Platform Smart Card Validator by yaoyufang


Smart Card
itSo CertifiCate C00061

Key featureS                                                                                         PCP5700
                                                                                                      itSo CertifiCate C00061

rapid transaction
processing, allowing rapid
throughput of patrons
accepts contactless
smart cards
accepts contactless
credit/debit cards
Graphics lCd screen,
bright status leds and
loud audio feedback
ethernet laN
Support for a standard
security module.

about Vix                                   oVerView
Vix transforms the way people connect       Robust, easy to recognise and easy to use, the Vix PCP5700 allows passengers
and commute around the world. With          to validate their trips. Located in fixed positions, adjacent to boarding a train
over 25 years experience and 250,000        or other form of transportation, these validators can also be set up to advise
devices deployed worldwide, our range       passengers of their smart card products and balance.
of products can be relied upon to
                                            The VixPCP5700 has been designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the
transform your transit operations.
                                            rail environment, and for use in unattended locations. Rugged and vandal-
Vix’s dedicated in-house product            resistant, with a cast steel body, the Vix PCP5700 can withstand extreme
development team consisting of              environmental and climatic conditions. With an ingress protection rating of
industrial designers, mechanical            IP55, they make a truly flexible platform validator solution.
engineers, component engineers and
manufacturing specialists are able to
provide both off the shelf or turnkey
solutions. From conceptualisation
and design, through to prototyping;
manufacturing and testing through to
post-production support. You can rely
on Vix to create devices that deliver and
are cost effective.

teCHNiCal                                                                                                                      PCP5700
                                                                                                                               itSo CertifiCate C00061

  Processor                       CPU: AMD Geode LX800 series (fanless) 500MHz

  Memory                          256 Mbytes of plug-in DIMM DDR SDRAM memory
                                  Flash up to 512 MB

  User Interface                  240x128mm FSTN White LED backlight screen as standard
                                  Three LED indicators (green, yellow, red)

  Security Access                 Supports multiple Security Access Modules (SAMs) on board

  RTC                             Full calendar Real Time Clock (lithium backed)

  Smart Card                      In-built smart card reader/writer, capable of interfacing with all ITSO-compatible card types,
  Interface                       including Types A and B contactless smart cards

  Host                            IEEE 802.3 Ethernet LAN interface to platform computers

  Environmental                   To IP55 (IEC 60529)

  Dimensions                      250(w) x 252(d) x 291(h) mm (with hood)

  Power                           Supplied with 24VDC via a universal input AC-to-DC switch mode power supply

  Communications                  Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, 4 x USB

  Audio                           5Wrms speaker (headphone output option) >75dB SPL from 500Hz to 8kHz

  Mounting                        Active cradle is standard
  Options                         Wall mount option
                                  Single head pole mount option
                                  Dual head pole mount option

                 Stringent reliability testing on all equipment is undertaken. To ensure highest quality, specifications may change.

                                 V6000           CP6500                      DC6000                        EB6000                      TP5700
                                Validator     Card Processor             Drivers Console                 Expansion Box             Ticket Processor

The iVal™ product range is an suite of innovative fare management devices. They all include TFT screens providing high resolution, easily viewable
colour displays and use an open architecture based around the Linux OS in order to increase reliability and code reuse. Vix iVal the new standard for
reliability, maintainability, robustness and ease of use. Powered by Vix’s OEM ViperTM processor, Vix iVal devices feature a second processor core
for handling real time functions, modern high speed communications interfaces, including 100Mbps Ethernet and USB 2.0, and fast, high capacity
memory to meet the needs of the modern AFC system.

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