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									   By Mary Lynch
Prepared For: Shadow Armfield
          ETC 599

   Computers
   Scanners
   Digital Camera’s
   Photo Shop Deluxe
   Internet
                          Step One

   Students will be instructed as to what hardware/software we will
    be using.
   Students will be instructed as to what the final project is and will
    be given a timeline.
   Students will be assigned a computer, digital camera and a disk.
   Students will be assigned a partner. (only if there are to many
    students in the class.)
Step Two (Digital Camera)

                Students are to take 4 pictures.
                      •   Place
                      •   Plant
                      •   Person
                      •   Group
                When the students are done, they
                 will come back to their assigned
                When they get to their computer
                 they will be given very basic
                 instruction on how photo deluxe
   Students will be given instructions on how to
        •   Get a photo
        •   Touch a photo up
        •   Save a photo as a gif/jpeg
        •   Trim a photo
   Students will be given free time to work on their pictures
    they took in step 2.
   The next step, students will use the scanner.
   Students will be instructed prior to this day to bring in a
    baby picture for scanning.
   Students will place their picture on the scanner and proceed
    to scan their picture.
   The picture will upload automatically to photo deluxe.
   Students will use the skills they learned prior to this when
    they took pictures with the digital camera and worked in
    photo deluxe.
   They will be instructed to trim, do an instant fix, add text
    to it and save it as a jpeg.
   Students will be instructed to get on the Internet
    and to download a picture of interest.
   They will be given instructions as such:
       • Find a picture you like.
       • Take your pointer and hold it over the picture you like.
       • Click on the picture and hold your mouse down.
       • The student will see that a dialog box will appear and they are to click on the
         words “save this image as.”
       • Another dialog box will appear asking where to save this image.
       • They will be instructed to re-name the image and save it to their folder on
         the desktop.
   Students will be given a test of their skills. The
    test will include the following.
           •   Take a picture of anything
           •   Insert the picture into photo deluxe
           •   Crop it (trim)
           •   Add text to it
           •   Fix the pictures color (if needed)
   They will be required to do the same thing with a
    picture that they have scanned and a picture they
    downloaded from the Internet.
         Teacher Information

   All this work that you are giving the students to
    do, taking pictures, downloading pictures and
    scanning them is going to help the student when
    they are building their personal web page. It will
    also help them when building their cultural web
    page (which is their final project). .
Building a Web Page, Step 1

                 Brain Storm
                      • Students will decide on
                        what they want their
                        web pages to consist of.
                        For example:
                               • Food
                               • Clothing
                               • Lifestyle
                 Students will be assigned
                  a specific topic to
                  research from the
                  internet from list that
                  they brainstormed.
      Building a Web Page, Step 1, continued

   The students will be given specific things they are to find on
    the internet. Students will be given some internet sites to
    assist them in looking for their topic that was assigned to
    them. For example if they were assigned food, then they
    would look for the following items:
            •   Navajo Taco recipe
            •   Fry Bread
            •   Chile Beans
            •   Pictures as well of these foods
   You are to give the child at least 3 class periods to find this
    information. That is more than enough time to search and
    download all that they need. Students are to save this work
    in a file on the desktop titled “Cultural Web Page.”
               Construction Zone

   Students will be given sites that they can visit on the web to
    help make their web page look nice. The sites are as follows:
     • http://www.flamingtext.com
     • http://www.ask.com
     • http://www.animfactory.com
     • http://www.aaa.backgrounds.com/html/mainback/shtml
    • These sites will help the students with their web
      page a lot.
        Construction Zone 2

   Students will need to have some more
    time to browse these sites and to
    explore their options. They will need
    to be reminded to save their work
    under the “Cultural Web Page” Folder
    on the desk top.
      Construction Zone 2 cont.

   Students will as a class go to the site,
                         and make a title for
    their first page. We will as a class design
    the first page together.
         Starting the Web Page, Step 2

   Show a sample page using a
    projector to view your work on
    the board.
   Instruct your students to open
    “Netscape Communicator.”
   Go to File, New and then scroll
    down to blank page. This will allow
    students to open a blank document
    where they will “build their web
    Starting the Web Page, Step 2      cont.

   Students will be able to download their
    text that they designed in
    flamingtext.com. Then we will begin adding
    text (information about what ever topic
    they were assigned) and pictures. By now
    the students will be familiar enough with
    the program, that they will be able to go
Designing a Web Page cont.

                Students may begin to
                 “clown” around and get
                 impatient, but if you
                 have good classroom
                 management, you will
                 be able to keep them
                 on track. Just remind
                 them that they will be
                 able to design their
                 “own web page” when
                 they finish this one.
    Designing a Web Page cont.

   Again, you will need to
    set a deadline to have
    page one complete, and
    a deadline for the rest
    of the pages. This will
    be up to you and how
    quickly your kids will
    adjust to this
        Teacher Information

   This project is not something that can be
    done in a week or even two weeks. I would
    suggest you take our time and not rush
    through it. It can be done in possibly 3
    weeks, but even that is pushing it. Don’t
    rush the kids, because they will get scared
    and not want to do it. My biggest advice is
    to be patient.

   Once the students have completed their
    pages (I would only assign 3 at the most
    per group or person.), You will review with
    them how to link a page. This sounds hard
    but it really is not that hard at all. You
    should practice this first before you do it
    in front of your class.

   On the top of the tool bar in          After you have found the
    netscape composer, is a little          appropriate file, then you
    icon that looks like a chain link
    fence. You will click on the            will click apply. It should
    link and a dialog box will              go to the page you linked it
    appear. Within that box it will         to. You can check by
    ask you to choose a file. Click         clicking on the icon that
    on choose a file. Then you will
    need to find the file or the            looks like a ships wheel.
    page that you want it linked            This will allow you to go
    too. This may take a few                into the Nescape Navagitor
    times before you get it right,          and view your page on the
    but again be patient.
         Saving Your Work

   This is a very important part of
    designing your “Cultural Web Page.”
    You must remember after each time
    you insert text or pictures to save
    your work. If you don’t, you’ll find
    out what happens.
              Finishing up

   You will need to go around to each
    group and check their work. See if
    they need any help. If you get some
    kids that are advanced, let them help
    each other. Kids don’t feel so
    threatened when a peer helps them.
        View Your Web Page

   If you are lucky enough, you can veiw
    your web pages by projecting them on
    a large screen. The students will love
    to see their work before it is
    uploaded to the net.
    Uploading your work!!

   You will have your technology specialist
    come in and work with you and the kids on
    uploading the pages to the schools server.
    Each school is different. You will need to
    plan this before you do this big project.
    You need to make sure that you can put it
    on your server or that your school even has
    a web page, before you do all this work.
Viewing Your Work, part 2

                After your
                 specialist has
                 helped you upload
                 your work, have the
                 kids get on the
                 internet and look at
                 their work.
               Your Done!!

   You have now just designed a “cultural Web
    Page.” Good Job. You should be a little
    familiar with all this software, hardware
    before you begin. This can be done, it is
    not that complicated. Just remember,
    don’t rush the kids or they will be afraid.
    Good Luck on your web page…..

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