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					                      HMSC Currents
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Summer 2009

                                 Newsletter of the Hatfield Marine Science Center Community - Newport OR

Summer comes alive                                                                                         Summer Interns
with interns at HMSC                                                                                                                                     2009
     More reliable than the weather, the influx                                                                                                                                       Alexis Hoffman
                                                                                                                                                                                      Washington Univ.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         AnnaRose Adams
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Oregon State Univ.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Brandon Reichl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kutztown Univ.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Emily Batt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Northeastern U.

of interns at HMSC is a sure sign that summer

                                                          Amanda Stewart         Ashley Van Brink       Camilo Vanegas         Emily Whitney
has arrived in Newport. There are at least 23                 Univ. of Oregon      Elmira College       Univ. of Maryland      Whitworth Univ.

undergraduate students with internships at
Hatfield this summer, including six OSU stu-                                                                                                                                                    Erica Pitcavage           Hillary Browning           Joni Lum

dents (three in the Visitor Center, two COSEE
                                                                                                                                                                                                Whitman College            Eckerd College     CUNY - Hunter College

Pacific Partnership interns, and one through the          Jasmin Segura
                                                              Humboldt State
                                                                                   Kate Lavelle
                                                                                  SUNY Stonybrook
                                                                                                        Kendra Hoekzema Kevin Wakeman
                                                                                                           Calvin College      Humboldt State

PROMISE program), plus another 16 students
from all over the country who made their way
here to get some hands-on research experience.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Maryann Tekverk      Natalie Ehrlich         Patrick Donovan         Sarah Dewey
                                                                                                                                                                                     Haverford College     Portland C.C.         Western Michigan U.        Yale Univ.

     This summer marks our sixth year of host-                                                             Robin Van Dyke          Xeronimo

ing OSU’s Research Experience for Under-                                                                    College of the
                                                                                                                               CSU Monterey Bay

graduates (REU) program focused on marine
science. Funded by the National Science                  Melissa Blamires       Sea-oh McConville
                                                                                                                                                           Jenny Green
                                                                                                                                                         Oregon State Univ.                                  Alix Lee            Jennifer Hoey         Megan Sabal

Foundation, the joint program between HMSC               Oregon State Univ.     Oregon State Univ.                                                                                                          Barry Univ.            UC Berkeley         Miami Univ. (OH)

and the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric
Sciences (COAS) pairs students with faculty                                                                                                                                                                                                            Visiting Summer

mentors (half in Newport and the other half in                                                                                                                                                                                                           Researchers

Corvallis) to work on research projects over a                                          Erin Cathcart
                                                                                      Oregon State Univ.
                                                                                                                Katie Borgen
                                                                                                              Oregon State Univ.
                                                                                                                                     Zach Kelleher
                                                                                                                                    Oregon State Univ.                        Cody Doolan          Shannon Hankin            Matthew McCary,

10-week period.
                                                                                                                                                                          Dartmouth College      North Central College       North Central College
                                                                                                                                                                           (Reimers Lab)             (in EPA lab)                (in EPA lab)

     “We had an overwhelming number of
applicants for this year’s REU program -- over
225 applications,” saiad HMSC’s Academic
                                                           In addition to the REU interns, there are
                                                       three students working for NOAA through the                                                                Newport selected for
Program Coordinator Itchung Cheung, noting             Ernest Hollings Scholarship program, and at
                                                       least three others who arranged independent
                                                                                                                                                                  NOAA’s Pacific fleet
that represented an increase of 35% over 2008.
                                                                                                                    continued on pg. 2                            operations center
                                                                                                                                                                       News of NOAA’s decision to move
Hatfield team participates Fundraising (and fun-raising) started                                                                                                  its Marine Operations Center - Pacific to
                                                                                                                                                                  Newport spread quickly after the agency’s
                          in July, with a weekly soup kitchen netting
in American Cancer        $470 from the sale of home-made soups                                                                                                   announcement was released on August 4th,
                                                                                                                                                                  generating a wave of excitement throughout
Society fundraiser        and baked goods brought in by volunteer
                          chefs at HMSC. Nikki also came up with                                                                                                  the community.
     This year’s Lincoln County Relay for Life         a creative competition for collecting spare                                                                     Worries that Washington state elected
event, held on July 31-August 1 at the Newport change in each building, raising another                                                                           officials might be able to halt the move were
High School stadium, included a lively team            $280 and earning the folks in the ODFW                                                                     laid to rest within a week, once the lease was
from HMSC. Led once again by Nikki Atkins              building some tasty cheesecake, pie,                                                                       officially signed by Port of Newport and
of NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center, and cookies for contributing the largest                                                                            NOAA officials. the lease is set to begin in
the HMSC team raised $1,436 in the fight               amount.                                                                                                    July 2011.
against cancer. Other team members sharing                   Congratulations to top team fund-                                                                         The move is expected bring to Newport
the responsibility of raising money and keeping raiser Leah Feinberg,who raised $400 in                                                                           approximately 175 NOAA employees, in-
a body walking or running                                                                                                                                                                                                      continued on pg. 10
                                                                        individual donations, with
the track for the entire                                                Jay Peterson bringing in
18-hour event were:                                                     another $150. All of the
                                                                                                                                                                 Community forums on
Andrew Claxton, Amanda                                                  money generated by the                                                                   wave energy Aug. 24, 25, 26
Claxton, Leah Feinberg,                                                 HMSC team went towards
Jay Peterson, MaryBeth                                                                                                                                                 The HMSC will host a public forum on
                                                                        the grand total of $89,800
Rew, Rebecca Baldwin,                                                                                                                                             wave energy on Aug. 26, starting at 6 p.m.
                                                                        (as of this writing) raised                                                               in the Hennings Auditorium of the Visitor
Alana Alexander, Lynn                                                   by the Newport Relay for
Mattes, and Justin Atkins.                                                                                                                                        Center. Sponsored by the Lincoln County
                                                                        Life event. Thank you to                                                                  Board of Commissioners, in conjunction with
Nikki walked 5 hours and                                                all who participated and                                                                  OSU Extension Sea Grant and the Northwest
estimates that she covered Nikki Atkins and MaryBeth Rew help           contributed to this worthy
                              keep the Newport High School track warm
                                                                                                                                                                  National Marine Renewable Energy Center,
12.25 miles.                                                            event.
                             during the 2009 Relay for Life                                                                                                                                                                       continued on pg. 2
Interns         continued from pg. 1
                                                               2009 HMSC REU Summer Intern Marine Research Symposium
internships with individual researchers.
    Since their arrival in June, the student in-                       Thursday, August 20th 9:00am – 12:30 pm
terns have been made a part of the research and                      Hennings Auditorium in the HMSC Visitor Center
education community at HMSC, attending the
Markham Marine Science Research Symposium                     9:00 a.m. Welcome
and weekly seminars, participating in SeaFest,
                                                              9:15       Kate Lavelle, SUNY Stony Brook (Mentor: Tom Hurst)
and taking part in other activities through-                   Title: Thermal Tolerance and the Effect of Temperature on Morphological Plasticity of Pacific Cod
out their 10-week stay. They also attened Da
Vinci Days and toured the H.S. Hinsdale Wave                  9:30       Camilo Vanegas, Univ. of Maryland, College Park (Mentors: Michael Banks & Ric Brodeur)
Research Lab in Corvallis, and have taken over-                Title: Genetic Identification of Larval/Juvenile Sebastes Samples for Stock Assessment
night camping field trips to Crater Lake, Bend,               9:45       Amanda Stewart, University of Oregon (Mentor: Rob Suryan)
and the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest.                      Title: Factors Affecting Intra-Colony Variation in Reproduction of Common Murres, Uria aalge
    The REU interns will present the results of
their summer research projects at a symposium                 10:00     Kevin Wakeman, Humboldt State University (Mentors: Ted DeWitt & Dave Young)
on August 20th, from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The                    Title: Upper Intertidal Habitat Use by Juvenile Dungeness Crabs (Cancer magister) in Yaquina Estuary
symposium will take place in the Hennings                     10:15      Roin Van Dyke, College of the Atlantic (Mentor: Kym Jacobson)
Auditorium of the HMSC Visitor Center.                         Title: Parasites of Introduced Eastern Banded Killifish, Fundulus diaphanus diaphanus, and Native
                                                               Threespine Stickleback, Gasterosteus Aculeatus, in the Columbia River
                                                              10:30     Break in Staff Lounge
                                                              11:00      Jasmin Segura, Humboldt State University (Mentors: Linda O’Higgins and Bill Peterson)
                                                               Title: Temporal and Spatial Variations in Species Composition and Toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia
                                                               Blooms off the Central Oregon Coast
                                                              11:15      Ashley Van Brink, Elmira College (Mentors: Mary Arkoosh and Deborah Boylen)
                                                               Title: Determining Phagocytic Activity in Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha): Effects of
                                                               the Persistent Organic Pollutant Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) on Phagocytic Function
                                                              11:30      Xerónimo Castañeda, CSU Monterey Bay (Mentors: Brett Dumbauld & John Chapman)
                                                               Title: Use of Lipofuscin to Determine Age Structure of Threatened Mud Shrimp, Upogebia
                                                               pugettensis, in Yaquina Bay, Oregon
                                                              11:45      Emily Whitney, Whitworth University (Mentor: Bryan Black)
                                                               Title: Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Northeast Pacific
                                                              12:00 pm Kendra Hoekzema, Calvin College (Mentor: Scott Baker)
REU intern Kate Lavelle shows fellow interns how fish          Title: Mitochondrial DNA Identity of Stranded New Zealand Sperm Whales in Relationship to Global
behavior experiments are set up in the NOAA Alaska             Diversity
Fisheries Science Center lab where she is working under the
guidance of faculty mentor Tom Hurst.                         12:15     Closing Remarks

