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Deutsche Bank                                              J.P. Morgan
Email: gtb.marketing@db.com                         9      Contact: Colette Selfslagh                         7
Web: http://www.db.com/gts                                 Global Segment Executive for
                                                           Financial Institutions
Deutsche Bank is a frontrunner in cash management          Tel: +44 (0)20 7777 5582
and is a leading global provider of transaction services   Email: colette.selfslagh@jpmorgan.com
to financial institutions. As the dominant Euro clearer    Web: http://www.jpmorgan.com
and a top five clearer in US dollars, we offer clients a
distinct advantage as a gateway to the world’s             As a leading provider of transaction services globally,
clearing systems.                                          J.P. Morgan works in partnership with financial
                                                           institutions to help them fully understand the changing
By combining strong operational efficiency with a          market structure and succeed in their target markets.
recognised quality in service delivery, Deutsche Bank      Our extensive product capabilities and global reach
is the bank of choice for financial institutions seeking   enable our financial institution clients to offer local
to consolidate transaction volumes. Strategic              cash management and trade services to their own
investments into global processing infrastructure          clients in markets beyond their physical reach.
provide product parity and consistent service levels
regardless of currency, clearing system or location,       J.P. Morgan Treasury Services serves one of the
and market-leading reference pattern matching,             largest client franchises in the world. We work with
reporting, timed payments and information delivery.        over 6,000 financial institutions, including over 100
Additionally, feature-rich web-based solutions offer       central banks and sovereign wealth funds in more
real-time access and inquiry services.                     than 150 countries.

Web: http://www.rbs.com

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) is one of the
world’s foremost financial services providers. We are a
leading banking partner to corporates, financial
institutions and governments around the world,
specialising in providing customers with an extensive
range of banking services.

Global Transaction Services (GTS) at RBS ranks
among the leading transaction banks worldwide. The
business comprises three key areas: global cash and
liquidity management, global trade services and
merchant acquiring and commercial cards. GTS has a
globally established in-country presence,
complemented with extensive international partner
bank agreements.
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ACI Worldwide                                                 IBM Spain
55-57 Clarendon Road                                 24       Avenida Diagonal, 571                               4
Watford                                                       08029 Barcelona
Hertfordshire                                                 Spain
WD17 1FQ                                                      Contact: Luis Sabarich Vicent
United Kingdom                                                Email: luis.sabarich@es.ibm.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 816 393                                     Web: http://www.ibm.com/es
Web: http://www.aciworldwide.com
                                                              IBM’s leading industry expertise and solutions help
ACI Worldwide powers electronic payments for more             you manage the challenges that are impacting your
than 750 financial institutions, retailers and processors     business: Lower costs, reduce errors and go to
around the world. The company has the broadest,               market faster. Innovate to be more competitive and
most integrated suite of electronic payment software          embed analytics to transform insight into action. Take
in the market. More than 75 billion times each year,          a holistic approach to understanding and managing
ACI’s solutions process consumer payments. On an              business risks.
average day, ACI software manages more than €8
trillion in wholesale payments. And for more than 150         IBM has a full offering to: Simplify and streamline to
organisations worldwide, ACI software helps to                become more agile while reducing back-office costs.
protect their customers from financial crime. To learn        Enable rapid assembly of services for greater flexibility
more about ACI and understand why we are trusted              and faster time to market. Leverage advancements in
globally, please visit our website. You can also find us      technology to create new offerings and drive
on www.paymentsinsights.com or on Twitter.                    innovation in your payments operations. Understand
                                                              the interdependencies of financial exposure. Mitigate
                                                              operational risk and improve regulatory compliance
                                                              and prevent financial crimes.

