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                                            THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE

Monday August 23, 2010                                                                               Volume 31, Issue 15

Meet & Greet Foresthill’s Candidates                                                  Morris and Ralph “Stan” Cantrell.
                                                                                         At the meeting each candidate will
On Monday, September 13, 2010 from                                                    have 3 minutes to talk and there will be
5:30 p.m. - 6:55 p.m. a “Meet & Greet                                                 no bashing of other candidates. Light
Foresthill’s Candidates” will be held at                                              snacks will be available. Please come
the Foresthill Memorial Hall. There                                                   out to meet your friends and neighbors
are nineteen candidates running for of-                                               who are running for public office! Re-
fice for the Foresthill Union School                                                  member, we are a “representative re-
District, Foresthill Fire Protection Dis-                                             public” which means we have to get
trict and the Foresthill Public Utility                                               involved in meeting and knowing who
District.                                                                             is running for office!
Foresthill Union School District has 3                                                “One of the penalties of not partici-
                                            ing three are running for the seats: Gary pating in politics is that you will be
seats up for re-election and the follow-
                                            V. Hall (incumbent), Forrest D. Eklund governed by your inferiors!” Plato
ing seven people are running for the
                                            (incumbent) and Walter Reed. The
seats: Josh L. Wilson (incumbent),
                                            Foresthill Public Utility District has 3 This event is being sponsored by The
Patty Fitzgerald (incumbent), Karen
                                            seats up for re-election and the follow- Foothill Inquirer and Daniel West, Edi-
Everett, Eren Mikell Linstadt, Loretta
                                            ing are running for the seats: Duane tor will be the moderator.
M. Rector, Roger Todd Del Papa,
                                            Frink (incumbent), George S. Shaw If you have any questions, please call
Christopher Paul Walters.
                                            (incumbent), William “Bill” Angerer, 530-367-3414 or e-mail The Foothill
Foresthill Fire Protection District has 2
                                            Roy West, Bradley D. Reeves, John W. Inquirer at
seats up for re-election and the follow-
                                            Northup, James H. Lambert, James W.

FPUD Regular Meeting                        Mrs. Faye Berry, who is signed up for      ment it.
By Roy West                                 the program was present at the meeting.      The rate increase itself was not dis-
                                            Mrs. Berry was also at the rate increase   cussed by the board nor were there any
  The August FPUD meeting while             “protest” meeting on July 15th and had     questions from the audience.
relatively uneventful did have some         voiced her concern about how the in-         It was decided to set a date for a
interesting things on the agenda.           crease would affect her rates, (see The    special budget workshop meeting for
  The first action item was to consider     Foothill Inquirer, Monday, August 9).      August 23rd at 6:00 PM. The board
a request from Mr. Kevin Pohley for a         Director Duane Frink opened a dis-       will use budget numbers based on the
billing adjustment. It seems that his       cussion about the protest meeting, stat-   expected district income with the recent
June/July water usage had an unex-          ing, “I believe we need to ask ourselves   rate increase implemented. This will
plained spike to the tune of 31,300         what did we learn in this rate increase    replace the recently approved Pro-
gallons from a usual 800 gallons for        action? Ask what should/could we do        Forma budget that was accepted as a
other similar periods. District field       better next time?” He encouraged the       temporary budget pending the outcome
personnel tested his meter and found no     board to consider forming a budget ad-     of the rate increase “protest” meeting.
defects while Mr. Pohley said that he       visory committee to get some commu-          The next regular meeting of the board
could not find any leaks in his pipes.      nity input and involvement.                will be Wednesday, September 8th at
The board voted to deny the request.          The idea seemed to gain approval of      7:00 PM at the district main office.
  Second on the action items was a          the other board members and it was
vote to approve a revision of Ordi-         decided that they would each consider      Foresthill’s dear friend, Maggie Mar-
nance 10-04; the low-income, reduced        the issue and bring ideas back to a        tinez passed away last Friday morning.
payment program. There are currently        future workshop meeting tentatively on     A memorial service is being planned
seven ratepayers in the District that are   September 15 to discuss how to imple-      and we will update you when we have
signed up for the program at this time.                                                more information.
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                                                      Community Briefs

