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CPD Program
                    14 – 16 SePtemBer 2010
               raCV CIty CluB, melBourNe
Supported by
 Buying or Selling SMEs                                 109V01    Driving Offences                                       109V04

 Tuesday, 14 September 2010         9.00am to 1.15pm       $440   Tuesday, 14 September 2010        2.00pm to 5.15 pm          $440

 Chair: Peter Scully, Director, Bazzani Scully Brand              Chair: michael kuzilny, Principal, MK Law

 how to advise your Client to Place their Business in the most
 advantageous Position to make a Sale
                                                                  latest Developments in Drink Driving Defences
 •	 Advising clients on selling timelines
                                                                  •	 Conducting pleas in the Magistrates Court
 •	 Preparing the business, including all books and records
                                                                  •	 Discovering errors in police procedure
 •	 Understanding tax implications on sale of the business
                                                                  •	 Ramifications of the Mastwyk v DPP appeal
 •	 Determining most preferred structure for sale
                                                                  Presented by Paul reynolds, Barrister, Victorian Bar
 •	 Dealing with proceeds on sale
 Presented by eugene Berkovic, Tax Director, GMK Partners
                                                                  Driving while Disqualified – keeping your Clients out of Jail
                                                                  Victoria is the only state in Australia with mandatory jail
 Drafting Contracts tightly to Protect the Vendor
                                                                  sentences for drivers convicted of a second offence of driving
 •	 Taking instructions                                           while disqualified.
 •	 Taxation implications/ accountant
 •	 Restraints                                                    Specialist traffic/ criminal lawyer Richard Revill details
 •	 Consents e.g. owner, mortgagee                                approaches that could save your client joining the state’s
 •	 Conditions precedent                                          rapidly-growing prison population.
 •	 Settlement                                                    Presented by richard revill, Partner, Revill & Papa
 Presented by tony Joyce, Consultant, Wisewould Mahony

                                                                  Defending Speeding offences
 a reality Check for the Purchaser: Due Diligence, Searches       •	 Road safety cameras
 and enquiries                                                    •	 Avoiding demerit points
 •	 Business conveyancing                                         •	 Margins for error in speed measuring devices
 •	 Understanding the obligations and nature of the business      •	 Prosecution proofs
 •	 Verification of financials and working with accountants       Presented by Sean hardy, Barrister, Victorian Bar
 •	 Renegotiating the Contract of Sale
 Presented by ric Birkett, Partner, Aitken Partners

 Buying and Selling a Franchised Business
 •	 Acting for clients buying a franchised business
 •	 Navigating the franchise aspects of the sale transaction
 •	 Amendments to the Franchising Code of Conduct
 •	 Disclosure obligations
 Presented by:
 Peter Crawford, Partner, Madgwicks Lawyers
 Chris Verebes, Senior Associate, Madgwicks Lawyers

 Earn 4 CPD Points in Substantive Law when you                    Earn 3 CPD Points in Substantive Law when you
 attend this seminar                                              attend this seminar

   4 CPD Points         EP         PS         PM                    3 CPD Points         EP         PS         PM                                                                                   Tel: 02 9387 8133
 CPD Conference for In-House Lawyers                                                                                                 109V02

  Tuesday, 14 September 2010                                        9.00am to 5.15pm                                                  $795

 Session One:                                                            Session Two:

 Issues for                                                              CPD Compliance for
 In-House Lawyers                                      109V02A           In-House Lawyers                                          109V02B

 Tuesday, 14 September 2010         9.00am to 1.15pm       $440           Tuesday, 14 September 2010            2.00pm to 5.15pm      $440