Wave energy forums                                            Workshops offered on topic
continued from pg. 1                                          of Marine Protected Areas
the forum is one of three being held around
the County at the end of August for the pur-                  Student examining public understanding
poses of informing, listening to and engaging                 of marine resource management issues
citizens in the planning and development of                         On July 29th Oregon Sea Grant and
wave energy generation.                                        Oregon State University hosted a workshop
     The format will include brief presentations               about Oregon’s marine protected areas and
followed by facilitated conversations and other                marine reserves. Volunteers and educators
ways for people to provide input on:                           from Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon
                                                                                                                     OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Professor Selina Heppell
  • Permitting activities in Lincoln County                    Coast Aquarium, the Depoe Bay Whale                   explains some of the scientific questions that re-
  and proposed projects along the Oregon                       Center, Oregon Coast Community College,               searchers are interested in studying as Oregon begins
  Coast; • State and National activities                       Audubon Society, Our Ocean, and Lincoln               to implement a limited system of marine reserves in
                                                               Soil and Water Conservation District attended         nearshore waters.
  relating to wave energy siting; • Northwest
                                                               the two-hour workshop led by Selina Heppell,                The workshop was designed and de-
  National Marine Renewable Energy Center
                                                               associate professor in Fisheries and Wildlife          livered as part of a Master’s project of OSU
  Environmental Studies; • Future steps and                                                                           student Michelle Mileham. Michelle plans
  communication in regards to this topic                       at OSU.
                                                                    Topics covered included major goals for           on offering one or two more workshops
The other community forums will be held in                                                                            focusing on Oregon’s MPAs and MRs in
Yachats on Aug. 24 and in Lincoln City on                      marine reserves (MR) and marine protected
                                                               areas (MPA), general issues of MPAs and                upcoming months. For more informa-
Aug. 25. All forums begin at 6 p.m.
                                                               MRs, the role of science in MPAs and MRs,              tion and to reserve a spot, please contact
      For more information, please contact
                           Kaety Hildenbrand at                the MPA and MR process in Oregon, and the              Michelle at milehamm@onid.orst.edu.
      Page           2 541-574-6537 ext. 27                    OPAC process.                                                   HM SC Cur r e n t s
Academic Programs News
CERM course welcomes                        work consists of groups of students work-
                                                                                                 social behavior of rockfish, evaluation
                                                                                                 of location detectors for fish, economic
project ideas and advisors                  ing on projects with advisors. Ideally,
                                            projects are short and concise so that stu-
                                                                                                 analysis of development on Newport’s
                                                                                                 bayfront, distribution of freshwater mus-
to work with students                       dents can complete data collection in 4 to
                                            6 weeks, working about 6 hours per week.
                                                                                                 sels, and effects of light on crab behavior.
                                                                                                 Posters presented at the end of term were
    OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Professor    The CERM TA and Instructor assist the                well received by all.
Chris Langdon is coordinating the fall term advisor and help students in data analyses                Please contact Chris if you have a
course on Coastal Ecology and Resource      and preparation of end-of-term posters.              possible project for CERM students this
Management (CERM) that runs from Sept 28        Last year, six groups of students                fall and/or if you would be willing to act
to Dec 9 at the HMSC. Part of CERM’s course worked on a range of topics including                as an advisor.