        Note:                       Meeting                    Date                Time                   Place
The Foresthill Fo-
rum, FPUD and Fire            Foresthill MAC/Fo-       Monday Sept. 13        7:00 to 9:00 p.m.    Foresthill Veterans
Protection District           rum                                                                  Memorial Hall 24601
board meetings are                                                                                 Harrison      Street
filmed by the FhIn-                                                                                Foresthill
Copies of these meet-
ings can be rented            Foresthill Fire Pro-     Tuesday Sept. 3           7:00 p.m.         Foresthill Fire Dis-
from the Foresthill           tection      District                                                trict office 24320
Library or can be             Board meeting                                                        Main St. Foresthill
purchased from the
Contact         fhin-         FPUD Board meet-         Wednesday Sept. 11        7:00 p.m.         FPUD District office             ing                                                                  24540 Main St.
The Foothill
Inquirer         Foresthill Fire Safe     Tuesday Sept. 21          5:30 p.m.         Foresthill Fire Dis-
The Foothill Inquirer is      Council                                                              trict office 24320
an independent newspa-                                                                             Main St. Foresthill
per/newsletter that cov-
ers      news-of-interest
mostly dealing with the
foothill area but also cov-   WAC MAC                  Wednesday Sept. 15        6:00 p.m.         Colfax      Memorial
ering State and national                                                                           Hall, 22 Sunset Cir-
                                                                                                   cle, Colfax
Our goal is to provide
current and accurate
news for the foothill         North Auburn MAC         Tuesday Sept. 14          7:00 p.m.         Planning Commis-
area.                                                                                              sion Chambers, 3091
The FhI is now available                                                                           County Center Dr.
only on the web or by
email. There are also                                                                              Auburn
hard copies at the                                     Wednesday Sept. 1
Foresthill Library for ref-   Meadow Vista MAC                                   7:00 p.m.         Placer Hills School
erence. If you would like                                                                          16801 Placer Hills
to be placed on the e-
                                                                                                   Rd. Meadow Vista
mail loop, email fhin- and                                  Thursday Sept. 9
request that you be           West Placer MAC                                    7:00 p.m.         Dry Creek Elementry
placed on our email loop.                                                                          School 2955 PFE Rd.
If you would like to place
an advertisment the price
is $12.00 for one months
worth of advertising,                                  Thursday’s Sept. 9 &                        Planning Commis-
plus your ad is on our        Planning   Commis-       23                        10:00 a.m.        sion Chambers 3091
website.                      sion                                                                 County Center Dr.
Contact us at our email
address to place an ad-
vertisment. If you have a
community notice of an
event or lecture it will be
put in the ‘Community
briefs’ free of charge.
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                                               A little history

TVEOA Owners Association Considers Water Annexation Effort
Re-printed from The Foresthill Divide Community Forum, April 1979

At a special meeting on April 6, Todd        possible for FPUD to furnish backup        Did you know?         That Foresthill
Valley Estates Owners Association            water from their present supplies          Museum has the only “working” black-
heard a presentation by the Water Ser-       without causing any shortage for their     smith shop in Placer County?
vices Committee which included panel         present customers.
members from County Service Area #8            A treatment facility will be required    The Foresthill Blacksmith shop is open
and from Foresthill Public Utility Dis-      to filter the Sugar Pine Dam water.        every weekend from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00
trict.                                       FPUD is proposing an assessment            p.m. all year round.
   Mr. Ray Brown of FPUD discussed           bond to cover their portion of the cost.
the Sugar Pine Dam and the additional        If District #8 annexes, FPUD would         The blacksmith shop also offers free
water it will provide for residential use.   then contain about 2500 land parcels,      blacksmithing classes to anyone over
He pointed out FPUD will be the              and the annual assessment would be         18 who wishes to learn more about the
agency distributing the water, and cur-      about $22 per parcel.                      craft. The classes are in two groups
rent law would require Todd Valley             Bill Fletcher of TVEOA’s water           which meet every other Saturday for
Estates or other areas to annex to           committee presented data on antici-        about 5-6 months. Participants learn
FPUD if they are to be supplied from         pated monthly water rates, comparing       how to make hooks, screwdrivers, let-
that source.                                 the FPUD and District #8 rate sys-         ter openers, tongs, punches and chisels
   FPUD is contracting for 2500 acre         tems. In his opinion, the slight in-       and how to forge weld.
feet annually, which is far more than is     crease in water rate to District #8            The class is free but participants
distributed from their present sources.      users would be well worth the cost, in     are expected to become a docent for the
Annexation of District #8 to FPUD            order to provide a far more certain        museum for at least a year after taking
would not jeopardize this supply, as         and ample water supply.                    the class.
average annual use for a single family         Following the presentation, the as-
dwelling is about 1/2 acre foot per          sociation members voted unanimously        Currently the Foresthill blacksmith
year.                                        to direct their leadership to go ahead     shop has 11 blacksmith docents.
   If District #8 were to annex to FPUD      with the annexation effort if all agree-
before the dam was completed, and            ments between the agencies were
experienced a water shortage from            completed satisfactorily.
their present well system, it would be

