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					           Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club
2009 Spring edition

Welcome to the first edition of the 2009 Freewheelers newsletter. As we look at our sunny
skies and snow filled roads, spring is coming! This edition is packed with information that the
club has worked on this past year and what to expect in 2009…please read on!

Alaska is celebrating its 50 Year Statehood
Anniversary and the club is joining in on the
celebration with our tour socks. The socks will be
distributed at the tours in August to the participants
and volunteers, but if you’d like to purchase them to
wear throughout the summer we will be ordering
them soon. Please contact Tara Jeans at
tjfuette@gci.net for orders. See the website for a color picture: blue on gold.

Alaska Bike Summit in                                  New Events on the
Anchorage, April 23-25                                 Schedule: Triathlon, Metric
In conjunction with a state-wide Alaska
                                                       Century Ride
Recreation & Park Association (ARPA)                   John Bursell and Tracy Rivera are organizing
conference, there will be a three day                  a triathlon in Juneau the first week in August.
conference on improving bicycling and                  Details are being finalized for the event
walking in Alaska in Anchorage. Spurred by             which promises to bring new challenges for
the Bicycle Commute Alliance of Anchorage,             Juneau athletes and cyclists. Check the
the first day will talk about cycling                  website for details as they emerge.
infrastructure and providing bicycle friendly
facilities. Day two will focus on the Safe             One of the largest events in past years was a
Routes to School program. Day three will               May Tour de Cure, a combination of 25K,
focus on the city-wide bicycle community               50K, and 100K rides to raise money for the
and provide a forum for state-wide advocacy            American Diabetes Association (ADA). A
coordination.                                          large number of cyclists joined for group
                                                       rides that were not competitive and were fun
The agenda for this conference will include            and enjoyable.
bicycle advocacy experts from Oregon and
Massachusetts. Complete information will               When ADA removed its sponsorship, the ride
be available by the middle of March and will           ended. Dave Ringle has offered to organize a
be publicized through our club website and e-          version of this with a Metric Century Ride on
mail.                                                  Saturday, May 16th. The event traditionally
                                                       began at Twin Lakes. 25K went to the
If you are interested in attending or                  Glacier and back. 50K followed the path to
supporting a group from Juneau, contact                the Glacier, then to the ferry terminal, Fritz
Dave Ringle or Rob Welton.                             Cove Road and return to Twin Lakes. The
                                                       100K added a loop of North Douglas. If you
                                                       are interested in assist, contact Dave Ringle,
                                                       790-7249 or e-mail dvringle@ptialaska.net
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            Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club
2009 Spring edition
Where did my bike take me this past year?
For Eric Olsen and friends they ventured to France:
In 2001 Eric had the opportunity to ride Mt. Ventoux in France. In September 2008 he
returned, but with a group of cycling friends. They were joined by a wonderful
Frenchman named Michael Kreckelberg. At age 66, he was the strongest climber of their
group. The ultimate stage for the Tour de France in 2009 ends on the top of le Geant de
Provence - a stage everyone in the group will be watching for sure!

From left to right, Greg Cook (Juneau); Quigley Peterson (Juneau); Renaud Kreckelbergh (Deux Alpes,
France); Jim Thompson (Juneau); Aric Ludwig (Juneau); John Connolly (Juneau); Michael Kreckelbergh,
(Vercors, France); Eric Olson (Juneau)

For Dave Ringle a climb up White Pass and Hatcher Pass, and the Fireweed 200:
“When bicycling through Glenallen on the Fireweed 200, I hit a rock, splitting my tire.
With no extra tire in sight, I stopped at the aide station where they had spare inner tubes
and duct tape. I was able to place duct tape on the inside of the tire. Several onlookers
questioned the wisdom of riding 120 miles on a tire held together by duct tape, especially
descending Thompson Pass. They were there to witness my arrival in Valdez, duct taped
tired intact!”

                             Bike to Work Day will take place on May 15th. If you would
                             like to help or have questions, please contact Barb Kelly at
                             barb@danceoflight.com. Updates will be made to the
Freewheelers web site.
           Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club
2009 Spring edition

Starting in the Treasurer position (in 2006), Rose Welton reconciled three years of bank
statements, pulled the previous three years of accounting activity onto the automated
accounting system, compiled records necessary for non-profit filing, permitted races with
USA Cycling, made suggestions such as the storage unit, and has done an overall
outstanding job of really putting the club in a stable organized position – many thanks to
her for ALL she has done!!