Research News                                                                                     toxin levels can increase dramatically.
                                                                                                  Fortunately DLWID’s CyanoWatch pro-
                                                                                                  gram carefully monitors the cyanobacte-
Cyanobacterial Blooms                                                                             rial blooms and microcystin toxins in the

in Devils Lake, Oregon
                                                                                                  lake. The microcystin levels for health
                                                                                                  advisories are set by Oregon DHS and
By Gayle I. Hansen, Newport -- July 31, 2009                                                      are statewide. When the toxin reaches 8
                                                                                                  ppb or greater, a RED or high-risk health
     This summer, the cyanobacterial blooms                                                       alert is posted warning people not to
in Devils Lake have been unusually intense                                                        have contact with the water. Red adviso-
causing the Devils Lake Water Improvement                                                         ries were in effect for 3 months last year
District (DLWID) to post a YELLOW or                                                              in Devils Lake, and it is likely that they
cautionary health advisory for several sites                                                      will occur again this year. Please check
around the lake – and with good reason! In                                                        out the DLWID website (http://www.
high numbers, some species of cyanobacte-                                                         dlwid.org) where up-to-date health advi-
ria can produce liver and nerve toxins that                                                       sories are posted along with the current
are deadly when ingested. Fortunately, the                                                        results of their monitoring programs.
species currently blooming in the lake is                                                              UPDATE: On August 5, 2009,
only mildly toxigenic, and the major con-                                                         the DLWID posted a RED or high-risk
cern is that it can cause skin irritations and                                                    health advisory for 4 sites in Devils
gastroenteritis in swimmers. However, the                                                         Lake. Of the 12 sites tested, 4 contained
yellow advisory still recommends that chil-                                                       >8 ppb microcystin, the recreational
dren and pets stay away from the scummy          and akinetes (ak) or thick-walled resting        limit for this toxin set by the State of
water and that it is not used for drinking or    spores develop (figs f & g). Forming just        Oregon. One mid-lake site measured
cooking.                                         above the heterocysts, up to 500 akinetes        >50 ppb. The warm temperatures at
     The current (July) Devils Lake bloom        can be produced and released into the            the beginning of August appear to have
consists almost entirely of Gloeotrichia         water column from a single colony. These         caused a shift in the dominant blooming
echinulata, a planktonic colonial cyanobac-      negatively buoyant structures settle on the      cyanobacterium from Gloeotrichia to
terium that is deep olive to yellow-green        bottom and overwinter, forming the seed          Microcystis aeruginosa, the more deadly
in color, spherical in shape, and up to 2        bank from which new Gloeotrichia colonies        species. An illustrated article on Micro-
mm in diameter (figs. a-b). To the naked         germinate the following spring -- or even        cystis is planned for the upcoming issue
eye, heavy blooms of the species look a          years later.                                     of Upwelling.
bit like tapioca pudding. Microscopically,            Recent studies of akinetes in sediment
each colony consists of radially-arranged        cores of Devils Lake have shown that                         

unbranched filaments (8-10 µm in diameter)

                                                 Gloeotrichia has been present in the lake for

that attach centrally via a nitrogen-fixing

                                                 more than 50 years. The species became

heterocyst (het) and terminate peripherally      more abundant in 1995 after introduced
in long hairs (figs. c & e) Each filament        grass carp eliminated the aquatic macro-
is tapered and encased basally in a gelati-      phytes causing an increase in available
nous sheath from which the colorless hairs       light and nutrients for the phytoplankton.
extend, giving the colonies a fuzzy appear-      The most recent population explosions are
ance. As in many cyanobacteria, the veg-         thought to be due to increased phosphates
etative cells are filled with gas vacuoles or

                                                 in the lake, and the costs and benefits of

aerotopes which darken the cells and cause

                                                 different methods to control the blooms are


the colonies to float and form scums in quiet
                                                                                                                           

                                                 being evaluated.

water. Vegetative propagation by fragmen-

                                                      Although Gloeotrichia echinulata is


tation is common.                                only weakly toxigenic, it typically occurs in
     When the colonies mature and begin to

                                                 lakes that also support more deadly species
                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                  

senesce, another process occurs. The center
                                                                                                                                       

                                                 like Microcystis aeruginosa and Anabaena


of the colony turns lighter in color (fig. d)

                                                 circinalis. When these species bloom, the
Guin Library News
EndNote workshop offered on Aug. 18
Uta Hussong from the Valley Library                The workshop takes place in the Guin                on their own laptop. If you are a student,
will be at HMSC on August 18th to give             Library seminar room, with the basics               staff or faculty, you can purchase EndNote
an EndNote Basics workshop, offering               covered from 9-11 a.m, followed by an op-           through OSU at:
instruction on the popular software that           portunity for advanced consultation from            http://tss.oregonstate.edu/softdist/
allows researchers to search online biblio-        11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
graphic databases, organize their referenc-
es, images and PDFs in any language, and           The library will provide laptops there for
create bibliographies and figure lists.            those who do not have EndNote loaded

Recent HMSC articles                               Helium isotopes: From mantle degassing to
                                                   ocean circulation
                                                                                                         January 2006 seafloor-spreading event at 9
                                                                                                         degrees 50 ‘ N, East Pacific Rise: Ridge dike
in Web of Science                                  Lupton, John E.
                                                                                                         intrusion and transform fault interactions from
                                                                                                         regional hydroacoustic
Muscle Senescence in Short-Lived Wild Mam-
mals, the Soricine Shrews Blarina brevicauda       GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA                       Dziak, Robert P.; Bohnenstiehl, Delwayne R.;
and Sorex palustris                                73 (13): A803-A803 Suppl. S JUN 2009                  Matsumoto, Haruyoshi; Fowler,
                                                   ================================                      Matthew J.; Haxel, Joseph H.; Tolstoy, Maya;
Hindle, Allyson G.; Lawler, John M.; Campbell,                                                           Waldhauser, Felix
Kevin L.; Horning, Markus                      Multi-proxy reconstructions of northeastern
                                               Pacific sea surface temperature data from trees           GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYS-
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ZOOLOGY and Pacific geoduck                                                      TEMS 10: Art. No. Q06T06 JUN 18 2009
PHYSIOLOGY                                     Black, Bryan A.; Copenheaver, Carolyn A.;                 ================================
311A (5): 358-367 JUN 1 2009                   Frank, David C.; Stuckey, Matthew J.;                     Recolonization of intertidal Zostera marina L.
================================               Kormanyos, Rose E.                                        (eelgrass) following
                                                                                                         experimental shoot removal
Hydrothermal systems of intraoceanic arcs          PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOL-
                                                   OGY PALAEOECOLOGY 278 (1-4): 40-47                    Boese, Bruce L.; Kaldy, James E.; Clinton,
de Ronde, C.; Baker, E.; Embley, R.; Lupton,       JUL 15 2009                                           Patrick J.; Eldridge, Peter M.;
J.; Butterfield, D.; Faure, K.; Leybourne, M.;     ================================                      Folger, Christina L.
Chadwick, W.; Ishibashi, J.; Resing, J.; Walker,
S.; Merle, S.; Greene, R.                          Our changing oceans: conclusions of the first In-     JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MARINE
                                                   ternational Symposium on the Effects of climate       BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY 374 (1): 69-77
GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA                    change on the world’s oceans                          JUN 15
73 (13): A282-A282 Suppl. S JUN 2009                                                                     2009
================================                   Valdes, Luis; Peterson, William; Church, John;
                                                   Brander, Keith; Marcos, Marta                         ================================
Volatiles in the Loki’s Castle and Jan Mayen
vent fields of the ultra-slow spreading Knipov-    ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE 66                     Physical model of the development of external
ich and Mohns Ridges                               (7): 1435-1438 AUG 2009                               signs of barotrauma in Pacific
                                                   ================================                      rockfish
Lilley, M. D.; Pedersen, R. B.; Thorseth, I. H.;
Lupton, J. E.; Olson, E. J.; Frueh-Green, G. L.;   Hypoxia-induced growth limitation of juvenile         Hannah, Robert W.; Rankin, Polly S.; Penny,
Baumberger, T.                                     fishes in an estuarine nursery: assessment of         Alexandra N.; Parker, Steven J.
                                                   small-scale temporal dynamics using RNA:DNA
GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA                                                                          AQUATIC BIOLOGY 3 (3): 291-296 2008
73 (13): A763-A763 Suppl. S JUN 2009               Stierhoff, Kevin L.; Targett, Timothy E.; Power,
================================                   James H.                                              Survival of mussels in extremely acidic waters
                                                                                                         on a submarine volcano
Hydrothermal systems and recent eruptive          CANADIAN JOURNAL OF FISHERIES AND
activity in the northern Lau Basin, South Pacific AQUATIC SCIENCES 66 (7): 1033-1047 JUL                 Tunnicliffe, Verena; Davies, Kimberley T.
Ocean                                             2009                                                   A.; Butterfield, David A.; Embley, Robert W.;
                                                  ================================                       Rose, Jonathan M.; Chadwick, William W., Jr.
Lupton, J.; Resing, J.; Arculus, R.; Lilley, M.;
Embley, R.; Baker, E.; Butterfield, D.; Naka-     A Haptic Soundscape Map of the University of           NATURE GEOSCIENCE 2 (5): 344-348 MAY
mura, K.; Crowhurst, P.; Greene, R.               Oregon                                                 2009
GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA                    Lawrence, Megan M.; Martinelli, Nicholas;
73 (13): A804-A804 Suppl. S JUN 2009               Nehmer, Rachel

