Minority Students Stage Sit-in to Voice Discontent at Adelphi

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					                                                                         Wednesday, Novtmbw II, 1992                                                         OM*MCtty,N,Y,
      VoluoMXLIII Number 6

        Minority Students Stage Sit-in to Voice Discontent at Adelphi
                                       with President Diaman-             ly had some effect, as they came    only was the President's word         dent unrest of that year. Never-
     •Y VINCENT NATALB                dopoulos. They were greeted         out shortly thereafter with the     sufficient, but also because the
            StaffWHttr                                                                                                                              theless, even though the
                                      instead by Dean Rheins who          President's word that a pubUe       last written statement, the           students were indeed conduct-
      On Wednesday, November          stated that the President [wttj     forum would be held the follow-     President's first proposal, was
 11, African-American and                                                                                                                           ing themselves admirably, b the
                                      In the middle of an important       ing morning, Thursday,              summarily torn up. This               opinion of Dean Rhebs, as the
 Latino itudeati gathered out*        meeting." The students then         November 12, at 11 am. Dean         produced another stalemate
 tide the                                                                                                                                           building's closing time ap-
                                      conveyed to Dean Rheins their       Rheins stated that the President    that would last another five          proached, 1030 pm, It became
 Levennore Hall, b what would         request that the President meet     would be accompanied by             hours b which the students con-
 become a sit-in. Their purpose                                                                                                                     dear that these rules or code
                                      with them b an open forum to        Provost Igor Webb, him-             tinued to sit-in. As the night        have to be violated as the build-
 wat to request that President        discuss their concerns. Rheins      selffDean Rheins] and others        wore on Dean Rhebs came out
 Diamandopoulot meet with                                                                                                                           ing would have to be locked up
                                      responded that he "would try to     who might help answer the           to make a statement. He related       for the eveobg. When it became
 them in an open forum to dis-        see the President." When he         students* inquiries, and that the   to the students that their actions
 cuu minority student concerns,                                                                                                                     obvious that the students were
                                      returned, he stated "that the       floor would be open to any is-      would have no repercussions as        not going to leave, Rheins gave
 with the added condition that a      President would do even better      sues and/or students.               long as they didn't violate the
 second forum be held at a later                                                                                                                    one last effort at reconciliation.
                                      [than an open forum], and meet           While this seemed to solve     Adelphi University's Com-             He began, according to one stu-
 date to receive final answers in     the following Monday with six       the dilemma, the students then      pliance Statement, the Code of
 regard to these concerns.                                                                                                                          dent, with the words, "you few
                                      or seven student repre-             demanded that this agreement        Conduct, and the NewYork              won,, jf you feel it necessary to
      Hie Protesters' Concerns        sentatives to discuss their         be put b writing. Dean Rhebs        State Education Law adopted
      Primary among concerns          concerns/ He presented              refused on the basis that not       b 1969 after the massive stu-              (Continued on Page 5)
 were the discontinuance of           Lawrence Brown, one of the
 H.E.O.P.(Higher Education            student leaders, with a letter
 Opportunity Program) which
 had been widely used for its
                                      signed by the President stating
                                      the above. Brown did not agree             Faculty Union Invites Independent
financial and educational aid to
minority students, and the b-
                                      that the President's proposal
                                     was "better" than the requested                   Economist to Review
 adequacies of the Core
Curriculum, specifically the text
                                     open forum, and proceeded to
                                     tear the letter b protest. Other
                                                                                    Adelphi Financial Reports
used in the Modern Condition         students b attendance obvious-
courses. Their contention with                                              BYLISABERGENDAHL
                                                                                                                    To begin, Weber explained       that expenses are a use of
                                     ly agreed with the action's                                               that a university, such as Adel-     monies that lower net worth,
the latter is that the compiled      sentiment as resounding cheers                 News Editor
texts do not contain a sufficient                                                                              phi, is not accounted for at a       while expenditures are uses of
                                     were raised.                             In light of pending faculty     single entity. In reality, Adelphi
 representation of African-                                              contract negotiations, the Ariel                                           monies that do not tower net
                                           The students then entered                                          represents a multitude of inde-       worth.
American authors, indeed,            the lobbyof Levermore with the      phi Chapter of American
some authors included within                                                                                  pendent entities, or "funds." A
                                     intention of "sittbg-b" until       Association of University            fund represents an individual                 Analysis Findings
the first edition have since been    their demand for an open forum      Professors, the faculty union,                                                   With a large collection of
 eliminated from the second.                                                                                  section of the university that has
                                     with the President was met.         decided to investigate the           its own assets, liabilities, income    graphs and charts, Weber was
Minority students feel that the      Dean Rheins, angry at the letter    University's "claims of poverty."                                           able to relate his primary find-
text, and the Core Curriculum                                                                                 and expenses. Weber likened
                                     being ripped up, argued that "an    The A.A.U»P. invited Dr.             funds to individual "envelopes"        ings. Essentially, Weber found
as a whole, do not adequately        open forum could not articulate     Richard Weber, Professor of                                                 that Adelphi is experiencing
reflect their culture's contribu-                                                                             that can have money placed into
                                     the students' concerns proper-      Economics and Finance at             them or taken out. For Adelphi,        "good financial health."
tion! to Twentieth Century           ly" and that the President          Monmouth College, to conduct                                                Adelphi's net worth, around 80
thought, and do not present                                                                                   various funds are endowments,
                                     wanted to meet with "a few ar-      a "comprehensive analysis of         loans, restricted monies, etc.         million b 1991, has been grow-
"multi*culturalism" aUt profes-      ticulate leaders." The students     Adelphi University's financial                                              ing at an average rate of 7% a
ses to do.                                                                                                    When financial reports are col-
                                     disagreed, believing that an        statements for the last five         lated, the sheer number of            year. This rate of growth ex-
     He Sit-In                       open forum was best suited to       years." On Monday, November                                                ceeds the national rate of
     On the morning of Wed-                                                                                   bdividual funds mandates that
                                     voice their many concerns and       9, Dr. Weber formally                some funds be grouped                             Fund balances are b-
nesday, November 11, at 11 am,       dissatisfactions, and fhut hold-    presented his finding^ ff^ffog                                             creasing rapidly by more than
a large group of African-                                                                                     together. Weber explained that
                                     ing it publidy would prevent        primarily that Adelphi is "b         the fund titled operation budget      $4 million a year, while borrow-
American and Latino students         unkept promises. This diversity     good financial health, with no                                             ing has remained relatively low,
gathered outside Levermore                                                                                    really consists of the two
                                     of opinion caused a stalemate       serious problems on the              separate funds of restricted and      maintaining a tow debt burden.
HalL According to students in        that lasted for hours, with the     horizon."                                                                  Weber also found that
attendance!Adelphi Security at                                                                                unrestricted monies.
                                     students remaining peaceably                                          As Weber conducted his                   Adelphi's total expendable
first blocked entry into the                                              A Laaaon in Fund Accounting                                               funds have increased 26% over
                                                                 their       To begb his presentation, analysis, his attention was
building, but upon seeing the        concerns among themselves.                                                                                     the past five yean, eve» though
local press arriving, decided                                            Weber gave faculty members a focused upon observing the ac-                restricted funds havt dropped
                                          At about 4:00pm, Dr.                                              tivity and intwnction of the
that it was wise to grant entry.     Makapela, former Chairman of                                                                                   5%. Adelphfs ewtowmeftts are
When asked. Dean Rheins,                                                 like regular businesses, many fends, Weber looked at                       trowing at a rate of 6% annual-
                                     the African-American Studies        universities and colleges follow transfers between (kinds. These
Dean of Student Life and             Program, offered his assistance                                                                                ly. A final finding that Weber
Development, stated that the                                             a different set of rules as a not* are the movements of monies             observed was thai larfo trans-
                                     in convincing President             for-profit organization. These between separate funds. In ad-
doors had been open the whole        Diamandopoulos to agree to an                                                                                  fers are bebf ttadp from the
time.                                                                    rules are presented b the book dition, Weber also observed the             Operating Puid into the Physi-
                                     open forum with the students.       Audits of rinijss nnd Unhtr» fkflMM |g expenditures made
     While still outside, the stu-   Makapela and Rhebs went into                                           and expenses paid by the                cal Plant Amd. Weber could
dents requested an audience                                              •Ities.                                                                    not give reasons for this finan-
                                     see the President and apparent-                                        University. Weber rnnphaslmd            cial activity.
  P»gt 3 Th* DELPHIAN WsdMMday, November II, 1992

                 CAMPUS CAPERS                                                          FamHy Problemi? Jutt broke
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Adelphl Environmental
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Action Coalition weloomet all to ftt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     meetlngt, held Wedneedayt In U.O.
                                                                                   up wlh a boy or girl friend? Not get-                                                                                             2nd Floor, at 6 pm.
                                                                                  ting the grade* you think you
                                             TO CAMPUS                            thould? Penonal probiemt come In
                                                                                   many different varieties If you think
                                                                                  you need help, Adelphl't Center for
                                                                                   Psychological Servloet H available
                                                                                  for you. Confidential and profet-
I                                                                                 tlonal. Cad 877-4820 for Information
                                                                                  or an appointment.
         INCEST                                CAREER
       SURVIVORS                            PLANNING AND
        The Incest Survivors Sup-            PLACEMENT
  port Group, for college woman
  survivors of sexual abuse by faml-            The Center for Career Plan-
  ly members, will meet at the            ning and Placement Invites all stu-
  School of Social Work on Tuesday        dents to visit our newly renovated
                                          center, located In Post Hall East.
  nights. Call Diane Blelcher at 877-
  4325 for more Information about         With our new seminar room com-
                                          pleted, small groups In Resume
                                                                                                                                     THURSDAY, NOVEMBER
  these free, confidential meetings.                                                GREAT AMEWCANSMOKEOUT                                                                                                                                                                                  ,;
                                          and Cover Letter Writing, Job            Thundiy NIt» !JvtM^«-^«««^~«-^IUthik«U«r, U, C BtUroom, ^ pm
                                          Search Techniques and Interview-
                                          Ing Skills will now be available.
                                          Please stop by to see us, or call                                                                                                                                   ->          v

         RAPE                             877-3130 to learn about the new
                                          workshop schedule.
        The Adelphl Rape Counsel-
                                                                                                                                             iifU&^^S\:> «&                                                                                                                                      p*
  Ing Program has a support group
  for college female survivors of
                                              VOLUN                                                                                          iiift^Sia^*                                                                  \*^&^<>.u^^&s^&&
  rape. Meetings wll be held on                 NEEDED
  Monday nights In the school of
  Social Work. Call Lois Carey at                Rev. Meredith Jeffert, Protes-
  877-4326 for more Information.           t*pt Chaplain, Is coordinating the
                                           second Dads County Relief Work
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ; Novttttttfti,                                  >       -. is lA ^^** -•

                                          Trip, to be held December 26 to
                                          January 3. Volunteers will work
                                           providing school break day care,
          SPEECH                          grounds cleanup, light construc-
                                          tion, neighborhood needs assess-
         SERVICES                         ment, and basic social work. The                                                               MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23
       Speech and Hearing Services        cost Is $100 per person, Including       SAB 'Monday NightVldeoi*.                     RathikelUr, 4 pm »ad 6:30 pm
 are available for all students and       the cost of meals and transporta-        Monday Night Football, "Wkihlnitoii it New OHwni'uRithsfclUr,
 staff who have communication             tion. For more Information, contact      CulturmlindArtljtkAfWMprwedU'EllotFeldj
 problems. Evaluations and therapy        the Chaplain's Center, Earle Hall        AUfcldUwDince"IUIIKMOTMMI ............. MMIMHMM»HrMimHMlU« C«
                                          Basement, 877- 3114 or 924-6201.
at reduced fees. Services for hear*
 Ing, voice, stuttering, articulation
                                                                                                                                       TUESDAY, NOVEMBER
                                                                                   SA.B. MovK'Booincrtng ',,,,,,.,, .,.,.,...U. C Ballroom &30 pm «ad 9 pm
and language problems. Hearing
aids are dispensed. Pronunciation                                                                                                                        NOVEMBER 25 TO 29
Instruction for foreign speakers of                                                NO-CUSSES-THANKSGrVING RECESS                                                                                                                                                                                     vv v
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     , \ >-,^\
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         <•••">• \

English. Call 877*4860 for Informa-                                                                                                   MONDAY,
tion or an appointment.                                                                     -,.   f   f+WVW*    -^-^C. m^--   ^ •'       -       *   *          '    "

                                               ATTENTION                           SXB.

