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                                                                                                                                        is okay if
                                                                                                                                        you don’t
                                                                                                                                        overdo it.

Emerald                                                                                                                            News
                      News for the Emerald Lakes Community
32nd Year, 8th Issue                                                www.elainc.org                                                   NOVEMBER 2006

ELA Sponsors
Record Flight
  When I first arrived at the    because of that flight at
airport on that crisp autumn     Inner Harbor, Baltimore, on
Saturday I could hardly          October 21, “The Revenge
believe my eyes. At 35 feet it   of the Paper Airplane” and
was not only the biggest         its    owner/builder/pilot
paper airplane I had ever        Tony Abuiso, Sr. will be in
seen; second place wasn’t        the 2007 Guiness Book of
even close. And in a week, a     World Records as the largest
crazy man (I thought)            successfully-piloted paper
would attempt to fly on it!      airplane ever.
  Amazingly, it worked, and        Partially sponsored by the        “Revenge of the Paper Airplane” on display at the Pocono Regional Airport on Saturday,
                                 Emerald Lakes Association,          October 14, a week before the record attempt.
                                                    the plane is
                                                    the    joint
                                                    project of
        Happy                                       the Abuiso
                                                    f a m i l y,

     Thanksgiving!!                                 including
                                                    dad Tony
                                                    Sr., mom
                                                    D a w n
                                                    Marie, and
                                            Nicholas, Amanda
                                             and Anthony, Jr.
                                                 Okay, maybe it
                                               didn’t fly that
                                               far, 15 feet after
                                               launching. But
                                              what’s         the
                                             biggest paper air-
                                            plane you ever
                                         built? How far did it       Our dauntless hero Tony Abuiso, Sr. plays to the crowd before his try at a record-setting
                                         fly?                        flight. (More pictures page 19)

                                                                                                                                           PRESORTED STD
                                                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                         DEADLINE               DATE                                                                                             PAID
 DECEMBER                11/20/06               12/7/06             Emerald                                    News                           Permit #22
                                                                                 News for the Emerald Lakes Community
 JANUARY                 12/18/06               1/4/07              32nd Year, 8th Issue      www.elainc.org       NOVEMBER 2006             ADDRESS SERVICE
                                                                     1 Glade Drive
 All articles, pictures, schedules, etc.                             Long Pond, PA 18334
 must be submitted to
 Buz Whelan, Emerald News Editor.

                         President’s                                                                    Manager’s Notes
                          Message                                                                                  by Alex Konopka
                        by Richard Heuston
                                                                       The leaves are gone and the    one sees any of these types of      cinders and salt are stocked up
  It’s hard to believe it’s time to write the November mes-         snow flurries will soon be        violations don’t hesitate to call   and trucks and cinder spread-
sage. The time is just flying by.                                   starting to fall. Actually as I   Ralph.                              ers are all serviced and ready
  I would like to take this time to wish all members and            write this message there’s hail      Also, our Security staff con-    for the first snowfall.
staff, on behalf of the Board of Directors, a very Happy            falling. We all know what is      tinues to police traffic viola-     Maintenance continues to
Thanksgiving. Enjoy good food and fun with your family              coming next. But we are still     tions using radar. Please           work on the pothole repair
and friends and stay safe.                                          trying to take advantage of all   respect the rules and regula-       and drainage problems.
  We held our Volunteer Appreciation Party on Saturday,             the good weather that may         tions of the Community, and           Keep in mind the club-
October 14th. There was a very nice turnout and the food            still come.                       this will continue to be a great    house restaurant is open
was delicious. I hope everyone who attended had a good                 Our teen flag football game    place to live.                      Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
time. If anyone was overlooked please accept our apologies.         between Emerald Lakes and            Some improvements the            Saturday and Sunday with
  Our First Aid course is being held on Saturdays through-          Pocono Farms Country Club         Board and I are working on          specials going on all the time.
out the year. There are still spaces available. If you are inter-   was a great success. ELA won      are: a new carpet and dance         Wing Night is every
ested, please contact Denise Wilson at the Community                the game 32-12. WAY TO GO         floor in the Clubhouse; a gas       Wednesday.
Center to sign up.                                                  TEAM! Our team will travel to     fireplace to be installed in the      Planning a party? Let us do
  Dinner with Santa will be taking place sometime in                Pocono Farms sometime in          old fireplace area; and the         the work for you. Rent the
December. Please look for future notices.                           November to play them again.      ceiling contractor is wrapping      clubhouse for an upcoming
  Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy dinner and friends at the             Our CEO (Ralph Musto)          up the new ceiling tile work.       special event and have your
Emerald Grill. Until next time stay healthy and safe.               continues to police the com-      Lighting improvements have          party catered.
                                                                    munity for unsightly proper-      already been made.                    I hope you enjoy the rest of
 Tim’s Junk Car Removal                                             ties and junk vehicles. If any-      On a Maintenance note,           the Fall season and stay safe.
 will pay cash for your
        junk car.
      570-350-0337                                                        Security Tips                                                         by Steve Valent

                                                                       Holiday Mall Shopping          ness, more and more busi-           becoming more and more
                                                                       The number of incidents        nesses are moving to the            prevalent in mall parking
                                                                    of crime at the shopping          malls, big and small alike, in      areas.
                                                                    malls around the country is       order to increase their prof-          So again you ask me,
                                                                    up significantly since 1978.      itability. When the shoppers        “Steve, what can I do to pro-
                                                                    There is a serious crime          follow these moves and now          tect myself in this predator
                                                                    problem in our malls, even        gather in the malls, the            filled environment?”
                                                                    though you hear very little       predators naturally follow. I          “Alex, I’ll have “Security
                                                                    in the newspapers and on          can’t picture a better place        Focus” for $800.”
                                                                    TV. Why? Well, it is because      for a predator than a large             “OK, the answer is: ‘Two
                                                                    the malls are private proper-     mall with its concentration         things I can do to keep from
                                                                    ty and are not required to        of potential prey. Sort of like     becoming a crime victim?’ ”
                                                                    report incidents of crime to      a water hole with all the           (Remember to phrase your
                                                                    the public. The malls also        variety of prey a predator          answer in the form of a
                                                                    want to convey to you, the        could ask for. Can’t you pic-       question!)
                                                                    shopper, that your local mall     ture a saber-toothed tiger             “What is; BE AWARE and
                                                                    is a safe place. The reality of   salivating as he sits on his        STAY ALERT?”
                                                                    it is that the typical mall in    haunches watching the                   Correct!!
                                                                    1993 had seven times as           parade of potential prey fil-          Sorry, you really didn’t
                                                                    many shoplifting incidents,       ing past him? Or perhaps            win $800, but you may have
                                                                    and triple the number of          the predators are in a group        just kept the money you had
                                                                    parking lot crimes, such as       like jackals, waiting to see        in your wallet or purse
                                                                    auto theft and break-ins,         the weakest of the weak go          while shopping in the mall.
                                                                    since 1978. Violent crimes,       by. Whatever or where ever          The predators don’t want to
                                                                    such as assaults and rob-         they are, you must be alert         be involved with people
                                                                    beries have also increased to     and aware that they are there;      who are alert and aware of
                                                                    the point where more atten-       and they are “hungry”.              their surroundings.
                                                                    tion is being given to these         One of the most risky               Here are a couple of
                                                                    crimes, and their preven-         places in the malls is the rest     things you can do to protect
                                                                    tion. Why are mall-crimes         room. They are usually              yourself while Holiday
                                                                    on the increase? Simple, the      secluded and at the end of a        Shopping:
                                                                    average American goes to a        long corridor. It is a com-            • Only use the public rest-
                                                                    shopping mall complex 36          mon place for sexual preda-         rooms as a last resort. If you
                                                                    times a year. Since the local     tors to hang around or bring        must use them, take a friend
                                                                    neighborhood shops can no         their victims to, especially        with you. Then tell the mall
                                                                    longer compete with the           pedophiles. But they can be         management office that you
                                                                    giant shopping city and are       anywhere.                           feel an attendant is necessary
                                                                    slowly going out of busi-            Car-jackings are also                 Continues on next page
                                                                                       EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 3
at that location.                 • Make frequent trips to
  • Avoid the group of three    your vehicle and put your
or more who are aimlessly       packages in the trunk or
meandering around the           cover them over so they
mall, and alert the mall        can’t be seen through the
security to their location.     window.
  • Make frequent “window         • Do NOT approach your
shopping” stops to see if       car if there is a group near it.
anyone is following you. If     Return to the mall and noti-
there is, go into that store    fy mall security that you do
and have them call security,    not feel safe walking to your
or the police.                  car and ask for an escort.
  • Keep the number of            • Ladies, protect your
packages you are carrying to    purse. Always carry your
a minimum. Use the shop-        purse with the clasp or clo-
ping bags available to put      sure against your body.
small packages into. Carry        • Men, put your wallet in
one big bag instead of many     your front pocket; don’t
small ones.                     keep it in your hip pocket.
  • Do NOT carry boxes in         • Carry only one or two
front of your face so that      credit cards with you while
they block your forward         shopping. Do NOT carry
view.                           large sums of cash.                                      Pumpkin Painting Party
  • Park your car as close as     • Be wary of anyone who             Family members of all ages enjoyed themselves at this year’s
you can to either the main      begins to invade your per-         pumpkin painting party held at the community center on October 28.
entrance or any store           sonal space while you are
entrance. It is safer to walk   shopping. Try to maintain a
through the crowded mall        two-arms distance between
than an empty parking lot.      you and strangers.
  • Park your car under or as     And ALWAYS remember
near to an overhead light as    the First Rule of Personal
possible.                       Security; BE AWARE and STAY
  • Be aware and alert when     ALERT!
approaching your car in the       Have a SAFE Holiday
parking lot.                    Shopping Season.