                          Vote                                            My Name is Duane Frink
                                                                    My candidacy for FPUD Director needs
               Roy West                                                         your support

                                                                         Please cast your vote for me in the
           for                                                               November 2, 2010 election
  FPUD Board of Directors                                          If you wish to ask me questions please call
                   November 2, 2010                                           me at: 530 367 3532
                                                                                Thank you for your vote
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                                                    The Editor’s view

Confiscating Liberty                       able. They and we will
By Lee Hartline, re-printed with           pay for it or they’ll go
permission from Placer Sentinel            under.
                                             Most shops are run
Volume 21 Issue 7
                                           by dedicated coin col-
                                           lectors; those kids in
Humans have valued, pursued and
                                           junior high school you
hoarded gold and silver since the be-
                                           thought were just a lit-
ginning of history. These are the
                                           tle nutty when they
metals against which constant value is
                                           found an Indian head
set. They’re security in a brutal world
                                           penny or Mercury
or a hollow society, and currency for
                                           dime. If you try to
the Apocalypse. They’re symbols of
                                           think of coin collecting
wealth, commitment, love, power and
                                           (numismatics) as an un-
the root of greed. If you own a lot,
                                           heralded branch of
you own a lot of security. Most
                                           archeology,       small,                     How can a “Health Care Bill” give
people don’t comprehend the security
                                           valuable bits of history you can hold,       the government the window of op-
gold and silver delivers until paper
                                           you’ll better understand their fascina-      portunity to steal gold and silver
currency goes bad.
                                           tion. The typical coin shop is and           from the American public?         It’s
The Bill Every Democrat Wrote
                                           always has been a sole proprietorship, a     been done before.       Sal Santoro,
but No Democrat Read
                                           husband and wife team or a partnership       owner of Gold Rush Coins and Jew-
Since its passage Congressional
                                           surviving on a slim and highly volatile      elry at Sunrise and Madison, along
staffers, lawyers and private citizens
                                           profit margin in a fickle economy. Sec-      with his wife Juliet, can see it hap-
have been pulling at the bale of paper
                                           tion 9006 will destroy them; there’ll be     pening all over again. -Photo by
called the Patient Protection and Af-
                                           a handful of big retailers left, and the     Paul V. Scholl
fordable Care Act, or more com-
                                           price of gold and silver will go up be-
monly, “The Health Care Bill.” In
                                           cause of government required paper-          carry your “electronic” health record,
2300 pages of edicts and exceptions is
                                           work.                                        your banking information, gun owner-
embedded Section 9006, a provision
                                             After the late night Christmas Eve         ship status, obesity rating and contact
forcing gold and silver coin and bul-
                                           passage of the health care bill a group      information. The only facts legally
lion dealers to report the name and
                                           of Democrat Party Congressional repre-       excluded from your card are HIV/
address of anybody buying or selling
                                           sentatives were asked if they’d helped       AIDS status and the number of abor-
$600 or more of gold and silver coins
                                           write or review the health care bill, all    tions you’ve had. They’ll know where
or bullion, and the date of transaction.
                                           nodded ‘yes’. When asked about Sec-          you are, what you have, where you
Reporting to the IRS begins January
                                           tion 9006 none knew what it said. They       have it and how to get it from you. If
1, 2012. The IRS estimates it will
                                           admitted to reading their personal con-      you run, remember law enforcement
deliver $19 Billion in new taxes over
                                           tribution to the legislation, but had        knows your weight and can estimate
10 years. The money will help pay
                                           never read the bill in draft or finished     how far you’ll get. Oddly the required
for the universal health care we’re
                                           form. They didn’t know what was in it.       “electronic health record” card was
expected to embrace. It means a wide
                                             When the IRS was asked about the           not written into the health care bill. It
expansion of IRS Form 1099 nor-
                                           expansion of Form 1099 the reply was,        was discovered in one of the stimulus
mally used to track and report miscel-
                                           “How are we supposed to make up for          bills.
laneous income. For coin stores the
                                           the $19 billion?”                            Gold Confiscation
cost of doing business is going up,
                                           The Tracking of Americans Begins               In April 1933, President Franklin
and with it the price of over-the-
                                             Two years after coin shop IRS report-      Roosevelt through Executive Order
counter metals. The little shops will
                                           ing starts, in 2014, the first-year of the   announced his famous “Bank holi-
be forced to add staff to deal with the
                                           phase-in of universal health care begins.    day.”
paperwork, not to mention the cost of
                                           The information will be entered on to
the attendant requirements, such as
                                           your new electronic health care card         See Gold on page 6
health care. The price will be unbear-
                                           [your national ID card]. The card will
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     Exercising The Right, Re-printed from the New American (8/16/10)