Logica                                                        Western Union Bank Solutions
250 Brook Drive                                       1       12500 E. Belford Avenue                             6
Green Park                                                    Englewood
Reading                                                       CO 80112
RG2 6UA                                                       United States
United Kingdom                                                Email: banksolutions@westernunion.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 7637 9111                                      Web: http://www.westernunion.com
Web: http://www.logica.com
                                                              Introducing Bank Solutions from Western Union®.
Logica has over 30 years’ experience in the payments
industry - from retail payments to central market             Grow revenue by maximising deposit relationships
infrastructures, from payments processing to mobile           while acquiring new customers and segments.
phone initiated payments. In the current climate cash
visibility, liquidity and operational efficiency are vital.   Partner with Western Union Bank Solutions and give
Logica enables clients to meet the challenge by               your customers unique choices that allow them to
implementing payments business change                         move money faster, with complementary products
programmes and solutions.                                     that enhance your existing portfolio. You’ll get access
                                                              to the largest financial service network in the world
Logica is a leading IT and business services company,         – over 435,000 locations.
employing 39,000 people across 36 countries.
                                                              Partner with Western Union Bank Solutions. You’ll
With a global payments consultancy, award-winning             move money like never before.
products, systems integration, and IT and business
process outsourcing services, Logica offer the full
end-to-end service. Logica works closely with its
customers to release their potential.
Lunch sponsor                                              Lanyard sponsor

Diamis                                                     MasterCard Worldwide
River Ouest                                       22       198A Chaussée de Tervuren
80, Quai Voltaire                                          B-1410 Waterloo
95877 Bezons Cedex                                         Belgium
France                                                     Web: http://www.mastercard.com
Tel: +33 1 3434 8800
Fax: +33 1 3434 8692                                       As a leading global payments company, MasterCard
Email: diamis@atosorigin.com                               Worldwide prides itself on being at the heart of
Web: http://www.diamis.com                                 commerce, helping to make life easier and more
                                                           efficient for everyone, everywhere. MasterCard serves
Diamis is a leading supplier of payment and                as a franchisor, processor and advisor to the
settlement solutions. Diamis offers software               payments industry, and makes commerce happen by
packages, consulting services, and service bureaux         providing a critical economic link among financial
(SwiftNet / Target2) that enable the banking               institutions, governments, businesses, merchants,
community to reap the benefits of the European             and cardholders in more than 210 countries and
market infrastructures (SEPA, Target2, CCBM2,              territories. Powered by the MasterCard Worldwide
Target2 Securities) through global liquidity               Network – the fastest payment processing network in
management and access to clearing and                      the world – MasterCard processes over 23 billion
settlement systems.                                        transactions each year. MasterCard advances global
                                                           commerce through its family of brands, including
CRISTAL features comprehensive multi-currency              MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus®.
liquidity management together with a gateway to
Target2 and the EBA clearing systems. CRISTAL
implements payments flow control in regard to
regulatory requirements for Sound Liquidity
Risks Management.

BPEACH is a centralised platform that processes
SEPA compliant bulk payments across multiple CSMs
and bilateral settlement channels. BPEACH provides
workflows manager, connectors towards STEP2,
STET and EQUENS and a rule-based format
translator to deal with standard or proprietary formats.

Organised by

Euro Banking Association                                   Finextra Research
40 rue de Courcelles                                       101 St Martins Lane
F-75008 Paris                                              London WC2N 4AZ
France                                                     United Kingdom
Tel : +33 1 53 67 07 00                                    Tel: +44 (0)20 3100 3670
E-mail : association@abe-eba.eu                            Email: contact@finextra.com
Web: https://www.abe-eba.eu                                Web: http://www.finextra.com

