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									  Kirkcaldy Scottish Parliamentary Constituency


     Population by Broad Age Bands, 2008

                           Under 16           Working Age      64 and over      Total
                         No          %         No       %       No      %        No
     Kirkcaldy         11,834      17.7      42,671    63.9   12,281   18.4    66,786
     Fife              65,041      18.0     235,096    65.0   61,753   17.1    361,890
     Scotland          913,534     17.7    3,398,423 65.8     856,543 16.6    5,168,500
     Source: General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)
     Note: Percentages refer to the percentage share of total population

April 2010
Male and Female Population Split: Kirkcaldy, 2008

                                                90 & over
        Female                                    85 - 89                                       Male
                                                  80 - 84

                                                  75 - 79

                                                  70 - 74

                                                  65 - 69

                                                  60 - 64

                                                  55 - 59

                                                  50 - 54

                                                  45 - 49

                                                  40 - 44

                                                  35 - 39

                                                  30 - 34

                                                  25 - 29

                                                  20 - 24

                                                  16 - 19

                                                  10 - 15



3,000     2,500   2,000   1,500   1,000   500               0   500   1,000   1,500   2,000   2,500    3,000

Source: General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)

Note: With the exception of the Population by Settlements table, all references to
Kirkcaldy refer to the Kirkcaldy Scottish parliamentary constituency.

Population by Settlement, 2008

 Settlement                                                              Population
 Kirkcaldy                                                                    45,066
 Burntisland                                                                  6,052
 Buckhaven                                                                    3,061
 Kinghorn                                                                     2,389
 Coaltown of Wemyss /Thornton                                                 2,331
 Cluny                                                                        1,929
 Dysart                                                                       1,868
 Craigencalt & Pitteadie                                                      1,566
 Wemyss Landward                                                               955
 East Wemyss                                                                   928
 Auchtertool                                                                   641

Source: General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)

Please note: The figures stated in the settlement statements are derived from aggregating
datazones to best fit the settlement boundaries as defined in Fife Council Local Plans. The
population of the parliamentary constituency area does not necessarily represent the total
population of all the settlements.
Overall Population Trends, 2005 - 2008

 2005 = 100

                             Kirkcaldy     Fife       Scotland
                      2005       2006         2007             2008

Source: General Register Office for Scotland (GROS)


Economically active, refers to people aged 16 or over who are either in employment
or unemployed. Conversely, economically inactive refers to people who are neither in
employment nor unemployed. These include those who want a job but have not been
seeking work in the last four weeks, those who want a job and are seeking work but
are not available to start, and those who do not want a job.

Economic Activity (October 2008 - September 2009)

                                     Economic Activity                  Economic Inactivity
                                     No               %                 No              %
 Kirkcaldy                    33,586                 87.6              4,567           12.4
 Fife                        177,100                 79.2             46,500           20.8
 Scotland                   2,557,800                79.7             651,600          20.3
Source: Annual Population Survey, Nomis

Note: Percentages refer to the percentage share of the total working age population.


Employment Rate (October 2008 - September 2009)

                                                               Employment Rate
                                                          No                       %
 Kirkcaldy                                       31,858                    82.9
 Fife                                           170,900                    76.5
 Scotland                                      2,500,928                   74.4
Source: Economic Briefing, Scottish Government, Analytical Services Division; Annual
Population Survey
Employment Concentration by Industry, 2004 – 2008

                                                       Number of Employees
                                          2004       2005     2006      2007              2008
Primary                                    372       378       57        55                88
Manufacturing - Engineering /
Chemicals                             427             392           453            505     524
Manufacturing - Electronics /
Optical                               477             186           205            221      226
Manufacturing - General              1,520           1,298         1,476          1,438    1,418
Utilities*                              -              -             -              -        -
Construction                         1,102           1,980         1,100          1,012    1,279
Wholesale & Retail Distribution      5,583           5,737         5,378          5,618    5,279
Financial & Business Services        2,783           3,081         3,311          4,355    4,070
Personal Services                   13,349          12,751        13,439         12,578   11,753
Total Employment                    25,637          25,823        25,419         25,782   24,637
Source: Annual Business Inquiry, NOMIS