                                                                                                            Haunted Hay Ride
                                                                                                    “Jason” was just one of the many
                                                                                           frightening sights ready to scare, those who dared
                                                                                                   to ride this years haunted hay ride.

Home Cooking
                             by Buz Whelan

   The Beast                               proportions. You can easily
   I first made this recipe for            adjust the dish up or down
a Super Bowl party in                      depending on the size of the
January 1988. I had just got-              gathering you’re preparing
ten a 35 inch TV, the biggest              it for just by keeping the
you could get at the time. I               amounts of the ingredients
invited a few friends over to              equal to each other. Today’s
show off the TV and enjoy                  recipe is for four hungry
the game. I liked Buffalo                  football watchers, presum-
wings, but I was looking for               ably to be served with two
something a little different. I            or three other snacks.
decided to try combining                     Ingredients
the heat of Buffalo wings                  3 pounds chicken wings
with a balancing sweetness                 1 cup butter
– honey.                                   1 cup Louisiana hot sauce
   The name of the dish                    1 cup honey                     paper towel sheets.                 pan. Pour over the sauce,         Lagniappe
comes from my first combi-                   Process                         Melt two sticks of butter         spreading to coat evenly. The     To save time and trouble I
nation of ingredients: 6                     Separate the wing sec-        in a 2 qt or larger saucepan.       wings will be sitting in a      buy wingettes whenever
tablespoons of butter, 6 of                tions, discarding the almost    When it is completely melt-         pool of sauce. Cover with a     they’re available. Purdue is
Louisiana hot sauce and 6 of               meatless tips(you could use     ed add the hot sauce, whisk-        sheet of aluminum foil and      one brand that packages
honey. 666 is the ‘sign of the             them to make chicken            ing or stirring to blend.           bake in a low (300 degrees)     them. They’re already sepa-
Beast,’ an ancient name for                stock). Lay the sections in a   Then add the honey, repeat-         oven for about 1 to 1 1/2       rated, they tend to be a bit
the devil. I’ve made the dish              single layer on a baking        ing the mixing process.             hours. Serve hot.               plumper than the whole
at least 25 times since that               sheet or roasting pan and         Place the wings in an 8” x                                        wings, and you don’t pay
first one, and I’ve changed                broil, turning once to crisp    11” disposable aluminum                                             for the meatless tips.
the amounts but never the                  both sides. Dry between

Sandy Valley Greenhouse                     DJ “Johnny”
                                                                             Board Meeting Highlights
  & Tree Service, Inc.
      RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL              A Mobile DJ Production A
                                                 All occasions
                                                                             September 23
                                                                             Board Motions
                                                                                                                 Dave Pope was not present
                                                                                                                                                 Vote:Yes-5 No-2
                 • Clean-ups                  Specializing in weddings
       • Removal • Pruning • Trimming       Booking Holiday Parties
                                                                             Motion: To approve the            for this vote.                    Motion: To split the
              • Year Round Service                                         July 22 minutes                       Motion: To Split the          Maintenance and Security
        • Free Estimates • Fully Insured    Karaoke (over 30,000 songs)
                                                   Fully Insured             Proposed and seconded:            Finance and Planning            Committee into two (2)
              Emergency Service
                                                 (570) 646-3510            Steve Valent and Fred Dunn          Committee into two (2)          separate committees.
           570-233-8175                          (570) 460-1112              Vote:Yes-4 No-0                   separate committees.              Proposed and seconded:
      570-636-0178                              phildud@epix.net
                                                                           Abstain-2                             Proposed and seconded:        Steve Valent and Bob
                                                                             The two abstentions were          Steve Valent and Bob            Marinello
 L.P. EVERETT                                                              from the new Board                  Marinello                           Continues on next page

     U*B*U Hardwood Flooring                                                                                   MICE?
            Wood Floor Refinishing and Restorations
               Refinishing and Restoration of Stairs                       DID YOU KNOW?
         Installations: Bruce Prefinished and Raw Floors
                    Tiling & Home Improvements                             • Mice are the second most destructive
                                                                             mammals in the world after rats.
Free Estimates                                             Fully Insured
                                                                           • One mouse may make 20 to 30 visits to
                                                                             various food sites in one night.
                                                                           • Mice dribble urine as they travel to mark
                                                                             their trail.
                                                                                   If you suspect a Rodent problem, call Seitz Bros. AND BE SURE!

                                                                                                                                  Toll Free 1-866-SEITZBROS
                                                                                                                                       Pocono Lake—646-1404
                                                                                                                                       Mt. Pocono—839-9338
                                                                                                                                      Lake Harmony—722-2600
                                                                                                                                        Jim Thorpe—325-2003
                                                                                         Quality Service Since 1975                   Palmerton—610-824-8118
                                                                                “Let Our Family Serve Yours”                           Stroudsburg—424-3515