The Euro Banking Association (EBA) plays a major           Finextra Research provides an independent online
role in the financial industry as the largest network of   resource – www.finextra.com – to serve the
payment practitioners with a pan-European mindset          information needs of the worldwide financial
and vision. The EBA provides a country-neutral forum       technology community. It covers finance-specific
for discussing and driving pan-European payment            innovations, services, solutions, applications
initiatives. It is therefore well-positioned to actively   and technologies.
support banks in their continued migration to the
Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and in other              Services include a global financial technology
bank-driven initiatives requiring hands-on                 newswire, a daily e-newsletter with the latest headlines
co-operation at a pan-European level.                      and industry research, articles, white papers and case
                                                           studies and sector specific breaking newsflashes by
The EBA was founded in 1985 by 18 commercial               e-mail. It has recently launched Finextra Communities,
banks and the European Investment Bank, with the           an interactive blogging and professional networking
support of the European Commission. Today, the EBA         service for the global financial technology industry.
includes over 200 member organisations from the
European Union and across the world.                       Finextra also provides a database of 31,000 financial
                                                           technology news stories, a comprehensive solutions
                                                           directory and a catalogue of company announcements
                                                           from all major technology providers to banks and
                                                           financial institutions.
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ABK/EFiS                                                  Accenture                                                 Accuity
Am Weiher 3                                      26       1 Plantation Place                                 25     1 Quality Court                                  19
63303 Dreieich                                            30 Fenchurch Street                                       Chancery Lane
Germany                                                   London                                                    London WC2A 1HR
Web: http://www.abk.de/                                   EC3M 3BD                                                  United Kingdom
     http://www.efis.de                                   United Kingdom                                            Tel: +44 (0)20 7014 3480
                                                          Contact: Jeremy Light                                     Fax: +44 (0)20 7061 6478
Payments experts and more, EFiS AG and                    Tel: +44 (0)20 7844 2919                                  Email: EBA@AccuitySolutions.com
ABK-Systeme GmbH are two independent private              Email: jeremy.light@accenture.com                         Web: http://www.accuitysolutions.com
enterprises with their head offices in Dreieich near      Web: http://www.accenture.com
Frankfurt/Main; a subsidiary, EFiS Polska, established                                                              Accuity is a leading provider of payment routing data
in Gdansk in 2005; and a branch, ABK-EFiS,                Accenture is a global management consulting,              and AML screening software that increases payment
established in Switzerland in 2007.                       technology services and outsourcing company, with         efficiency and ensures AML compliance. Accuity’s role
                                                          more than 215,000 people serving clients in more          as the Official Registrar of the American Bankers
ABK provides the payment processing platform,             than 120 countries. The company generated net             Association (ABA) Routing Numbers since 1911 and
whilst EFiS generates complementary solutions with        revenues of US$21.6 billion for the fiscal year ended     our strategic alliances with the European Payments
SWIFT connectivity and much more – e.g. EBICS,            August 31, 2010.                                          Council (EPC) and the Euro Banking Association
FTAM, rvs, HTTPS or (S)FTP(S) connectivity between                                                                  (EBA) have enabled us to compile and maintain the
banks and corporates. EFiS has been a SWIFT               Accenture Payment Services, a business service            most comprehensive database of global payment
Service Bureau since 1997 and supports all SWIFT          within Accenture’s Financial Services operating group,    routing information available.
solutions. Our offering is not only aimed at banks, but   serves more than 50 financial services clients
corporates as well and we number several DAX30            worldwide. We are showcasing our Digital Payments         Our Payment solutions help you maximise rates of
companies amongst our clients.                            and Banking capabilities, and additionally have           payment straight through processing (STP) and can
                                                          experts present to discuss your strategy and              be delivered in multiple formats to meet the needs of
In the European market, the group is a competent          transformation requirements for Transaction Banking       your business.
provider of perfect solutions for national, European      and Payments.
and international payments – a full ASP Service. You                                                                Our Compliance suite helps you reduce the risk of
are still in the driving seat for your liquidity. We                                                                violating AML regulations.
connect businesses.
                                                                                                                    Our Professional Services Group provides your
                                                                                                                    business with services designed to help optimise your
                                                                                                                    operational efficiency.

