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                offi cial m aga zine fo r the ASSociAtion of JewiSh ex ServiceMen And woMen

                                                                                                        Spring 2009

We WILL Remember Him

de Rothschild
JAnuARy 2nd 1916 - JAnuARy 17th 2009

60 Years
with Israel
peteR WAgeRmAn, ouR nAtionAl
ChAiRmAn tAke us on the
AJeX JouRney to isRAel.

Remembrance Parade
RepoRt fRom the AnnuAl AJeX pARAde And RAlly.

A RemARkAble histoRiC
humAnitARiAn Response
to A RoyAl Request.

the british unknown warrior // dates for your diary // news from the branche s // your letters // pluS More inSide
 the JOURNAL spring 009
spring 009 the JOURNAL 

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             Contents Spring 2009                                                   inside this issue

                             editor’s Welcome ..............         5   round up from                              last Will
                                                                         the northern                               & Testament ...................... 0
                             Greetings from the                          regional Conference ........... 1         Your opportunity to leave
                             national Chairman.............          6   A reproduction of the report               something to AJEX when
                                                                         which was featured in the                  you no longer need it.
                             remembrance                                 Jewish Telegraph newspaper.
                             Parade ..............................   8                                              Book review ...................... 1
                             report from the Annual                      obituaries .......................... 1   Come if ye Dare: The
                             AJEX parade and rally,                                                                 Civil george Crosses.
                             which continues to be                       operation Manna ............... 14
                             a highlight of the AJEX                     susan Kosky fondly                         lost on Parade................... 1
                             year held on sunday                         remembers her husband’s
                             16th november 008.                         efforts during a remarkable                Can You help ..................... 1
                                                                         historic humanitarian
                             Celebrating 60 Years                        response to a royal request.               Captain Solomon
                             with Israel ......................... 10                                               levy MBe JP ...................... 1
                             peter Wagerman, our                         news from the Branches .... 16             The recently elected
                             national Chairman takes                                                                Mayor of gibraltar
                             us on the AJEX journey                      Your letters ....................... 19
                             to israel, which took                                                                  Veterans’ Day
                             place last May 008.                        record of honour: a                        at alrewas ......................... 
                                                                         lasting remembrance ....... 0             peter Lewis takes
                             Dates for                                   How your help is needed to                 us through the day’s
                             your Diary ......................... 11     complete this remarkable                   events at last June’s
                             Upcoming Events for 009                    database of memories.                      Veterans Day service.

                 Contact the team                                         All contributions please send to the editor.

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4 the JOURNAL spring 009
                                                                          martin gelband
                                                                          Journal Editor

                                                                                 t is with great pleasure
The British                                                                      that i take this
unknown Warrior ...............                                                opportunity to welcome
A very special ceremony at                                                       you to our “new look”
Victoria station, in memory                                               Journal. We are ringing
of the Unknown Warrior.                                                   the changes in a number
                                                                          of ways: new publisher,
Spanish Civil War                                                         editorial team, design,              I come to you with
Commemoration ................                                          style, format, layout and            a proud affiliation
Martin sugarman                                                           you’ll see some advertisers          to the Association
represented the association                                               between the pages too.                  of Jewish Ex-
at this interesting and                                                      We hope you will find               Servicemen and
worthy ceremony.                                                          these changes exciting and              Women as the
                                                                          stimulating and i look forward          newly elected
1917 Seder at The Front .... 4                                           to receiving your contributions          chairman of
An English translation of a                                               for the next issue.                   Edgware Branch
german letter describing                                                     i come to you with a proud
the arranging of a seder                                                  affiliation to the Association
in the german lines.                                                      of Jewish Ex-servicemen and
                                                                          Women as the newly elected
The Jewish Brigade ............ 5                                        chairman of Edgware Branch.
Henry Morris, tells the true                                              Born in Vienna in 19, i
story of The Jewish Brigade                                               was lucky enough to move to
and ultimately in 1948,                                                   this country two days before
it’s impact on the israeli                                                the outbreak of World War ii,        i graduated in Economics
War of independence.                                                      having travelled on the last      from LsE and subsequently
                                                                          train from Vienna to Calais       pursued a career in industrial
                                                                          and the last boat to Dover.       market research, which
                                                                             Following national service     included a directorship of a
                                                                          in the royal Army service         small chemicals and plastics
                                                                          Corps. i joined AJEX in           international practice.
                                                                          1957. in 006 i joined the           i really look forward to
Cover Photo                                                               Willesden Branch committee        developing the AJEX journal
                                                                                                                                               PhoTGraPhY: HAYLEY HErMAn

richard Cannon                                                            and took on the job of            further and would like to stress
                                                                          branch newsletter editor. in      that this issue is brought to
Have you visited the                                                      007 i was elected to the         you with the very kind help
new AJEX website yet?                                                     national Executive Council        and invaluable support of                                                           and in April this year i was      AJEX’s head office staff. i
                                                                          appointed Deputy national         also look forward to working
Lancepublishing Lanceprint
Part of the Lance Publishing Group   Part of the Lance Publishing Group
                                                                          Chairman and Chairman
                                                                          of Headquarters Branch.
                                                                                                            with and meeting many of
                                                                                                            you in the years ahead.

                                                                                                                         spring 009 the JOURNAL 5
                            from the
                            peter Wagerman
                            National Chairman

                                             elcome to                                               to attend as many memorial
                                             our new-style                                           events as we can manage,
                                             magazine, which                                         marching when we can.
                                             i am sure you                                               The third plank on which
                            will find a pleasure to read.                                            AJEX rests is Welfare. The
                            Our congratulations must go to                                           demands on our funds increase
                            the Editor, Martin gelband and
                                                                     People are too
                                                                                                     as our median age rises. That,
                                                                                                                                           DAte FOR
                            his team on the production of                                            combined with the dramatic
                            this first rate house journal.          quick to consign                 rise in fuel prices, demands
                               i took over as the national
                            Chairman in April of last year
                                                                        veterans to
                                                                   obscurity when we
                                                                                                     extra AJEX generosity to
                                                                                                     which i am confident you will
                                                                                                                                          YOUR DIARY
                            from Harold newman who, all            still have an active              all respond accordingly.
                            will agree, was an excellent              part to play in                    The varied activities of AJEX,
                            national Chairman and has               communal affairs                 both local and national, are
                            indeed been a hard act to                                                recorded in this publication,
                            follow! He has left AJEX in a very                                       but as postal rates become
                            healthy state, introducing many                                          prohibitive communication to          AJeX
                            exciting innovations, which i and                                        members deteriorates. E-mail          AnnUAL
                            my team will carry forward.                                              is an obvious cheap solution,         COnFErEnCE
                               When i first became Chairman                                          but few of our members use            Sunday 17th May 2009
                            of Hendon Branch in 1998 i                                               the “net”. However, their             Central synagogue,
                            addressed the local community,                                           grandchildren are certainly           gt. portland street,
                            reminding them of the continued                                          computer literate and as soon         London W1
                            importance of AJEX and ending        but education here merges           as our Head Office computer
                            my remarks with the phrase           imperceptibly into remembrance      system has finished its complete      in a departure
                            “We’re not dead yet!” people are     as our Museum, unlike any           overhaul i will institute this        from past practice
                            too quick to consign veterans to     other, is a testament to those      programme. What, you may              the Conference
                            obscurity when we still have an      Jews who served their country,      well ask, has this got to do with     will, for the first
                            active part to play in communal      many of whom paid the ultimate      “activities”? i am confident          time, be held in
                            affairs. True, we no longer wash     sacrifice. We are now looking       that our members would attend         the afternoon
                            hospital dishes on Christmas         actively for a permanent home       many more events if only they         rather than the
                            Day, nor do we break up Fascist      for this precious repository.       had the necessary information.        morning in order
                            meetings. AJEX has evolved              remembrance also means               so AJEX looks to the future       to make it easier
                            and has entered the field of         parades and memorial services.      with confidence. We will lose         for delegates
                            education with aplomb, visiting      We are not being mawkish in         members in the natural course of      from further afield
                            both Jewish and secular schools      emphasising such events. These      things, but you will be delighted     to attend the
                            to supplement their WWii history     days the British public tends       to learn that current Jewish          proceedings.
                            lessons and, at the same time,       to take the Armed services for      service people are now joining us

                            impressing on the youngsters         granted even going so far as to     as Honorary Members to swell          it would greatly
                            both the Jewish contribution to      ignore their pleas for special      our ranks and to march with           assist us in
                            our country and the concepts         treatment of wounded personnel.     us, as they did last november.        finalising the
                            of duty and citizenship.             Thus, our demonstrations of             This is an opportunity to         Conference
                               The Jewish Military Museum        respect for the fallen are a way    thank both staff and volunteers,      arrangements if you
                            takes education even further.        of reminding our countrymen         local and national, for their         could kindly inform
                            The number of visitors tripled       of the sacrifices being made in     sterling work in keeping              us of your intention
                            in 008 as its fame spread,          their name. so let us all resolve   the AJEX flag flying.                 to attend.

