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									Case Study

Vancouver College Multi-Use Athletic Field

FlexSand® Action synthetic infill gives a private                     While the sensible solution for a new playing surface appeared
school a competitive edge                                             to be synthetic turf, Vancouver College did a thorough analysis
A private school in Vancouver is burnishing its image and             of the many possible turf and infill options. According to
attracting students with a new athletic field that uses               engineer/architect John Cordonier, who serves on the school’s
FlexSand® Action synthetic turf infill, the first installation        Building Committee, goals for the new field covered many
of this high-performance infill material in Canada.                   different aspects of performance. Says Cordonier, “We needed
                                                                      the field to be safe from the standpoint of shock absorption and
Vancouver College, a private K-12 school for boys in Vancouver,       safe maneuverability for athletes; we didn’t want any potential
British Columbia, needed to replace a natural turf athletic field     material toxicity issues; and we needed a field that could be used
used year-round for football, soccer, and lacrosse. The 360 by        comfortably year-round.”
160 foot (109.7 by 48.8 meter) field is situated very close to the
school’s gym.

According to Rick Gazzola in Vancouver College’s Maintenance
Department, Vancouver’s chilly, moist winters often made the
25-year-old turf field virtually unplayable. Says Gazzola, “The old
field was built on clay and it didn’t drain well. We’d get a lot of
mud and destroyed turf. And sometimes the field would freeze
and become too hard for use. We’d also get a lot of tracked-in
mud and grass when athletes came in from the field.”

                                                                      “We needed the field to be safe for athletes…
                                                                      and that could be used comfortably year-round.”
                                                                      John Cordonier, Building Committee, Vancouver College
Vancouver College Multi-Use Athletic Field

Selecting infill to manage heat and stay neat                                      A look and feel that helps attract top-level
Vancouver College worked with Athletica Sport and Recreation                       student athletes
Architecture of Burnaby, British Columbia, to help weigh the                       Says Vancouver College’s Gazzola, “Everyone who uses the field just
many different options. Athletica knew winter problems weren’t                     loves it. We’re a big football school, and both our kids and visitors
the only issue. While Vancouver’s summers are generally                            really enjoy playing on it. Our coaches are just as happy. It feels and
moderate, daily highs can climb above 90oF (32oC), so surface                      plays like grass, and athletes get great traction. We have a terrific
heating was also a factor. In addition, many types of synthetic turf               playing surface just steps away from our door that we can use all
infill create problems by clinging to athletes’ clothing and shoes;                year without tracking in mud or infill particles. In fact, choosing
“track out” would be especially troublesome for a field so close to                FlexSand meant we were able to avoid the expense of the infill
the school’s gym.                                                                  ‘shake down’ area we originally thought we’d need.”

Representatives of Vancouver College and Athletica traveled to                     Joel Eaton, Mineral Visions Inc. Sales and Product Manager for
Los Angeles to meet with owners and user groups of a number                        FlexSand, offers another perspective. “Beyond the heat and track-in
of fields, including a field using FlexSand Action infill. They visited            issues,” he says, “the field was designed to be an attractive asset for
this field on a 100 degree day, and noted the surface temperature                  this private school. It consistently looks professional and neat, and
was only 109 degrees. From experience, they knew that if the                       it performs superbly. That will help Vancouver College attract
field’s infill had been black rubber, it would likely have been 135                high-caliber student athletes for many years to come.”
degrees on the surface. They were also very impressed with the
feel of the field underfoot.

The choice to use FlexSand Action infill was clear, and installation
of a new drainage system, shock padding, synthetic turf, and
FlexSand infill was completed in September 2009.

Providing a superior playing surface
FlexSand’s resilience helps provide consistent, safe G-Max impact
ratings. Another plus is the reduction of “fly” or “kick-out” during
impact; because FlexSand is denser than many other infill
materials, it stays in place better to help maintain consistent
shock absorption.

                                                                                   “The field was designed to be an attractive asset for this
                                                                                   private school. That will help Vancouver College attract
                                                                                   high-caliber student athletes for many years to come.”

                                                                                   Joel Eaton, FlexSand Sales and Product Manger, Mineral Visions Inc.

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