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					18                                    CARL LARSSON CALENDARS and POST CARDS

                                                       32551-00 - 2011 WALL CALENDAR
                                                            with “Evening Bread” on cover.
   32549-00 - 2011 POSTER CALENDAR                    English text and holidays, weeks begin on          32560-00 - A wonderful collection
          with “Masquerade” on cover.                 Sunday. Roomy blocks for notes, 9” x 12’,         depicting his children at various ages,
 All designs suitable for framing. Weeks begin                        Germany.                                    5” x 7”, Germany.
 on Sunday, boxed mailer, 16’ x 18”, Germany.

31844-01 Swedish            31844-02 Norwegian            31842-01 Swedish           31842-00 Norwegian                     31840-00
  Computer Terms              Computer Terms                 Medical Terms              Medical Terms                     Meaning of Uff-da
BOOKS: Scandinavian Flavor

    31648-00                        31649-00                        31657-00                      31651-00                       31652-00
  Swedish Cakes &           Swedish Christmas Crafts, H. Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyer-          Sweet & Savory Swedish Bak-         Swedish Knits, Ham-
Cookies, step -by-step      Lundberg, lovely crafts with a dahl, tale of crossing Pacific ing, Leila Lindholm, over 200        merskong/Wincent,
instructions, 188 pgs.         Swedish flair, 96 pgs.        Ocean by raft, 304 pgs.            recipes, 223 pgs.              step-by-step for all
                                                                                                                                levels, 192 pgs.

       32565-00                        31653-00                     31654-00                     31655-00                      31325-00
God Jul Postcard Collec-      Swedish Breads and Pas-          Swedish Christmas           Swedish Fairytales, 29     DVD Showing Lois Mueller,
tion, 300 historic cards,     tries, Jan Hedh, 240 pgs.     Traditions, recipes, crafts,   favorites, Lundbergh &      VGM, give instructions in
        93 pgs.                                             holiday delights, 128 pgs.        Bauer, 240 pgs.         basic transparent Telemark.
SWEDISH HERITAGE                                                                                                                                          19

              31523-00                             31519-00                                        31520-00                              31588-00
  Carl Larsson On the Sunnyside.        Carl Larsson (Fifty Paintings) in full      World of Carl Larsson. Comprehen-               Swedish Christmas. A
 Timeless treasure of paintings and        color, 106 pgs., hard-cover.              sive view of Sweden’s best-known            traditional journey through
  writings of Carl Larsson, 64 pgs.                                                artist, his times. 410 illustrations of his     the Swedish Christmas
                                                                                         works, 192 pgs. hard-cover.               Season w/recipes, 153
                                                                                                                                      pgs., hard-cover.

      30267-00            31595-00                    31347-00                                        31578-00                             31526-00
 Var Sa God Swedish
                  The Swedish Table by H.      Swedish Folkart by Diane                        How to Make a Swedish             The Little Troll, a wonder-
 cookbook, 241 pgs.
                 Henderson, a modern guide      Edwards, a comprehen-                         Christmas, Helen Ingeborg,          fully illustrated children’s
               to traditional Swedish cooking, sive study of Swedish folk                              32 pgs.                   book on Norwegian Trolls,
              traditions and celebrations, 187 art on traditional wooden                                                                     40 pgs.
                              pgs.                   pieces, 87 pgs.
PROVERB BOOKS - Soft-cover

 31530-00                  31532-00                 32556-00                          30289-00                    31580-00                   31524-00
Swedish Proverbs        Norwegian Proverbs         Danish Proverbs                  Finnish Proverbs          German Proverbs              Troll, based on
Coll. by J. Asala,     from P. Asbjornsen/J.       McDonald/Feske,               trans. by I Vaananen-         Coll. by J.J. Mc-         Theodor Kittelsen’s
     63 pgs.               Moe, 63 pgs.                49 pgs.                      Jensen, 51 pgs.          Donald, L. Hatter, J.        drawings, 62 pgs.
                                                                                                             Liffring-Zug, 68 pgs.