     Page           4                              JOURNAL OF MAPS : 19-29 2009
                                                                                                                   HM SC Cur r e n t s
                                                   Berkeley, Steve; Bohnsack, Jim; Boulon, Rafe;    Identifying dendroecological growth releases
                                                   Brodeur, Richard; Brodziak, John; Crowder,       in American beech, jack pine, and white oak:
                                                   Larry; Gleason, Danny; Hixon, Mark; Kauf-        Within-tree sampling strategy
                                                   man, Les; Lindberg, Bill; Miller, Marc; Mor-
                                                   gan, Lance; Wahle, Charles                       Copenheaver, Carolyn A.; Black, Bryan A.;
                                                                                                    Stine, Melanie B.; McManamay, Rachel H.;
                                                   FISHERIES 33 (12): 598-610 DEC 2008              Bartens, Julia
Quantitative population dynamics of microbial      ==================================
communities in plankton-fed microbial fuel cells                                                    FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT
                                                   The ecological role of bivalve shellfish aqua-   257 (11): 2235-2240 MAY 10 2009
White, Helen K.; Reimers, Clare E.; Cordes,        culture in the estuarine environment: A review   =================================
Erik E.; Dilly, Geoffrey F.; Girguis, Peter R.     with application to oyster and clam culture in
                                                   West Coast (USA) estuaries                       Confirmation of the presence and use of sandy
ISME JOURNAL 3 (6): 635-646 JUN 2009                                                                beach surf-zones by juvenile Chinook salmon
==================================                 Dumbauld, Brett R.; Ruesink, Jennifer L.;
                                                   Rumrill, Steven S.                               Jarrin, Jose R. Marin; Shanks, Alan L.; Banks,
Vertical Zoning in Marine Protected Areas:                                                          Michael A.
Ecological Considerations for Balancing            AQUACULTURE 290 (3-4): 196-223 MAY 19
Pelagic Fishing with Conservation of Benthic       2009                                             Source:
Communities                                        =================================                ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY OF FISHES
                                                                                                    85 (2): 119-125 JUN 2009
Grober-Dunsmore, Rikki; Wooninck, Lisa;
Field, John; Ainsworth, Cameron; Beets, Jim;

New Books at Guin Library
The latest (July 27) list of new books at the Guin / HMSC Library has been posted to the Guin Library website at:
http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/guin/new-books and is available for you to browse. If you click on the call numbers, you can move
into the library catalog and put holds on any desired material. When the books come off of the New Books Shelf in approximately
three weeks, any requested items will be sent to you.