Non-Profit Status                                Club Purchases
There are three key items necessary for a        Last year we purchased a new timer
non-profit status: a mission statement,          before the season, and we now have
accounting records, and bylaws. The              sufficient timing equipment.
board recently finalized all three of these
requirements and will continue with the          Last year we also approved the purchase
application process throughout the year.         of a lap top computer and updated
                                                 software for Quickbooks. We just
                                                 purchased these items in January 2009.
                                                 The Treasurer will maintain the
                                                 computer, which will house all the
                                                 accounting and club records.

                                                                   DON’T FORGET
                                                                   BIKE TO WORK
                                                                   ON MAY 15TH
The Permit Process
For each of our events we are required to have a permit with
USA Cycling (for either road events or mountain bike events
– NORBA). Depending on where the event takes place,
depends on which additional permit we are required to have:
the Department of Transportation and/or U.S. Forest Service.

USA Cycling Permits
Last year Rose Welton and Tara Jeans secured the USA
Cycling Permits, and have done it again this year.
DOT Permits
Last year and for the previous three years Jim Sheufelt has
secured the DOT permits. He has once again volunteered his
time to secure them in 2009.
U.S. Forest Service Permits Scott Yarnall has secured the
permits with the U.S. Forest service for many years.
           Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club
2009 Spring edition

                      KIDS 16 AND UNDER RIDE FREE!
The board voted to have kids 16 and under ride Free! A membership is required for
insurance purposes, so lend                              your bike to your kid or the
neighborhood kid and send                                them to the events!

Mountain Bike Event:                                        Sunday, May 24th at 1:00 pm
is a mountain bike event that                               has been added to the event
schedule. A perfect event to                                participate in with your kids!
Contact race director Dale                                  McFarlin if you have
questions, 586-1158.

                                                            Rider: Tess Jeans
Race Event Format
Last year we posted a new format for our race events. The new format provides detailed
information for riders, with times, places, and race director information. It is also a
beneficial format for our permitting process. We hope you’ve found this to be helpful, as
we’ve received several positive comments. Please continue to look at the web for updates
to the events. If there is a last minute change, the email system will be used for

       KidSafe 2009 was a success!
Jim Sheufelt and Laurel Sheufelt presented 20 minute workshops throughout the day on
February 7th, providing an educational skit to kids about hand signals, helmets, and safety
lights. Free helmets were distributed along with red and white safety lights.

                                Road Construction Recap:
                                Some of this planned construction during the summer of
                                2009 will be obstacles for cyclists. Some will result in
                                improved conditions in dangerous areas, such as Glacier
                                Highway and Anka Street.

                               Feedback to DOT does get a response. League of
                               American Bicyclists, America Bikes, and Alliance for
Biking and Walking strongly encourage local feedback for using stimulus funds to
provide improved biking and walking facilities where possible.
1. Glacier Hwy 7 mile to Wal-mart, completing Sunny Point PJ;
2. Shell Simmons & Glacier Hwy pavement repair;
3. Anka & Lemon Creek repave;
4. 10th and Egan to Gold Creek repaving Egan in bound. Removing dip in road;
5. Twin Lakes, Glacier Hwy Salmon Creek to Salmon Creek Bridge, around 300 feet;
6. Fixing Basin Road trestle; and
7. Glacier Hwy Amalga to Eagle Beach remotely possible.
           Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club
2009 Spring edition

The Mystery Behind Licenses……………………………
In order to ride in a USA Cycling or NORBA event, a rider must have a license. Events
this year include: 5/9 Tea Harbor, 5/30 Auke Rec, 7/5 Nick Frangos, 7/25 Eagrecrest, and
the Tours. At each event we have forms for an Annual License (USA Cycling) or a Day
License (USA Cycling or NORBA).

Day License                                       Annual License
We have forms for USA Cycling and                 We have forms for USA Cycling at each
NORBA at each event.                              event. The 2009 cost is $60.00.
The fee is $10.00 per race (not time              If you think you’re going to ride in six or
trials or rides)                                  more events, then you may want to
                                                  purchase an annual license. The license
                                                  is good for any USA Cycling event, e.g.,
                                                  Anchorage & Fairbanks tours, etc.
                                                  You can complete a form at the first race
                                                  you ride, or you can go to their website
                                                  and apply now. A link to their site is on
                                                  our website and it is listed below:

And Insurance……………...........................................
The club is insured under the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and USA Cycling.

