EOP Extra Newsletter, Winter 2009 by GarrettPendergast


									February, 2009                                                                                        Editor: Sheila Roberts
                                                                                      Spring Registration
                                                                                      Spring term registration begins on Feb
                                                                                      22 and the last times for freshmen are
                                                                                      on Mar 8 for phase 1. If you’re in a
                                                                                      major that requires a new PIN every
                                                                                      term, it’s particularly important to
                                                                                      schedule appointments early.
                                                                                      If you plan to enroll in an EOP course,
                                                                                      you must have your schedule signed by
                                                                                      your EOP advisor and by Janet
                                                                                      Nishihara. See page 10 for the EOP
                                                                                      Course Schedule.
                                                                                      For your specific registration date and
27th Annual Peace Breakfast                                                           time, go to OSU online services http://
OSU’s celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday on Jan 18 was especially        onlineservices/ Select “registration”
poignant this year, coinciding with Barack Obama’s inauguration. Retired EOP          then “spring 2009” then “check
staff member LaVerne Woods delivered King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Peter            registration status.”
Banuelos and Angelina Ruiz (right) performed an introductory skit and were
Masters of Ceremony for the event.
                                       Honoring Fall Term
The EOP Scholarship Application is Now Scholarsstudents on the EOP
                                       Congratulate the
Available                              Honor Roll on Thursday, Feb 26, 11-1
                                                                                      pm in Waldo 343 (across from Janet’s
EOP offers three scholarships with the                                                office). Students who excelled aca-
application available at http://                                                      demically during fall term, 2008, will
oregonstate.edu/dept/eop/eop-news-                                                    be honored during this time. Come
amp-scholarships and a deadline of                                                    and enjoy the refreshments. Everyone
April 14.                                                                             is invited!

The Educational Opportunities                                                         Check the list of scholars on page 11. If
Alumni Award has 22 scholarships of                                                   you feel that your name should have
$2000 each funded by the OSU Alumni                                                   been included on the honor roll, please
Office. To qualify, students must have                                                contact Janet Nishihara, 737-3928,
a 3.00+ accumulative gpa, at least 45                                                 janet.nishihara@oregonstate.edu.
credits completed by the end of spring                                                Also, if you cannot attend the recep-
term, and extraordinary financial need.                                               tion, call the main office beforehand,
                                                                                      737-3628, in order to reserve your
The Jennings-Coe Family Scholarship                                                   certificate.
is awarded up to four students for
$1500 on a renewable basis. Students      JerRonde Weatherspoon and De’Saree Hall     Scroll Down
must have a 2.75+ gpa.                    have both been recipients of scholarships
                                                                                      Priority Deadline for Financial Aid:
                                          administered by EOP. De’Saree is
                                                                                      Feb 28, 9 pm See p 12.
The EOP Scholarship varies in number      currently enrolled in the nursing program
and amount based on available funds       at University of Portland, but stopped by    Alumni Corner....................................2
donated by alumni and friends of EOP.     to visit at the EOP Honor Roll & Scholars    Student Organizations..................3-9
                                          Reception held during fall term.             EOP Classes.......................................10
                                                                                       EOP Honor Roll................................11
                                                                                       Student News................................... 12
Cultural Center                                PROMISE
Coordinators                                   applications
Wanted                                         are out!
The search for the 2009-10 Cultural            PROMISE provides
Center Internal and External Coordina-         excellent internship
tors is open. Applications are available       experiences. This program
at http://www.mu.oregonstate.edu/              is designed to encourage
diversity/. Deadline: February 27.             students from diverse
They are looking for individuals with          backgrounds to consider
a strong commitment to the continued           employment with the State
empowerment of underrepresented                of Oregon. Applications
students and dedication to cultural            are available at http://
awareness and sensitivity. These jobs          oregonstate.edu/promise           Leo Soto interned with Benton County Human Re-
require people who are willing to              The deadline is April 1,          sources through the PROMISE program last summer.
develop positive relationships with            2009.
groups and individuals.

Alumni Corner
Next time we’d like to make this the “Alumni Pages,” in our newsletter. So please send us your news and especially photos. Even if you
attended the September 13 event honoring Dr. Larry Griggs, we’d still like to get your updates in writing, since the editor wasn’t taking
good notes that day!
                                               EOP Update                                     that report, we will be able to make
                                                                                              decisions about future staffing. Since
                                               EOP, along with the Academic Success
                                                                                              Dr. Larry Griggs’ retirement last year,
                                               Center, underwent an extensive two
                                                                                              Dr. Janet Nishihara has been serving as
                                               day review this month with a five
                                                                                              interim director.
                                               member team who read program
                                               reports and interviewed staff, students,
                                               and other OSU departments. The                Conrad Hurdle Brings
                                               review is part of the OSU Provost’s           Young Students to OSU
                                               Student Success and Engagement
                                                                                             Conrad Hurdle, Class of 1996, remem-
                                               Initiative launched during fall term.
                                                                                             bers vividly when he came on a visit to
                                               The initiative was launched in large
                                                                                             OSU with his high school counselor,
                                               part due to concerns about gains in
                                                                                             Leon McKenzie, Class of 1977, from
                                               student retention and graduation,
                                                                                             Benson High School. Now, as Vice
                                               particularly among ethnic minorities.
                                                                                             Principal of Rosa Parks Elementary in
                                               The team consisted of two external
                                                                                             Portland, he is hoping to turn around
                                               members from academic support
                                                                                             and share that experience with a group
                                               programs at University of California at
                                                                                             of his students who will be visiting
Jose Gutierrez returned to OSU to perform      Long Beach and from Miami University
                                                                                             campus on Feb 20. The students will
at the Hip Hop for Social Justice              in Ohio, and three internal members
                                                                                             be attending a Men’s Basketball Game
cosponsored by Intercultural Student           from academic and administrative
                                                                                             and a BBQ with the Kappa Alpha Psi
Services and Ethnic Studies in January.        areas at OSU. They will be generating a
                                                                                             Fraternity, along with a tour of campus.
Jose is earning his masters degree at the      report within two weeks, and based on
USC School of Social Work.

Help us Cross the Finish Line
The Lawrence F. Griggs Scholarship Fund is well on it’s way towards endowment, but it’s not
there yet. Students really need your support in these times. We’re seeing it first in the trouble
they’re having finding jobs. “No one is hiring,” they say, “everyone is talking about the
economy!” Not only that, but there’s a freeze on hiring workstudy students as well.