 Chair: Julian hoskins, General Counsel/ Corporate Secretary,            litigation for In-house Counsel: managing for the Critical
 Tabcorp Holdings Limited                                                Success Factor
 Compliance with Discrimination and ohS law                              The primary tasks of In-House Counsel when acting for their
                                                                         client in a litigious matter are:
 •	 How to comply with the equal opportunity and OHS laws
 •	 Harmonisation of OHS laws and personal liability of directors        •	 Ascertaining the nature of the dispute
 •	 How to avoid vicarious and accessorial liability in sexual           •	 Advising on legal risks or exposure for the client
    harassment and discrimination matters                                •	 Identification of the most appropriate legal representation
 Presented by Chris molnar, Partner, McKean Park Lawyers                 •	 Managing the litigation team within a budget
 IP assets: maximising opportunity, minimising risk                      •	 Measuring key performance indicators of the litigation team
 •	 Understanding the three life stages of IP assets                     •	 Internal client liaison
 •	 Key legal risks associated with each stage                           •	 Information gathering
 •	 In-house checklist for minimising risk and liability                 •	 Assisting in record retrieval
 Presented by marina yastreboff, Director, Onmarq Pty Ltd                •	 Assisting in protection of privilege
 Contracts: a Practical Perspective                                      These tasks must be performed whilst adhering strictly
 •	 Day-to-day issues relating to contract formation                     to In-House Counsel’s duty to the court.
 •	 Focus on contractual issues arising from ‘preliminary                This interactive workshop will cover all of the above topics
    agreements’ (letters of intent, heads of agreement etc)              addressing the ethical duties and commercial factors that
 •	 Practical drafting and negotiation tips on indemnity and             need to be considered.
    limitation of liability clauses
 Presented by Janette van kernebeek, Senior Legal Counsel,
 Bovis Lend Lease                                                        Workshop facilitators:

 unfair Contact terms and other Developments under the                   maryanne loughnan SC, Barrister, Owen Dixon
 Trade Practices Act                                                     Chambers West
 •	 Unfair contracts                                                     mae gan, Legal Counsel, CSIRO
    - When do the new provisions apply?
    - What is unfair?
    - What are the consequences if my contracts contain
      an ‘unfair term’?
 •	 New ACCC and ASIC powers
    - What are the regulators’ new powers?
    - When will they exercise them?
    - What do I need to do to prepare?
 Presented by:
 kirsten webb, Partner, Clayton Utz
 Stephanie Panayi, Senior Associate, Clayton Utz
                                                                         Earn 3 CPD Points across the following core areas
                                                                         when you attend this seminar:
 Earn 4 CPD Points in Substantive Law                                    1 x Point Ethics and Professional Responsibility
 when you attend this seminar                                            1 x Point Practice Management & Business Skills
                                                                         1 x Point Professional Skills
   4 CPD Points         EP         PS         PM                           3 CPD Points               EP       PS        PM

Fax: 02 9387 8711                                                                                     PO Box 971, Bondi Junction NSW 1355
  Islamic Finance
               Wednesday, 15 September 2010
         RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne

9.00am to 1.15pm                  109V05                     $440      moving towards tax Neutrality of Islamic Finance
                                                                       In what can only be taken as a positive step for encouraging
An understanding of Islamic finance is crucial to many businesses      Islamic finance in Australia, the Government has empowered
expanding into Asia and the Middle East. The rules that govern         the Board of Taxation to review the extent to which Australia’s
Islamic banking and finance are significantly different to             tax system can achieve tax neutral outcomes for Islamic finance
conventional banking and finance in Australia. However, there are      (and recommend solutions having regard to international
also lucrative local markets waiting to be explored by Australian      experience). Given that the Board of Taxation is not due
companies with a commitment to the principles of Shariah-              to report until 30 June 2011, this session will focus on:
compliant products, investment and other tenets of Islamic finance.
With the regulatory framework in Australia changing to support         •	 What we might expect from the Board of Tax’s review
the development of Islamic finance, an understanding of the            •	 What we can learn from other jurisdictions
legal aspects of this industry is vital for success. This seminar is   •	 What forms of Islamic finance could possibly be implemented
designed to assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding           in Australia without any legislative reform
of the issues that will help in serving this market.                   Presented by richard Buchanan, Director, Greenwoods &
                                                                       Freehills Melbourne
Chair: Dr Zain Sharar, Professor, Qatar University;
Senior Counsel, International Legal Consultants, Doha                  Prospects for Islamic Finance Funded Private Public Partnerships
an overview of Islamic Finance                                         •	 Prospects for using Islamic finance for infrastructure/ PPPs in a
•	 What is Islamic finance                                                conventional finance environment
•	 How are Islamic finance transactions structured                     •	 PPPs – from dual perspectives – corporate finance structures
•	 What are the principal issues in accommodating                         and contractual forms
   Islamic finance in Australia                                        •	 What’s required to attract Islamic funds – sovereign wealth funds
•	 Lessons from offshore jurisdictions                                 •	 Relationship requirements
Presented by Shahriar mofakhami, Partner – Tax and                     •	 Project scale and deal flow
Revenue, Maddocks                                                      •	 Corporate finance and contracting structuring capabilities
                                                                       •	 Approvals processes
Drafting Sharia Compliant Documents
                                                                       Presented by robert turnbull, Director, Turnbull Associates
•	 Importance of Sharia compliance for Islamic finance
                                                                       Strategic Advisory Pty Ltd
•	 Challenges in ensuring Sharia compliance under the existing
   Australian legal framework                                          Islamic Banking and Finance retail market in australia
•	 Ensuring documents and contracts are legally binding under
                                                                       •	 The current retail climate: the challenges
   Sharia law and existing Australian jurisdiction
                                                                       •	 The potential market for Islamic finance products
•	 Importance of Sharia compliance for macro finance
   arrangements                                                        •	 What your business needs to know before entering this market
Presented by Sheikh mahamadu Nawas Saleem and                          Presented by Dr Segu Zuhair, Director, Muslim
David wood, Partner, Mallesons Stephen Jaques                          Community Co-Operative