6 the JOURNAL spring 009
spring 009 the JOURNAL 7
                                                                                                                            by leonard stern
                                                                                                                         AJEX PR Chairman

                                  Remembrance Parade
PhoTGraPhY: riCHArD CAnnOn

                                                                                                                 and rabbi Harry Jacobi MBE.
                                                                                                                 BA (Hons) in attendance
                                                                                                                    it was heartening to see
                                                          sunday 16th november 2008                              the larger than usual number
                                                                                                                 of people lining the route and
                             RepoRt fRom the AnnuAl AJeX pARAde      They were joined by a large                 cheering on the marchers.
                                And RAlly, WhiCh Continues to be contingent of youngsters from                      Over 1,500 people participated
                                    A highlight of the AJeX yeAR. organisations including scouts                 in the commemoration, an

                                                                           and guides, Maccabi, Bnei Akiva       increase on last year, which
                                                n blustery conditions      and many others. Of course, the       was no doubt helped by the
                                                on a chilly november       Jewish Lads and girls Brigade         involvement of the youth. We
                                                afternoon, members of      were out in force and performed       were also gratified to see many
                                                AJEX gathered on Horse     their official duties with care and   serving Officers marching in
                                           guards parade and prepared      precision and their band was in       the ranks. A special cheer was
                                           to march to the Cenotaph        fine form, sharing duty with the      given on the appearance our
                                           in Whitehall for their annual   band of the royal Air Force.          president Major Edmund de
                                           service, commemorating             The service was led by Chief       rothschild, who although very
                                           those of the Jewish faith       rabbi sir Jonathan sacks              frail, took up his usual place at
                                           who had served and died in      MA(Cantab), phD, with reverend        the Cenotaph, he will be sorely
                                           the defence of our country.     Malcolm Weisman OBE. MA. OCF.         missed at our next parade.

8 the JOURNAL spring 009
                         The march past after the
                      service was conducted in
                      fine style and Admiral The
                      Lord West of spithead, who
                      took the salute, paid tribute
                      to the demeanour of the
                      parade when he spoke at
                      the rally at the Connaught
 It was heartening    rooms later in the day.
  to see the larger      no doubt the question of
than usual number     the next parade in 009 will
  of people lining    be discussed by both the
    the route and     Honorary Officers and the
   cheering on the    national Executive, but while
      marchers.       we turn out in such gratifying
                      numbers, supported by a
                      growing number of current
                      Jewish serving personnel, all
                      marching with such pride, the
                      parade must continue.

                                                       spring 009 the JOURNAL 9
                                    by peter Wagerman
                                   National Chairman

                                                                              ur AJEX visiting      ceremonies marking the
                                                                              party comprised       beginning of Yom Hazikaron,
                                                                              some 44 people,       which were most moving.
                                                                              who arrived in           On Wednesday 7th May, we
                                                                 israel on Monday 5th May. The      went to independence Hall in
                                                                 following morning we went first    Tel Aviv where the Declaration
                                                                 to Mount scopus in Jerusalem,      of independence was made
                                                                 where we were met by the
                                                                 Defence Attaché from the British
                                                                 Embassy, Colonel Mark rollo-
                                                                 Walker, and we laid wreaths
                                                                 following a short service with
                                                                 a display of our standards.

                                                                    From Mount scopus we
                                                                 went to Boys’ Town, where we
                                                                 unveiled a special plaque and

                      60 Years                                   presented a cheque. We then
                                                                 made a short tour of the site,

                    with Israel
                                                                 including the Hall of Memories.
                                                                    Later, on the afternoon of
                                                                 Yom Hatzikaron we went to
                                                                 Ammunition Hill to watch the
             peteR WAgeRmAn, ouR nAtionAl                        wreath laying ceremony and
              ChAiRmAn tAkes us on the AJeX                      listen to speeches by the
              JouRney to isRAel, WhiCh took                      Chief rabbis and the prime
          plACe lAst mAy 2008 duRing isRAel’s                    Minister. We then proceeded
             60th AnniveRsARy CelebRAtions                       to the Western Wall in the
                                                                 early evening for the formal
                   PICtUReD AJEX Members with Mayour or Sderot

10 the JOURNAL spring 009
                  We all thoroughly
                     enjoyed our
                    visit and must
                    offer thanks to
                    various Israeli
                  organisations... as
                  well as to Jacques

               and then visited the nearby
               Haganah Museum. in the
               evening - Erev Yom Ha’atzmaut

               - those of us who wished to
  PICtUReD     go to Jerusalem were taken by
 Cerempny at   coach to Mount Herzl where
Mount Scopus

    Gates to
               we watched a most fantastic
               show - including a wonderful
               display of children’s dancing.
                   On Thursday 8 th May we
Mount Scopus   made an early start to arrive      upcoming events
               in Haifa for a rehearsal of the    for 2009
  Boys Town,   afternoon’s parade. Afterwards
   Jerusalem   we were taken to the naval
               Base for an inspection of the      MAY                                    JULY continued
               ships moored there. Then it        • Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th        • Sunday 19th
               was back to the stadium where        Paris Trip                              regional Conference,
               an international Band Jamboree                                               Leeds
               was to take place. When we         • Sunday 17t
               entered for the grand finale we      annual Conference,
               were ecstatically received by        Central synagogue                    AUGUSt
               the large crowd and we carried                                            • Sunday 23rd
               out our display with aplomb.       • Wednesday 20th                          Marlow road Service
                   An early morning start on        roger Cummings Cup
               sunday 11th May took us to
               sderot to meet the Mayor                                                  SePteMbeR
               and make a donation for the        JUNe                                   • Sunday 6th
               children of the town, before we    • Sunday 14th                             Gladstone Park Service
               proceeded to visit the Ashkelon      Willesden Service
               soldiers rest Home. in the
               afternoon we went back to Tel      • Thursday 25th                        NOVeMbeR
               Aviv for tea with AJEX israel,       national arboretum Service           • Thursday 5th
               attended also by the Australian      (Armed Forces Week)                     Field of remembrance
               Ambassador to israel. Our gala
               dinner followed in the presence                                           • Sunday 8th
               of senior officials from Tzevet,   JULY                                      remembrance Sunday
               israel Defence Forces Veterans     • Thursday 2nd
               of War Association as well as        JFS education Programme              • Tuesday 10th
               the British Defence Attaché,                                                 Ceremony to
               who was our guest of Honour.       • Sunday 12th                             the unknown Warrior,
                   We all thoroughly enjoyed        Garden of remembrance,                  Victoria station
               our visit and must offer             Bellingham
               thanks to various israeli                                                 • Sunday 15th
               organisations who helped us,                                                 aJeX annual Parade
               as well as to Jacques Weisser
               for his skilful organisation
                                                  Further details of the above events can be obtained
               of the whole event.
                                                  from the office or log on to

                                                                                                        spring 009 the JOURNAL 11
  PICtUReD Lord Mayor, Steve Rotheram
                                                                                                         disappointed with the exhibition
                                                                                                         which, for five weeks, had been
                                                                                                         placed at the entrance to the
                                                                                                         respectacles exhibition at the
                                                                       Dr Wagerman                       Liverpool Museum. ron shelley,
                                                                    presented a cheque                   a Vice president, said they
                                                                       for £5,000, on                    would be very happy to consider
                                                                     behalf of AJEX, to                  improvement suggestions.
                                                                      Mr. Kingston of                       peter russell, the national
                                                                     Merseyside AJEX                     Treasurer, announced that
                                                                      for the Malcolm                    Westminster City Council’s
                                                                       Malits Court at                   streetscape project, which would
                                                                     Allerton Hebrew                     entail wider pavements and
                                                                       Congregation.                     less road space, would impact
                                                                                                         on parade formations at this
                                                                                                         year’s national remembrance
                                                                                                         parade in Whitehall.
                                                                  at parades. He said, “there is            Dr Wagerman presented a
                                                                  no shame in marching even if           cheque for £5,000, on behalf
                                                                  you have no medals. We must            of AJEX, to Mr. Kingston of
                                                                  remember our fallen comrades”.         Merseyside AJEX for the
                                                                      Londoner Dr. Wagerman,             Malcolm Malits Court at Allerton
                                                                  who is the husband of former           Hebrew Congregation.

                          Round up from the                       Board of Deputies president,
                                                                  Jo Wagerman OBE and father-
                                                                                                            Merseyside AJEX holds
                                                                                                         its annual dinner on

                              Northern                            in-law of Liverpudlian Danielle
                                                                  Wagerman, nee polak, had
                                                                                                         november 9th with former
                                                                                                         Lord Lieutenant, sir Alan

                              Regional                            appointed Jeffrey Fox to chair the
                                                                  northern Division. Mr. Fox said
                                                                                                         Waterworth and peter Malone.
                                                                                                            Delegates were welcomed

                            Conference                            that he was disappointed that
                                                                  only four branches - Liverpool,
                                                                  newcastle, Manchester and
                                                                                                         by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool,
                                                                                                         Cllr. steve rotheram. He
                                                                                                         was presented with a DVD
         the JeWish telegRAph neWspApeR                           st.Annes and Blackpool - were          of “Jewish Heroes of the
    RepoRted on AJeX’s noRtheRn RegionAl                          represented at the conference.         British Armed Forces”.
     ConfeRenCe, held lAst July, And heRe                             Dr. Wagerman hoped that               Merseyside Jewish
        We hAve RepRoduCed theiR ARtiCle                          the Jewish Military Museum             representative Council president

                                                                  would move, in due course,             and Chairman, gordon globe,
                                          ecently elected         to its own site with regular           gave delegates a snapshot of
                                          national Chairman,      opening hours to tell the story        Jewish life on Merseyside and
                                          Dr. peter Wagerman,     of the Jewish contribution to          praised the work of AJEX and
IMPORtANt                                 told a northern         Britain’s Armed Forces.                its history. He said, “we and

