THE TERRACE HOMES by jianghongl


									The Terrace homes
aT founders park in daybreak
We love the design of our home, especially the
many windows and high ceilings.
       – Kelly & Camille Jaques

Garbett made buying a home enjoyable. Now
I’m living the life I always dreamed about.
      – RebeCCa bibo
                                                      To mainTenance-free living.
Garbett Homes helped us to start living the
American Dream in our brand new home.                 The Terrace Homes at Daybreak’s Founders Park is a luxurious, maintenance-
      – emadu & ma Cole                               free condo community conveniently located within Daybreak at 11754
                                                      South Grandville Ave (4960 West), South Jordan, Utah 84095. Now you
There’s something unexplainable about owning          can live in Daybreak, Utah’s award winning master planned community.
your first home. It’s a sense of security, of being   Choose from 2 unique home plans with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
in charge of our own destiny.                         These spacious homes are crafted in the traditional Daybreak-style with
                                                      private terraces that offer prime hangout space. Amenities at Daybreak
      – bRandon & SaRa mooRe

I comfortably recommend Garbett Homes as
one of the best builders in the state.
      – Clay WindeR
                                         “            include pools, hiking trails, community centers and ball fields. For more
                                                      information, please call us, stop by one of our model homes.

                                                      our sales cenTer and model homes are open
                                                      mon–saT11am–7pm or by appoinTmenT.

                                                                    sandy 801-652-4424
                                                                    sales associaTe

                                                                    Jackson 801-358-2631
                                                                    morTgage specialisT
The Terrace
in daybreak

The national trend toward a
maintenance-free lifestyle is
growing, and Utah’s Wasatch Front
is no exception. Singles and families
are opting for less to do at home
and more “play time.” They want
to spend their weekends away
from home; not confined to the
yard. Older active adult couples
are looking for a retirement that
doesn’t include backbreaking yard
work. Whichever way you look at it,
the choice for a maintenance-free
lifestyle is a great fit.

H o m e b u y e r s c a n c h o o s e f ro m
two unique home plans with three
bedrooms, 1,344 square feet, and a
private terrace. The spacious home
plans are equipped with ample
storage for all the extras that come
with an active lifestyle. Our homes
come in several styles—all designed
to enhance the “community family
feel” and to promote community

                                               The information, floorplans, renderings, etc. in this brochure are for illustration purposes only
                                               and may change without notice. Independently and exclusively marketed by Garbett Homes.
The Terrace homes
The Terrace homes
all levels
oquirrh lake
The Terrace homes
garden level
The Terrace homes
garden level
                                                  The Terrace homes
                                                  middle & upper levels

The Terrace homes in daybreak
boasTs greaT feaTures & ameniTies:

•	 A large secluded covered patio

•	 Maintenance-free home

•	 Extra large laundry room

•	 Two walk-in closets

•	 Over 1,344 usable living space

•	 Three bedroom homes available with NO STAIRS

•	 Large walk-in pantry

•	 Large island in the kitchen

•	 Includes the option for a fireplace

•	 Vaulted ceiling in top-floor
The Terrace homes
Top level masTer bedroom
The Terrace homes
garden level
The Terrace homes
                         included value-added feaTures
                         proJecT ameniTies                                                             energy sTar feaTures
                         •	 2x4 exterior frame-wall with stucco                                          •	 Insulating walls with R-13 insulation
                         •	 Architectural 30-year shingle roof                                           •	 Top floor ceilings with R-38 insulation
                            with required rain gutters and down spouts                                   •	 Vinyl frame thermal glass low-E windows
                         •	 Indoor Air Quality Features                                                     with U-Factor of 0.35 or lower
                                                                                                         •	 Energy Star 40-gallon water heater
                         •	 Low VOC Paint
                                                                                                         •	 80% efficiency gas furnace and 13 SEER air conditioning,
                         •	 Carpet bearing CRI Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) rating
                                                                                                            ground-mounted equipment
                         •	 Low-toxic duct mastic                                                        •	 Programmable thermostat
                         •	 Upgraded air-filter on HVAC                                                  •	 Energy Star dishwasher
                         •	 White toggle standard switches and receptacle plates                         •	 Energy Star bathroom exhaust fans
                         •	 Telephone jacks in living room, kitchen, and baths
                            (CAT 5 Enhanced)                                                           kiTchens
                         •	 Cable TV jacks in living room and all bedrooms                               •	 Alder square raised panel door cabinets
                            (RG-6 quad shielded)                                                            with 30” uppers and 3” crown mold
                         •	 Bath fans in toilet areas                                                    •	 Matching toe kick
                         •	 Pre-wired for ceiling fans in living room & master bedroom                   •	 Laminate counter-top with 4” back splash
                         •	 Six-panel steel entry door                                                   •	 Chrome handle faucet
                         •	 Brushed nickel entry door handle with dead bolt.                             •	 1/2 hp Badger II garbage disposal
                                                                                                         •	 Whirlpool, black or white self-cleaning electric range
                            First-floor, lever-style door knobs
                                                                                                         •	 Whirlpool, black or white range hood vented to outside
                         •	 2x4 interior frame-wall construction
                                                                                                         •	 Whirlpool, black or white Energy Star dishwasher
                         •	 Textured drywall finish with round corners                                   •	 Water line at refrigerator location with white recessed box
                            (outside vertical corners only)                                              •	 Stainless Steel double-bowl sink 7” deep
                         •	 Single-tone paint throughout
                         •	 Drywall window sills, jambs and headers                                    baThrooms
                         •	 Two-panel hollow-core hardboard interior doors                               •	 Alder square raised panel door vanity cabinet
                            with door-stops                                                                 with 2-drawer banks
                         •	 2 1/4” colonial door casing                                                  •	 Laminate counter-top with 4” back splash
                         •	 Brushed nickel interior doorknobs                                            •	 Oval drop-in vanity sink
kelly & camille Jaques   •	 Polyethylene (PEX) manifold plumbing system                                  •	 Chrome handle faucets
                                                                                                         •	 Polished edge plate glass mirror,
                         •	 Closet and laundry include wire shelving
garbeTT homeoWners       •	 Vinyl flooring in entry, kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms                        width of vanity and 48” high
                                                                                                         •	 Bath lighting in brushed nickel
                         •	 Carpeting over pad on all other floors
                                                                                                         •	 Fiberglass tub/shower combination
                         •	 Window blinds in all windows and patio door - 2” wide
                                                                                                         •	 White oval 1.5 gallon toilet with chrome lever
                         •	 Maintenence-free composite decking system                                    •	 Chrome towel bars and chrome toilet-paper holder

                            The information, floorplans, renderings, etc. in this brochure are for illustration purposes only
                            and may change without notice. Independently and exclusively marketed by Garbett Homes.
garden level                                                                                                               Top & middle levels
1,344 Square Feet                                                                                                          1,344 Square Feet

                       Optional Terrace

                                      Bedroom 2
                                                                                                                                                   Bedroom 2
                                                                                  Family Room
                            W.I.C.                                                                                                                                                                Family Room

                                                                                             Kitchen            Bedroom

                                  Bedroom 3                            Entry                                                                                                                                  Kitchen                        Bedroom

                                                                                 Util./Lndry.                                                 Bedroom 3                                Entry
                                                                                                                M. Bath

                     DEN OPTION                                                                                                                                                                  Util./Lndry.                             M. Bath



The information, floorplans, renderings, etc. in this brochure are for illustration purposes only                          The information, floorplans, renderings, etc. in this brochure are for illustration purposes only
and may change without notice. Independently and exclusively marketed by Garbett Homes.                                    and may change without notice. Independently and exclusively marketed by Garbett Homes.
                                                                                                   a Winning Team
                                                                                                   Wayne Corbridge and Mark Cusick, the founders and owners of Hearthside
                                                                                                   Development, have been designing and building award-winning communities
                                                                                                   throughout the western United States for the past 25 years. Driven by a
buying has never been so easy                                                                      passion for excellence and attention to detail, they have gained a reputation
                                                                                                   for innovation, superior quality, and cutting-edge design.

sTep 1   selecT a home plan and locaTion                                                           Hearthside Development is dedicated to developing superior floor plans
         Your Garbett Homes representative will help you find the perfect home site—just for       which are noticeably more comfortable, functional, and efficient. With
         you in one of our award-winning communities.
                                                                                                   attention to building environmentally-friendly homes, Hearthside has
                                                                                                   devoted special attention to energy-efficient homes that save on power
sTep 2   sign an offer, including earnesT money
         To secure your new home, you will be invited to make a $500 deposit, and to sign a real
                                                                                                   and are environmentally responsible—as well as healthier, with better
         estate purchase contract provided by your Garbett Homes representative.                   indoor air quality.

sTep 3   pre-qualify WiTh garbeTT morTgage                                                         Now Hearthside Development has teamed up with Garbett Homes to
         Once you have submitted your offer, contact Garbett Mortgage at (801) 456-2430.           bring you a new community offering superior lifestyle, peace of mind,
         They will send a pre-qualification letter to your Garbett Homes representative within     and value. Together they are committed to serving you, our friends and
         a few days of your application.
                                                                                                   clients, with integrity and respect.

