                                                                       ARIP
         Committees                                   Administrative and Program                     Program
         Advance Notice of Proposed                   Information System                             1) Activities Result List
ANPR                                                                                       ARL
         Rulemaking                           APO     Accountable Property Officer                   2) Airborne Reconnaissance Low
         Alternate National Processing        APOD    Aerial Port of Debarkation                     Airborne Reconnaissance Low -
ANPSC    Service Center (located at Mt        APOE    Aerial Port of Embarkation                     Multifunction
         Weather)                             APP     Application or Applicant             ARNG      Army National Guard
ANRC     American National Red Cross          Apps    Applications                         ARNGOPS   Army National Guard Operations
ANS      Alert and Notification System        APR     Agency Procurement Review                      Alternate Regional Operations
         1) Action Officer                            Aerial Photography Summary                     Center
         2) Administrative Officer                    Record System                                  Administration and Resource
AO                                                                                         ARP
         3) Assistance Officer                        Automated Personnel Security                   Planning (Directorate)
         4) Area of Operations                        System                                         Advanced Research Projects
AoA      Administration on Aging                      American Public Works                          Agency Network
         1) Army Operations Center                    Association                                    Automatic Residential Remote
         2) Area of Concern                           1) Aerial Reconnaissance                       Alarm System
         3) Aircraft Operating Center         AR      2) Acknowledge Receipt               ARRL      American Radio Relay League
         (NOAA)                                       3) Army Regulation

              4                                            4                                              4
        1) Agriculture Research Service             American Society of Professional                 Aviation and Transportation
ARS                                         ASPE                                           ATSA
        2) Automatic Route Selection                Estimators                                       Security Act
ARSOF   Army Special Operations Forces              American Society for                             Agency for Toxic Substance and
ART     Awards Review Team                  ASPRS   Photogrammetry and Remote                        Disease Registry
ARTS    Audit Report Tracking System                Sensing                                          Air Transportable RADIAC
        Aerial Reconnaissance Weather       ASR     Aquifer Storage Recovery                         Package
        Office                                      Advanced Simulation and                ATST      Atlantic Standard Time (GMT - 4)
AS      Applicant Services                          Software Engineering Technology        ATTN      Attention
        1) As Soon As Possible              ASST    Assistant                              ATV       All-Terrain Vehicle
ASAP    2) All-Hazards Situation            AST     Aboveground Storage Tank                         Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
        Assessment Prototype                        Association of State and Territorial             (obsolete; see WCATWC)
ASC     Advanced Systems Center                     Health Offices                         AUTODIN   Automatic Digital Network
        American Society of Civil                   American Society for Testing and                 Automatic Voice Network
ASCE                                        ASTM                                           AUTOVON
        Engineers                                   Materials                                        (obsolete; see DSN)
        American Standard Code for          ASTS    Aeromedical Staging Squadron                     1) Audio-Visual
ASCII                                                                                      AV
        Information Interchange             ATA     Actual Time of Arrival                           2) Air Vehicle
        Agricultural Stabilization and              1) Air Traffic Control                 AVC       Alaska Volcano Center
ASCS                                        ATC
        Conservation Services                       2) Applied Technology Council                    Advanced Very High Resolution
        1) Assistant Secretary of Defense   ATD     Actual Time of Departure                         Radiometer
        2) Allowable Stress Design                  Annual Training and Development                  Anthrax Vaccine Immunization
                                            ATDP                                           AVIP
ASDAR   Aircraft-to-Satellite Data Relay            Plan                                             Program
        Association of State Dam Safety     ATDT    Atlantic Daylight Time (GMT - 3)                 Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope
ASDSO                                                                                      AVLIS
        Officials                                   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and                  Separation
        Association of State Floodplain             Firearms                               AVO       Alaska Volcano Observatory
        Managers                            ATH     Air-Transportable Hospital             AWD       Available Without Declaration
ASH     Assistant Secretary for Health              1) Automated Teller Machine                      Advanced Weather Interactive
                                            ATM                                            AWIPS
        1) Above Sea Level                          2) Asynchronous Transfer Mode                    Processing System
        2) American Sign Language                   Air Transportable Mobile Weather                 Automated Weather Information
                                            ATMWU                                          AWIS
ASLB    Atomic Safety Licensing Board               Unit                                             System
        Armed Services Medical              ATO     Air Tasking Order                      AWOL      Absent Without Leave
        Regulating Office                   ATR     Advanced Thermal Reactor                         American Water Resources
        Automated Surface Observing                 Air Transportable RADIAC                         Association
ASOS                                        ATRAP
        System                                      Package                                AWS       Alternate Work Schedule
ASP     Active Server Page(s)                                                              BAA       Broad Area Announcement

             5                                            5                                               5
             Burned Area Emergency                          Boise Interagency Fire Center      Bq       Becquerel (symbol for radiation)
BAER                                               BIFC
             Rehabilitation                                 (obsolete, see NIFC)               BRM      Bioregulator/Modulator
BALV         Best Available Lodging Value                   Badge Imaging Information          BROKEN   Nuclear Accident (codeword)
             Bay Area Regional Earthquake                   Database                           ARROW
             Preparedness Project                           1) Building Inventory Tool         BSA      Base Support Area
             Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and                2) Built-In Test                   BSI      Base Support Installation
             Firearms                              BL       Bill of Lading                              Broadcast Station Protection
             Board of Building Regulations and              Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor              Program
BBRS                                               BLEVE
             Standards                                      Explosion                          BSSC     Building Seismic Safety Council
BBS          Bulletin Board System                 BLM      Bureau of Land Management          BST      Burn Specialty Team
             1) Base Camp                          BLS      Basic Life Support                 BTS      Budget Tracking System
             2) Branch Chief                       BMC      Bomb Management Center             BTU      British Thermal Unit
B/C          Benefit/Cost                          BMP      Best Management Practice(s)        BW       Biological Warfare
BCF          Billion Cubic Feet                    BN       Battalion                          BWR      Boiling Water Reactor
             Board for the Coordination of                  Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary,   BY       Budget Year
BCMC                                               B-NICE
             Model Codes                                    Chemical, or Explosive             C2       Command and Control
BCR          Benefit-Cost Ratio                    BOC      Basic Operating Cost                        Command, Control, and
BDA          Battle Damage Assessment                                                          C3
                                                            Building Officials and Code                 Communications
BDE          Brigade                                        Administrators                              Command, Control,
             Biological Defense Research           BOM      Bill of Materials                           Communications, and Computers
             Program                               BoO      Base of Operations                          1) Bromobenzylcyanide (symbol
BEEF         Big Explosive Experimental Facility   BOR      Bureau of Reclamation                       for)
             Business Executives for National               Building Occupancy Resumption               2) Civil Affairs
BENS                                               BORP                                        CA
             Security                                       Program                                     3) Congressional Affairs
BENT SPEAR   Nuclear Incident                      BPA      Blanket Purchasing Agreement                4) Cooperating Agency
BEP          Budget Execution Plan                          Building Performance Assessment             5) Cooperative Agreement
BFC          Bills For Collection                           Team                               CAA      Clean Air Act
BFD          Base Flood Depth                      BPD      Blast-Protective Design            CAAP     Critical Asset Assurance Program
BFE          Base Flood Elevation                  BPM      Basic Property Management                   Chemical and Biological
BI           Background Investigation              BPO      Blanket Purchase Order                      Information Network
BIA          Bureau of Indian Affairs              BPR      Business Process Reengineering              1) Civil Applications Committee
             Biological Integrated Detection                Bioterrorism Preparedness and      CAC      2) Climate Analysis Center (NWS)
BIDS                                               BPRP                                                 3) Community Assistance Contact
             System                                         Response Program (CDC)
                                                   BPS      Bits Per Second

                  6                                              6                                           6
            Computer-Assisted CSEPP                          Corrective Action Program - State                Parks, Recreational, and Other
CACTIS                                          CAP-SSSE                                         CATEGORY G
            Training Information System                      Support Services Element                         (PA)
CAD         Computer-Assisted Design                         1) Capability Assessment for        CATEX        Categorical Exclusion
            Computer-Assisted Design for                     Readiness                           CATL         Chronology and Time Line
CADET                                           CAR
            Exercise Training                                2) Congressional Affairs                         Consequences Assessment Tool
CADW        Civil Air Defense Warning                        Representative                                   Set
            Community Awareness and                          Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance        CATV         Cable Television
CAER                                            CARCAH
            Emergency Response                               Coordination -All Hurricanes        CAV          Community Assistance Visit
CAG         Core Agency Group                                Collaborative Agencies for                       1) Chemical Biological
            1) Chemical Accident/Incident                    Responding to Disasters             CB           2) Citizens’ Band
            2) Computer-Aided Instruction                    Continental Airborne                             3) Cluster Bomb
            Chemical Accident/Incident          CARDA        Reconnaissance for Damage                        Contractors and Builders
CAIRA                                                        Assessment                          CBA
            Response and Assistance                                                                           Association
            Cognitive and Affective Learning                 Computerized Activities Results                  Chemical Biological Defense
CALM                                            CARL                                             CBDCOM
            Model                                            List                                             Command
CAM         Chemical Agent Monitor                           1) Computer Analysis and                         Compendium of Basic Exercise
                                                CART         Response Team                       CBEK
            Computer-Aided Management of                                                                      Knowledge
CAMEO                                                        2) County Animal Response Team
            Emergency Operations                                                                              1) Chandler Burning Index
                                                             1) Chemical Abstract Service        CBI
            Canadian-Deuterium Uranium          CAS                                                           2) Computer-Based Instruction
CANDU                                                        2) Crisis Action System
            (Reactor)                                                                            CBIA         Coastal Barrier Improvement Act
CAO         Caribbean Area Office                            Computer-Aided Software                          Chemical-Biological Incident
                                                CASE                                             CBIRF
            1) Civil Air Patrol                              Engineering                                      Response Force
            2) Collection, Analysis and                      Centralized Administrative                       1) Commercial Bill of Lading
                                                CASU                                             CBL
            Planning                                         Services Unit                                    2) Computer-Based Learning
CAP                                                          1) Catastrophic
            3) Community Action Program                                                                       1) Congressional Budget Office
                                                CAT          2) Category                         CBO
            4) Community Assistance Program                                                                   2) Community Based Organization
            5) Corrective Action Program                     3) Crisis Action Team                            Chemical-Biological Quick
                                                CATEGORY A   Debris Removal (PA)                 CBQRF
CAPC        Civil Aviation Planning Committee                                                                 Response Force
            Corrective Action Program -                      Emergency Protective Measures                    Chemical, Biological, and/or
                                                CATEGORY B                                       CBR
CAP-FASSE   Federal Agency Support Services                  (PA)                                             Radiological
            Element                             CATEGORY C   Roads and Bridges (PA)                           Coastal Barrier Resources Act
                                                CATEGORY D   Water Control Facilities (PA)       CBRA
            Corrective Action Program Support                                                                 (also see COBRA)
            System (obsolete)                   CATEGORY E   Buildings and Contents (PA)                      Chemical, Biological and
                                                CATEGORY F   Utilities (PA)                      CBRD
                                                                                                              Radiological Defense

                 7                                                7                                               7
           Chemical, Biological, Radiological               1) Casualty Collection Point       CEC     Chief Exercise Controller
CBRN                                             CCP
           or Nuclear                                       2) Crisis Counseling Program               Committee for Economic
           Chemical, Biological, Radiological,   CCST       Chemical Casualty Site Team                Development
           Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive      CCTV       Closed-Circuit Television                  1) Critical Emergency File
           Chemical, Biological, Radiological,              1) Civil Defense                           2) Cost Estimating Format
CBRNE-CM   Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive -               2) Compact Disc                    CEI     Critical Elements of Information
           Consequence Management                           Community Development Block                Comprehensive Emergency
                                                 CDBG                                          CEM
CBRS       Coastal Barrier Resources System                 Grant                                      Management
           Chemical-Biological Response          CDC        Centers for Disease Control                Consumer Electronics
CBRT                                                                                           CEMA
           Team                                             Center for Disease Control and             Manufacturers Association
           Chemical & Biological Rapid                      Prevention                                 County Emergency Management
CBRRT                                                                                          CEMD
           Response Team                         CDD        Cross-Disaster Database                    Director
           1) Chemical Biological Toxin                     Caribbean Disaster Emergency               Crisis and Emergency
CBT                                              CDERA                                         CEMIS
           2) Computer-Based Training                       Response Agency                            Management Information System
           1) Citizen Corps                      CDEX       Civil Defense Exercise                     Canada Emergency Measures
           2) Coordination Center                CDL        Commercial Driver’s License                Organization
           3) Courtesy Copy                      CDO        Central Dense Overcast                     Committee on Environment and
           4) Crisis Counseling                  CDP        Center for Domestic Preparedness           Natural Resources
C&C        Components and Cladding                          1) Critical Design Review          CEO     Chief Executive Officer
           Comprehensive Cooperative             CDR
CCA                                                         2) Crude Death Rate                        Committee on Earth-Orbiting
           Agreement (obsolete; see CA)                     Conventional Disaster Resource             Satellites
CCB        Configuration Control Board           CDRDB
                                                            Database                                   1) Civil Emergency Preparedness
           1) Commodity Credit Corporation                  Catastrophic Disaster Response             2) Civil Emergency Planning
CCC                                              CDRG                                          CEP
           2) Crisis Coordination Center                    Group                                      (NATO)
CCF        Coded Cities Forecast                            Catastrophic Disaster Response             3) Circular Error Probable
CCG        Crisis Coordination Group             CDRG-PAC   Group - Primary Agency                     Canadian Emergency
CCL        Contamination Control Line                       Committee                                  Preparedness Association
CCN        Canonical Correlation Analysis                   Compact Disc - Read Only                   Chemical Emergency
                                                 CD-ROM                                        CEPPO   Preparedness and Prevention
           Consultative Committee on Natural                Memory
CCND                                                                                                   Office
           Disasters                             CDRS       Call Detail Reporting System
           1) Claims Coordinating Office         CDT        Central Daylight Time (GMT - 5)    CEQ     Council on Environmental Quality
CCO        2) Consultation Coordination          CDX        Control and Direction Exercise             Coastal Engineering Research
           Officer                               CE         Civil Engineer                             Center (COE)
                                                 CEB        Contractor Evaluation Board

                8                                                8                                          8
         Comprehensive Environmental         CGFAA      Cerro Grande Fire Assistance Act                   Canadian International
CERCLA   Response, Compensation, and                    Center for Geophysical                             Development Agency
         Liability Act, a.k.a. “Superfund”   CGISS      Investigation of the Shallow           CIDCON      Civil Defense Condition
         California Environmental                       Subsurface                                         Computer Interactive Display,
CERES                                                                                          CIDER
         Resources Evaluation System         CGM        Computer Graphics Metafile                         Entry, and Retrieval
         1) Community Emergency                         Complex Hazardous Release                          1) Cost, Insurance, and Freight
                                             CHARM                                             CIF
         Response Team                                  Model                                              2) Central Information File
         2) Computer Emergency                          Chemical Transportation                CIMA        Channel Industry Mutual Aid
         Response Team                                  Emergency Center                                   Correspondence and Issues
CEST                                                                                           CIMS
         Cyber Emergency Support Team                   Comprehensive HAZMAT                               Management System
CEXS     Cooperative Extension Service       CHER-CAP   Emergency Response - Capability        CINC        Commander-In-Chief
CF       Californium (symbol for)                       Assessment Program                                 Commander-in-Chief, Air Mobility
         1) Cognizant Federal Agency         CHG        Change                                             Command
         2) Computerized Fleet Analysis                 Capability and Hazard                              Commander-in-Chief, Forces
                                             CHIP                                              CINCFOR
CFAO     Cognizant Federal Agency Official              Identification Program                             Command
         1) Chlorofluorocarbon                          Chemical Hazard Response                           Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic
CFC                                          CHRIS                                             CINCLANT
         2) Combined Federal Campaign                   Information System                                 Command
         Catalog of Federal Domestic                    1) Critical Infrastructure                         Commander-in-Chief, North
CFDA                                         CI
         Assistance                                     2) Chlorine (symbol for)               CINCNORAD   American Aerospace Defense
         Crash Feed Grain Donation           CIA        Central Intelligence Agency                        Command
         Program                                        Congressional and                                  Commander-in-Chief, Pacific
                                             CIAD                                              CINCPAC
CFO      Chief Financial Officer                        Intergovernmental Affairs Division                 Command
CFR      Code of Federal Regulations                    Critical Infrastructure Assurance                  Commander, Special Operations
                                             CIAO                                              CINCSOC
CFS      Cubic Feet per Second                          Officer                                            Command
         Consolidated Farm Service                      Canadian Integrated Biochemical                    Commander-in-Chief,
CFSA                                         CIBADS                                            CINCTRANS
         Agency                                         Agent Detection System                             Transportation Command
         Congressional Fire Services                    Center for Intelligence Collection                 Center for Integration of Natural
CFSI                                         CICAD                                             CINDI
         Institute                                      and Distribution                                   Disaster Information
         1) Coast Guard                                 Critical Infrastructure Coordination   CIO         Chief Information Officer
CG       2) Commanding General                          Group                                  CIP         Critical Infrastructure Protection
         3) Phosgene (symbol for)                       1) Community Identification                        Critical Infrastructure Protection
CGD      Coast Guard District                CID        2) Criminal Investigation                          Board
         Canadian Government Emergency                  Department                                         Critical Infrastructure Protection
CGEOC                                                                                          CIPIC
         Operations Center                                                                                 Information Center