TITLE      Ocean yearbook.                         TITLE      Annual report - Western Society of    TITLE        Aquaculture development, 3. Ge-
AUTHOR        Borgese, Elisabeth Mann and          Malacologists.                                   netic resource management.
Ginsburg, Norton Sydney.                           AUTHOR         Western Society of Malacolo-      AUTHOR         Food and Agriculture Organiza-
CALL #     GC1 .O26 v.23                           gists.                                           tion of the United Nations.
                                                   CALL #      QL401 .W46 v.36/37 (2003-2004)       CALL #       SH328 .A693 2008
TITLE  Oceanography and marine biology.            & v.40 (2007)
AUTHOR   Barnes, Harold, 1908- ed.                                                                  TITLE       A comparative assessment of
CALL # GC1 .O375 v.47                              TITLE      Monograph of Unionoida in Japan       biodiversity, fisheries and aquaculture in 53
                                                   (Mollusca: Bivalvia).                            countries’ exclusive economic zones
TITLE  Politics of sand [videorecording].          AUTHOR        Kondo, Takaki.
AUTHOR   Olsen, Tom and Straton, Kathryn           CALL #      QL430.7.U6 K66 2008                  AUTHOR  Alder, Jackie and Pauly, Daniel.
A.                                                                                                  CALL # SH328 .F5741 v.16 no.7
CALL #  KFO2851.8 .P66 2009 DVD                    TITLE  Big fish.
                                                   AUTHOR   Ellis, Richard.                         TITLE       Monitoring MPAs in deep water off
TITLE       Common ground. Part 3, Oregon’s        CALL # QL620 .E45 2009                           Central California : 2007 IMPACT submersible
network of marine reserves and marine pro-                                                          baseline survey
tected areas [videorecording].                     TITLE     The journal of cetacean research       AUTHOR         Starr, Richard M. and Yoklavich,
AUTHOR          Green Fire Productions.            and management.                                  Mary.
CALL #       QH91.75.U6 C66 2009 DVD               AUTHOR      International Whaling Commis-        CALL #       SH329.M35 M66 2008
TITLE       Marine habitat mapping technology      CALL #     QL737.C4 J681 v.11 sup.               TITLE       Ecological effects of wave energy
for Alaska [electronic resource].                                                                   development in the Pacific Northwest : a scien-
AUTHOR         Reynolds, Jennifer R. and           TITLE        Fresh fish sales as a function of   tific workshop, October 11-12, 2007.
Greene, H. G.                                      promotion in a Portland, Oregon grocery chain.   AUTHOR         Boehlert, George W; McMurray,
CALL #       QH91.8.B4 M37 2007 CD                 AUTHOR          Batie, Sandra S. and Smith,      Gregory R. and Tortorici, Cathryn E.
                                                   Frederick J.                                     CALL #       TK1423.7 .E26 2008
TITLE        Centipedes : keys and notes for the   CALL #        S105 .E55 no.372
identification of the species.
AUTHOR          Barber, A. D.                      TITLE       Results of the echo integration-
CALL #        QL255 .L51 n.s. no.58                trawl survey of walleye pollock (Theragra
                                                   chalcogramma) on the U.S. and Russian Bering
TITLE      The invertebrate fauna of Plummers      Sea shelf in June and July 2008.
Island, Maryland.                                  AUTHOR         Honkalehto, Taina.
AUTHOR        Brown, John W.                       CALL #       SH11 .A541431 no.194
CALL #      QL365.4.U6 I58 2008
Personnel News and Notes                                           lerton. She then moved to UC Santa Barbara where she obtained
New and familiar faces around HMSC                                 her Ph.D. through the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in
                                                                   Marine Science studying the effects of abiotic stressors on na-
                                                                   tive and invasive seaweed species. After finishing at UCSB and
 Dan Erickson became the ODFW-Groundfish Management
                                                                   before coming to HMSC, Sarah worked as a Sea Grant Fellow
Team representative (commercial groundfish) during March
                                                                   at the California Ocean Science Trust. There she engaged in
2009. In this position, Dan helps with analysis and develop-
                                                                   communicating science to state agencies and decision-makers
ment of commercial fisheries
                                                                   as well as participated in the Marine Protected Area siting and
management regulations at both
                                                                   monitoring processes, all of which will serve her well in activi-
the Federal and State levels.
                                                                   ties through NNMREC.
   Dan arrived at ODFW with a
                                                                     Sarah and her husband, Wil, live in Toledo where they can
strong research background in
                                                                   get a few extra hours of sunshine each day. There she is enjoy-
commercial-fisheries bycatch,
                                                                   ing gardening and going to Olalla Lake and the Siletz River,
life history of marine fishes,
                                                                   although she misses being able to ride her bike to work as she
and behavior and movements
                                                                   did in California. Sarah loves cooking and entertaining and,
of sturgeons. He has conducted
                                                                   when time allows, prefers to go on camping and mountain bik-
large-scale research projects in
                                                                   ing trips.
the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska,
Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the
Caspian Sea, Tokyo Bay, and
                                                                     Arriving in Newport this July, Yanming Gong was born
rivers in Oregon, New York,
                                                                                                      and raised in Yining City,
Georgia, Kazkhstan, and Russia.
                                                                                                      Xinjiang Province, China.
He was employed by Oregon
                                                                                                      He earned his undergraduate
State University, University of
                                                                                                      degree in Chemical Engi-
Washington, Wildlife Conservation Society, and University of
                                                                                                      neering at Wuhan Institute
Miami. Dan conducted bycatch research for both trawl and
                                                                                                      of Technology, China, in
longline fisheries (estimation of bycatch levels and bycatch
                                                                                                      1994. His PhD, in Energy
mortalty; develop measures to reduce bycatch mortality). His
                                                                                                      & Mineral Engineering, was
sturgeon research included use of telemetry and satellite pop-up
                                                                                                      conferred 2008 by Penn-
archival tagging to understand movements, habitat use, and
                                                                                                      sylvania State University.
threats for four species of sturgeons on two continents.
                                                                                                      Yanming joins HMSC as a
   Dan received his bachelors degree at Oregon State University
                                                                                                      post-doc in Clare Reimer’s
and Masters degree at the University of Georgia. He was raised
                                                                   research group. Here he will help with the development and
in Oregon and wrestled for Oregon State University. He is a
                                                                   optimization of bethic microbial fuel cells as power sources for
high school wrestling coach and was fortunate to be able coach
                                                                   distributed sensor systems. Prior to leaving Penn State, Yan-
both of his sons (who are now in college). Dan and his wife
                                                                   ming worked for a year as a postdoctoral researcher in the area
plan to spend most of their holidays during the next 4 years
                                                                   of exploring new technology for clean energy production. His
watching their youngest son wrestle for Cal State Fullerton.
                                                                   main duty was developing the advanced technique of hydrogen
When not coaching/watching wrestling or working, Dan enjoys
                                                                   production from Cu-Cl themochemical cycles by employing
being on rivers in his drift boat, SCUBA (until his equipment
                                                                   PEM electrolyzer.
was stolen), and drinking wine and traveling the world with his
                                                                       So far, Newport impresses him as being a beautiful, windy,
                                                                   quiet, small city. Also making an impression this summer is the
                                                                   cool weather and large number of tourists! Married to Fengling,
                                                                   the couple has one son, Minghao. They like spending time to-
  Sarah Henkel is the new benthic ecologist joining Hatfield
                                                                   gether exploring what the area has to offer. Away from the job,
through the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy
                                                                   Yanming enjoys crabbing, fishing, jogging, table tennis, bridge
Center. Sarah will be conducting research to investigate the
                                                                   (the card game), and reading.
ecological effects of
wave energy develop-
ment off Oregon’s coast.
                                                                     Romain Le Bor-
Originally from Vir-
                                                                   gne is a student from
ginia, Sarah received her
                                                                   France who is currently
B.S. from The College
                                                                   at HMSC for a sum-
of William and Mary in
                                                                   mer internship. Hav-
Biology. She moved to
                                                                   ing just completed a
the west coast in 2000
                                                                   Bachelor’s degree at the
to pursue her master’s
                                                                   University of Poitiers in
degree at California
                                                                   Biology and Computer
State University, Ful-
                                                                   Science, Romain will
    Page          6                                                enter a Master’s program
Personnel News and Notes - continued
specializing in Human Physiology and              And from the “old news is                                                    students.
Computer Science in September. His goal           still good news” vault...                                                         Vlada’s inter-
is to work in the fields of drug research                                                                                      est in science and
and clinical trials.                                   Vladlena Gertseva                                                       education was
     Romain was offered an internship by          is the stock assessment                                                      “inherited.” She was
Chris Langdon in the Molluscan Brood-             fishery biologist for the                                                    born and raised in
stock Program to work on two projects:            Fishery Resource Analysis                                                    Russia to parents
improve and update the MBP website                and Monitoring (FRAM)                                                        who were devoted
and to develop a program that efficiently         Division at the Northwest                                                    scientists. Graduat-
counts and measures oyster larvae. There          Fisheries Science Center.                                                    ing from Yaroslavl
was no hesitation in accepting the offer          Vlada replaced Michael                                                       State University,
since he found the project very interest-         Schirripa, who took a posi-                                                  Russia, with a joint
                                                                                  Aside from being outdoors, Vlada is an
ing and also wanted to see the U.S. and           tion at the Southeast Fisher- eclectic lover of music and a fan of detective B.S. and M.S. de-
improve his English skills.                       ies Science Center earlier      stories.                                     gree in Biology and
    Roman comes from a small town, Le             this year.                                                                   Science Education
Haut-Corlay, (population 730) in Brittany              It was a really smooth transition for        in 1997, she pursued her M.S. in Environ-
on the west coast of France. His parents          Vlada who, as a former staff of the OSU/          mental Science and Policy two years later
own a farm and Roman likes helping them           NOAA Cooperative Institute for Marine             at Central European University in Buda-
with the work, playing football, going out        Resource Studies (CIMRS), served a dual           pest, Hungary. In 2000, she came to the
with friends, and spending time with his          role--part-time stock assessor for FRAM           States for her Ph.D. at Clemson Univer-
girlfriend, Karen. He has a dog named             and assistant professor at Oregon State           sity in Forest Resources with a focus on
Pepsi.                                            University. As an assistant professor,            modeling the dynamics of stream biota.
    The MBP staff is very pleasant to work        Vlada taught the courses “Fisheries Stock         Vlada landed in Newport in 2003 to begin
with, says Roman. He thinks Newport’s             Assessment” and “Population Dynamics,”            her postdoc work on salmon ecology at
location, with beach and sea on one side          which were offered on campus and online           HMSC. Vlada’s husband, Sean Matson,
and the forest and mountains on the other,        by OSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife Depart-           also an HMSC scientist, is researching the
is very special. His only regrets are that        ment. Having taught the online course             genetics and breeding of oysters for his
the sea is not warm enought to swim in            since 2006, Vlada has come to firmly              Ph.D. in Animal Sciences.
and he misses his grandmother’s cooking           believe that online learning is key to ex-
(especially her crepes)!                          panding opportunities for non-traditional