ACE Software Solutions                                    Allevo                                                    Axway
53 St. George’s Road                             30       23C Calea Vitan,                                   15     26 rue des Pavillons                             31
Wimbledon                                                 Bucharest 031281                                          92807 Puteaux Cedex
London                                                    Romania                                                   France
SW19 4EA                                                  Tel: +4021 2554577                                        Tel: +33 (0) 1 47 17 24 24
United Kingdom                                            Email: corina.cornea@bisnet.ro                            Fax: +33 (0) 1 47 17 22 23
Tel: +44 (0)20 8947 7200                                  Web: http://www.allevo.ro                                 Email: axwaysolutions@axway.com
Fax: +44 (0)20 8947 2694                                                                                            Web: http://www.axway.com
Web: http://www.acesw.com                                 Allevo is a private Romanian software vendor and
                                                          consultancy company focused on reliably ensuring          Axway is the only provider in the market today to
ACE Software Solutions have been a global provider        the exchange and processing of value-related              manage, run, secure, and monitor all your business
of payment processing products to Banks for over 10       transactions.                                             interactions. Spanning all industries, over 11,000
years with over 100 implementations worldwide. The                                                                  organisations depend on Axway’s proven breadth of
company’s payments processing platform PELICAN™           Allevo delivers innovative solutions and services for     services and layers of governance to build and
enables differentiated payment services by facilitating   real-time funds transfer management, empowering           improve value chain efficiency, regulatory compliance
new, automated service levels at lower costs.             financial and public institutions, corporate treasuries   and quality of service.
PELICAN™ offers fully integrated, centralised, rule       and SMEs to:
based solutions for both Banks and Corporates whilst      •	 improve / re-structure / centralise their financial    Axway’s Financial Services solution offers a broad
leveraging the existing back office systems. This            transaction business flows                             range of functionality, including Managed File Transfer
extensible component based approach offers                •	 ensure interoperability by aligning their financial    (MFT), community management, multi-enterprise
automated solutions in Payments, Exceptions                  transaction systems to international market            collaboration, analytics and process management.
Processing, SEPA, Cash management, Anti-Money                standards                                              By providing visibility, security and control over
Laundering and OFAC compliance. ACE feels well            •	 automate their transactions flow (STP)                 transaction flows, Axway’s Financial Services solution
positioned to meet the conflicting demands of                                                                       lowers costs and reduces risks enabling:
improved payment services and the need to                 Allevo solutions are based on qPayIntegrator® suite
reduce costs.                                             (certified SWIFTReady SEPA 2008 & 2009,                   •	 Banks to streamline operations and turn upcoming
                                                          successfully completed SWIFTReady WR certification           regulatory obligations into business opportunities.
                                                          tests) and on the value-added services performed by       •	 Market infrastructures to enhance efficiency of the
                                                          our highly certified technical & business experts on         transaction processing networks connecting banks
                                                          SWIFT tracks (TARGET2, Cash Reporting, Bulk                  and corporate treasuries.
                                                          Payments SEPA, Corporate, TSU, Funds, SWIFTNet
                                                          infrastructure), IBM, Microsoft, Oracle.
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Bankers’ Almanac                                           Clear2Pay                                                   CSC
Reed Business Information                         28       Schaliënhoevedreef 20A                             34       Abraham-Lincoln-Park 1                          12
Windsor Court                                              2800 Mechelen                                               65189 Wiesbaden
East Grinstead                                             Belgium                                                     Germany
RH19 1XA                                                   Contact: Conny Dorrestijn, VP Marketing & Analyst           Tel: +49 611 142 22222
United Kingdom                                             Relations                                                   Web: http://www.csc.com
Tel: +44 (0)1342 335889                                    Tel: +32 15 79 52 00
Web: http://www.bankersalmanac.com                         Fax: +32 15 79 52 01                                        CSC is a global leader in providing technology-
                                                           Email: conny.dorrestijn@clear2pay.com                       enabled solutions and services through three primary
Bankers’ Almanac continues to set the global               Web: http://www.clear2pay.com                               lines of business. These include Business Solutions
standard for banking intelligence. For over 160 years                                                                  and Services, the Managed Services Sector and the
Bankers’ Almanac has provided solutions to help            Clear2Pay is a payments modernisation company               North American Public Sector. CSC’s advanced
financial professionals make payments, conduct due         that actively supports global financial institutions to     capabilities include system design and integration,
diligence, assess credit risk and carry out financial      meet their payments unification goals through its pure      information technology and business process
research on the world’s banks.                             SOA Open Payment Framework (OPF). The company               outsourcing, applications software development, web
                                                           facilitates financial organisations in their provision of   and application hosting, mission support and
The reliability and accuracy of Bankersalmanac.com         payments services across the entire value and               management consulting. Headquartered in Falls
makes it an indispensible tool for processing              process chain: Card, ACH, Branch, Bulk, High Care           Church, Va., CSC has approximately 93,000
international and domestic payments. Sourcing data         and International Payments. Clear2Pay also offers           employees. The company is an acknowledged and
directly from banks and primary sources,                   solutions and services such as e-Banking, the Open          proven partner in payments processing. CSC’s
Bankersalmanac.com has extensive coverage of               Test Platform, ChargeBack, Consultancy and Training.        payment solution family PTS (Payments Transaction
payments data including, Standard Settlement               Clients include ING, Banco Santander, Crédit                System) enables banks and their customers to
Instructions, clearing and routing codes, IBAN             Agricole, VISA, MasterCard, BNP Paribas, The                efficiently settle SEPA payments as well as legacy
validation, payment systems and personnel details.         Federal Reserve, NETS (Denmark), The People Bank            payment messages.
                                                           of China (PBOC), Rabobank, The Co-operative
                                                           Financial Services and Commonwealth Bank.
                                                           Clear2Pay operates out of 14 countries and employs
                                                           over 650 staff. XCelent Customer Base
                                                           2010 award.

