Sample Cover letter by GarrettPendergast


									                                  Cover Letter: Example #1

2715A Wisteria Lane
Austin, Texas 78653
(512) 555- 6674

October 1, 2008

Ms. Barbara Hoffman
Recruiting Coordinator
P.O. Box 660634
Dallas, TX 75266-0634

Dear Ms. Hoffman:

1st paragraph: Introduce yourself, explain how you know about the company and/or position,
and state for which position you would like to be interviewed

As a second-year student at the McCombs School of Business, I was pleased to see that Frito-Lay
will be conducting on-campus interviews. I am writing to request a spot on your closed schedule
for brand management on November15, 2008. I have spoken at great length with your intern
from last summer, Sue Smith, and am convinced that Frito-Lay would be an excellent fit for me.

2nd paragraph: Highlight the specific skills you have which are relevant to the job description;
detail your qualifications (but DON’T rehash your resume!)

My background in sales at General Mills has prepared me for a position in brand management. As
indicated, I have assumed several leadership roles in the past including president of my sorority
and captain of the basketball team. Additionally, I was in charge of a team of seven at my last job
for over three years where I was able to greatly improve my management skills. Currently I am
also co-chair of the Marketing Club here at McCombs. The combination of skills garnered
professionally along with the exceptional education I am receiving, not only qualifies me for your
position, but allows for me to make a real contribution.

3rd paragraph: State what you will do next
I look forward to hearing from you by the deadline, October 11, 2008, and will plan to follow up
this letter with an email next week. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

(Signature here)

Lynette Scalvo

Enclosure (This indicates that your resume or additional material are enclosed)

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