Lean and Green
Sustainability group invites
                                                             D r ive Me
new members, ideas
    The HMSC sustainability committee pro-                              !
                                                                                     ~ 49 MPG
motes awareness and action at various levels
(from the institutions down to the individual)
to reduce waste and increase efficiency in the
use of resources. We look at energy, water,
waste strreams, and our “carbon footprint”.
    Among the initiatives currently being
                                                             Did you know that HMSC has a Prius available
considered are the installation of solar panels             for authorized drivers on state / OSU business?
on some of HMSC’s south-facing roofs, a                    Help reduce our carbon footprint by using this vehicle when possible.
cooperative venture with the Oregon Coast                   See Candace in the Director’s Office for instructions on reserving and using vehicle.
Aquarium to operate a shared composting                    Questions? Call 541-867-0212 or email: candace.rogers@oregonstate.edu
machine (EarthTub), and a system for facili-
tating carpool and rideshare opportunities.
    The committee welcomes new members
                                                    Home energy efficiency                    calling 1-866-368-7878 or go to www.
and ideas for projects or improvements that         assistance available                      review.php
anyone would like to offer. We meet on a                                                          On Aug. 25, Tom Beverly with Energy
                                                        Information on reducing your residen-
monthly basis (usually the first Tuesday at                                                   Trust of Oregon will be at the Lincoln
                                                   tial energy use through conservation and
10:30 a.m. in the Guin Library) and also                                                      City Community Center from 6-8pm to
                                                   heating system improvements is available
sponsors occasional brown bag lunch speak-                                                    provide nformation and answer quesitons
                                                   from many sources, including Central Lin-
ers on relevant topics. For more information,                                                 about Home Energy Solutions, incentives,
                                                   coln PUD. If you are a Northwest Natural
contact HMSC Program Manager Ken Hall                                                         tax credits, solar energy, and some low/
                                                   Gas or Pacific Power customer, you can
by email: ken.hall@oregonstate.edu                                                            no-cost tips for energy savings.
                                                   sign up for a free home energy review by
HMSC Happenings
Once again, SeaFest draws
a record crowd
     SeaFest 2009 took place on Saturday, June
27th and was a great success. Based on vehicle
counts and tallies at various spots around the
HMSC, attendance was estimated at 5,000 visi-
tors, topping previous years’ records and solidi-
fying the event’s reputation as a family favorite
event and a draw for visitors to Newport.
     A big thank you goes out to all who partici-
pated and supported this year’s event, including
our major community sponsors, the Confeder-
ated Tribes of Siletz Indians, City of Newport,
Georgia-Pacific of Toledo, and Landwaves, Inc.
Thanks also go to the planning committee, led
by event coordinator Jeff Lichtman (serving
through the AmeriCorps LINKS program), to the
scientists who put together exhibits and activi-
ties and engaged the public in learning about our
research, to Ship Ops staff for their support of
activities at the dock, to HMSC facilities crew
and other helping hands who set up tents, tables,
electricity hook-ups, and other logistical support.
     And of course the HMSC is grateful to all
those who contributed their time and talents as
volunteers, including the Oregon Coast Aquari-
um, HMSC Visitor Center volunteers, Newport
Police Volunteers, RSVP of Lincoln County, and
the many individual citizens who provided key
logistical support and helped visitors make the
most of their experience at SeaFest.

    Page           8                                  HM SC Cur r e n t s
 News from Oregon Sea Grant                                                                    New Oregon Coast
 Ebbesmeyer discusses fascination with                                                         Quests book released
 “Flotsametrics” at book signing on Aug. 22                                                         For several years now, HMSC Youth
                                                                                               and Family Marine Educator Cait Goodwin
     Curtis Ebbesmeyer was once the             of flotsam that rides ocean currents all       has been introducing people to “Quests”, a
 chief oceanographer for Mobil / Stan-          over the world.                                series of customized learning activities de-
 dard Oil, studying ocean currents and the           Ebbesmeyer presented a lecture at         signed to showcase what’s uniquely special
 impact of sea conditions on oil rigs. But      HMSC several years ago and is back for         about a particular place. Their popularity
 ever since a 1990 storm in the Pacific         a return visit on Saturday, Aug. 22nd.         is growing, and Goodwin has been busy
 knocked five containers of athletic shoes      He will be giving a public presentation        designing and assembling them into “The
 off a cargo vessel and the shoes started       and sign copies of his recently published      Oregon Coast Quests Book”. The latest
 washing up on U.S. West Coast beaches,         book, “Flotsametrics and the Floating          edition has just been released with eight
 his fascination has been the wide variety      World: How One Man’s Obsession with            new Quests, including one available in
                                                                            Runaway            Spanish. This brings the number of these
  Book Signing                                                              Sneakers and
                                                                            Rubber Ducks
                                                                                               place-based, clue-directed outdoor explora-
                                                                                               tion sites in Lincoln County to 23.
                                                                            Revolutionized          Participants can choose a Quest by
                                                                            Ocean Sci-         location or focus. There are habitats
  Saturday, August 22 , 1:30 p.m.          nd                               ence.”             and ecosystems to explore, community
                                                                                For more
                                                                                               and state parks, school grounds and city
                                                                            about this event   buildings to see through new eyes, forest
                                                                            or the book,       ecology, cultural history, and fish hatchery
                                                                            please contact     research to learn about and issues like in-
                                                                            Lynne Wright       vasive species or sustainability to spotlight.
                                       Presentation: 1:30 PM in             in the HMSC        Participants can follow the clues provided
                                       Hennings Auditorium                  Bookstore.         in the book or can choose just to enjoy the
                                                                                               walk and the location. They pick the pace
                                                                                               and the time of day or year.
                                       Book Signing following                                       The average Quest takes just 45-60
                                                                                               minutes. Guided by maps and directions,
                                               Books available for                             clues and puzzles, participants will eventu-
                                               purchase in HMSC                                ally wend their way to a Quest Box, a log
                                                                                               book to sign, and a unique rubber stamp to
                                                   Bookstore                                   apply to the back of their book, creating a
                                                                                                                        continued on next page