sTep 4   submiT your consTrucTion deposiT
         After being pre-qualified by Garbett Mortgage, you will be asked to submit a
         $1,000 construction deposit. This money + the $500 earnest money go toward the
         downpayment of your new home.

sTep 5   hold a pre-consTrucTion meeTing
         This is where the real fun begins! After choosing your flooring, cabinets, and counter-
         tops, we will hold a pre-construction meeting. There you will add your upgrades, make
         choices about appliances, phone/cable jack locations, etc., and complete your color
         selections. We then ask for 50% of your upgrade amount.

sTep 6   relax While We build your neW home
         Garbett Homes will now make your new home a reality. We will do what we do best—
         create the highest quality townhome you can buy in Utah.

sTep 7   hold a final Walk-Through
         We are excited to show you the finished product! Your new home is 99% complete!
         Together we will walk through, open and shut doors & windows, turn switches on &
         off, and teach you how to operate and care for your new home.

sTep 8   close on your neW home, and move in
         It’s time to meet at the title company and sign the final documents. This is where your
         new home is transferred into your name. After your home has funded and recorded at
         the county, we will hand you the keys to your brand new home!
                    buying vs. renTing
                    There are many advantages to buying a home versus renting one. Your income,
                    savings, and monthly expenses play an important role in determining how
                    large a mortgage you can afford.

                    savings: buying
                    In many cases, the amount of money a renter spends on rent can be about the same as or less
                    than the amount a homeowner spends on a mortgage. With the tax benefit for homeowners,
                    the savings can be significant.

                    buy vs. rent comparison
                    The chart below shows a cost comparison for a renter and a homeowner over a seven year period.

                     •	   The renter starts out paying $950 per month with annual increases of 5%
                     •	   The homeowner purchases a home for $180,000 and pays a monthly mortgage of $1,250
                     •	   After 7 years, the homeowner’s payment is lower than the renter’s monthly payment
                     •	   With the tax savings of homeownership, the homeowner’s payment is less than
                          the rental payment after 4 years

                          years       rent         mortgage     monthly      after Tax      yearly      after Tax
                                    payment        payment     difference    savings      difference    savings

                            1          950             1,250     -300          -119         -3,600        -1,428

                            2          998             1,250     -253           -72         -3,030            -858

                            3         1,047            1,250     -203           -22         -2,432            -260

                            4         1,100            1,250     -150          +31          -1,803        +369

                            5         1,155            1,250      -95          +86          -1,143        +1,029
TimoThy seeber
                            6         1,212            1,250      -38          +143          -450         +1,722
garbeTT homeoWner
                            7         1,273            1,250      +23          +204          +277         +2,449

                            8         1,273            1,250      +87          +268         +1,041        +3,213

                          9–30                                          savings increase every year

homeoWners associaTion
for peace of mind & luxurious ameniTies

Our residents belong to a community association responsible for
managing daily operations and protecting the founding principles
of Daybreak. This association is run by a board of directors that
includes Daybreak residents, and is professionally managed by
Capital Consultants Management Corporation (CCMC). For more
information about the Daybreak HOA, visit their website.

Billing is on a quarterly basis. The HOA dues cover the costs of amenities,   breT & Tiffany moreTTi
the trail system, parks, the Community Center and frequent resident events.   garbeTT homeoWners
It covers Qwest high-speed fiber optic Internet service, and also covers
group insurance and maintenance. The HOA dues are evaluated yearly by
the Daybreak HOA.
                building green
                homes ThaT are healThy, energy efficienT
                and environmenTally responsible.

naTure Trails   Green building is the practice of using better siting, design, construction,
                operation, maintenance, and removal — the complete building life cycle — to
                increase the efficiency of use of resources and impacts on human health and
                the environment. Effective green building can lead to 1) reduced operating
                costs (by increasing productivity and using less energy and water) 2) improved
                public and occupant health (due to improved indoor air quality) and 3) reduced
                environmental impacts (by lessening storm-water runoff and the heat-island
                effect). Green builders seek to achieve not only ecological but aesthetic harmony
                between a structure and its surrounding natural and built environment.

                our homes are energy sTar cerTified
                                                        Energy Star is an international standard for energy
                                                        efficient consumer products. First created as a
                                                        United States government program in 1992. Energy
                                                        Star buildings use at least 15% less energy than
                                                        standard homes. They usually include properly
                                                        installed insulation, high performance windows, and
                                                        tight construction standards.