Earn 4 CPD Points in Substantive Law
                                                                       To register turn to page 12
when you attend this seminar
 Retail and Commercial Leases                            109V06      Contracts                                                109V07

 Wednesday, 15 September 2010         9.00am to 1.15pm     $440      Wednesday, 15 September 2010        9.00am to 1.15pm       $440

 Chair: max Cameron, Partner, Minter Ellison                         Chair: Stephen adorjan, Solicitor, Master Builders
                                                                     Association of Victoria

 the Retail Leases Act in Practice                                   Practical workshop: aDr Clauses – will yours hold up
 An examination of recent VCAT decisions to ascertain how            If Challenged in Court?
 provisions of the Retail Leases Act can work in practice and        •	 Understand the judicial approach to dealing with:
 covers areas such as:                                                  - The scope of the arbitration agreement – Nicola v Ideal
                                                                           Image Corporation Inc
 •	 Assignment
                                                                        - Uncertainty in ADR clauses – Camillo Concrete Structures
 •	 Repair and maintenance
                                                                           Pty Ltd v Baulderstone Pty Ltd
 •	 Market rent reviews
                                                                        - Expert determination clauses – 1144 Nepean Highway
 Presented by Sam hopper, Barrister, Owen Dixon
                                                                           v Lee Mardon Australasia Pty
 Chambers West
                                                                        - Mediation clauses – de Zylva v Hill
                                                                     •	 Practical tips in drafting ADR clauses – learning from
                                                                        the cases
 liquor licensing Provisions in leases
                                                                     •	 Practical tips for advising clients when disputes arise
 •	 Impact of Retail Leases Act on licensed premises                 Presented by Beth Cubitt, Senior Associate, Mallesons
 •	 Maintenance and compliance provisions                            Stephen Jaques
 •	 Power of Attorney clauses
 •	 Drafting tips and traps
 Presented by John P Nolan, Consultant, Wisewould Mahony;            Proportionate liability, Insurance and risk Sharing in
 Co-author of Bourkes Liquor Laws Victoria                           Contracts
                                                                     •	 Proportionate liability claims
                                                                     •	 The impact on drafting contracts – risk allocation and sharing
 misrepresentation and unconscionable Conduct                        •	 Insurance considerations
 •	 An examination of the recent decision of ACCC v                  •	 Indemnity and contribution
    Dukemaster Pty Ltd                                               Presented by michael whitten, Barrister,
 •	 Misrepresentation in the context of the Retail Leases Act        Chancery Chambers
 •	 Unconscionable conduct in the context of the Retail
    Leases Act
 •	 Practical tips when negotiating and drafting                     Dealing with Breach of Contract and repudiation
 Presented by Debra Dunn, Special Counsel,
                                                                     •	 What gives rise to an immediate right to terminate?
 Madgwicks Lawyers
                                                                     •	 Repudiation and anticipatory breach
                                                                     •	 Consequences for wrongly terminating
                                                                     Presented by gail owen, Partner, HWL Ebsworth
 re-developments and relocations
 •	 Key lease provisions
 •	 Interplay with the Retail Leases Act
 •	 Discussion of the issues in the form of a practical case study
 Presented by michelle Power, Partner, Minter Ellison

 Earn 4 CPD Points in Substantive Law when you                       Earn 4 CPD Points in Substantive Law when you
 attend this seminar                                                 attend this seminar