We recognize these are difficult economic times for everyone, but this is your opportunity to
give money that you know will go directly to helping students. You can also choose to make a
pledge and pay in monthly installments.
We hope we’ve convinced you!
Go here to give: https://osufoundation.org/giving/online_gift.shtml
Get Involved!                                                                                   to all. They are located on the
                                                                                                corner of Jackson St and Arnold
This is a guide to the cultural                                                                 way at 2638 NW Jackson St. Hours
centers and organizations most                                                                  of operation are: M-W 10-8pm, Th
frequented by EOP students. For                                                                 10-6 and Fri 10-5. For more info
information on additional                                                                       call 737-6361 or visit
organizations check out                                                                         www.mu.orst.edu/asiancc
oregonstate.edu/student involvement,                                                            External Coord Olivia Steinhoff
or go to Student Leadership and                                                                 Internal Coord Miguel Santiago
Involvement in MU 203, or call
them at 737-2101.                                                                               Asian Pacific American
                                                                                                Student Union
Native American                                                                                  APASU is a social and political
                                                                                                 organization which serves as an
Longhouse                                January Bourrasa, Matt Ruff, and Tad Dansby at fall     umbrella group for all other Asian
The Native American Longhouse term open house at the Native American Longhouse.                  Pacific American student organi-
is located across from the MU            The Pride Center presented a framed photo to NAL.       zations on campus. They hold
Commons on the corner of                                                                         social gatherings, serve as a
Jefferson and 26th. The Longhouse              Native American Student                      support group for APA’s, sponsor
staff organizes several events through-        Association                                  cultural and educational events, and
out the year including Native Ameri-           NASA sponsors many Native Ameri-             organize Asian Pacific American
can Heritage Month in November, and            can Cultural Events and co-coordinates Heritage Month in May. One does not
the Salmon Bake and Jim Thorpe Fun             activities with the NAL and AISES            have to be an APA to join. They meet
Run during May. The mission of the             groups each year. NASA was founded           every Tue at 6 pm in the MU. Visit their
NAL is to serve as a “home away from           in 1969 at OSU to provide an organiza- web page: oregonstate.edu/groups/
home” for Native American students             tion for students and others interested      apasu/ . Email
and to serve as a safe place to learn          in American Indian Cultural activities.      apasu@oregonstate.edu .
about Native peoples for all students.         NASA organizes the OSU Klatowa               Co-Presidents Nick Ngo & John Mai
The NAL provides services and                  Eena (Go Beavers) Pow wow each year, Secretary              Lisa Ching
                                               one of the oldest and largest student        Event Coords Steven Ma & Kathy Nguyen
hospitality to students, faculty, staff,
                                                                                            Treasurer      Van Saechao
the university, visiting speakers, and         sponsored events at OSU. Other social
                                                                                            Public Rel Vi Bui
the surrounding community. “We                 activities include fundraising, assisting
                                                                                            Webmaster Jessica Nolasco
hope you stop by to enjoy a cup of             the NAL with the annual spring
coffee with us. We also have an                Salmon Bake, as well as Elders Lun-
awesome selection of teas.” For more           cheons. For more information, call the       Delta Phi Omega
info please call 737-2738 or visit them        NAL at 737-2738 or email President           Established in 2006, Delta Phi Omega
                                               Matthew Ruff at ruffm@onid.orst.edu          is the first Asian-interest multicultural
on the web: www.oregonstate.edu/
                                                                                            sorority at OSU and in the state. They
dept/munion/longhouse/ or just stop
                                                                                            want to create an outlet for the many
by, M-W 10-8, Thu 10-6, Fri 10-5.              Asian & Pacific Cultural                     minority women of OSU to get involved
External Coordinator
                       January Bourassa        Center                                       with Greek life. This is achieved
                                               The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center          through active involvement in philan-
Internal Coordinator       Mathew Ruff                                                      thropic and community service activi-
                                               exists to serve the students of OSU and
American Indian Science and                    the surrounding
                                               community of
Engineering Society                            Corvallis by providing
AISES brings cultural and professional opportunities for
speakers to campus, and networks               people to learn,
with local, regional and national              discuss, enjoy, educate
chapters. Their activities include fry         and participate in
bread sales, volunteering with SMILE,          academic, cultural,
talking with rural schools about               and social topics/
college, AISES National Conference,            issues that are related
and various activities during Native           but not limited to the
Week. For more info contact Kristen            Asian & Pacific
Lycett at lycettk@onid.orst.edu or call        Islander communities.
the Longhouse at 737-2738.                     They consistently host
President         Kristen Lycett               events and forums that
Vice President    Victoria Burton              are open and free for       Members of Isang Basang Pilipino at the IBP Northwest
                                               everyone as well as         Filipino American Student Alliance Conference last April in
                                               being a daily resource      Spokane, WA.
ties. They strive to be recognized as a                                                    contact Kristine Manlimos,
diverse group, a contribution to the                                                       manlimok@onid.orst.edu.
community, and an invaluable asset to                                                      President        Kristine Manlimos
social education. Their national                                                           Vice President   Jennifer Brenne
philanthropy is children’s literacy.                                                       Treasurer        Skill Kang
Contact the President, Jessica Yang, at                                                    Historian        Patricia Lim-Pardo
yangjes@onid.orst.edu                                                                      Secretary        Paul DuBois