HMSC and Aquarium host Center
  Hatfield Marine Science
Oregon Fisheries Day 10 to 5, every day.
    Where science is always fun! Admission is by donation.                                               Sea Grant Fisheries Extension agent
     May - September Hours: Open                                                                         Jeff Feldner (left) demonstrates the
                                                                                                         PacificFishTrax system to explain
                                                                                                         the concept of traceability in seafood
    The HMSC joined forces with the Oregon
                   Oregon State University – Sea Grant Extension
                                                                                                         marketing. Dann Cutter. Bill Han-
                   2030 Marine Fisheries Newport,
Coast Aquarium in hosting Science Drive,Day onOR
                   Hatfield Marine Science Center
                                                                                                         shumaker, and Tom Matteson kept
Sunday, August 16, offering the public a wealth
                   (541) 867-0215
                                                                                                         the grills going with marinated alba-
of information about crab, shrimp, albacore                                                              core tuna loins, offering samples to
tuna, salmon and sablefish fisheries off the coast                                                       to visitors in front of the VC. Inside,
                                                                                                         Tracy Crews and other marine edu-
of Oregon.                                                                                               cators helped kids with fish printing.
    Oregon Sea Grant Fisheries Extension                                                                 All were part of the Oregon Fisheries
specialists, marine educators, and representa-                                                           Day attractions at HMSC.
tives from the seafood commodity commissions
were on hand at both the Aquarium and HMSC,
demonstrating gear, providing information
about various commercially harvested fish and
shellfish species.
    Oregon Fisheries Day took place just as
this newsletter was going into production, so
more details and photos from this event will be
published in the September issue of Upwelling,
the Friends of HMSC Newsletter.
Oregon Coast Quests                continued from previous page
passport that documents each completed             Together the students worked with
Quest.                                        their new knowledge and experience
     But the box at the end of each Quest     to create a fun, clever outdoor Quest,
is not a treasure chest, says program         contributing text, photos, and even a
coordinator Cait Goodwin, or “the Quest       drawing of the mayor.
Lady,” as she’s now known. The real                According to Goodwin, who’ll offer
value to be found is in the experience        another Quest-building workshop this
itself.                                       winter, any individual or group can iden-
     “My interest is in getting people out-   tify a place that’s special, learn enough
side and connecting with community,”          about what makes that place important
says Goodwin. “Whether it’s the people        to share with other people and create
doing the Quests or those who get to-         their own Quest.
gether to actually create the Quests.”             “They’re the experts,” says Good-
     For instance, one of the newer           win. And that’s exactly how the number
Quests this year was created by a group       of Quests has grown from an original
of first- to fourth-grade students attend-    eight in 2007 to 15 in 2008, and now 23
ing “School’s Out!” an after-school           in 2009. New Quests for the 2010 edi-
program at the Newport Recreation             tion are already underway, including a
Center. To create the “Newport City           Quest focusing on the bay front area that
Buildings Quest,” the students first had      has just been completed and tested.
to research and survey the buildings and           The Oregon Coast Quests Program,
the area, learn about the services avail-     originally funded through Oregon Sea        the program for the continued creation of new
able, and interview the experts. They         Grant, is now supported through grants,     Quests and new books each year.
spoke to police officers and the mayor,       donations, and the sale of the books.            For a list of locations where the 2009-10 Or-
learned where voter ballots are dropped,      This year’s Oregon Coast Quest book         egon Coast Quest book is available for purchase,
and visited the Senior Center, discover-      was made possible through a $2080           visit http://seagrant.oregonstate.edu/freechoice/
ing not only a gift shop there, filled with   grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable     quest/OregonCoastQuests.html
crafts made by local seniors, but a “Wii”     Contribution Fund and all proceeds from
in the basement -- who knew?                  the sale of the $6 book go back into

News you can use                                     New child care facility                      Warm weather prompts
                                                     opening in Toledo                            reminder about pets in
Be skeptical of emails
requesting account info                              Betty Kamikawa, who works for NOAA at
                                                     HMSC, shares this news about a new op-            According to the US Humane
From Dann Cutter, HMSC Computing Services:           tion for child care in the community:         Society (see below), dogs can overheat
    We are seeing a barrage of spam email                 After 10 years of work we have a         very quickly in cars - even on the coast
soliciting your account information yet again.                                                     where it’s cooler than the valley. Please
                                                     child care center in the community. It
They send messages attempting to look like                                                         leave your dogs at home while it’s hot
                                                     is very exciting. Central Coast Child
official email coming from OSU asking you                                                          out.... (from an empathetic dog-owner
                                                     Development Center (in Toledo) is the
to verify, authenticate or preserve your ac-                                                       and lover!)
                                                     only state certified center in the area
count by sending in your password, etc.                                                                “Dogs and cats can’t perspire and
                                                     for infants and toddlers of all income        can only dispel heat by panting and
    Remember, OSU will never ask for your            levels.
account name, password, or any other infor-                                                        through the pads of their feet. Pets who
                                                          The CCCDC takes children from            are left in hot cars even briefly can
mation which is protected via email. Once            6 weeks to 6 years, and operators are
a year we will tell you to go change your                                                          suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke,
                                                     expecting the infant and toddler slots        brain damage, and can even die. Don’t
password, that is about it - and we won’t ask
                                                     to fill up fast. They would also like to      think that just because you’ll be gone
for it via email. Please, do not send via email
                                                     hear from parents that are looking for        “just a minute” that your pet will be
personal account information for any reason.
                                                     after school and out of school care for       safe while you’re gone; even an air-
                                                     older children to determine if there is       conditioned car with the motor off isn’t
                                                     a need.                                       healthy for your pet.
  HMSC Currents is published 4-5 times/yr. Your           For more information, please call            To avoid any chance that your pet
   submissions to this newsletter are welcomed!
                                                     541-336-2477 or send an email to:             will succumb to the heat of a car this
 Please send to: candace.rogers@oregonstate.edu
        Deadline for next issue is Nov. 8th
                                                     strongcommunity@cccdc.net                     summer, be sure to play it safe by leav-
                                                                                                   ing your pet cool and refreshed at home
                                                                                                   while you’re on the road.....”