Lies and Anti-gun Stats                       the majority of those who had per-        viewed involving the shooting death of
                                              mits revoked were penalized for acci-     law-enforcement members, one perpe-
                                              dentally carrying their concealed         trator was not actually a concealed
Anti-gunners are clearly alarmed by the
                                              handgun into a gun-free zone.             handgun permit holder, despite their
fact that the number of concealed-carry
                                                                                        claims, while some others involved
permit holders in the United States has
                                              Despite these facts, the Brady Cam-       cases where the shooting might possi-
gone from about 5 million three years
                                              paign and the VPC report portrayed        bly have been done in self-defense.
ago to over 6.2 million today. They
                                              Florida as “Ground Zero for prob-
have begun ratcheting up their rhetoric
                                              lems with concealed handgun permit        Summing up the unreliability of the
to demonize the licensed concealed car-
                                              holders,” claiming that 17 permit         report and its incredible claims, Lott
rying of guns.
                                              holders killed people. The main-          writes that gun banners “ignore lots of
The Brady Campaign and the Violence
                                              stream media picked up on this and        amazing defensive gun use cases. But
Policy Center (VPC) have jointly re-
                                              gave “extensive, uncritical coverage”     even more bizarrely, they count legiti-
leased a report that, on its face, seems to
                                              to the findings, which was also           mate self-defense cases as bad events
be a damning indictment of concealed-
                                              echoed by gun-control organizations       even when no charges are filed or the
carry permits. The report’s basic con-
                                              across the nation. Using a critical       permit holder is later exonerated.” It
clusion is that even individuals with
                                              eye, Lott was able to show that the       would appear that the gun-control
legally obtained permits to carry con-
                                              report includes ongoing news stories      crowd will stoop to any level to pro-
cealed handguns are a danger to society.
                                              that allow the civilian-disarmament       mote their agenda of civilian disarma-
                                              advocates to cherry-pick the facts to     ment, even if it involves manipulating
Economist John Lott, writing for
                                              bolster their argument. He adds that,     facts to suit their goal., explains, however, that
                                              in a majority of the reviewed cases,
there is more to the story than the gun-
                                              no one was even charged with a            “...the right of the people to
grabbing organizations would care to
                                              crime, three “cases involved suicides,
admit. Lott writes that “the gun control                                                keep and bear Arms, shall not
                                              and three had convictions for some
advocates inaccurately describe many                                                    be infringed.”
                                              type of offense.”
shooting cases, choosing to ignore that
the majority of incidents involved peo-
                                              Another major omission in this re-
ple properly defending themselves.”
                                              port is that when a permit holder kills
Lott used Florida as an example and
                                              an attacker in self-defense, the police
showed that after 22 years of legal
                                              often arrest them while they investi-
carry, only 0.01 percent of permit hold-
                                              gate the shooting.            Another
ers had their permit revoked for a
                                              “inconvenient truth” for gun banners
firearms-related violation. Even this
                                              is that, of the four cases Lott re-
percentage appears overblown because
Page 6                                                                                               The Foothill Inquirer