                                regional Conference at                Mr. Fox referred to the AJEX       our children owe a great debt

                                Liverpool’s Harold House          mobile exhibition permanently          of gratitude to your generation
                                that “on more than one            located in the north. Merseyside       for what you did to prevent
                              occasion we were supposed           Chairman, Mervin Kingston, was         tyranny prevailing”.
                             to finish but we have carried
                             on. We have 4,000 members.
                             This number will diminish,
  AJeX                       but we have to find ways to
  rEgiOnAL                   compensate for our losses”.
  COnFErEnCE                     He announced that, for the
                             first time, AJEX was recruiting
  IMPORtANt DAte             serving members of the Armed
  FOR YOUR DIARY             services. He said, “Jews
  Sunday 19th July 2009      presently serving are a good
  Jewish Community           calibre of volunteers because
  Centre, 11                there is no longer a glass ceiling
  stonegate road,            for Jews who now obtain good
  Leeds, Ls17 6AZ            jobs in the upper echelons of the
  1030 til 1630              Armed services”. He also hoped
                             that Jewish Lads & girls Brigade
  The July national          members, who currently paraded
  Executive Council          with AJEX, might eventually
  meeting will take place    become more involved and he
  during the course          appealed to national servicemen
  of the Conference          to appear alongside war veterans
                                                                               PICtUReD Jeffrey Fox, Chairman ALEX Provincial Devision with his wife

1 the JOURNAL spring 009
                                                         well and with the weather             challenged by an inspecting
                                                         inclement, he nevertheless            general, Major Eddy responded
                                                         was present, accompanied by           ‘sir it is ‘p’ battery standard’.
                                                         his daughter, Charlotte, as he        no further comment was made.
                                                         had been in recent years.                On the side of his Jeep he
                                                            The 41 years of his second         had a star of David engraved,
                                                         presidency covered the most           which caused bewilderment
                                                         momentous achievements of the         and unease to the germans he
                                                         Association—the building of AJEX      passed. He was proud of being
                                                         House; the AJEX involvement           a British Officer and proud of
                                                         in the Campaign for soviet            being a Jew. so proud indeed,
                                                         Jewry-‘Let My people go’; the         that he issued a directive to
                                                         support for the recreational and      the Jews of ‘p’Battery’ listing
                                                         educational establishments in         the 1 qualities he expected of
                                                         israel; the creation of Young AJEX;   his men - including discipline,
                                                         the formation of the sir george       standard of dress, hygiene,
                                                         Bean (himself a former president)     personal pride, alertness,
                                                         lecture series; the combating of      hard work and self sacrifice.
                                                         the far right; the establishment         Apart from his war service,
                                                         of the Jewish Military Museum         Mr. Eddy pursued two
                                                         with its Educational programmes       simultaneous and successful
                                                         and the record of Honour.             careers in banking and
                                                            Mr Eddy was a generous             horticulture, both added to by
                                                         man, not only towards                 his humanitarian concern for the
                                                         AJEX, but also for the not            need of all people to have water,
                                                         Forgotten Association and             particularly in the Middle East.
                                                         The royal British Legion.                in recognition of his
                                                            Mr Eddy volunteered in 195,       contribution to AJEX we were
                                                         joining the Bucks Yeomanry,           delighted to host a reception
                                                         and at the beginning of the War       for him at the speaker’s House

                                                         was with the BEF in France.           in parliament in honour of his
                                                         He later saw action in north          90 th Birthday in 006, at which
                                                         Africa and italy. At the bloody       AJEX presented him with a
                                                         battle of Monte Cassino, he           specially commissioned portrait.
      Edmund de Rothschild CBE TD VMH                    had two close brushes with               We shall always remember
         January 2nd 1916 - January 17th 2009            death. Firstly, when he was           Mr. Eddy with affection and

                                                         shelled and injured when              for his warmth whenever
   the deAth of                     r Eddy, as he was    crossing the Liri river delivering    we, in AJEX, had the good
     edmund de                      affectionately       a bren gun, and secondly,             fortune to meet with him
    RothsChild,                     known, worked in     shortly afterwards, when a            - on his buggy in recent years
  the pResident                     partnership with     ruined farmhouse in which he          - at Exbury, when visiting his
 of AJeX foR the      national Chairmen of AJEX,       was sheltering was hit by a           wonderful gardens and, in
   pAst 41 yeARs     offering advice, guidance and       shell which failed to explode.        particular, his rhododendrons.
       (1968-2009)   direction. He hosted regular           in 1944, by then a major, he          He held the Territorial
(hAving seRved       meetings of Honorary Officers       transferred to the Jewish infantry    Decoration and was appointed
 foR fouR yeARs      and Vice- presidents at new
     pReviously,     Court, with his customary
 1959-1963) is the   hospitality; he smoothed any
  end of An eRA.     difficulties arising with the
                     Annual parade & service in
                     Whitehall, and ensured that the            We shall always remember Mr. Eddy
                     reviewing Officer was a person              with affection and for his warmth
                     of renown and distinction;                   whenever we, in AJEX, had the
                     he encouraged AJEX to have                   good fortune to meet with him.
                     a wide range of speakers at
                     the Annual rally; and he was
                     instrumental in AJEX receiving
                     invitations to the garden parties
                     at Buckingham palace.               Brigade, and joined ‘p’ Battery of    CBE in the new Year’s Honours
                        He rarely missed an Annual       the 00 Jewish Field regiment         1997. in 005 he received
                     parade so important did he          royal Artillery, which in addition    the royal Horticultural
                     regard the contribution of          to the Union Flag, had its own        society’s highest award, the
                     British Jewish ex-servicemen        blue and white flag (which was        Victoria Medal of Honour.
                     and Women to this country.          illegal) with a golden Magen             He is survived by his
                     Last year, confined to a            David at its centre, in the middle    wife Anne and also by
                     wheelchair, not particularly        of which was a blue ‘p’. When         his four children.

                                                                                                           spring 009 the JOURNAL 1
   Mark Kosky                                                  Us Burial society from 197-80.
   January 5th 1923 - August 28th 2008                         He was also Us Joint Treasurer
                                                               1980-84. He was president of
            A long-seRving CommunAl leAdeR                     the London Board of shechita
                 in the united synAgogue And                   and Vice-president of the national
                AssoCiAted bodies, mARk kosky                  shechita Council in the 1970s.          Concerned at the
                pRomoted ACCountAbility And                    At the London Board of religious      ignorance of today’s
            eduCAtion in these oRgAnisAtions.                  Education he was Honorary                  young people
                                                                                                       about the Second

                                                               Treasurer from 1968-78. He also
                                          lthough under age    served as a governor of JFs school         World War he
                                          he volunteered as    and Vice-Chairman of Mizrachi.           spent increasing
                                          a navigator in the   in 197 he was appointed a Jp            time speaking at
                                          rAF and completed    and a Commissioner of income           schools around the
                             two tours of duty in Lancaster    tax. He became a member of the         country on the role
                             bombers, when surviving even      national Executive of AJEX and       of Jewish servicemen
                             one was statistically unlikely.   chaired its Westminster Branch.             and women.
                                 He built up his own           Concerned at the ignorance of
                             advertising and publishing        today’s young people about the
                             business and threw himself into   second World War he spent
                             communal activity, particularly   increasing time speaking at           He is survived by second wife,
                             in the Us, which he saw as        schools around the country on the susan, son David, daughters
                             the engine of the community.      role of the Association of Jewish  Judith and ruth, 14 grandchildren
                             He was Joint Treasurer of the     Ex-service Men and Women.          and ten great-grandchildren.

   Operation Manna
   susAn kosky fondly RemembeRs heR husbAnd’s effoRts duRing A
   RemARkAble histoRiC humAnitARiAn Response to A RoyAl Request.

            owards the end of the      personally thanked the squadron    the result was that 6 years        PICtUReD
            second World War the       for their humanitarian work and    after the event, Mark Kosky         Dam Buster art
            Dutch people were          men of the german batteries        (who sadly recently passed          courtesy of
            starving because           that opened fire on some of        away) received a medal, a 
   the german Forces occupying         the planes were tried as war       certificate and letter of thanks.
   Holland refused to allow Allied     criminals after the war ended.         Churchill, when announcing
   food convoys through to help        some representatives of the        that this mission of rescue
   to prevent many Dutch people        Dutch Embassy, impressed           would take place, despite
   dying of starvation. An appeal      by the story, informed the         german opposition to it, called
   by Queen Wilhelmina of Holland      Dutch Military Attaché and         it “Operation Manna”.
   to Winston Churchill to try and
   help resulted in his asking for
   rAF squadrons to volunteer
   to drop sacks of food from a
   low level to the towns of The
   Hague and rotterdam, as
   well as the offshore island of
   Walcheren and Overflakee.
      The famous “Dam Busters”
   squadron, of which Mark Kosky
   was a member, immediately
   volunteered. On 9th April
   1945 a Lancaster Bomber
   loaded with sacks of food flew
   just above the housetops and
   dropped its precious cargo to
   the hundreds and hundreds of
   excited Dutch people, all waving
   orange coloured ribbons or              The famous “Dam Busters” Squadron, of which Mark Kosky
   garments to the rAF planes.           was a member, immediately volunteered. …loaded with sacks
      They continued to drop food        of food flew just above the housetops and dropped its precious
   over Holland for a week and many      cargo to the hundreds and hundreds of excited Dutch people,
   thousands of lives were saved
   as a result. Queen Wilhelmina