                The information, floorplans, renderings, etc. in this brochure are for illustration purposes only
                and may change without notice. Independently and exclusively marketed by Garbett Homes.
leT’s make iT happen.
Purchasing a home is likely the largest financial decision you will ever make. The process can be
confusing, the paperwork overwhelming, and the experience mostly frustrating—unless you have a
friend to help you along the way.

call Today To learn more. 801-456-2430

loan applicaTion checklisT
Please bring These items to your appointment with your loan officer:

 †   Names and addresses of all employers for last 2 years.
 †   Most recent 2 years complete federal tax returns (all schedules) and W-2 forms.
 †   Most recent 30 days pay stubs.
 †   Social Security or Retirement Award Letter, if applicable.

if self employed
 †   Last 2 years’ corporate tax returns.
 †   Year-to-date Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet.

if child supporT or alimony is necessary
 †   Divorce Decree and Settlement Agreement.
 †   Printout from Court, canceled checks or bank statements showing receipt.
 †   If a full-time student in the past 2 years, college transcripts.

 †   Most recent 3 months bank statements on all accounts, including 401k, IRA, stocks, etc.
     (Before closing, we must verify that DOWN PAYMENT plus 2 months payment reserves
     are in bank accounts or have been deposited with builder).
 †   Letter and documentation regarding any large deposits (other than paychecks).
 †   If home was recently sold, copy of HUD-1 Settlement Statement from closing.                       chanTel mcdougal
 †   Listing Agreement and/or Guaranteed Sale Agreement on current home, if applicable.
 †   Addresses, mortgage information and signed lease agreement(s) on any rental property.             garbeTT homeoWner

oTher informaTion
 †   Account numbers, payments and balances on all credit debt.
 †   If bankrupt in the past 7 years, complete file-stamped bankruptcy papers and discharge.
 †   If divorced in the past 7 years, complete file-stamped Divorce Decree and Settlement Agreement.
 †   If applying for a VA Mortgage, Certificate of Eligibility and Discharge Papers (DD214).
 †   If applying for a FHA or VA Mortgage, driver’s license and social security card.
 †   All information on Quick Questionnaire if not already faxed or completed. (questionnaire
     available at
 †   If you will be saving funds for DOWN PAYMENT, please plan on faxing or sending all
     monthly bank statements and pay stubs until closing.
 †   Photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License)
enJoy The silence
The secreT is our engineered sound Wall

We have put a lot of care, research, and engineering into creating “party walls” or sound walls
that keep you accoustically separate from your neighbors. We understand how important it is
for you to have a good night’s sleep, peace, and quiet in the comfort of your home. Here are the
key features that make this possible:

 •	   2”x4” wall of separation on both sides
 •	   Insulation R-11 batts on both walls
 •	   Two layers of sheet rock with 16” of overlap on both sides
 •	   2” minimum gap between walls
 •	   Accoustical sealant around electrical outlets and
      perimeter of all sheetrock and floor


                                                                                                     3/4” 2000 PSI
                               Carpet Pad                                                            Gypsum Concrete

                Tongue & Groove                                                                          Engineered Floor Joist
                   OSB Subfloor

                                                                                                               Resilient Sound
                                                                                                               Isolation Channel
                  Insulation for
               Sound Reduction

                                                                                              Two Layers of 1/2” Sheetrock

                                                                                                                                   aWard Winning communiTies
                                                                                                                                   garbeTT homes capTures mulTiple “communiTy
                                                                                                                                   of The year” aWards
TWO WALLS ARE BETTER THAN ONE WHEN IT COMES TO MITIGATING SOUND BETWEEN HOMES.                                                     The building industry recognizes outstanding achievement in community
                                                                                                                                   design, construction, architecture, innovation and sustainable development.
                                                                                                                                   Garbett Homes is honored to have collected awards for so many of our
                                                                                            5/8” Type X Sheetrock
                7/16” OSB Sound Barrier                                                                                            communities, including Chandler Point, The Villas on Hidden Creek,
                                                                                                                                   Farmington Crossing and The Heights on Quarry Bend. Being recognized
                                                                                                    R-11 Insulation                by our peers is very rewarding as we strive to reach beyond the acceptable
                       2”x4” Stud
                                                                                                                                   standards of community design and construction and create a truly unique
                                                                                                       2”x4” Base Plate            product. The creativity begins when selecting the right piece of land and
                5/8” Type X Sheetrock
                                                                                                                                   follows through the architectural design process into construction and finally
                                                                                                        1” Air Space               into the sales and marketing arena. The real reward comes when our home
                                       1” Air Caulk Seal                                                                           buyers start enjoying all that we have tried so hard to create.