   31536-00               31538-00                 31612-00                 31590-00                            31647-00                    30279-00
 Words of Wisdom         Polish Proverbs, Polish Touches: Recipes & LUCIA: Child of Light,                 In Cod We Trust by Eric        Definitely Danish,
from the Vikings, J.     Coll. by J. Asala, Traditions ed. by J. Nowa- History of Swedish                      Dregni, 195 pgs.           history, culture &
   Asala, 63 pgs.             64 pgs.       kowski & M Perrin, 183 pgs. Celebration, 62 pgs.                                              recipes, 136 pgs.
20                                            COOKBOOKS: RECIPES AND TRADITIONS

  30256-00             30266-00           30272-00          30273-00                 30276-00              30277-00              31528-00
 From Norwe-        Swedish Recipes    Swedish Touches,      Norwegian              Delectably Danish, Finnish Touches,        Viking Cookbook,
 gian Kitchens,     by Amer. Daugh-     formerly Superbly Touches, formerly              64 pgs.       formerly Finntas-            40 pgs.
Bergquist Family,    ters of Sweden,     Swedish revised   Notably Norwe-                              ticly Finnish, 160
    124 pgs.             166 pgs.      and expanded, 160 gian, 159 pgs.                                        pgs.

  30354-00            30350-00                  30352-00            31534-00
                                                                     30300-00                                30286-00              30304-00
 The Great Scan-    The Great Holiday          Scandinavian       Norwegian Troll
                                                                    Sweden’s Re-                          German Recipes:         Germany’s Re-
 dinavian Baking    Baking Book, Bea.          Feasts, Bea.       Tales, formerly
                                                                   gional Recipes.                         Old World Spe-         gional Recipes.
Book, Bea. Ojakan- Ojakangas, 250 reci-       Ojakangas, 280      Trolls Remem-
                                                                   Take a culinary                        cialties, 128 pgs.    Food, folklore and
  gas, 318 pgs.       pes, 357 pgs.                pgs.           bering Norway,
                                                                 tour through Swe-                                              festivals, 172 pgs.
                                                                    revised and
                                                                  den’s provinces,
                                                                  expanded. 160
                                                                      144 pgs.
                                       MINI-COOKBOOKS: RECIPES AND TRADITIONS
                                                   120-180 pgs.

  30257-01              30257-02             30257-03              30257-04             30257-05           30257-07               30257-09
Splendid Swedish        Norwegian            Dear Danish       Fine Finnish Foods      Great German      Cherished Czech          Scandinavian
    Recipes              Recipes              Recipes                                     Recipes            Recipes             Holiday Recipes

    30257-10            30257-19             30257-17             30257-21              30257-23           30257-41                30257-29
  Pleasing Polish       Dutch Style          Dandy Dutch         Scandinavian        Scandinavian Sweet License to Cook:        License to Cook:
     Recipes             Recipes               Recipes           Smorgasbord               Treats          IOWA Style              Minnesota

    30257-30               30257-31                 30257-43                  30257-38                 30257-06                   30257-40
 License to Cook:       Scandinavian Style      Norwegian Centennial         Aebleskiver and      German Style Recipes         Time-Honored Nor-
    Wisconsin           Fish and Seafood         Recipes, 1825-1925               More             with more than 100          wegian Recipes. 65
                             Recipes                                                                recipes, 180 pgs.               recipes.
                               NORDIC TRADITIONS                                                                                                   21

30257-32 Slovak Recipes

30257-35 Healthy Recipes             31343-00                      31344-00                       31339-00                       31334-00
                                Norwegian Rosemaling        Rosemaling Boxes, Vol. 1        Aarseth’s Rosemaling          Have a Stroke! by Lois
                               for Young People. Diane     by Diane Edwards, 40 pgs.      Design: Norwegian Rose-       Mueller. Projects in Valdres,
                               Edwards, 31 pgs., 8 easy      Fun & easy Rosemaling        maling Telemark Style, 96     Telemark, Rogaland style,
                                       lessons.                     projects.              pgs., 100 Aarseth paint-               40 pgs.
                                                                                                 ings in color.

      30362-00                         31331-00                        31333-00                    31345-00                 31337-00
Norway-Collector’s Edition,        More Telemark by Lois      Lucky Strokes by Lois Muel-      Rosemaling for Anyone Lessons in Rosemaling:
 a beautiful pictorial book        Mueller, VGM, 31 pgs.      ler. Use Rosemaling to give       by Lois Mueller. 12  Valdres by Lois Mueller, 44
on Norway, hardcover, 112                                    new life to old pieces, 39 pgs.    laminated pages to              pgs.
           pgs.                                                                                      practice.