                                               EDUCATION                                                                                                                                    iul-^tti^
       N.Y. STATE                                New York Statt It offering a
                                          free pUot test of th« new Teacher
 CERTIFICATION                            Certification Examinations that will
                                          be required tor provisional certNlca-
   MEETING                                tlon effecttve September l990.Thls
        The Center for Career Plan-       It a wonderful opportunity for
ning and Placement, In conjunction       junlort, tentort or graduate ttu-
wtth the School of Education, Invitee    dentt planning to teek teaching
all graduating Education can-            certMcatet In any dattroom teach-
didates who am Interated In learning     ing Held. Examinee* may take
more about New York State cer-           either one or two teett, LAST and
tification procedures to attend an In-   ATS-W. Tatting wll take place at
formation session. The workshop          Adelphl'i Huntlngton Camput,
will be held on Thursday, November       Wedneeday, December 2, from 12
10, from 4 pm to 8 pm In U.C. 201.       to 9 pm. For more Information, call                                   •I SMBtoanrorGraduattiitEdticaUooM^onuid
Please register by calling 877-3130.     877-4100.                                                             i» i .    .-o • • . i . , . ^-v       \. •..--. .-.^ . •_ v^ .- .'^ ^•_*.Aii.* _^,v^   - ^ \ ,._ , '- ~m       •'   -       '

                                                                                                                                                                                                      iMnr«iiMni>n>MiMMMni*nU»V»3I3t- 48fO IWI,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ^   '       M   Uk1^ <AM ' •-•*> *^^^-"!   ^ • ^^^±   - ••- .V1^ *

                                                                                                                                                                                                        A ,•- -. -  - v . •••- :•• -, - , V >-.', F -•'-xv --.-"xssx

                                                                                                                                          NovMNbr II, 199)HM DELPHIAN h* 3

             S..PA to S.GA - A Successful                                                                                 Stanley Kaufftnann
     Interview with S.G.A. President Debbie Kondel and
             First Vice President Mary Rennard
                                            2) Distribution of student           6) A commuter newsletter,
             Staff Writer                                                        Qi Is there anything else
      On May 4, 1992. the new                 3) Votpr registration for
                                         the presidential election,
                                                                            you would like to add?
                                                                                 A: Yes, we would like to
                                                                                                                          "Thirty Four Years:
 constitution of the Student
 Government Association was                  4) Blood Drive.
                                             5) Ensured stricter security
                                                                            take this opportunity to inform
                                                                            the students that S.GA. meet-
                                                                                                                      Three Decades of Film
 implemented after being
 ratified by a majority of voting        measures for parting problems*     ings ire held every Tuesday at                            Criticism"
                                         •violators1 cars will now be       4:30 in the U.C., rooms 211-212.
 Adelphi Students. Under this
 new constitution, not only was          locked if they neglect to pay      Anyone is welcome to attend                      Monday, November 30
 the name of Adelphi's student          their tickets.                      these meetings, and if you feel
 government changed, but a                   6) Canned food drive for       that there is an issue which                       8 pm, U.C. 203
 whole new system was outlined.         the victims of Hurricane            needs to be addressed, please
 As this is the first semester          Andrew*                             come and voice your concerns.        One of the nation's preeminent cultural interpreters, he
 under the new constitution, it              7) Co-sponsored the pep        If you can't make these meet-        is the film critic at The New Republic. The author of
 was rough-going toward the             rally for the soccer teams'         ings, there are comment cards        five collections of film criticism, he has taught at Yale
 beginning, but now everything          championship bids, the              available from the R.A/s or          and the City University of New York. Among his many
 seems to be falling into place.        presidential coverage, and          from the S.GA. office (3rd           honors are the George Jean Nathan A ward, the George \
                                        various lectures including Ar-      Floor U.C. X6934). Also feel         Polk Award, an "Emmy" Award and fellowships form
        Q: How has the new con-         thur Ashe and Mark                  free to contact your reps:           the Ford, Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundations.
   stitution affected the ability of    Cherrington.
   the student government to func-           Q: What are some issues          Earl* Hall: Mtrri Obtrster
  tion?                                 that the student government is           Waldo Hall; Patricia
        A: It has broadened the stu-
  dent government, bringing
                                        presently addressing?
                                             A: 1) Working with Barnes
                                                                             Chapman Hall: Jennifer Del-
                                                                                                                    One Woman's Strength
  more factions of the student          and Noble on ideas for the ex-                  tieure
                                                                                                                  BY ROSALEBN RIORDAN                  emphasized the "learning" and
  body into participation and this      pansion of Adelphi's bookstore.       Unen Hall: Carrie Gtrkey                                                strength which often results
  new diversity results in more              2) The return of the change      Eddy Hall: Susan Curran                        Staff Writer
                                                                                                                       Last Wednesday night,          from such moments. She of-
  power on the part of the student      machine and the possibility of        Commuter Student Reps:                                                  fered a number of suggestions
  government to influence ad-          installing a cash machine on              Dominick Auctello               Betty Rollin, a contributing cor-
                                                                                                                 respondent for "NBC Nightly          for both patients and their
  ministrative decisions.              campus.                                     Carol Kennedy                                                      caregivers.
        Q: Do you feel that the new          3) Working with Dean                   Mitch Khulaja                News with Tom Brokaw" and
                                                                                                                 Today," addressed the Adelphi              Rollin stated that one of the
  constitution allows for a better     Rheins for improvements in stu-             EdMendizabal                                                       most important aspects of deal-
  representation of the student        dent life.                                   Anne Michel                  community in a lecture entitled
                                                                                                                 "Malting the Best of the Worst:      ing with an illness is learning
  body?                                  4 4) The establishment of a                David Rand                                                        how to laugh* According to her,
        A: Yes, senators are desig-    phone 'line on campus that              Frances O. Scarantino             Growing in the Face of Adver-
                                                                                                                 sity." In her talk, Ms. Rollin                  ]g fssfnrial because it
 nated for each dorm, along with       would inform students of events             Steven Vaccaro                                                     is "a way of lashing back at the
 eight commuter repre-                 if called                             Part Time Rep: Kathleen B.          spoke of her long struggle with
                                                                                                                breast cancer and how the dis-        meanness of this thing." She also
 sentatives, one part-time                  5) Spotlight on S.G.A.»a                  Cogftlan                                                        pointed out that for the patient
 representative, and the in-           newsletter that would be                                                 ease has been "a great learning
                                                                                                                experience for her"                  "part of the healing process is
 clusion of the former Evening         released once a month.                                                                                        talking to people." Otherwise,
 Student Council.                                                                                                     The lecture, which was
     >                                                                                                          sponsored by the School of           the silence allows the illness to
        Q: Has the new constitu-                                                                                                                     take on an increased sig-
                                                                                                                Nursing, was held in memory of
 tion led to increased efficiency
 and effectiveness?                                 Eliot Feld                                                  Justina Eisenhauer Middewicz,
                                                                                                                a faculty member and Director
                                                                                                                                                           Betty Rollin acknowledged
       A; Yes, definitely. It's not
 just the Executive Board                     "A Life in the Dance"                                             of Student Relations in the
                                                                                                                School of Nursing.As she intro-
                                                                                                                                                     that often, people don't know
                                                                                                                                                     how to deal with illness. She
 making decisions, the Senate                                                                                                                        feels that the patient should
 has become more tied in. For                                                                                   duced Ms. Rollin, Dr. Caryle
                                                                                                                Wolahan, Dean of the School of       help family members and
 example, the senators must ap-                                                                                                                      friends in this area. She also
 prove all of the clubs1 budgets                                                                                Nursing, remarked that Ms.
                                                                                                                Rollin's lecture was only one of     stated that the best question to
 and the establishment of any                                                                                                                        ask someone who is ill is "How
 new clubs, whereas before,                                                                                     the "exciting events" that the
                                                                                                               school has planned as it enters       are you?" Such an open-ended
these decisions would have                                                                                     its fiftieth year. Dr. Wolahan ex-    question leaves the patient
been made solely by the Execu-                                                                                                                       flexibility in his or her response.
tive Board. Another factor that                                                                                 pressed her gratitude to Betty
has increased the effectiveness                                                                                Rollin whom she described as
                                                                                                               an "accomplished author" with              In conclusion, Betty Rollin
is that elections for all positions                                                                                                                  addressed what she sees u per-
are held in May so that the                                                                                    numerous achievements. Aside
                                                                                                               from her job as a contributing        haps the most important benefit
newly-elected members can get                                                                                                                        of her illness. She stated that
together over the summer to                                                                                    correspondent, Wolahan
                                                                                                               pointed out that Rollin is the        anyone who has faced death is
discuss the coming semester.                                                                                                                         more aware of what they want
       Q: What have been some of                  Monday, November 23                                          author of two books, both of
                                                                                                               which have been made into             from life. They ire always
the key accomplishments this                                                                                                                         Afraid* but this fear help* them
                                                                                                               television movies* First Yott Cry
       A: 1) Reinstallation of the
                                                    8 pm, U.C. 203                                             is the story of her battle with       to Vve bettor," She pointed out
                                                                                                                                                     that it was this very fear that In-
activity hour for the 1993-1994                                                                                breast cancer and Last Wish is
                                   The founder and Artistic Director of Feld Ballets* NYt                      an account of the suicide of her      spired her to leave her Job and
school year (Tuesday and           he is an influendalchoreographer who has contributed                                                              write Drat YM Oy at a time
Thursday 12:15-1:30). No das-      significantly to the development of modem dance                                                                   when no one wanted to publish
ses will be scheduled at this time throughout the world.                                                           Throughout her talk, Ms.
                                                                                                               Rollin stressed the jood which        a book on breast cancer. Mi
to enable clubs to hold meetings                                                                               can oone form the "dark mo-           Rollin believes that the "trick b
during the day in order to at- Funded by a generous grant from the Harkness Ballet                             Bents." Drawing on her                life1 It to 1h* aa If you are going
tract more commuters.              Foundation.                                                                                                       to dtobtt don't die.'
                                                                                                               ptnoaal experiences,
 Ft* 4 Tto DELPHIAN WrtMMtay,