                                                                                       FREE ESTIMATES—7 DAYS A WEEK
                                                                                                                                    EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 5
                                                                                                                                   Board Meeting                    Vote:Yes-7 No-0
                 Emerald Lakes Association                                                                                                                        Abstain-0
                                                                                                                                   Highlights...                    Motion: To form a
                Recreation Program Activities                                                                             continued from page 4.                  “Welcoming Committee”
                                                      by Don Alvarez                                                         Vote:Yes-7 No-0                        Proposed and seconded:
                                                                                                                          Abstain-0                               Steve Valent and George
  Can you dig it, all you writing this ahead of time I early dismissals. Registration is                                     Motion: To cancel the Haab
groovy hip cats? This was a ‘be hope we scared the mess out of ongoing. Pick up your enroll- December 2006 Board of                                                 Vote:Yes-7 No-0
there or be square’ event. We you.                                             ment form at the Community Director’s meeting due to its Abstain-0
pulled off our first ever 70s                     Santa Claus will be coming Center.                                      proximity to the Christmas                Motion: To APPROVE new
night Karaoke party. It was to town on Saturday December                         Join us for Monday Nite Holiday; but leaving open membership
dynamite. DJ Tommy Tunes 9. Santa, Mrs. Claus & friends Football and Wing Night on the possibility of an emer-                                                      Proposed and seconded:
made it funky and the outfits are scheduled to attend the Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. gency meeting if needed.                                                   Fred Dunn and Steve Valent
were off the wall. Nikki the return of Emerald Lakes Come out to eat, watch the big                                          Proposed and seconded:                 Vote:Yes-7 No-0
bartender kept spirits going at Association Tree Lighting screen television, listen to Rich Heuston and Bob Abstain-0
the bar and with the 70s trivia Ceremony.This night will host music and meet your neigh- Marinello                                                                  Motion: To have a
& name that tune theme song the voices of the ELA Choir bors.                                                                Vote:Yes-7 No-0                      “Volunteer Appreciation”
games. Where did she get that performing various songs of                        Our Mommy and Me pro- Abstain-0                                                  Award Day on October 14,
Colt 45 from? The soul food the season along with a tree gram continues to grow and it                                       Motion: To install item on 2006
special of fried chicken, baked lighting, story from Santa, and, offers a great opportunity for Proposal # 568 from                                                 Proposed and seconded:
macaroni & cheese along with of course, gifts. The Emerald moms to come out and share Keiper’s Lock and Alarm Bob Marinello and Joe
candied yams provided by Grill will have a special holiday ideas and tips with one anoth- dated 9/14/06                                                           Giordano
Carol & Carlos of the Emerald dinner on the menu. Parents er. We welcome all moms to                                         Proposed and seconded:                 Vote:Yes-7 No-0
Grill hit the spot.We have to do remember to preregister by join the fun. Don’t forget this Rich Heuston and Joe Abstain-0
this again and remember-wear Friday, December 1 to ensure program is free. We meet Giordano                                                                         At September’s board
your 70s best outfits.                         Santa will have a gift for your Monday and Thursday at 11
  We want to give a BIG CON- child 12 yrs and under. Parents a.m.
GRATS to the Teen Focus Group must help Santa and provide a                      We are already planning new Committee                                   Chairperson           Liaison
Football Team for their victory gift if your child is 13 yrs old events and we hope that every- Communications                                           Buzz Whelan           Steve Valent
over Pocono Farms Country or older.We can use gift wrap- one will come on out and join                                     Community Ctr.                Bob Marinello         Joe Giordano
Club. ELA 32–PFCC 12. Each pers to help Santa get all the in on the fun. Please look out Rules & Regulations Delores Horton                                                    Joe Giordano
and every player had a mean- presents ready. Santa will make for the flyers that will be post-                             A. R. C.                      Barbara Monguzzi Rich Heuston
ingful part in our win. Great special visits throughout the ed around the community to                                                                   Judy White
job guys; you made us proud. day to pass out candy canes and let you know what is coming                                                                 Mary Engel
  We hope everyone enjoyed holiday cheer before the up. If you have any questions,                                         Crime Watch                   Nick DeVito           Rich Heuston
our Emerald Lakes Halloween evening events.                                    suggestions or would like to Finance                                      Fred Dunn             Bob Marinello
activities which included the                     We offer an early morning volunteer in our programs                      Planning                      Steve Valent          Fred Dunn
Haunted Hayride, Pumpkin drop off at 7 a.m. and then please contact us, as we want to Maintenance                                                        Joe Olal              George Haab
Painting Holloween Party and after school activities from dis- hear from you. Our office Security                                                        Alex Konopka          Steve Valent
Tail Gate Trick or Treat. Thanks missal until 6 p.m. This pro- number is 643-3395. Again                                   Political Action              Dave Pope             George Haab
to all of the people who took gram has been a great success thank you for everyone who Real Estate                                                       Buzz Whelan           Dave Pope
time out of their busy sched- especially on snow days with has put time in to make all of                                  Welcoming                     Judy White            Rich Heuston
ules to make this a success. In delayed school openings and our programs successful.
                                                                                                                                                                  meeting, held on Saturday,
                              Emerald Lakes Land Owners — Make the most of your property with LTS!                                                                September 23, the Board of
                                                                                                                                                                  Directors unanimously ap-
                               inning q       uality                                                erald L    akes                                               proved all of the following
  Build    an award-w e, with…                                                   Turn your Em quick cash, with…                                                   committees.
                              om                                                                  to
  Eme    rald Lakes h                                                            homesite in                                                                        Please note: The regularly
                  Northeast PA’s                                                            The Pocono Homesite                                                   scheduled board meetings
                                                                                                                                                                  for November and De-
             Award-Winning Best: LTS!                                                       Sales Specialists: LTS!                                               cember have been cancelled
                Find a home to suit your style and your Emerald Lakes                   Unlike “general” real estate companies that divide their time             due to their proximaty to
            neighborhood, with a wonderful variety of 3, 4, and 5 bedroom            among house and condo resales and rentals, commercial properties
                      designs to choose from — all fully appointed                    and land sales, LTS Realty is dedicated exclusively to matching up          the upcoming holidays.
                     to deliver feature-for-feature unbeatable value.                    buyers of homesites with property owners who want to sell.                             Submitted by,
            Customize with LTS architects and decorators, at your service                 In fact, LTS Realty sells more Monroe County homesites                           Steve Valent, Board
          at no charge, in the spectacular new LTS Emporium design center!                     than any other Pocono real estate company, and
                    START NOW — The equity in your land may be                          more than all the area’s top national Realtors® combined!                                    Secretary
                              the only downpayment you need!                          Cash in on your Emerald Lakes land NOW, while the market’s hot,
                     See all the reasons area residents have voted LTS            for TOP-DOLLAR, FAST-CASH RESULTS. No one makes it easier than LTS!
                      The Poconos’ Choice Builder, year after year!
                                                                                               Call for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS and find out
                                Call for your appointment                                        how much your property is worth today —
               Open every day 1-800-942-7450              or 570-424-8867                570-424-8867 or       1-877-587-3030          ask for Realty
                            See LTS homes at LTSbuilders.com                                  We’re open every day • email: realty@ltsgroup.net

                                                                                LTS REALTY COMPANY IS PLEDGED TO WORKING COOPERATIVELY WITH OTHER REAL ESTATE COMPANIES, AND
             Serving Pocono homebuyers and homeowners since 1976.               THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS A SOLICITATION IF YOUR PROPERTY IS CURRENTLY LISTED WITH ANOTHER BROKER.

©2006 LTS BUILDERS   See for yourself why LTS is the Poconos’ leader in custom-built homes and land sales!

                                The Fifty Plus Club
                                              by Edie DeVito, Chairperson

   In spite of what we hoped         about nutrition and what’s good      close to home. Don’t hesitate to
would be, that being the beautiful   for you – well – so is a good time   join us and contact me for any
foliage, we traveled to Atlantic     healthy for the body and soul.       additional information at the
City in pouring rain. This didn’t    Relieve those tensions and get       Club’s hotline number at (570)
dampen our spirits as we knew        away for an afternoon.Take advan-    643-4243. Wishing you all a
when the dice rolls, you win         tage of a portion of the day out     Happy Thanksgiving !!
some, you lose some. In any case,
we had a fun day out. Some mem-
bers chose to hit the slots, while
others walked the boardwalk, hit-
ting the new mall and the outlets.                                                                           Carol Tallada displaying lunch for members.
   A special thanks to Emerald
Lakes’ cook, Carol Tallada, for an
excellent lunch preparation at our
well attended October get-togeth-
   Due to Election Day, there will
be no meeting of the Fifty Plus
Club (Tuesday, November 7).
   Our next scheduled get-togeth-
er is Tuesday, December 5, at 12
Noon. Mark your calendar and
come and join us as at the                    Ray Young, Nick DeVito, and Rich Monguzzi.
Community Center for our
Holiday Celebration. For your
enjoyment, entertainment will be
provided as well as sharing a grab
bag prize.You know how we read

                                                                                                                Hungry members at the lunch table.

                                              Phyllis and Joe Shedlock and Art McDougal.

   Enjoying a good laugh,
    Art McDougal and
    Lee Hollingsworth.

                                                                                                                   Members heavy into Dominos.

                                      Birthday celebrations - Ruben Rivera, Joe Giordano,Tony
                                                   D’Addesa and Nereida Rivera.
                                                                                                           EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 7
                                                                      for information, I immediate-       remind me that I am thankful the deadline I curse the chore