Dovetail                                                   EBA CLEARING                                                EBICS SCRL
51 Moorgate                                       11       40 rue de Courcelles                               21       Web: http://www.bankenverband.de                 8
London                                                     F-75008 Paris
EC2R 6BH                                                   France                                                      EBICS - The European Electronic Banking Standard
United Kingdom                                             Tel: +33 1 53 67 07 00
Tel: +44 (0)20 7562 7777                                   Email: clearing@abe-eba.eu                                  On 17 June 2010 EBICS SCRL was established by
Web: http://www.dovetailsystems.com                        Web: https://www.ebaclearing.eu                             the German and French banking associations. Its
                                                                                                                       objective is to maintain and further develop the
Dovetail provides advanced payments capabilities to        EBA CLEARING is the leading private provider of euro        Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard
leading global and regional banks. The Dovetail            clearing services. 305 banks are direct users of the        (EBICS) according to the market requirements. EBICS
Payments System automates the processing of                pan-European clearing and settlement services               SCRL intends to make this communication protocol
payments, from bulk ACH clearing to global RTGS            EURO1 and STEP1. The SEPA Credit Transfer Service           available to the entire SEPA market first. The purpose
settlement, supporting both straight through               of STEP2, the financial industry’s Pan-European             is to further harmonise customer-to-bank
processing and manual entry and repair. It is universal:   Automated Clearing House (PE-ACH), extends full             communication standards. EBICS SCRL is a
covering wholesale and retail, high value and low          reach to banks in SEPA adhering to the EPC SCT              non-profit company, located in Belgium with a lean
value, urgent and non-urgent, single and bulk              Scheme. The STEP2 SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core              company structure. EBICS SCRL is open to the entire
payments; in multi-currency, multi-company, and            and B2B Services are used by 91 and 68 Direct               banking industry in Europe and is well on the way to
multi-entity operations. The open system fully             Participants respectively, which in turn provide            becoming one of the most widely used electronic
supports ISO 20022 messaging ensuring no                   reach to more than 4,000 financial institutions             banking standards in Europe.
truncation of data. It is component based and built on     across Europe.
modern open standards and technology to give the
greatest flexibility in choice of hardware and
technology platform.
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Equens                                                      Fundtech UK                                                GEVA Business Solutions
Tel: +31 (0)30 283 60 06                           27       42 New Broad Street                                29      Pascalstrasse 12                                    20
Email: sales@equens.com                                     London, EC2M 1SB                                           D-52076 Aachen
Web: http://www.equens.com                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 7588 1100                                   Germany
                                                            Web: http://www.fundtech.com                               Tel: +49 2408 60770-0
Equens SE is one of the largest payment processors                                                                     Web: http://www.gevabs.de
in Europe, leading the market for future-proof              Fundtech is a global leader in Transaction Banking
payment and card solutions. The company has                 systems, serving more than half of the world’s largest     GEVA Business Solutions GmbH is an important
dedicated itself to the standardisation and                 50 banks with a comprehensive product line including       partner for national and international institutions in the
harmonisation of European and global payments.              payments, cash & liquidity management, financial           financial and credit services sector and for major
With offices in four countries – the Netherlands,           messaging, electronic invoice presentment, mobile          industrial companies. As experienced and
Germany, Italy and Finland – Equens understands             corporate banking, and many other aspects of the           professional partners in payment transfers with an
local market needs in Europe better than anyone. The        financial supply chain. These solutions are offered        extensive service spectrum, we meet all the
company offers European market coverage and has             stand-alone or on a single integrated SOA platform         requirements for successful project collaborations.
clients and partnerships in multiple European               providing for the smallest to largest organisation.        We lay particular emphasis on customer-orientated
countries. Equens’ strategy is geared towards further                                                                  service operations. On the basis of our standard
growth and economies of scale, with the aim of              Examples of Fundtech’s award-winning products              products, we would be pleased to discuss your
providing sustainable financial benefits to its clients –   include Global PAYplus and the Payments Integration        requirements in order to develop a tailor-made
now and in the future.                                      Suite; Global PAYplus is an SOA-based global               company solution for you. As a result of this
                                                            payments platform that can be deployed as a                specialisation, we are currently able to offer solutions
                                                            Payments Hub to provide comprehensive integrated           that will fulfill the requirements of the future.
                                                            payments processing. Payments Integration Suite
                                                            enables banks and their corporate clients to leverage
                                                            their existing payments infrastructure, incorporate
                                                            legacy systems, and to process SEPA payments.
                                                            PAYplus FTS is a full service SEPA payments system
                                                            available through our Swiss-based service bureau.