                                                                                                        The Private Falstaff
                                                                                                                   rooms in which no one may           sphere and becoming king, he
                                                                                   BY THERESA ADAMS                oriter without permission; they
                                                                                      Astt. Nws Editor                                                 puts himself at the center of
                                                                                                                   are separate.                       events. He is called to pubUc
                                                                                   On Tuesday, November 10,             Formerly, privacy was
                                                                              Professor Mark Taylor of Matv        viewed with suspicion. It was       service and must respond This
       You have tritd everything ltru#nabte but you en m on the               bittanvllle College gave a paper     often believed that treason or      turn of events points out the
  road to campus every day. Hen are tome survival, tip recently               entitled "Palstaff and the Origin    other wrongdoing was being          fragility of the private world
  published In Newsday'i Help Book                                            of Private Life," in a presenta-     plotted under its cover. But
                                                                              tion sponsored by the English                                           Falstaff inhabits. Eventually,
     I- START EARLY.., Often to the radiofor rood conditions.                                                      now, in the realm, Falstaff is     Falstaff dies, rejected by the
    2- KNOW YOUR ROUTES,., ham a few alternative routes to                    Department* The paper dealt          able to point out the truths of
                                                                              with one of Shakespeare's most       private life, providing distance   Prince. Taylor says that per-
  3- BE FLEXIBLE, BUT BE PATIENT,., unless there is an acci                   famous characters, the old           and perspective.                   haps, his demise "suggests that
  dent or lotted                                                              knight, John Falstaff. FalstafPs                                        privacy is not more substantive
                   back up to speed inortfy.                                  world is the taverns- the                In I Henry IV,Hal seems to     than the state allows it to be," for
   4- BE INFOIWED... twitch to a local stationfor traffic Infor-              "seamier side* of London. This       be choosing the private life by
                                                                              atmosphere attracts Prince Hal                                          Hal is the state, and it is his word
    mation. Try WQSM (740 AM) orWBU (106,1 FW for Lor*                                                             throwing in his lot with the       which can raise mountains or
   Mandtrfflc reports every 10 mlrwtet or MNS(WlOjW) for                     whose relationship with Falstaff      tavern gang. In 2 Henry IV,
                                                                             is a constant worryto his father,                                        tear them down.
                                                                              Henry IV. Much of the plays I        however, he rejects them, as if
   S-BEUE\^ THE SIGNS... lane closure or construction delay                  Henry IV and 2 Henry IV in-           by moving into the public
                                                                             volve a struggle between the
      6^ KEEf MOVING... dont rubberneck at accidents or police               worlds of the court and the
                                                                             tavern for the prince. Taylor ex-
                                                                             plained his approach to the
                                                                                                                                  A Message From...
       7- UNDERSTAND THE SCHEDULES.,, know that
                                                                             Henry IV plays. In **r
  afternoon                                                                  them, he was out of a tradition
                                                                             of "new historidsm* which tries
                                                                                                                               Substance Abuse
                                                                             to explain a literary text in terms                 Prevention
                               :                                             of its relation to the currents of
 to stop buMng to needless detayy.
      9*STAYINYOURCAR.~whenheIparrives(halfofallcars                              He pointed out that in                       Drugs and their effects
 A^|ft^^                                                                    Elizabethan times, all but the
                                                                            rich lived in two room houses               AfgffflWM °** HfuhLth Impair
 IriSS^                                                                                                                your motor coordination, alter your
      10-LOOKUP,TOO.,.Uwiatakekmgerwhenitrains.AOow                         containing only one floor. In
                                                                            such houses, privacy was not               sense of tim* and distance* and
                                                                            possible. This problem did not             can make you drowsy. It can also make
                                                                            exclude the rich, however, be-             you fetl tike you're in compfete control be-
                                                                            cause even they had domestic               hind the wheeL But the fact is that when
                                                                            servants constantly underfoot.             you're stoned you will be less Ukefy to
                                                                                                                       react in time to a hazardous situation.
           Fiji Goes National                                               Communities were such that
                                                                            everyone was concerned with
                                                                                                                       Cocaine. Crack Speed and Diet Pills
                                                                            the affairs of his neighbors.
      Last Saturday, November         Gamma Delta would work to             Taylor make the observation                can initially keep you awake. Unfortu-
 14 marked a historical day for       preserve ideals which are             that the "weaker the state, the            nately, they also impair your coordination,
 the Adelphi chapter of Phi           "meaningful and emblematic of         stronger the public community              maldngyou edgy and overconfident
 Gamma Delta. In what had             Greek life."                          and the stronger the community             Combined wltH alcohol or other dmpt
 been called a "Chartering                Bill Martin, the third ex-        the less privacy one has." Before          they can trick you into bettering you're
 Weekend" the brothers of the         ecutive director of Phi Gamma         the Sixteenth Century, the state           sober enough to drive when in fact you're
 fraternity which has come to be      Delta also spoke, describing          was a relatively weak institution          not
 known as FQi became brothers         what he felt were the three most      which was just beginning to ac-
 of the national fraternity of Phi    important ideals for the frater*      quire more power and                                     including Vallum),
                                      nity to maintain—obligation,          influence. The formerly strong                       Barbiturate* and Heroin can
 Gamma Delta, Gamma Nu
chapter. The day's festivities        cooperation, and appreciation.        communities, on the other                  all cause drowsiness, impair your
were highlighted by an "All           He stated that there is often a       hand, were losing power. This              coordination, Impair your vision and slow
Campus Luncheon" and a for*           tendency to "overemphasize            led to a situation in which                your reaction time. Don t assume thai
mil banquet in the evening.          competition in the Greek sy*          privacy would become a "condi-              because a dntg is legally prescribed, it is
      The luncheon, held in the      tem...While this is good.*.[Phi       tion that liberates people and is           necessarily sttfe to drive while taking it.
University Center, began at          Gamma Delta] must address             to be cherished."                           Consult your doctor.
noon. The Master of                  challenges with the whole                    Shakespeare is able to show
Ceremonies was James Nellson,        Greek system." He added that          the transition between these                                (including LSD and
a brother and field secretary for    interfraternity cooperation           two modes of original life. An              Psilocybe Mushrooms), E££oruf
the fraternity. Neilson thanked      adds great value to the Greek         earlier play, Richard II, has few           EatUtforMDMA) can have extreme
the parents of the new brothers,     experience.                           private scenes. Richard himself             effects on yourperception of time and
without whom there wouldhave              Al DeCarlo, President of         is always surrounded by flatters,           distance, and will effect your vision and
been no celebration, as well as      Phi Gamma Delta, was the final        lords and other people. In con-             coordination, because the effects of these
the graduate brothers, and           speaker of the luncheon. He           trast, the tavern world of                  dnqp are so unpredictable, driving is
those at Rutgers, NYU, and           thanked all who had helped and |      Falstaff in I Henry IV, is "the             particularly dangerous.
Columbia.                            described the Charter Day as, "a      beginning of the institution of
      Nielson then introduced        day we've been waiting for for al     privacy." It exists in opposition           ^laaltoLis the most widefy used mood-
the various speakers at the          long time^threc yeara...This is       to the world of battles which ap-           altering dn^ And over 25,000people are
luncheon, the first of whom to       not the finish of something! but      pears In the play. Falstaff is the          kilted in alcohol-related auto accidents
speak was Dr. Carl Rheins, Vice      the start of unlimited challenges |   fat, joking and clever com-                 each year In the United Sates. Alcohol
President and Dean of Student        which lie ahead..We are the!          panion of Prince Hal in this                can impair your coordination and v^ion,
Ufe* Rhelns spoke of the "deep       Gamma Nu chapter of Phi               play. Taylor suggests that the              slowyourreaction time, and mala you
affection" felt towards the          Gamma Delta."                         world which Hal seeks la                    drowsy* In combination with other drugi
fraternity and dpcribedk as *a            The festivities continued!       Falstaff a creation* He offers an
historic moment In the life of       into the evening at formal ban-1      alternative to the public world
your fraternity/ Rheins also         quet held in honor of the newly |     which Hal's father lives in. The            toad*
stated that he hoped that Phi        chartered national fraternity.        taverns in his world have privefc
                                                                                                          Wrtmft, torn** U, MM «• DHJHUN ft* I

           Minority Student Sit-in
                                         ol^Bm WtWWwWBoW W %*ej^wV •MvvM tiie^P^r

             . ..                        tioq and aniwer period
       you foel It Mcemry to itay        v^tnflM • WW M WWW •HV H(*o«o^^P ^^W^
       beyoad ekMini time, you nay       portualty Ibr students to limply
       do M without reptrouuloM,ai       state their oomplalnti. It wu
       long ai you donldbrupt the        (iotcrmlned by the end of thU
       building." Upon bearing thU                      l j • AlHlfA V^orV V^^HVB ^or^W
                                         a^aal/Mi | a | ^^ W9V^V ^IT fnTUflL All
                                         ^f^f^^^^f^f^^ ^^^^^9

       the itudenti erupted In ap-       Novembw 25, would bo held
       plauie and proceeded to
       dUcuu the prof and ooni of
                                         wherein the Admlniitration                                             Rulinl
                                         would voice iti reipomwi After
                            ^ li they    review of the queitlooi raised
-      collectively decided that
       ihould leave on thlt victorious
                                              The DELPHIAN hai not                               €••• ft iPuil
       note and trust that the Ad-       yet interviewed thoie in atteo»
       minlitration would keep iti       dance at the firit Forum, but
       word concerning the forum         will be covering the lecond                         STUDENTS Dlieiu kin limit
       promised. The following morn-     Forum on the 24th or 25th and
       ing,Thursday November 12, the     will report on both proceeding*.                            SOLUTIONS
       above mentioned forum was

                                                                                                       Dr. Cull Hury

                                                                                                  Or. Sikitora
                                                                                              Wfcli; Nov. 19,1992 from 7pM to
                                                                                                       Whin: U.C. 203
                                                                                              Live Broideut by WBAU Fm 90.3

                                                                                                      "UNITY JAM
                                                                                                   to tollov ii U.C. 202

                                                                                          Smwod by: RSA, S6A, SAB iri UMOJA

                                                                                                    Positions Open:
                                                                                                National Advertising
                                                                                                  Classified Ads
                                                                                               Any Majors Welcome
                                                                                                Contact: Eric x6935
                                                                                          Opportunity Only Knocks Once
    A *j* I***tfMUltt*•*!***•                                     RRE&
ftip ft TV DELPHIAN Wf4**iMliiy, NmMrttr (MM*

       FROM THE EDITORIAL BOARD                                                                                     November 18.1992

    RALLY RAISES QUESTIONS                                                                              STOP THE NOISE!
         By now almoit tvtryone within the Adelphl community It awart of tht tit-
  Ini which have taktn pltot ovtr the pait WMk. By now moat ptoplt ara alto
  awara of tha forum which took place latt Thurtday. Theae acttont appear rather                                 Viewpoint By
  remarkable In light of the general malaise which teemt.at tlmea, to envelop Adel-'
        We at the DELPHIAN applaud the actions taken by the African American                                    Theresa Adam s
  and Latino students over the patt week. We applaud the unity displayed In get-
  ting their message across, the firm and defiant, yet peaceful mood of the                                  Assistant News Editor
  demonstration, the organization of the protest, at well at the theer number of
  students which gatheredto demonstrate. We are alto Impressed by the atmos-                   Recently, during a Humanities data held In Blodgett Hall, a professor was
  phere generated on campus. Students have taken abtlont to get their mettage beginning a lecture about the Book of Matthew when suddenly the floor began
  across; and everyone Is talking about It-something rare at Adelphl. The ap- to shake and an ear-tpllttlng nolte echoed through the conflnet of the dattroom,
  proach uted hat not allowed anyone to avoid what hat happened and It hap- at If the Latt Judgement waa truly at hand. Yet, the conttruction in Blodgett con-
  pening.                                                                               tlnuet and It It becoming an Increasing nuisance to faculty and ttudentt alike.
        Yet. while we applaud and support the actions taken, It It with tome rater* Not only mutt profetaort shout to be heard, but ttudentt are often unable to hear
 vatlon. I n the 1960s, rallies and sit-ins were at much a part of one11 college educa- the lectures In spite of their best efforts, Thlt leadt to an Incredible amount of
 tion as final exams and term papers. Yet they accomplished little and had a price, frustration for everyone Involved. Of court*, the conttruction needt to be com*
 at evidenced by the shootings at Kent State University. While thlt path hat to pleted, but It It really neceatary to have a jack hammer (with a decibel level ap-
 far yielded positive results, we question If It will continue to to.                   proaching that of a jet plane taking off) going while daaeea are In tettlon?
        We alto question If the mettage being conveyed It that of the minority                The most Important function of a university It to educate and to provide the
 community as a whole, or just the active few. The theer number of students proper environment for learning. I feel that the noise of the conttruction It rob-
 present suggests that the sentiment stated It that of many, yet If the volcet of bing me of my opportunity to leam. Such an environment makes the exchange
 the many being siphoned through the volcet of the few are not being heard In of knowledge all but Impossible.
 clearly In the process? If this 1$ the case, than no one's needt are being met; and          I have not only teen thlt problem In the ongoing Blodgett conttruction,
 only the special Interests of those few speaking are being heard.                      however. The Business Building during the spring and fall It also a terrible place
        We question If the Administration Is truly listening to the needt and con- to have a class, especially If It It located on the first floor. Almost inevitably, a
 cerns expressed, or Is merely listening with a tin ear out of fear of bad publicity. gigantic lawnmower will drive by, spewing gat fumes and making a god-awful
 Would the President have been apt to react so quickly had only three students racket which effectivelysuspends classes until It has made several pattet.
shown up and made the same demands? Is serious attention being paid to the                    It teems to me that this situation It unacceptable for a university In which
message Implied by the words, or Is It jutt the bare words being heard.                clattet and the ttudentt1 ability to leam should be paramount. I hope that
       Adelphl Is an Institution with problems like any other. Unfortunately ones whoever It responsible for tuch things will correct these problems and others like
of these Is a tendency to at tlmet Ignore student's needt. One can only hope them before ttudentt are robbed of any more opportunely ndse pollution.
that the mettage sent Is one which It heard and acted upon. Maybethen, other,
lets Involvedstudents will finally realize that they too have a voice, and wHI begin
to ute It.

                                                                                                 Adelphi University
                                                                                             University Center Room 308
                                                                                             Garden City, New York 11530
                                                                                                   (516) 877-6935
                                                                                                 Vol. XLIII. No. 6       Wednesday, November 18,1992
      The DELPHIAN is a publication which is written, edited, published, and ais-                          AMY M. DEMNER            EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
tributed by students of Adelphl University. Its views are not necessarily those of the
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    TTie DELPHIAN dots not discriminate on th* basts of age, w religion, me* or              STAFF:
sexual preference*                                                                           Den* Barakat, Ken Chen, Helene Bugler, Melkaa Fondakowikl, Carrie
    Thi DELPHIAN is a mtmbtr in good standing of the Associated Collegiate               Oerkey, Roy Dlraggi, Andrea Mioeo, Rouleen Riordan, and Dr. UJl. Desperate.
         Theatre Review:
                                                                                       By Chris Phillips
                                                                                       Contributing Writer
     In search of the perfect theatre,                             actress and wants so badly to be a "star"
you can go see some large and ghastly                              that she'll do anything to get to the
expensive piece up on 53rd Street, or                              top-anything.
you can swing your way through the                                      The play starts as an announcer
village and stop in for some                                       comes over the PA system saying:
off-broadway entertainment-theater at                              "Sylvia St. Croix tonight,.*, but then
its best.                                                          there is a slight pause, which leaves
     The true test of this was a trip I                            those of us in the audience thinking that
made to see the play Ruthtos at the                                we are about to receive an understudy
Players Theater on MacDougal Street                                notice, when suddenly the PA system
in Greenwich Village in New York City.                             cuts back on: "...is in a very good mood
This masterpiece of satire is directed by                          tonight." Everyone let out a big laugh
Joel Paley and stars Laura Bundy, who                              and we knew then that the ride was
plays Tina Denmark: a sweet little girl                            about to begin.
with golden locks who is an aspiring
                                                                                                                                                                                          Laura Bundy as Tina Denmark