Family Matters                                                        ly realized how thankful I am
                                                                      to have two kids that love
                                                                      school and learning. They
                                                                                                          for the fact that he loves me of having to pump out anoth-
                                                                                                          and makes me feel beautiful er article but the fact is, it’s all
                                                                                                          every day. He keeps me in I’ve ever wanted to do since
by Denise L. Wilson                                                   make good grades and they           check, he’s a great dad and I’m 12 and here I am doing
                                                                      are both healthy, not laying in     every day after work he it. So I promise myself I will
   Isn’t It Great to Be Alive      looked him straight in the eye
                                                                      a hospital bed somewhere            comes home, shoes on and complain no more.
   This morning when I woke        and with as much enthusiasm
                                                                      fighting a debilitating disease.    all, instead of stopping off at a   If you are one of those peo-
up, the first thing I thought      as I could muster I said “Isn’t
                                                                      Amazing what repeating six          bar or going to hang out with ple who just can’t seem to
about was all the things I had     it just great to be alive!!!” He
                                                                      little words can do.And when        the boys.                         find anything to be thankful
to do. Not a great way to start    smiled and then went into the
                                                                      my husband walks through               At this moment, as I type for, be thankful that you woke
the day. At the top of my list     bathroom to shower. It was at
                                                                      the door tonight, tracking          the end of this article I am up today and got to read my
was the cleaning I had put off     that moment that I had to
                                                                      wet leaves into the house on        thankful that it is done. (Just article! Who knows, just
for the last two weeks and         admit to myself that it was
                                                                      his shoes that he refuses to        kidding, sort of) But more maybe you’ll try this experi-
writing this article, which is     great to be alive and saying
                                                                      take off, I will say to myself      than that, I am thankful for ment and find out there’s a
five days over-due. I huffed       that sentence out loud had
                                                                      “Isn’t it great to be alive!”That   the opportunity to write. whole ‘nother way to finding
out of bed and made my way         drained me of all my anger
                                                                      one little sentence will            Every month, two days before things to be thankful for.
to the kitchen to make a pot       and frustration. Words are so
of coffee. I decided it would      powerful.When he was done
be a good idea to write down       showering I told him about
all the things I felt needed to    my realization, and he said
be done. So I sat on the living    great, now you have some-           Youth Recreation ongoing programs
room couch and wrote it all        thing to write your article
                                                                                              FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF THESE PROGRAMS
down. Not such a good idea.        about. Skeptical that my
On paper it looked like even       mood shift was only tempo-                                                CALL: 570-643-3395
more, and I could feel my          rary, he and my daughter                           EARLY BIRD DROP OFF RECREATION PROGRAMS
anger and resentment grow at       were still leaving the house.
having to complete all these       That was okay, though,                                                     7 a.m.-bus pick up
things on my only two days         because I had decided to take                                                        &
off.                               this new found knowledge
   No sooner did I put down        and turn it into an experi-                              AFTER SCHOOL RECREATION PROGRAM
the pen and the tirade began.      ment.                                                                      Dismissal –6 p.m.
I started by cleaning up piles        Every time I felt myself get-
                                                                        Activities _ Swimming _ Arts & Crafts _ Sports _ Movies _ Homework
of accumulated stuff on            ting angry and ready to com-
kitchen counters, chairs, the      plain I’d repeat “Isn’t it great
floor, greeting each one of my     to be alive,” and then I would                                              Much More!!!!!!!
family members with not            find something to be thankful
“good morning” but with            for related to either the per-                              Sign up and show your support !!!!
“you know we have to clean         son or the object that was at
up around here today!” and         the root of my anger. For
“Why can’t anyone pick up          instance, after begging my
after themselves?” Talk about
setting the tone. Needless to
say, I started getting everyone
                                   kids for their dirty laundry, I
                                   began sorting and started to
                                   heat up at the fact that, had
                                                                       PROBLEM WATER?
                                                                           • Brown or Green Stains?
grumpy. My husband imme-           they given it to me through-                                                          FREE Water Test
diately decided it would be a      out the week, as I asked, the           • Hard Water?
good idea to shower and take       laundry would already be
my 9-year-old to her school’s      done. At that moment, I                 • Sulphur Smell?
Tricky Tray. My 12-year-old        stopped in my tracks and said           • Clogged Water Heaters?
disappeared into the office to     to myself “Isn’t it great to be
work on her French project in      alive!” With that, amidst all           • Bacteria?
the hopes that would keep          the dirty clothes, I realized I
her out of my line of fire.        was thankful we could clothe
   As I was still grumbling to     ourselves and our kids and
myself, while straightening
up the bedroom, my husband
walked in, and I guess in a
                                   that was one less thing we
                                   had to worry about. The next
                                   opportunity came about 15
                                                                                 WE HAVE THE ANSWER.
half thinking-out-loud kind        minutes later when I looked                         We provide economical results
of way, I blurted out “you         at the dining room table, and
know, if they would just clean     my oldest daughter’s breakfast                    not high priced, high pressure hype.
their rooms and pick up after      dishes were still there. On my
themselves…” Right then            way to marching into the
and there he stopped me and        office, where she was still
asked “are you ever going to
stop complaining? Can’t you
                                   working on her school proj-
                                   ect, I stopped again and said          CALL TODAY                                        H. John Davis
just once say ‘Isn’t it great to
be alive.’”What and spend an
entire day not complaining?
                                   to myself “Isn’t it great to be
                                   alive!” And as I opened the
                                   door and saw her diligently
                                                                       1-800-532-8283                                       Your Home Comfort
In an effort to humor him, I       searching on the computer                                                                Experts for 55 Years

                         CALLING ALL TEENS !!!


                            POETRY SLAMS,
                             MOVIE NIGHT,
                         X BOX COMPETITIONS,
                              STEP TEAMS                                         Emerald Lakes Mommy & me group painted pumpkins
                              AND MORE.                                                   for their fall arts and craft project.


                     WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!


             TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS FROM 3:15 – 5:30 p.m.


             FORE MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: 570-643-3395

                           WWW.ELACIN.ORG                                As we’re demonstrating here, you’re never too young to paint a pumpkin.
                                                                                                                   EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 9

Unity and Community football game played on October 21,
  at the field next to the administration building, pitting
   Emerald Lakes against Pocono Farms Country Club.

                                                                                                           Emerald Lakes
                                                                                                          Holiday Festivities
                   Victor Puello, quarterback prepares
                  to complete pass to Brian Cannonin.                                                           2006
                                                                                 The holiday season is just around the corner and we are again planning to celebrate in Emerald Lakes.
                                                                                 The North Pole has notified us that with all the new houses and new families here in Emerald Lakes,
                                                                                 Santa has decided he needs to practice his Christmas Eve delivery route through the community so he
                                                     R&S                         doesn’t miss any of the new stops he will have to make on his big night.
                                                                                 On December 9, Santa will be practicing his new route from about 2:30 p.m. onward and will be
                                                    Van Pool                     stopping at the community center at 4:30 p.m. to help us sing some carols, light our tree and partake of
                                                                                 refreshments. He will have gifts for all the good boys and girls that live here in
                                               CDL Licensed with 25 years        Emerald Lakes.
                                               of service, is now providing      Stop at the Clubhouse or the Administration office to pick up a map of his route and the time he will be
                                               transportation service from       near your street so you can greet Santa and make him feel welcome!
                                               teh Poconos to NYC. Pick up       We invite all of you to enjoy the fellowship of the season with your friends and neighbors and ask that
                                               points from Emerald Lake,         you please join us.
                                               Pinecrest, Pocono Pines and       Schedule
                                               Pocono Summit to the Port         2:30 to 4:30 p.m. — Santa’s practice run
                                               Authority Bus Terminal at         4:30 to 5 p.m. — Caroling at the center
                                               181st Street (George              5 p.m. — We light up the tree
                                               Washington Bridge Terminal).      5 to 6 p.m. — Kid’s Party with Santa
                                                                                 5:30 pm. — Voluntary gift exchange
                                                                                 6 to 9 p.m. — Dinner
                                                                                 8 to ? - Variety Bingo (great prizes, TV, digital camera, DVD player tools and more)

                                                                                 The Emerald Grill will be serving a special turkey dinner for
                                               For information and               $5.95 [adults], $2.50 [children 4 to 10], toddlers [under 4] eat for free.
                                               reservations please contact       During dinner we will be showing the classic black and white version of Miracle on 34th Street
                                               Mr. Sanders 347-523-0877          The bar will be open and be serving our usual selection of beverages, as well as some seasonal
                                               Mrs. Sanders 347-573-5035         specialty drinks— including hot toddies, hot spiced apple cider and, hot buttered rum.