Gold continued from page 4                just in America, Euro World was being      matter how small, in case of natural or
                                          nudged and pulled by central banks,        man-made disaster (Bernie Madoff,
                                          major banking houses and their own         Congressman Barney Frank, Senator
The nation’s banks were locked-down       governments to twist free of the gold      Christopher Dodd, Al Qaida, China,
for 1-4 days for a “cooling off pe-       and silver anchoring currency and          North Korea, banking collapses).
riod.”                                    move to fiat valuation, thus allowing      Equally important, Americans expect
    It was done to end mass cash with-    them to spend more, lend more and          minimal government involvement in
drawals from banks by people across       borrow more. The de-monetizing of          their lives, how they live, what they
America. The banks were broke. The        money was initiated at a time of incred-   own and what they do with it. It’s a
money was gone due to an easy-            ible economic and social angst, indus-     Constitutional guarantee.         We’re
money policy by the Federal Reserve       trial expansion and needed social pro-     Americans. It’s ours. We’re free to
through the 1920s, high-risk mortgage     grams for the growing pains of a grow-     have that freedom, or we ought to be.
loans, terrible land investments and      ing world. It was completed at a time      Or maybe we used to be.
buying stock on margin on Wall            of incredible social angst and question-   Resistance
Street. When the margins were             able social programs with economies           When Republican Congressional
called-in in 1929, Wall Street col-       entering industrial decline. From the      staff members, citizens and lawyers
lapsed. It’s the same speculation         Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New       digging through that mountain of paper
script that began playing out in 2006-    Deal; WWII, and post-war exuberance        pulled out the toxic nugget that’s Sec-
07, the one we’re suffering with to-      and expansion; through the Cold War        tion 9006, Congressman Dan Lungren
day.                                      and President Johnson’s Great Society,     understood it would wipe out the peo-
   During the bank holiday Roosevelt      the government needed constant-value       ple in an industry mostly run by mom
outlawed the private ownership of         wealth to operate. But we weren’t          and pop partnerships or a single person
gold coins and bullion, and gold cer-     quite off the gold standard yet. That      — and not only coin shops, but all
tificates. People were ordered to de-     happened in 1972 during the Nixon          small business. Lungren understood
liver their gold at the just-closed       administration.                            its intent. It would eventually separate
banks by May 1. While the price of           As was stated above, the corner coin    small-capital citizens like you and me
gold was kept deliberately low by the     store exists for collectors of history     from value-metal ownership, and bur-
government ($20.67 an ounce), gov-        and for neighborhood buyers and            den every small business in ways not
ernment officials and bankers paid us     traders who want to own constant           imagined.
back in paper currency. Individuals       value. They’re for the lady who in-           Section 9006 is an easy-to-follow
were allowed to keep up to $100 in        stead of playing the lottery buys a        path to confiscation, and an end to
gold coins (about 5 troy ounces,          one-ounce silver coin each week be-        private ownership of gold and silver
worth roughly $5800 at current            cause she doesn’t trust banks anymore      and a holocaust on small business ev-
value).                                   and wants “backup.” Or the guy who         erywhere in all categories. Lungren
   This was considered a tiny amount      believes buying a new car and making       organized opposition to the section and
in the first part of the last century     $500 a month payments is a shabby          introduced H.R. 5141 to strip it from
because gold and silver was still com-    investment. Instead he drives an older     the bill. At this writing there are 169
mon currency. Much of the confis-         car and buys a quarter-ounce gold coin     co-sponsors supporting his attempt to
cated gold was smelted, bricked and       or small bullion block each month be-      repeal the section. There’s a similar
poured into the government’s money        cause he knows gold and silver in-         bill in the Senate that parallels Lun-
bin, Fort Knox, and for strategic pur-    crease in value, and cars decrease in      gren’s counterattack. But Lungren
poses distributed to various Federal      value. Someday he’ll buy something         needs far more than 169 Congress
Reserve banks around the country.         that matters.                              members to cut out this tumor of ma-
   For thirty years the US government        The shops are there for someone who     lignant government. The real question
continued subtracting value from cur-     bought Krugerrands, Sovereigns or a        is, why isn’t support for Lungren’s
rency. Finally, in 1964, Congress and     bag of 1964 quarters twenty-five years     action unanimous among Republicans
President Johnson sucked the life out     ago and is ready to sell or trade up, or   in the House and Senate? And where
of silver dollars, halves, quarters and   both. Many do it because they don’t        are the Blue Dog Democrats, or what-
dimes. In 1965 there was no silver        trust banks, don’t believe in govern-      ever color they are this month, and the
money being minted, and no constant       ment declared (fiat) or market valued      moderate,
value left in our money. But it wasn’t    currency and they want something, no       See Gold page 7
The Foothill Inquirer                                                                                               Page 7