                                                                                                                                                                                 a talent agent, who wants to
                                                                                                                                                                                 promote and work for Tina
                                                                                                                                                                                 Denmark. After convincing Judy,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Tina's mother, played by Donna
                                                                                                                                                                                 English, the two set out for big
                                                                                                                                                                                 sights like the school play-Tippy
                                                                                                                                                                                 Long Stockings Goes To Tahiti"
                                                                                                                                                                                 Tina, however, doesn't get the lead
                                                                                                                                                                                 part as Pippy. Instead she is cut for
                                                                                                                                                                                 Louise Lennan, the daughter of
                                                                                                                                                                                 the head sponsor, Mr. Lennan,
    (L~r.) Donna English as Ginger DelMarco> Joanne Bourn as Eave> Dentse Lor as                                                                                                 who owns 'Lerman's Lumber*.
Uta Encore, Joel Vlg as SyMa St. Croix> LauraBundy as Tina Denmark and Adinah                                                                                                    Louise, played by Joanne Baum,
Alexander as the Reporter.
         (Rtprinttd from th* Playbill for Ruthlm. Photo*; Carol ROMQO/ Martha Swop* Assoo.)                                                                                                   (Continued on page 2)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       'v- ^o, ^5*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           V .\^wx
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       v X<** v^ X-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - ^ C* ,-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         > <^\^
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ^       t$^<   *<'-f

                                                                                                                Said, page 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           "V ^        s fr 4' < ^\
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           v           ^ ^-^y y

                                                         Review: Daisy                                                                                                            page3

                                                             The Local Beat, page 3

                                                          Creative Writing, page 4

                                                                 Slushy Soaps, page 4
                     Book Review: Tile of the Body Thief, page S
                                  .:-. - "• '     v .'                                                      >       ^

                                    .           - --                                               x                x.
                       , ,;        ,                                                                            ,   x<                                                                                                    ix>
                                                                                                                                     t                                                                                     X S,
                                                  »                                             x* x                                       \                                                                          VV

                     Music Review: The Jeff Healey Band, page S                                        , ">*•       x
                                                                                                                                     -.x    v
                                                                                                                                                        •                                 *       •             ^Fx
                                                                                                                          \ x              x>                                                                         x      <    N   s.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      v         x *                                         ^>    <

                              Cross word Puzzle and Comics, page
                                    \           «^       \
                                                                               \\ -IS A
                                                                                           x x x* i
                                                                                                           J ^ x "--A..        X•.
                                                                                                                                     *xx    ^ -.
                                                                                                                                                \   \   ^
                                                                                                                                                        X xv \
                                                                                                                                                              >       X
                                                                                                                                                                      x xi-
                                                                                                                                                                                 V ^C\
                                                                                                                                                                                  s> i.       >
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ^^      x^.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ^"v Sx xi\ A*->v< ioo-..; S-"xs.\. xlo-^v1^ ?J ^N^SJR
J-   V                                           x        V       \                •vSf^       ^        .-v \x^*                 I ^"^      X           ^;*v\ ^            ^ !»< ^i V^N\ v i^v<<X^^®\>>^V^^^ ^ ix»«c:

                                                v        v *x          x                                                             N                                      v
                                                                                                                                                                          x > N\x\
                                                                                                                                                                                 ^^ u ^ » ^\ xi>^Hi? ^i€ll:w

                          ^^                           * <* o              o- \i ^ y ^ K. ^\v * r>v
                                                                                                                     i y
                                                                 < ^ ^                ^     , A            <x                        \     x^xxxt' \                                                  « vv ^x^^>%xV^V^^^>
^                                                                                                                                                                 v
                          , *^                   N *'\ >*    v X iV
                                                                  o *«^v Ox^^^SW'x* V\i                                                          ^<    ^                x*    "^   "^; x\ x j * ^V-^x^ >*'i:>m                                    ^^%^^v
                                                 xx* x ->x   \^$X * -x^ "^i^x V\v <* v A V > *Cx,x^%\xV^                                        s .\Jw V              ,5s.  ,    ^ Hv x V
                          i.^A                       x . ..v&.^.&^.^:^.^S\.O..^v»^^^                                                                                   ^^..^V^^ ^^^.. .A..
Pupal ICINEI/MLTOUNWifciifcy. NfflN**11,1111

                                                                                                                                                '&tf^&s* $>&{$$* ^'-M&-$$l

                                                                                >re was a tune when the school child                  represents we new
                                                                             returned home to find his mother                         woman; the woman
                                                                             waiting to give him a warm meal and                      who can balance
                                                                             affection,.,a time when she asked him                    career and family, the
                                                                             how he did in school, did he do his                      woman who can be
                                                                             homework? Nowadays, the mother is at                     CEO, "honey," and
                                                                             work, having her lunch of a hamburger                    mommy at the same
                                                                             and beer In a bar, surveying the                         time.
                                                                             ambience and wondering who the                  An old tactic has
                                                                             should sleep with next.                    been continuously
                                                                                  Hillary Clinton's independence        used by those who feel
                                                                             simply means that she shirks her           threatened by the
                                                                             responsibilities. She is selfish, uncaring Hillary CUntons of the
                                                                             and is involved only with herself no       world. Hillary Clintons
                                                                             matter what chaos she causes all           have been attacked
                                                                             around her. Doesn't she realize that to and labeled
                                                                             support her man, to provide him with       "unfeminine* because
                                                                             unselfish devotion and love is to          they do not subscribe
                                                                             enhance them both? Her husband given to the attacker's
                                                                             that type of support will find himself     narrow view of
                                                                             invulnerable in the job market, at home, women's roles as
                                                                            with his family. He will be more secure, nurturers of the family.
                                                                            independent and more giving.                To them, a woman
                                                                                 The ironic thing is that the Hillary   must serve and stand
      Dick and Jane have returned to                                        Clintons of the world will probably be      behind her husband, support his career,                        The Barbara Bushes of the world
 offer their views on the striking                                          worse off pursuing their own careers.       and raise his children. She is awoman                     should not be attacked because they
 contrasts between our present and                                          They will enter a competitive man's         who will sweat over a hot stove to have                   have been crippled by a society that has
 future first ladies. Barbara Bush and                                      working world. They will lose that          dinner ready for her husband and still                    said, "A woman should never be this *
 Hillary Clinton are women who have                                         quality that men have praised and sung manage to greet him at the door                                or "A wife is expected to do that"
 taken unmatched roles as wives and                                         to tot centuries-their femininity.          looking like a runway model                              Those like Bush are limited in the goals
 mothers: one who stands behind her                                         Gradually they'll become like other              Well, guys, Pm really sorry to have                  that they can reach and go beyond, and
 husband, and one who stands next to                                        women on the fast track-smoking,            to inform you, but we do not like that                   I feel nothing but pity for them because
 her husband                                                                drinking, barrelling down the highway       sugar coated view of a wife! We are                      they are so content with such limitations.
                                                                            at 70 miles an hour, cutting other          ready for a new definition of a woman                         Hillary Clinton, as a wife and
       Okie                                                                 drivers off, cursing, giving everyone the as a nurturing figure, and Hillary                         mother, offers her own ideas and
       I believe that a return to Barbara                                   finger. Can you imagine Barbara Bush        Clinton is the perfect role model.                       opinions as a self-aware,
 Bush's loyaltyand dedication to her                                        behaving so irreverently?                        Hillary Clinton demonstrates that                   non-conforming, independent woman.
 man would improve basic American                                                Let's return to those wonderful        there are other ways to nurture, aside                   Her husband, Bill, has not only
 institutions, like the family and                                          days of yesteryear, when men and            from the traditional roles that women                    demonstrated, but has spoken to the
 marriage, and offer a happy,                                               women fulfilled the role in life with       have been pushed into as wives and                       press many times about how much he
 wholesome atmosphere for raising                                           which Ood had blessed them.                 mothers.                                                 admires what his wife has accomplished
 children. A devoted, loyal, caring                                                                                          Clinton uses her degree in law as                   and that he respects her views as an
 woman can bring joy to both husband                                             Jane:                                  an instrument to aid programs that are                   intelligent individual.
 and wife. Look at the divorce rate, the                                         Independence and assertiveness         concerned with the well being of                              What a breath of fresh air Hillary
 infidelity of married men and women in                                     are two word* that perfectly describe       children. She has, through the                           Clinton brings to young women
 today's society. Ask you parents about                                     our next first lady, Hillary Clinton. This Children's Defense Fund, taken an                         struggling to make the choice between
 the past when marriages lasted a                                           is not a woman who is defined simply by active role in their welfare and has used                    career and family. They can now look to
 lifetime and children received love and                                    who her husband is or how the raised        her talents to prove that nurturingcan                   § shining role model in our new first
 nurturing in the house.. Did you know                                      her daughter. Hillary Clinton               be spread beyond the family.                             lady.
                  Xi, IMS                                                                                                                             into town just to see      review that killed her acting career a
  /      .     \,.^\S^X
                                    L^JMSs^J*** «>-w«l
                                    tu. xjiti.<xSihtt..& AtA^M^ v ^NBL<^k. ^'-UkH^^u:
                                                                                                                                                      Tina in the school play.              ac&**the plot
  ".-,       :'- ". X- ": -^ s> -
                                                                                                                                                      Uta and Sylvia are              This play pokes fun at the
                                                                                                                                                      constantly trading         entertainment business and how
                                                                                                                                                      cheap shots at each        everyone is so cut-throat to get to the
                                                                                                                                                      other because Uta          top. The theater is small and the stage
                                                                                                                                                      once gave Sylvia a bad     is even smaller, but the sets and the
doesn't have a stitch of talent and                                             Judy Denmark is the eternally                                                                    costumes are cleverly done. The whole
couldn't act to save her life.                                             happy home maker. She cooks, she                                                                      play seems right in your lap, and the
    Although disappointed, Sylvia                                          deans, she's Tint's mom, and she has                                                                  actors splendid at making fan of the
convinces the director of the school                                       absolutely no talent-so she thinks.                                                                   business they work in,
play to have Tina cast as an understudy.                                   Through a series of coincidences Judy
After arguing with Louise during                                           finds out she is actually the daughter of                                                                 So If you're looking for a great
rehearsal, Tina chases Louise and                                          a long dead star from the seventies and                                                               piece of work, great atmosphere, great
pushes her off a cat-walk, This is when                                    not actually Judy Denmark-or at least                                                                 talent and fun, go see RuthUss and see
the comedy begins and the plot thickens.                                   we think her real mother is dead She                                                                  Una Denmark and what she does for
     Tina goes on to star in the show                                      then takes on a transformation and                                                                    fame.
and laughs keep coming! for this is only                                   forgets her whole past as she runs off to
in Act One, Laura Bundy plays Tina                                         find stardom for herself*
with highly accented movements and                                              Uta Encore is played by Denlse
bravado. The faces she makes, her body                                     Lor. Uta Is Tina's grandmother and a
movements, and the endearing sweet                                         tough theater critic, wfao has probably
voice she uses puts laughter in your                                       never given out a food review and
belly.                                                                     makes no apob^ea about It She swings
                                                                           MMIOMMMHftMA Cv MMvvtttt A B*) 9% A 904MfcftWhiWB^AMNHMb
                                                                                                        Wtdnwctay, NoviwUr II, 1M3 SCENES/DELPHIAN ftp 3B

                        A MUSIC REVIEW OP:

                                                                                      Festival will be held at Nassau Coliseum on present the world-famous Opera
                                                                                      November 20 from 6 pm to 10 pm,               Hansel and Oretel on Sunday,
                                                                                      November 21 from 11 am to 10 pm, and          December 13 at 2iOO pm at the
                                                                                      November 22 from 11 am to 6 pm.               Western Theatre at Suffolk
                                                                                           Over 325 top artisans from across the    Community College in Brentwood,
                                                                                      coutry will be exhibiting and selling fine  I N.Y, Ticket prices are $4,00 for
                              •y Dantol DunlNvy                                       handcrafted wares. The cost of admission is children and senior citizens, and
                               Contributing Writ*                                     $6.00 for adults and $150 for children.       $6.00 for adults. To order tickets,
                                                                                      (Discount tickets are available at Nassau     call (516)224-5420
      Daliy Chains** ii a quirky new      confusing. Daisy Chalnsaw Is an odd         public libraries and selected Long Island
alternative band from London. The         mix between Nlmma and the                   branches of the Bank of New York). Nassau          Inteniadooally renowned
band is a quartet featuring a lively      SugarcubM. The lyrics are almost            Coliseum is located on Hempstead              violinist, Na4ja Salerno-
bunch of characters. The lead singer,     i«ftia^ti«|<|hnfrifl because the guitar     Turnpike, Uniondale.                          Sonnenberg, will be the featured
Katie Jane Garside, is a paranoid         almost drowns out Katie's voice. But                                                        artist in the concerts to be
fashion misfit who usually wears          when you do hear her it sounds like she         Currently on view at The Asia Sodety        presented by the Long Island
nothing but a sheet wrapped around        is screeching and trying to grab the       Galleries is Cultures at Crossroads:             Philharmonic at 8:30 pm on
her body while singing on stage. The      listener by the throat.                    Southeast Asian Textiles from the                November 21 at the Staller Center
guitarist/songwriter Crispen Grey is a         The only good thing I can say about Australian National Gallery. This collection       of the Arts at SUNY at Stony
part-time crow-dresser, and their         the album is Grey's guitar solo in the     of over 80 one-of-a-kind treasures explores      Brook, and at the Tilles Center for
drummer, Vince Johnson and bass           song "I Feel Insane." I also liked the     the impact of India, China and the Islamic       the Performing Arts in Brookville
player, Richard Adams, are just and       song "Love Your Money"; it had a           cultures on the motifs, functions, and           on November 22 at 7:30 pm.
colorful. You would think that such an    certain pop feel to it, and you can even techniques of Southeast Asian textiles. The        Tickets can be obtained by calling
outlandish band would get together and    understand the words. Unfortunately,      Gallery is located at 72S Park Avenue, New        the Long Island Philharmonic at
make some great music. Unfortunately,     there aren't more songs like it on the     York City. For more information, call            (516)293-2222, or TicketMaster at
this is not the case.                     album. The band definitely has             (212)288-6400.                                   (516)888-9000.
     Elevcnteen is the band's first       potential-hopcfully they will get their
release in the states. The music on the   act together next time.                  , At the Whitney Museum of Amencan                      Sea Cliff Arts & Crafts Tour -
album, like that of the namejsvei                                                   Art, the following exhibitions are now on         The artist* and craftspeople of Sea
                                                                                    display:                                          Cliff invite visitor* into their
                                                                                         Figurative Works from the Permanent          workshops and studios for a
                                                                                    Collection - through Nov. 29 (2nd Floor)          pre-holiday showing and sale on
                                                                                         Alfonso Ottorio Drawings, 1940-48;           December 5, 6, 12, 13 from 11 am
                                                                                    The Anatomy of a Surrealist Sensibility -         to 5 put Pick up a free, self -guided
                                                                                    through Nov. 29 (Lobby Gallery)                   tour map at Harmonious Homes,
                                                                                         Jean-Mfchel Basquiat - through Feb. 14       299 Sea Cliff Avenue (off Central).
                                                                                    (4th Floor)                                       For more info, call (516)674-9212.
                                                                                         Agnes Martin - through Jan. 31 (3rd
                                                                                         Jonas Mekas - through Dec. 6                 winner of the 1991 Namburg Viola
                                                                                   (Film/Video Gallery)                               Competition, will perform in
                                                                                         For More info, call (212)570-3676.           Suffolk County during the week of
                                                                                                                                      December 7 through the 11.
                                                                                                                                           Affiliate Artists Brian Lewis,
                                                                                     direction of George V. Rose, will perform a      violinist, and Pamela Victoria Pjte,
   Adeiphl's Only ItUfi Qcfln Slflflft For                                           Christmas Concert at the Cathedral of the        pianist, will be the Artists in
   Music, Poetry and Good Clean                                                      Incarnation in Garden City on Sunday,
                                                                                     December 5,1992 at 8 pm. The Concert will
                                                                                                                                      Residence and perform on
                                                                                                                                      December 10 and 11 in Suffolk
                                                                                     feature holiday music from the Chorus with       County.
                                                                                     organ accompaniment by Walter Hike. It
                                                                                     will feature Britten's "Rejoice in the Lamb,"        For specific tchcdullng
                                                                                     and Kodal/s *Missa Brevis." Ticket! for          information on either of these two
                                                                                     adults are $15, and $12 for students and         performances, call the blip Arts
                                                                                     senior citizens. For further info, call          Councils* 22*5420.





             If you walk around naked
         with a monkey on your shoulder,
            people will remember you.
    ftp aICINIWMtPHIAN Wito*J«y, NovtMbM* II, 1IM

                                                      REATIVE WRITING

               TO JOHN SULLIVAN                                                                            My Plre la Raging
                               ByBtk                                                                              By lltnt Taub

              tht wtb of exlatence It spun                                                Tha flra Inalda of my aoul aneompaaaaa
                 from path to path                                                           ma until I am raging.
                 aa wa Idla along,                                                        No harm can ba dona to ma bacauaa tha
              a tanuoua thraad, waavlng                                                     futura laya at my faat and It la mlna.
                 togathar you and I                                                       My aya la on tha mark aa my brow
                 and othara.                                                                 dampana with awaat.
              alxtaan houra craatad                                                       On tha aldallnaa tha damona poka at ma
                 thla alngla link.                                                           and try to pull ma away from/ny
                 you ara a atrangar.                                                         daapaat daalraa.
              thla Ink, Ilka hundrada                                                     Tha flama growa hottar and aparka fly out
                  of othara, no mora                                                         of my aouL.thay ara now daad, andI
                  nor laaa precarious,                                                       am onca again strong.
              and now,                                                                    Frustration, disappointment, and angar
                  atrlng auddanly ropa                                                       attempt to make ma cold. I accept thalr
                  and no ona on tha othar and.                                               challenge and I am tha victor.
              I am caught In thla                                                         What makes ma so strong and
                  wab you Induead                                                            unstoppable?
                  and It wont braak.                                                      My draama, hopaa, and daalraa ara
              It wont dlalntagrata.                                                          long-term.
                  tt will not fada.                                                       They can only ba accomplished by taking
                  and you wara a atranga&                                                   one ate               a time.
                                                                                          Subaeque               vents all rely on the vary first
                                                                                          I want my draama to become reality.
                                                                                          I want to be all-powerfuL.therefore, my fire
                                                                                               must ba raging.

                    SLUSHY SOAPS
    c           o         By Sappy Summtra
     Kat Spring stood bedr*g|ed oo the     hk briefcase, and frowned in an anxious
train platform. It had not beet her        wqy throughout Brad looked to Kat            page of the magnum opus. As the doors            "But, then, it would have been a
morning. At 4 am, her peaceful dreams      m** HE had not crackftd ft *™fa ffrw         opened, Brad, impatient, slammed into        vciy eiistential death, •*t|||if|i«fcnt of
had been rudely interrupted by a            1968, at the age of four. However, she      Kat, who* heel caught in the crack           Anna Karenfaia's, which might have
horrific sound-EERRHH, EBRRHH,             admired his thick, wavy Mack hair,           between train and platform, and she          been equivalent.." she pondered,
EERRHH-thtt went on and on, and            dazzling blue eyes, massive shoulders,       plummeted towards the concrete. Urn
she and her roommate, Renee                and slim hipt~if only he didn't look         grabbed her frantically, pulled her back      The scene ends with Kat falling
Margarita, had scrambled in a date to      ao..JO«.welLcoitttipated.                    against his chest, and, gaspingfoarftilly,
                                                                                                                                 into a pensive attitude, and Tim staring
escape the drone of the fire alarm. At?         Meanwhile, as Kat laughed at            asked, "My God, are you all right?!", allat her in amazement, ah^irtiiaj his head.
am, she slept through her alarm to         Brad, she in turn was stared at,             the while glaring at the heedless Brad.       Back at Orphic University, Jane
awake a half hour before her train was     wistfully, by Tim Id He fazed longingly          Kat raised her eyes in ecstasy and   Soul sat eating breakfast with Professor
due, and now she was standing on the       as she brushed out, tossed, and fingered     closed the book, murmuring, *hamm?"      Socrate and conversing with him on the
platform with wet hair, no makeup, and     her loag» red hair,'and he would have            "Are you all right?!1                meaning of life and man's place in the
a grim outlook on life. However, after     died to have caught a glance from her            "What do you mean?*                  universe, also taking time to discuss
pUfa* onto the train with her follow       emerald eyes, or a smile from her rtiby          "You almost fell face first on to theSNL's latest Installment while politely
commuters, all Flower VQUant who           Hpt~as Vtonic who was sitting-next to        concrete," he chlded, as he whisked her  eating a powdered doaut (the powder
looked on her as a freak (After all, who   him said, "what a broad* Tim lit up          on to their collecting train.            from which only Jane could manage to
can blame them? She was twenty years       even more as Kat pulled out a book. He                                                keep from covering her pale rose lips).
younger than them, wore jeans aiid tees    was impressed by what he had seen her             •Yea, you did, that a" shoved you," As she did so, she was unaware that
while they wore suits, and she actually    reading before-Kafka, Plato, Stephen         he snarled, gesturing towards Brad,      Byroa Bother (Niefesohe's ideal
found life somewhat bearable..), Kat       King, Man-but now she was                    who was now earnestly preparing a        SupemanX wasforminga plan for her
was greatly revived by drinking her        devouring, ttUrally ttcking her lips, over   presentation*                            oooquaat at • nearby table, Witt he
coffee, applying tight makeup, and         Tokto/sWar aM tmn\ The train was                  "Oh my, I might havt died without formulate a coherent strategy? Will he
firing her hair. As the did so, she        pulling to a stop, aadmryooalurded           having finished War MS! toe** Kit        succeed fa oaptaritg Java's heart? How
watched hi aauaeaeat as Brad Uptight       to the doors, with Brad and Tim              cried*                                   couU § Superman ofhk stature and
poured through lit W                                                               II                                            lilalbsMe poaakle IUt?I Tune te Mtt

                              A BOOK REVIEW:
                                •y Kathryn MoQIntoy
                                  Contributing Writ*
     Anne Rice's vampire Leitat hai           other main character in this book is
written another novel TWs lateit              David Tsilbot, the mortal psychic
Vampire Chronicle, Ibt Tftto of the           scholar who has kept up with the
Body 1Ua(U the fourth book featuring          vampires' activities over recent years.
the daring friend, and he is just as          He and Lestat have become good
mischievous and impouible as ever. To         friends, and it Is David who tries to act                                                                                 A MUSIC REVIEW:
"be good at being bad" Is his goal, and       as Us conscience this time, as Lestat                                                                     THE JEFF HEALEY BAND
he certainly achieves it by the end of        goes on Us latest adventure: body
this book.                                    switching with another mortal who has
                                              mastered astral projection.
                                                                                                                                                             "FEEL THIS"
     This sequel to the first three novels,
Interview with the Vamplrt, Hie                    Not that this book is a complete                                                                                         By R«bMM Sehwtmm
Vampire Ltstat, and Queen of the              letdown, however, for it still contains                                                                                           Sc*r*» Editor
Dunned, was eagerly awaited by                quite a few laughs, especially Lestat's
numerous fans of Anne Rice. But for           clumsy first scene In a mortal body.
many, myself included, this latest            And there are one or two shockers,
installment was not up to the standards       which readers may or may not enjoy,
of the other Chronicles. Ite Tale of the      but I wont give them away. It made its
Body Thtof does not have the same             debut at number one on the New York
magical language style and description        limes Best Seller list and remains there
that the others do, and the plot is rather    yet Anne Rice bus will want to read
predictable. More than ooce you win           this book to see how Lestat fares in his
                                                                                                                                 • ''£'"&•*,                     ••V»Y' t< '•          ' . ' ' " ' '        ''"         '"'•'•*.                            ".          '*/'.*'^*'*'*k "•
find yourself saying, *Lestat, I could        latest adventure. However, for someone        ' ' • ' ' - "
                                                                                             , ,.
                                                                                                                 *     '   . »     ' ti.*5\*lWwfr* V <**;• vi'jJ*'•***"!* *i 0 ,
                                                                                                                        ,, ^^Qjyb£*k* »f<$B*L/i-j£ •>'.
                                                                                                                                                                                   • . . * - • * - • -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .   -   •   '   .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ,, - •• • .-; - " x - •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .   -   •   '
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     . ,-A'.'i. ' .^b*

have told you that would happen." Yet         who has never read any of the Vampire           ;
                                                                                            - '.-•-
                                                                                             ; -
                                                                                                    .        '   '
                                                                                                                     vr - J"'5iff7Ji*TO -Vj->"M^ •'-
                                                                                                                     * *,O- l H*^^•^J'' j-**i* - - < ' *
                                                                                                                   " -*" r -' -Jk. £'fM??.-.*< *•! • ' *
                                                                                                                             <•'                         "' "
                                                                                                                                    ,•-!*•»" ' > l s L J '
                                                                                                                                                                                     • •
                                                                                                                                                                                                 v-\ • • - - - •'• . - • . l ' ' i , ,v\. <-,;-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    '           '•"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      '     -
                                                                                                                                                                                                      - • ^ - . t r - « , » - « i - ,-;^(,
the main problem with thk book comes                       I would suggest starting           .: .
                                                                                                                   ^.'^fwvwv, 'JU'V^-'.KV. • •-
                                                                                                                   4 -.^iWy.vAl.
                                                                                                        ' -- • - i %«£M44Mk
                                                                                                                   '»y ? jtfi^'u*A«<3*'ii?Tr^.
                                                                                                                                                                                     ' , » • * '*                                             '-             ' .-

down to: where are the vampires? The          with the others first These intriguing        -•;.',•;•: 4««™r
                                                                                            fc   ^     •
                                                                                                                     • " ^ y t t V 't f ' - r - t f« *^
                                                                                                                       " . ' *^*    ' t t * '.** .T*>
                                                                                             • . , • 'M^yiife^
many characters we came to know in            novels move quickly and are often so          -V.,- ^"V'^^vWTSX
                                                                                            ', ' * * • • * f^.^^^T^
Queen of the Dunned are not here; in          addictive that you cannot put them                 ' ' • * - '•^•^•V^UOTvi