                                                                                                               Don’t Forget, the Pool will be open 3-9:45pm

                                  STEVE GOTTFRIED                                        If you plan to bring your children under the age of 12 to the community center to
                                  Bus: (570) 839-7710 Fax: (570) 839-8805        attend the party with Santa you need to preregister by December 1. Santa’s elves need to
                                  Toll: (800) 423-2413 Cell: (570) 977-5095      know the ages and gender of the children you will be bringing to the party. Cost per child is
                                  sgottfried@CBprre.com                          $3. Adults and children over 12 are welcome to participate in our gift exchange. To do this
                                                                                 you need to bring a wrapped gift to the center with you. If you bring a gift, you will receive
                                                                                 a gift. The gift should cost $3 to $5 and be gender neutral. Please stop by the community
                                                                                 center or the office to sign up for the party. If you have any question call the center at 646-
                                  PHYLLIS RUBIN REAL ESTATE                      8118 or the office at 646–2622
                                  26C Pocono Blvd. • Mount Pocono, PA 18344
   Each Office is Independently
      Owned and Operated           An Emerald Lake Resident Serving Your Needs

  November 2006                                                                                                                                                   Volume 2

 Kerry Decides Not to Run                                                                                     Fifty Plus Club Plans
                                                                                                                Trip to Bathroom
   What Does It Mean?                                                                                       DOWNTOWN EMERALD
                                                                                                          LAKES, Pennsylvania (FNS)
                                                                                                                                                Ticket prices for the trip are
                                                                                                                                             a modest $2.50 for men and
  BAHSTIN, Massachussets            change my mind, that decision      sible in order to save
(FNS) At his weekly press           is final.”                         American lives. But not too        Club president E. D. Daveedo       $5 for the ladies. A special
conference before the New              Asked about his latest posi-    fast, of course. We need to        recently announced a group         Gold Key ticket is available for
England press corps John            tion on the Iraq war Kerry         date a definite date for with-     ‘outing.’     According       to   $7.50 and comes with a guar-
Kerry announced                                                                     drawal, keeping       Daveedo, “This is our first trip   antee of early seating. All tick-
he would not be                                                                     in mind that the      in which no bus is necessary.      et prices include hand soap,
seeking       the                                                                   date        might     But demand for the trip has        paper towels and other essen-
Democratic nomi-                                                                    change is political   been overwhelming. I think it’s    tials. Members are urged to
nation for the                                                                      conditions war-       the broccoli and three-bean        sign up soon as space is limit-
2008 presidential                                                                   ranted it.” Asked     salad lunches. My members          ed.
run. “At the cur-                                                                   what        those     just feel the need.”
rent moment I                                                                       changed condi-
have no intention                                                                   tions might be
fo seeking the                                                                      Kerry said it
nomination of my party for          offered, “I believe we should      would be impossible to define
President in 2008. Unless I         get out of Iraq as soon as pos-    all the possibilities.

                   Gravity Predicted
                  Stronger for Jan/Feb
   OUTLANDISH,        Montana       an increase of as much as two      noticeable.” When asked how
(FNS) Science teachers at           pounds per square inch. Says       the general public should
Northwest Montana State A &         the good doctor, “Most early       react he suggested, “Get plen-
M Junior College are predict-       risers know that gravity is        ty of rest, wear light clothing
ing stronger than normal grav-      strongest between three and        and speak in soft tones.”
ity for the January – February      six in the morning. Try getting      Scientists contacted at
timeframe. According to Dr. R.      out of bed during those hours      Houston’s Jet Propulsion
Kameedeez a combination of          and you’ll recognize the effect.   Laboratory were laughing too
cold temperatures and short         We are predicting that this        hard to comment coherently.        Members who sign up for the trip will be treated
periods of sunshine will cause      increase will be at least as
                                                                                                          to state-of-the-art facilities, as pictured.

 Hokie Pokie Really Is What It’s All About
               Ancients Apparently Knew
   Scholars working on a piece      thy shaketh it all about. Thou     come upon this, one of the
of the Dead Sea Scrolls have        doth the Hokie Pokie and thou      most important revelations in
made a startling discovery.         turns thyself about, sayeth the    the history of mankind is so
After working on one particu-       Lord, and that’s what it’s all     much more than I expected.”
larly difficult passage for sev-    about.”                               Searchers are currently
eral years at least one transla-      Master Translator Afiz Medz      looking for additional scroll
tor of the material has come        was reportedly stunned by his      fragments in the caves near
up with a troubling find. The       discovery. “I have always at       the Dead Sea for supporting
translation has been verified       once hoped and dreaded I           information that would cast
by a number of experts in           would find a great truth. But to   further light the discovery.
ancient languages and seems
to be legitimate. In part, the         Buz Whelan is a member of the League of Junior
scholars say, are the words
                                    Achievement Journalism and a living example that slow
“Thou putteth thy left foot in,
thou takest thy left foot out,        learners can be moderately productive. He is solely
thou putteth thy left foot in and          responsible for the contents of this page.
                                                                                                         EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 11

         Household Hints                                                                                                       Submitted by Eileen Avrich

   Recently I attended a meet-    of water a day are exported to    3-5 gallons every minute)            not only are a waste of water,            • Don’t use the toilet as a
ing of the Brodhead               New York City and northeast-         • Fill the tub halfway (save      but a waste of the energy               wastebasket and don’t flush it
Watershed Association. I          ern New Jersey. In all, the       10-15 gallons)                       (and money) used to heat                unnecessarily.
found it very interesting. Like   Basin comprises 13,539               • Install water-saving toi-       that water.                               • Don’t let the water run
most of you, I have a well and    square miles, including about     lets, shower heads and faucet          • Run the dishwasher &                while washing dishes.
consider myself informed on       782 miles of Bay and 12,757       aerators.                            washing machine only when                 • Don’t water lawn during
its upkeep. But in reality        square miles of land area in         or                                full. Save even more water by           the heat of the day; up to
we’re all part of a bigger pic-   five states.                         • Place a plastic bottle filled   using the short cycle.                  90% of water used to sprin-
ture, namely the Delaware            Whatever each individual       with water in your toilet tank         • Front loading washing               kle lawns can be lost through
River Basin.                      homeowner can do to help          if you can’t switch to a low         machines reduce water usage             evaporation from soil and
   Did you know that over 7.5     in water conservation can         flow toilet                          by about 40%.                           plants.
million people live in the        help the big picture.                • Repair leaky faucets &            • Use a self-closing nozzle             • Don’t use water to clean
Delaware River Basin, but            Recommendations from           turn taps off tightly. Slow          on your hose.                           sidewalks or driveways,
nearly twice that many drink      the Delaware River Basin are:     drips waste about 15-20 gal-           • Position your down-                 sweep them instead.
its water. 740 million gallons       • Take shorter showers (save   lons a day and hot water leaks       spouts so rain water runs                 I hope I’ve given you
                                                                                                         onto the lawn or into a gar-            something to think about.We
                                                                                                         den, not down the driveway.             usually only hear about con-
                                                                                                           They do not recommend                 servation measures in times
                                                                                                         the following:                          of draught, but since we are
                                                                                                           • Don’t run the water while           not creating new water
                                                                                                         shaving, washing your                   sources we have to protect
                                                                                                         hands, brushing your teeth.             the ones we have and keep
                                                                                                         Faucets use 2-3 gallons a               them pristine for future gen-
                                                                                                         minute.                                 erations.

                                                                                                         Association President Rich Heuston addressed guests at a
                                                                                                         luncheon given for Emerald Lakes Association volunteers.
                                                                                                         The luncheon, held at the Emerald Lakes Community
                                                                                                         Center on Saturday October 14 was in appreciation for the
                                                                                                         work Association volunteers do the year ‘round. Certificates
                                                                                                         of appreciation, suitable for framing, were awarded to the

                                                                                                          Ad Rates f or 2006 in this ne wsletter
                                                                                                            Business Card ads $50                   10” ad $125
                                                                                                            Half Page $315                          Full Page $490
                                                                                                            Add $20 for Spot Color;                 Add $50 for Full Color
                                                                                                                 Contact Journal Newspapers at 800-822-5334
                                                                                                                         and ask for Seth x302, or E-mail to
                                                                                                                                    again attention Seth.
                                                                                                                       Special “pick-up” rates available for ads in the weekly
                                                                                                              Journal of the Pocono Plateau or The Journal-Herald and our monthly
                                                                                                              publications, The News of The Poconos, The Journal-Valley Views, and
                                                                                                         The Journal Mountaintop. Rates are also available for other Pocono association
                                                                                                           newsletters produced by Journal Newspapers, including A Pocono Country
                                                                                                          Place, Pocono Farms and Pocono Farms East in Tobyhanna; Arrowhead Lake
                                                                                                          and Locust Lake Village in Pocono Lake; Brier Crest Woods, Sierra View and
                                                                                                            Stonecrest Park in Blakeslee; Greenwood Acres; Stillwater Lakes in Pocono
                                                                                                               Summit; Thornhurst Country Club in Thornhurst; Tanglwood Lakes in
                                                                                                              Greentown; Birchwood Lakes, Marcel Lake Estates and Wild Acres in
                                                                                                            Dingmans Ferry; Conashaugh Lakes and Pocono Water Forest in Milford;
                                                                                                             Indian Mountain Lake, Towamensing Trails, Holiday Pocono and Mount
                                                                        Answers on page 12.                       Pocahontas in Albrightsville; and Hickory Hills in White Haven.