* Due to data disclosure very small numbers have been omitted, and the totals reduced

Total Employment by Industry (2008)

                                        Electronics /
                        Engineering /
                                           Optical    General
                                            0.9% Manufacturing       Utilities
                                                       5.8%           0.0%
      Personal              0.4%                                 Construction
      Services                                                      5.2%
       47.7%                                                        Wholesale &
                                                                  Retail Distribution

                                                             Financial &
      Total Employment: 24,637                                 16.5%

Source: Annual Business Inquiry, NOMIS


Average Weekly Earnings all Employee Jobs, (£ per employee, median),

                                        Workplace- based                   Residence-based
 Kirkcaldy                                   487.9                               n/a
 Fife                                        345.2                              377.3
 Scotland                                    385.4                              387.5
Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE); Economic Briefing, Scottish
Government, Analytical Services Division

The Fife Employment Land Audit 2009 defines employment land as land allocated for general
industrial and business / office use, storage and distribution uses, business parks and
specialist technology parks including research and development uses.

Core Employment Land Sites

                  Settlement                                    Employment Site
                   Kirkcaldy                               Mitchelston Industrial Estate
                    Kirkcaldy                               Hayfield Industrial Estate
                    Kirkcaldy                               Randolph Industrial Estate
                     Dysart                                  Frances Industrial Park

Source: Development Services, Fife Council


In the Kirkcaldy parliamentary constituency, employment is provided across a range of
sectors. Some of the constituency’s larger employers include:

 Industrial Sector                              Companies

 Information Management Services                MGt

 Education and Training                         Adam Smith College

 Manufacturing                                  Forbo Flooring
                                                ESA McIntosh Ltd
                                                Production Glassfibre
                                                Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab)
                                                Briggs Marine

 Food & Drink                                   Kingdom Bakers Ltd

 Other Services                                 Paramount Care
                                                QAS Copak Ltd

Source: Development Services, Fife Council

Note: Employment levels fluctuate as the economic climate changes. The above table is
based on information in the public domain as at January 2010.

A summary of reported job gains and losses over the last five years is shown in the table
below. The jobs are split into Production Industries (which include agriculture and fishing,
manufacturing, construction, and utilities), and Services (which cover sales, tourism, financial
and other business services). The information excludes jobs gained and lost within the public
and retail sectors.

                                      Production Industries              Service-Related
                                       Gains            Losses         Gains          Losses
 2009                                    10                8            496             70
 2008                                    14                0             12             44
 2007                                    10               35            250              0
 2006                                    60               33            730              0
 2005                                     6               29             4              63
 Cumulative Total                        100              95           1,492            177
 Net Job Gains (2005 – 2009)                       +5                          +1,315
Source: Derived from the Jobs and Investment Monitor, Development Services, Fife Council

Note: The above table is based on information in the public domain, from 2005 - 2009, and
will not encompass all job gains and losses that have occurred.


Total Claimants in the Kirkcaldy Parliamentary Constituency Shown by
Category, May 2009

                     Other Income
                   Related Benefits     Disabled
                        3.4%             5.2%           Bereaved
                                                         1.3%                   Job Seeker
 Lone Parents

                                                                          ESA & Incapacity
    Total Claimants: 8,300                                                    43.5%

Source: Benefit Claimants, NOMIS
Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) Claimants Rates and Levels, 2005 - 2009

                                          Kirkcaldy              Fife      Scotland
                                     Number         %             %           %
2009                                  2,145         5.4          4.4         3.8
2008                                  2,210         5.6          3.0         2.5
2007                                  2,233         5.6          2.9         2.4
2006                                  2,054         5.2          3.5         2.8
2005                                  2,083         5.3          3.5         2.8
Absolute Change (2005 – 2009)          62           0.1          0.9         1.0
Percentage Change (2005 -2009)         3.0
Source: Claimant Count, NOMIS
Note: Percentages refer to the percentage share of resident working age population.


