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									                                      Welcome on exchange to the
                                          University of Oulu!

                                                    Tuukko nää?*

* ”What are you waiting for?” in the Oulu dialect
                In 2009 we had 417 exchange students from ~40

                                               OULU          Russia 7
            USA 19
                                                                                                     South Korea 1
            Canada 1
            Mexico 10                  Most from Europe, for example
                                       • Germany 52                         China 12
                                       • Spain 56                                                Japan 9
                                       • France 71
                                       • Italy 25

                                                                  India 7          Hong Kong 2
                                          Namibia 5
                                          South Africa 2
                                          Zambia 2
                           Brazil 1

                                                                                       Australia 7

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               Oulu? Where?
               •      Oulu
                          –    up North: 600 km i.e. a 60-minute
                               flight from the Finnish capital,
                          –    600 km from the northernmost
                               Finnish village Nuorgam
                          –    comfortable size, tranquil
                               surroundings and Scandinavian

               •      University of Oulu
                          –    Second largest university in Finland
                          –    Multidisciplinary
                          –    Focus areas ICT, Biotechnology
                               and Northern and Environmental
               •      Finland
                          –    A European Union member in
                               Northern Europe
                          –    A quarter of the total area falls north
                               of the Arctic Circle
                          –    Neighbouring countries Sweden,
                               Norway, Russia and Estonia
                          –    5,2 Million inhabitants

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               University of Oulu
               - Northern Exposure to Knowledge

               •      6 Faculties
                          –    Technology
                          –    Science
                          –    Economics and Business Administration
                          –    Medicine
                          –    Humanities
                          –    Education
               •      16 000 students
               •      around 450 exchange students per year
               •      Two campuses:
                          – Linnanmaa main campus (all faculties but
                          – Medicine: Kontinkangas campus

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               Studies in English

               •      All departments offer courses in English; for more
                      information please contact the international coordinator at
                      the department
               •      Short term programmes for exchange students
                          – Scandinavian Studies (Sept-Dec)
                          – Modern Nordic Architecture (Oct-Febr)
                          – Nordic Design (Sept-Dec)
                          – Northern Nature and Environment (Sept-Dec, Jan-May, also
                          – Managing Business Relationships (Sept-Dec)
                          – Early Childhood Education (Jan-May)
               •      As an exchange student, you may be eligible to take
                      studies from Master’s Programmes in English, see
               •      Finnish language courses are offered by the Language
                      Center from a survival course to courses on advanced level

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               Academic Calendar

               Two semesters:
                          –    Autumn (September-December)
                          –    Sping semester (January-May)

               Autumn semester
               •   Exchange Student Official Arrival Date in the beginning of September
               •   Orientation for international students takes place during the first week
               •   Independence Day December 6 (national holiday)
               •   Semester ends mid-December

               Spring Semester
               •   Official Arrival Date in the beginning of January
               •   Orientation for international students takes place during the first week
               •   Epiphany January 6 (national holiday)
               •   Easter holiday
               •   Ascension Day May 25 (national holiday)
               •   Semester ends May 31

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               What does it cost?

               • Student union fee about EUR 41,5 per
               • Personal living costs about EUR 500 a
                 month including room and board
               • VISA/Residence permit

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               How to apply?

               • Contact the International Relations office
                 at your university
               • Fill in the Exchange Student Application
               • Deadlines for applications
                          – May 31 for Autumn Semester (April 30 for
                            Medicine and Architecture students)
                          – October 15 for Spring Semester
                          – For Architecture students only one annual
                            deadline on April 30
               • Early applications are recommended to
                 guarantee housing!
international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               Once you have applied…

               • Your application is forwarded to the
                 department in question, which makes the
                 decision on the acceptance
               • Once accepted, you receive an
                 information package
               • The acceptance process takes usually a
                 few weeks

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               Once in Oulu…

               • Your student tutor, kummi, will meet you
                 when you arrive and bring you to your flat
                        – Your kummi will also inform you about how to
                          get started: bring you to the department, go
                          with you to the bank to open a bank account
               • Orientation week takes place right in the
                 beginning of the semester.
               • Finnish (and other) language courses
                 start. The language center also offers for
                 example tandem language courses, Cafe
                 Lingua and Language Games.

international.relations (at) oulu.fi
               Extra curricular

               •      You can participate in the Kummi Family Programme™,
                      which gives you a chance to experience Finnish culture
                      and everyday life
                        –     150 families, about 60% of exchange students have a
                              Kummi Family
               •      ESN (Erasmus Student Network): As part of the student
                      union, ESN welcomes all students, Finns and
                      intenational, in student events and their planning.
                      Activities include museum visits, parties, pulla baking
                      and trips to Lapland.
               •      University Sports offering
               •      Student Guilds
               •      As a student in Finland, you are entitled to numerous
                      discounts, which makes for example travelling rather

international.relations (at) oulu.fi

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