                                              down. Rice has a way of making her            ' - ' <': Mi!^rt
fact, they are barely even mentioned.                                                                  . . •X'ifciiJiftr'f

Other than Lestat, only Louis has             characters so believable, you will
returned, and only with a bit part. The       wonder if in fact they're fiction after all



                                <Dance lfieatre
                                                                                      With the release of the Ted IMs*                                                                                        In geaeral, their music hasa*t
Ifojou of'Danu                                                                   album, the Jeff Healey Band has                                                                                         chaifed much since the Sat tka L%kt
ana tie u&umtnt                                                                  produced a stroog follow-up to their                                                                                    agmin Tney dooi try many new thtng^
                                                                                 debut album (1968), 3m tkt Light,                                                                                       ODoeptfertheooesoog^lfYouCanl
of&wlfuatn.                                                                      which featured the chart-topper"Angel                                                                                   Peel Anything Eke,* that has a wide
                                                                                 Eyes,* and their last album (1990), Hall                                                                                range of music and even some rap
                                                                                 to Pay. The Jeff Healey Band k a                                                                                        vocals performed by Jr. John. It was a
                                                                                 talented trio consisting offrontmanJeff                                                                                 nice change from the rest of the album,
                                                                                 Healey, Joe Rodman, and Tom                                                                                             but unfortunately, it just doesn't work.
                                                                                 Stephen, along with several                                                                                             It actually sticks out like a sore thumb
                                                                                 contributing artists, such as Paul                                                                                      and makes you want to reprogram your
                                                                                 Schafler and Molly Johnson of The                                                                                       CD player to ignore that track or Cast
                                                                                 Infidels. Thdr music is a mixture of                                                                                    forward your tape to protect your ears
                                                                                 blues and rock, brought together                                                                                        from a mixture of styles that U a bit too
                                                   Tour tone* ittu, 6ot& fanatic perfectly through Heala/s incredible                                                                                    much.
                                                                                 guitar tateat                                                                                                                Overall, The Jeff Healey Band does
                                                                                     On this new album, several of their                                                                                 some great music OQ the PM! Thk
                                                                                 songs, such as "Cruel Little Number"                                                                                    album. Ifs perfect to listen to after a
               22                                                                awl Baby's Looking Hot/ are Cut and                                                                                     loog day, or anytime you want to cheer
                                                                                 upbeat wfch a macho rock sound that It                                                                                  up, cool down, or Uston to something
                                                                                 Uke that of ZZ Top. While others! such                                                                                  bhmyjft definitely worth pkking it
                                                                                 asl^eavetheUghtOn'aiMl'DttiunAO.f                                                                                       up.
                                                                                 Love,9 are slower and just great music
                                                                                 to Us^ta The OM ballad, iMt in
                                                                                 Heak/s aofti celastial vocals,
                                                                                 weQ-writttt lyrics (by Tom Patty), aad
                                   IN! A l l i l
r   ft* <B SCENM/MWHIAN Wriwftft Now«*« IM«»»

       Rubes    9
                                 By Leigh Rubin   Rubes*                    By Leigh Rubin


                             \                                               ill

                                           \l                        \

            "Wow! Who would've thought I'd ever       By the time Dr. Rosenblatt perfected
                  make it to the big time?"           his anti-aging formula, it was too late.

      Rubes1                     By Leigh Rubin   Rubes®                    By Leigh Rubin


                                  * <wct ilUOU                  (I            1 JH
                                                                                                    NoviMfctr II, 1§M ICWWDILPHUN Pat* 71
                                                                                 nnnnn nmnm nnnnn mnnnn
                            AY'S PUZZLE                                          nmnmn mnmn nnnnnn nnnnn
                                                                                 nnmnnunnnn nmnnnn nnnnn
                                                                                 mnnn nnn ninn mnnnnnnmn
                                                                                      nnnnn    rannnn     mnn
AOftOM               63 Happy ass-
                     14 Ala-
                                        118 Inform*:        16 Pastry nama       Rnm mnra nmnmn       r.iwFin nnn
  1-Mtnotfot                                ^H^M ffjj       16Prayar             nmntinniq nnnnn rinnra nnnn
    "Impty NMt" 66 -rain                netggyaHow          17lnoaaa             nnnnmn nnn       nnnnnn nnnn
  • Actor Famando 66-lavlst*
                   67 — Trump
                                            baaabaN pitch
                                                            16 To       :        Fimnn     nnnnn   nnrnn nnnnn
                   69 Playful           124 Bright star     l9Taar               nnn ripinnnmnn nnn nnnnmn
 18 Of tha sun        taaatog           l260UMIma           21 Wlnlaaa           mnn nnnnn nmnnn nnnnnn
 MGhaarup          70 Lair                  haaddraas          raoahOTH              nnnnnn ranrnnm
 21Phyalolan       710lothrldga         128 Ely or Howard   30Largahousa           HPinrnnn nnninn nnnnra nnn
 22 Author WltMl 72 laland" la an
                      "                 129 Poam division   32 Mortlmar -        nr.innnm nnn nranrannnn nnn
 23 Mountain oraat 74 Body of watar     130 "Too bad!"      34Holdavlaw          nnnnn nnmn       nnranra    nnmra
 24 Baffling       76Roadwork
                                        132 "Lat - do
                                                            36 Shut              nnnm nmnrann      nnn nnnnnn
    quaatlon          maohlna           134 Ham It up
                                                            39 African daaart
                                                                                 nmnn rannn nnnnn nnnnnnn
 25 IdollMd        77 Footllka part     136 Fall bloom         Bradlay           nnn nnnm      nnrnnn nnn nnn
 26Qrowwtary       76 Irving Barlln     137 Slight          43 Oagar Mlohaal          nran   nnnnn    rnnnnm
 28 "       Olaar
                      song                  coloration                            nnninrninrann nnn nnn nnnm
                   80 "       Rhythm"   l36Laaaad           44Jal-               nnnnm rnnnnnn mnnmnnnnnn
                   81 Haatad oontaat    139 Christmas       46Quaylaor           nnnnn nnnnnn nnnn nmnnn
 31 Nick and
                   63 Go to aaa
                   64 Maka a ohotoa
                                           visitor             Rathar                              rnnnn nnnnn
     Nora'a pat                         140Rogar-           47 A - and a                  «..                           1M2 Unttad Faatura6ym«cata
                   87Flowarpart            ("007")             promlsa
 33Bakad           90 Wotfa ooualn      141 Blngar Jamas
 36Powdarbaaa 92 Mualoal Count                              46CaHoff(a                                                       115 Strong point
                                        142 Traa of Wren       spaoa mission)    66Huga             90 "-than
 37 Mlddla East    94 Edlbkt root           famNy                                69-knlfa              thou"                 117MEooNaga
    gulf           96 Walkad through                        49Rlehoaka           71Carrladon                                     town
                                        143 -for:           60 Panatrata                            91 String toy
 380apona'a           watar                 rapraaantad                          73 Storafront      93 Skatar'a jump         118Gamaofohanoa
                                                          61 Taotloal unit          sign
                     968haaphair                          62 Pound fraction                         94 Pact                  nOManiputata
 40 Arafat'a org.    97 Dallas natlva                                            74 Laval country   96 Skatar                120Congama
 41 Raduaa                                                63 Bill of -:
                   98 Actor Alan-         1 Station          shlpmant            76 Covarad with       Katarlna —            121EJ-.TX
 43 Worn-out       99 OK city                                                       frost           97 Aotraas Qarr          122 DMaton word
 46Estranga                              2 Actraas Maaaay    raoalpt
                  100 Cowardly           STwangy          54 SUM                 78 Syrian          98 God of war            123Appralaa
 61 Wlaaman       103 Wind               4Hadlunoh                                  praaldant       100 Shaping tool         126 Taj Mahal atta
 84 Grinding tooth                                           aatabllshmant
                  104 Grow oldar         SRoH-call        66 Withdraw            79 Saturatad       101 Caka topping         126 WaN Btraat
 86 Complain      106 Proportion                                                 SlDaalln           102 Dyalng vaaaal            ttam
    childishly                             raaponaa          gradually
                  106 Holiday song       6 Account book   88 Qarman rlvar        82 Actraas Maria   103 Shattarad            127 Dick Tracy's
 86 "- voyagal"   107Faarad              7Daoorata        69 Bluaprlnt                              106 Bring back               glrtfrland
 67 Starllka      108 Casino gsma        8 Swampy ground 60 Annla's pooch        86 Award           107 Put on               131 IgnKad
   •objaot        nOTypaof                                                       86 — down:         109 Sacond of two        133 Wkjgly flah
 86 Tolstoy noval                        9Expart          62 Manaarvant
                      protast           10 Soft drink     64 Artificial             modaratad       HOAftamoonnap            136 Small floor
 60 Classify      111 Paroh                                                      67 Usa profanity                                covar
 61 Banaath                             11 Caraaaad          watarway                               111 Horaaaheaa
                  112 Bat wood          12 Assumad nama 66 Waa waarlng           68 "It takaa two       aoora
 62 "Alda"        113Waathar                                                        to ~"       -
    composar                            13 Knlght'a tltla 67 "          man                         114—ga/da
                      foraoast          UProphat             with..."            89Farawall

                                                                               or AntWtrt • Touch-ton* or Rottry Phonw
                                                                           •900-4M-H1B txt. oodt 500 • M6) tw mtautt
P»* lit BCINM/DELPHIANW«U*«Uy( Ntvw.*f It l«»l
 ^^^*   .   *   -v.   .i •   •   .. . - - ' , * . I   r
                                                          t -   . . .   ,   .t   .   t   1 .   / * . , ' *   "   , . ' * . . ' .

                                                                                                                                                                         Is May 24-Jvly
                                                                                                                                                                                          AT NYU
                                                                                                                                                                       lit July 6-AvfUft 13
                                                                                                                                                               THIS f UMMIR, YOU CAN...

                                                                                                                                             Make the NYU Summer
                                                                                                                                             part of your year-round plan.
                                                                                                                                             Callus today toll free at       Room 326
                                                                                                                                                                             New York. N.Y. 10012
                                                                                                                                            axt. 240                         Myareaodntereitli            _______________
                                                                                                                                             or lend In the coupon.          G Undcrgriduite        u Graduite
                                                                                                                                                    Open House               HUH                                            KCItCND
                                                                                                                                                 Loeb Student Center         cm                                                       ircon
                                                                                                                                                 566 UGuarda Place           Curl    )

                                                                                                                                             ReglitraUon begins January 8

                                                                                           FREE ADMISSION !!

                                                                                                             i University Computer r

                                                                                                                 Tuesday, December 1st, 1992
                                                                                                                      from 1pm to 6pm
                                                                                                                  at the University Center Boom 201-202
                                                                                                             wffldeniaistratevario^                     acts etc,