HMONG OSU                                                                                  Japanese American Student
HMONG OSU was established to help                                                          Association
foster familiarity of the Hmong culture                                                    Their purpose is to bring to the
on campus. They strive to provide                                                          Corvallis community an awareness of
a social and opportunistic environ-                                                        Japanese culture while strengthening
ment while advocating education                                                            their relationships with one another
and support for all members. It is also                                                    and learning to respect and appreciate
their mission to unite with other                                                          their uniqueness. For more info contact
affiliates on and off campus to pro-                                                       President Kristen Atebara,
mote cultural involvement. Every year                                                      atebarak@onid.orst.edu.
HMONG OSU prepares a Hmong                   By working with children and families
Night that is held in the MU Ball-           Kalmekak seeks to empower their
room. This event features cultural           communities and educate others. Here          Polynesian
dances, Hmong musical                        children perform ballet folklorico at the     Cultural Club
instruments, skits, history of the           Festivalito Aristico Cultural 2008.           PCC is a club that is
Hmong people, fashion show, and                                                            based on diversity
traditional Hmong food. Meetings for         join; prior experience is not required.       and bringing together
HMONG OSU are held every other               For more info, contact Olivia Steinhoff       the many cultures of
Wed at 6 pm. Contact Sue                     at steinhoo@onid.orst.edu                     the Polynesian Islands. We have had
Xiong, xiongsu@onid.orst.edu.                                                              game nights, movies nights and
President         Sue Xiong                  Isang Bansang Pilipino                        numerous BBQ that helps us get to
Vice President    Bill Yaxulue               IBP, “One Philippine Nation,” pro-            know one another a little better. For our
Treasurer         Dao Her                    motes Filipino American                       big event, we will be dancing and
Secretary         Davina Her                 awareness through cultural, social,           taking part in the Luau that will be
Social Chair      Pajmim Cha                 and service oriented activities at OSU.       hosted on April 25th in Gill Coliseum.
Historian         Tileng Lo                  IBP’s activities include celebrating          For more information, please contact
First Year Intern Ada Chang                  Filipino American Heritage Month              Chantel Peterson
                                             (October), Halo Halo night, potlucks,         at petersoc@onid.orst.edu.
Hui-O-Hawaii                                 Pilipino Cultural Night, the NWFASA           President         Chantel Peterson
                                             Conference, camping trips, beach and          Vice President    Steven Paea
Their aim is to bring the Hawaiian
                                             ski trips, community service, and             VP Assistant      Sana Carroll
culture and the spirit of Aloha to
                                             social gatherings. IBP Website:               Secretary         Aleki Gapelu
Corvallis and surrounding communi-
                                             oregonstate.edu/groups/filipino/              Treasurer         Iamafana
ties. The club holds many cultural and
                                             They are open to anyone, not just those            Tuimalealiifano
community events such as their
                                             of Filipino descent and meet every Mon        Communications Jersaih
Annual Luau, to be held April 25.
                                             , 6:30 pm, at MU206. For more info,                   Tuisamatatele
Other events, such as a ski trip, athletic
                                                                                                 Event Coord         Desirae Niko
events, and traveling to different
                                                                                                 Fundraising         Latu Moala
places in Oregon also highlight
the year. For more info, contact:
Kecia Sakugawa at                                                                               Vietnamese Student
sakugawk@onid.orst.edu                                                                          Association
                                                                                                The VSA brings students together
Hula Club                                                                                       to promote the development of a
The Hula Club is made up of                                                                     greater understanding of the
many students from the Hawai-                                                                   people and the culture of Viet-
ian islands that share the Hawai-                                                               nam. VSA hosted a Halloween
ian culture with other OSU                                                                      Capture the Flag event. Their big
students by teaching songs and                                                                  event of the year will be a cultural
dances throughout the year. They                                                                celebration on March 1. The
perform at different events                                                                     evening will feature perfor-
around campus and the commu-                                                                    mances, a skit and Vietnamese
                                        HMONG OSU presented Hmong Night in February,
nity to share a small part of their                                                             food. Other activities for the year
culture. Anyone is welcome to           featuring traditional dances, skit, music and food to
                                        an audience filling the MU Ballroom.                    include a basketball tournament
                                                                                                and a dodge ball tournament.
                                                         food, dancing, fashions and
                                                         speakers. They hold weekly
                                                         general meetings Fridays at 6
                                                         pm at the BCC. For more info
                                                         email asa@oregonstate.edu or
                                                         Aden Soloman,
                                                         President   Aden Soloman
                                                         Historian   Razak Amadu
                                                         Webmaster Affiongma
                                                                                               Faith Udosenata and Simone Fobi at the
                                                         Alpha Kappa Alpha                     National Society of Black Engineer’s
                                                         Sorority                              bowling meet.
Brittany Joseph, External Coordinator, and Teressa            Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,
Hartley, Internal Coordinator, serve the crowd at the Lonnie Inc. was established in 1908 at   Month Dinner, Black Student Union
B. Harris Black Cultural Center Open House last fall.         Howard University by intelli-    Pac-10 Conference, Juneteenth Celebra-
                                                              gent, determined, strong Black   tion, and Divine Nine Step Show. The
Contact Andy Phan,                                   college women. The Ladies of Alpha        BSU meets weekly every Monday at
manha@onid.orst.edu , or Anh Ha,                     Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Sigma         5:30pm in the BCC. For more info email
haan@onid.orst.edu .                                 Delta Chapter of OSU and UO sponsor       blackstudentunion@oregonstate.edu or
Co Presidents       Andy Phan & Anh Ha               the Annual Black Heritage Fashion         call the BCC, 737-4372.
Social Coord        Maria Vuong                      Show, the AKA “Coat Drive” benefiting     President            Jonathan D. Riley
Secretary           Vania Nguyen                     the Jackson Street Youth Shelter, the     Vice President       Arya Morman
Treasurer           Vincent Vuong                    “Save Your Pennies. Learn to Count!”      Secretary            Ashley Dunn
Historian           Elvis Nguyen                     event promoting economics and             Treasurer            Da’Mon Mosley
External Coord Phi Vu                                literacy and all Skee Week events. The    Social Activities    Brandon Grundy
                                                     Ladies of AKA strive to be “Supreme In    Health Promotions Lauren Forbes
Lonnie B. Harris Black                               Service to All Mankind” enriching and     Political Activities Marissa Tolliver
                                                     impacting the community in a positive
Cultural Center                                      way. For more info contact Vernita
The mission of the Lonnie B. Harris                  Friend, friendv@onid.orst.edu, or visit
                                                                                               D.I.M.E. Squad
Black Cultural Center is to complement               the national website at aka1908.com.      D.I.M.E. Squad stands for Diverse
the academic program of studies and                                                            Individuals Making Entertainment.
                                                     President         Vernita Friend
enrich the quality of campus life for                                                          This organization was formed by
                                                     Grad Corresp      Amber Wilburn
African and African-American stu-                                                              several students in the fall of 2003 and
                                                                                               has rapidly grown in numbers and
dents at OSU through: retention of                   Black Student Union                       prominence. They are dedicated to
African, African-American, and all                   The BSU’s focus is to be a voice for
students of color; provision of support                                                        creating dance routines that they