LAB Insurance                                     USA Cycling Insurance
Provides coverage for our time trial              For each rider, the club must pay USA
events. The club purchases insurance at           Cycling $3 for insurance. This fee
a one- time lump sum amount at the                increased in 2009– previously it was $2.
beginning of the year. This allows time           For a typical race (not including time
trial events to be free for all members.          trials), we charge a rider $5 per event,
                                                  per day.

Race Directors
An addition to or site is a link for Race Directors. We’ve documented the race process,
making it easier for race directors to make an event successful. If you’re interested in
being a race director, please don’t hesitate to review this link and contact a board

VP of Racing
We are still looking for a vice president of racing. Several folks have taken pieces of this
task in order to make the races happen. If you’re interested in the position or in helping,
please don’t hesitate to contact a board member.
           Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club
2009 Spring edition
It would be great for our club to expand its activities! Organizing informal bike rides is
easy, but group and club events are done through the dedication of willing volunteers.
We are always                    welcome to new ideas and new energy. It’s not too late to
add events to                       our schedule and get them permitted, if necessary. If
you are                                  interested in organizing an event, please let a
board                                      member know. We’ll get necessary permits and
have the                                     event added to the schedule. A few events that
were                                          removed from the schedule include the
Mother’s                                      day ride, the end of the road race, the tee
harbor long                                  road race, and various mountain bike races.
We can add                            any of these or new events with volunteers.

IMBA Trail Building expertise coming to Juneau!
With a newly built gravel road stretching to the weather station at the top of Eaglecrest
ski area, discussions with mountain bikers, Trailmix, and Eaglecrest have resulted in a
group of IMBA, International Mountain Biking Association, Trailbuilders coming to

A trail building school will be offered Saturday and Sunday, May 9 and 10. This is open
and free to the public. To register contact George Schaaf at TrailMix, 790-6406, or visit
the site http://go.imba.com/juneau

On Friday, May 6th, there will be a social at the Coast Guard Buoy Deck. With the
assistance of the Alaskan Brewing Co., you will have the opportunity to meet the IMBA
workers, watch extreme bike videos, discuss trail plans for Eaglecrest and the Treadwell
Ditch Trail, and help offset the cost of this school.

Federal Transportation Re-authorization brings opportunities for
cycling facilites:
The federal re-authorization of transportation funding begins this year. Again a nation-
wide advocacy group, America Bikes, will try to join various cycling organization, such
as League of American Bicyclists, Adventure Cycling, Bikes Belong, Rails to Trails, and
IMBA, to help envision an America where cycling is encouraged and increases.

The last authorization bill included Safe Routes to Schools funding that has resulted in
dynamic programs in several other states, although little in Alaska—yet. Some increased
funding of cycling facilities has come from the economic stimulus bill, but a big push
will come when this bill is undertaken. Alaska has a ranking minority member on the
House committee, Don Young, who supported several cycling friendly portions of the bill
last time. With a strong cycling advocate, Congressman Oberstar, now committee
chairman, good effective cycling programs and facilities could receive a boost. Stay
tuned for information. Better yet, join League of American Bicyclists, as a national
member and receive the information first hand. www.bikeleague.org
                   JUNEAU FREEWHEELER’S BIKE EVENTS 2009
                                                        Last updated 3/17/09
                Juneau Freewheeler’s Bicycle Club web site provides detail information about the following events, check
                                                              it often:

Every Sunday,             GROUP ROAD RIDES                       Various           A&P Parking Lot
  9:00 am
    TBD                   GROUP MOUNTAIN                          TBD                    TBD               Check with Glacier Cycles
                             RIDES/EVENTS                                                                      often, 789-7050
 May 1, Fri               N. Douglas Time Trial                  10.2 mi           False Outer Point             Kevin Maier
  6:30 pm                                                                                                          523-0308
 May 9, Sat            Tee Harbor Short Road Race                22.5 mi        Tee Harbor Fire Station      Tara Jeans, 790-2040
  10:00 am
 May 15, Fri                Bike to Work Day                                                                 Barb Kelly, 586-1740
                                                                Up to you             Everywhere
   all day
                                                                 100 km
 May 16, Sat        Foggy Mountain’s Metric Century
                                                                 50 km                Twin Lakes             Dave Ringle, 790-7249
   TBA                        Club Ride