14 the JOURNAL spring 009
                              Alf biRd WAs            the Kings royal rifles and                 His various achievements
                          knoWn to mAny               before long surrounded by sand          in AJEX are legendary, from
                           people fAR And             in the Middle East engaged              years of service on the national
                       Wide. theRe suRely             in battle with the enemy.               Executive Council, Chairman of
                            CAn’t be mAny                 His military career came to         the national Welfare Committee,
                        people in london              an abrupt halt on having been           Chairman and Life president
                           And indeed fAR             captured and he spent the next          of Edgware Branch, holder of
                         beyond, Who did              two years as a prisoner of war in       an AJEX gold Badge, through
                       not knoW Alf biRd              italy where, having a fair knowledge    to national standard Bearer.
                       And CeRtAinly not              of French, he also taught himself       However, he still managed a full
                        mAny Who Alf, in              italian and became an interpreter       social life. He was a keen golfer,
                      tuRn, did not knoW.             in the various camps around the         a successful Mason, aspiring
                                                      country. On the capitulation of italy   bridge player and a striking
Alfred I. Bird                                        British pOWs were transported           ballroom dancer, but above all
October 3rd 1917 - January 13th 2009                  to germany where Alf found              a true family man. He had a

                                                      himself for the next eighteen           dedicated, full and fruitful life
                             t the age of           months working as a platelayer          and leaves a void difficult to fill.
                             he was recruited         on the railway. After demob in             He leaves a daughter, rosalyn,
                             into the army and        1946, he spent some time in the         sons Laurence and ian and a
                             after initial training   timber trade, but then became a         host of family and friends with
                   found himself a member of          successful menswear retailer.           memories ever to be cherished.

Cyril Zamchick                                   see the effect of the Hiroshima
September 5th 1922 - October 1st 2008            nuclear bombing. After being
                                                 demobilised in late 1946 with
      RAised in the eAst end of london the rank of Corporal, he returned
       he shoWed RemARkAble skill As A to his earlier apprenticed
  CRAftsmAn Whilst A stAR pupil At the occupation of manufacturing
       then loCAl JeWs’ fRee sChool. he jeweller in Hatton garden.                               Initially stationed
  volunteeRed foR the RAf in oCtobeR                The family connection with                   on the east coast
   1941 As An instRument meChAniC, but the JFs continued with his                                  of England he
      WAs dRAfted into the RAf poliCe. son and daughter at Camden,                                 was visited by
                                                                                                Chaplain, Rev. Leslie

                                                 where he was Chairman of the
                       nitially stationed on the parent/Teacher Association and                    Hardman, who
                       east coast of England he  his grandchildren at Kenton.                     enquired of him
                       was visited by Chaplain,  Cyril was part of the regular                  whether there were
                       rev. Leslie Hardman, who  AJEX educational lecturers                      any more Jewish
                 enquired of him whether there   to local schools. Using his                    boys on the Station.
                 were any more Jewish boys on    professional skills he made an
                 the station. He later served in exact model of the war time
                 the Home Counties on security   Anderson shelter, which is
                 of vital aerial reconnaissance  now part of the exhibits at the
                 photography of german lines. He Jewish Military Museum and                   and Membership secretary
                 was posted to india in 1944 and goes out with lecturing groups               of the stanmore Branch of
                 later to the Occupation Forces  to fascinate the pupils. He held             AJEX in which he was ably
                 in Japan where he was able to   the combined post of Treasurer               assisted by his wife, Josie.

Brig Samuel Janikoun OBE, FRCS, QHS                               few years after he          in his close liaison with the
March 12th 1913 - December 15th 2008                              had graduated in            other forces. As a medical
                                                                  medicine he joined          practitioner, he acquired a
                          sAm JAnikoun WAs                        the royal Army              special skill in handling and
                       one of the feW JeWs            Medical Corps in World War              fitting artificial limbs, which he
                      of ReCent immigRAnt             ii with whom he saw frontline           developed in his latter years
                           stoCk Who Rose             service in north Africa and             in the army and continued
                            to high RAnk in           italy, and in France after              at roehampton Hospital,
                           the bRitish ARmy.          D-Day on June 6 th, l944.               in south West London,
                        his high teChniCAl               in his later service he was              His wife, Magali, who was
                               CompetenCe             based in singapore with a               a dental student when they
                              WAs Allied to           wide remit throughout the               met, predeceased him after
                            An unshAkAble             Army serving in the Far East.           nearly 60 years of marriage.
                      impeRtuRbAbility And            Janikoun was seen in the Army           He is survived by two sons
                          totAl ReliAbility.          as particularly successful              and two daughters.

                                                                                                            spring 009 the JOURNAL 15
   News from the Branches
                                            r. Leslie Munitz,
                                            who reached his

    Event at                                90th birthday in
                                            February last
    Cardiff’s                year, was given a celebration
                             tea by his family at penylan
    Penylan                  House, where he now resides.

      House                      Leslie, who served in World War
                             II in the Armed Forces in Burma,
                             received warm tributes from Mr.
   doReen JACobs             Harry poloway MBE and from his
     ChAiRmAn of             grandson, Jonathan, before being
     AJeX CARdiff            presented with an AJEX Certificate
        & s. WAles           of Honour to mark the occasion                        Lest We Forget
    bRAnCh, tells
       us About A
   RAtheR speCiAl
                             and followed by a delicious tea
                             and a special birthday cake
                             served to everyone present.
                                                                          Merseyside Remembers
      event thAt                 Afterwards, Mr. Harold                         dAvid b. vAn loen bRings us neWs fRom
    took plACe in            newman, AJEX national                            liveRpool, WheRe AJeX WeRe busieR thAn
      theiR loCAl            Chairman, who had driven                           eveR this pAst RemembRAnCe Weekend.

                             up from London with his wife
      CARe home.             Barbara and his standard                        emembrance weekend                                      AbOVe
                             Bearer, Leslie sutton and                       in Liverpool saw                          Merseyside on parade
                             friend, unveiled a wall plaque                  Merseyside AJEX                         with AJEX in London this
                             commemorating the gift by the                   members active in                          past November 2008
                             Association of a total makeover       five events over the three days.
                             of the Home’s dining room into        Friday morning the Branch,
                             a much brighter venue for the         led by the Chairman Dr Mervin
                             residents to enjoy their meals.       Kingston, was represented
                             After noting the wonderful            at the opening of a Field of
                             care given to all in the Home,        remembrance at st.John’s
                             he congratulated the Cardiff          gardens, Liverpool where a
                             AJEX Committee, present               Magen David marker was placed
                             with their own standard, for          with other commemorative               AJEX were invited
                             all their hard work over many         plaques. This was followed that        by the Lord Mayor
                             years for their members.              evening with a service at the            and Liverpool
                                 sincere appreciation of the       Liverpool reform synagogue               City Council to
                             Association’s generosity for this     to which AJEX was invited             participate again in
                             improvement and her thanks to         and this was well attended            their Annual Parade
                             everyone who had travelled to         by AJEX members and the                and Remembrance
                             Cardiff for what proved to be a       synagogue congregation.
                             most enjoyable occasion was               The AJEX shabbat was held
                             expressed by Mrs. Judy Cotsen         this year at the new Allerton
                             Jp, president of the Home.            synagogue, Mather Avenue,           service at the’s Hall
                                                                   Liverpool. The Branch standard      and plateau in the City Centre,
                                                                   stood proudly on display and a      together with members of many
                                                                   section of the synagogue was        other ex-service Associations,
                                                                   reserved for both the men and       regular and territorial servicemen
                                                                   women of Merseyside AJEX.           and Women. The members of the
                                                                   Over 150 people attended            Branch, again led by the Branch
                                    Mr. Harold                     the service in which members        Chairman, were welcomed by
   AbOVe                       Newman… unveiled                    of the Branch were invited to       the Lord Mayor and other civic
   Leslie Sutton and              a wall plaque                    participate, followed by Kiddush    dignitaries. David and rene Van
                                                                                                                                                PhoTGraPhY: riCHArD CAnnOn

   Harold Newman                                                   held in honour of AJEX.             Loen had the honour of laying
                                  the gift by the                      sunday morning saw the          the Merseyside AJEX wreath.
   Leslie Munitz cutting         Association of a                  members proudly on parade              sunday evening saw the
   his birthday cake             total makeover                    once again. Merseyside AJEX         Annual reunion Dinner at Harold
                                  of the Home’s                    were invited by the Lord Mayor      House Jewish Community
   AJEX Plaque                    dining room.                     and Liverpool City Council to       Centre attended by 80 people,
   commemorating the                                               participate again in their Annual   including the guest of Honour,
   refurbishment                                                   parade and remembrance              sir Alan Waterworth, past Lord

16 the JOURNAL spring 009
                                                         beLOW Councillor Mary Smith, Mayor of Blackpool at the Veterans Day Garden Party

Hull Branch
Sunday 9th November

      the hull               he service was
    bRAnCh of                conducted by rabbi
     AJeX held               sholom Osdoba. Many
 theiR AnnuAl                Association standards
    seRviCe of     were in attendance. During the
                   solemn Act of remembrance,
                   the names of the fallen were
                                                           Veterans Day by the Sea
 CelebRAtoRy       read from the memorial board by
      Reunion      perris Coupland, the Exhortation        syd tomlinson AJeX ChAiRmAn foR
    teA At the     was given by the president of the       blACkpool And st Anne’s tells us of his
  hull hebReW      Hull royal British Legion and the       busy time duRing RemembRAnCe Week,
CongRegAtion       Kohima Epitaph by the president         While RepResenting the AssoCiAtion.