                                                     Black students at OSU. They plan          perform for a variety of audiences,
services that empower and enable said                events to promote cultural understand-
students to matriculate successfully;                                                          including the Black Heritage Fashion
                                                     ing and bring students together,          Show, Kaleidoscope, and the Black
provision of leadership development;                 including Kwanzaa, Breast Cancer
provision of a safe place for all stu-                                                         History Month Dinner. For more
                                                     Awareness Month, Black History            information, email Donella Daggett at
dents; development of events/activities
that promote an environment in                                                                      daggettd@onid.orst.edu
which cultural diversity is valued,
and educate the OSU community                                                                       Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc
on the histories and issues affecting                                                               Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
all peoples of African heritage.                                                                    was founded on January 5th, 1911
They are open M-W 10-8 pm, Thur                                                                     and the Iota Iota chapter was
10-6pm & Fri 10-5 pm. For further                                                                   chartered at OSU on June 3rd,
info visit them at 2320 NW Monroe                                                                   1978. The main objective is
or call 737-4372.                                                                                   ACHIEVEMENT in every field of
External Coord Brittany Joseph                                                                      human endeavor & to serve with
Internal Coord Teressa Hartley                                                                      the best interest of improving and
                                                                                                    diversifying the community. In the
                                                                                                    winter they held a candlelight
African Student
                                                                                                    vigil and the Lonnie B. Harris
Association                                                                                         Tribute Dinner. In the spring they
ASA’s main event of the year is                                                                     hold their annual Talent Show
organizing Africa Night in the                                                                      during Mom’s Weekend. Monthly
                                          Members and Advisors for the Black Student Union
spring, which features traditional                                                                  forums geared towards the OSU
campus and the city of                                                                                 unity. It is the first and only
Corvallis to bring the commu-                                                                          Latina Sorority in the State of
nity together in the sense of                                                                          Oregon and growing. The
cultural differences and to seek                                                                       focus of the sorority is to
cultural understandings. For                                                                           empower the Latina commu-
more information contact                                                                               nity and establish a support
President Jonathan Riley at                                                                            system for Latina women in
jonathandavidr@gmail.com                                                                               higher education. Although
President                                                                                              they are a Latina based
         Jonathan D. Riley                                                                             sorority anyone interested is
Vice President                                                                                         encouraged and welcome to
         Brandon Grundy                                                                                join. If you have any ques-
Treasurer                                                                                              tions or are interested in
         Da’Mon Mosley                                                                                 joining e-mail them at
Secretary         Paul Peters         Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.     gao_kappa@yahoo.com
Social Chair      Dorian Smith        have begun organizing this year.                                 President
Historian         Curtis Tillery               heritage. The Centro Cultural Cesar                              Angelina Ruiz
                                               Chavez seeks to provide an environ-          Vice President      Darci Walker
National Society of Black                      ment in which students are able to           Secretary           Yesenia Chavez
                                                                                            Treasurer           Amalia Martinez
Engineers                                      accept and appreciate their differences
                                               and also a place that encourages a           Community Serv. Nancy Cisneros
The National Society of Black Engi-
neers is the largest student-organized         sense of purpose and unity. The Centro
group in the country with over 18,000          welcomes all to visit, get involved, and     Kalmekak
members. “NSBE’s mission is to                 learn more about the center’s resources: Kalmekak’s objective is to establish
increase the number of culturally              1969 ‘A’ St, across from Gill, 737-7504,     service programs capable of educating
responsible black engineers who excel          during the hours M-Th 10-8, F 10-5.          the Oregon community about the
academically, succeed professionally           External Coord Emanuel Magana                Chicana/o, Latina/o, and Indigenous
and positively impact the community.”          Internal Coord Hunnan Pope                   heritage. Their goal is to develop a
(NSBE official mission) The sole                                                            cultural awareness and understanding
purpose of the OSU NSBE chapter is to          Association of Latin-                        of higher education institutions so that
                                                                                            in the future the vision of higher
flourish the mission values of NSBE to         American Students
its members and the OSU community.                                                          education will become synonymous
                                               ALAS was created to promote the
NSBE provides a supportive environ-                                                         with the vision of success for the
                                               cultural values of all students from
ment for black students in the College                                                      Chicana/o Latina/o and indigenous
                                               Latin America while seeking the
of Engineering. For more information                                                        communities. By working with chil-
                                               understanding and respect of each
about NSBE and ways to get involved,                                                        dren and families through community
                                               country’s culture. From the day of
contact Edwin Safo-Kwakye at                                                                involvement, cultural activities/events
                                               foundation, there has been a commit-
 safokwae@onid.orst.edu                                                                     they empower their communities and
                                               ment with integration of new and
President        Edwin Safo-Kwakye Jr                                                       educate others. For more information
                                               current students that have come
Vice President Siyaka Jaka                                                                  call 737-6712, stop by Waldo 128, or
                                               together to share their history, tradi-
Secretary        Simone Fobi                                                                email kalmekak@oregonstate.edu
                                               tions, and culture with all of the OSU
Financial Sec Abdul Razak Amadu                                                             Co-Coordinators Blanca Cabrera and
                                               community. The success of the mission
Telecom Chair Kevin Gatimu                                                                                      David Cortez
                                               can be witnessed by the current partici-
Advert. & Pub. Seif Bokri                      pation of students from countries of all
                                               over Latin America, in celebration of
Centro Cultural Cesar                          shared roots beyond physical borders.
                                               For more information contact Diego
Chavez                                         Quito at quitod@onid.orst.edu or visit
The Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez               the website: www.alasatosu.com
(CCCC) was established to provide a            President            Diego Quito
facility for programming various               Vice Pres            Lorena Gallardo
academic, cultural, recreational and           Secretary            Bianca Asis
social events related to the Chicano/          Treasurer            Dolores Martinez
Latino/Hispanic culture and heritage.          ISOSU rep            Miguel Woods
It exists to support different ethnic and      Webmaster            Daniel Changkuon
cultural peoples’ pursuit of their
educational goals and the retention of
their culture. Further, it strives to
                                               Gamma Alpha Omega
inform both the respective cultural            Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc. is a
                                               community service based sorority. It is      Hunnan Pope, CCCC’s Internal Coord,
groups and the greater university                                                           helping out at a BBQ for the CAMP
community about issues central to the          founded on the pillars of honesty,
                                                                                            Program. Blanca Cabrera was on hand as
Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture and integrity, leadership, scholarship, and                 well.
                                            Interested Men of Lambda                   tries to address issues that affect
                                            Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity,               Chicanos at OSU, the state and nation.
                                                                                       They encourage everyone to learn their
                                            Inc.                                       real histories. With respect to all
                                            The Interested Men of Lambda Theta         peoples and create support for
                                            Phi, Latin Fraternity, are to work         one another, so that they may someday
                                            together, as a unit in order, to foster    make our world a better place.
                                            bonds, uplift the local community, and     MECHA hosts their meetings every
                                            become involved in the campus              Thursday at 5:30pm in Waldo 128
                                            community. This organization will          (Kalmekak). For more information
                                            allow the men to get to know each other    contact: Blanca Cabrera,
Interested Men of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin   and become familiarized with the
Fraternity, Inc. include Humberto Garcia,                                              cabrera@onid.orst.edu, and Romeo
                                            Fraternity Lambda Theta Phi, Latin         Lopez Gonzalez,
Salvador Miramontes, Joseph Orosco          Fraternity, Inc. For more information,
(Faculty Advisor), and Roberto Trinidad.                                               lopezgor@onid.orst.edu, or
                                            please contact Salvador                    mecha@mu.orst.edu.
                                            Miramontes: miramons@onid.orst.edu
Las D.A.M.A.S. Interest                     Chair/Recruitment Chair
Group for Kappa Delta Chi                                     Salvador Miramontes
                                                                                       Omega Delta Phi
Sorority Inc.                               Co-Chair/Sergeant at Arms                  They are the first Latino based frater-
Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is a                           Humberto Garcia          nity in all of Oregon but consider
Latina founded, national sorority who       Financial Chair/ Activities Chair          themselves a multicultural fraternity,
aims to achieve professional develop-                         Roberto Trinidad         “one culture, any race” is their motto.
ment, academic excellence, and gradu-                                                  They do their best to help the communi-
                                                                                       ties they are a part of, be it on campus,
ation of all its members; an organiza-      Meso American Student                      in Corvallis, or statewide. They do their
tion dedicated to community service to
their local university communities with     Association                                best to provide leadership opportuni-
an emphasis on the Hispanic/                The Meso American Student Associa-         ties and experiences that will help a
Latino population. KDChi promotes           tion is the oldest Latino student          brother excel in any endeavor they
the values of unity, honesty, integrity     organization at OSU and has had a          partake, either academically, socially,
and leadership among college women.         history of events that educate the OSU     or professionally. If interested please e-
For more info, contact President            and Corvallis Community about Latin        mail odphi1999@yahoo.com for more
Andrea Legorreta,                           American Culture. It is their intent to    information.
legorrea@onid.orst.edu                      advocate the beauty of their culture       President          Emanuel Magana
                                            with events such as Culture Night and      Vice President     Michael Legoretta
Interested Ladies of Lambda                 Cinco de Mayo. Culture night high-         Recording Sec      Michael Shingle
Theta Alpha Latin Sorority,                 lights all Latin America countries, with
                                            music, a fashion show, food, and           Society for Hispanic and
                                            dance. Cinco De Mayo is a traditional
The main goals of the Interested Ladies     celebration of the culture of Mexico
                                                                                       Professional Engineers
of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority,                                                  SHPE’s goal is to increase minorities in
                                            with a Mariachi Band, folkloric, Aztec
Inc. at OSU are to establish working                                                   engineering, science, math and related
                                            performances, food, and games. For
and social relationships with the                                                      technical careers. Members obtain
                                            more info contact President David
sisters and other interested ladies. In                                                many benefits, such as lifelong net-
                                            Cortez, cortezd@onid.orst.edu , or Vice
this way, fundraising, community                                                       working opportunities, SHPE scholar-
service and activism, as well as social     President Ruby Canchola,
                                                                                       ships, internship opportunities, career
efforts, can be successful. It is a         cancholr@onid.orst.edu .
                                                                                       development, and leadership training.
sisterhood based on Unity, Love, and                                                   They attend the SHPE National
Respect, dedicated to the empowerment       Movimiento
of the minorities and the universal         Estudiantil
mujer through her education, a love of      Chicano de Aztlan
culture, the disenfranchised and her
                                            MEChA is dedicated to
surrounding communities. Check out
                                            higher education,
their website at http://
oregonstate.edu/groups/iloltaosu/ or        history, culture,
send questions about the organization       and political aware-
to Lambdathetaalpha@oregonstate.edu         ness. MEChA is com-
Chair             Laura Cristal Magana      mitted towards justice
Co-Chair          Paola Arandia             and the education of La
Treasurer         Nancy Perez-Flores        Raza throughout the
Secretary         Juana Luna                US. MEChA works
Academic Chair Yesenia Garcia               closely with
                                                                      Members of MEChA who attended the MEChA Regional
Community Serv. Cindy Hernandez             the community, and
                                                                      Conference at Western Oregon University this month.
Fundraising       Arizveidy Magana
Conference and other activities                                                                    Other Groups
include study tables with tutoring
for students within and outside of                                                                 Minorities in Agriculture,
SHPE, visits to high schools to                                                                    Natural Resources, and
present the opportunity in engi-
neering for Latinos, helping out
                                                                                                   Related Sciences
other programs at OSU, such as                                                                       MANRRS is one of the nation’s
SMILE, and fundraising activities.                                                                   largest and most diverse non-
For more information contact the                                                                     profit societies and is dedicated to
President, Michael Legorreta at                                                                      preparing its members, from all
legorrem@onid.orst.edu                                                                               racial and ethnic groups, for
President        Mike Legorreta                                                                      challenging and rewarding
Vice President   Stacy Long                                                                          careers in agricultural and related
                                                                                                     sciences. The OSU Chapter of
                                                                                                     MANRRS is consistently involved
Pride Center                           Team Liberation Facilitators undergo 40 plus hours of
                                                                                                     in issues on and off campus
The Pride Center provides educa-       training followed by peer mentoring on facilitating
                                                                                                     concerning: Student introduction
tional programs and support for        groups around issues of diversity.
                                                                                                     to the university; student and
the lesbian, gay, bisexual,                                                                          community hunger; youth
transgender, queer, questioning,            network of support structures and
                                            resources available to the LGBTQQIA                education about agriculture and our
intersex, and allied (LGBTQQIA)                                                                natural resources; professional devel-
community at OSU. The Center is a           community at OSU. Meetings are
                                            Mondays, 7 pm, in the Women’s                      opment of student members; support
safe space for all people to explore                                                           and fundraising for other groups and
aspects of sexual/affectional orienta-      Center. The Rainbow Continuum office
                                            is in the Pride Center, 737-6360,                  programs. For more info go to:
tion as well as gender expression and                                                          agsci.oregonstate.edu/manrrs/
identity in an open and non-assuming        rcosu@oregonstate.edu, http://
                                            oregonstate.edu/groups/rcosu/                      President          Keely Lopez
