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Initiatives by linxiaoqin


									Strategic Initiatives List
            1     2    2   3         4      5      6      7
          Fndtn   Q/G   Q/$   1st   Info   Fund   Data   Tran                                     Initiative Title                      Status         COE             Owner               ByDate                               Metrics                              Cost

                   2     2                                1     Hold an internal communication design conference                      Proposed          All           Outreach           Wntr 2009      Report out of recommendations
            1      1           2                                Design and launch MFC Families Online (resources for families)        Proposed      PECH / FSFE       Outreach              2011        Mounted a site populated with material
            2      1     2                                      Negotiate intern program with local masters degree program            Proposed        M&RC        Psych Services Dir                    Contract concluded with local university                   Dir's time
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Website is up; at least 5 active clusters; at least 5
            1      2           2     1                          Design and launch MFC Teens Online (online hub for young adults)      Proposed                                          End of 2008                                                                Staff time
                                                                                                                                                                                                        local young adult organizations involved.
            1      2           1                                Develop comprehensive prenatal course sequence                        In Progress      PECH            T&E Dir              2010
            1                  1                                Design and launch series of targeted womens' programming              In Progress   M&RC / FSFE        T&E Dir          End of 2008     Get first programs off the ground                          Staff time
            1                  1     1                          Create a centralized comprehensive resource site for LGBT community   Proposed         FSFE            T&E Dir              2010        Site accessible by novice
            2      1     1                                      Negotiate relationships with teen groups                              Proposed         A&C            Outreach            Opening       (Leave undefined until Teen staff is on board)             Staff time
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Newly onboarded employees can describe the
            2      2                                      1     Create new employee orientation program to ensure desired culture     Approved          All             CPO              Sum 2008
            2      2                                            Complementary relationships with local university art programs        Proposed         A&C              CPO               Fall 2009     Letter of Intent; MOU
            2      2                                            Cooperative relationship with local hospital                          Proposed         PECH             CPO               Fall 2009     Letter of intent; MOU
            2                  2                                Collaborative relationship with local drama groups                    Proposed         A&C              CPO               Fall 2009     Letter of Intent; MOU
                   1           2                          2     Volunter opportunity clearinghouse                                    Proposed                        Outreach             2010 +       Published plan for program launch                          Staff time
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Staff time;
                   1           2                                Plan to leverage use of space across programs                          On Hold          All             CPO            Before finishing Publish plan for multiple use of available space.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                consultant fees
                         2                                1     Create protocols for rentals vs. performances                         In Process       A&C              CEO               Fall 2008     Published list of rooms/dates
                               2                                Establish a lay advisory committee for A&C                            Proposed         A&C             A&C Dir            Fall 2008     2nd meeting of new committee
                                            1                   Training for Board on fund development skills and activities          Approved          All         Development             2008        Training well attended
                                                   1            Build Market Panels for each COE                                      Proposed          All          Mar Comm                           >200 email list / COE
                                                   1            Initiate first round of surveys for each COE                          Proposed          All          Mar Comm                           Staff discussions of data
                               1                                Marketing program for PECH                                            Proposed         PECH          Mar Comm              Jan-09       First wave of new registrations
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Published line of programming; installed Teen
                               1                                Conceptualize and launch Teen Center                                  Proposed         A&C            Outreach            Opening                                                               Staff and budget
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Advisory Board
            5      5    1     5      2      1      2      3     Primary contributors
            6      6    3     6      0      0      0      1     Secondary contributors
Codes for Strategic Objectives

          Become the foundation for family life in the Miramonte area through informational
Fndtn     resources, professional resources, and establishing rich relationships.
          Increasing quality of programming while maintaing close relations while growing to 5,000
Q/#       members within 5 years
Q/$       Maintaining financial health while growing to 5,000 members within 5 years

1st       Being 1st or 2nd in each Center of Excellence

Info      Ensuring health by providing information appropriate for all ages in the community

Fund      Build Board leadership and staff support to meet fund development objectives

Data      Build research capability to track market preferences and perceptions
          Occupy the new campus and increase staff without compromising program development
Tran      and delivery

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