   4 CPD Points          EP          PS       PM                       4 CPD Points          EP        PS         PM

Fax: 02 9387 8711                                                                           PO Box 971, Bondi Junction NSW 1355
 CPD Compliance
 for All Lawyers                                        109V08       Workplace Bullying                                      109V09

 Wednesday, 15 September 2010        2.00pm to 5.15pm      $440      Thursday, 16 September 2010        9.00am to 1.15pm        $440

 Attend this seminar and earn your CPD points across the             Psychological injuries caused by workplace bullying are becoming
 compulsory fields of ethics and professional responsibility,        the most expensive form of workers compensation claim.They
 practice management and business skills, and professional skills.   tend to involve more time off work plus higher legal and medical
                                                                     bills – according to one government estimate, bullying claims cost
                                                                     Australian employers more than $10 billion a year.
 Chair: andrew grech, Managing Director, Slater & Gordon
                                                                     Chair: Frances o’Brien SC, Barrister, Owen Dixon
                                                                     Chambers West

 trends in ethical Issues raised in Complaints                       establishing a Nexus Between Psychological Injuries and
 Presented by michael mcgarvie, Legal Services                       workplace Bullying
 Commissioner, Legal Services Commissioner                           •	 Case studies demonstrating the link between workplace
                                                                        bullying and psychological injuries
                                                                     •	 An exploration of the individual and workplace characteristics
 Practice management for Business Success                               which link psychological injuries and workplace bullying
 •	 Business planning                                                •	 What expert witnesses find useful in preparation for giving
                                                                        evidence in court
 •	 Implementation and management
                                                                     Presented by Dr Peter Cotton, Director, Psychology Services,
 •	 Performance measurement and analysis
                                                                     Medibank Health Solutions
 •	 Structural considerations
 •	 Succession planning                                              risk management Strategies for the Prevention and
 •	 Profit improvement                                               management of workplace Bullying
 Presented by michael Dennis, Director, BDO                          •	 The legal obligations employers now have to meet
                                                                     •	 Identifying the workplace warning signs
                                                                     •	 Preventative workplace practices – work environment risks,
 Communicating with the Client                                          intervention and follow-up action
 •	 Understanding your client’s business operations and              •	 Case study: the Café Vamp case
    objectives                                                       Presented by elizabeth Clancy, Project Officer, WorkSafe Victoria
 •	 Keeping clients up to date
                                                                     what are the appropriate remedies for Bullying?
 •	 Clear lines of communication
 Presented by Jonathan tisher, Partner, Tisher Liner & Co            •	 Criminal liability under the Occupational Health and Safety
                                                                        Act 2004 for failing to provide a safe workplace
                                                                     •	 A victim’s entitlement to workers compensation if a
                                                                        psychiatric illness results from bullying
                                                                     •	 Liability for breach of employment contract, unfair dismissal
                                                                     •	 Liability under equal opportunity legislation
                                                                     Presented by gail hubble, Barrister, Isaacs Chambers

                                                                     the role of aDr in Dealing with Bullying allegations
                                                                     •	 Understanding the boundaries between threats or insults
                                                                        and tactical negotiation
                                                                     •	 Negotiating settlements through the mediation process
                                                                     •	 How mediators can become bullies or be perceived as such
                                                                     Presented by Julian Ireland, Barrister, Owen Dixon
                                                                     Chambers West

 Earn 3 CPD Points across the following core areas
 when you attend this seminar:
 1 x Point Ethics and Professional Responsibility                    Earn 4 CPD Points in Substantive Law when you
 1 x Point Practice Management & Business Skills                     attend this seminar
 1 x Point Professional Skills

   3 CPD Points          EP        PS         PM                       4 CPD Points          EP        PS          PM                                                                                       Tel: 02 9387 8133
 Hoyne on Drafting                                                    CPD Compliance for
 in Civil Litigation                                       109V10     Litigation Lawyers                                      109V11

 Thursday, 16 September 2010         9.00am to 1.15pm         $440    Thursday, 16 September 2010        2.00pm to 5.15pm        $440