              9                                               9                                                 9
          Critical Infrastructure Protection    CMHS    Center for Mental Health Services                1) Cost Of Living
CIPWG                                                                                         COL
          Working Group                         CML     Commercial                                       2) Colonel
CIRG      Critical Incident Response Group      CMO     Civil Military Operations             COLA       Cost-of-Living Allowance
CIS       Community Information System          CMOC    Civil Military Operations Center                 Community On Line System for
CISD      Critical Incident Stress Debriefing   CMT     Crisis Management Team                           End Users and Managers
          Computer Intrusion Threat                     1) Crisis Management Unit             COLT       Cellular-On-Light-Truck
CITAC                                           CMU
          Assessment Center                             2) Concrete Masonry Unit                         Commander, Civil Disturbance
          Central Imagery Tasking Office        CMX     Crisis Management Exercise                       Task Force
          (NIMA)                                CN      Chloroacetophenone (symbol for)                  Cooperative Program for
          Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of               1) Central Network Control            COMET      Operational Meteorology
CJCS                                            CNC
          Staff                                         2) Computer Numerical Control                    Education and Training
          Criminal Justice Information          CNN     Cable News Network                    COMINT     Communications Intelligence
          System                                        1) Corporation for National Service   COMM       Communications
CJTF                                            CNS                                           COMPUSEC
          Commander, Joint Task Force                   2) Central Nervous System                        Computer Security
CK        Cyanogen chloride (symbol for)                Critical Nuclear Weapons Design       COMREL     Community Relations
CLO       Congressional Liaison Officer                 Information                           COMSEC     Communications Security
          Conditional Letter of Map                     1) Commanding Officer                 CONOPS     Concept of Operations
          Amendment                                     2) Communications Officer                        1) Concept of Operations Plan
                                                CO                                            CONPLAN
          Conditional Letter of Map Revision            3) Contracting Officer                           2) Contingency Plan
          Based on Fill                                 4) Custodial Officer                             Continental (or Contiguous) United
CLS       Central Locator System                COA     Course of Action                                 States
Cm        Curium                                        Center for Ocean Analysis and         CONUSA     Continental United States Army
          1) Countermeasure                             Prediction                            COO        Chief Operating Officer
CM        2) Chief of Mission                   COB     Close of Business                     COOP       Continuity of Operations
          3) Cadre Manager                              Common Business-Oriented                         1) Cadre of On-call Response
          Chemical Manufacturers                        Language                                         Employees
CMA                                                                                           CORE
          Association                           COBRA   Coastal Barriers Resources Act                   2) Citizens of Oakland Respond to
          Consequence Management                COC     Combat Operations Center                         Emergencies
          Advisory Team                         COCOM   Coordinating Committee                           Continuously Operating Reference
          1) Crisis Management Center           COD     Cash On Delivery                                 Station
          2) Center for Marine Conservation     CODEL   Congressional Delegation                         1) Chief of Staff
          Crisis Management Center              COE     (US Army) Corps of Engineers                     2) Cash On Shipment
          Augmentation Cadre                            1) Continuity of Government           COSIN      Control Staff Instruction
CMF       Case Management File                  COG
                                                        2) Council of Governments

               10                                            10                                               10
         Customs Over-The-Horizon                   1) Community Relations             CRYSYS   Cryospheric System
         Enforcement Network                        2) Congressional Relations         CRZ      Contamination Reduction Zone
COTP     Captain of the Port                        3) Claims Representative           Cs       Cesium (symbol for)
         Contracting Officer’s Technical            4) County Road                              1) Chief of Staff
         Representative                     CRAF    Civil Reserve Air Fleet                     2) Chief Scientist (NOAA)
COTS     Commercial Off-The-Shelf                   Coral Reef Assessment and                   3) Ortho-chlorobenzylidene-
COW      Cellular-On-Wheels                         Monitoring Program                          malononitrile (symbol for)
         1) Command Post                            1) Crisis Response Cell                     1) Community Services
CP       2) Coordination and Planning       CRC     2) Contamination Reduction         CSA      Administration
         3) Control Point                           Corridor                                    2) Chief of Staff, Army
CPAS     Cellular Priority Access System            Conference of Radiation Control    CSAF     Chief of Staff, Air Force
         Community Program Assistance               Program Directors                  CSBG     Community Services Block Grant
         Visit                                      Contingency Real Estate Support             Content Standard for Digital
                                            CREST                                      CSDGM
CPC      Climate Prediction Center                  Team                                        Geospatial Metadata
         Community Planning and                     Cascadia Region Earthquake                  Chemical Stockpile Disposal
CPD                                         CREW                                       CSDP
         Development                                Workgroup                                   Program
CPE      Contingency Planning Exchange      CRM     Crisis Resource Manager                     Center for the Study of Emergency
CPG      Civil Preparedness Guide           CRO     Congressional Relations Officer             Management
CPHC     Central Pacific Hurricane Center           Common Relevant Operational                 Chemical Stockpile Emergency
                                            CROP                                       CSEPP
CPI      Consumer Price Index                       Picture                                     Preparedness Program
CPO      Central Processing Office                  1) Conservation Reserve Program    CSG      Counterterrorism Security Group
         Certified Professional Property            2) Critical Review Phase           CSH      Combat Support Hospital
CPPA                                                (US Army) Cold Region Research
         Administrator                      CRREL                                               Chemical Safety and Hazards
         Certified Professional Property            and Engineering Laboratory                  Investigation Board
CPPM                                                1) Community Relations Service
         Manager                                                                                Commercial Satellite Imagery
         Certified Professional Property            2) Community Rating System                  Library
CPPS                                        CRS     3) Congressional Research
         Specialist                                                                             California Strong-Motion
                                                    Service                            CSMIP
CPR      Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                                                          Instrumentation Program
CPS      Certified Public Secretary                 4) Catholic Relief Services                 Cooperative State Research
                                            CRT     Cathode Ray Tube                   CSREES
         Consumer Product Safety                                                                Education and Extension Service
CPSC                                                Commander, Response Task                    1) Civil Support Team
         Commission                         CRTF                                       CST
CPU      Central Processing Unit                    Force                                       2) Central Standard Time
CPX      Command Post Exercise              CRUD    Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete            Council of State and Territorial
                                            CRWG                                       CSTE
                                                    Crisis Response Working Group               Epidemiologists

              11                                         11                                          11
CSU     Clearing-Staging Unit                 CZM       Coastal Zone Management                     Disaster Assistance Support
CTA     Combined Travel Authorization         CZMA      Coastal Zone Management Act                 Center
        Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban        D/A       Departments and Agencies                    Deputy Assistant Secretary for
CTBT                                                                                        DASH
        Treaty                                          1) Damage Assessment                        Health
        1) Conference and Training Center               2) Department of the Army                   Designated Agency Safety and
CTC                                                                                         DASHO
        2) Counter-Terrorism Center                     3) District Attorney                        Health Official
CTD     Cumulative Trauma Disorder                      4) Declaration of Applicant                 Disaster Assistance Support
CTF     Combined Task Force                             5) Diphenylchlorooarsine (symbol            Program
CTJTF   Counter-Terrorism Joint Task Foce               for)                                        Disaster Assessment Survey
        Connecticut Office of Emergency       DAAC      Distributed Active Archive Center           Team
CTOEM                                                                                       DAT
        Management                                      1) Disaster Application Center              Digital Audio Tape
CTP     Cooperating Technical Partner                   2) Direct Air Carrier               DBA     Database Administrator
CTS     Cooperating Technical State           DAD       Deputy Assistant Director           DBMS    Database Management System
        Consortium of Universities for        DAE       Disaster Assistance Employee                1) Direct Current
CUREE   Research in Earthquake                DAEO      Designated Agency Ethics Officer            2) District of Columbia
        Engineering                                     Disaster Assistance Logistics       DC      3) Dislocated Civilians
        Central United States Earthquake                Information System                          4) Diphenylcyanoarsine (symbol
CUSEC                                                                                               for)
        Consortium                            DALO      Disaster Area Liaison Officer
CUSP    Central United States Partnership               Disaster Accountability             DCA     Defense Communications Agency
CV      Combined Verification                           Management System                   DCAA    Defense Contract Audit Agency
CVO     Cascades Volcano Observatory          DAP       Disaster Assistance Program(s)              Document Control and
CVP     Citizenship Verification Procedures             Designated Agency                           Accountability System
CVS     Combined Verification Section                   Representative                              1) Document Control Center
        1) Continuous Wave                              Disaster Automated Reporting and            2) Donation Coordination Center
CW                                            DARIS
        2) Chemical Warfare                             Information System                          Defense Collection Coordination
CWA     Clean Water Act                                 Defense Airborne Reconnaissance             Center
CWC     Chemical Weapons Convention                     Office                              DCE     Defense Coordinating Element
        Cybserspace Warning Intelligence                Defense Advanced Research           DCI     Director of Central Intelligence
CWIN                                          DARPA
        Network                                         Project Agency                              Deputy Congressional Liaison
CWS     Check Writing System                            1) Disaster Assistance Response             Officer
CWU     Church World United                             Team                                DCM     Deputy Chief of Mission
CX      Phosgene oxime (symbol for)                     2) Damage Assessment                DCO     Defense Coordinating Officer
        1) Calendar Year                                Reconnaissance Team                 DCP     Development Concept Plan
        2) Cubic Yard

             12                                              12                                          12
         Digital Cartographic Production               1) Domestic Emergency                DGCO     Deputy Grant Coordinating Officer
         System                                        Preparedness                         DH       Disaster Housing
         1) Defense Communications                     2) Department of Environmental       DHA      Disaster Housing Assistance
DCS      System                                        Protection                           DHC      Disaster Housing Checkwriter
         2) Deputy Chief of Staff          DEPER       Deployed Personnel Report                     Department of Housing and
DCT                                                                                         DHCD
         Donations Coordination Team                   Domestic Emergency Planning                   Community Development
         Direction, Control, and Warning               System                               DHF      Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
         Database                          DEPSECDEF   Deputy Secretary of Defense                   Department of Health and Human
         1) Damaged Dwelling                           Damage Estimates, Ranges and                  Services
DD                                         DERC
         2) Direct Dial                                Casualties                           DHO      Disaster Housing Officer
DDD      Direct Distance Dialing                       Defense Emergency Response           DHP      Disaster Housing Program
DDE      Dynamic Data Exchange                         Fund                                 DHS      Department of Human Services
DDP      Data-Derived Product                          1) Division of Emergency Services             Department of Housing and Urban
                                           DES         2) Disaster Emergency Services       DHUD
         Deputy Disaster Recovery                                                                    Development (also HUD)
         Manager                                       3) Data Encryption Standard          DIA      Defense Intelligence Agency
         1) Drug Enforcement                           Domestic Emergency Support                    Deputy Individual Assistance
                                           DEST                                             DIAO
DEA      Administration                                Team                                          Officer
         2) Data Exchange Agreement        DEW         Distant Early Warning                DID      Direct Inward Dial
         1) Director’s Executive Council   DFA         Direct Federal Assistance            DIFAX    Digital Facsimile
         2) DCI Environmental Center                   Defense Accounting and Finance       DII      Defense Information Infrastructure
DEC                                        DFAS
         3) Disasters Emergency                        Service                                       1) Director
         Committee                         DFC         Disaster Finance Center              DIR
                                                                                                     2) Domestic Imagery Requirement
         Department of Economic and                    Deputy Federal Coordinating                   Disaster Information Resource
DECD                                       DFCO                                             DIRC
         Community Development                         Officer                                       Center
Decon    Decontamination                               Deputy Federal Coordinating          DIRNSA   Director, National Security Agency
DED      Department of Education                       Officer for Mitigation               DIS      Defense Investigative Service
DEFCON   Defense Condition                 DFIRM       Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map              Defense Information Systems
         1) Digital Elevation Model        DFO         Disaster Field Office                DISA
         2) Division of Emergency                      Disaster Field Operations                     Disaster Information Systems
                                           DFOM                                             DISC
DEM      Management                                    Management                                    Clearinghouse
         3) Department of Environmental    DFSG        Disaster Financial Services Group             Defense Industrial Security
         Management                        DFSR        Disaster Financial Status Report     DISCO
                                                                                                     Clearance Office(r)
                                                       Disaster Field Training Office (or            Defense Information System
                                           DFTO                                             DISN
                                                       Organization)                                 Network

              13                                            13                                            13
        1) Disaster Summary                             1) Date of Birth                           Defense Priorities and Allocations
DISUM                                      DOB                                             DPAS
        2) Daily Intelligence Summary                   2) Duplication of Benefits                 System
DLA     Defense Logistics Agency                        1) Department of Commerce          DPC     Domestic Policy Council
DLG     Digital Line Graph                              2) Department of Conservation              Disaster Preparedness
                                           DOC                                             DPIG
DLL     Dynamic-Link Library(ies)                       3) Department of Corrections               Improvement Grant
DLS     Disaster Legal Services                         4) Discrete Organic Chemicals      DPMT    Disaster Pediatric Medical Team
        Diphenylaminochloroarsine          DOD or DoD   Department of Defense                      Disaster Personnel Operations
DM                                                                                         DPOD
        (symbol for)                       DODRDB       DoD Resources Data Base                    Division
        1) Defense Mapping Agency          DOE          Department of Energy                       1) Domestic Preparedness
DMA     2) Designated Market Area          DOEd         Department of Education            DPP     Program
        3) Disaster Mitigation Act         DOI          Department of the Interior                 2) Disaster Processing Procedures
        Disaster Management Advisory       DOJ          Department of Justice                      Displaced Persons, Refugees and
DMAC                                                                                       DPRE
        Committee                          DOL          Department of Labor                        Evacuees
DMAT    Disaster Medical Assistance Team                Disaster Operations Leadership     DPS     Department of Public Safety
DMA2K   Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000                 Program                            DPW     Department of Public Works
DMH     Disaster Mental Health             DOM          Disaster Operations Manual                 1) Disaster Declaration Number
DMHT    Disaster Mental Health Team        DOMS         Director of Military Support       DR      2) Disaster Response
        Disaster Management Information    DON          Donation(s)                                3) Disaster Recovery
        System                             DONAT        Donation(s)                                Deployable Rapid-Assembly
DMORT   Disaster Mortuary Team             DOQ          Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle              Shelter
        Defense Medical Regulating                      1) Department of State             DRAT    District Response Advisory Team
DMRIS                                      DOS                                             DRC
        Information System                              2) Disk Operating System                   Disaster Recovery Center
        Defense Medical Surveillance       DOT          Department of Transportation       DRD     Deputy Regional Director
        System                                          1) Disaster Preparedness                   Disaster Response Evaluation
DMV     Department of Motor Vehicles       DP           2) Diphosgene (symbol for)                 System
DNA     Defense Nuclear Agency                                                                     1) Disaster Relief Fund
DNAT    Defense Nuclear Advisory Team                   1) Delegation of Procurement               2) Disaster Response Force
DNF     Did Not Finish                                  Authority                                  1) District Response Group
                                           DPA                                             DRG
DNR     Department of Natural Resources                 2) Defense Production Act                  2) Digital Raster Graphic
        1) Department of Nuclear Safety                 3) Deepwater Ports Act             DRM     Disaster Recovery Manager
DNS                                                                                        DRT     Disaster Response Team (NIMA)
        2) Domain Name Server                           1) Deputy Public Affairs Officer
        1) Digital Orthophoto              DPAO         2) Deputy Public Assistance        DRTF    Disaster Relief Task Force
DO                                                      Officer
        2) Director of Operations
DOA     Dead On Arrival

             14                                              14                                         14
             1) Disaster Resistant Universities   DUS        Deputy Under Secretary                EAM     Emergency Action Message
DRU          2) Direct Reporting Unit                        Medical Evacuation via Helicopter     EAO     Emergency Action Officer
                                                  DUST OFF
             3) Disaster Response Unit                       (slang)                                       1) Employee Assistance Program
DSB          Defense Science Board                DV         Distinguished Visitor                 EAP     2) Emergency Action Procedures
DSCO         Deputy State Coordinating Officer    DVA        Department of Veterans Affairs                3) Emergency Action Plan
             Defense Satellite Communications     DW         Data Window                           EAR     Emergency Alert Radio
             System                                          1) Disaster Welfare Information (or   EAS     Emergency Alert System
DSFO         Deputy Senior FEMA Official          DWI        Inquiry)                                      Emergency Broadcast System
DSN          Defense Switched Network                        2) Driving While Intoxicated                  (obsolete; see EAS)
             1) Director of Site Operations       DWR        Department of Water Resources                 Exploding (or Electronic) Bridge
DSO                                                                                                EBW
             2) Disaster Safety Officer           DWT        Dead Weight                                   Wire
DSP          Disaster Support Package                        Course designator for the EMI         EC      Emergency Coordinator
DSR          Damage Survey Report                            version of the Information and        ECA     Earth-orbit Crossing Asteroid
DSWA         Defense Special Weapons Agency                  Planning Section Overview training            Emergency Command and Control
             Disposable Toxicological Agent                  course                                        Vehicle
             Personal Protection System                      Course designator for the EMI                 1) Estimated Completion Date
DTE          Disaster Temporary Employee                     version of the Information and                2) Emergency Contacts Directory
DTED         Digital Terrain Elevation Data                  Planning for Managers training                Emergency Coordination
DTG          Date-Time Group                                 course                                        Functional Group
             Disaster Transportation                         Course designator for the EMI                 1) Exercise Control Group
DTMS                                                                                               ECG
             Management System                               version of the Information and                2) Emergency Coordination Group
             Deployable Tactical Operations                  Planning Section - Planning           ECI     Export-Controlled Information
DTOS                                                         Support Branch training course
             System                                                                                ECL     Emergency Classification Level
DTRA         Defense Threat Reduction Agency                 Course designator for the EMI         ECP     Emergency Conservation Program
             Defense (or DoD) Technical                      version of the Information and                1) Emergency Communications
DTRG                                              E298
             Response Group                                  Planning Section - Technical                  Staff
                                                             Services Branch training course       ECS
             Diplomatic Telecommunications                                                                 2) Emergency Coordinating Staff
DTS                                                          1) External Affairs
             Service                                                                                       3) Electronic Certification System
             Defense Technical Security           EA         2) Emergency Action(s)                        1) Exercise Control Team
DTSA                                                         3) Environmental Assessment           ECT
             Agency                                                                                        2) Emergency Coordinating Team
DU           Dobson Unit                                     Executive Associate Director                  Emergency Community Water
                                                  EAD                                              ECWAG
             Disaster Unemployment                           (obsolete)                                    Assistance Grant
DUA                                                          Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response
             Assistance                           EADRCC                                           ED      Ethyldichloroarsine (symbol for)
DULL SWORD   Nuclear safety deficiency                       Coordination Center

