August 26 2008 Minutes by keralaguest


									                                                                                      HUG Time & Labor Sub Committee
                                                                                            Teleconference Agenda

    Meeting Date                August 26, 2008                    Meeting Time        10:00 am – 11:00am
    Meeting Location            Teleconference Dial In #: (805) 240-9463 Participant Code: 605389
    Meeting Purpose             General Meeting

    Representing                                                                                 Representing              
    Bakersfield                       Fullerton                    Pomona                           San Marcos
                                  X                           X                                X                              X
    (Tina Williams)                   (Marilou Encina)             (Ly Hang)                        (Diana Wilstermann)
    Chancellor's Office / HRA         Humboldt                     Sacramento                       Sonoma
    (Rick Wong)                       (Sue Peck)              X                                X                              X
                                                                   (Jackie Fierros)                 (Trisha Nau/Susan Zito)
    Channel Islands                   Long Beach                   San Bernardino                   Stanislaus
    (Sheri Frame)                     (Sandy Miyake/Jeanene   X    (Pegeen Davison)                 (Sherri Rivera/Sara
                                      Berumen)                                                      Hoek)
    Chico                             Los Ángeles                  San Diego                        CMS Central
    (Alison Christensen/Susan     X   (Blanca Rodríguez)           (Lisa Winters)              X    (Julie Alonso/Hanny       X
    Long)                                                                                           Fong/Wynn Sulc)
    Domínguez Hills                   Maritime Academy             San Francisco                    HRA
    (Tomoko Fukuda)                   (Cheri Sims)                 (Julie Chan)                X                              X
                                                                                                    (Tammy Hines)
    East Bay                          Monterey Bay                 San Jose
                                                                   (Twinki Mistry)             X
    (Rene Dupee)                      (Terryn Ashley)
    Fresno                            Northridge                   San Luis Obispo                  Minute Taker:
                                  X                                                            X
    (Susan Vaquilar)                  (Mindy Chi)                  (Lori Serna)                     Bakersfield

Meeting Agenda

      Roll Call                                                                                                          Julie Alonso

      Co-Chair Announcement – Susan Long (CSU, Chico)                                                   Julie Alonso/Susan Long
             o     Susan Long has volunteered to be subcommittee co-chair

      Interim “baseline” posting – targeted for 8/22/08                                                                  Julie Alonso
             o     Interim bundle posted Friday, 8/22. Similar to a baseline and includes PS Bundle #16 plus fixes completed
                   between last baseline and the code freeze for this interim bundle. Campuses must be on release 090 before
                   applying. Interim Bundle available at the following web address:

      T&L Emergency Posting (CMSHRSA 1069 2008 – 8/18/08)                                                                Julie Alonso
             o      BSL_89_TL_HD123278_TA_08152008. Came out due to bundle #15 (which was contained within the 090
                   release). Some campuses were having sporadic problems with Time Admin errors when processing Group IDs
                   (step #1300 errors out). The fix was provided for testing to those campuses that were experiencing problems.
                   Fix was verified to resolve the issue and was subsequently posted on CMS website. (The permanent fix will be
                   delivered in Bundle #17 but won’t be available until sometime in September).

                                                                                         HUG Time and Labor Subcommittee – Agenda
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       o   Emergency posting also includes a fix that resolves an issue with Rapid Time Session Status remaining at “Not
           Submitted” even though submission was successful. This fix is also delivered in the aforementioned Interim
           Bundle #16, posted on 8/22/08.

   MISC PIP Update                                                                                         Julie Alonso
       o   Julie reported that testing PIP code changes (to accommodate processing of Premium & Misc
           Payment types within the new SCO file layout) is almost complete. Humboldt (Sue Peck) remains as
           volunteer to test the premium pays. Other campuses interested in testing should contact Julie for test

   T&L Usage Survey                                                                                    Group Discussion
       o   Campuses were asked to review the survey results and forward any corrections to Julie in a separate email.
           Julie will update the survey results and post it to the T & L subcommittee team postings website. Survey will
           then be updated approximately once a year with changes, if any.
       o   Survey results reflected responses from 21 campuses. Campuses can use the survey as a reference source to
           network with listed contacts of campuses similar in size, processing environment, and workforce characteristics.

   August 2008 Remedy                                                                                       Julie Alonso
       o   Help Desk Ticket listing for August 2008 was reviewed. Julie indicated that those items grayed out were
           included in the aforementioned interim bundle posted on 8/22.

   Open Forum                                                                                                       All
       o   Campuses were reminded of the following tech letters and associated CMS postings:
                    Tech Letter – HR 2008-01 EHDB – Audit and cleanup of expired appointments (posted on August 19)
                    Tech Letter – HR Salary 2008-10 – Academic Achievement Stipend for R04 (posted on August 21)
                    CMS Bulletin (CMSHRSA 1071 2008) posted on 8/22/08 for earnings code “G5”.

       o   Next teleconference call will be September 30

2008 Teleconference Dates
                     January 29                   April 29                   July 29                    October 28
                     February 26                  May 27                    August 26                  November 25
                      March 25                    June 24                 September 30                 December 18

September Note Taker - Domínguez Hills

                                                                                HUG Time and Labor Subcommittee – Agenda
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