atmosphere. They serve the entire                                                              Vice President      Laura Magana
campus community by exploring               Co-Directors      Brittany and Joshua
                                            Social Director Nicholas                           Secretary          Dominique Sabedra
issues related to homophobia,                                                                  Treasurer          Vananh Nguyen
heterosexism, gender identity, sexual-                                                         Public Relations Chris Johnson
ity, and LGBTQQIA identity. Each year Sol                                                      Ag. Exec. Rep      Du Lam
the Pride Center creates educational        Sol began as the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,                                  AnnaRose Adams
workshops, programs, and panels, as         Bisexual and Transgender) People of                National MANRRS Region VI Under-
well as co-sponsoring events with           Color Support Program (SOL) in the fall            graduate Vice Pres Vananh Nguyen
other departments on campus. They           of 2003. Sol is a student run/faculty
                                            supported Oregon State University
provide contact information and
                                            community organization that is
                                                                                               The Migrant Student
resource materials, as well as books,
magazines, and other print-media            committed to improving the climate of              Organization
relating to the LGBTQQIA community.         Oregon State University for LGBT                   MSO’s purpose is to help OSU students
The Pride Center is located on the          persons of color through counseling,               from migrant backgrounds transition
southern edge of campus at 1553 SW          educational programming, advocacy,                 into and adapt to the university
‘A’ Avenue (Adam’s Annex on campus          and ally building among undergradu-                lifestyle, to support the members’
maps). Their hours are M-R 11-3. They       ate students, graduate students,                   educational goals, and to build a sense
can be contacted at 541-737-9161 or         faculty, and staff of
pride.center@oregonstate.edu                Oregon State Univer-
External Coord Tab Dansby                   sity. The organization
Internal Coord Philip Mason                 is made up of student
                                            members and an
Rainbow Continuum                           advisory board of
The Rainbow Continuum is a student          students and faculty
organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual,    from various depart-
trans, queer, questioning, and intersex     ments, programs, and
(LGBTQQI) students, and their allies at centers on campus. If
OSU. As a social and educational            you have any ques-
group the Rainbow Continuum strives         tions contact the Pride
to create a welcoming and safe space        Center at 1553 SW A
for diverse communities to interact         Ave, (541) 737-9969.
with one another; educate OSU about         Email address:
the experiences of the LGBTQQIA             sol@oregonstate.edu
                                                                          Members of the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)
community; and refer students to the                                      performing at their Carnival Latino during spring term.
of community. The group would also         shops. These workshops include issues       disabilities, providing consistent and
like to increase awareness of the plight   of racism, sexism, heterosexism,            identifiable left-handed desks, provid-
of migrants in Oregon through on-          classism, ageism, ableism, religious        ing adequate signage for accessible
campus events, and to focus on out-        intolerance, communication and              bathrooms, ramps, and lifts, and create
reach and recruitment efforts of mi-       community, & leadership development         a comprehensive map of the accessible
grant students. Contact Jesus Partida,     in an interactive and inclusive way.        routes and facilities on campus.
partidaj@onid.orst.edu , Oscar             Team Liberation facilitators have           Contact Director Farzaneh
Montemayor at                              received over forty hours of intensive      Farhangmehr at
oscar.montemayor@oregonstate.edu ,         training, followed by additional peer       accessibility.affairs@oregonstate.edu.
or any of the other officers.              mentoring. Team Liberation facilitates      Their office is located at 149 Snell Hall.
President         Jesus Partida            experiential exercises and process
Vice-President Julio Orozco                learning methods to provide the             Multicultural Affairs Task
Secretary         Josefina Magdaleno       following: Communication and                Force
Treasurer         Yanelly Gonzalez         Relationship Building; Raising Aware-       The Multicultural Affairs Task Force is
Activities Coordinator                     ness; Education and Training; Consen-       a liaison between ethnic minority
                  Marina Martinez          sus and Buy-In/Community Develop-           groups at OSU and ASOSU and to
Sergeant-at-arms Oralia Mendez             ment. 245 Snell Hall, (541)737-9857,        advocate for multicultural OSU stu-
                                           Team.Liberation@oregonstate.edu             dents to create a safe, open environ-
OSU Rural                                                                              ment. They work closely with Oregon
and Minority                               ASOSU Task Forces                           Student Association, which lobbies the
Healthcare                                 Non-Traditional Student
                                                                                       Oregon Legislature, and with the
                                                                                       Oregon Students of Color Coalition, a
Advocates                                  Affairs Task Force                          statewide coalition of students advo-
                                           Non-traditional students are older          cating for equal access to education by
purpose is to help OSU students, from
                                           students, student parents, transfer         empowering students and strengthen-
ALL healthcare related career paths,
                                           students, out-of-state students, interna-   ing communities of color. This year
learn about serving rural and minority
                                           tional students, graduate students, and     they are working on Tuition Equity,
populations. It provides opportunities
                                           the list goes on! To get involved,          Tuition and Funding, Oregon Opportu-
for community service, developing
                                           contact Director Kalvin Foley at            nity Grant, Student Parent Childcare
leadership skills, hosting guest speak-
                                           nontraditional.affairs@oregonstate.edu      Program and Safe School. Contact
ers, hospital/clinic visits, and attend-
                                           or at 737-3559.                             Maria Salgado, Taskforce Director, at
ing conferences. OSURMHA aims to
                                                                                       multiculture.affairs@oregonstate.edu ,
network with clinics and hospitals
serving rural and minority populations
                                           Accessibility Affairs Task                  or call 541-737-6365
and focuses on issues regarding            Force
healthcare disparities among               The Accessibility Task Force aims to        Queer Affairs Task Force
underserved populations. Meetings          make buildings, courses, and student      The Queer Affairs Task Force presents
are held every Thursday at 6pm in the      life accessible to all students. Their    students with the opportunity to
MU, and they are seeking students          campaigns include discussions with        advocate for a more inclusive commu-
interested in becoming executive           the OSU Graduate School regarding         nity at OSU and exists mainly to ensure
officers starting spring term. Contact     ASL as a foreign language, providing      that students receive an education in a
Josh Huhndorf at                           financial support for the documenta-      welcoming, wholly accessible learning
huhndorj@onid.orst.edu .                   tion of students with possible learning   and living environment regardless of
President                                                                            their sexual and gender identity. The
 Josh Huhndorf                                                                                    task force works with the
Vice President                                                                                    administration, senates,
Amber Huhndorf                                                                                    other queer organizations
Treasurer                                                                                         and students to ensure that
 Tracy Jamison                                                                                    all issues concerning the
Secretary                                                                                         queer community are
 Shelby Ross                                                                                      addressed such as gender
                                                                                                  inclusive restrooms, syllabi
                                                                                                  diversity statement, and
Team                                                                                              Trans Awareness Week. If
Liberation                                                                                        you are interested in
Team Liberation is                                                                                getting involved, please
a student-run                                                                                     contact Director Josh
organization that                                                                                 Blakey, at 541-737-6355 or
facilitates human
                       Yazmin Brambila, Du Lam, Vananh Nguyen, and Jee Hye Lee perform Korean queer.affairs@
relations work-
                       Drumming for the MANRRS Regional Conference held at OSU in November. oregonstate.edu.
                        EOP COURSE SCHEDULE-SPRING 2009
Course Title                Dept/No Section Grading CRN             Credits Meeting Time  Location              Instructor
English Composition         WR 121 098      A-F     *               03      MWF 1400-1450 KEAR 305              Casas
English Composition         WR 121 099      A-F     *               03      TR 1200-1320  WB 205                Grimm