                                                                                                            JOKE BOOKS
                                                                                                    by Charlene Powers - Softcover

        30380-00                           31338-00                     31329-00                      31504-00                  31506-00
 The Folk Arts of Norway,        Rosemaling:Beautiful Norwe- Rosemaling Styles, Study &             Ole & Lena’s Uff-        Lena Before & After
266 pgs. Norwegian folk art     gian Art & Design Collection II, Design, by Gayle Oram, 48          da Book, 59 pgs.          Lutefisk, 61 pgs.
     from 1700-1850.               by Helen Blanck, 63 pgs.          pgs. of new ideas.

  31514-00                    31509-00                31510-00                   31512-00                  31508-00                   31516-00
Love,Lutefisk and             Leapin’ Lena          The New Uff-da            Ya, Sure, Ya Betcha         Lena Loves Ole          Best of Queen Lena
  Lena, 64 pgs.                 59 pgs.            Joke Book, 60 pgs.              60 pgs.                    63 pgs.                  160 pgs.
22                                                                                FINNISH BOOKS

                                                                                                                         Oral CD of the Finnish
                                                                                                                         history epic Kalevala

       31373-00                       31324-00                     31642-00                      31613-00               31351-00            31349-00               31355-00
Journey into Winter by Fred         Finnish Christmas            Suomi Specialties:             Seven Brothers, a           Part I              Part II         The Kalevala, the epic
    Brogger, 364 pgs.               cookbook, 111pgs.           Finnish Celebrations,        literary masterpiece of                                             tales & stories of the
                                                                memories/traditons, S.        7 brothers journey to                                             Finnish people, hard-
                                                                 G. Garcia, 117 pgs.          self-discovery in 19th                                                cover, 400 pgs.
                                                                                             Cent. Finland. 280 pgs.

     31354-00                    31356-00                       31358-00                     31362-00                  31363-01             31363-02                31363-03
   Karelian Exodus il-    A Day in Ostrobothnia     Red Moon Over White     The Winter War Antti   Under the North Star      The Uprising               Reconciliation
  luminates the period Antti Tuuri offers Finland’s Sea Laila Hietamies    Tuuri’s novel about the      398 pgs.                420 pgs.                  412 pgs.
 of mass exodus of NA dramatic history through depicts the experiences war between the Soviet Under the North Star: A powerful epic trilogy by Vaino Linna. Translated by
Finns to Soviet Karelia     local idiosyncratic      of Karelia early 20th Union and Finland, 208                           Richard Impola.
and Stalin’s purges late episodes in one Finnish Cent. through two young             pgs.
    1930’s, 225 pgs.       province, 226 pgs.           girls, 351 pgs.

      31366-00                         31367-00                         31365-00                           31368-00                      31369-00                   31360-00
  Peikko, the Foolish Ogre    Foxy-Finnish Folk Tales for         Mr. Boo by Hannu Makela.           The Sauna Cookbook: Food        Bear Finnish folk tales     Down from Basswood
 by Kaarina Brooks. Peikko Children by Kaarina Brooks.            “Herrs Huu” as it is called          for Body & Soul by Tulia      for children with great    by Lynn Maria Laitala.
tells about a giant orge who    Foxy presents these de-             in the Finnish orginal.           Kaitila & Edey Saarinen.        illustrations, 62 pgs.    27 human stories from
  challenges his neighbor     lightful tales in their Finnish     Classic favorite children’s        Modern hospitalilty involves                               Northern MN involving
 with little success, 61 pgs.       versions, 60 pgs.                    book, 96 pgs.                  a visit to the sauna and                                Finnish immigrants and
                                                                                                          good food, 180 pgs.                                   native Amer., 210 pgs.

      31374-00                       31645-00                        31615-00                             31353-00                       31535-00                  31352-00
   Dancing Finn by R.           Ancient Powers of the             Juha a classic early            CD of Compositions for Piano       Torbjorn’s Gold Swedish-   Brinyild’s Journey An
Chamberlin, a trip to Fin-      Baltic Sea Historical           20th Cent. novel of a tri-       performed by Finnish-born Heidi     American’s adventure on      Iowa Norw.-Amer.
 land unravels secrets,          background to the               angle drama by Juhani                      Saario.                   Lake Superior, 219 pgs.   remembers his Norw.
       295 pgs.                  Kalevala, 198 pgs.                  Aho, 172 pgs.                                                                                heritage, 158 pgs.

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