         Join us at the Community Center                                                       CAPTAIN HAPPY’S
                                                                                               SOOT SERVICE
        Sunday & Monday Night Football                                                         Chimney Cleaning & Repairs
                                                                                       Only trust your chimney to a CSIA certified sweep
                 are Back!!!                                                   Fully Insured

      Grill: Seafood Night 6pm-8pm
             Monday Night Football menu 8pm until
             start of 4 quarter                                                570-643-5060
                                                                               570-646-6101 FAX
                                                                                                                         Stewart R. Possinger

      Bar: 6pm – 11:30 (or end of game)
                                               Answers from page 11.
                                                                                                      WATER SYSTEMS
                                                                                     P.O. Box 478, Route 940 • Pocono Lake, PA 18347

See Menus                                                                            Water
                                                                                             24-HOUR WELL PUMP SERVICE
                                                                                                 FREE WATER ANALYSIS

on page 18
  Every Community Has At Least
  One Realtor Like Linda Hobbs.
    In Emerald Lakes,
     It’s Linda Hobbs.
  Your Personal Real Estate Advisor For Life!
             RE/MAX of the Poconos
                   14 Knob Road         Cell Phone(570) 242-1644
               Mt. Pocono, PA 18344   Linda Direct (570) 839-0321
                 570-839-9191         Call for free cost marketing analysis.
                                                                                                                         EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 13

             Women’s Club News
                                             by Eileen Avrich, President

  On Thursday, October 12                   (Turkey and Pot Roast with                         The view from the outside
we had an enjoyable after-                  all the toppings). Lunch was                     deck was breathtaking. I per-
noon at Penn’s Peak rocking                 wonderful.                                       sonally would recommend
to the music and humor of                     After lunch we had a mar-                      Penn’s Peak. They did a
King Henry’s Rockin the                     velous time listening to                         superb job.
Boat Show.                                  King Henry’s group. They                           Remember our meetings
  We started out with Penn’s                took us all around the world                     are the 3rd Thursday of each
Peak trademark lunch                        in one afternoon.                                month. Please come down
                                                                                                                           Above, King Henry takes us ashore to New Orleans
                                                                                             and join us for an evening.

    Liberty Rings Through with
    Quality, Choice and Value.
                    WILLOWBROOK II
                                                                                             • 3 Bedrooms
                                                                                             • Cathedral Ceilings
                                                                                             • Fireplace
                                                                                             • Deck • Appliances
                                                                                             • 2 Car Garage
                                                                                             starting at:                 Above left to right: Rich Monguzzi, Barbara Monguzzi, Don
                                                                                                                          Bishop, Joan Petillo, Millie Bishop, Bobby Behrmann, Jean
                                                                                             $125,900*    Home Only
                                                                                                                          Petersen and Claire Abazzio.

       • 3 Bedrooms including a
         spectacular master
         bedroom suite
       • Enormous great room
       • Loft
       • Deck
       starting at:

       $131,900*              Home Only                    Shown with optional skylights.

                                                                                       HILLSIDE                           Above left to right: Joe Shedlock, Phyllis Shedlock, Eileen
                                                                                                                          Avrich, RayYoung, Fran Young and Edie DeVito.
                                                                                      • 3 or 4 bedrooms
                                                                                      • 2 bathrooms
                                                                                                                                                                   & DEN
                                                                                      • Lots of bonus space
                                                                                      • Home office or playroom                   SC RATCH                               T
                                                                                      • Gas heat                                                   SALE     TRASH BINS - AL
                                                                                                                                                                            L ON SALE
                                                                                      starting at:                                     S, AR BORS, BRIDGES,
                                                                                                                          WISHING WELL

     Shown with optional stone.                                                       $159,900*                                           On All In-Stock Units
                                                                                                    Home Only
                                                                                                                             6 Months,         Units Sold As-Is
        Ask about our special first time home buyer programs.                                                               No Interest,   Sheds
                                                                                                                            No Payments
          For a year ’round or vacation home, trust Liberty Homes,                                                                        Playsets
          the company building great homes for over 25 years.                                                                          Picnic Tables
                                                       www.libertyhomesPA.com                                                                       Gazebos                             Hours:

                                                             866-4 YOUR HOME                                                                       Playhouses                     Wednesday- Monday
                                                                                                                                                                                     9 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                              Office - Rt. 940, Pocono Lake                                                        Swing Sets                      CLOSED Tuesday

                                                               In The Beautiful Poconos
     *Prices as of 10.17.06 and are subject to change without notice. Ask about financing.
                                                                                                                                          KRAMER’S SHEDS
                                                                                                                                 Pocono Peddler’s Village Route 611 & Stadden Road, Tannersville

                                                                                        EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 15
D i re c t o r y o f S e r v i c e s                                                    EMERGENCY: DIAL “911”
                                                           Classifieds                  FOR ALL LISTED BELOW
  IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS                                  For Sale - Wood Chipper, 5.5 Fire Depts.:
                                                           hp, barely used. $150 Call Pocono Summit,
 EMERGENCY (fire, police and ambulance) ..911              646-8669.                      Tunkhannock
                                                                                          Rescue Squad:
 ELA Office ................................646-2622       Semper-Fi-Caps-CPR/First Aid Pocono Mountain Regional E.M.S.
                                                           & Safety Training, Paul Capoz-
                                                                                          Police Dept.:
 Security ......................................643-3385   zoli, Emerald Lakes, PA. 570-
                                                                                          Pocono Mountain Regional
 Community Center ....................646-8118                                                                  GOVERNMENT:
                                                             Happy Birthday                                    Municipal Buildings
 Game Commission ....................420-3754
                                                                Alice!!!                                   Tobyhanna Twp., 646-1212
 Dog Warden ..............................629-1099                                                        Tunkhannock Twp., 646-3008
                                                                  From your
                                                                                        PA State Legislative District
 SPCA..........................................421-6761        loving husband,          Thomas M. Tigue,                     LOCATION:
                                                                    Steve               1-800-894-0960                       E.L.A. Mailing Addresses
                                                                                        118th District,                      (Long Pond, PA 18334)
                                                                                        P. O. Box 68                         (Box #) – Emerald Blvd.

                                       Classified                                       Brodheadsville,PA 18322
                                                                                        PA State Senators
                                                                                                                             (main entrance)
                                                                                                                             (Box #) – Crow Trail
                                                                                                                             (Estates only)
                                                                                        James Rhoades,                       (Box #) – Glade Drive

                                     Section Begins                                     Mahanoy City,
                                                                                        Robert Mellow,
                                                                                                                             (next to basketball court at
                                                                                                                             Admin. office)
                                                                                                                             (by dumpster area)
                                                                                        Mt. Pocono, 383-2535                 UTILITIES:
                                 As announced in last months Emerald                    Congressional District               Telephone Co.:
                               News we have begun a classified adver-                   Paul E. Kanjorski,                   (Commonwealth) 1-800-225-5282
                                                                                        825-2200                             Electric Co.: (PPL) 1-800-642-4481
                               tisement section. The price is $10 for 25                11th District                        Cable: (Blue Ridge) 1-800-464-9333
                                                                                        Mount Pocono
                               words and 10 cents for each additional                   U.S. Senators                        POST OFFICES:
                                                                                        Arlen Specter, Scranton,             Long Pond,
                               word. Bold face type is $2 extra. If you                 346-2006                             Long Pond, PA 18334
                               want to announce a yard sale, sell a snow                Rick Santorum, Scranton,             646-7704
                                                                                        344-8799                             Pocono Summit, PA 18346
                               blower or wish a family member “Happy                                                         Route 940
                               Birthday,” here’s your chance. All entries
                               must be limited to 50 words or less. Space
                               is not unlimited, so be first to get in. We’ll            Giacalone Chiropractic
                               run the ads on a first come, first served                     24 Hour                    Dr. Joseph Giacalone
                               basis. If you have questions, e-mail                           Fitness
                                                                                              Center                          Massage
                                                                                                                          Personal Training
                                                                                                                            Ph. 570-839-3300
                                                                                                                            Fx. 570-839-3033
                                                                                                                             711 Route 940
                                                                                                                         Pocono Summit, Pa 18346

                                                                                         Most Insurances Accepted • Auto Accidents & Workers Comp. Injuries
                                                                                                      Corporate Wellness and Safety Programs

  now to
  sell your
     Att: Sellers
                                                     Call US...We’ll
 $                                               *

                                  AR                 Get You Movin’!
                    BAC DEM
                         BY PAND!            .
                                                     MT. POCONO OFFICE

  FREE                                               (570) 839-2240 Dial Direct
                                                     (800) 252-4572 Toll Free
   *Certain restrictions apply
                                                     Mt. Pocono Plaza, Ste. 15, #601
                                                     Rte. 940, Mt. Pocono, PA 18344

                                                                                       Evening & Weekend
                                                                                        Always Welcome!