                                                                      By attending this seminar you will comply with the compulsory
 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!                                              field requirements of ethics and professional responsibility,
                                                                      practice management and business skills, and professional skills.
 A must-attend seminar for litigation lawyers wanting to lift their
 drafting skills, learn new techniques, gain confidence dealing       Chair: John Dunne, Principal, John Dunne & Associates
 with experts and get the most out of witness statements.
 Barrister Marcus Hoyne tells how to get it right when you are        Plain legal language: making your Court Document easier
 drafting Affidavits, applications and other documents in the         to use
 litigation process including taking into account the changes         •	 The value of plain language in letters and court documents
 brought about by the Evidence Act 2008.                              •	 The importance of clarity to convey your client’s position and
                                                                         demonstrate merit
                                                                      •	 Key steps to writing clearly: how to structure your
 •	 Statement of Claim and Defences                                      documents to suit your audience and purpose
 •	 Particulars                                                       •	 How to use language so that it reflects your purpose and
 •	 Strike-out Applications                                              communicates clearly to your audience
 Interlocutory applications                                           •	 Writing effectively using plain style, tone and grammar
 •	 Drafting summonses and applications                               Presented by Dr edwin tanner, Senior Lecturer, Victoria Law
                                                                      School, Victoria University
 •	 The supporting Affidavit
 expert Statements
 •	 Instructing an expert                                             the Court’s guide to Improved litigation for lawyers
 •	 The Expert Guidelines                                             •	 Procedural updates
 •	 Drafting and settling the expert report                           •	 Court effectiveness and efficiencies
 lay witness Statements and outlines                                  •	 Keeping up to date with procedural changes, form changes
 •	 Outline or witness statement?                                     •	 Technology and the litigation process
 •	 Obtaining instructions                                            •	 Common solicitor mistakes
 •	 Drafting outlines and statements                                  Presented by Peter washington, Principal Registrar,
 Presented by marcus hoyne, Barrister, Melbourne Chambers             Supreme Court of Victoria

 Marcus Hoyne has considerable experience in all aspects of
 commercial litigation having worked both in Melbourne and
 London during his career as a Solicitor and Barrister.               ethical Considerations in gathering evidence and advocacy
                                                                      •	 Gathering evidence
                                                                      •	 Interviewing witnesses
 Here’s what our delegates have said:
                                                                      •	 Drafting statements and Affidavits
 ‘Most useful seminar I have ever been to.                            •	 Preparing witnesses for court
 Delivery was interesting, content –                                  •	 Conducting the case
 perfectly pitched and very practical’.                               •	 Examination of witnesses in court
                                                                      Presented by Dr kristine hanscombe SC, Barrister,
 ‘Excellent presenter, excellent level                                Joan Rosanove Chambers
 of detail’.
 ‘Sweeping and inclusive presentation.
 A great achievement in just 4 hours’.

                                                                      Earn 3 CPD Points across the following core areas
                                                                      when you attend this seminar:
 Earn 4 CPD Points in Professional Skills when you                    1 x Point Ethics and Professional Responsibility
 attend this seminar                                                  1 x Point Practice Management & Business Skills
                                                                      1 x Point Professional Skills
   4 CPD Points           EP        PS          PM                      3 CPD Points          EP        PS         PM

Fax: 02 9387 8711                                                                            PO Box 971, Bondi Junction NSW 1355
 Water Law                                                 109V12      liability for water management and water Flows
                                                                       •	 Ownership of water?
 Thursday, 16 September 2010         1.45pm to 5.30pm         $440     •	 Responsibilities of individuals, councils and water authorities
                                                                       •	 Flood frequency design criteria and liability
 Businesses and industry consume large amounts of water. The           •	 Lack of public sector resources to take steps to
 day will come when water will be extremely scarce. What will this        prevent flooding
 mean for your client’s business – potential risks and liabilities?    •	 Recent High Court, Supreme Court and VCAT decisions
                                                                       Presented by adjunct Professor Dr robert Sadler,
                                                                       Barrister, Owen Dixon Chambers
 Chair: Professor lee godden, Director, Centre for Resources
 Energy and Environmental Law; Melbourne Law School,                   regulatory Challenges of Creating a water Sensitive City
 The University of Melbourne                                           •	 Melbourne at 5 million: where should our water come from
                                                                       •	 The role of integration of different water cycle areas
                                                                          e.g. storm, drinking and sewerage water
 government Intervention in water law                                  •	 Navigating the regulatory maze: who is responsible and who
                                                                          should be responsible?
 •	 Clarifying the implications of the recent legislative
    amendments and emerging policy                                     Presented by andrew allan, President, Stormwater Victoria
                                                                       (Stormwater Industry Association)
 •	 Current water grid structure
 •	 Projection of water markets                                        trading of water in rural Victoria
 •	 Implications of the liability of recycled water, storm water and   •	 Unbundling Reforms – Impact on Water Trade in Victoria
    managed aqua for recharge                                             since 2007
 •	 Buying back of water entitlements (for the purpose of              •	 Value of water – how has it changed since unbundling and
    reintroducing environmental flows for stressed rivers)                the impact of the water buy backs by the Federal Government
 Presented by Campbell Fitzpatrick, Executive Director,                •	 Practical issues in water trading in Victoria
 Water Entitlements & Strategies, Office of Water
                                                                       Presented by racheal Despotellis, Director, Dawes & Vary
                                                                       Pty Ltd