m3 management consulting                                    PPI AG Informationstechnologie                             Sentenial
Robert-Buerkle-Strasse 1                           16       Moorfuhrtweg 13                                     3      Head Office                                          5
85737 Ismaning                                              22301 Hamburg                                              Unit 16F Maynooth Business Campus
Munich                                                      Germany                                                    Maynooth Co Kildare
Germany                                                     Web: http://www.ppi.de                                     Ireland
Tel: +49 89 1392850-0                                                                                                  Tel: +353 1 629 2141
Fax: +49 89 1392850-13                                      In the eBanking domain, PPI offers cost-effective          Web: http://www.sentenial.com
Email: info@m3maco.com                                      products for EBICS, SWIFT and secure file transfer,
Web: http://www.m3maco.com                                  corporate customer portals and digital signatures.         Sentenial is a specialist provider of SEPA payment
                                                            PPI is the market leader for EBICS and our products        solutions for banks and corporates across Europe.
m3 management consulting GmbH is a top                      are used by all the reputable financial institutions and   With recognised expertise and the most
independent management consulting company with a            service providers.                                         comprehensive SEPA payment offering available,
strong focus on transaction banking.                                                                                   Sentenial is the trusted choice of leading European
                                                            •	   TRAVIC-Corporate, the EBICS bank server               banks and over 500 corporates. As one of the
At the core of our business ethics is a value-driven        •	   TRAVIC-Link for EBICS, SWIFT and file transfer        longest standing providers of SEPA solutions,
approach. Our client relationships are characterised        •	   TRAVIC-Port, the multi-bank EBICS portal              Sentenial provides a full suite of offerings - whether
by reliability and openness. Our culture and                •	   EBICS-Kernel for client software                      your needs are rapid on-boarding to our SEPA
engagements are based on collaboration.                                                                                payments service (SaaS) or a fully installed
                                                            PPI meets the highest customer demands for quality         end-to-end system. Sentenial’s award-winning
Do you need a payment license or to ensure                  and professionalism and strengthens the financial and      solutions remove the complexity of payments -
compliance with regulatory requirements? Does your          market positions of our customers. PPI has an              making SEPA simple.
transaction banking strategy need to be evaluated?          outstanding record of delivering on time and within
Do you plan to implement new payment services? We           budget. For 27 years now, PPI AG has been
can help you shape your business model, whether it          successfully engaged in the financial and
concerns strategy/innovation, organisation/processes        insurance domain.
or IT.
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SIA                                                          SmartStream Technologies                                STET
Via F. Gonin, 36                                   23        c/ Goya, 15 - 6º drcha.                           2     Interbank Payment Services                      32
20147 Milan                                                  28001 Madrid                                            52, rue Taitbout
Italy                                                        Spain                                                   75009 Paris
Tel: + 39 02 60841                                           TeL: +34 91 598 49 30                                   France
Web: http://www.siassb.eu                                    Web: http://www.smartstream-stp.com                     Web: http://www.stet.eu