                  15                                              15                                            15
        Economic Development                EFT      Electronic Funds Transfer                          Emergency Management
EDA                                                                                      EMAP
        Administration                      EHM      Earthquake Hazard Mitigation                       Accreditation Program
        Economic Defense Advisory           EHS      Extremely Hazardous Substance                      Emergency Management
EDAC                                                                                     EMAS
        Committee                                    Emergency Information and                          Assessment System
        1) EROS Data Center                          Coordination Center                                1) Emergency Management
        2) Energy Disruption Committee               Executive Information and Display                  Division
                                            EIDA                                         EMD
EDI     Electronic Data Interchange                  Area                                               2) Emergency Management
        Emergency Disaster Information      EIDL     Economic Injury Disaster Loan                      Director
        System                                       Emergency Information               EMERCOM        Emergency Command
                                            EIPP                                         EMERGCON
        Economic Development                         Infrastructure Partnership                         Emergency Condition
        Representative                               Emergency Information and Media                    Emergency Management Exercise
                                            EIMA                                         EMERS
EDS     Explosive Detection System                   Affairs                                            Reporting System
EDT     Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4)     EIO      Emergency Information Officer                      1) Emergency Management
        1) Essential Evaluation Elements             Emergency Information and Public    EMI            Institute
EEE                                         EIPA
        2) Eastern Equine Encephalitis               Affairs (obsolete; see EIMA)                       2) Electromagnetic Interference
EEI     Essential Elements of Information            Emergency Information Retrieval                    Emergency Management and
                                            EIRS                                         EMNPP
EEM     Exercise Evaluation Methodology              System                                             National Preparedness Program
EENET   Emergency Education Network                  1) Emergency Information System                    Emergency Management
EEO     Equal Employment Opportunity        EIS      2) Environmental Impact                            Operations Center (or Course)
        Equal Employment Opportunity                 Statement                           EMP            Electromagnetic Pulse
EEOC                                                                                                    Emergency Management Planning
        Commission                                   Electronic and Information          EMPA
                                            EIT                                                         and Assistance
EER     Eligible Existing Resources                  Technology
        Earthquake Engineering Research     EJ       Environmental Justice                              Emergency Management
EERI                                                                                     EMPG
        Institute                           ELINT    Electronic Intelligence                            Performance Grant
EEX     Employee Express                    ELO      Environmental Liaison Officer                      Emergency Medical Preparedness
        Emergency Feed Assistance           ELR      Employee Labor Relations                           Office
EFAP                                                                                                    Theft, seizure, or loss of a nuclear
        Program                             ELT      Evacuation Liaison Team             EMPTY QUIVER
EFO     Emergency Field Office                       1) Emergency Management (or                        weapon or component
EFP     Emergency Feed Program              EM       Manager)                                           1) Environmental Management
EFS     Emergency Food and Shelter                   2) Exercise Manual                                 Review
        Emergency Food and Shelter          EMA      Emergency Management Agency                        2) Electromagnetic Radiation
EFSNB                                                                                                   3) Emergency Minimal Repair
        National Board                               Emergency Management
                                            EMAC                                                        Emergency Medical Response
        Emergency Food and Shelter                   Assistance Compact                  EMRT
EFSP                                                                                                    Team
        Program                             E-mail   Electronic Mail

             16                                           16                                                 16
        1) Emergency Medical System (or             1) Earth-Observing System         ERB      Economic Resources Board
        Services)                                   2) Emergency Operations           ERC      Emergency Response Coordinator
EMS                                         EOS
        2) Emergency Management                     Software                                   Emergency Response
        Specialist                                  3) Equation Of State                       Coordination Group
        Emergency Management Strategic      EOT     Emergency Operations Team                  Emergency Response Concept
EMSHG                                                                                 ERCP
        Healthcare Group                    EOV     Emergency Operations Vehicle               Plan
        Emergency Medical Services          EOW     Envelope Of Water                          Edgewood Research,
        System Act                          EP      Electric Power                    ERDEC    Development and Engineering
        1) Emergency Medical Technician     EPA     Environmental Protection Agency            Center
        2) Emergency Management Team        EPC     Emergency Preparedness Canada     ERF      Emergency Response Facility
        Emergency Medical Technician -              Emergency Planning and            ERG      Emergency Relocation Group
EMT-P                                       EPCRA
        Paramedic                                   Community Right-to-Know Act       ERLink   Emergency Response Link
        Emergency Managers Weather          EPG     Emergency Planning Guide          ERM      Elevation Reference Mark
        Information Network                 EPI     Emergency Public Information               Emergency Resource
ENDEX   End of Exercise                                                               ERMS
                                                    Emergency Preparedness                     Management System
        Environmental and Natural           EPIC
ENR                                                 Information Coordinator                    Earth Resources Observing
        Resources                                                                     EROS
                                                    Emergency Preparedness Liaison             Satellite
ENSO    El Nino / Southern Oscillation      EPLO
                                                    Officer                           ERP      Emergency Response Plan
        1) Executive Order                  EPOC    Emergency Point(s) of Contact              Emergency Response/Recovery
EO                                                                                    ERRO
        2) Electro-Optical                  EPP     Executive Potential Program                Office (USACE)
        1) Emergency Operations Center              Emergency Planning,                        Emergency and Rapid Response
EOC     2) European Olympic                 EPPM                                      ERRS
                                                    Preparedness, and Mobilization             Services
        Committee(s)                        EPS     Encapsulated PostScript                    1) Emergency Relocation Site
        1) Explosive Ordnance Disposal                                                ERS
EOD                                         EPZ     Emergency Planning Zone                    2) Executive Reporting System
        2) Entered On Duty                          Earthquake Impacts Projection              1) Emergency Response Team
EOE     Equal Opportunity Employer          EQUIP                                     ERT
                                                    (Model)                                    2) Environmental Response Team
        Executive Office of Environmental           Earthquake Preparedness Center             3) Evidence Response Team
EOEA                                        EQPCE
        Affairs                                     of Expertise                               Emergency Response Team -
        1) Emergency Operating Facility             1) Emergency Relief                        Advance Element
        2) End-of-File                      ER      2) Emergency Room                          National Emergency Response
EOM                                                                                   ERT-N
        End of Month                                3) Equal Rights                            Team
        1) Emergency Operations Plan        ERA     Equal Rights Amendment                     Emergency Response Team
EOP                                                                                   ERT-S
        2) Executive Office of the                  Environmental Radiation Ambient            Support Capability
        President                           ERAMS                                     ERV
                                                    Monitoring System                          Emergency Response Vehicle

             17                                         17                                         17
ES       Emergency Support                           1) Emergency Support Team                          FEMA Acronyms, Abbreviations, &
ESA      Endangered Species Act             EST      2) Eastern Standard Time                           Terms
         Emergency Services and Disaster             (GMT - 5)                            FAB           FEMA Advisory Board
         Relief Branch                               Estimated Safe Time before           FAC           Family Assistance Center
ESF      Emergency Support Function                  Evacuation Decisions                 FACNET        Federal Acquisition Network
         Transportation Emergency                    1) Estimated Time of Arrival                       FEMA Action and Correspondence
ESF 01                                      ETA                                           FACTS
         Support Function                            2) Employment and Training                         Tracking System
         Communications Emergency                    Administration                                     Nuclear reactor radiological
ESF 02                                                                                    FADED GIANT
         Support Function                            1) et cetera                                       incident/ accident
         Public Works and Engineering       ETC      2) Emergency Transportation          FAE           Fuel Air Explosives
ESF 03                                               Center
         Emergency Support Function                                                                     Forward Area Emergency Support
                                            ETD      Estimated Time of Departure          FAEST
         Firefighting Emergency Support                                                                 Trailers
ESF 04
         Function                                    1) Estimated Time Enroute                          Federal Assistance to Individuals
                                            ETE                                           FAIH
         Information and Planning                    2) Evacuation Time Estimate                        and Households
ESF 05                                      ETIC
         Emergency Support Function                  Estimated Time in Commission                       Fair Access to Insurance
         Mass Care Emergency Support                 Emergency Traffic Information                      Requirements
ESF 06                                      ETIS
         Function                                    System                                             Fire Apparatus Manufacturer’s
                                            ETO                                           FAMA
         Resource Support Emergency                  Exercise and Training Officer                      Association
ESF 07
         Support Function                            Emergency Tactical Operations                      Facility Accreditation Management
                                            ETOC                                          FAMAS
         Health and Medical Services                 Center                                             and Administration System
ESF 08
         Emergency Support Function                  Emergency Transportation                           FEMA Automated Network
                                            ETRMS                                         FANMAP
         Urban Search and Rescue                     Resource Management System                         Management Program
ESF 09
         Emergency Support Function         ETT      Eligible Travel Trailer                            1) Federal Approving Officer (or
         Hazardous Materiel Emergency       EWO      Emergency War Order                                Official)
ESF 10                                                                                    FAO
         Support Function                   EWP      Emergency Watershed Protection                     2) Food & Agricultural
ESF 11   Food Emergency Support Function             Environmental and Water                            Organization (UN)
         Energy Emergency Support                    Resources Institute                  FAOC          FEMA Alternate Operations Center
ESF 12
         Function                           EXORD    Execution Order                                    Federal Access Program Retrieval
         Emergency Support Function         EXPLAN   Exercise Plan                                      System
         Leaders Group                               1) Federal Aviation Administration   FAQ           Frequently Asked Question(s)
ESIC     Earth Science Information Center            2) Foreign Assistance Act            FAR           Federal Acquisition Regulation
ESP      Electric Service Priority                   FEMA Automated Acquisition                         Financial Accounting and
                                            FAAS                                          FARS
         Emergency Support Service                   System                                             Reporting System
         Vehicle                                                                          FAS           Foreign Agricultural Service

             18                                           18                                                 18
        Federal Agency Support Service               Federal Employees Compensation               1) Fire Department
FASSE                                      FECA                                         FD
        Element                                      Act                                          2) Foundation Data
        Field Assessment Team (obsolete;             Federal Emergency                  FDA       Food and Drug Administration
FAsT                                       FECC
        see RNA)                                     Communications Coordinator                   Federal Deposit Insurance
FAX     Facsimile                                    Flood Elevation Determination                Corporation
        Flood Boundary and Floodway                  Docket                             FE        Functional Exercise
        Map                                FED-STD   Federal Standard                             1) Federal Executive Branch
FBI     Federal Bureau of Investigation              Federal Employees Family                     2) Federal executive Board
FBR     Fast Breeder Reactor                         Friendly Leave Act                 FEC       Facility Emergency Coordinator
FC      Fire Control                                 Federal Employees Group Life                 Federal Employees Compensation
                                           FEGLI                                        FECA
FC      Fire Control                                 Insurance                                    Act
FCA     Farm Credit Administration         FEHB      Federal Employees Health Benefit             Federal Emergency
        1) Federal Communications          FEI       Federal Executive Institute                  Communications Coordinator
FCC     Commission                                   Federal Emergency Management                 Flood Elevation Determination
                                           FEMA                                         FEDD
        2) Federal Coordinating Center               Agency                                       Docket
        Federal Crop Insurance                       Federal Emergency Management       FED-STD   Federal Standard
FCIC                                       FEMAAR
        Corporation                                  Agency Acquisition Regulation                Federal Employees Family
FCIP    Federal Crime Insurance Program              Federal Emergency Management                 Friendly Leave Act
FCIS    Federal Crime Insurance System               Information System                           Federal Employees Group Life
FCO     Federal Coordinating Officer       FCA       Farm Credit Administration                   Insurance
FCP     Federal Center Plaza                         1) Federal Communications          FEHB      Federal Employees Health Benefit
        1) Food and Consumer Service       FCC       Commission                         FEI       Federal Executive Institute
FCS     (obsolete, replaced by FNS)                  2) Federal Coordinating Center               Federal Emergency Management
        2) Farm Credit Service                       Federal Crop Insurance                       Agency
FCT     Forward Coordinating Team                    Corporation                                  Federal Emergency Management
        1) Fire Department                 FCIP      Federal Crime Insurance Program              Agency Acquisition Regulation
FD                                         FCIS      Federal Crime Insurance System
        2) Foundation Data                                                              FEST      Foreign Emergency Support Team
FDA     Food and Drug Administration       FCO       Federal Coordinating Officer                 Federal Interagency Committee on
        Federal Deposit Insurance          FCP       Federal Center Plaza                         Emergency Medical Services
        Corporation                                  1) Food and Consumer Service       FICO      Flood Insurance Claims Office(r)
FE      Functional Exercise                FCS       (obsolete, replaced by FNS)                  Field Instrument for the Detection
        1) Federal Executive Branch                  2) Farm Credit Service                       of Low Energy Radiation
FEB                                        FCT       Forward Coordinating Team
        2) Federal executive Board                                                                Federal Insurance and Mitigation
FEC     Facility Emergency Coordinator                                                            Administration

            19                                           19                                            19
         Federal Interagency Operations               Fire Marshals Association of North   FOIA      Freedom of Information Act
FIOC                                         FMANA
         Center                                       America                              FONSI     Finding Of No Significant Impact
FIP      Federal Information Processing               1) Flood Mitigation Assistance       FORSCOM   Forces Command
         Flood Insurance Producers                    Program                                        1) Family of Services
FIPNC                                        FMAP                                          FOS
         National Committee                           2) Fire Management Assistance                  2) Federal Operations Support
         Federal Information Processing               Program                              FOSC      Federal On-Scene Coordinator
         Standards                                    1) Federal Management Circular       FOUO      For Official use Only
         1) Flood Insurance Report                    2) Fully Mission Capable             FOV       Field Of View
FIR      2) Final Inspection Report                   Flood Map Center Inventory                     Federal Preparedness Agency
                                             FMCIMS                                        FPA
         3) Federal Inspection Report                 Management System                              (obsolete)
FIRM     Flood Insurance Rate Map                     Federal Mediation and Conciliation             1) Federal Preparedness Circular
                                             FMCS                                          FPC
         Federal Information Resources                Service                                        2) Federal Power Commission
FIRMPD   Management Policy and                        Federal Motor Carrier Safety                   Federal Programmatic
                                             FMCSA                                         FPEIS
         Procedural Directive                         Administration                                 Environmental Impact Statement
         Federal Information Resources       FMDC     Flood Map Distribution Center        FPF       Federal Policy Fee
         Management Regulation               FMH      Federal Meteorological Handbook      FPG       Federal Preparedness Guide
FIS      Flood Insurance Study               FmHA     Farmers Home Administration                    Federal Property Management
         1) Financial Information Tool                Federal Manufactured Home            FPMR
FIT                                          FMHCSS                                                  Regulation
         2) Failed Income Test                        Construction and Safety Standards    FPO       Flood Potential Outlook
FLAG     FEMA Logistics Advisory Group       FMLA     Family and Medical Leave Act         FPS       Federal Protective Service
         Federal Law Enforcement Training    FMP      Fishery Management Plan              FR        Field Reference
         Center                              FMR      Fair Market Rental                   FRA       Federal Railroad Administration
FLIR     Forward-Looking Infrared            FMS      Financial Management System          FRB       Federal Reserve Board
FLRA     Federal Labor Relations Authority   FMV      Fair Market Value                    FRC       Federal Regional Center
FLS      Flood Statement                     FNARS    FEMA National Radio System                     FEMA Regional Communications
         1) Financial Management             FNS      Food and Nutrition Service           FRCM
         2) Frequency Modulation             FOB      Federal Office Building              FRD       Formerly Restricted Data
         3) Titanium tetrachloride (symbol            1) FEMA Operations Center                      Federal Radiological Emergency
         for)                                FOC      2) Free Of Charge                    FRERP
                                                                                                     Response Plan
         1) Flood Mitigation Assistance               3) Full Operating Capability         FRID      Flood Risk Directory
FMA      2) Floodplain Management            FOD      Foreign Object Damage                          Federal Radiological Monitoring
         Association                         FOF      Field Operating Facility             FRMAC
                                                                                                     and Assessment Center
         Fire Management Assistance                   Field Operating (or Operations)                Federal Radiological Monitoring
FMAGP                                        FOG                                           FRMAP
         Grant Program                                Guide                                          and Assessment Plan

              20                                           20                                             20
FRN     Federal Register Notice               FTA      Federal Transit Administration             Governor’s Authorized
FRO     Flood Response Office                 FTC      Federal Trade Commission                   Representative
FRP     Federal Response Plan                 FTD      Federal Travel Directory                   1) Gigabyte
        Federal Radiological                  FTE      Full-Time Equivalent                       2) Sarin (symbol for)
FRPCC   Preparedness Coordinating             FTP      File Transfer Protocol            GBL      Government Bill of Lading
        Committee                                      1) Federal Telephone System       GBPS     Gigabytes Per Second
        Federal Response Planning                      2) Federal Telecommunications     GC       General Counsel
FRPG                                          FTS
        Guidance                                       Service                                    Global Command and
FRS     Federal Reserve System                         3) Forms Tracking System                   Communications System
FRSA    Federal Railroad Safety Act           FTX      Field Training Exercise           GCE      Government Cost Estimate
        1) Forest Service                     FW       Fire Weather                      GCO      Grant Coordinating Officer
FS      2) Sulfur trioxide solution (symbol   FWAN     FEMA Wide Area Network            GCOS     Global Climate Observing System
        for)                                  FWD      Forward                           GCS      Ground Control Station
        1) Farm Service Agency                FWP      Federal Women’s Program                    Soman/Viscous Soman (symbol
FSA                                                                                      GD
        2) Fire Suppression Assistance                 Federal Water Pollution Control            for)
FSB                                           FWPCA
        Forward Support Base                           Act                                        Global Disaster Information
        1) Federal Support Center             FWS      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service             Network
        2) FEMA Storage Center                FY       Fiscal Year                       GDNP     Gross Domestic National Product
FSE     Full-Scale Exercise                   FYI      For Your Information              GDS      Geographic Display System
FSG     Financial Services Group              FZ       Flood Zone                        GDSS     Global Decision Support System
        Food Safety and Inspection                     Flood Zone Determination          GDT      Ground Data Terminal
FSIS                                          FZDC
        Service                                        Company                                    1) General Emergency
        Federal Savings and Loan                       1) General Adjuster                        2) symbol for a type of nerve agent
FSLIC                                         GA
        Insurance Corporation                          2) Tabun (symbol for)                      Georgia Emergency Management
FSM                                                                                      GEMA
        Federated States of Micronesia                 Generally Accepted Accounting              Agency
        1) Federal Stock Number                        Principles                                 Global Emergency Management
FSN                                                                                      GEMINI
        2) FEMA Switched Network                       Generally Accepted Auditing                Information Network Initiative
FSR                                           GAAS
        Financial Status Report                        Standards                                  Global Emergency Management
        1) Federal Supply Service                      Geographic Area Coordination               System
FSS                                           GACC
        2) Family Support Services                     Center                                     Government Emergency
        (NTSB)                                         General Aviation/Fixed-Base                Telecommunications Service
FSTS                                          GA/FBO
        Federal Secure Telephone System                Operations                        GF       Cyclosarin (symbol for)
FSVS    FEMA Secure Video System              GAO      General Accounting Office         GFE      Government-Furnished Equipment
FT      Full-Time