                   of the Burma star Association.
        on the        Among the distinguished                         lackpool was the               secretary of state for Defence
   AfteRnoon       guests were the Deputy Lord                        venue for this year’s          and Minister for Veterans,
 of novembeR       Lieutenant of East riding,                         national Veterans Day.         Derek Twigg and general sir
       9th 2008.   Her Worship The Lord Mayor                         in Blackpool’s stanley         Alexander Harley KBE, Master
                   of Kingston upon Hull, senior           park, i and nineteen other                gunner, st. James’s park.
                   Leaders of East riding County           standard Bearers, as well as a               The afternoon ended with a
                   Council, Leader of Hull County          small group of schoolchildren,            huge parade of all the veterans
                   Council and the senior police           watched the Mayor of Blackpool,           led by the Kings Division
                   Officer of Humberside. Old              accompanied by other civic                normandy Band and standards
                   acquaintances and friendships           dignitaries, unveil a marble              along the promenade where the
                   were renewed especially                 plaque detailing the conflict. After      salute was taken by general
                   during the reunion Tea,                 the ceremony all participants             sir Francis r Dannatt KCB,
                   which followed the service.             and guests were invited to the            Chief of the general staff.
                      At the conclusion of the Tea         Mayor’s garden party in the park.
                   the main distinguished guests              Veterans Day was given the
                   addressed the gathering. Branch         royal seal of approval by the
                   Chairman, perris Coupland,              visit of HrH The Duchess of
                   was impressed by the number             Cornwall, who had arrived by
                   of Ex-servicemen and Women              helicopter and was then driven               Amongst the other
                   who attend every year to keep           along the promenade in a                    VIPs at the Cenotaph
                   faith with the memory of those          specially decorated open-topped               were former war
                   who gave their lives in the cause       tram - now permanently named                   correspondent
                   of freedom. in his message              the “Duchess of Cornwall”.                  Martin Bell MP, who
                   in the Annual Brochure he                  Thousands had packed                     gave a reading and
                   reminded leaders of the close           the promenade and the area                  a 112-year old World
                   contact with The royal British          around the Cenotaph where                      War I survivor,
                   Legion and despite dwindling            Bert and i, with our two Branch               Henry Allingham
                   numbers many members assist             standards, took part in the
                   in the local poppy Appeal.              parade and service along with
                      Vice Chairman, Cyril                 the other representatives.
                   Brown, thanked everyone who                Amongst the other Vips at                 The major closing event of
                   contributed to the events of the        the Cenotaph were former war              the week, which i attended,
                   day. Earlier in the day AJEX joined     correspondent Martin Bell Mp,             was the AgM and Conference
                   with other contingents at the           who gave a reading and a 11-             Weekend of the international
                   Hull Cenotaph where the AJEX            year old World War i survivor,            Burma star Association, with
                   wreath was laid by Alan Collins         Henry Allingham, who was                  a wreath laying service at the
                   and the Hull representative             warmly welcomed by Camilla.               Cenotaph. During the evening
                   Council wreath by Judah rose               A little later a number of             entertainment attended by
                   (president). The march past             standards, including our                  Vips and civic dignitaries the
                   was led by the president of the         two, paraded at the Tower                 highlight was the performance
                   Hull & District Council of Ex-          Ballroom for the presentation             of the Band & Dancers of
                   services, perris Coupland.              of Veterans Badges by Under               the Brigade of gurkhas.
                                                                                                                    Branch News Continued >>

                                                                                                                 spring 009 the JOURNAL 17
                                                                                                              n August 008, a
                                                                          Unveiling of                        memorial statue to
                                                                          Memorial in                         Captain noel godfrey
                                                                            Liverpool                         Chavasse VC & Bar,
                                                                                                        MC, rAMC was unveiled
                                                                           stAnmoRe And                 in Abercrombie square,
                                                                                Ruislip AJeX            Liverpool. The event was
                                                                          membeR WAlteR                 attended by AJEX members
                                                                            hARt, Attends               from Liverpool and Walter
                                                                           And desCRibes                Hart from stanmore/ruislip
   PICtUReD                                                                       A moving              Branch London. Besides
   Vice President Gabriel                                                        CeRemony               various military and civilian
   Kaufman and Allan                                                         he Attended                dignitaries some 1,000
   Julius donating his Mess                                                   in liveRpool              spectators were present.
   uniform to the Jewish                                                     lAst summeR.                  noel Chavasse, during
   Military Museum                                                                                      WWi served with the royal
                                                                                                        Army Medical Corps in France,
                                                                                                        where he was awarded two
   Finchley Branch                                                                                      Victoria Crosses and a Military
                                                                                                        Cross. He succumbed to his
   Recruits Britain’s Highest Ranking                                                                   own wounds while refusing
   Jewish Ex-serviceman                                                                                 treatment in order to save
   Brigadier (Rtd) Allan Julius                                                                         the lives of others while
                                                                                                        earning his second VC.
   dAvid sheRmAn, tRustee And bRAnCh                                                                       The memorial depicts noel
   ChAiRmAn intRoduCes us to the                                                                        attending a wounded soldier
   AssoCiAtion’s neWest ReCRuit.                                                                        and being assisted by another

                                                                                                        soldier carrying a stretcher.
            inchley & Hampstead        to the Jewish Military                                              Chavasse is believed to
            garden suburb recently     Museum at shield House.                             beLOW        be commemorated by more
            had the delightful            There, accompanied by            One of many memorials        war memorials in the UK than
            honour of signing on       his partner irene green, was             of Noel Chavasse.       any other individual. sixteen
   Allan as a new member of AJEX.      given a guided tour of the            This one is on display     have currently been recorded
   Allan, a widower aged 80, was       Museum by national Vice                at the Army Medical       by the UK national inventory
   educated at The Jewish Free         president, gabriel Kaufman,              Services Museum.        of War Memorials. Chavasse
   school, at that time located in     who discovered that Allan and                                    park in Liverpool City Centre
   the East End, before embarking      he had been at sandhurst                    Image reproduced     was named in Chavasse’s
   on a distinguished thirty six       within one year of each other.             under licience from   honour. His Victoria Cross is
   year career in the Army. Allan      Allan was so impressed that     displayed at the imperial War
   was in the Malayan jungle with      he has subsequently donated                                      Museum, London. (Information
   the sAs for nine years, served      his uniforms and boots with                                      taken from Wikipedia®)
   with both the gurkhas and the       spurs to the Museum in

                                                                              Noel Chavasse… was awarded
                                                                            two Victoria Crosses and a Military
           Allan was so impressed that he has                                 Cross. He succumbed to his own
      subsequently donated his uniforms and boots                             wounds while refusing treatment
         with spurs to the Museum in perpetuity                              in order to save the lives of others
                                                                               while earning his second VC.

   parachute regiment making over      perpetuity. He is now very keen
   six hundred parachute jumps         to re-establish his Jewish roots
   and completed his career as a       and, in particular, to visit the
   general staff officer. He played    Jewish Free school together
   rugby and, unusually as an          with AJEX on its next visit.
   officer, boxed for the Army. He     Finchley & Hampstead garden
   was the British military attaché    suburb Branch looks forward to
   in rome for three years. His        a long and happy association
   final rank is the equivalent of a   with Allan and feels sure all
   one star American general as        members of AJEX will welcome
   he explained to an interested       him as a distinguished
   audience on a recent visit          “one of the family”.

18 the JOURNAL spring 009
Your Letters                                                                                      Write to us at. address, street, town, county, postcode
                                                                                                  E-mail. Fax. 014 567890