                                                                                               Fv urormitta, plmi nil IQlia BOOM it tu Computir Outer 516,877J842

                                                                      IN MY OPINION
                                           ACTIVE ENVIRONMENTALISM: RECYCLING
                                                                                By Jen (Ewlng
         One of the primary goals of the en*     has fell largely on the shoulders of the    who were being held up by my stubborn              stitute change in the political arena. We
    vironmeatal coalition on campus has          student members of the environmental        teftisalto use a plastic plate. Of course,         will leave the proverbial "Establishment"
    been instituting a recycling program on      coalition. It has proved to be a cumber-    all of the above wanted to know why I              with no other choice but to aher its pro*
    campus. It is one of the primary goals of    some load.                                  insisted on using the china. When I ex-            cedures or be left behind
    the environmental movement as a                    The struggle has caused a great plained, the response was overwhelm-                           So, in what way can the Adelphi stu-
    whole, and understandably so. Our cur-        deal of frustration. Working against the ing. The manager has agreed to looking               dent help our struggle to change the was-
    rent life style is not sustainable. Five      status quo has drained me personally of into alternatives for ecologically con-               teful and ecologically unsound behaviors
    percent of the population uses twenty-        valuable energy. An incident that oc- scious salad consumers. (This especial-                 conducted here on campus?
    five percent of our resources. Con-           curred a few weeks ago taught me a ly makes sense since very many of us are                         1-Whenever possible patronize Post
    sumption exploded in the 1980*8 under         valuable lesson in fighting sodal injus- vegetarians and the salad bar proves to              Hall; they have the use of a dishwasher
   the Reagan administration. It is crystal       tice.                                      be invaluable for providing edible                 and consequently provide reusable uten-
    clear that the american consumer                   While eating lunch in Post Hall, I food.) Several of the people on line                  sils and plates.
   economy is damaging the environment            decided to take my salad on a china asked when the environmental coali-                           2-Use the recycling bins in the dorms
   irreparably. We are currently using two       plate rather than the plastic ones they tion has its meetings so they could get               and the University Center-regardless if
   times as much plastic as we were in I960,     provide for the salad bar. I realized I involved, and quite a few of my friends               the material in them is being recycled or
   and consumption continues to increase         would be sacrificing points because the have taken to using the china plates as               not Sooner or later someone will catch
   by fourteen percent every year.               plate weighs more than the plastic but I well. Ironically, I felt more was ac-                on that recycling is in demand at Adelphi
        Worldwide consumption has ex-            was fed up with being given no alterna- complished in that ten minute episode                 if they are faced with perpetually filled
   ploded to an unmanageable level. Japan        tive to the wasteful procedures of our in Post Hall than in our two year strug-               bins.
   now has to import bamboo from Chile           dining halls. When I brought the plate gle with the administration. Through                        J-Write a letter. The administration
   to make chopsticks because they have          up to be weighed it caused quite a com- the incident I learned the power of ex-               has to know that the student body at large
   annihilated the Malaysian forests. It         motion on the line. The cashier was ample.                                                    demands that a recycling program be in-
  would take a country five times the size       quite confused as to how to handle the           I would like to steal a line from            stituted. For all they know, they could
  of the Netherlands to produce what the         situation. She did not think it fair for me Gloria Stienem and state that the per-            think that Ed Medi is the only one who
  Dutch consume in one year. In 50,000           to pay the extra points, yet she did not sonal is most definitely political. How              really wants it.
  years the world did not use what we used       know how else to charge me for the we behave in our personal lives delivers                        4-Join the environmental coalition.
  between 1940 and 1976. The average             salad other than weighing it. The dilem- a powerful message. Actions scream                   Meetings are Wednesdays at 5:00 pm
  perton produces four pounds of trash           ma was brought to the attention of the whereas words whisper. Changing our                    room 214 in the University Center.
  per person on a daily basis.                   manager, as well as the people on line personal lifestyles will inevitably in-
        The United States is falling behind
  other world economic powers in the en-
  vironmental movement. Countries like
 Japan and what was formerly West Ger-
  many acknowledge that recycling is the
 way to go. We are lagging behind. Un-                                            In Defense of a Colleague
  fortunately, Adelphi University has fol-
 lowed suit. It is absolutely ludicrous that
 in 1992 there are still college campuses             To the Editor:                             included students whose parents were           occurred when students and faculty
 that do not have a recycling program,                Last week I, like all faculty,             being divorced, or who lost their jobs         were gone for the summer.
 not to mention a main dining room that          received a letter from a newly founded          and could no longer afford tuition; stu-            Why did iuch a foolish and unjust
 does not use reusable dishes and uten-          Committee "At Risk," the purpose of             dents being sexually harassed by faculty       firing, a true catastrophe for Adelphi
 sils, and provide styrofoam plates in           which was to get faculty to refer students      or administrators; a student who had           students, take place? I invite Dr. Carl
 their place.                                    to them who mayhave personal or drug            religious differences with her parents;        Rheins to explain how he could fire such
        Adelphl's Environmental Action           problems. This is a praiseworthy idea           even, years ago, she helped the son of a       a remarkably effective staff member for
 Coalition (ABAC) recognizes that                which deserves support, but behind it           former Board of Trustees member who            "economic11 reasons and at the same time
 Adelphi (along with the United States           lies an ironic tale which the Adelphi           had a severe personal problem.                 accept a promotion which presumably
 as a whole) must radically change               community should be aware of.                        Kathy was probably the only white        included a-substantial raise. I invite
 operations if we are to reverse the                  On May 27th, Kathy Puerschner,             administrator at Adelphi who had com-         other faculty and students to write to the
 downward spiral into environmental              then serving as coordinator for the            plete credibility among minority stu-           DELPHIAN with stories of how Kathy
 holocaust.                                      handicapped in the Student Life Office,        dents. Whenever there were racial              helped them. Finally, I invite the Del-
       ABAC has been struggling (uphill)         was fired on three hours notice for            troubles in the dorm, Kathy, whatever          phian to investigatethe firing as a pos-
 to institute a recycling program on cam-        "economic" reasons. The following              her official job title, was the first person   sible case study.of how some of the best
 pus. Progress has been incremental.            week it was announced that the head of          called upon to intervene. She was so ef-       people at Adelphi leave or are driven
 Cooperation from the administration             her division, Dean Carl Rheins, had            fective in this role that two weeks before     away by the overpaid "suits'* who run this
has been minimal; Gerald Jodice of              been promoted to Vice President of              she was fired she received an award            place.
 Physical Plant stands alone in the mem-        Student Life, presumably with a fat             from the campus NAACP chapter. Stu-                  I am happy to tell Kath/s friends
bers of the administration that have            raise.                                          dents whom she helped knew she was a           that, after a summer of unemployment,
been supportive. We have been work-                   The irony lies in the fact that for the   person who cared deeply for them and           she landed a substantially better job at
ing bird on fighting budgetary and per-         entire eight years Kathy was at Adelphi,        who would fight hard to help them.             the Merchant Marine Academy.
son power constraints. The                      she served, officially or unofficially, as a          Had Kathy been fired for "cause"         Adelphi's loss is Kings Point's gain.
responsibility of starting the program          tremendously effective one-woman                [e.g. if she had been accused of assault,          Slncerelyt
                                                crisis counselor and advocate for stu-          or drug dealing, or theft] she would have          Patrick Kelly
                                                dents. I personally referred scores of          been entitled to a hearing and a month's           History Department
                                                troubled students to her. She never             notice; Instead she was summarily dis-
                                                failed a single person I sent her. These        missed Not cotnddentally, the firing

     By this time, most of you at Adelphi       reputed that if tha Prtsldint could       swung open by OM of the Deans vetting
should know that there wu tone form             meet with aevtn students he oould meet    the lobby, So, the majority decided to
of civil disturbance on eimpui that oc-         with seven hundred or several thousand    stay no matter what and as we waited,
curred within the past week. What many          and say the same things, and that wo      with the only two Black security ottcers
of you may not know, especially white           wanted a signed letter from him agree*    at Adelphi guarding the doors to the
students, te why it waa done. It wai aad        Ing to this simple request The students   ball way, students began to relate and
continues to be covered by Newi 12          spent over an hour waiting on a reply,        discuss all of the bigoted and unfair ex-
Long bland, Channel 4, HM New York           and it was made clear to security by us      periences they have been continually ex-
Tlnei, Newiday and othen as well at          that locking the door was a violation of     posed to as students at Adelphi.
theNAACPand I assume that, by now,           law as it presented a fire hazard.                At ten twenty-nine fifty-nine Dean
there must be loU of confusion out there.   Lawrence then suggested that we enter         Rheins appeared to once again to re-
I hope that thii article will help to clarify
                                            the lobby and sit there making sure not       quest that we leave the building. A
the reasons and facts for those who wish    to block the passages and doors as that       resounding "NO!" wu the reply, He
to know, and poolbly want to get in-        would then give security a reason to          then read off in detail the various con-
volved.                                     expel us from the building. As we waited      sequences of our actions, BUT, that the
     First, it must be understood that and waited, it was decided that we                 President expressed a wish not to follow
what occurred on Wednesday at noon would wait all day and night if necessary              through on the threats and that we could
was a RALLY. Not a protest, or riot, or until our request wu met. Dean Crafa              remain in the building over night up to
 anything of such nature as would Incor- and Dean Rheins then appeared and                the time of the forum with him the fol-
 porate the use of violence as was the took turns reading to us the Adelphi and           lowing day. At this point, after two             that same day. The response to the list of
 opinion suggested to me and others by state laws that we were breaking by our            hours of rehearsing what to dowhen the           concerns was picked up the following
several whites. It was a controlled and presence in the lobby. Supposedly, we             police arrived, we decided that it would         day, so that there is undeniable evidence
thoroughly democratic attempt to cor- were disrupting the business of the                 benefit none to remain there and con-            that the PResident was made aware of
respond, face to face, with the Ad- university and inhibiting egress and in-              tinue to play chicken with the ad-               the concerns of the students.
ministration of Adclphi headed by Dr. gress from the building and were told               ministration. So we left; hungry, tired               So what does this all mean? Come
 Diamandopoulos and so far has suc- that we had thirty minutes to leave the               and keenly aware of the dim way we are           November 25th, thete will be a forum
ceeded in turning wheels long since building or be subject to suspension and              viewed by the University.                       with Administration, Faculty, and stu-
seized up by bureaucratic rust. All the possibly expulsion. Lawrence then                                                                  dents present, all prepared to discuss the
decisions taken were agreed upon by the opened suggestion on what to do next in                  Thursday llth November                    issues and hear the final decisions of the
collective, and this will always be the light of this threat and it was decided                  At 11 am the President, escorted by       University, and until such time the code
case; Then, now, and on. In order to that we should return to the steps out-               security, entered the theatre for this first    of silence will be broken. Understand
shorten a long story I will use the follow- side. This we did and we continued wait-       forum. The press was there also but             that no longer will "minority students
ing approach to summarize the events of ing for another hour in the cold until the         were stopped at the door and told that          here keep their mouth shut or bull* **t to
that week.                                  press started to arrive with their             they could not enter the building. As the       other visiting prospective "minority" stu-
                                            cameras. Atthat point several students         President paced the stage with the              dents who are being suckered bto com-
     Tuesday 10th November:                 went to speak to them as other student         Deans and others sitting in back of him         ing here, to then be robbed and
     Lawrence Brown presented the leaders addressed the crowd that was                     and with other administrative personnel         abandoned. Our cause is just in that the
ideas behind the rally to over eighty stu- continuing to swell in number. As               sitting the front wings, students directed      University must live up to its promises
dents who came to hear them at the security became more lax in view of the                 there questions and comments at him             and its creed" The Truth Shall Make Us
AJ>.O. (Afrikan Peoples Organization) media coverage we decided to reenter                 and he answered back. Though I can not          Free" and give us what we pay for and ex-
meeting, and it was decided that the re- the building and face the consequences.           relate all that occurred here, the general      pect. They, like the government of the
quest should be for President diaman- The media entered the building with us               perceived attitude of the President was         nation, must be reminded that they are
dopoulos to meet with all concerned in and we all took turns going for food, pil-          one of mediated rudeness. For example:         the employees of the people and are not
an open forum, in order for him to per* lows, blankets, and the like.                      a senior, Jocelyn Oooding, related the         in power to make themselves rich. X lot
tonally hear and respond to 'minority*           At around 8 pm, Dean Rheins came         story of how she wu told by the sociol-         of us and our parents struggle to make
student concerns and witness the wide to inform us that regular regular univer-           ogy department that African-American            the seventeen-plus thousand dollar a
spread unhappiness of the students. sity business ended in the building at 10             History was not acceptable and that she         year tuition, and as I told the President"
And, after the forum a later forum to fol- pm and at 10:30 pm the building would          would have to take Italian-American             We are aware that we you have a wonder*
low at a later date in order to get final be closed for the day. If we chose to           History. All other history courses such         fill vision for the University, but as long
answers to several defined points of con- remain there past that time, we would           as Chinese history were acceptable, all         as we are helping to pay for it we are
cern. Warnings and directive were given face severe consequences, which were              but Afrikan*American. The President's           going to be part of the dream.*
about proper conduct at the rally, and not then named. At this time, Lawrence             reply to a senior? "Change your m^jor*                Note. These are just the bare bone
the time and place to meet and we all Brown once again opened up for discus-              The President also went on to suggest           details, and the reasons would take up
departed                                    sion the course of action we would all        that she had made a foolish mistake by          the entire DELPHIAN and then some.
                                            dedde to take. I suggested we all stay        taking the course without researching it        For further information, obtain a copy of
     Wednesday llth November                and see for ourselves if the President's      to see the requirements. He apparently          the next issue of AFRIKA UNBOUND,
     After meeting in front of the library, ego was so big that he would actually         totally missed the point that the               coming out in December Otherwisi, in-
we marched to the entrance of Lever- have us all arrested, suspended or ex-               demands of the department may be ra-            quiries may be directed to me via the
more facing the University center and pelled rather than put into writing the             cially biased. Add to this the repeated         Caribbean Club Box in U.C 109.
upon arriving there were met by Adel- request to meet with all of us, a request           uttering of phrases like, "in a civilized
phi Security who prevented us from that he had by then agreed to and trans-               manner," and "like intelligent human
entering the building. Then Dean mitted to us through every other                         beings" and one can begin to draw some               ed. note: A letter was sent to Presi*
Rheins and Dean Crafa, along with medium than from himself, in person,                    dark conclusions, the forum ended with           dent Diamandopoulos requesting thai the
others, walked over and were given the though he wu only a few feet away. This            the understanding that the President            forum scheduled for November 25 be
request to be given to the President who agreement, which he refused to put into          would be presented with a list of con-.         moved to the Ay before. At the time of
was in his office at the time. Dean writing was obtained only after Profes-               cerns to be discussed in detail at the          going to press, the DELPHIAN had not
Rheins returned in minutes with a sor A. Makapela, an Afrikan History                     second forum, set by the president for          heard tfthis request had been accepted
typewritten and signed letter stating that Professor, went to speak personally with       the twenty-fifth of November and that if
the President had agreed to meet with a the President b order to convince him             a response in writing was not received
delegation of seven students on the fol- that we were, actually serious, and              by noon the next day a rally would be
lowing Monday. This letter, upon the threatened to fbslgn his Job If the Presi-           held at the RCAA, games that Satur-                   The views expressed in this
agreement of all, did not meet the re- dent continued to refuse. Why?                     day. After most had left, the President           column are not necessarily those of
quirements of the original requests Lawrence and student leader John                      was pressed by Harriet Servio, a                  the DELPHIAN Editorial Board, but
which was to meet with all the students, Cobos had glimpsed the President ear-            graduate student, for a written agree-            those of individual writers* The DEL-
                                            lier tint night J|ughlng at us b the hall     ment to the second forum which was                PHIAN reserves the right to edit any
                                                               it separated us were       picked up at the agreed time at 4£0 pm            material.         ___„
                                                                                                                                                             NQMbw II, 1M) Tbf DELPHIAN ftp 9

                                                                                                                                                              \\ l i . i t il'.K's

                                                                                                                                            \ilolphi Unimsil\
                                                                                                                                                 li.)\ r in inmmoii \vilh:
                                                                                                                                                 Vile PiiiKYloM M M ?