 Shifting water from an environmental externality (like Carbon)
 to a mainstream Business risk
 •	 Baker & McKenzie will illustrate this issue with case studies      Earn 3.5 CPD Points in Substantive Law
    on water disputes, water scarcity and the rising price of water
                                                                       when you attend this seminar
 Presented by ken gray, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
                                                                        3.5 CPD Points         EP           PS       PM

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   Training                                                               Opportunities
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  solutions. Our in-house training offers:
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     and presenters
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  For more information contact Denise tanner on                         For more information contact Denise tanner on
  (02) 9387 8133 or email              (02) 9387 8133 or email                                                                                         Tel: 02 9387 8133
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                                                                – DARTMOOR –PLYMOUTH – LANDS
                                                                END- GLASTONBURY – WELLS – BATH –
                                                                BRISTOL – COTSWOLDS – WORCESTER
                                                                – WARWICK – YORKSHIRE DALES –
                                                                SHERWOOD FOREST – CAMBRIDGE

Mark your diary!                                                                                           On
                                                                                                           pla ly 40
                                                                                                         av ce
                                                                                                           ail s
   Vietnam Family Law Conference,
Hanoi, Vietnam, 13 – 15 September 2011
                                                                    UK Property
Join us in Hanoi and earn your CPD/ MCLE points in an
atmosphere of cultural and legal exchange focussing
on the issues in Family Law that are important to you
                                                                    Case Law Tour
and explore the implications of cross-cultural issues on
your clients and your Family Law practice.                                     September 2011

Attend the session to hear tips essential to the practice
of family law from experts including lectures and workshops
in substantive family law, collaborative practice and         This unique, fascinating and educational tour will visit
inter-disciplinary presentations. Popular practical           the sites of a number of leading property law cases –
sessions will cover the latest developments, guides           with time to enjoy many of the key tourist delights of
to drafting, practice and procedure, child support            England along the way.
updates and more.
                                                              Your tour leader will be Peter Butt, Emeritus
For more information complete the form                        Professor of Law at the University of Sydney. Plus,
on page 12, call (02) 9387 8133 or email                      there will be guest lecturers from England, chosen                                 for their knowledge and their ability to explain the law
                                                              in ways that are both illuminating and entertaining.

                                                              For more information complete the form
                                                              on page 12, call (02) 9387 8133 or email
 NEW – Audio Recordings
 are you too busy to attend a seminar and would like to earn CPD points? Purchase an audio recording for just $225 and earn CPD points
 when it’s convenient for you! Victorian practitioners can claim one (1) CPD point per hour for private study of audio, up to a maximum of
 five (5) points in any CPD year. to order, complete the form on the back of this brochure or visit

 School Law                                     AU105V01           $225      Company Takeovers                              AU105V08          $225
 - Teachers Acting in Loco Parentis                                          - Takeover Refresher: Chapter 6 of the Corporations Act
 - Protecting Children: Rights and Responsibilities of Schools                and Related Issues
 - School and Privacy                                                        - The Role of the Financial Adviser in M&A Transactions
 - Employment Law Issues for Schools in 2010                                 - Recent Takeovers Panel and Regulatory Developments

 Athletes Behaving Badly:                                                    CPD Compliance
 Off-Field Behaviour                           AU105V02            $225
                                                                             for Family Lawyers                             AU911V03           $225
 - Measuring the Impact of Rogue Off-Field Conduct
                                                                             - Ethical Issues for Family
 - Impact of Player Misbehaviour on Sponsorship
                                                                             - Essential Best Practice Guide to Legal Costs Agreements
 - Mutual Obligations of Players and Clubs
                                                                             - Drafting Issues in Family Law
 - Acting for Athletes Facing Police Charges