             21                                             21                                         21
        Government-Furnished                        Government Property Lost or                   1) Hawaiian Standard Time
GFI                                         GPLD
        Information                                 Damaged                                       (GMT - 10)
GFIP    Group Flood Insurance Policy        GPM     Gallons Per Minute                            2) Humanitarian Assistance
GFM     Government-Furnished Material               Global Patient Movement                       Survey Team
        Global Geospatial Information and           Requirements Center                HAWAS      Hawaiian Warning System
        Services                            GPO     Government Printing Office         HAZMAT     Hazardous Material(s)
        Geologic Hazard Abatement                   Government Performance and         HAZMIN     Hazard Minimization
GHAD                                        GPRA
        District                                    Results Act                        HAZMIT     Hazard Mitigation
        1) Geographic Information           GPS     Global Positioning System          HAZUS      Hazards – United States
        2) Ground Infantry                          1) General Schedule                           Hazardous Waste Operation and
GIL     Grant-In-Lieu                       GS      2) Geological Survey                          Emergency Response
GIS     Geographic Information System               3) Geo-Stationary                  HBX        High-Blast Explosive
GIWW    Gulf Intracoastal Waterway          GSA     General Services Administration               1) Health Canada
        Global Sea Level Observing                  General Services Administration               2) Hexachlorethane (symbol for)
GLOSS                                       GSAAR
        System                                      Acquisition Regulation             HCF        Height Correction Factor
GM      Guidance Memorandum                         GSA Communications                            Health Care Financing
                                            GSACR                                      HCFA
GMF     Government Master File                      Representative                                Administration
GMR     Graduated Mobilization Response     GST     Ground Support Team                HCN        Hydrogen cyanide (symbol for)
        Greenwich Mean Time (a.k.a.                 1) Government Travel                          1) Hurricane Day
GMT                                                                                    HD
        ZULU Time)                          GTA     Authorization                                 2) Distilled mustard (symbol for)
        Geographic Names Information                2) Government Travel Account       HDD        Heating Degree days
GNIS                                        GTM
        System                                      Government Technical Monitor       HDP        Hurricane Destruction Potential
        Government On-Line Accounting               1) Government Transportation       HE         High Explosive
        Link System                                 Request                            HEAR       Hospital Emergency Area Network
        Government-Owned, Contractor-               2) Government Technical                       Hospital Emergency Incident
GOCO                                                Representative                     HEICS
        Administered                                                                              Command System
        Geostationary Operational                   Global Telecommunications                     Health Emergencies in Large
GOES                                        GTS                                        HELP
        Environmental Satellite                     System                                        Populations
        Government-Owned, Government-       GUI     Geographical User Interface                   High Altitude Electromagnetic
GOGO                                        H                                          HEMP
        Operated                                    Mustard Agent (symbol for)                    Pulse
GOSC    Global Operations Security Center   H&H     Hydraulics and Hydrology                      Hospital Emergency Radio
                                            HADT                                       HERN
GOTS    Government Off-The-Shelf                    Hawaiian Daylight Time (GMT - 9)              Network
GOV     Government Owned Vehicle            HAI     Human Affairs International                   Hospital Emergency Response
GPL     General Population Level            HAN     Health Alert Network                          Team

             22                                         22                                             22
HES       Hurricane Evacuation Study                   Hazardous Materials Response                  High Resolution Picture
                                             HMRU                                          HRPT
          DOT Emergency Transportation                 Unit                                          Transmission
          Emergency Support Function         HMST      Hazard Mitigation Survey Team       HRT       Hostage Rescue Team
HEU       Highly Enriched Uranium                      Hazardous Materials                           1) Human Services
                                             HMTA                                          HS
HEW       Health, Education, and Welfare               Transportation Act                            2) Homeland Security
HF        High Frequency                               Hazard Mitigation Technical                   Homeland Security Advisory
                                             HMTAP                                         HSAS
          High Frequency / Single Side                 Assistance Program (or Plan)                  System
          Band                                         Hazardous Materials                           1) Homeland Security Council
                                             HMTUSA                                        HSC
HHA       High Hazard Area                             Transportation Uniform Safety Act             2) Health Service Command
          Headquarters and Headquarters      HN        Nitrogen mustard (symbol for)                 Hazardous Substances
HHD                                                                                        HSEES
          Detachment                         HNAT      Human Needs Assessment Team                   Emergency Event Surveillance
HHS       Health and Human Services          HOB       Height of Burst                               System
          Health and Human Services          HOH       Head Of Household                   HSO       Human Services Officer
          Emergency Operations Center                  Housing Opportunities for Persons             Homeland Security Presidential
                                             HOPWA                                         HSPD
HIC       Hydrologist-in-Charge                        With AIDS                                     Directive
HIP       Housing Improvement Program                  1) Hurricane Program                          1) Health Service Support
                                             HP                                            HSS
          1) Hotline                                   2) Hewlett-Packard                            2) Hyperspectral Sensor System
HL        2) Help Line                                 Hazard Prediction and               HT        Mustard-T (symbol for)
          3) Mustard-Lewisite (symbol for)             Assessment Capability                         High-Temperature Gas-Cooled
          1) Hurricane Local Statement                 Hydrometeorological Prediction                Reactor
HLS                                          HPC
          2) Homeland Security (DoD)                   Center                              HTML      HyperText Markup Language
HLT       Hurricane Liaison Team             HPRP      Home Protection Roofing Program     HUB       Historically Underutilized Business
HLW       High-Level Waste                   HQ        Headquarters                                  (Department of) Housing and
HM        Hazard Mitigation                            Headquarters, Department of the               Urban Development
          Hazardous Materials Advisory                 Army                                HUMINT    Human Intelligence
HMAC                                                                                       HURCON
          Council                                      Headquarters, US Army Corps of                Hurricane Condition
HMC       Hazard Mitigation Coordinator                Engineers                           HUREVAC   Hurricane Evacuation
          Health, Medical, and                         1) Human Resources                            Heating, Ventilating, and Air
HME                                                                                        HVAC
          Environmental                      HR        2) House of Representatives                   Conditioning
HMGP      Hazard Mitigation Grant Program              3) Home Repair                      HWC       Health and Welfare Canada
          Hazardous Materials Information              Highway Route Controlled            HWM       High Water Mark
HMIX                                         HRCQ
          Exchange                                     Quantity                            HWR       Heavy Water Reactor
          Highly Mobile Multipurpose         HRDI      High Resolution Doppler Imager      Hz        Hertz
          Wheeled Vehicle

               23                                           23                                            23
         1) Individual Assistance                       Industrial College of the Armed              1) Incident Command System
IA                                             ICAF                                          ICS
         2) In and Around                               Forces                                       2) Initial Contingency Staff
IAA      Interagency Agreement                          International Civil Aviation                 Interagency Committee on Seismic
                                               ICAO                                          ICSSC
         Inter-American Committee for                   Organization                                 Safety in Construction
         Natural Disaster Reduction            ICBM     Intercontinental Ballistic Missile           1) Information Coordination Unit
         International Association of Chiefs            1) Incident Command Center                   2) Incident Crisis Unit
         of Police                                      2) Increased Cost of Compliance              Integrated CONUS Medical
IAD      Indirect Air Carrier                           3) International Code Council                Mobilization Plan
         International Atomic Energy                    4) Interstate Commerce               ICWW    Intracoastal Waterway
         Agency                                         Commission (obsolete; replaced       ID      Identification
         International Association of                   by STB)                                      Iowa Department of Emergency
IAEM                                                                                         IDEM
         Emergency Managers                             Intergovernmental Consultation               Management
         International Association of Fire              and Coordination Board               IDEX    Image Data Exploitation (System)
         Chiefs                                         Interagency Coordinating                     Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite
                                               ICCOH                                         IDIQ
         International Association of Fire              Committee On Hurricanes                      Quantity
         Fighters                                       1) Improvised Chemical Device                Immediate Danger to Life and
                                               ICD                                           IDLH
IAG      Interagency Advisory Group                     2) Institute for Chemical Defense            Health
IAM      Incident Activity Manager             ICF      Insulating Concrete Forms            IDP     Imagery-Derived Product
IAO      Individual Assistance Officer                  Integrated Civilian Industrial               Infectious Disease Prevention
                                               ICIMPP                                        IDPP
IAP      Incident Action Plan                           Mobilization Planning Process                Program
IAW      In Accordance With                             International Critical Incident      IDR     Institute for Disaster Research
IBAD     Interim Biological Agent Detector              Stress Foundation                            1) Information Display System
                                                        International City/County            IDS
IBC      International Broadcast Center        ICMA                                                  2) Intrusion Detection System
IBD      Improvised Biological Device                   Managers’ Association                IEA     International Energy Agency
         Integrated Biological Detection                Integrated CONUS Medical                     1) InterExchange Carrier
IBDS                                           ICMOP
         System                                         Operations Plan                      IEC     2) Integrated Exploitation
         Institute for Business and Home                Interagency Committee on Dam                 Capability
IBHS                                           ICODS
         Safety                                         Safety                               IED     Improvised Explosive Device
IBS      Integrated Baseline System                     1) Incident Command Post                     1) Illinois Emergency Management
         International Bottled Water                    2) Information Collection Plan               Agency
IBWA                                                    Interagency Committee for Public     IEMA
         Association                           ICPAE                                                 2) Indiana Emergency
         1) Incident Commander                          Affairs in Emergencies                       Management Agency
IC                                                      International Committee of the Red           Integrated Emergency
         2) Information Collection             ICRC                                          IEMC
                                                        Cross                                        Management Course

              24                                             24                                          24
         Integrated Emergency                            Install, Integrate, Operate, and                 Information Network for Public
IEMIS                                         IIOM                                           INPHO
         Management Information System                   Maintain                                         Health Officials
         Integrated Emergency                            Insurance Institute for Property                 1) Immigration and Naturalization
IEMS                                          IIPLR
         Management System                               Loss Reduction                      INS          Service
         Income Eligibility Verification      IIT        Incident Investigation Team                      2) Insurance
         System                                          Installations, Logistics &                       International Search and Rescue
                                              ILE                                            INSARAG
IFB      Invitation for Bid                              Environment                                      Advisory Group
IFG      Individual and Family Grant          ILS        Integrated Logistics Support        Insp         Inspection
         Individual and Family Grant          IMA        Individual Mobilization Augmentee   INTERCOM     Internal Communications
         Program                                         1) International Medical Corps                   1) Initial Operational Capability
         Integrated Flood Observing and       IMC        2) Interim Message Change           IOC          2) International Olympic
         Warning System                                  3) International Mechanical Code                 Committee
         Integrated Financial Management      IMINT      Imagery Intelligence                             1) Interim Operating Facility
IFMIS                                                                                        IOF
         Information System                              International Merchant Purchase                  2) Initial Operating Facility
         Interferometric Synthetic Aperture              Authorization Card                  IOR          Initial Operating Report
         Radar                                IMS        Information Management System       IP           Information and Planning
         1) Inspector General                            Incident Management Situation       I&P or I/P   Information and Planning
IG                                            IMSR
         2) Instructor Guide                             Report                                           International Paralympic
IGE      Independent Government Estimate                 International Medical Surgical                   Committee
IH       Intense Hurricane                               Response Team                       IPP          Imminent Peril to the Public
         1) International Hurricane Center    IMT        Incident Management Team                         1) In-Process Review
IHC                                                                                          IPR
         2) Interagency Hotshot Crew          IMU        Inertial Measurement Unit                        2) Initial Projections Report
IHD      Intense Hurricane Day                INA        Immigration and Nationality Act                  1) Information and Planning
IHE      Insensitive High Explosive           IND        Improvised Nuclear Device           IPS          Section
         Interagency Hazard Mitigation                   International Atomic Energy                      2) Information Processing System
IHMT                                          INEA
         Team                                            Agency                                           Imagery Policy and Security
         Individuals and Households                      Interagency National Executive                   Committee
IHP                                           INER
         Program                                         Reserve                             IPT          Integrated Process Team
IHS      Indian Health Service                INES       International Nuclear Event Scale   IPZ          Ingestion Pathway Zone
         1) Investigator in Charge (NTSB)                1) Infrastructure                   IR           Infrared
IIC                                           INF
         2) Interagency Intelligence Cell                2) Immediate Needs Funding          IRB          Information Resources Board
         Information/Intelligence Fusion      INFO       Information                                      Intermediate Range Ballistic
IIFC                                                                                         IRBM
         Center                               INFOSEC    Information Security                             Missile
                                              INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite    IRC          International Residential Code

              25                                              25                                               25
IRF     Initial Response Force                         Indiana State Emergency                     1) Information Technology
        Incorporated Research Institutions             Management Agency                           Services
IRIS                                                                                       ITS
        for Seismology                        ISO      Insurance Services Office                   2) Intelligent Transportation
        Information Resources                          Information Security Oversight              System(s)
IRM                                           ISOC
        Management                                     Committee                                   Information Technology Services
        Information Resources                          1) Information Systems Plan                 Directorate
IRMS                                          ISP
        Management Service                             2) Immediate Services Program               Internal Transport, Storage, and
        Information Resources                          Information Systems Policy                  Handling
IRPMR   Procurement and Management                     Advisory Group                      ITV     In-Transit Visibility
        Review                                         Information Systems Security        IVD     Interactive Video Disk
IRR     Initial Response Resources                     Program                             IVR     Interactive Voice Response
IRS     Internal Revenue Service              IST      Incident Support Team               I&W     Indications and Warning
        1) Initial Response Team                       Incident Support Team – Advance     IWP     Integrated Warning Program
IRT                                           IST-A
        2) Independent Review Team                     Element                                     Joint After-Action Reporting
IRZ     Immediate Response Zone                        Intermodal Surface Transportation           System
        1) Information System(s)                       Efficiency Act                      JAD     Joint Application Development
        2) Information Security               ISVB     Imagery Science Validation Board            1) Joint Action Group
IS                                                                                         JAG
        3) Infrastructure Support             IT       Information Technology                      2) Judge Advocate General (DoD)
        4) Inspection Services                         Information Technology                      Joint Army-Navy-Air Force
                                              ITA                                          JANAP
ISA     Incident Staging Area                          Architecture                                Publication
        Information Systems Architectural              1) International Trade Commission   JATS    Joint Air Transportation System
        Advisory Group                        ITC      2) Information Technology                   Joint Automated Weather
        International South Atlantic Buoy              Coordinator                                 Observing System
        Program                               I-Team   Incident Team                               Joint Biological Point Detection
ISAR    Inspection Services Activity Report   ITED     IFSAR Terrain Elevation Data                Systems
        1) Interstate Commerce                ITF      Intelligence Task Force             JCC     Joint Coordination Center
        2) Inspection Services Coordinator             International Tsunami Information   JCS     Joint Chiefs of Staff
        International Satellite                        Center                                      Joint Deployable Intelligence
ISCS                                                                                       JDISS
        Communications Systems                ITM      Inspection Transfer Manager                 Support System
        Integrated Services Digital                    Information Technology              JEEP    Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan
ISDN                                          ITMRA
        Network                                        Management Reform Act of 1996       JECG    Joint Exercise Control Group
        International Strategy for Disaster            Interagency Terrorism Response              Joint Exercise Management
ISDR                                          I-TRAP                                       JEMP
        Reduction                                      Awareness Program                           Program