    Page          10
White House Ocean                                  SeaWeb announces Ocean in Focus
Policy Task Force                                  Conservation Photography Contest
soliciting comments                                     Have any photos of marine life or                ing, the effects of sea level rise, coastal de-
                                                    ocean habitat that really make an impres-            velopment and endangered and threatened
    On June 12, 2009, President Obama               sion? Consider submitting one to the 2nd             marine animals and ecosystems.
sent a memorandum to the heads of                   Annual Ocean in Focus Conservation Pho-                  Images illustrating the human con-
executive departments and federal                   tography Contest sponsored by SeaWeb’s               servation efforts implemented in local
agencies establishing an Interagency                Marine Photobank and Project AWARE                   communities to combat ocean degrada-
Ocean Policy Task Force, led by the                 Foundation.                                          tion are also strongly encouraged. These
White House Council on Environmen-                      Breathtakingly beautiful or disturbing,          may include beach and oil spill cleanups,
tal Quality. The Task Force is charged              photographs can be an effective tool for in-         educational community events, creative
with developing a recommendation for                creasing public awareness of issues related          recycling, removal of derelict fishing gear,
a national policy that ensures protec-              to the ocean environment. And that is one            marine species rehabilitation and more.
tion, maintenance, and restoration of               of the key objectives of this contest.                   Contest ends August 27, 2009. See the
oceans, our coasts and the Great Lakes.                                                                  website for complete rules and submission
                                                    From their website...                                guidelines: www.marinephotobank.org
It will also recommend a framework
                                                        We challenge ocean lovers
for improved stewardship, and effective
                                                    worldwide to submit their most
coastal and marine spatial planning.
                                                    compelling marine conserva-
    The Task Force is now seeking input
                                                    tion images to this one-of-a-kind
on its work from interested communi-
                                                    photo contest.
ties, governments, tribes, businesses, as-              Conservation photographers
sociations, non-governmental organiza-              worldwide are taking this op-
tions and the general public. If you are            portunity to illuminate ocean
interested in providing your feedback               pressures and challenges as well
please visit the CEQ Ocean Policy Task              as solutions. Contest entries
Force website:                                      may depict environmental issues
  www. whitehouse.gov/administration/               including, but not limited to:
  eop/ceq/initiatives/oceans                        unsustainable fishing practices,
                                                    pollution and debris, ocean               Sea Turtle entangled in fishing gear. This photo by Marco Carè
                                                    dumping, oil spills, global warm-         of Greenpeace, taken in the Mediterranean Sea north of Libya,
                                                                                              was 2nd prize in last year’s photography contest.

Newport selected as new
                                                                                                                          the NOAA Marine Operations
base for NOAA vessels                                                                                                     Center-Pacific and up to two vis-
continued from pg. 1                                                                                                      iting ships, and LEED-certified,
cluding more than 110 officers and crew                                                                                   environmentally sustainable
assigned to the NOAA ships McArthur                                                                                       main buildings. The Leadership
II, Miller Freeman, Rainier and Bell M.                                                                                   in Energy and Environmental
Shimada, a new fisheries survey vessel ex-                                                                                Design (LEED) green building
pected to join the research fleet in 2010.                                                                                rating system, developed by the
      NOAA selected the site following a                                                                                  U.S. Green Building Council,
rigorous process involving an extensive                                                                                   provides a suite of standards
review of proposals submitted by sites                                                                                    for environmentally sustainable
in Washington and Oregon, according                                                                                       construction.
to the agency’s press release. It went                                                                                         NOAA fleet vessels are
on to explain the criteria considered in                                                                                  used to conduct research and
                                                  Artist’s rendering of the site west of OSU Ship Operations where
selecting the site, which included NOAA’s         new NOAA Pacific fleet operations center will be constructed for gather data about the world’s oceans
infrastructure needs, proximity to maritime       July 2011 occupancy.                                              and atmosphere. Newport and OSU’s
industry resources and NOAA labs, quality           of the community,” said Rear Adm. Jonathan                      Hatfield Marine Science Center are
of life for civilian employees, officers and crew, W. Bailey, director ofthe NOAA Office of Ma- already home to two NOAA Fisheries labs
the ability to meet the desired occupancy date rine and Aviation Operations and the NOAA and the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab’s
of July 2011 in addition to lease cost.             Corps.                                                  VENTS program, which conducts research on
      “We look forward to reuniting NOAA’s                The agency’s requirements for the new             the impacts and consequences of submarine
West Coast research ships and support per-          site include office and warehouse space, berth- volcanoes and hydrothermal venting on the
sonnel at one facility and being an active part     ing for the four NOAA ships homeported at               global ocean.

H MSC Cur r en t s
The Back Page                                                         Highlights from HsO - sponsored
HsO provides opportunities                                            “World Championship Games”
for outdoor recreational fun
    It just wouldn’t be summer at HMSC
without at least a few opportunities to get
goofy and enjoy some friendly competition
outdoors while we have the great weather.
The Hatfield Students Organization has done
a great job in organizing recreational oppor-
tunities this summer, including the “Platypus
Games” during the OIMB-HMSC scholars
exchange in June and the “World Champion-
ship Games” in August. Thanks to all who
                                                                Pictured above, competing in the wheelbarrow race were (from left to right)
    And for a little less intense competition,                  Mattias Johansson and Alana Alexander, Camilo Vanegas and Kendra Hoe-
don’t forget the friendly pick-up soccer                        kzema, and Mara Spencer and Sean Hayes.
games on Wednesdays at noon in the grassy                       Below, graduate student Jose Marin Jarrin shows graceful form in clearing
lot behind the Guin Library.                                    the hurdles in the chest-wader steeplechase.

Ducks trump Beavers in
2009 Platypus Games

                                                                  Below, team members Itchung Cheung and Renee Bellinger from the
                                                                  aptly named team, “Really Not Above Cheating”, display the triple threat
                                                                  combination of athleticism, coordination, and comedic talent in the three
                                                                  legged barrel race.

The Ducks from OIMB suprised the Beavers from HMSC
at this year’s Platypus Games, winning the survival suit race
and the overall competition. Watch out next year, Ducks!

                                                                  First place went to the “Really Not Above Cheating” team, but a cloud of
                                                                  suspicion hangs over alleged doping by some competitors and the contro-
                                                                  versial decision to allow urinalysis tests to be conducted by Bellinger’s lab.
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