   *When you sell your home through us, we’ll
   give you $350 to help you move! It’s that
   simple. Your money can be used at any AAA
   Moving & Storage location for local or long
   distance Mayflower moves, U-Haul rentals,
                                                     Call today for a free home analysis!
   moving boxes or storage units.                    www.wilkins1.com • e-mail: wilkins@wilkins1.com
                                                     LIST WITH THE BEST SELLERS
                                                 EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 17

                                                                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                              (8/05 – 8/06)
                                                                   President, Richard Heuston                  Vice President, Robert Marinello
                                                                   Secretary, Stephan Valent                   Treasurer, Fredie Dunn
                                                                   Director, John Avrich                       Director, David Pope

                                                                   (Community Mgr./Alex Konopka) (Mtgs. Held 4th Sat. of each month)
                                                                                      COMMITTEES/ CLUBS
                                                                 ARC COMMITTEE                                COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE

                                                  Chairperson: Barbara Monguzzi                         Chairperson:     Buz Whelan
                                                  Co-chairs:   Judy White                               Liaison:         Stephan Valent
                                                               Mary Engel                               Meeting:         As needed
                                                  Liaison:     Rich Heuston                             Time:            To be announced
                                                  Meeting:     As needed
                                                                                                         Advise/assist Board of Directors in informing
                                                  Time:        To be announced
                                                                                                        members about purpose/function of the Association
                                                  Recommend to the Board of Dirs. actions relative to   and its activities through Association newsletter and
                                                  architecture & environmental issues within Emerald    website www.elainc.org
                                                  Lakes and assure maintenance of the character of
                                                  the Community.
                                                              FINANCE COMMITTEE                                 MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE

                                                  Chairperson:    Fred Dunn                             Chairperson:    Joe Olal
                                                  Liaison:        Bob Marinello                         Liaison:        George Haab
                                                  Meeting:        2nd Sat. of month – As needed         Meeting:        2nd Thurs. of month
                                                  Time:           9:30 a.m.– Community Ctr.             Time:           9:30 a.m. – Community Center
                                                   Recommend to the Board actions to efficiently         To assess the maintenance needs of Emerald Lakes
                                                  control the Community financial operations,           and make recommendations to the Board of
                                                  including preparation of annual budget.               Directors.
                                                             PLANNING COMMITTEE                                     SECURITY COMMITTEE

                                                  Chairperson:    Steve Valent                          Chairperson:    Alex Konopka
                                                  Liaison:        Fred Dunn                             Liaison:        Steve Valent
                                                  Meeting:        3rd Sat. of month - Quarterly         Meeting:        3rd Tues. of month – As needed
                                                  Time:           9:30 a.m.– Community Ctr.             Time:           9:30 a.m. – Community Center

                                                  Study/evaluate trends in the Association &            To assess the security needs of Emerald Lakes and
                                                  surrounding communities to assist Board setting       make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
                                                  goals for the Community.
                                                     RULES & REGULATIONS COMMITTEE                                REAL ESTATE COMMITTEE

                                                  Chairperson: Dolores Sears-Horton                     Chairperson: Buz Whelan
                                                  Liaison:     Joe Giordano                             Liaison:     David Pope
                                                  Meeting:     As needed                                Meeting:     2nd Sat. of month – Bi-monthly
                                                  Time:        To be announced                          Time:        9:30am - Community Center

                                                  Recommend to the Board of Directors, actions by       To act confidentially and recommend to the Board
                                                  which the affairs of the Association shall be         of Directors courses of action relative to the
                                                  regulated.                                            acquisition of real property and its retention for
                                                                                                        future use or its disposition to generate income or
                                                                                                        other benefits for the furtherment of the

   Think of your home as an investment.
                                                                                                        community’s best interest.
                                                                  CRIME WATCH                                     WELCOMING COMMITTEE

                                                  Chairperson: Nick DeVito
                                                  Liaison:     Rich Heuston                             Chairperson:    Judy White

    Sell your home with a business plan.
                                                  Meeting:     1st Sat. of month – As needed            Liaison:        Rich Heuston
                                                  Time:        9:30 am – Community Center               Meeting:        1st Sat. of month
                                                                                                        Time:           9:30am - Community Center

                                                  Volunteers patrol community and provide back up

  Use a professional to initiate that plan.
                                                  security at scheduled events.

                                                      COMMUNITY CENTER COMMITTEE                              POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE

                                                  Chairperson: Bob Marinello
                                                  Liaison:     Joe Giordano                             Chairperson:    Dave Pope
                                                  Meeting:     2nd Tues. of month                       Co-Chairs:      George Haab
                                                  Time:        10:00 am - Comm. Ctr.                    Meeting:        1st Sat. of month – Bi-monthly
                                                                                                        Time:           9:30am – Com. Ctr.

                                                                 FIFTY PLUS CLUB                                         WOMEN'S CLUB

                                                                                                        Chairperson:    Eileen Avrich
                                                  Chairperson:     Edie DeVito                          Meeting:        3rd Thurs. of month
                                                  Co-Chairs:       Nereida Rivera &                     Time:           12:00 p.m. – Com. Ctr.
                                                                    Dolores Sears-Horton
                                                  Meeting:         1st Tues. of month
                                                  Time:            12:00 – 3:00 p.m. – Com. Ctr.        To develop the educational, civic and social

                                                  Promote the health, safety & welfare of the           interests of the Association’s members.
                                                  members and develop and maintain a spirit of
                                                  camaraderie & good fellowship among its members
                                                  through an organized program of social,
                                                  recreational, fraternal, educational, cultural and
                                                  informational activities.

   Professional                         daily.
   Real Estate
    Lake Harmony Office
   Route 940 Lake Harmony

  Mahoning Valley Office
  Mahoning Valley Office
                                                         Absolute Chimney Service
                                                                       • Gas, oil, coal or wood chimneys
  Blakeslee Boulevard Dr. West                                           need annual inspections.
  Blakeslee Boulevard Dr. West                                         • Chimney Sweeping
          Lehighton, PA                                                • Accessory Sales - Caps, Top Sealing
          Lehighton, PA
                                                                         Dampers, Hearth Rugs, etc. (See our website)
                                                                       • Relining & Diagnosis of Smoking Problems.
                                                                       • Clothes Dryer Vents Installed.
                                                                           Call (570) 325-8131
                                                                        Toll Free 1-888-833-6645
     Visit us online at www.PRR1.com                                                chimney.cpals.com
                                                                      Paul White — Certified and Insured