             26                                             26                                          26
           Joint Emergency Operations                    Joint Operations Planning and       kB        Kilobyte
JEOC                                            JOPES
           Center                                        Execution System                    kBPS      Kilobits Per Seconds
           Joint Force Air Component            JPEG     Joint Photographic Experts Group    KD        Knocked Down
           Commander                            JPIC     Joint Public Information Center               1) Kansas Department of
JFC        Joint Force Commander                         Joint Patient Movement                        Emergency Management
                                                JPMRC                                        KDEM
           Joint Forces Headquarters -                   Requirements Center                           2) Kentucky Department of
           Homeland Security                    JPMT     Joint Patient Movement Team                   Emergency Management
           Joint Hazardous Assessment           JPO      Joint Program Office                kHz       Kilohertz
           Team                                          Joint Radiological Emergency        KI        Potassium Iodide (symbol for)
JHEC       Joint Hazard Evaluation Center                Response Plan                       Km        Kilometer
           Joint Interagency Coordination       JRMP     Joint Regional Medical Planner      kN        Kilo-Newton
           Group                                         Joint Regional Medical Planning     KSA       Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
JIALO      Joint Interagency Liaison Officer             Office                              KT        Kiloton
JIB        Joint Information Bureau             JRS      Joint Reporting System                        Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruptions
           1) Joint Information Center          JRT      Joint Response Team                           Response Team
JIC        2) Joint Ice Center                  JSCP     Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan   kW        Kilowatt(s)
           3) Joint Intelligence Center                  Joint Special Operations Task       L         Lewisite (symbol for)
JICPAC                                          JSOTF
           Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific            Force                               LAC       Local Assistance Center
           Joint Interagency Intelligence                Joint Surveillance Target Attack    LAN       Local Area Network
JIISE                                           JSTARS
           Support Element                               Radar System                                  Local Area Network/Wide Area
           Joint Industrial Mobilization                                                     LAN/WAN
JIMPP                                           JTF      Joint Task Force                              Network
           Planning Process                     JTF-CS   Joint Task Force - Civil Support    LANDSAT   Land Satellite
JIS        Joint Information System             JTOT     Joint Tactical Operations Team      LAO       Lead Agency Official
           1) Job Instruction Training          JTPA     Job Training Partnership Act                  Local Capability Assessment for
JIT                                                                                          L-CAR
           2) Just In Time                      JTR      Joint Travel Regulations                      Readiness
JMC        Joint Movement Center                         Joint Telecommunications                      Logistics Closeout Assistance
JMFU       Joint METOC Forecast Unit            JTRB                                         LCAT
                                                         Resources Board                               Team
JMMO       Joint Medical Mobilization Office    JTTF     Joint Terrorism Task Force          LCCE      Life Cycle Cost Estimate
JMRO       Joint Medical Regulating Office      JTWC     Joint Typhoon Warning Center        LCM       Life Cycle Management
           Joint Nuclear Accident                        Joint Worldwide Intelligence        LCO       Limiting Condition for Operation
JNACC                                           JWICS
           Coordinating Center                           Communications System               LCT       Liaison Coordination Team
JOA        Joint Operational Area                        Key Asset Protection Program        LD        Lethal Dose
JOC        Joint Operations Center              KAPP
                                                         (obsolete; see CAAP)                LDS       Lightning Detection System
                                                kb       Kilobit                             LDW       Last Day Worked

                27                                            27                                            27
              Lightweight Epidemiology             LIDAR      Light Detection and Ranging                    Livestock Preservation Donation
LEADERS       Advanced Detection and                          Low Income Household Energy                    Program
              Emergency Response System                       Assistance Program                   LPG       Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LEC           Local Exchange Carrier               LIMFAC     Limiting Factor                      LR        Limited Response
LEL           Lower Explosive Limit                           Logistics Information Management               Long Range Biological Standoff
                                                   LIMS                                            LR-BSDS
LEM           Local Emergency Management                      System                                         Detection System
              Local Emergency Management           LISS       Linear Imaging and Self-Scanning               1) Learning Resource Center
LEMA                                                                                               LRC
              Authority                            LLW        Low-Level Waste                                2) Logistics Readiness Center
LEP           Leadership Excellence Program        LLWS       Low-Level Wind Shear                           Load and Resistance Factor
              Local Emergency Planning             LM         Logistics Management                           Design
              Committee                                       Lower Manhattan Development          LRIP      Low Rate Initial Production
              Logistics Emergency Response                    Corporation                          LRMP      Long Range Management Plan
              Team                                 LMF        Logistics Management Facility        LRU       Lowest Replaceable Unit
              Law Enforcement                      LMFBR      Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor    LS        Lump Sum
              Telecommunications System            LNG        Liquefied Natural Gas                LSC       Life Support Center
LEU           Low-Enriched Uranium                 LNO        Liaison Officer                                Lightweight Standoff Chemical
LEVEL 1 EST   Full EST activation level.           LOA        Letter of Agreement                            Agent Detector
LEVEL 2 EST   Intermediate EST activation level.              1) Line of Communication             LSS       Life Support System
LEVEL 3 EST                                        LOC
              Minimal EST activation level.                   2) Letter of Credit                  LSV       Logistical Staging Vehicle
              1) Low Frequency                     LOCA       Loss-Of-Coolant Accident             LT        Lieutenant
              2) Linear Foot                                  Letter of Credit - Treasury          LTL       Less-Than-Truckload
LFA                                                LOC-TFCS
              Lead Federal Agency                             Financial Communications System      LTR       Long Term Recovery
LFE           Lowest Floor Elevation                          Louisiana Office of Emergency        LULC      Land Use and Land Cover
LFO           Lead Federal Official                           Preparedness                         LWF       Lutheran World Federation
LFP           Livestock Feed Programs              LOG        Logistics                            LWOP      Leave Without Pay
LH            Local Hire                           LOI        Letter Of Intent                     LWR       Light-Water Reactor
              Landing Helicopter - Assault/        LOMA       Letter of Map Amendment                        1) Mission Assignment
LHA/LHD                                                                                            MA
              Landing Helicopter - Deck            LOMC       Letter of Map Change                           2) Marshalling Area
              Local Hazard Mitigation              LOMR       Letter of Map Revision               MAAD      Mobile Asset Activities Document
              Coordinator                                     Letter of Map Revision Based on                1) Mission Assignment
LHR                                                LOMR-F
              Limited Home Repair                             Fill                                 MAC       Coordinator
LHW           Last Hour Worked                     LOS        Line-of-Sight                                  2) Mapping & Analysis Center
Li            Lithium (symbol for)                 LOSA       Logistical Operations Staging Area             Military Assistance to Civil
LIBSYS        Library System                       LOSSEST    Loss Estimation                                Authorities

                   28                                              28                                             28
MACC          Multi-Agency Coordination Center              Mobile Air Transportable                   1) Mitigation Directorate (or
              Military Assistance for Civil                 Telecommunications System                  Division)
              Disturbances                          MB      Megabyte                           MD      2) Medical Doctor
MAEC          Mid-America Earthquake Center         mb      Millibar                                   3) Methyldichloroarsine (symbol
              Modular Airborne Fire Fighting                1) Mortgage Bankers Association            for)
MAFFS                                                                                          MDF
              System                                MBA     2) Master of Business                      Medical, Dental, and Funeral
MAJCOM        Major Command                                 Administration                     MDRO    Mission Disaster Relief Officer
              FEMA-standard GIS software            MBO     Management By Objectives           MDS     Mennonite Disaster Service
              program                               MBPS    Megabytes Per Second                       Mountain Daylight Savings Time
MAR           Monthly Accomplishments Report        MBTA    Migratory Bird Treaty Act                  (see MDT)
              Mutual Aid Regional Advisory                  1) Mobilization Center             MDT     Mountain Daylight Time (GMT - 6)
              Committee                             MC      2) Marine Corps                    ME      Medical Examiner
MARAD         Maritime Administration                       3) Member of Congress              MEA     Major Emergency Action
MAREP         Marine Report                         MCA     Multichannel Analyzer              MEAG    Major Emergency Action Guide
              Mission Assignment                            1) Movement Coordination Center            Mobile Environmental Analytical
MARR                                                                                           MEAP
              Reimbursement Request                 MCC     2) Mobility Control Center (DoD)           Platform
              1) Military Affiliated Radio System           3) Mission Control Center          MEL     Mobile-Erector Launcher
              2) Mobile Analytical Response         MCD     Medical Crew Director                      1) Maine Emergency Management
MARS          System                                        Multidisciplinary Center for               Agency
              3) Multifunction Acquisition and              Earthquake Engineering Research            2) Maryland Emergency
              Reporting System                              1) Mass Care and Feeding                   Management Agency
              Marsh Management Activities for       MCF     2) Movement Coordination                   3) Massachusetts Emergency
MarshMALLOW                                                                                    MEMA
              Learning the Lifestyles Of Wildlife           Function                                   Management Agency
              Mobile Aeromedical Staging            MCMC    Mid-Continent Mapping Center               4) Mississippi Emergency
              Facility                                      Mobilization Center Management             Management Agency
                                                    MCMT                                               5) Missouri Emergency
MASH          Mobile Army Surgical Hospital                 Team
              Measurement and Signature             MCO     MERS Coordination Office                   Management Agency
MASINT                                                                                                 Maximum Envelope of Water (or
              Intelligence                          MCOC    Marine Corps Operations Center     MEOW
              Military Assistance to Safety and             Military Communications                    Winds)
MAST                                                MCR                                        MEP     Management Engineering Plan
              Traffic                                       Representative
              Mobilization Assistance Team          MCS     Movement Coordination System               Medical Emergency Radiological
MAT                                                                                            MERRT
              (DoD)                                 MCU     Movement Coordination Unit                 Response Team
              Mobilization and Training             MCV     Mobile Coordinating Vehicle                Mobile Emergency Response
MATES                                                                                          MERS
              Equipment Site                                                                           Support

                   29                                            29                                        29
MET      Meteorologist (or Meteorological)    MLOS         Microwave Line-of-Sight            MPE      Maximum Permissible Exposure
METAR    Meteorological Aviation Report       MLW          Mean Low Water                     MPEG     Motion Picture Expert Group
METL     Mission-Essential Task List          MMC          Main Media Center                  MPH      Miles Per Hour
METOC    Meteorological and Oceanographic                  Medical Management of Chemical              Mortgage Portfolio Protection
                                              MMCE                                            MPPP
METSAT   Meteorological Satellite                          Exposure                                    Program
meV      Millielectronvolt                    MMI          Modified Mercalli Intensity        MPS      Mission Planning System
MeV      Megaelectronvolt                                  Municipal Management                        1) Microprocessor Unit
                                              MMIS                                            MPU
         1) Mobile Home                                    Information System                          2) Mobile Power Unit
MH       2) Mental Health                     MMPA         Marine Mammal Protection Act       MRA      Mortgage and Rental Assistance
         3) Manufactured Housing                           Metropolitan Medical Response      MRE      Meal, Ready-to-Eat
MHC      Mobile Health Clinic                              System                             MRF      Medium Range Forecast
MHE      Materiel Handling Equipment          MMS          Minerals Management Service        mR/hr    Milliroentgens per Hour
MHS      Message Handling System              MMST         Metropolitan Medical Strike Team   MRI      Mean Recurrence Interval
         Modular High Temperature Gas                      Morbidity and Mortality Weekly              Mobile Reconstruction Information
MHTGR                                         MMWR                                            MRIC
         Reactor                                           Report                                      Center
MHW      Mean High Water                      MO           Medical Officer                             Medical Research and Materiel
MHz      Megahertz                            MOA          Memorandum of Agreement                     Command
         Major Industrial Accidents Council                1) Mobilization                    MRP      Minimal Repair Program
MIACC                                         MOB
         of Canada                                         2) Main Operating Base                      MERS Response Reporting
         1) Meteorologist in Charge           MOB Center   Mobilization Center                         System
         2) Media Information Center          MOC          MERS Operations Center                      1) Mobile Response Van (or
         Microfluidic Integrated DNA          MODEM        Modulator/Demodulator              MRV      Vehicle)
         Analysis System                                   1) Middle of Month                          2) Multi-Radio Van (or Vehicle)
         Miscellaneous and Incidental                      2) Maximum of Maximum              M/S      Meters per second
         Expenses                                          Military Operations Other Than     MS       MicroSoft
MIEP     Mass Immigration Emergency Plan                   War                                         1) Mutual Support Agreement
         Military Interdepartmental                        Mission-Oriented Protective                 2) Metropolitan Statistical Area
MIPR                                          MOPP
         Purchase Request                                  Posture                            MSC      Major Subordinate Command
         Multiple Independent Re-Entry        MOU          Memorandum of Understanding        MSCA     Military Support to Civil Authorities
         Vehicle                              MOX          Mixed-Oxide Fuels                           Military Support to Civilian Law
MIS      Management Information System                     1) Military Police                          Enforcement Agencies
MIT      Mitigation                                        2) Management Profiler             MSDS     Material Safety Data Sheet
MKT      Mobile Kitchen Trailer               MPC          Main Press Center                  MSE      MERS Support Element
MLD      Median Lethal Dose                   MPD          Maximum Potential Destruction      MSEL     Master Scenario Events List

              30                                                30                                          30
MSL      Mean Sea Level                                 National Advisory Committee on                 Nuclear Accident Response Plan
MSLO     Military Support Liaison Officer    NAC/AEGL   Acute Exposure Guidelines Levels               (or Procedures)
MSO      Military Support Officer                       (for Chemical Substances)                      National Advanced Remote
MSPB     Merit Systems Protection Board                 National Association of County                 Sensing Applications Program
MSR      Main Supply Route                              and City Health Officials                      National Advanced Resource
MSRC     Marine Spill Response Corporation              National Association of County                 Technology Center
         1) METRO Strike Team                           Engineers                          NAS         National Academy of Sciences
         2) Management Support Team                     National Agency Check with                     National Aeronautics and Space
                                             NACI                                          NASA
MST      (formerly MSU)                                 Inquiries                                      Administration
          3) Mountain Standard Time          NACO       National Association of Counties               National Association for Search
         (GMT - 7)                           NACS       NEMIS Access Control System                    and Rescue
         1) Medical Support Unit             NAFAX      National Facsimile Network                     National Association of State Civil
MSU                                                                                        NASCDD
         2) Management Support Unit                     National Association of Home                   Defense Directors
         1) Mitigation                                  Builders                                       National Association of State
         2) Megaton                                     National Association of            NASEMSD     Emergency Medical Services
MTF      Medical Treatment Facility                     Independent Insurers                           Directors
         Military Traffic Management                    National Association of                        National Association of State Fire
MTMC                                         NAIIA                                         NASFM
         Command                                        Independent Insurance Adjusters                Marshals
         Modified Table of Organization      NAMRI      Naval Medical Research Institute               National Association of 9-1-1
MTOE                                                                                       NASNA
         and Equipment                                  National Airborne Operations                   Administrators
MUF      Materials Unaccounted For                      Center                             NATO        North Atlantic Treaty Organization
         Mission, Vision, and Guiding                   North American Atmospheric         NAVAID      Navigational Aid
MVGP                                         NAOS
         Principles                                     Observing System                   NAWAS       National Warning System
         1) Mt Weather                                  Non-Insured Crop Disaster                      National Warning System Bridge
MW                                           NAP                                           NAWAS/BCC
         2) Microwave                                   Assistance Program                             and Conference Controller
         Mt Weather Emergency                           National Academy of Public         NBC         Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
MWEAC                                        NAPA
         Assistance Center                              Administration                     NCA         National Command Authority
         Main Wind Force Resisting                      National Arson Prevention                      National Congress of American
MWFRS                                        NAPI                                          NCAI
         System                                         Initiative                                     Indians
MWS      Marine Weather Statement                       National Archives and Records                  National Center for Atmospheric
                                             NARA                                          NCAR
M-ZONE   High Mudflow Hazard Area                       Administration                                 Research
         1) Not (or Non) Applicable                     Nuclear Accident Response          NC&B        Nuclear, Chemical and Biological
N/A                                          NARCL
         2) Not Affected                                Capabilities Listing                           National Coordinating Center (for
NAC      National Agency Check                                                                         Telecommunications)

              31                                             31                                             31
        National Council of the Churches              National Communications System               National Environmental Health
NCCC                                        NCSRM                                          NEHA
        of Christ                                     Regional Manager                             Association
        National Coordinating Council on              National Credit Union                        National Earthquake Hazards
                                            NCUA                                           NEHRP
NCCEM   Emergency Management                          Administration                               Reduction Program
        (obsolete; replaced by IAEM)                  1) National Defense Area             NEI     Nuclear Energy Institute
        National Civilian Community                   2) Non-Disclosure Agreement                  National Earthquake Information
NCCG                                                                                       NEIC
        Group                               NDAA      Natural Disaster Assistance Act              Center
        National Centers for                          National Defense Emergency                   National Earthquake Information
NCEP                                        NDEA                                           NEIS
        Environmental Prediction                      Authorization                                Service
        National Center for Geographic                National Defense Executive                   1) National Emergency
NCGIA                                       NDER
        Information and Analysis                      Reserve                                      Management Association
NCIC    National Crime Information Center   NDMC      National Drought Mitigation Center           2) Nebraska Emergency
        National Center for Infectious                National Disaster Medical                    Management Agency
NCID                                        NDMOC
        Diseases                                      Operations Center                            National Emergency Management
        National Oil and Hazardous          NDMS      National Disaster Medical System             Information System
        Substances Pollution Contingency              National Disaster Medical System             National Emergency Management
NCP                                         NDMSOSC                                        NEMT
        Plan (aka National Contingency                Operations Support Center                    Team
        Plan)                                         National Domestic Preparedness               1) Near-Earth Orbit
                                            NDPO                                           NEO
NCO     Non-Commissioned Officer                      Office                                       2) Noncombatant Evacuation
        National Oil and Hazardous                    1) National Defense Stockpile                Operation
                                            NDS                                            NEOB
NCP     Substances Pollution Contingency              2) Nuclear Detection System                  New Executive Office Building
        Plan                                          1) Northeast                         NEPA    National Environmental Policy Act
        National Committee on Property                2) New England                               North American Electric Reliability
NCPI                                                                                       NERC
        Insurance                           NEC       National Earthquake Center                   Council
NCR     National Capital Region                       National Emergency Coordination              Necessary Expenses and Serious
                                            NECC                                           NESN
        National Council on Radiation                 Center (obsolete; see FOC)                   Needs
        Protection and Measurements                   National Emergency                   NEST    Nuclear Emergency Search Team
        1) National Communications                    Communications Network               NET     No Earlier Than
NCS     System                                        National Earthquake Education                National Environmental
                                            NEEP                                           NETAC
        2) Net Control System                         Program                                      Technology Application Center
        National Center for                           National Exercise Evaluation                 National Earthquake Technical
NCSA                                        NEET                                           NETAP
        Supercomputing Applications                   Team                                         Assistance Program
        National Communications Support               New England Floodplain and                   National Emergency Training
NCSP                                        NEFSMA                                         NETC
        Plan                                          Stormwater Managers Association              Center