Algebraic Reasoning         MTH 103 098       A-F       *           04       MTWF 1000-1050 Roger 332           Mbuthia

College Algebra             MTH 111   090     A-F       *           04       MWF 1300-1350     KEAR 305         Coles
College Algebra             MTH 111   091     A-F       *           04       MWF 1000-1050     KEAR 305         Coles
#ST/Excel Math 111          MTH 199   196     P/N       *           01       TR 1000-1120      Cord 2113        Coles
#ST/Excel Math 111          MTH 199   197     P/N       *           01       TR 1200-1320      Wilkn 108        Coles

Elementary Functions        MTH 112 090       A-F       *           04       MWF 1100-1150 KEAR 305             Coles
#ST/Excel Math 112          MTH 199 198       P/N       *           01       TR 1000-1120  Cord 2113            Coles
#ST/Excel Math 112          MTH 199 199       P/N       *           01       TR 1200-1320  Wilkn 108            Coles

Calc for Mgt & Social Sci MTH 241 090         A-F       *           04       MWRF 1200-1250 KEAR 305            Coles

    Contract for Learning   ALS 170   001     A-F       52107       1-3      TBA               TBA              Mali

 Community Tutoring & Mentoring
                      ALS 200 001             A-F       52199       1-3      TBA               TBA              Mali

    Tutoring & Mentoring ALS 225      001     A-F       52108       1-3      TBA               TBA              Mali
    Tutoring & Mentoring ALS 425      001     A-F       52110       1-3      TBA               TBA              Mali

    Projects                ALS 406   001     P/N       51981       1-3      TBA               TBA              Mali

Peer Advising Techniques
                      ALS 265         001     A-F       52109       03       TR 1400-1520      Waldo 132        McGinty

CAMP Orientation            ALS 107   001     A-F       54914       01       W 1600-1650       StAg 109         Montemayor

#Must be taken with Math 111 & 112
Courses without CRN’s need approval, please see your EOP advisor or EOP Front Office in Waldo 337.
+ Instructor permission required.