 Review of Administration                                                    CPD Compliance for
 Decisions                                     AU105V04            $225      Litigation Lawyers                            AU911V12            $225

 - Review of the State Government Decisions in VCAT                          - Managing E-Discovery and E-Litigation
 - Review of Commonwealth Decisions in the Administrative                    - Preparing Affidavits & Witness Statements
   Appeals Tribunal                                                          - Lawyers’ Ethics in Litigation and ADR
 - The Role of Privative or Ouster Clauses in Judicial Reviews
                                                                             School Law                                    AU911V02            $225
 Green Buildings                               AU105V03            $225
                                                                             - Bullying and Cyber-Bullying: Your Legal Guide
 - Outlining the Legal Issues in Construction Contracting to
                                                                             - Your Essential Case Law Update on Legal Issues in Education
   Manage ESD Requirements
                                                                             - Dealing With Sexual Assault Issues
 - Understanding the Technical Challenges in Developing and Implementing
   ‘Green’ in Order to Deliver Successful ‘Green’ Projects                   - Hypothetical: Examining the Legal Aspects of Family Law

 - Managing Tenant Behaviour to Maintain Ratings i.e. NABERS and/ or          Issues in Schools
   Green Star
                                                                             Asbestos Litigation:
 - Reviewing the Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure
                                                                             The Deadly Dust                                AU911V05           $225
 CCH Essential
                                                                             - Nature of Asbestos Disease
 Employment Law                                   AU105V05         $225
                                                                             - Litigating Claims for Asbestos Related Diseases
 - Complying with the New National Employment Standards                      - Trial Issues in Asbestos Litigation
 - The Fair Work Act 12 Months On – The HR Lessons Learnt
                                                                             - Causation and Apportionment in Asbestos Related Diseases
 - Sexual Harassment and Bullying – Minimising the Risks for Your Business
 - Employees Behaving Badly – Disclosure of Confidential Information and     Mortgage Disputes                              AU911V10           $225
  Restraint of Trade
                                                                             - Current Trends in Mortgage Litigation and Sales
 CPE for Patent Attorneys                         AU105V06         $225      - Licensing of Lenders and Intermediaries

 - Advising Patent Owners to Ensure Their Invention Rights                   - Impact of the National Consumer Credit Protection Bill

 - Patent Oppositions: How Will Proposed Amendments to Opposition             on Mortgage Disputes
   Procedure Change Things?                                                  - Finance, Financial Ombudsman Service
 - Drafting Tips in Light of Bilski                                          - Duties of Mortgagee in Possession
 - Major Decisions Under the Microscope: Update on Recent Patent Cases
                                                                             Managed Investment Schemes:
 CPE for Trade Mark Attorneys                         AU105V07     $225
                                                                             The New Challenges       AU911V06                                 $225
 - Current Trends in Trade Mark Law: Federal Court and
                                                                             - Class Action Developments
   Trade Mark Office Decisions
 - Trade Mark Oppositions: Best Practice                                     - Winding Up and Insolvency of Managed Investment Schemes