SIA, European leader in financial services and               SmartStream is a recognised leader in financial         STET is the leading European processor with 48% of
payments systems, provides technology solutions to           transaction management software that enables firms      Euro payments cleared in payment systems and
banks, corporates, public administration bodies and          to overcome critical transaction processing issues      offers processing and clearing services to the
central institutions in the areas of credit and debit card   through increased automation.                           European payments industry. STET aims to serve the
processing, collections and payments and network                                                                     European market as a whole.
services for connectivity and messaging. The Group is        SmartStream’s industry-leading automated match
made up of six companies: the parent SIA, RA                 rates create more proactive, exceptions-based           Our shareable platform is designed to serve diverse
Computer (solutions and applications for banks,              processes that lower the cost per transaction while     user bank needs as well as whole communities
businesses and P.A.), TSP (systems and services for          enabling firms to reduce operational risk, strengthen   through full SEPA compliant services and efficient
companies and P.A.), SiNSYS (card processing) in             compliance and controls, and improve customer           solutions for domestic payment instruments. We
Belgium, Perago (infrastructures for central banks) in       service.                                                deliver exceptional performance and unrivalled
South Africa and GBC (card processing and ATM/                                                                       economies of scale on an end-to-end processing
POS terminal management) in Hungary.                         More than 70 of the world’s top 100 banks alongside     platform with real time clearing able to accommodate
                                                             the world’s leading asset managers, custodians and      different settlement models.
                                                             broker dealers rely on SmartStream Transaction
                                                             Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions to deliver        Open access, equal treatment and transparent pricing
                                                             greater efficiency to their trading operations.         are part of our user-friendly policies.