                                  Dear editor                             wording for our appeal as short
                                  i was very interested to read           as possible. it is as follows:
                                  in the Journal several articles
                                  about the First World War. My           Italy Star Association 1943/45
                                  father, sammy spyer, joined the         Veterans! Join us
                                  Oxford & Bucks Light infantry           …Phone our National Secretary                 Reproduction
                                  and eventually he was seconded          on: 020 8241 0275                             of a letter to
                                  to the 40th Battalion in palestine                                                    Alan Levine,
                                  where he joined Colonel Fred            We should be extremely grateful               Welfare Division.
                                  samuel. At the age of 19 he was         to you if you could see your way
                                  promoted to Company sergeant            to assist us to reach out to those            Dear Alan Levine, sir,
                                  Major and then at 1 he became          of our old Comrades who, to date,
                                  the youngest regimental sergeant        do not know that we have been                 This is to thank you
                                  Major in the British Army.              around for them for over 5 years.            for the Chanukah
                                      in palestine he trained many        We know we are now all very                   cheque just received
                                  of the recruits, who eventually         old but we do not intend to give              with an overwhelming
                                  became prominent leaders                up until we have “marched right               gratitude hard
                                  of the new state of israel.             down to the end of the road”!!                to express!
                                  These included Ben gurion,                                                                How perceptive
                                  Jabotinsky, Ben-Zvi and other           Yours very sincerely,                         and understanding
                                  well known personalities. He is         R. Quinton, national secretary                of those responsible
Talia Fox
                                  honoured at the Bet Hagdudim            Italy Star Association 1943-45                to understand some
                                  Museum in netanya, where                                                              of the struggles
United Kingdom                    his army details and pictures                                                         we silently deal
Firefighters                      are displayed amongst all the           Dear Mrs Goldberg,                            with. The cheque
Memorial Service.                 40th Battalion memorabilia.             Thank you very much for the                   for that reason is
This year’s event comprised           During the second World War         opportunity to work at the                    so very welcome.
a service at st. Mary Le          he joined the royal Air Force where     Jewish Military Museum. i have                    i have just come
Bow. i attended with my           he was appointed to train recruits      really enjoyed the past two                   out of hospital after
Mother, Helena, whose             in the Air Training Corps. He was       weeks and hope that my future                 many many weeks at
father was an auxiliary           commissioned with the rank              jobs will be as interesting!                  st.Mary’s, London,
fireman and was killed            of Flying Officer and eventually            The hospitality and friendliness          after a heart attack
on 10 th May 1941 whilst          retired with the honorary rank of       of everyone made me feel at                   and two operations.
attending a conflagration at      Flight Lieutenant. He was one of        home straight away. i found the               The “stress” (i
Trinity House, Tower Hill.        the first to introduce continuity       museum extremely interesting                  was told to avoid)
   My eight-year old daughter,    drill by numbers and led many           and this contributed greatly to               was not easy. Your
Talia, was also present and       parades on this method.                 the experience. Over the last                 thoughtful realistic
although she had attended                                                 two weeks, i have learned a                   cheque has at least
the previous two years this       David Spyer                             great deal about the history of               relieved a good
year was especially poignant                                              Jews in the armed forces as                   deal of worry and
as she was able to wear                                                   well as about work in general.                concern (for again)
her recently acquired JLgB        Dear Sir                                    i found my tasks very rewarding.          which i thank you!
uniform with her great-           Italy Star Association                  it was encouraging to know that                   My mother (rest
grandfather’s defence medal       As current national secretary           the work you asked me to do                   Her soul) would say
attached to her sash.             of our Association, i am                would be helpful to the museum.               “those who give such
   it was particularly moving     endeavouring to rectify past            The variety of tasks i was given              peace and joy to
for me as well to see my          errors of omission in the field of      meant that i was never bored.                 others cannot keep it
daughter lay the wreath, i        advertising our existence to the            i could not have hoped for                also from themselves
have been attending this          many thousands of veterans of           a better work experience and                  - i feel sure its true
memorial service for a            the italian Campaign of 194/45,        your kindness in offering me a                and wish you and
number of years and no one        who we know statistically are           placement has left me with a                  your kind staff a
in the past has taken the         still in the land of the living. With   very positive impression of work.             good Chanukah and
trouble to explain to all those   this task in mind i would esteem        i hope you will let me back in                peace and health
gathered the significance         it a great favour if you would          to see you in the near future to              ever after. Amen.
of the prayer. Whilst it was      assist me to get in touch with          see how your invaluable work in                   now i know my
sad that i appeared to be         as many of our old comrades             Jewish education is progressing.              husband did not
the only Jewish male to be        as we possibly can by granting              Finally, thank you for the                spend his valuable
reciting it with him i felt       us a free advert in the columns         book voucher! i shall look                    years in uniform
very proud to do so.              of all the newspapers in your           forward to spending it.                       without regard.
                                  group. i now that space in a
thank you                         newspaper is at a premium and           Yours sincerely,                              thank you!
Andrew Fox                        for that very reason have kept the      Adam Landa                                    Anonymous

                                                                                                                       spring 009 the JOURNAL 19

                                                                                                         Last Will &
                                                                                A full version can be
                                                                               viewed on a Touch
                                                                               Screen in the Jewish
                                                                               Military Museum at
                                                                               Shield House in Hendon.
                                                                                                         heRe is youR
                                                                                                         oppoRtunity to
   Record of Honour                                                                                      leAve something

   A Lasting Remembrance                                                                                 to AJeX When you
                                                                                                         no longeR need it.

  JACk leWis, AJeX                      our years after the        Military Museum at Ammunition         Your legacy to AJeX will
   viCe pResident                       end of the First World     Hill in Jerusalem. When viewed        help to ensure that -
       And ReCoRd                       War of 1914-1918,          by visitors to the Museum,
         of honouR                      a British Jewry Book       especially the young ones who         • The service given by young
         ChAiRmAn            of Honour was produced in             are fascinated to see details of        Jewish Men and Women in the
   - eXplAins hoW            the form of a large volume            their grandparents, it is proving       British Military Forces will nOT
       youR help is          which contained the names of          to be a most interesting and            be forgotten and stand as a
         needed to           all the Jewish personnel who          intriguing form of remembrance.         permanent record for all to see.
    Complete this            served in the British forces             Unfortunately, the Jewish
       RemARkAble            and listed in the units in which      Chaplains cards only showed           • Help is given to deserving
       dAtAbAse of           they served. no such volume           minimum information, did not            Jewish ex-service Men and
    memoRies And             was produced after the second         record the date of birth and            Women or their dependants
     An impoRtAnt            World War of 199-1945.               could not show subsequent               who are in poor circumstances
        legACy foR               AJEX obtained the card index      transfers and other details.            in their twilight years.
      All membeRs.           which was created by Jewish           Your record of Honour might
                             Chaplains when they contacted         need to be updated to show            • A vigorous educational
                             Jewish men and women who              your date of birth, the dates           programme is maintained at
                             served during the second World        your service commenced and              our Jewish Military Museum
                             War and beyond. That together         ended, the units in which               and in schools, youth centres
                             with the AJEX membership record       you served, the Theatres                and in scheduled public spaces
                             has formed the basis of a unique      (countries) in which you served,        – keeping the story of AJEX
                             system of remembrance of all          the awards (medals) you                 and its members alive.
                             those who have served in the          gained, and the final rank you
                             British Forces since 199. it         achieved as well as your home         ensure that you will be
                             takes the form of a computerised      address whilst in the services.       remembered by contacting
                             individual record of Honour.             if you have not previously         us for a form to complete
                                 A limited version can be viewed   had your own record updated,          - so you can include us in
                             on the AJEX website at www.ajex.      you can request a copy from           your existing will. Or maybe
                    and a fuller version can       AJEX roH, shield House,               you wish to amend or make
                             be viewed on a Touch screen in        Harmony Way, London nW4               a will – we can help too, by
                             the Jewish Military Museum at         BZ. give your full name,             putting you in touch with
                             shield House in Hendon. The           any change of surname,                a specialist solicitor, who
                             same details can be seen on two       which service you were in             has helped other members
                             touch screens installed in the        and service number. please            through this difficult task.
                                                                   enclose a pre-paid A4 reply
                                                                   envelope. it will then be sent        COnTACT Us TODAY
                                                                   to you for your hand-written          AJeX head office
                                                                   updating and return to Head           tel. 00 80 
                                                                   Office, after which a copy of         Fax. 00 80 9900
     Unfortunately, the Jewish Chaplains                           the updated full version of           e-mail.
        cards only showed minimum                                  your computerised record    
        information… Your Record of                                will be sent to you for your
     Honour might need to be updated…                              retention. You can also do            AJeX Charitable Foundation
                                                                   the same for any relative             Charity Commission
                                                                   who has passed on.                    Registration No. 1082148

0 the JOURNAL spring 009
                                       - had to work under terrible          the injured men, dragged them
                                       conditions during World War ii.       from under the wreckage away
                                           in this fascinating book, Terry   from the fire and eventually
                                       Hissey has produced a detailed        out into the street. After the
                                       record of the courageous              war he returned to tailoring
                                       actions of just eleven people
                                       who have been awarded the
                                                                             and became a prominent
                                                                             member of the West End great      Captain
                                       highest civilian honour for their     synagogue as well as Honorary     Solomon
                                       valiant deeds out of thousands
                                       more whose gallantry has gone
                                                                             Life president of the City of
                                                                             Westminster Branch of AJEX.       Levy
                                       unrecorded. it has been over
                                       60 years since the george
                                                                                Harry Errington died,
                                                                             aged 94, on 15th December
                                                                                                               MBE JP
                                       Cross was awarded to a UK             004 at the nightingale           is the new
                                       civil defender and over 0
                                       years to a British civilian.
                                                                             Home, Clapham, where
                                                                             he had been residing.
                                                                                                               Mayor of
                                           One was a Jewish auxiliary           Although a civilian            Gibraltar
                                       fireman, Harry Errington,             all his life, Errington is
             A Young Harry Errington   was awarded the gC on 8 th            commemorated at the Jewish        he is the fiRst
                                       August 1941. After attending          Military Museum, Hendon,          CiviC mAyoR

Book Review                            Westminster Jews’ Free
                                       school, Errington won a
                                       trade scholarship to train
                                                                             where his original miniature
                                                                             medals are on display.
                                                                                                               of the “RoCk”
Come if ye Dare:                       as an engraver but left to
                                       work as a tailor. At the time
                                                                             Come if ye Dare: The Civil
                                                                             Defence george Crosses by Terry
                                                                                                               the neW
The Civil Defence                      of his enlistment in the              Hissey is available from Amazon   Constitution.
George Crosses,                        Auxiliary Fire service at soho        and Waterstones priced £1.50     pReviously
By Terry Hissey                        Fire station he worked at                                               All the
                                       simpson’s in piccadilly.                                                mAyoRs WeRe
MARTIN GELBAND                             The citation for the inaugural                                      “politiCAl”.
RevieWs A veRy                                                                Lost On
                                       award of the george Cross
inteResting book
WhiCh tells the
stoRy of, Amongst
                                       to a fireman stated that on
                                       17th september 1940 high
                                       explosive and incendiary bombs
                                                                              Parade                                       aptain
                                                                                                                           - Momy
otheRs, A JeWish                       demolished the building which          During the AJEX parade                       as he
AuXiliARy fiRemAn                      Errington and his crew used as         at the Cenotaph on 16th          is affectionately
hARRy eRRington                        sleeping quarters. The blast           november 008 a medal            known - is a long
And his AWARd of                       blew Errington across the              was found by two young           time member of
the geoRge CRoss.                      basement, but although dazed           onlookers. They handed it to     AJEX and for over

                                       and injured he made his way to         us in the hope that it could     0 years has
           s recorded in his           the other two auxiliaries, whom        be returned to its owner.        been attending
           foreword to the book        he found to be pinned down                                              the AJEX Annual
           by the Chairman of          flat on their backs by debris.         The medal, a polish Monte        parade at the
           the Victoria Cross          A fierce fire broke out and the        Cassino Cross, is now at AJEX    Cenotaph proudly
& george Cross Association,            trapped men were in imminent           Head Office and if the owner     marching carrying
the Civil Defence services             danger of being burnt to death.        would like to contact us we      the gibraltar

                                                                                                                                      PhoTGraPhY: riCHArD CAnnOn
- mostly staffed by volunteers         Errington managed to release           will be happy to return it.      name board.