The information, floorplans, renderings, etc. in this brochure are for illustration purposes only
and may change without notice. Independently and exclusively marketed by Garbett Homes.

            WhaT To do
            When you’re noT enJoying your beauTiful
            daybreak home
            Take a hike. Daybreak has miles of trails, with gorgeous views at every step.

            roW your boaT. One of the many pleasures of having several lakes
            in the neighborhood.

            go fish. You get home from work. You pick up your gear. You stroll to the lake.

            pack a lunch. Then take it to a park. With all the parks here, you won’t
            have to walk far.

            groW someThing. Community gardens, an organic gardener’s paradise.

            don a sWimsuiT. We have pools both for swimmers and little splashers.

            play. Baseball. Soccer. Tennis. Frisbee. We’ve got places for all of them.

            hiT The shops. The District Shopping Center is just around the corner. Plus our first
            Village Center is coming soon. That means neighborhood café’s shops, and services.
living in a garbeTT home
Garbett Homes has been building neighborhoods throughout the United States
for over 20 years. Our experience and longevity are only surpassed by our
desire to impress each home buyer with the best possible experience.

I started Garbett Homes in 1983 with the intent to build beautiful homes for
discerning buyers. Since then, Garbett Homes has built over 3,000 homes in
20 communities across the country. Our company has won the Community
of the Year award three times in the last four years.

With Garbett Homes, you’ll feel at home the moment you walk in the front
door. We are proud to build affordable homes with style and class. We strive
to offer you the most up-to-date technology and design available. In short,
we’re convinced you’ll find comfort in your new Garbett Home.

You’ll see it everywhere. You’ll feel it immediately. It starts with a vibrant
color palette and carries through to the rich texture of materials and
finishes. A Garbett Homes community comes to life as innovative minds
synergize with creative architectural ideas and land planning techniques.
This melting pot of inspiration gives birth to some of the best residential
communities in the US.

Take your time and relax among the parks, trees, and those special places
where you can simply unwind and dream. Breathe it in. Spread out in the back
yard and watch as the children play. We’re confident that you’ll find a Garbett
Community as a place of extraordinary comfort.


Bryson Garbett
President & Owner, Garbett Homes
1   garbeTT homes                3   arbor square                   5   The disTricT                      7   The heighTs               9   morningside                   11 snake river landing
    CORPORATE OFFICE                 TOWNHOMES FROM $179,900            TOWNHOMES FROM $139,900               TOWNHOMES FROM $269,900       TOWNHOMES FROM $169,900          TOWNHOMES FROM $139,900
    273 N. EAST CAPITAL ST.          5449 WEST SONGBIRD DR              3782 WEST BROADWICk RD                9200 SOUTH 1000 EAST          6000 NORTH FOOTHILL BLVD         901 PIER VIEW DRIVE, SUITE 104
    SALT LAkE CITY, UTAH 84103       WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH 84120       SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095              SANDY, UTAH 84094             ROCk SPRINGS, WYOMING 82901      IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO 83402
    801-456-2430                     801-969-3694                       801-244-9163 or 801-414-4865          801-915-8138                  307-922-3822                     208-557-5300

2   farmingTon crossing          4   The bay collecTion             6   Terrace homes                     8   meadoW Walk               10 spring creek crossing
    TOWNHOMES FROM $150,900          TOWNHOMES FROM $160,900            CONDOS FROM $159,900                  TOWNHOMES FROM $160,900       TOWNHOMES FROM $136,900
    946 WEST SPRING CREEk LN         10357 SOUTH RUBICON RD             11754 S GRANDVILLE AVE (4960 W)       1300 SOUTH HWY 189            1260 WEST 2401 SOUTH PASEO
    FARMINGTON, UTAH 84025           SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095           SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095              HEBER, UTAH 84032             NIBLEY, UTAH 84321
    801-726-5900                     801-671-9600                       801-652-4424                          801-455-5131                  435-787-8700
                                                      Daybreak View Pkwy

                                                                             Bangerter Hwy
                                    Kestrel Rise Rd

                                                                 4000 West
       Grandville Ave

                                11800 South
                                    Park Haven Ln


yes you can
11754 souTh grandville ave (4960 WesT)
souTh Jordan, uTah 84095

                        sandy 801-652-4424
                        sales associaTe

                        Jackson 801-358-2631
                        morTgage specialisT

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