John Smith Business Park (JSBP)

A number of milestones have been achieved in this £17.5m project. Phase 3 of the
project, a new headquarters office development, was constructed at a cost of £3.2m,
and officially opened in June 2009 by First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP. In October
2009 the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, officially opened the £3.5m Evans
Easyspace Business Centre, which comprises 55 state-of-the-art fully serviced office
suites. Employment on the JSBP site is currently around 1,000 jobs with the potential
to rise into several thousand over time.

Burntisland Ferry

Fife Council (Transportation Services) are continuing discussions with the City of
Edinburgh Council and other partners over the viability of a Burntisland – Edinburgh
route, including identification of potential operators and investment requirements.

Kirkcaldy Hovercraft

Discussion on a future cross forth / hovercraft service from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh
are continuing between Stagecoach, Fife Council and City of Edinburgh Council.
Stagecoach, who have secured funding of £14 million for the proposed service, have
submitted a planning application for a terminal at Portobello.

Kirkcaldy Business Improvement District (BID)

A BID is a business-led initiative designed to help towns and businesses flourish. It
provides sustainable funding for an agreed period of time, allowing the private sector
to work with partners, to deliver a variety of projects aimed at improving their
business environment. BIDs have been adopted world-wide.

In March 2010 businesses voted in favour of establishing a Kirkcaldy BID. The main
focus of the BID is to create a more attractive environment for local people, which will
attract more customers into the town centre. Retail businesses make up the majority
of the 500 businesses in the Kirkcaldy BID, although there are also some leisure
businesses and a small office sector. This is Fife’s second BID, with the first agreed
in Dunfermline, and the ninth BID to be established in Scotland.

Major Improvements to Kirkcaldy High Street

A £4.4 million investment to transform Kirkcaldy High Street will get underway in April
2010. The funding includes £2 million from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre
Regeneration Fund, £1.5 million from Transportation Services, and an additional
£650,000 from other Council Services. Work on the High Street includes
enhancement of the pedestrianised area, the west end of the High Street, along with
a range of improvements to the public space. The work is expected to be completed
by June 2011.

Town Centre Management Group

Kirkcaldy Town Centre Management is a partnership organisation that combines the
commercial skills of the private sector with the key contacts of the public sector.
Their focus is on making Kirkcaldy Town Centre a major visitor and shopping
destination for east central Scotland. Activities include the overall communication
promotion of the town centre, the creation of events to attract interest and footfall.
KTCM keep businesses up to date with a range of activities through bulletins,
newsletters, emails, meetings and events.

Kirkcaldy Green Corridor

Work on the Kirkcaldy ‘Green Corridor’ project will commence around September
2010. The Green Corridor, which focuses on the route for pedestrians and cyclists
between the town centre, bus station and railway station, will see improvements to
the public space and traffic arrangements in this area. The Green Corridor should be
complete by 2012.
Fife Central Retail Park

The Fife Central Retail Park was significantly extended in 2009.The new B&Q store
and builders’ yard is the anchor unit, with a number of new big name retailers
including PC World, Toys R Us and Argos Extra also taking up residence. Expansion
of the retail park has created a number of new retail jobs in the local economy.

Business Incubator Units

Business Incubator Units for young and start-up businesses are being developed in
Burntisland. Led by the Housing Association Regeneration Community Alliance
(HARCA), planning permission to develop units in Burntisland was approved in May
2009. Partnership funding options are currently being explored. Plans are to build an
innovative energy-efficient centre to accommodate up to 30 small businesses. The
building will be located next to the Beacon Leisure Centre, with the profits made from
the centre used to support future community projects and activities in Burntisland

   Fife Council having made reasonable enquiries believes that the information
 contained within this publication was accurate at April 2010. Fife Council cannot
   and does not warrant the veracity of the information and excludes any liability
            for any party’s reliance on the information contained herein.

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