Can You Help?                                                                                                  beLOW
                                                                                                               Momi Levy MBE LP
                                                                                                               in London for the
                                                                                                               Remembrance Parade,
please contact Museum                  please reply to head office by        The AJEX Archives are seeking     November 2998
Archivist, Martin sugarman,            post, email, fax or call us:          details of those who served
if you have or had any family                                                in the suez Crisis in 1956.
members who served in the              AJeX head Office                      if you did please give your
Fire service or as fire watchers.      shield House                          full name at the time, rank,
please give their names                Harmony Way                           regiment/Corps and service
and where they served etc.             off Victoria road                     number and please send
photographs of them in uniform         London                                to the Museum Archivist:
are also required. Ensure that         nW4 BZ
you give an e-mail or phone                                                  Martin sugarman
contact so that Martin can             tel. 00 80                     e-mail.
get back to you. He would              Fax. 00 80 9900          
also like to know anyone who           e-mail                                or call him any evening after
served in the suez crisis.                   7pm on 020 8986 4868

                                                                                                               spring 009 the JOURNAL 1
   Veterans’ Day at Alrewas
   peteR leWis, An ACtive membeR of the AJeX
   biRminghAm bRAnCh, tAkes us thRough the
   dAy’s events At lAst June’s veteRAns dAy
   seRviCe At the nAtionAl memoRiAl ARboRetum.

                n Friday 7th June, a   Jewish names are recorded
                party of 16 members     (one being shot just three
                and supporters          days before the armistice in
                of Birmingham           november 1918) and a distant
   AJEX travelled to the national       relative of one of these men
   Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas        addressed us justifying the
   for the Annual Veterans’ Day         memorial and the subsequent
   service of commemoration at          government pardon. At this
   the national Jewish Military         stage we recited the memorial
   Memorial. They were joined           prayer and Kaddish in unison.
   by contingents from London,             At pm we ‘got fell-in’
   Liverpool and newcastle-upon-        with backs erect (well nearly)
   Tyne, making up a parade of          and certainly with ‘bags of

                                                                              The British
   about 00 men and women.             swank’ we marched past the
      The service, conducted with       reviewing officer, Colonel Martin
   much dignity by the officiants,      newman FCipr, supported
   the rev Malcolm Weisman
   OBE MA (Oxon) OCF – AJEX
                                        by all the standard bearers
                                        and headed by the royal               Unknown Warrior
   Chaplain, rabbi Yossi Jacobs         Marines Band, portsmouth.
   and Mr Jacques Weisser               A solitary Lancaster Bomber             Andy gReen              ollowing representations
   – Executive Director AJEX,           made several very low                     fRom AJeX             by the reverend David
   was interestingly witnessed          passes over the parade with                 kenton              railton, a padre who
   by the staff and students of         much muttering to be heard                  bRAnCh,             served on the Western
   Chasetown specialist sports          of “Tg it’s one of ours”.                 invites us   Front throughout World War i, to
   College. A lone bugler sounded          Finally, several of us                   All to A   the Dean of Westminster and King
   the Last post and reveille           inspected the new national             veRy speCiAl    george V, the British government
   and the service concluded            Memorial to the 16,000 service           CeRemony      agreed to bring home the body
   with the recital in unison of        men and women killed since              At viCtoRiA    of an unknown soldier who would
   Kaddish and the benediction.         the end of World War ii. The             stAtion, in   be able to represent the many
      We all then went to the ‘shot     name of our own J. swift of              memoRy of     thousands of Commonwealth
   at Dawn’ Memorial, a most            Birmingham, killed in Malaya,         the unknoWn      soldiers who had served the
   impressive monument recording        is recorded on Column 1.                   WARRioR    Empire and had made the ultimate
   the names of 06 British and            so ended our day, ably                              sacrifice. Thus a body was
   Commonwealth soldiers executed       organised as always by Lionel                          selected from the battlefields of
   for cowardice and desertion in       singer and the AJEX committee.                         France and transported on HMs
   World War One. This was, for         A memorable day. A day in                              Verdun from Boulogne to Dover
   many of us, the most poignant        which we gave respect; a day                           and thence by train to London.
   event of the whole day. Three        we were given respect.                                    At on 10th november
                                                                                               190, the body of the British
                                                                 PICtUReD                      Unknown Warrior arrived at
                                                     Wreath table and North                    platform 8, Victoria station, where
                                                         Statue Courtesy of                    the box car lay overnight before
                                                          Driftwood Images                     the coffin, on a gun carriage
                                                                                               covered with reverend David

                                                                               “It is a possibility that the Unknown
                                                                                 Warrior may have been Jewish”
                                                                                  “This year, 10th November is
                                                                                 on a Tuesday and we hope that
                                                                                  many more members of the
                                                                                 community will put this date in
                                                                                 their diary and JOIN US at this
                                                                                  most moving of ceremonies”

 the JOURNAL spring 009
                                                    Spanish Civil War
                                         mARtin sugARmAn AJeX museum                        Although only less than
                                             ARChivist, RepResented the                  one half of one percent of the
                                       AssoCiAtion And enCouRAges us                     population Jewish volunteers
                                        All to Join him neXt time, At this               made up over 15% of the
                                    inteResting And WoRthy CeRemony.                     British Battalion; the largest

                                                                                         contingent, measured as per
railton’s Union Flag from the                                   ast July, at the spanish head of population, came from
battlefields and accompanied by                                 Civil War commemoration palestine, about 00! so many
Field Marshal the Earl Douglas                                  held at the national     came from poland to fight
Haig, proceeded through the                                     spanish Civil War        Franco that the Jewish Botwin
streets of London to Whitehall                         Memorial on the south Bank,       Company was formed and their
and the Cenotaph for ultimate                          i joined About 00 people,        banner was written in Yiddish
interment in Westminster                               including the last two known      and spanish. Over 5% of the
Abbey the following morning.                  beLOW    Jewish veterans, Lou Kenton,      international Brigade volunteers
    There is now a plaque at       Lou Kenton centre   aged 100 years and sam Lesser, were Jews - about 10,000. For
the top of platform 8 and              with his son to aka Wild, who is in his 90s, both more detail read a detailed
each year a short ceremony,          right and Martin  originally from the East End from study by searching the web for
arranged by the Western              Sugarman to left  where most of the 00 or so       “Against Fascism; Jews who
Front Association, is held to                          British Jewish fighters came.     served in the spanish Civil War”.
commemorate the event. At                                                                   We formally placed a star of a bugler, Western                                                                 David marker with a suitable
Front Association member                                                                 inscription, as part of the official
John Holman, sounds the ‘Last                                                            proceedings, on the memorial
post’. This is followed by two                                                           and it aroused a great deal of
minutes silence after which             We formally placed a Star of                     interest and support as it has in
Charles Harvey, Co-Chair of the        David marker with a suitable                      earlier years. speakers included
London Branch of the Western        inscription, as part of the official                 the spanish Ambassador, sCW
Front Association recites “They       proceedings, on the memorial                       veteran Jack Jones (formerly
shall not grow old as we that            and it aroused a great deal                     head of the TgWU) and a
are left grow old. Age shall               of interest and support...                    representative of the governor
not weary them nor the years                                                             of the province of Catalonia.
condemn. At the going down
of the sun and in the morning,                                                            Do feel free to join us this July.
we will remember them”, the
Kohima Epitaph. A wreath is
then laid by ian inns, Victoria
station Duty Manager and the
service concludes with the
bugler sounding the ‘reveille’.
    it is a possibility that the
Unknown Warrior may have
been Jewish. indeed, two of the
five WWi Jewish VCs, Captain
robert gee and sgt. issy smith,
were selected to form part of
the guard of Honour at the
re-burial in Westminster Abbey
on 11th november 190. Thus
we had a contingent from AJEX
at the ceremony, along with the
national and a Branch standard,
carried by Leslie sutton and
Cyril Van Cliff respectively.
    This year, 10th november is
on a Tuesday and we hope that
many more members of the
community will put this date in
their diary and join us at this
most moving of ceremonies.