Gold                                         said, “The first problem was going off     assets, of everything that’s you.
continued from page 6                        the gold standard completely. Today        That’s Aunt Tillie’s silver coin collec-
                                             everybody knows the dollar’s not           tion she wants to pass on to the grand-
                                             backed by anything, except that people     kids. It’s the gold and silver Stan the
fiscally responsible Democrats, if there     still accept it and will trade it. Every   Survivalist needs when civilization col-
are any?                                     day people greatly fear inflation. They    lapses, and it’s my wife’s small invest-
Finally                                      know it’s coming, but with so many         ment in our kids’ future! That’s going
  If government can prevent you from         people out of work it’s being kept in      after me, you, and everyone around
owning gold or silver for hoarding and       check. We’re in deflation. No one’s        us.”
investing, if it can confiscate the little   spending, and that keeps inflation in         Pointing at one of his glass display
pieces of history people collect, the gold   check. Getting back to normal’s going      cases, “People come in here with a
Walking Liberties and double-eagles;         to be hard, if there is a normal. No one   little bit of money and buy little bits of
Greek and Roman silver coins, silver         knows what normal’s going to be.”          metal once a week or once a month
dollars and 1964 quarters, what’s to         Perched on his chair behind the counter    because they understand the dollar’s
stop it from taking your Confederate         he says, “You see, the value of gold,      shaky and getting more so. They know
paper currency, Japan occupation             silver, platinum and copper is constant.   there’s nothing behind our currency
money, Weimar Republic “one-side”            Oddly, gold and silver’s worth noth-       but words. Someday people aren’t
currency and two-dollar silver certifi-      ing.” He chuckled. “Gold and silver        going to believe authority, and it won’t
cates? They have collector value. It         tell you what the dollar isn’t worth       be business as usual. We’re not there
will take away proof of history, and         compared to an ounce of either metal.      yet, but everybody should own gold
take away the truth. You’ll know only        The problem America has is we’re not       and silver for security, if for no other
what they want you to know, and own          just broke, we’re in debt. America has     reason.” When asked about confisca-
only what they let you have. If govern-      to get out of debt first.”                 tion he said, “People won’t stand for it.
ment can do that, it owns you.                  When I asked about the new broader      Too much gold and silver’s in private
A Soldier on the Firing Line                 and deeper reach of IRS Form 1099          hands, and they won’t give it up. The
  Sal Santoro, owner of Gold Rush            and the $600 rule, he turned away for      government would be lucky to get a
Coins & Jewelry at Sunrise and Madi-         a moment. Speaking quietly but             fraction. There’s too much metal out
son, has the strong look of an urban         firmly, “It’s one thing to report a $10K   there.”
adventurer and appears to be leaning         or $20K bulk sale. Everybody should           Sal the coin dealer’s right. When it’s
hard against 40. He’s collected, traded      do that. It could be money laundering,     not business as usual anymore, and
and hoarded coins almost from the time       drug money, you know, and I won’t be       things stop working, the only things
he was a toddler. Evolution made him a       a part of that. But $600 transactions?!    worth owning are gold and silver.
coin dealer. When asked about the            Come-on! It means the Federal Gov-
problem of currency versus metals he         ernment’s micro-management of your         He didn’t say anything about lead.