                                                                                                                                         All have students who went to Nassau first
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             IRONICALLY, THE TIME TO START                                                                                                       *H«mA$«ufcyrlD2Sl

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                                                                                                                                             ^ *
                                                                                                                                           with the AIDS vfaira. In fact, they doirt
                                                                                                                                           even knofw they're infected ft can take
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                                                                                                                                                                         i              j * m

                                                                                                                                                           use a latex condom with
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                                                                                                                                           start to fan, accordingto the manu-
                                                                                                                                               And dp it no matterhow
                                                                                                                                                  e bold. Because

h* 10 TM DELPHIAN Wrtniwtay, Novmibw II, 1992

                           DELPHIAN CLASSIFIEDS

    ENGLISH AS A                    LOOKING FOR A TOP
                                  FRATERNITY, SORORITY, OR
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dents for instruction in
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                                                                                                     ever told.

                                                                                                      UNMWTV ONTVI • MOM 801

                     READ THE DELPHIAN AdelpW

        U.f... . i
                                                                                                          W«dnii«Uy, Novimbir II, IWa Tin DELPHIAN top 11


   Mad Dogs Win League Title                                                          MAD DOGS WIN LOWER
    The Adclphl Flag Football League came to an end with the Mad Dog*
wrapping up their undefeated aeason by beating the Cyclone*, 33-20 in lait
                                                                                     N.Y. STATE TOURNAMENT
Frida/t championship game.
                                                                                      The Mad Dogs, fresh off their Adelphi Flag Football League Championship,
    Due to terrible weather the previous week, the scheduled first round         rolled over the competition at the Fourth Annual Low
game between AETT and SMD couldn't be played until this past Monday.             ball Tournament hosted by Adelphi on November 15th. The intramural staff played
SMD crushed AETT 27-6 as Randy Buttner threw two touchdown passes                host to such opponents as Nassau Community College, New York Tech, Colum-
and ran for another. On Tuesday, the Cyclones and Terrordome played the          bUUniversity,StonyBrook,SUOT
completion of their semi-final game that had ended in a 20-20 tie the week
before. On Terrordome*! possession in overtime, Rupert Burgess made a                The nine team tournament consisted of two phases: pool play, where the teams
great catch on a pass from Clive Parkins in the bade of the end zone for a six   were broken up into three pools; and singleftHtn*n«riAntwhere sandwiches were
point lead, but they were unable to convert the extra point. The Cyclones        provided by Subway Sandwiches.
answered back on their possession when Roger Latham found John                        The Mad Dogs woo both of their pool games, routing the SUNY-Purchaae'A'
Rachanakit for the tying touchdown, and the same combination hookftd up          team 33-0, and beating N.Y. Tech, 26-13. In tournament play, the Dogs crushed
again on the extra point try for the winning score in the Cyclones' 27-26        the SUNY-Purchase 'B' team 33-6 in their quarterfinal gp«M\ setting up a confroch
dramatic victory that put them in the championship game. On Wednesday,           tation with the two-time *^**M»g tournament champons from Columbia in the
the Mad Dogs whipped SMD, 26-6, earning them the other berth in the title
                                                                                    Columbia had also dominated their opponents in pool play, and they were
                ftej aInm^y ft| frfltf* f                                 POi    coming off a very impressive 30-19 win over N.Y. Tech in their quarterfinal ga
without scoring, but the Mad Dogs broke through first when Mitch Martino
threw his first of four touchdown passes to Jim Vlachos, giving them a 27-6           la a very intense, physical contest, Mitch Martino ran for a touchdown and
advantage. The Cyclones tried to fight back, but even with Roger Latham          threw TD passes to Tom Aiello and Dave Diaz as the Dogs built a 21-6 lead. With
throwing two late TD passes to Ray Lacen, it wasn't enough. The victory          1:43 left in the game, Paul Vlachot took a handoff on a reverse, rolled to his right,
earned the Mad Dogs a spot in the Lower New York State Flag Football             and threw a booty to Dan Cortazar for a touchdown that put tbeexclamatiofr point
Tournament.                                                                      on their 27-12 win. That put the Dogs in the finals against Stony Brook, who also
                                                                                                                               t and had roachfd tho finals by wiping
                                                                                 out the SUNY-Purchase *A* team, 284), and by beating a very strong team from
                                                                                 York College, 19-6.
                                                                                      The Stony Brook team had shown an exceptional ability to keep plays going
                                                                                 with laterals, much like a rugby team would, but against the Dogs* defense, the

                                     1992                                        laterals just did not work. Jim McDonnell scored the only touchdown of the first
                                                                                 half on a pass from Mitch Martino, giving the Dogs a 7-0 halftone lead Late in the
                                                                                 second halt Mitch hit Tom Aiello for the touchdown that put the game out of reach.

                              ADELPHI                                            The Mad Dogs' 13-0 triumph returned the title of Lower New York State Flag
                                                                                 Football Champions to Adelphi An Adelphi team won the First annual tourna-
                                                                                 ment held here in 1989.

                                5K                                                    Next up for the Mad Dogs is a possible trip to New Orleans for the National
                                                                                 Invitational Flag Football Championship Tournament.

             few Mtah* T-tth, riv
      pbu tot - iwy«M h i

                                                 --*-. llftt* A
                                                 •any HTM aw AJJttiaal
                                                                           rf                            ECREATIONAL
                                                                                                     Thla Friday, November 20th, 1:00 PM
                                                                                                          •t GARDEN CITY BOWL
                            EYTROT                                                                    $1,25 per game, rent ihoae free                       U
                        Sat. Nov 21                                                            THE BEST BARGAIN ANYWHER^lX
                                                                                             Call Paul or Roger for more Info, ext, 4242/4243 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ " ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ i ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ B P B ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ l ^ l ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B I ^ B ^ p^ J l i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                ^ ^ ^ ^ " • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B ^ ^ ^^ ^ B B B B B B i B B B B B B B B B B B BB BB B B B B B B B B B B B B i B BB

                                                                                                                SPORTS                                   WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM
          FALLS AT PENN STATE                                                                                                                            PLAYS IN CHAMPIONSHIP
           OnacoWarxlinowyctaylnUnfcariltyP                                                                                                                       GAME
    taam loat to hoit Pann Stata 2-1 on Sunday In tha fir* round of tha NCAA
    DMtton I playoffs.
          T^MO of tha gama'a thraa goala would ba scored on penalty Idoks.                                                                             The women's soccer taam completed Its most successful season ever
    Aftar tha NHtany Uont9 Nigel Sparks was takan down In tha box, Nal                                                                          on Sunday wfch an fppeertnce In the NCAA DMston II Championshipgame
    Plpar would convart tha panalty ktck to give Pann State a 1-0 lead at the                                                                   at Stlee Field.
    30 minute mark.                                                                                                                                    Hosting the championships for tha first time In school history, the Pan-
           Adelphl's Yowl Cohan would tie tha scora with 1:24 remaining In                                                                      thers defeated Sonoma State 3*1 In the semifinal gama on Saturday, before
    tha first half whan he converted a penalty kick. The Panthers were                                                                          falling to Barry University 3-2 In the championship.
    awarded the shot after Chris Armas was fouled In the box. For the half,                                                                            On Saturday against Sonoma State, Adelphl scored early and often in
    Penn State outshot Adelphl 9-2.                                                                                                              securing Its first ever win over the Cossacks and In the NCAA Semifinal game.
          The score would remain tied until Penn State's Steve Sergl chipped                                                                           The Panthers' first goal occurred at 16:35 when Vicky SWorenko
    a shot Into the upper left comer of the net with 9:37 remaining In regula-                                                                   headed the ball by Sonoma goalie Carolyn Wellman. Jen Hughes had taken
    tion.                                                                                                                                       a shot from 12 yards out which ricocheted off the cross bar to Stdorenko.
           Despite trailing with under 10 minutes left, the Panthers would not                                                                         Jen Cranga gave the Panthers a 2-0 lead at 32:15 before Shannon
    concede the game. Pushing forward and rushing the net, AdelphCs John                                                                         Sepe's head ball goal at 57:45 sealed the game for Adelphl. Sonoma State's
    Kneslch sent a strong shot that was stopped by goalie Michael Imm with                                                                      Allison Gibson broke the shutout with her goal at the 88:30 mark.
    just 35 seconds remaining In the game.                                                                                                             On Sunday, the Panthers started out vary slew against Barry as the
          Despite the loss, the Panthers (11 -6-2) enjoyed another successful                                                                    Lady Bucs took an early 2-0 lead on goals at the five and eight minute marks
    season in 1992. Reaching the NCAA playoffs for the third consecutive                                                                         by Michelle Demko and Jennifer Shannon. Demko scored from 12 yards out,
    season, Adelphl proved to be one of the strongest teams In the New York                                                                     while Shannon was credited with a goal after the Panthers scored on them-
    Region and the country.                                                                                                                      selves.
          The team's biggest win occurred on October 27 when they                                                                                      Adelphl would mount a furious second half comeback by scoring two
    defeated St. John's 1 -0 at Stiles Field. The Redmen had entered thisgame                                                                   goals In four minutes to tie the game. QabrWIe Caruso would cut the Barry
    as the only undefeated team In the country.                                                                                                 lead In half with her goal at 56:34.
          Yossl Cohen finished the season as tha team's leading scorer,                                                                                Just under three minutes later, she would take a short crossing pass
    notching 38 points on 16 goals and six assists.                                                                                             from Karln Vrana and beat goalie Carlynn Hormlta to tie the gameat two.
                                                                                                                                                       Barry, however, would use a Jennifer Shannon goal at 62:59 to earn
                                                                                                                                                their second Division II Championship (also winning the 1969 tide).
                                                                                                                                                       Jen Hughes, Vicky Sldorenko and Shannon Sape were all named to
                                                                                                                                                the all-tournament team, whle goalie Melissa Qalletta was named the most
                                                                                                                                                valuable defensive player of the tournament
                                                                                                                                                       The loss ended a very exciting weekend of college soccer at Sties Field
                                                                                                                                                Adelphl finished the season with several records and team firsts.
                                                                                                                                                       The team's 15 victoria* Is a record tor a season, surpassing the 14 wins
                                                                                                                                                of last year. In addition, before Saturday's win over Sonoma State, the Pan-
                                                                                                                                                thers had never won a semifinal game, after having played In thraa previously.
                                                                                                                                                       The eight seniors on the team (Melissa Qalletta, Kerl English, Qabrlelle
                                                                                                                                                Caruso, Chrttti Neubeuer, Karln Vrana, Karen Augustyn, Jennifer Hughes
                                                                                                                                                and Patti Harms) wll graduate after helping buld tha team Into ona of the
                                                                                                                                                strongest Division II programs In the country. Adelphl compiled an Impres-
                                                                                                                                                sive 52-17-5 record during their four years.
              MANY MORE TO

                                                                                                                                                           THE PANTHERS VS THE NATIONAL
                                                                                                                                                                  TEAM OF INDIA
                                                                                                                                                     AdelpN Ment BuketbeJI Turn wi hoet the NtHonel Team of India In •
                                              ^^^v?::!^:^^^*^^                                                                                  Exhibition BuketteN Game on Saturday, November 21,1902 « Woodruff Hel
•     -   -   " • •• -   • \sv
                                              lAllD^PlUli                                                                                       Game time to 7:30 pm.
                                                                                                                                                     Thto to the IkH USATour tor the National Teem of Indlt. Indlt hu made
                                                                                                                                                progrtM In their baakatbaN ekia In recent yean, having won the South Alia
                                                                                                                                                Federation Champtonehlpt laat Deoember. Adelphl la juet one of the abt NCAA
                                        ^^f,;V,v\'{\-.T~n-fy^f.-:^-•.l''f.'.<rr\'^   *yt-1*-TTT-^^voi;'.,*il                                    Sohooli hotting the National Taam, Adelphl atudenta gat In free eo come and
                                                                                                                                                auppott the beojonlng of baikatbaN mania!
                                                                                                                                                                  Thondty, Wowemoer 17,1992,                                                                                                                9:30 pm.

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