                                        Letter to the Editor
To Whom It May Concern:          a PA or NY license, but he       Emerald Lakes respond,           builders who are messing            The contractor we write
(which is probably               had insurance and his            according to their insurance     up our road and violating        about should not be allowed
nobody)                          license in Puerto Rico had       company they cannot get          OUR RULES and REGULA-            to drive on Emerald Lake
Dear Editor,                     expired without his notice,      involved. So my question is      TIONS are fine for the dam-      Roads until this claim is set-
   This letter is a form of a    the accident was cause by a      why do we pay dues if in the     ages that are causing to our     tled or better yet he should
complaint to issues with         company that was double          dues the community insur-        road and our properties. Not     be banned from Emerald
Emerald Lakes.                   park on Clover road with         ance is paid and they cannot     to the Homeowners who are        Lakes.
   At the beginning of the       out any cones or anything to     protect us.                      trying to keep up with their                         Sincerely
year Robert O’Grady con-         warn drivers that he was sta-      Mr. Musto should be out        properties by making them                      Alba Figueroa
tacted a contractor to come      tion there. What was             there making sure that the       beautiful.                                   Robert O’Grady
and do an addition to his
home. To his understanding
when you hired a contractor                                                      Opinion
they are the one who
required to file all appropri-                   The Emerald News:Why We Do What We Do
ate permits. He was under                                                              by Buz Whelan
the impression that he had
done so, he had this addi-         From time to time I‘m          Only the editor-in-chief and     believe are not in the best      we try very hard to do that.
tion done to the property        approached by people who         the managing editor would        interests of the community.      We must also provide a
and know he received a fine,     comment favorably and            be authorized to deal with       To be sure, the Board can        forum for members to
stating that he didn’t submit    unfavorably on the Emerald       the publisher. All submis-       respond with arguments of        exchange ideas and air
a permit for his addition. It    News. There isn’t much I         sions would go through us.       its own in answer to criti-      grievances. And we should
is only $50. He paid it with-    need to say to the favorable     This is not unusual for a        cism, but a forum is assured.    entertain, to keep our read-
out realizing that if Emerald    commenters; you like the         newspaper; it is the normal         The separation of the         ership interested.
Lakes doesn’t have any con-      paper, and I appreciate your     manner of business. To the       Board and the paper is good         One of the most common
trol in the way builders         saying so. But those who         credit of the Board of           for the same reasons that        complaints I get is from
operate in the community,        make unfavorable comments        Directors, it has honored        American newspapers oper-        people who say they don’t
how do you expect the resi-      have valid opinions, too, and    that agreement scrupulously.     ate independently of the         like negativity in the paper. I
dent to control the builders.    they deserve an explanation      I believe that is a good thing   American government. And         understand that, but if you
   Fines are being given to      of why we operate the way        for our community.               we feel the same obligations     have a complaint, doesn’t
homeowners for cutting           we do.                             This in no way implies         that those papers feel. Those    that complaint deserve to be
trees down to improve their        When I assumed the edi-        that the power of the editors    elected to govern must be        heard? Even if you’re railing
properties, why not give it      torship of the paper, I did it   is absolute. The Board still     free to communicate with         against me, I’ll protect your
to the builders when they        with the understanding that      reserves the right to remove     the members of the com-          right of access to the same
cut down trees that are more     the paper would be allowed       an editor or editors should      munity. We must also keep        public forum I have. I hope
than 3”, why does rules          to operate independently,        they abuse the trust. But        the community informed of        I’ve proven that by now.
only applied to the home-        rather than be a mouthpiece      what this agreement does         past, ongoing and future            I welcome your com-
owners.                          for the Board of Directors, a    mean is that we can criticize    projects and activities, and     ments.
   An outside contractor         house organ, so to speak.        policies and projects we
who performs work within
Emerald Lakes backed his
Ford 250 truck into my van
on Cinnamon Trail causing
over $3,000 of damage to
the minivan. When proof of                                                             Eat In Only
insurance was requested
from him, he was not able
to provided it, The local             Shrimp Kabobs [4]                              $3.77                  Steamers                                 $4.77
                                       Cajun or teriyaki
police and the state police                                                                                 Mozzarella Sticks [6]                    $3.00
can not do anything about it          Shrimp Cocktail [5]                            $3.77                  Shrimp Basket w/fries                    $4.95
because it is an a private            Butterfly Shrimp [6]                           $3.77
community. How does this              plain or buffalo
                                                                                                            Chicken Fingers                          $3.77
protect the homeowners
                                      Steamers [1 lb]                                $4.77                  Burger/Cheeseburger                      $2.50
when someone with out
insurance causes damages of           Chicken Fingers                                $3.77                  Side of French Fries                     $1.00
this extreme and Emerald              plain or buffalo                                                      Hot Dog                                  $1.50
Lakes do not protect us by            Side of Fries                                  $1.00                       Add kraut or chili for $.25 each
requesting proof of insur-
                                      Onion Rings                                    $1.75                  Fried Shrimp (6)                         $3.77
ance when they are doing
their work on our private             Mug of Bud Draft                               $1.00                  Dozen Wings                              $4.77
                                                                                                                 BBQ, hot, teriyaki, jack daniels
   Jose Gonzalez had an acci-         Flavored Martini                               $3.00                  Mug of Bud                               $1.00
                                      apple, watermelon, peach, apricot
dent on Clover Road, yes we
are aware that he didn’t have
                                                                                                            Can of the Week                          $1.00
                                                                                                                                                                  EMERALD NEWS, NOVEMBER 2006—PAGE 19

  Who among us doesn’t            sale!                                                               permits, that must be worked
have ‘stuff’ cluttering up          The principle is simple. We                                       out. Perhaps the association
his/her garage, shed, attic or    pick a target weekend, maybe                                        could negotiate with the two
other spaces? It could be that    Memorial Day, July 4 or some                                        controlling jurisdictions to
gift that doesn’t go with your    other long warm weather                                             obtain a blanket permit.
décor, or the duplicate of        weekend likely to provide a                                         Maybe we’d have to get them
something you already have.       few days of yard sale weather.                                      individually. But this can all
It could be the appliance         We begin soon to prepare,                                           be worked out; that’s why we
you’ve upgraded, but can’t        leaving 6 or more months to                                         allow a long lead time.
throw out because it still        get it right. Our community                                           So what about it, Emerald
works. Maybe it’s the toys        association places ads in local                                     Lakers? Do you like the idea?
your kids have outgrown, or       papers to attract thousands of                                      Would you participate? Write And here we go! The launch sequence begins.
all the things you cleaned out    bargain hunters. On the tar-                                        and let us know. You may
of a deceased relative’s home.    get weekend, everyone who                                           drop off your notes at the
Whatever, you have things         wants to participate puts out                                       administration office or e-
you’d like to sell to someone     their sale items in the yard or                                     mail us at jdas@ptd.net.
who can use them. But             along the driveway. The                                             We’re hoping to hear from
organizing and advertising        attraction for the shoppers,                                        you.
for a yard sale seems more        which we make clear in the                                            Clarification
trouble than it’s worth, espe-    advertising, is that in one                                           In our editorial for the
cially when there’s no guar-      concentrated area they have                                         September edition of the
antee you can attract a           many, many opportunities to                                         Emerald News we offered for
crowd.                            shop and save.                                                      consideration a proposal to
  Do we have a solution for         At least one community in                                         build a sports and entertain-
you!                              Westchester, NY already does                                        ment complex. Comments
  Here’s our proposal: we         this on an annual basis.                                            we received indicated that
hold a community wide yard          There are details, such as                                        some thought this was a
                                                                                                      project proposed by the
 Guidelines for Submissions                                                                           Board of Directors.This is not Airborne! He’s really flying! What does a daredevil pilot
                                                                                                      true. The responsibility for think at a time like this? “I sure hope that water ain’t cold.”
    All submissions must include the name of the author and a
                                                                                                      the proposal is strictly that of
 telephone number where s/he can be reached for verification.
    All photos must be accompanied by caption information.                                            this newspaper. When the
 Please specify location, date and, where appropriate, the occa-                                      Board or its members have a
 sion. Photos that have people as the principal focus must                                            communication of any kind
 include the first and last names of the pictured individuals.                                        for the community we will
    Rough drafts are acceptable. The staff is happy to correct                                        identify it clearly as such. An
 grammar and punctuation, and edit the article to journalistic                                        example is the monthly
 standards.                                                                                           President’s Message, usually
    As with any newspaper we prefer prose to poetry. Please put                                       printed on page 2 of each
 your thoughts in that form. Poetry should be saved for a future                                      issue. For more on the rela-
 literary publication.
                                                                                                      tionship between the Board
    All submissions should be dropped off at the Administration
                                                                                                      and the News see the opin-
 Building or e-mailed to jdas@ptd.net
                                                                                                      ion article opposite.
                                                                                                                Publishing and Advertising:
                                                                                                           JOURNAL NEWSPAPERS of PA, INC.
     PLEASE                        Emerald                                     News                                   211 Main Street
                                                                                                                 White Haven, PA 18661
                                                News for the Emerald Lakes Community                                  (570) 443-8321
      NOTE:                        32nd Year, 8th Issue       www.elainc.org

                                  The Official Communication of the
                                                                                    NOVEMBER 2006

                                                                                                    Publishers of community association newsletters, as well as   Any landing your can walk away from is a good one.
                                                                                                                                                                  And, yes, the water is very cold!
The speed                         Emerald Lakes Association, Inc.

                                                                                       Published for:
                                                                                                     Journal of the Pocono Plateau, News of The Poconos and
                                                                                                                        other newspapers.
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                                                                           EMERALD LAKES ASSOCIATION, INC.,

                                                                                                                                                                           . LAUBSCHER
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                                                                            1 Glade Drive, Long Pond PA 18334
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 on ALL Emerald                                                   NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL STAFF:
                                                                             Buz Whelan, Editor-in-Chief
      Lakes                                                              Denise L. Wilson, Managing Editor
                                                            Steve Valent, Liason to the Board of Safety & Security Editor
     roads is                                                               Bob Marinello, Feature Writer

                                                                                                                                                                        INSURANCE AGENCY
                                                          Eileen Avrich, Don Alvarez, Edie DeVito, Contributing Columnists

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