             32                                            32                                           32
NEXRAD   Next Generation Weather Radar       NHC     National Hurricane Center             NIMH    National Institute of Mental Health
         Next Generation Upper Weather       NHPA    National Historic Preservation Act            National Interagency Management
NEXUS                                                                                      NIMS
         System                                      National Highway Traffic Safety               System
NFA      National Fire Academy                       Administration                        NIMTO   Not In My Term of Office
NFCD     National Finance Center Database    NHV     Natural Hazard Vulnerability                  National Institute of Occupational
         National Funeral Directors          NI      No Insurance                                  Safety and Health
         Association                                 National Institute of Building        NIP     National Immunization Program
NFDC     National Fire Data Center                   Sciences                                      National Infrastructure Protection
NFI      National Flood Insurance            NIC     National Instrumentation Center               Center
NFIC     National Fire Information Council           National Interagency Coordination             National Infrastructure Simulation
                                             NICC                                          NISAC
NFIF     National Flood Insurance Fund               Center                                        and Analysis Center
NFIP     National Flood Insurance Program            National Interagency Counterdrug              National Intelligence Support
                                             NICI                                          NISE
         National Flood Insurance Reform             Institute                                     Element
         Act                                 NID     National Inventory of Dams                    National Institute of Standards and
         National Fire Incident Reporting            National Insurance Development                Technology
NFIRS                                        NIDF
         System                                      Fund                                          National Institute for Urban Search
NFMA     National Forest Management Act              National Institute of Environmental           and Rescue
NFP      Not-For-Profit                              Health Services                               1) National Location Code
         National Fire Protection                    National Interagency Emergency                2) National League of Cities
NFPA                                         NIEOC
         Association                                 Operations Center                     NLD     Nunn-Lugar-Domenici
         National Fire Prevention and                National Industrial Equipment                 National Law Enforcement
NFPCA                                        NIER                                          NLECC
         Control Administration                      Reserve                                       Coordination Center
NFS      National Forest System              NIF     Non-Industrial Facility                       National Law Enforcement
         National Fire Suppression Liaison           National Interagency Fire                     Telecommunications System
NFSLO                                        NIFCC
         Officer                                     Coordination Center                   NLRA    National Labor Relations Authority
NG       National Guard                      NIH     National Institute of Health          NLS     National Language Standards
NGA      National Governor’s Association     NII     National Information Infrastructure   NLT     No Later Than
         1) National Guard Bureau                    National Interagency Incident         NM      Nautical Mile
NGB                                          NIIMS
         2) National Governing Body                  Management System                     NMAB    National Materials Advisory Board
NGDC     National Geophysical Data Center            National Imagery and Mapping                  1) National Meteorological Center
                                             NIMA                                          NMC
NGLO     National Guard Liaison Officer              Agency                                        2) Non Mission Capable
NGM      Nested Grid Model                   NIMBY   Not In My Backyard                    NMCC    National Military Command Center
NGO      Non-Governmental Organization               National Interagency Mobilization     NMFS    National Marine Fisheries Service
NGVD     National Geodetic Vertical Datum            Guide                                 NMI     No Middle Initial

              33                                          33                                            33
           National Military Joint Intelligence            National Performance of Dams                 Natural Resources Conservation
NMJIC                                             NPDP                                         NRCS
           Center                                          Program                                      Service
NMRI       Naval Medical Research Institute       NPFC     National Pollution Funds Center              Natural Resources Conservation
NMRT       National Medical Response Team                  National Photographic                        Service District Conservationist
           National Network Emergency             NPIC     Interpretation Center (obsolete;             Natural Resources Conservation
NNEC                                                                                           NRCSSC
           Center                                          see NIMA)                                    Service State Conservationist
           National Network Operations                     National Property Management                 National Resources Information
NNOB                                              NPMA                                         NRIMC
           Branch                                          Association                                  and Mapping Center
           National Network Operations                     Naval Pacific Meteorology and                National Resource Information
NNOC                                              NPMOC                                        NRIS
           Center                                          Oceanography Center                          System
           National Nuclear Security                       National Polar-Orbiting             NRO      National Reconnaissance Office
           Administration                         NPOESS   Operational Environmental           NRS      National Response System
NO         National Office                                 Satellite System                             1) National Response Team
           National Oceanic and Atmospheric       NPP      Nuclear Power Plant                          2) Near Real-Time
           Administration                                  National Partnership for                     National Security and Emergency
           1) Network Operations Center           NPR      Reinventing Government (formerly             Preparedness
           2) Navy Operations Center                       National Performance Review)        NSA      National Security Agency
NOC        3) National Operations Center          NPRM     Notice of Proposed Rulemaking       NSC      National Security Council
           4) Negotiations Operations Center               1) National Park Service                     1) National Security Directive
           5) National Olympic Committee          NPS      2) National Pharmaceutical                   2) Named Storm Day
NOFA       Notice of Funds Availability                    Stockpile                                    National Security Decision
NOGA       Notice of Grant Award                           National Processing Service                  Directive
NOI        Notice of Interest                              Center                                       National Spatial Data
NOK        Next-of-Kin                                     National Pharmaceutical Stockpile            Infrastructure
NOPR       Notice of Proposed Rulemaking                   Program                                      National Security Emergency
           North American Aerospace                        Nuclear Radiological Advisory                Coordination
NORAD                                             NRAT
           Defense Command                                 Team                                         National Security Emergency
NORTHCOM   United States Northern Command                  1) Nuclear Regulatory Commission             Preparedness
NOS        Not Otherwise Specified                NRC      2) National Response Center                  1) National Strike Force
NOTAM      Notice To Airmen                                3) National Research Council                 2) National Science Foundation
NOUE       Notice of Unusual Event                         Northern Regional Coordination               National Strike Force Coordination
                                                  NRCC                                         NSFCC
NP         National Preparedness                           Center                                       Center
NPC        National Paralympic Committee                   Nuclear Regulatory Commission                National States Geographic
                                                  NRCOC                                        NSGIC
                                                           Operations Center                            Information Council

                34                                              34                                           34
          National Strategy for Homeland                   National Transportation Safety                  1) Office of Administrative Support
NSHS                                            NTSB
          Security                                         Board                                OAS        2) Organization of American
          1) National Security Information                 National Telecommunications                     States
NSI                                             NTSC
          2) Nuclear Surety Inspection                     Standards Committee                             Office of the Assistant Secretary
          National Satellite Land Remote                   National Telecommunications          OASH/OEP   for Health / Office of Emergency
          Sensing Data Archive                             Support Plan; a.k.a. National Plan              Preparedness
NSMP      National Strong-Motion Program                   for Telecommunications Support in    OB         Official Business
NSN       National Stock Number                            Non-Wartime Emergencies                         Overcome (or Overtaken) By
          National Society of Professional      NU         Name Unknown                                    Events
          Engineers                                        Accidental, unauthorized, or         OBS        Observation(s)
NSS       National Security Strategy                       unexplained nuclear detonation       OC         Operations Center
          National Standard for Spatial Data    NUDET      Nuclear Detonation                   OCA        Original Classification Authority
          Accuracy                                         National Voluntary Organizations                Office of the Comptroller of the
                                                NVOAD                                           OCC
NSSE      National Security Special Event                  Active in Disaster                              Currency
          National Severe Storms Forecast       NWC        National Warning Center              OCD        Office of Community Development
          Center                                           National Wildfire Coordinating                  Office of Civilian Health and
          National Severe Storms                           Group                                OCHAMPUS   Medical Program of the Uniformed
          Laboratory                            NWR        National Weather Radio                          Services
          1) National Teleregistration Center   NWS        National Weather Service                        Office of the Chief Information
NTC                                                                                             OCIO
          2) Net Tropical Cyclone Activity                 National Weather Service Forecast               Officer
          National Teleregistration Center at              Office                                          Outside the Continental Limits of
NTC-MW                                                                                          OCLUS
          Mount Weather                         NWWS       National Weather Wire Service                   the United States
NTE       Not To Exceed                                    New York City Office of              OCN        Optimal Climate Normals
          National Telecommunications and                  Emergency Management                            Organizing Committee for the
NTIA                                                                                            OCOG
          Information Administration                       1) Office Automation                            Olympic Games
          National Technical Information                   2) Over and Above                               Outside the Continental United
NTIS                                                                                            OCONUS
          Service                               OAA        Older Americans Act                             States
NTM       National Technical Means                         Originating Agency Determination                Office of Crisis Planning and
                                                OADR                                            OCPM
          National Technical Means of                      Required                                        Management
          Reconnaissance                                   Office of the Armed Forces                      1) Office of Collateral
          National Telecommunications                      Medical Examiner                     OCR        Responsibility
          Management Structure                             Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric               2) Optical Character Reader
NTS       National Traffic System                          Research                             OCS        Outer Continental Shelf

               35                                               35                                              35
        Office of Coastal Zone                     1) Officer in Charge                          1) Office of the Regional Director
OCZM                                     OIC
        Management                                 2) Olympic Intelligence Center        ORD     2) Operational Requirements
ODBC    Open Database Connectivity       OIG       Office of the Inspector General               Document
        Oklahoma Department of Civil     OJCS      Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff   ORM     Other Regulated Materials
        Emergency Management             OJT       On-the-Job Training                   Os      Osmium (symbol for)
        Oklahoma Department of           OLE       Object Linking and Embedding                  1) Operations Support
ODEM                                                                                     OS
        Emergency Management             O&M       Operations and Maintenance                    2) Operating System
OE      Operating Expenses               OMB       Office of Management and Budget               1) Operations Support Center
OEM     Office of Emergency Management             Office of the Manager, National       OSC     2) On-Scene Coordinator (or
                                         OMNCS                                                   Commander)
        Ohio Emergency Management                  Communications System
        Agency                           OMTPE     Office of Mission to Planet Earth             1) Operational Systems Document
        Office of Emergency Medical      ONP       Office of National Preparedness               2) Office of the Secretary of
OEMP                                                                                     OSD
        Preparedness                     OPA       Oil Pollution Act                             Defense
        1) Occupant Emergency Plan       OPAC      On-Line Payments and Collection               3) Operations Support Division
OEP     2) Office of Emergency           OPCOM     Operational Command                           Occupational Safety and Health
        Preparedness                     OPCON     Operational Control                           Administration
OES     Office of Emergency Services     OPERIOD   Operational Period                    OSINT   Open-Source Intelligence
        Office of Emergency                        Office of Public Health and           OSLTF   Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
OET                                      OPHS
        Transportation (DOT)                       Science                                       On-Site Operations Coordination
        1) Other Federal Agency(ies)     OPLAN     Operations Plan                               Center
        2) Office of Family Assistance   OPM       Office of Personnel Management                Office of the Secretary for
        Office of Foreign Disaster       OPR       Office of Primary Responsibility              Transportation
        Assistance                       OPREP     Operational Report                            Office of Science and Technology
OFF     Offshore Forecast                          1) Operations                                 Policy
OFM     Office of Financial Management   OPS                                             OTAN    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
                                                   2) Operational Planning System
        Oklahoma Floodplain              OPSEC     Operations Security                   OTAR    Over-The-Air Rekeying
        Management Association           OPT       Operations and Planning Team          OT&E    Operational Test and Evaluation
        Official Government Acceptance             Olympic Properties of the United      OTRS    Official Time Reporting System
OGAT                                     OPUS
        Test                                       States                                OTS     Office of Thrift Supervision
OGC     Office of the General Counsel    OPW       Operational Planning Worksheet        OVC     Office for Victims of Crime
OGE     Office of Government Ethics      ORCA      Operational Readiness Capability      OVI     Office of Volunteerism Initiatives
        Office of Human Resources                  Assessment                            P&A     Price and Availability
OHS     Office of Homeland Security

            36                                          36                                            36
         1) Public Assistance                          1) Public Building Service                         Pacific Earthquake Engineering
                                              PBS                                             PEER
         2) Public Affairs                             2) Public Broadcasting System                      Research Center
PA       3) Public Address                             Public Building Service Information    PEL         Permissible Exposure Limit
         4) Principal Advisor                          System                                             Pennsylvania Emergency
         5) Programmatic Agreement            PBX      Phone (or Private) Bank Exchange                   Management Agency
         Private Automatic Branch             PC       Personal Computer                                  President’s Emergency Operations
PABX                                                                                          PEOC
         Exchange                             PCC      Policy Coordinating Committee                      Center
         1) Public Assistance Coordinator              President’s Commission on Critical                 1) Primary Entry Point
PAC      2) Political Action Committee        PCCIP
                                                       Infrastructure Protection              PEP         2) Professional Excellence
         3) Primary Agency Committee          PCF      Patient Care Form                                  Program
PACC     Patient Airlift Control Center                1) Permanent Change of Station                     Primary Entry Point Advisory
PACOM    Pacific Command                      PCS      2) Personal Communications                         Committee
PAG      Protective Action Guide                       Service                                PERI        Public Entity Risk Institute
         Polynuclear Aromatic                          Personal Computer Time and             PFA         Procurement Funding Authority
PAH                                           PCTARE
         Hydrocarbons                                  Attendance Remote Entry                PFT         Permanent Full-Time
PAHO     Pan American Health Organization              1) Policy Directive                    PH          Public Health
         Public Affairs - National Support             2) Position Description                PHS         Public Health Service
         Team                                          3) Presidential Decision (Directive)   PI          Project Impact
         1) Public Assistance Officer                  4) Paid                                PIAT        Public Information Assist Team
         2) Pacific Area Office                        5) Per Diem                            PIF         Policies In Force
         Public Affairs - Planning Response            6) Police Department                   PIN         Personal Identification Number
         Team                                          1) Preliminary Damage                  PINS        Personnel In Need of Supervision
         1) Protective Action                 PDA      Assessment                             PIO         Public Information Officer
PAR      Recommendation                                2) Predicted Drift Angle               PIR         Priority Intelligence Requirement
         2) Public Administration Review               Principal Deputy Assistant             PIREP       Pilot Weather Report
PASS     Partners Assuring Safer Schools               Secretary for Health                   Pkg         Package
PAT      Process Action Team                           1) Pacific Disaster Center             PKI         Public Key Infrastructure
PAX      Passengers                                    2) Personnel Data Card                             Public Law (also abbreviated as
PAZ      Protective Action Zone               PDD      Presidential Decision Directive        PL
         Pyridostigmine bromide (symbol       PDSI     Palmer Drought Severity Index                      Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief
PB                                                                                            PL 93-288
         for)                                 PDT      Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7)                    and Emergency Assistance Act
PBA      Pine Bluff Arsenal                            Presidential Emergency Action          PLC         Pacific Logistics Center
         Prototype Biological Detection                Document                               PLSS        Public Land Survey System
         System                               PEDS     Portable Emergency Data System

              37                                            37                                                 37
         1) Project Monitor                             1) Pay Period                                 1) Program Support
                                          PP                                                  PS
PM       2) Post Meridiem                               2) Personal Property                          2) Chloropicrin (symbol for)
         3) Postmaster                                  Performance Partnership                       1) Public Service Announcement
                                          PPA                                                 PSA
         Preventive Maintenance Checks                  Agreement                                     2) Patient Staging Area
         and Services                                   Planning, Programming, and            PSB     Planning Support Branch
PMO      Property Management Officer                    Budgeting System                              Pounds (of pressure) per Square
PMP      Performance Monitoring Plan                    Prickly Pear Cactus Burning                   Inch
         1) Payments Management System                  Program                               PSMA    Pre-Scripted Mission Assignment
         2) Program Management System                   1) Personal Protective Equipment      PSN     Public Switched Network
PMR      Patient Movement Request                       2) Pay Period Ending                          1) Personal Service Radio
         1) Part Number                                 Prepared and Perishable Food                  2) Power Soft Report
PN                                        PPFRP
         2) Project Number                              Rescue Program                                Presidential Selected Reserve
PNE      Peaceful Nuclear Explosion                     Preliminary (or Pre-) Placement               Call-up
PNP      Private Non-Profit                             Interview                             PST     Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8)
PNV      Present Net Value                              1) Parts Per Million                          Public Safety Wireless Advisory
Po       Polonium (symbol for)                          2) Printer/Plotter Module                     Committee
         1) Project Officer                             3) Program Performance                PSWN    Public Safety Wireless Network
         2) Personnel Office                            Monitoring                            PT      Part-Time
PO       3) Post Office                   PPR           Prior Permission Required                     Preparedness, Training, and
                                          PR            Public Relations                      PT&E
         4) Purchase Order                                                                            Exercises Directorate (obsolete)
         5) Purchase Officer                            1) Paperwork Reduction Act            PTR     Property Transfer Report
POA      Point of Arrival                               2) Patient Reporting Activity         PTSD    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
POC      Point of Contact                 PRB           Procurement Review Board              PTWC    Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
POD      Point of Departure               PRC           Presidential Reserve Call-up          Pu      Plutonium (symbol for)
POE      Point of Entry                                 Peacetime Radiological                PUD     Planned Unit Development
         Polar-Orbiting Environmental                   Emergency Response                    PUP     Principal User Processor
POES                                      PRIME POWER
         Satellite                                      USACE Engineer Battalion              PUREX   Plutonium Uranium Extraction
         1) Plan of Instruction                         FEMA-state mitigation initiative to           Polyton Version Configuration
POI                                       PROJECT                                             PVCS
         2) Program of Instruction                      make communities disaster                     System
POL      Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants                 resistant                                     Private Voluntary (or Volunteer)
POLREP   Pollution Report                               1) Preferred Risk Policy              PVO
                                          PRP                                                         Organization
POTS     Plain Old Telephone Service                    2) Personnel Reliability Program      PW      Project Worksheet
POTUS    President of the United States   PRS           Primary Receiving Site                        1) Power
                                          PRT           Planning and Response Team            PWR
POV      Privately Owned Vehicle                                                                      2) Pressurized Water Reactor