                                                                                                        spring 009 the JOURNAL 
                                       Dear Doctor,
                                       I would like to describe to you the Sedfondesth took place .
                                                                                   er whic
                                       which was an event that surpassed our express to you the thanks  ions
                                           First of all, dear Doc  tor, I want to
                                                                                                            It was
                                       of all those comrades who were present atsthe celebrations. t part,
   Seder at                            your generosity that allowed 30 comradeCom, for the kosher.
                                       had to march 2-3 hour    s to get to Nizy le
                                                                                             te, to eat

   The Front                               By Friday morning I came on to athat ol house occupied ded
                                       Field Hospital. The large classroom r for had convert into an
                                                                                          it to
                                                                                                               by a
                                                                                                      d as a crow

                                       ward had just been clea     red out in orde
             o follow is an English
                                       operating theatre. I thereupon appevening -the doctor inily granted.
                                                                                roached                     charge with
             translation of a letter                                                                 read
                                       the request to have the room for the charge ofthis he to lend us white
             written in german,                                                              Stores
                                            He also allowed the corporal in to improvise the seating, which
             which was recently
                                        linen sheets for the tabl es. Then I had
   given to the AJEX Jewish                                                                    rned wash boilers
                                        consisted of planks laid across chairs fortauptuFor the person giving
   Military Museum by Martin                                                             ble.
   Lion. it amazingly describes         and was practicable rather than com sore wicker armchair to put
                                        the Seder I found an      old rather foot
   the arranging of a seder in                                                                         ed from the
                                        in pride of place. For lighting, in thepressurescroungWine glasses I
                                                                                   end, I
   the german lines in 1917
   at nizy le Comte, about 0           Air Force a 300 candlepower petrol ians which Ip. had boiled.
   miles north of reims.                managed to borrow from       French civil
      in addition it transpires              And when in the   evening the comrades arrived, we hadthe        a
   that rev. Bernd Koschland’s
                                         real Yomtov-dicke sparkle about that schoolrothe trenches,  One of
   uncle conducted the seder.            soldiers, who was spen   ding his first Pesach in
   rev Koschland is well                                                              familiar tune Nigen,
                                         davened Maariv beautifully. The oldthe air and thes,heart and
   known to Anglo Jewry (see             which we had also used at home, filledi filled our hearts then
   column to the right) and was          as the intimate melody of Lecho Dod r into all of us present.
   delighted to be contacted             indeed did Yom Tov and Shabbatutenant of the Reserves
   with news of the letter.                  My friend and com      patrth Lie
      Further enquiries bring us         Israel Koschland of the 10 Bavarian Reserve Infantry lack
   to believe that the addressee
                                          Regiment, gave the Seder. At the outsetprogressedfelt the
                                                                                            we rather
                                                                                                         one soon
   of the letter is a Doctor, who
                                          of sufficient Haggadot, but as theiled translations of the text
   could be Dr. Max Kunreuther,
                                          forgot this deficiency with the detathe old familiar tale unfolded
   holder of the iron Cross, who
   was somehow responsible
                                          and explanations from Rashi, as of the transition of our tribe
   for making arrangements for            from the cradle of our world culture il in the Haggadah. So
   the 0 Jewish soldiers to              into people, which is told in every deta symbols at the centre of
   celebrate a kosher seder.              it was that this Seder, with its circlethe parents, was also able
                                          which usually stood   the family and                                  ,
                                          on this evening to encompass even thosemuch more rades who rs
                                                                                       of our com
                                                                                                      do we othe
                                           in religious matters, stood afar. How and deepest feelings
                                           feel its innermost mea  ning. Our thoughts
                                           were of our loved ones at home. As the Seder story unfolded
                                                                                                  e time.
                                           it brought to mind countless episodes from peacshort speech. In the
                                              During the interval I made, as requested, a came into their
                                           second part of the Seder the well-known melodies ering with his
                                                                                             the gath
       Lieutenant of the                   own. Among those present, who delightedfrom Posen, who sang a
        Reserves Israel                     well practised voice, was also our Chazan
         Koschland of                                                                was going to give his name.
                                            particularly beautiful Hallel. He ding and helpingme Lamb to
       the 10th Bavarian                       Naturally we ended joyfully buil Kelokeinu ourthe orable      mem
       Reserve Infantry                     its rights. With Adon Olam and Ein ent, came to an end.
        Regiment, gave                      evening, which had uplifted all thoselike to thank you for your
         the Seder. At                         Once more, dear   Doctor, I would                               present.
         the outset we
         rather felt the
                                            generosity and kindness in the name of all those who were
       lack of sufficient                 A British Jewish Soldier

4 the JOURNAL spring 009
                                                          with more than twenty years
                                                          distinguished service.
                                                              After training in Egypt at

                            Jewish                        Burg el Arab in October 1944
                                                          they joined the 8th Army in italy      Some young Jewish
                                                                                                   soldiers formed
                                                          for further training. An early
                                                          engagement took place in January        secret vengeance
                                                          1945 against the 4nd Jaeger            squads within the
                                                          Division, where it attacked twice        Brigade. It was
                             henRy moRRis, the            and took prisoners. On the river       never official policy,
                               JeWish militARy            senio it was opposed by the             but within months
                           museum’s CuRAtoR,              1th parachute regiment. in a            the squads had
                       tells the tRue stoRy of            furious, vital and strategic battle    identified scores of
                       the JeWish bRigAde And             it crossed the river securing a        Nazi and SS Officers
                         ultimAtely in 1948, it’s         bridgehead, but losing twenty          and executed them.
                         impACt on the isRAeli            killed and seventy were wounded.
                        WAR of independenCe.              A vivid description of this battle

                                                          can be read in the book “The
                             n 1944 war was raging        Brigade” by Howard Blum. Twenty        these feelings of revenge the
                             across Europe and            one were decorated (MCs,               main mission, albeit carried
                             north Africa. The Jews       MMs, one CBE) and seventy              out illegally, was to look for
                             in palestine, ruled          eight mentioned in despatches.         Holocaust survivors and bring
                       by the British Mandate,            passover was celebrated in             them to their spiritual home in
                       sought permission to               the line with wine and matzo           palestine. The Allied Command
                       form an all-Jewish fighting        from palestine. in the following       were intent on returning Jewish
                       force, but were refused.           months the Brigade, as part of         refugees to their countries of
revd Bernd                For three more years the        the 8th Army, proceeded up italy       origin where anti-semitism
Koschland was          Jewish Agency, led by Dr.          to the border with Austria at          was still rife and had claimed
a teacher and          Chaim Weizman, continued to        Travisio, with the war in Europe       hundreds of lives. When they
departmental head      press their claim. Finally, with   ending on May 8th, 1945.               learned of the Haganah’s
at JFs. For many       the horrors of the Holocaust,          From there the Brigade moved       activities within the Brigade
years and still        by now well known, Churchill       on to Holland and Belgium and          the military authorities could
today is an active     over-rode the objections of the    elsewhere in Europe seeking            not tolerate the size of these
and well known         War Office and in a statement      out survivors of the Holocaust.        illegal operations wanting
Jewish minister,       to parliament announced the        Often going absent without leave       these troublesome Jews out
Bernd also serves      formation of the Brigade.          (AWOL) they brought practical          of Europe. in April 1945 the
on many public            The Brigade was formed          help to the surviving victims of the   British War Office ordered the
bodies including,      in september 1944. This            concentration and death camps          Brigade to disband; its soldiers
Chairman of            was a force of over 5,000          with food, clothing, medicine,         were sent home - some Brigade
Barnet’s standing      Jewish men and composed            transport and provision of a           men secretly stayed behind to
Advisory Council for   of three battalions that           lifeline escape to palestine.          continue helping the survivors,
religious Education    included men drawn from                some young Jewish soldiers         in some cases giving their
(sACrE); member        the palestine regiment, i.e.       formed secret vengeance squads         uniforms to refugees so that
of the Multi-Agency    the East Kent, rAsC, rE,           within the Brigade. it was never       they could return to palestine.
racial Harassment      rAOC, Transport, Military          official policy, but within months         Three years later in 1948
group; member of       police and Medical Units.          the squads had identified              when israel, in its own War of
the safe-guarding      it was commanded by Brig.          scores of nazi and ss Officers         independence, had to defend
Children Board;        Ernest Benjamin, a Canadian        and executed them. Despite             itself against an unprovoked
trust chaplain at                                                                                attack by the armies of the
the royal Free                                                                                   surrounding Arab countries,
Hospital; trustee                                                                                including that of Jordan, trained
and council                                                                                      and led by British Officers,
member of Jews                                                                                   many Jewish Brigade veterans,
Temporary shelter;                                                                               including thirty five who became
member of Barnet                                                                                 israeli generals, served with
network of Jewish                                                                                distinction. Their training and
Organisations;                                                                                   experience under fire in World
Vice-chair of                                                                                    War ii was recognised by Ben
Kinder Transport                                                                                 gurion, first prime Minister of
Association                                                                                      the state of israel, when he
and has had                                                                                      said “without these soldiers it
involvement with                                                                                 is doubtful we could have built
Barnet Holocaust                                                                                 the israeli Defence Forces in
Commemoration                                                                                    such a short period and such
Event and Barnet                                                                                 a stormy hour to fight and win
Civic network.                                                                                   our War of independence”.

                                                                                                            spring 009 the JOURNAL 5
              EST. SINCE 1960

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                            Whether looking to buy, sell or rent
                            property in Gibraltar or Southern Spain,
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