ES 314 Chicano/a Literature                                     Spring Break Course
Ruben Casas, who teaches WR 121 for EOP, will be teach-         Learning Through Listening: Native American Issues in
ing ES 314 spring term. The class will include:                 Rural Oregon Communities
• Readings and discussions that challenge traditional           Ethnic Studies / Sociology (ES 499/599, CRN 57545/57555)
  narratives and approaches to Latino/a literary produc-        (SOC. 499/599 CRN 57827/57828)
  tion.                                                         March 23 to March 27, 2009
• A critical look at representation of the Latino/a             Be part of a unique learning experience: students will spend
  experience(s) in normative American culture in writing,       five days interacting with the Confederated Tribes of Siletz
  film, media.                                                  Indians and related stakeholders on the Oregon coast.
                                                                $175 Fee (Includes some food, all transportation, admission
• Continual questioning of one’s own cultural consump-
                                                                fees and course reading materials for the 5 days)
  tion/production as it pertains to race & culture, Latino/a
                                                                Once registered the fee is nonrefundable. The fee is separate
  and beyond.
                                                                from tuition costs.
CRN 57163, MW 1000-1120.
                                                                Course Web Site: http://osu.orst.edu/instruct/soc204/
                                            EOP Honor Roll
                                              Fall, 2008
                                                       Crystal Knapp
                             Michael Donatz          Wendi Kobayashi        Amaris Moss
                            Benjamin Downey         Odan Komphouvong       Greg Murdock
                             Tiffany Ducker          Joseph Lakowske      Amanda Murray
                               Victor Elias                Du Lam      Eddy Mydouangchanh
                             Sabrina Elkins         Aniano Lara Gomez     Kelli Nakamoto
         Jany Alcala      Alexander Enriquez            Blake Larkin     Ehsan Nasroullahi      Marinit So
        Taulun Aman         Karina Escalante              Anhthu Le         Elvis Nguyen        Ratanak So
        Felicia Arce      Ana Falcon-Vazquez               Hun Lee         Hoang Nguyen      Elizabeth Soto
      Kenny Arellano           Jack Fraser           George Legorreta       Huy Nguyen            Morales
       Yessenia Arias      Danielle Fujii Doe           Carl Leniger     Jennifer Nguyen Cindy Srivijittrakarn
        Patricia Baez          Alba Garcia              Sierra Lever       Thao Nguyen       Joshua Stauber
       Allison Barba          Maria Garcia                Anne Lien         Lars Nielson      Andrew Stice
      Teresa Barrios          Maria Garcia                 Jon Lim       Robin Oldenburg        Byron Sun
     Jennifer Becerril          Angela Gill                 Qi Lin          Sam Oltman       Kalen Swagerty
          Rithy Bein        Adrian Gonzalez             Melisa Lopez         Ryan Ortiz       Stephanie Ta
   Christina Blanchard       Juan Gonzalez              Tirsia Lopez      Zachary Ostrom       Sopheak Tan
        Juan Bolanos        Xochitl Gonzalez      Romeo Lopez Gonzalez Lauren Oyadomari       Milky Tesfaye
     Samuel Brady III   Yanelly Gonzalez Leyva          Inhkuong Lor       Oliver Padilla       Amy Timm
      Vanessa Brown      Doris Gonzalez-Gomez          Jessica Lugar      Alexander Paine       Amy Titrud
     Melanie Browning          Mark Gross              Gabriela Lule       Jesus Partida      Richard Tracy
      Stephanie Busch       Elizabeth Gruber           Erin Macauley         Amar Patel          Binh Tran
      Victor Butler II      Brandon Grundy           Katrina Machorro        Jigna Patel         Lan Tran
      Blanca Cabrera         Garrison Guptill        Ernesto Madrigal      Shawn Pattee    Jeremy Trebelhorn
       Ruby Canchola            Ralph Gzik            Emanuel Magana       Greggory Peat      Diana Truong
       Aaron Carlson            Troy Gzik          Josefina Magdaleno      Mark Penewit        Ugonna Uba
     Arturo Carrillo Jr   Jennifer Hamamoto          Clara Mandujano    Laura Perez Yepiz     Sharon Valdez
       Oscar Chairez       Mackenzie Hampel           Rafael Marquez         Peter Pham      Arturo Valdivia
         Annie Chan        Quanaje Hampton         Mario Marquez-Sosa         Ryan Pohl       David Valiente
   Gordon Chandonnet        Chadwick Hanke          Abrahan Martinez     Bianca Quinones       Susana Valle
       Abby Chesimet         Nathan Hannah           Marina Martinez      Raul Rascon Jr       Shoua Vang
  Marcos Cintron Rivera      Jessica Haynes            Lahela Matsui        Sandra Ray            Ta Vang
      Nancy Cisneros       Patrick Henderson       Colette Mc Eldowney       Peggy Ring        Cesiah Vega
       Hannah Coats       Gabriel Hernandez           Dustin Mc Grath        John Rivas     Rodolfo Villegas
   Kristina Cobarrubias     Jose Hernandez             Kaytie Medina     Leticia Rodriguez      Angela Vue
      Anthony Cobian      Anne-Marie Higgins           Edgar Mendez          Monica Ros          Meng Vue
      Camille Coleman         Jimmy Hoang             Daniel Mendoza       Mark Rosales          Pang Vue
       Shiree Combs           Dillon Huang             Eric Menjivar        Bryan Rudd         Taharka Vue
      Kelly Coronado        Amber Huhndorf          Basharia Middleton       Jaime Ruiz     Brandi Wagaman
      Yesenia Correa            Emi Ikeda               Aaron Miller       Jesse Rushen        Ian Wahlert
        David Cortez         Elizabeth Iosua          Jennifer Miller       Daniel Sado       Gayle Warden
       Miriam Cortez         Fidel Izquierdo       Salvador Miramontes      Van Saechao     Jeanna Weathers
         Daniel Dao          Brandyn Jones        Omar Miranda-Garcia     Israel Salgado      Tiara Weiner
         Kayla Davis           Collin Jones         Kathryn Mogentale     Devon Sanders      Sadie Williams
      Nathan DeKrey          Brittany Joseph           Elias Mohamed   Muhammad Iqbal Sarip Sophie Wilson
Cristina Delgado Gonzalez Francisco Juarez               Linda Mok          Anna Sarver         Kent Wong
     Lauren DeWeese           Miguel Juarez          Eder Mondragon        Jacky Schultz           Jin Yi
      Guadalupe Diaz         Jacqualyn Kent          Victor Mondragon     German Serrano         Stellar Yi
    Pavin Disatapundhu          Long Khuu             Jennifer Moore         Sara Smith      Jacalyn Zappa
      Destinee Dixon          Christine Kieu      Randi Morita-Sunada     Aubrey Snyder    Kristerico Zaragoza
           Long Do

                   OSU Honor Roll: 3.5 term gpa on 12 or more graded hours; no F,U,N or I grades
                   EOP Honor Roll: 3.0 term gpa on 12 or more graded hours; no F,U,N or I grades
                   EOP Recognition: 3.0 term gpa on 12 or more hours completed; no F,U,N or I grades
                       Educational Opportunities Program
                       Oregon State University
                       337 Waldo Hall
                       Corvallis, OR 97331-6405

                                     Money in                           What is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)? This

                                     the Bank                       is a very important number and affects your eligibility for grants.
                                                                       Is your Expected Family Contribution significantly
                                     It’s time to reapply
                                                                    different from 2008-09? (at www.fafsa.ed.gov go to “View
                                     for financial aid for
                                                                    and Print Student Aid Report” and select “2008-09”)
                                     2009-10. Submit the
                                     FAFSA by Feb 28 at 9             No 2009-10 Student Aid Report?
                                     pm at                          Have they received and processed your FAFSA? At
                                     www.fafsa.ed.gov               www.fafsa.ed.gov select “Check status of submitted
Already Submitted your FAFSA?                                             all
Then here are some important questions:                               Fin       Look for an award letter or request for more
From the Student Aid Report:                                        information from the OSU Financial Aid Office in late
                                                                    March, early April. Get a jump start by regularly checking
(at www.fafsa.ed.gov go to “View and Print Student Aid
                                                                    your 2009-10 award information on OSU’s Online Services
Report” and select “2009-10” and then select the most
                                                                    around then.
recent transaction number)
                                                                      Get your questions ready for the Financial Aid Office with
   Do you have any comments on your Student Aid Report              Sheila Roberts, 737-3906, sheila.roberts@oregonstate.edu, Waldo
that require action?                                                347.

EOP Students Interning                                                                                         Touching
Abroad                                                                                                         history!
Chamroeun Lim was invited to participate in a an intern-                                                       Vananh Nguyen was
ship in Cambodia and Vietnam last term, conducting                                                             invited to attend
business management performance analysis, capital                                                              Barack Obama’s
budgeting, and acquisition of new business recommenda-                                                         inauguration as a
tions. He received full funding for expenses and was                                                           nominee for the
unexpectedly asked to return towards the end of fall term to                                                   International Scholar
complete further work there. He couldn’t pass up this                                                          Laureate Program and
opportunity, so he had to quickly scramble his course                                                          as a member of the
demands to fit in with the added time and travel this                                                          National Society of
demanded.                                                                                                      Collegiate Scholars.
                                                                                                               She participated in the
Stellar Yi was invited by the Harambee Centre in Portland                                                      University
to intern at a maternity clinic in Kenya this summer. She is                                                   Presidential Inaugural
currently seeking sponsorship to make this a reality. In                                                       Conference. She was
addition to support she is receiving from various sources at                                                   able to find sponsors
OSU, there is also a possibility for sponsorship from Nike.                                                    to fund her attendance.


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