             38                                              38                                            38
PZ       Precautionary Zone                              Radioactivity Detection, Indication,           Rural Business Cooperative
                                                RADIAC                                          RBCS
Q        Sesqui-mustard (symbol for)                     and Computation                                Service
         Quality Level 3; refers to a digital   RADID    Radar Information Display                      1) Reserve Component
         version of a Flood Insurance Rate               1) Rapid Assessment and Initial        RC      2) Red Cross (also ARC)
Q3       Map (note: Q3 Data refers to the       RAID     Detection 2) Redundant Array of                3) Recovery Center
         flood zone information represented              Independent Disks                              1) Radiological Control Area
         on the map)                                     1) Random-Access Memory                RCA     2) Riparian Conservation Area
         1) Quality Assurance                            2) Radiological Material                       3) Rural Community Assistance
         2) Question and Answer                          Remote Automated Meteorological        RCAC    Red Cross Assistance Center
QAPP     Quality Assurance Project Plan                  Observing System                               Residential Condominium Building
QBC      Query By Example                                Radiological Assessment Medical                Association Policy
QBO      Quasi-Biennial Oscillation                      Team                                           1) Regional Climate Center
QC       Quality Control                                 Radiological Material                          2) Rescue Coordination Center
QD       Quantity/Distance                               Transportation Accident Response               Regional Civil Defense
QRC      Quick Reaction Checklist                        1) Radiological Assistance                     Coordinating Board
QRS      Quick Response System                  RAP      Program                                RCM     Radar-Coded Message
QRT      Quick Response Team                             2) Remedial Action Project             RCP     Regional Contingency Plan
QSI      Quality Step Increase                           Recovery Assistance Programs                   Resource Conservation and
                                                RAPID                                           RCRA
QTF      Quantitative Temperature Forecast               Information and Delivery                       Recovery Act
QTY      Quantity                                        Regional Analysis and                  RCS     Reports Control System
RA       Regional Administrator                          Recommendation                         R&D     Research and Development
         1) Request for Allocation Advice                Roadless Area Review and                       1) Regional Director
                                                RARE                                            RD
RAA      2) Radiological Accident                        Evaluation                                     2) Restricted Data
         Assessment                                      Regional Assessment and                RDB     Resource Database
         Request for Allocation Advice                   Response Team                                  Relational Database Management
RAAW                                            RASS                                            RDBMS
         Worksheet                                       Radio Acoustic Sounding System                 System
         1) Reception and Care                  RAT      Radiological Assistance Team           RDC     Regional Disaster Coordinator
RAC                                             RAWG     Rapid Assessment Work Group            RDD     Radiological Dispersion Device
         2) Regional Assistance Committee
         Radio Amateur Civil Emergency          RAWN     Radar Wind Sounding                            1) Regional Disaster Office
RACES                                                    Remote Automated Weather               RDO     2) Radiological Defense Officer
         Services                               RAWS
RAD      Radiation-Absorbed Dose                         Station                                        3) Regular Day Off
RADCON   Radiological Control (Team)            RBAC     Role-Based Access Control              RDOS    Real-Time Disk Operating System
RADEF    Radiological Defense                            Rural Business and Cooperative         RDT     Rapid Deployment Team
                                                         Development Program                    RE      Real Estate

              39                                              39                                             39
REA       Rural Electrification Administration            Radiological Emergency                     Regional Military Emergency
                                                 RERO                                        RMEC
          Radio Emergency Assistance                      Response Operations                        Coordinator
          Communications Team                             Radiological Emergency             RMI     Republic of the Marshall Islands
          Radiological (or Radiation)                     Response Plan                              Regional Manager National
REAC/TS   Emergency Assistance Center -                   Radiological Emergency                     Communications System
          Training Site                                   Response Team                      RMSE    Root Mean Square Error
REC       Regional Emergency Coordinator                  Regional Emergency                         Regional Meteorological
                                                 RET                                         RMTN
RECA      Residual Capability Assessment                  Transportation                             Telecommunications Network
          Residential Capability Assessment               Regional Emergency                 RNA     Rapid Needs Assessment
RECAT                                            RETCO
          Team                                            Transportation Coordinator                 Reserve Naval Mobile
          Regional Emergency                              Regional Emergency                         Construction Battalion
RECC                                             RETREP
          Communications Coordinator                      Transportation Representative              1) Regional Office
          Rural Economic and Community           REX      Readiness Exercise                         2) Receive-Only
          Development                            RF       Radio Frequency                            3) Read Only
          1) Reconnaissance                      RFA      Request for Federal Assistance             4) Responsible Officer
          2) Reconsideration                     RFC      River Forecast Center                      5) Reports Officer
          Regional Emergency                              1) Request For Information                 6) Radiological Officer
RECP                                             RFI
          Communications Planner                          2) Radio Frequency Interference    ROC     Regional Operations Center
          Regional Emergency Disaster                     1) Regional Field Office           ROD     Record of Decision
REDI                                             RFO
          Inventory                                       2) Ready For Occupancy             ROM     Read-Only Memory
REM       Roentgen Equivalent Mean               RFP      Request for Proposal               RON     Remain Overnight
          Regional Emergency Management          RFS      Request for Service                RORO    Roll On/Roll-Off
          Team                                            1) Regional Health Administrator           Regional Operations Support
                                                 RHA                                         ROST
          Regional Emergency Notification                 2) Rural Housing Agency                    Team
          Center                                 RHS      Rural Housing Service                      Reverse Osmosis Water
REO       Regional Environmental Officer         RI       Registration Intake                        Purification Unit
          Regional Emergency Operations          RIAT     Rapid Impact Assessment Team       RP      Real Property
          Center                                 RIC      Recovery Information Center                1) Regional Planning Agent
          1) Radiological Emergency                       Regional Incident Coordination     RPA     2) Resources Planning Act
          Preparedness                           RICT                                                3) Request for Public Assistance
REP                                                       Team
          2) Regional Evacuation Plan (or        RIF      Reduction-in-Force                         Regional Preparedness
          Point)                                          Regional Interagency Steering              Committee (obsolete)
          Regional Emergency                     RISC                                        RPG     Response Planning Guide
REPLO                                                     Committee
          Preparedness Liaison Officer           RM       Records Management                 RPM     Revolutions Per Minute

               40                                              40                                         40
RPOC   Regional Point of Contact                    Reconnaissance, Surveillance,                  Superfund Amendments and
                                         RSTA                                            SARA
RPS    Radiological Protection System               and Target Acquisitions                        Reauthorization Act
RPV    Remotely Piloted Vehicle          RSU        Response Support Unit                          State Airborne Reconnaissance for
RQ     Reportable Quantity               RSVP       Retired Senior Volunteer Program               Damage Assessment
       1) Response & Recovery (also      RT         Resource Tracking (or Tracker)                 Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided
       R&R)                                         1) Response Task Force                         Tracking
RR                                       RTF
       2) Railroad                                  2) Rich Text Format                  SART      State Animal Response Team
       3) Rural Route                    RTF-E      Response Task Force - East           SAS       Secondary Antenna System
RRF    Regional Response Force           RTM        Regional Training Manager                      Scientific Assessment and
       Rapid Response Information        RUS        Rural Utilities Service(s)                     Strategy Team
       System                            RVT        Remote Video Terminal                          1) Satellite
RRP    Regional Response Plan            RWA        Reimbursable Work Authorization                2) Simplified Acquisition Threshold
       Readiness, Response and           RWP        Regional Work Plan                   SATCOM    Satellite Communications
       Recovery                                     Revised Work Schedule                SATO      Scheduled Airline Ticket Office
RRRV                                     RWS                                             SBA
       Regional Rapid Response Vehicle                                                             Small Business Administration
RRT    Regional Response Team                       1) Salvation Army                    SBC       Southern Baptist Convention
       Reward and Recognition Working               2) Arsine (symbol for)                         Soldier and Biological Chemical
RRWG                                                                                     SBCCOM
       Group                             SAAM       Special Airlift Assignment Mission             Command
       1) Remote Sensing                 SAC        Special Agent-in-Charge                        Southern Building Code Congress
RS     2) Response Support               SAD        Southern Area District                         International
       3) Regional Summary               SAE        Site Area Emergency                  SBI       Special Background Investigation
RSC    Remote Sensing Coordinator                   Science Applications International   SBL       Straight Bill-of-Lading (also SBOL)
RSD    Remote Sensing Data               SAIC
                                                    Corporation                          SBOL      Straight Bill-Of-Lading
RSI    Repetitive Stress Injury                     State and Local Emergency            SC        Section Chief
RSP                                      SALEMDUG
       Regular Services Program                     Managers Data Users Group            SCAT      Security Control of Air Traffic
       Research and Special Programs                Substance Abuse and Mental                     Security Control of Air Traffic and
RSPA                                     SAMHSA                                          SCATANA
       Administration                               Health Services Administration                 Air Navigation Aids
RSS    Remote Storage Site               SAMP       Special Area Management Plan                   Self-Contained Breathing
       Remote Sensing Support            SAO        State Approving Official                       Apparatus
       Coordinator                                  1) Special Access Program            SCD       Service Computation Date
       1) Regional Support Team                     2) State Administrative Plan                   Southern California Earthquake
RST    2) Reference Standard Time                   1) Search and Rescue                           Center
       3) Remote Sensing Team            SAR        2) Special Access Required                     Senior Civil Emergency Planning
                                                    3) Synthetic Aperture Radar                    Committee (NATO)

           41                                            41                                             41
SCG       Security Classification Guide                            State Emergency Coordination          SERT     State Emergency Response Team
          Sensitive Compartmented                                  Center                                SES      Senior Executive Service
          Information                          SECDEF              Secretary of Defense                           Snow Estimation and Updating
          Software Control Integration         SECLAN              Secure Local Area Network                      System
          Center                               SEI                 Software Engineering Institute                 1) Special Facility
          Sensitive Compartmented              SELS                Severe Local Storms                            2) Standard Form
          Information Facility                                     State Emergency Management                     Special Federal Aviation
                                               SEMA                                                      SFAR
SCM       Survivable Crisis Management                             Agency                                         Regulation
SCO       State Coordinating Officer                               State Emergency Management            SFHA     Special Flood Hazard Area
          Software (or System) Change                              Office                                SFIP     Standard Flood Insurance Policy
          Request                                                  Standardized Emergency                         1) Senior FEMA Official
                                               SEMS                                                      SFO
          Senior Civilian Representative of                        Management System                              2) State Field Office(r)
          the Attorney General                                     State Emergency Operations            SFP      Supplementary Feeding Program
SCS       Soil and Conservation Service                            Center                                SFSO     Senior Financial Services Officer
          Senior Citizen Service                                   State Emergency Preparedness          SG       Surgeon General
SCSEP                                          SEPLO
          Employment Program                                       Liaison Officer                       SHMO     State Hazard Mitigation Officer
          Southern California Seismic                              State Emergency Response              SHMP     State Hazard Mitigation Program
SCSN                                           SERC
          Network                                                  Commission                            SHPO     State Historic Preservation Office
SDA       Seventh Day Adventist                SERF                Standard Exercise Report Form                  Senior Interagency Coordination
          Specific Disaster Assistance                                                                            Group
          Temporary Employee (obsolete)                            Special Events Readiness Level        SID      Station Identifier
SDLO      Senior Disaster Logistics Official                       (see below)                                    Special Improvised Explosive
                                                                   Unique event requiring full support   SIED
          1) Secretarial Development                                                                              Device
                                                         SERL I
SDP       Program                                                  of US Government                               (Office of) Strategic Industries and
          2) Service Delivery Point                                Primary event requiring local         SIES
                                                                                                                  Economic Security (DOC)
SDTS      Spatial Data Transfer Standard(s)                        resource augmentation and limited     SIGINT   Signals Intelligence
                                                        SERL II
          Safe Drinking Water Information                          predeployment of US Government                 Significant Meteorological
SDWIS                                                              assets                                SIGMET
          System                                                                                                  Information
S&E       Salaries and Expenses                                    Secondary event requiring limited              Sensor Integration and Modeling
                                                                   local resource augmentation and       SIMBAD
SEB       Staphylococcus Enterotoxin type B             SERL III                                                  for Biological Agent Detection
          Securities and Exchange                                  limited predeployment of US                    Strategic Information and
SEC                                                                Government assets                     SIOC
          Commission                                                                                              Operations Center
SECARMY   Secretary of the Army                                    Minor event generally requiring no    SIP      Shelter-In-Place
                                                        SERL IV
                                                                   US Government asset support           SITREP   Situation Report

               42                                                       42                                             42
SITROOM           Situation Room                        SMI      Safety Management Institute         SPG      Strategic Planning Guide
SITSTAT           Situation Status                               Standard Mitigation Measures                 Special Program to List the
                  1) State and Local                             Agreement                           SPLASH   Amplitude of Surge from
                  2) Savings and Loan                            Standard Metropolitan Statistical            Hurricanes
SLA               State and Local Assistance                     Area                                SPOD     Seaport of Debarkation
SLAR              Side-Looking Airborne Radar           SMSD     State-Managed Small Disaster        SPOE     Seaport of Embarkation
                  Submarine-Launched Ballistic          SMU      Special Mission Unit                         1) Systeme Probatoire
                  Missile                               SN       Serial Number                                d’Observation de la Terre (French
                  1) Subscriber Line Carrier            SNM      Special Nuclear Material            SPOT     satellite system)
                  2) Salt Lake City                     SO       Sheriff’s Office                             2) Satellite Positioning and
SLE               State and Local Exercise              SOB      Souls On Board                               Tracking
                  Term used to identify a barrier of             1) State Operations Center          SPR      Special Problem Report
                                                        SOC                                          SPRB     Senior Performance Review Board
Sleeping Dragon   protesters who have linked                     2) Statement of Concern
                  themselves to one another             SOE      Summary of Expenses                 SQL      Structured Query Language
SLEP              State and Local Exercise Program      SOF      Special Operations Forces           Sr       Strontium (symbol for)
SLG               State and Local Guide                 SOFA     Status of Forces Agreement                   1) Safe Refuge Area
                  Sea, Lake and Overland Surges         SOG      Seat of Government                           2) Society for Risk Analysis
                  from Hurricanes                       SOI      Southern Oscillation Index          SRF      Service Response Force
SLPA              Sea Level Pressure Anomaly                     Special Operations-Low Intensity             Strategic Review Steering
                                                        SOLIC                                        SRSC
                  State and Local Programs and                   Conflict                                     Committee
                  Support (obsolete)                    SOLRAD   Solar Radiation                     SSA      Social Security Administration
                  Salivation, Lacrimation, Urination,   SON      Statement of Need                   SSAN     Social Security Account Number
SLUDGEM           Defecation, Gastric Distress,         SONET    Synchronous Optical Network         SSB      Single Side Band
                  Emesis and Miosis                     SONS     Spill of National Significance               Single-Scope Background
                  1) Student Manual                     SOP      Standard Operating Procedure                 Investigation
                  2) Shelter Management                 SOR      Statement of Requirement                     1) Strategic Storage Center
                  State Mapping Advisory                SOSC     State On-Scene Coordinator                   2) Scientific Support Coordinator
                  Committee                             SOW      Statement of Work                   SSHS     Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
SMC               Specialty Management Center           SPC      Storm Prediction Center             SSI      Supplemental Security Income
                  System Management Control                      Society for the Prevention of       SSL      Secure Socket Layer(s)
SMCC                                                    SPCA
                  Center                                         Cruelty to Animals                  SSN      Social Security Number
SME               Subject-Matter Expert                          Small Business Development          SSP      Species Survival Plan
SMG               Specialty Management Group            SPDC                                         SSS      Small Structure Survey
SMHA              State Mental Health Agency            SPE      Strategic Planning and Evaluation   SSSE     State Support Service Element

                       43                                             43                                           43
                 1) Shelter Survey Technician         310   (§ 5153)    Priority for Public Housing           414   (§ 5181)    Relocation Assistance
                 2) Supersonic Transport              311   (§ 5154)    Insurance                             415   (§ 5182)    Legal Services
                 3) Sea-Surface Temperature           312   (§ 5155)    Duplication of Benefits                                 Crisis Counseling Assistance and
                                                                                                              416   (§ 5183)
                 4) Safe Secure Transport             313   (§ 5156)    Standards and Reviews                                   Training
STA              Special Temporary Authority          314   (§ 5157)    Penalties                             417   (§ 5184)    Community Disaster Loans
STAFFORD ACT - OUTLINE                                315   (§ 5158)    Availability of Materials             418   (§ 5185)    Emergency Communications
               TITLES and SECTION NUMBERS             316   (§ 5159)    Protection of Environment             419   (§ 5186)    Emergency Public Transportation
               (42 U.S.C. counterpart number in       317   (§ 5160)    Recovery of Assistance                420   (§ 5187)    Fire Management Assistance
parenthesis)                                          318   (§ 5161)    Audits and Investigations             421   (§ 5188)    Timber Sale Contracts
                 Findings, Declarations, and          319   (§ 5162)    Advance of Non-Federal Share          422   (§ 5189)    Simplified Procedure
                 Definitions                          320   (§ 5163)    Limitation on Use of Sliding Scales   423   (§ 5189a)   Appeals of Assistance Decisions
101 (§ 5121)     Findings and Declarations            321   (§ 5164)    Rules and Regulations                                   Date of Eligibility; Expenses
102 (§ 5122)     Definitions                                                                                  424   (§ 5189b)
                                                      322   (§ 5165)    Mitigation Planning                                     Incurred Before Date of Disaster
                 Disaster Preparedness and                              Minimum Standards for Public and      TITLE V           Emergency Assistance Programs
TITLE II                                              323   (§ 5165a)
                 Mitigation Assistance                                  Private Structures                    501 (§ 5191)      Procedure for Declaration
                 Federal and State Disaster           324   (§ 5165b)   Management Costs                      502 (§ 5192)      Federal Emergency Assistance
201 (§ 5131)
                 Preparedness Programs                                  Public Notice, Comment, and           503 (§ 5193)      Amount of Assistance
202 (§ 5132)     Disaster Warnings                    325   (§ 5165c)
                                                                        Consultation Requirements             TITLE VI          Emergency Preparedness
203 (§ 5133)     Predisaster Hazard Mitigation                          Major Disaster Assistance             601 (§ 5195)      Declaration of Policy
204 (§ 5134)     Interagency Task Force               TITLE IV
                                                                        Programs                              602 (§ 5195a)     Definitions
                 Major Disaster and Emergency         401   (§ 5170)    Procedure for Declaration             603 (§ 5195b)     Administration of Title
                 Assistance Administration            402   (§ 5170a)   General Federal Assistance                              Detailed Functions of
                 Waiver of Administrative                                                                     611   (§ 5196)
301 (§ 5141)                                          403   (§ 5170b)   Essential Assistance                                    Administration
                 Conditions                           404   (§ 5170c)   Hazard Mitigation                                       Mutual Aid Pacts Between States
302 (§ 5143)     Coordinating Officers                                                                        612   (§ 5196a)
                                                      405   (§ 5171)    Federal Facilities                                      and Neighboring Countries
303 (§ 5144)     Emergency Support Teams                                Repair, Restoration, and                                Contributions for Personnel and
304 (§ 5147)     Reimbursement                                                                                613   (§ 5196b)
                                                      406   (§ 5172)    Replacement of Damaged                                  Administrative Expenses
305 (§ 5148)     Nonliability of Federal Government                     Facilities                                              Requirement for State Matching
306 (§ 5149)     Performance of Services              407   (§ 5173)    Debris Removal                        614   (§ 5196c)   Funds for Construction of
307 (§ 5150)     Use of Local Firms and Individuals                     Federal Assistance to Individuals                       Emergency Operating Centers
                 Nondiscrimination in Disaster        408   (§ 5174)
308 (§ 5151)                                                            and Households                                          Use of Funds to Prepare for and
                 Assistance                                                                                   615   (§ 5196d)
                                                      410   (§ 5177)    Unemployment Benefit Assistance                         Respond to Hazards
                 Use and Coordination of Relief       412   (§ 5179)    Food Coupons and Distribution         621   (§ 5197)    Administrative Authority
309 (§ 5152)
                 Organizations                        413   (§ 5180)    Food Commodities                      622   (§ 5197a)   Security Regulations