May 22, Fri          Cycle Alaska’s Jack & Jill Relay         10.2 mi each         False Outer Point         Andy Gray, 789-9215
  6:30 pm                                                         rider
May 24, Sun                Mountain Bike Event
                                                               2 or 4 loops          Diamond Park           Dale McFarlin. 586-1158
  1:00 pm
May 30, Sat        Valley Lumber & Building Supply           12 mi or 24 mi            Auke Rec              Jim Sheufelt, 463-1237
  10:00 am            Auke Rec Circuit Road Race
 June 6, Sat         El Sombrero’s Eaglecrest Time                                                         Casey Colton, cc2@gci.net
                                                                 4.5 mi             Eaglecrest Road
  10:00 am                       Trial
 June 11-14                Tour of Fairbanks                                           Fairbanks             fairbankscycleclub.org
June 13, Sat        Mountain Bike Endurance Group
                                                               3.5 to 5 hrs              TBD                Scott Yarnall, 789-7050
  2:00 pm                        Ride
June 20, Sat       Kluane-Chilkat International Relay                               Haines Junction                 kcibr.org
June 26, Fri             N. Douglas Time Trial                   10.2 mi           False Outer Point
                                                                                                            Robert Sowers.789-7549
  6:30 pm
 June 27-28         24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike
                                                                 24 hrs             Whitehorse, YT                velonorth.ca
 July 5, Sun                                                                       Mike Hatch Jeep               Janice Sheufelt
                   Nick Frangos Memorial Road Race                22 mi
   10:00 am                                                                          Dealership                     463-1237
 July 18, Sat
                     The Les Schwab 40 K Time Trial          40 km or 20 km         Douglas Bridge         Robert Welton, 364-2779
   10:00 am
  July 24-26                Tour of Whitehorse                                      Whitehorse, YT               velonorth.ca
 July 25, Sat                                                  26 miles            Mike Hatch Jeep          Charlie Williams, 789-
                           Eaglecrest Road Race
   10:00 am                                                  13 miles sport           Dealership                     9875
 July 31, Fri         Juneau Bone & Joint Center’s            10.2 Miles           False Outer Point          Robert Sowers/John
   6:30 pm                      Time Trial                                                                          Bursell
 Aug 9, Sun             Aukeman Sprint Triathlon              See Website               TBA               John Bursell/Tracy Rivera
  Aug 13-16                Tour of Anchorage                                          Anchorage           chainreactioncycles.us
                      JRC the Alaska Club’s Tour of
 Aug 14-16                                                    See Website             See Website           Joe Sorenson, 790-2252
                        Glacier Cycle’s Dirty Tour
 Aug 21-23                Mountain Bike Event                     TBD                    TBD                          TBD
                                      Membership Form
                                      The Juneau Freewheeler’s Bicycle Club
                                      encourages bicycling for health, recreation, and
                                      transportation. To create a safe and supportive
                                      environment for cyclist of all skill levels, the will
                                      promote cycling safety, provide a competitive
                                      race program, and sponsor cycle-related events.

     $10/year for individuals
     $15/year for families (kids 16 and under ride free with the membership)

Type of membership ($10) ____________ or family ($15) ________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Name (family):___________________________________________________________

Name (family):___________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________(hm) _________________(wk) __________________(cell)

Email: __________________________________________________________________
       (you’ll receive an invite to the yahoo email group)

Your interests:
       Touring _____________               Racing ______________
       Commuting __________                Advocacy ___________
       Recreational _________              Other ______________

To join, send this form and payment to:
                                 Juneau Freewheelers
                                    P.O. Box 21816
                                  Juneau, AK 99802
                                      Club Officers

Without volunteer officers our club could not continue. Thank these people when you get a

President                      Tara Jeans      tjfuette@gci.net         790-2040
Vice President of Racing       Vacant
Vice President of Membership   Paul Beck       landp@gci.net            463-6912
Treasurer                      Rose Welton     robbrose@gci.net         364-2779
Vice President of Advocacy     Dave Ringle     dvringle@ptialaska.net   790-7249
Newsletter editor              Dave Ringle     dvringle@ptialaska.net   790-7249
Webmaster                      Doug Jones      doug.jones@ak.net        789-0889

Rob Welton – Kluane Bike Relay president – not a club position but invaluable work keeping a
great event organized and growing.

                                   Our Club Sponsors
The following businesses support the Juneau Freewheelers bicycle Club as sponsors. Do your part
to support their support of cycling in Juneau….Buy locally!

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