SunTec Business Solutions                                    SWIFT                                                   Systar
Kowdiar                                            33        Avenue Adèle 1                                   10     171 bureaux de la Colline                       13
Trivandrum                                                   B-1310 La Hulpe                                         92213 Saint-Cloud Cedex
Kerala                                                       Belgium                                                 France
India 695 003                                                Tel: +32 2 655 31 11                                    Tel: +33 (0)1 49 11 45 00
Tel: +91 471 3918300                                         Fax: +32 2 655 32 26                                    Web: http://www.systar.com
Web: http://www.suntecgroup.com                              Web: http://www.swift.com
                                                                                                                     Systar is the leading provider of business activity
SunTec is a leading provider of Relationship-based           SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank            monitoring (BAM) solutions for the banking industry.
Pricing and Centralised Billing solutions for Banking,       Financial Telecommunication, a member-owned             Over 180 customers, including 10 of the world’s 15
Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) and convergent         cooperative through which the financial world           largest banks, rely on Systar to deliver the real-time
transaction pricing and billing solutions for                conducts its business operations with speed,            insight that drives informed decision-making and
Communication, Media & Entertainment (CME) and               certainty and confidence. More than 9,000 banking       operational agility. Our BAM portfolio enables bank
other industries. Our core pricing and billing platform      organisations, securities institutions and corporate    customers to achieve operational excellence through
is flexible enough to address the pricing and billing        customers in 209 countries trust us every day to        compliance monitoring, reduction of operational risks,
requirements of any transaction-based vertical. We           exchange millions of standardised financial messages.   and increased transparency in reporting and
offer customers the best practices imbibed from                                                                      communication to customers.
multiple industries. Our products and solutions              SWIFT enables its customers to automate and
provide a comprehensive platform for measuring and           standardise financial transactions, thereby lowering
monitoring end-to-end transaction value and                  costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating
profitability at various levels. Our clients include         inefficiencies from their operations. By using SWIFT
HSBC, DBS, ICICI, Axis Bank, Comcast, Arval and              customers can also create new business
DP World.                                                    opportunities and revenue streams.
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Value Team                                                 VocaLink
Viale Cassala 14/A                                17       Drake House                                         18
20143                                                      Homestead Road
Milano                                                     Rickmansworth
Italy                                                      WD3 1FX
Web: http://www.valueteam.com                              United Kingdom
                                                           Tel: +44 (0)20 3450 6573
Value Team Finance is the company formed in 2008           Web: http://www.vocalink.com
within Value Team, the IT Consulting and Solutions
company with a complete offering: IT Consulting,           VocaLink is a specialist payments partner to banks,
System Integration and Outsourcing. Value Team             their corporate customers and government
Finance has been created to enhance the functional         departments. We design and deliver smarter
and technological expertise gained over many years in      domestic and international automated payments
international Finance projects both on the functional      systems, and smarter ATM switching solutions.
(e.g. payment systems, funds and finance) and the
technological side (Open environments, Object              In fact, our switching platform connects over 60,000
Oriented Design, Java oriented and SOA).                   ATMs, the world’s busiest network, while our
                                                           payments platform processes over 500 million
Value Team Finance accompanies and supports                payments per month. Having pioneered electronic
Financial Institutions in undertaking innovative           payments for over 40 years it’s perhaps no surprise
business and technological paths, by taking                that many major organisations have come to rely on
advantage of the opportunities offered by market           our services.
discontinuity (eg SEPA compliance, PSD), but above
all by focusing on the value of the project initiative.    We are very proud of our service delivery record. Our
                                                           platforms operate on never-fail technology to ensure
                                                           total reliability and availability 24 hours a day allowing
                                                           us to meet our customer needs.

                                                           In short, our smarter payments capabilities offer
                                                           banks, corporates and government departments
                                                           reach throughout SEPA and beyond.

                                                           VocaLink. Safer payments, smarter partner.

Volante Technology                                         XMLdation.com
9 Devonshire Square                               35       Itsenäisyydenkatu 2                                 14
London                                                     33110 Tampere
EC2M 4YF                                                   Finland
United Kingdom                                             Tel: +358 400 791955
Web: http://www.volantetech.com                            Web: http://www.xmldation.com

Volante integration technology cuts time and costs         XML Validation and Simulation Made Easy
from your payments projects. Please visit our booth
to discover how we can expedite your payments-             Two major changes affecting all payments are
related goals with projects such as:                       currently accelerating speed: SEPA will streamline
                                                           intra-European cash management, while XML is
•	   SWIFT integration and MT-MX coexistence               becoming the global standard for monetary
•	   Automated message creation and validation             transactions.
•	   Multi-network payments hubs
•	   Web-based data entry and repairs                      Despite standardisation, there will continue to be a lot
•	   Oversight and auditing of bank relationships and      of bank specific variants, and every roll-out project will
     transactions                                          have to solve a lot of compatibility issues and use
                                                           extensive professional testing before going live.
With built-in expertise in SWIFT, ISO 8583, EDI X.12,
eBAM, national ACH and payments networks, Volante          XMLdation’s mission is to facilitate professional
simplifies your integration tasks and streamlines your     standards migration and speed up bank integration
architecture. Volante has more than ten years’             significantly. Everyone will benefit from our easy-to-
experience in payments integration technology and is       use validation service:
certified in SWIFT’s Messaging Data Services
category, the most advanced technical certification        Banks can have a central role in corporate customers’
SWIFT offers. Its customers include top-tier financial     migration towards a truly integrated enterprise.
institutions, exchanges and utilities, as well as global   Validation becomes a standardised service; the bank
providers of financial software and services. Learn        is always open for testing, and reporting is immediate.
more at www.volantetech.com

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