                        44                                                   44                                                      44
623    (§ 5197b)   Use of Existing Facilities                       1) Secure Telephone Unit             TAFT       Test, Analyze, Fix and Test
624    (§ 5197c)   Annual Report to Congress                        2) Satellite Transmission Unit       TAG        The (State) Adjutant General
625    (§ 5197d)   Applicability of Title                           Secure Telephone Unit – Third        TAOS       The Arbiter of Storms
                   Authorization of Appropriations                  Generation                           TAPS       Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
626    (§ 5197e)
                   and Transfers of Funds                 SUI       Sensitive Unclassified Information   TARS       Tone-Alert Radios
                   Relation to Atomic Energy Act of       SUM       Software User’s Manual               TBA        To Be Announced
627    (§ 5197f)
                   1954                                   SUMA      Supply Management                    TBD        To Be Determined
628    (§ 5197g)   Federal Bureau of Investigation        SUPSALV   Support Salvage (DoD)                T&C        Time and Cost
                   Authority to Prescribe Rules and       Svc       Service                              Tc         Tellurium (symbol for)
                   Accept Gifts                           SVIS      Secure Video System                             Tribal Capability Assessment for
                   Authority to Prescribe Rules and       SVOS      Secure Voice System                             Readiness
701    (§ 5201)
                   Accept Gifts                           SVS       Severe Weather Statement             TCC        Telecommunications Center
                   Disaster Grant Closeout                SW        Soil and Water                       TCD        Tropical Cyclone Discussion
705    (§ 5205)
                   Procedures                             SWAT      Special Weapons and Tactics          TCO        Territorial Coordinating Officer
                   Studies, Training, Analysis, and       SWC       Severe Weather Center                TCP        Traffic Control Point
                   Research                                         Satellite Weather Information        TCS        Tactical Control System(s)
STARC              State Area Command                     SWIS
                                                                    System                               TCU        Transportation Coordination Unit
                   Superfund Technical Assessment                   1) State Warning Point                          Telecommunications Device for
START                                                     SWP                                            TDD
                   and Response Team                                2) State Weekends Program                       the Deaf
                   Specialized Target Area                T&A       Time and Attendance                  TDFM       Traffic Demand Forecast Model
                   Registration Team                                1) Technical Assistance              TDO        Typhoon Duty Officer
STARTEX            Start of Exercise                                2) Temporary Authority               TDS        Time, Distance, and Shielding
STATEX             Statutory Exclusion                    TA        3) Table of Allowances               TDY        Temporary Duty
STATREP            Status Report                                    4) Travel Authorization              T&E        Threatened and Endangered
STB                Surface Transportation Board                     5) Time and Attendance                          Thermal, Etiological, Asphyxiation,
                   1) Satellite Teleregistration Center             1) Technical Assistance Contractor   TEAM-CPR   Mechanical, Chemical,
STC                                                       TAC
                   2) State Coordinator                             2) Technical Advisory Committee                 Psychological, and Radioactive
                   Standard Transportation                          Terminal Access Controller Access    TED        Total Effective Dose
STCC                                                      TACACS
                   Commodity Code                                   Control System                       TEL        Transporter-Erector-Launcher
STEP               State Tribal Education Program                   1) Threat Assessment Database        TELNET     Teleconference Network
STO                Special Technical Operations           TADS      System                                          Tennessee Emergency
STOC               Sniper Tactical Operations Center                2) Training Aids for Dam Safety      TEMA
                                                                                                                    Management Agency
STOLS              System To Locate Survivors                       Tactical Aeromedical Evacuation

                        45                                               45                                              45
            1) Temporary Employee                 TMC       Travel Management Center                     Tropical Analysis Facsimile
TEMP        2) Test and Evaluation Master                   1) Training Management System                Network
            Plan                                            2) Traffic Management Specialist             1) Top Secret
TEU         Technical Escort Unit                 TMT       Training Management Team            TS       2) Thunderstorm
TF          Task Force                            TNC       Terminal Node Controller                     3) Tropical Storm
TFCC        Task Force Control Center             TNT       Trinitrotoluene                              Transportation Security
TFL         Task Force Leader                               1) Transportation Operating                  Administration
TFT         Temporary Full Time                   TOA       Agency                                       1) Technical Services Branch
Th          Thorium (symbol for)                            2) Time of Arrival                           2) Training Support Brigade (DoD)
TH          Temporary Housing                               1) Table Of Contents                         Technical Security
                                                  TOC                                           TSCM
THA         Temporary Housing Assistance                    2) Traffic Operations Center                 Countermeasure
THO         Temporary Housing Officer             TPC       Tropical Prediction Center          TSCO     Top Secret Control Officer
THP         Temporary Housing Program                       Tasking, Processing, Exploitation            Toxic Substance and Disease
                                                  TPED                                          TSDR
THREATCON   (Terrorist) Threat Condition                    and Dissemination                            Registry
            Training Information Access                     Time-Phased Force Deployment                 1) Telecommunications Service
TIAS                                              TPFDD                                         TSP
            System                                          Data                                         Priority
TIFF        Tagged Image File Format                        Time-Phased Force Deployment                 2) Thrift Savings Plan
            Telecommunications Inventory                    List                                         1) Telecommunications Service
TIMACS                                            TPO       Technical Program(s) Officer                 Request
            Management and Control System                                                       TSR
            1) Taxpayer Identification Number     TR        Transportation Request                       2) Teleregistration Service
TIN                                               TRACE                                                  Representative
            2) Triangular Irregular Network
            Terrorist Information and                       Thermal, Radioactive,               TSWG     Technical Support Working Group
TIPS                                              TRACEM                                        TT       Travel Trailer
            Prevention System                               Asphyxiation, Chemical,
            Television and Infrared                         Etiological, and Mechanical         TT&E     Training, Testing and Exercising
TIROS                                                                                                    Transportation Threat Protection
            Observation Satellite                           TRANSCOM’s Regulating And           TTPP
TL          Truckload                             TRAC2ES   Command and Control Evacuation               Program
TLC         Territory Logistics Center                      System                              TTT      Train-the-Trainer
TLC-C       Territory Logistics Center- Central   Treas     Department of the Treasury          TTX      Tabletop Exercise
TLC-E       Territory Logistics Center- East                Telephone-to-Radio Interface        TTY      Teletypewriter
TLC-W       Territory Logistics Center-West                 Communications System               TUAV     Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
TLD         Thermoluminescent Dosimeter                     Travel Reporting and Information             Tropical Upper Tropospheric
                                                  TRIPS                                         TUTT
TM          Trademark                                       Processing System                            Trough
            Team Management and Rostering         TRO       Transient Accommodations Only                1) Television
TMARS                                                                                           TV
            System                                                                                       2) Thomasville, Georgia

                 46                                              46                                           46
TVA      Tennessee Valley Authority          UPC        Universal Product Code                           Command In Chief, United States
TWD      Tropical Weather Discussion                    1) Uninterrupted Power Supply                    Pacific Command
TZ       Saxitoxin (symbol for)                         2) United Postal Service                         Command In Chief, United States
U        Uranium (symbol for)                URA        Uniform Relocation Act                           Southern Command
UA       Upper Air                                      Uniform Regional Guidance                        Command In Chief, United States
                                             URGENT                                        USCINCSOC
UAV      Unmanned Aerial Vehicle                        Employing National Teams                         Special Operations Command
UBC      Uniform Building Code                          Urban and Regional Information                   Commander In Chief, United
                                             URISA                                         USCINCTRANS
         1) Unemployment Compensation                   Systems Association                              States Transportation Command
UC                                           URL                                                         United States Committee On
         2) Unified Command                             Uniform Resource Locator
         University Consortium for           US         United States                                    Large Dams
UCGIS                                                                                                    United States Department of
         Geographic Information Science                 1) United States of America        USDA
UCP      Unified Command Plan                           2) United States Army                            Agriculture
         1) Universal Coordinated Time                  United States Army Corps of                      United States Department of the
UCT                                          USACE                                         USDOI
         2) Unified Command Team                        Engineers                                        Interior
UEL      Upper Explosive Limit                          United States Atlantic Command     USDOL         United States Department of Labor
UGC      Universal Generic Code                         (obsolete; se USJFCOM)             USFA          United States Fire Administration
UHF      Ultra High Frequency                USAF       United States Air Force            USFS          United States Forest Service
UHP      Utah Highway Patrol                            United States Agency for                         United States Fish and Wildlife
                                             USAID                                         USFWS
UI       Unemployment Insurance                         International Development                        Service
ULF      Ultra Low Frequency                            United States Army Medical         USG           United States Government
ULN      Unit Line Number                    USAMRICD   Research Institute for Chemical    USGS          United States Geological Survey
ULP      Unfair Labor Practice                          Defense                            USIA          United States Information Agency
UMOC     Unified Medical Operations Center              United States Army Medical                       United States Joint Forces
UMP      Upward Mobility Program             USAMRIID   Research Institute of Infectious                 Command
UN       United Nations                                 Diseases                           USMC          United States Marine Corps
UNCLAS   Unclassified                                   1) United States Army Reserve      USML          United States Munitions List
         United Nations Disaster Relief      USAR       2) Urban Search and Rescue (also                 US Army Medical research
UNDRO                                                   US&R)                              USMRICD
         Organization                                                                                    Institute of Chemical Defense
         United Nations High                            United States Bureau of                          US Army Medical Research of
UNHCR                                        USBR                                          USMRIID
         Commissioner for Refugees                      Reclamation                                      Infectious Diseases
UNP      Unmet Needs Program                 USC        United States Code                 USMS          United States Marshals Service
         United Nations Special              USCG       United States Coast Guard                        United States Message Text
UNSCOM                                                                                     USMTF
         Commission                                     United States Coast Guard                        Format(ting)
UOC      USACE Operations Center                        Reserve                            USN           United States Navy

              47                                            47                                                47
USNORTHCOM   United States Northern Command                1) Visual Display Unit              VST      Victim Support Task (NTSB)
USOC         United States Olympic Committee               2) Visual Docking Unit              VTC      Video Tele-Conference(ing)
USPACOM      United States Pacific Command        VEE      Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis               Mustard-Lewisite mixture and
             United States Public Health          VEI      Volcanic Explosivity Index                   Phosgene (symbol for)
             Service                                       Voluntary Early Retirement          V-Zone   Coastal High Hazard Area
USPS         United States Postal Service                  Authority                           WAE      When Actually Employed
             Urban Search and Rescue (also        VGA      Video Graphics Adapter              WAN      Wide Area Network
             USAR)                                VHA      Veterans Health Administration      WAR      Weekly Activity Report
             1) United States Senate              VHF      Very High Frequency                 WARNO    Warning Order
             2) United States Ship                VI       Virgin Islands                               Wide Area Telecommunications
             United States Special Operations     VIG      Vaccinia Immuno Globulin                     Service
             Command                              VIK      Value-In-Kind                       WAWAS    Washington Area Warning System
USSOUTHCOM   United States Southern Command                1) Very Important Person                     Wind And Water Technical
                                                  VIP                                          WAWTAP
USSPACECOM   United States Space Command                   2) Volunteer Incentive Program               Assistance Program
USSS         United States Secret Service         VIPS     Volunteers In Police Service        WB       Wideband
UST          Underground Storage Tank             VISC     Visual Information Support Center            West Coast & Alaska Tsunami
USSTRATCOM   United States Strategic Command               Veterans Integrated Services                 Warning Center
             United States Transportation                  Network                             WEE      Western Equine Encephalitis
             Command                              VISTA    Volunteers In Service To America             Women’s Executive Leadership
USVI         United States Virgin Islands                  Volunteers In Technical                      Program
             1) Universale Temps Coordinaire               Assistance                                   Workshop in Emergency
UTC          (i.e., Coordinated Universal Time)            Virgin Islands Territorial                   Management
             2) Unit Type Code                             Emergency Management Agency         WER      Weapons-Effect Reporting
UTM          Universal Transverse Mercator        VLF      Very Low Frequency                  WFU      Wildland Fire Use
UV           Ultraviolet                                   Virginia National Processing                 1) Wage Grade
                                                  VNPSC                                        WG
UVI          Ultraviolet Index                             Service Center                               2) Working Group
             1) Vulnerability Assessment                   Voluntary Organizations Active in   WGI      Within-Grade Increase
VA                                                VOAD
             2) Department of Veteran’s Affairs            Disaster                            WH       White House
VAL          Voluntary Agency Liaison             VOLAG    Voluntary Agency(ies)                        White House Communications
             Veteran’s Administration Medical              Verification of the Origin of                Agency
VAMC                                              VORTEX
             Center                                        Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment    WHMO     White House Military Office
VCR          Video Cassette Recorder              VS       Victim Support                      WHO      World Health Organization
VCU          VOLAG Coordination Unit                       Vehicle Storage Administration               Washington Headquarters
                                                  VSAB                                         WHS
                                                           Building                                     Services

                  48                                            48                                          48
WHSR      White House Situation Room                           Zone Emergency Communications                            Special Flood Hazard Area
          Weather Information Management                       Planner                                                  inundated by the 100-year flood to
          System                              ZFP              Zone Forecast Product                                    be protected from the 100-year
WIN       WWMCCS Intercomputer Network                         Special Flood Hazard Area               ZONE A99         flood by a Federal flood protection
          Washington Interagency                               inundated by the 100-year flood;                         system under construction; base
WITS                                          ZONE A
          Telecommunications System                            base flood elevations are not                            flood elevations are not
          1) Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction                     determined                                               determined
WMD                                                                                                                     Area of 500-year flood; area
          2) Water Management District                         Special Flood Hazard Area
WMO       World Meteorological Organization                    inundated by the 100-year flood;                         subject to the 100-year flood with
                                              ZONE A1 to A30
          1) Work Order                                        base flood elevations are                                average depths of less than 1 foot
WO                                                             determined                              ZONE B           or with contributing drainage area
          2) Warrant Officer
WORM      Write Once - Read Many                               Special Flood Hazard Area                                less than one square mile; and
          1) Word Processing                                   inundated by the 100-year flood;                         areas protected by levees from the
WP                                            ZONE AE                                                                   base flood
          2) White Phosphorus                                  base flood elevations are
          1) Water Purification System                         determined                                               Area determined to be outside the
WPS                                                                                                    ZONE C
          2) Word Processing System                            Special Flood Hazard Area                                500-year floodplain
          Water Resources Development                          inundated by the 100-year flood;                         Area in which flood hazards are
WRDA                                                                                                   ZONE D
          Act                                 ZONE AH          flood depths of 1 to 3 feet (usually                     undetermined
          Weather Radar Identification of                      areas of ponding); base flood                            Special Flood Hazard Area
WRIST                                                          elevations are determined                                inundated by the 100-year flood;
          Severe Thunderstorms
WRM       War Reserve Material                                 Special Flood Hazard Area               ZONE V           coastal floods with velocity
WSR       Weather Surveillance Radar                           inundated by the 100-year flood;                         hazards (wave action); base flood
          Western States Seismic Policy                        with flood depths of 1 to 3 feet                         elevations are not determined
WSSPC                                                          (usually sheet flow on the sloping                       Special Flood Hazard Area
          Council                             ZONE AO
WTC       World Trade Center                                   terrain); average depths are                             inundated by the 100-year flood;
                                                               determined. For areas of alluvial       ZONE VE          coastal floods with velocity
WWU       Watch and Warning Unit
                                                               fan flooding, velocities are also                        hazards (wave action); base flood
WWW       World Wide Web
                                                               determined                                               elevations are determined
WYO       Write Your Own (Insurance)
                                                               Special Flood Hazard Area that                           Special Flood Hazard Area
WYSIWYG   What You See Is What You Get
                                                               results from the decertification of a                    inundated by the 100-year flood;
YCC       Youth Conservation Corps
                                                               previously accredited flood             ZONE V1 to V30   coastal floods with velocity
          1) Yield                            ZONE AR                                                                   hazards (wave action); base flood
YLD                                                            protection system that is in the
          2) Young Lawyers Division (ABA)                                                                               elevations are determined
                                                               process of being restored to
ZBB       Zero-Based Budgeting                                 provide a 100-year or greater level
                                                               of flood protection

               49                                                   49                                                       49
         If unshaded: Area determined to
         be outside the 500-year floodplain
         If shaded: Area of 500-year flood;
         area subject to the 100-year flood
ZONE X   with average depths of less than 1
         foot or with contributing drainage
         area less than one square mile;
         and areas protected by levees              Run across an acronym or
         from the base flood
Zr       Zirconium (symbol for)
                                               abbreviation that’s NOT in the FAAT
ZULU     Greenwich Mean Time                     List? Send it to us at the e-mail
ZWA      Zonal Wind Anomaly                   address on Page 1; we may include it
                                                       in our next update!

              50                                               50                    50

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