 - Domain Name Issues in a Trade Mark Practice: The Current                  - Tax and MIS: The Changing Legislative Landscape
   and Future Landscape                                                      - Challenges For Responsible Entities and Their Directors                                                                                                     Tel: 02 9387 8133
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 Administrative and Government                                  $95 each          Crime                                                         $95 each
 administrative law: New and Current Issues                          CD103V10     Crucial Issues in Victorian Criminal law                          CD903V18
 - Judicial Review: Order 56 and the Administrative Law Act 1979                  - Confiscation Law – Protecting Your Clients’ Interests
 - Procedural Fairness: Common Problems and Recent Developments                   - Defending Clients Accused of Commercial Drug Trafficking
 - Recent Developments in VCAT Practice and Procedure                             - Defensive Homicide
 - Judicial Review and the Charter: Some Questions
                                                                                  Family Law                                                    $95 each
 Banking & Finance                                             $95 each           Family law update: what you Need to know in 2010                  CD103V05
 IP asset management                                                 CD907V01     - Financial Agreements: Drafting Tips and Tricks Post ‘Black’ Amendments
 - Managing Your IP Assets                                                        - De Facto Property Law: One Year Since the New Regime
 - Generating Revenue From Your IP Assets                                         - An Affair to Remember: Recent Family Law Decisions
 - Taxation and the Life-Cycle of Intellectual Property                           - Inter-Relationship Between Bankruptcy and Family Law
 - Legal Applications of Intellectual Property Valuations
                                                                                  In-House Counsel                                              $95 each
 - Case Study
                                                                                  In-house Counsel: your key Issues                                 CD909V07
 mortgage Disputes                                                   CD903V21
                                                                                  - Safeguarding Your Interests Against Insolvency of Suppliers and Vendors
 - Recent Trends in Mortgage Disputes
                                                                                  - Effective Costs Management – Tips on Delivering Results with
 - Brokers (and Lenders and Lawyers) Behaving Badly
                                                                                   a Reduced Budget
 - Come Early Come Without Fear
                                                                                  - Protecting Yourself When Advising Executives and the Board – James
 - Borrower Stress: Where do Lenders (and Brokers and Lawyers) Go
                                                                                   Hardie and Risk Management for In-House Counsel
 Shareholder agreements: the Nuts and Bolts guide                    CD909V01
                                                                                  Litigation                                                    $95 each
 - Your Practical Guide to Drafting Shareholder Agreements                        advanced guide for Commercial litigation                          CD103V06
 - Valuation Methodologies and Exit Mechanism Implications                        - The Role of Modern Commercial Court
 - Dealing with Disputes – Mediate, Litigate, Wait or Cop it Sweet?               - The New Evidence Act 2008 and its Importance to Commercial Litigators
                                                                                  - Reform of the Australian Domestic and International Commercial
 Contracts                                                     $95 each            Arbitration Acts: What it Means for Your Practice
 advanced Contract Practice                                          CD903V35     - Settling Complex Litigation
 - Pre-Contractual Negotiations                                                   Building Disputes                                                 CD103V14
 - Contractual Indemnities and Insurance – What You Need to Know About            - The Technology, Engineering and Construction List
  Insurance When Drafting and Litigating Over Commercial Contracts                - The Security of Payment Legislation, Update on the Latest Developments
 - Impact of Insolvency on Contracts: Dicing with Corporate Death                 - The Divide Between Standard Form Insurance Contract Clauses and
 - Disclaimer Clauses and the Trade Practices Act                                  Building Insurance Policies
                                                                                  - Enforcing Performance Securities
 Corporate & Commercial Law                                    $95 each           - Using Building Information Management Systems to Avoid Disputes
 Consumer Credit: the New National reforms                           CD103V12     From regulatory Investigation to litigation                       CD907V05
 - Unfair Contract Terms Reforms and Their Impact                                 - For the Love of Compliance! Establishing and Maintaining
 - Australia’s National Consumer Credit Protection Regime                          a Compliance Regime
 - Australian Credit Licence                                                      - Reacting to Regulatory Interest – Observations of an Investigator
 Directors’ Duties update                                            CD909V03     - Managing the Response to a Regulatory Investigation
 - The Accountability of ‘Corporate Undertakers’ for Their Misconduct in Office   - ASIC Deterrence and its Approach to Securities Litigation
 - Analysing the Lessons Learned from Hardie                                      Medical Negligence                                             $95 each
 - Duties of Directors of Responsible Entities
 - Analysing the Impact of Civil Penalty Proceedings on Directors                 medical Negligence                                                CD103V17
                                                                                  - Medical Indemnity and the Insurer
 Film & television law                                               CD907V02
                                                                                  - Failure to Warn
 - Financing with the Offset
                                                                                  - Re-Examining Failure to Diagnose: Is it Fatal?
 - Film Finance in a Changed Financial and Economic Environment
                                                                                  - Loss of a Chance: Tabet v Gett
 - Production Contracting for Film and Television
                                                                                  - Demystifying Referrals to Medical Panels in the Wrongs Act
 - Using Musical Works and Sound Recordings in Television Programs
                                                                                  - Identifying Potentially Compensable Injury
 - Dealing In and Acquiring Television Program Format Rights
 Navigating the Pitfalls of Buying and Selling a Business            CD903V06
                                                                                  Wills                                                         $95 each
 - Tax Advantages of Different Structures                                         testators Family maintenance applications                         CD903V36
 - Representations Made in the Sale of a Business                                 - TFM and the Proposed Adoption of Uniform National Succession Legislation
 - Negotiating the Warranties/Indemnities                                         - Exploring Claims Made Outside the Square
 - Employee Issues in Business Transfers                                          - TFM Applications Involving Disabled Persons

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