The Goodness of America                      in the area, a local radio station had     Reluctant for publicity, Jiles placed
Re-printed from The New American             been having a drive to collect fans for    down his generosity, telling the news,
(8/16/10)                                    the elderly. Jiles heard the station’s     “I didn’t do it for attention...I bought
                                             plea and went to work. He called the       some fans, and here we are.” And
                                             local Dollar General soar, found out       although the cost of his donation—
FANS FOR THE ELDERLY                         how many 20-inch box fans they had         about $250 — may seem small, it
                                             left in stock, and purchased them all.     meant much to the fans’ recipients.
Just because someone’s disabled or           He then called the radio station, who
homebound, doesn’t mean he can’t help        sent someone to the store to pick them     Editors note: living in California, we
out others in need. On June 23, Spring-      up. Giles ended up purchasing 14 fans      tend not to think about high tempera-
field, Missiouri’s KY3 news reported on      for elderly households that were suffer-   tures mixed with humidity - we are
Gene Jiles who, though on oxygen and         ing from the oppressive heat. “I’m         truly blessed to live in this state!
rarely able to leave home, still found a     lucky enough to have air conditioning,”
way to assist those less fortunate.          he told the station, but he knew there
  With a veritable heat wave occurring       were others who were not so lucky.
Page 8                                                                                              The Foothill Inquirer

Who Should Decide? About Your Children? About Your Nation?
Five Things You Should Know About the UN’s Children’s Rights Treaty

1. This UN Treaty controls where          become part of the “supreme law of
your child goes to school, what your      the land”, overriding all inconsistent     5. Senator Feinstein is undecided and
child may be taught (including reli-      state laws and state constitutions.        Senator Boxer supports the Conven-
gion), how you discipline your child,     Since virtually all American law on        tion on the Rights of the Child.
medical decisions and much more.          families and children is state law, this
                                          UN Treaty would be supreme over the        SR 519 urges the rejection of this
2. This UN Treaty gives the govern-       law made by your elected officials         treaty, the UN Convention on the
ment the power to override any deci-      about every legal issue for your child.    Rights of the Child. Thirty-one Sena-
sion you make about your child.                                                      tors have signed SR 519 (or equivalent
                                          4. A UN tribunal would hold Amer-          letter) showing that they believe that
Under U.S. law no government may          ica “accountable” for compliance.          American parents should be trusted
override the decisions of parents until                                              and that American laws should be
proving they have harmed the child        A committee of 18 “experts” has two        made by Americans.
(abuse, neglect).      Under this UN      critical powers: 1. The Committee
Treaty the government could simply        isssues official interpretations of the    If you want your Senator to support
substitute its judgment for that of any   treaty. 2. It issues official determina-   American law for American fami-
parent if the government believed that    tions concerning compliance.         We    lies, call Senator Feinstein today at
its decision was “best” for the child.    have seen what American courts do in       (202) 224 3841, and urge her to
                                          “interpreting” the Constitution.           cosponsor SR 519.
3. The UN’s Children’s Rights             When the UN gets to “interpret” a
Treaty would override virtually all       treaty, the legal rules can change ac-
U.S. law.                                 cording to the whims of the Committ-
Our Constitution provides that treaties   tee.

                                          More Community Updates
The Widowed Persons Association of California (WPAC) will hold it’s monthly “Get Acquainted” dinner on Thursday
September 2, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. at the Sizzler Restaurant in Auburn. Call 530-878-1728 for Reservations by Monday
August 30th. If you are new to WPAC this is an appropriate time to meet people who are also widowed.
    All Widowed People are invited to attend three activities of this organization prior to joining our membership. Other
activities include: card playing, luncheons, bingo, bowling, trips to Reno, Coffee Clatches and special activities.
    For a free newsletter call 530-878-1728. For one-on-one grief support call 530-885-8298. Submitted by Ann
Steinhart, 530-367-3586 Publicity Chairperson.

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