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Thank you for attending Parent's Night by jianghongl


									       WELCOME TO PARENTS’ NIGHT!
 Thankyou for taking part in your child’s

 Pleasesign up for a conference and
 volunteer opportunities at the side

 We   will begin in a few minutes!

Please write the following on your index
  Parent Name and Child Name
  Any Existing Concerns You May Have
                  WHO IS MRS. CONNELLY?

I am a/an:
Former Resident of West Virginia (23 years)
West Virginia University Graduate
North Penn School District Teacher for 8 years
Second year as a Quakertown Teacher
Certified in both elementary education and
   special education
Wife to a fellow teacher in the North Penn SD
Mother of two daughters
Owner of one crazy boxer named Zoe
Most often found at daughters’ sporting events

•Every student can succeed.
•Raise the bar – set expectations high.
•Take risks as readers and writers.
•Keep it real.
•Learning to read. Reading to learn.
•Become decision makers & problem solvers.
•Independent, appropriate, and, responsible.
•Fair is not always equal.
We take full pride in the Pfaff Pledge in room 217. In fact, we use it for our class
  rules as well. For the first few weeks, we have broken apart the pledge to
  discuss what the Pfaff Pledge looks like, sounds like and feels like. We expect
  all classroom citizens to abide by the Pfaff Pledge at all times.

Doing so leads to our six “Keys to Character” traits that we try to model every
   day: Fairness, Responsibility, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Caring, and
   Respectfulness. When a student displays one of these characters as a natural
   part of their day, they will receive a “key” for their key ring to be displayed on
   their chairs. At the end of each month, recipients of keys will be invited to a
   celebration luncheon within the classroom.

For those little reminders needed in the classroom, I do use a token economy.
   Numbers 9-1 are written on the board with a line drawn between two of the
   numbers. Currently, the line resides between the 5 and the 4. When the class
   is not following directions or staying on task in groups, a number (beginning
   with 9) is erased. If the line is erased, the class has used their last warning.
   For every number erased afterwards, they owe five minutes of recess. The line
   will move throughout the year as expectations increase. Individuals who
   constantly warrant reminders or disrupt the class will have their own “token
   economy” system.
                        OUR SCHEDULE
   9:10-9:25 Morning Meeting/Assignment
   9:25-10:25 Math
   10:25-10:55 Target Time
   11:00-11:45 Special
          Day 1= Library, Day 2= Music, Day 3= Phys Ed, Day 4=
   11:45-12:10 Recess
   12:15-12:45 Lunch
   12:45-1:30 Shared Reading Instruction
   1:30-2:00 Independent and Guided Reading
   2:00-2:15 Recess
   2:15- 3:00 Writing Workshop
   3:00-3:35 Science/Social Studies
   Balanced Literacy
       Shared, Guided, Independent Reading
   Comprehension is the key to 3rd Grade
     Making connections
     Asking questions
     Making inferences
     Visualizing

   Reading a variety of genres
       Fiction, non-fiction, biographies
   Author study
       Chris Van Allsburg
                      READING ACTIVITIES
                       TO DO AT HOME:
   Have your child
       Summarize what was read
       Tell the main idea of the passage/story
       Describe the setting by drawing a picture
       Identify the character‟s or story‟s main problem
       Write a paragraph telling what the story means to you
       Tell what the character‟s point of view is
       Compare characters in the story or to another story
       Describe how the problem develops and is resolved
       Describe the feelings of the characters
       Describe how the character changes
       Reread a part of the story with expression
       Tell how the character changed from the beginning of the story to the end
       Tell how you acted like the character in the story
       Compare the setting of the story with where you live
       Tell about something in your life that this book reminds you of
       Make a list of questions to ask the author or a person described ion the passage
       Describe how the author used character names to enhance the story
       Compare this story to another story
       Tell if you would recommend this story to someone else – tell why or why not
       Tell how you would change the story
       Tell what the author had to know to write the story
   The QCSD Writing Rubric Domains
     Focus
     Content
     Organization
     Style
     Conventions

   Types of Writing
       Narrative
       Persuasive
       Informational

   Writer’s Notebook
   Writer’s Workshop
   Writing Partners
Everyday Math Program
 Will cover all of the PA math standards
 Has a hands-on approach
 Problem Solving
 Basic Facts
 **Look for the Family Letter at the beginning of every
  math unit. They provide answers to the Homelinks!
   Rocks/Minerals/Landforms

   Chemical Testing

   Plant Growth and Development

   Civics and Government

           Economics
Reading Goal
   25 Books Per Year
   A book is „appropriate‟ if it is on
    your child‟s level (longer books can
    count for 2 books)
     Reading Log, turned in at the
      conclusion of each month; kept in
      homework folders.
Math Goal
  Multiplication facts from 0-12
        (We will learn the 0 ,1, 2, 5, 10 and 11 facts first!

**Updates of progress toward goals will be
  listed on each Think Dot Homework Paper**
 Projects
 In Class Assignments

 Reading Responses

 Writing Journals/Pieces

 Reading & Math Benchmarks

 Formative Assessments

 Secure Skills

 Quizzes/Tests

    Standards Based
       Grading &
      Report Cards
 We are in our 2nd year of Target Time at Pfaff. This
  is a half hour of instructional support.
 Some students receive instruction from our IST
  teacher and our reading specialist.
 It is an opportunity for the third grade team to
  create differentiated groups to meet the diverse
  needs of our students.
 Your child will receive extra support, more practice,
  or enrichment on a specified skill.
   Think Dot Homework will be stapled to the coversheet.
    All “must do” assignments given every Monday and is
    due back the following Monday.
   Think Dot has his/her choice of activities.
    Your childHomework includes four “must do” activities.
    Important information for students and parents
    Your child should select and complete other activities on
    the cover least
    totaling at sheet 8 dots.
    Your child should read for 15 or more minutes every
   New and Improved since last week
    If your child is spending „too much time‟ on homework,
    Homework Help
    please contact me so we can work on a solution.
   If homework is incomplete, recess will be missed.
What is the PSSA?
   Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
    (i.e. Big state tests)

When are the tests?
   April 7-16, 2009

What do the PSSAs assess?
   Mathematics and reading achievement
                 Want more info?
Check out the Pennsylvania Department of Education
Calls, Emails, and Notes
      Excuse blanks after an absence
      Parent Pick Up (please do not email or leave a
       message, please send in a note or call the office)

   217 Tribune, Bi-weekly Newsletter (beginning 9/18)
          Signed and Returned on Mondays
       Think Dot Cover Form
          Signed and returned with homework the following Monday

Homework Folder
      Keep and Return
      Think Dot Homework
      Book log

Website (
      Important Information, Websites, Newsletters
      Mrs. Connelly‟s Website
          All spelling units, Student Work, Cool Websites, Pictures
   Birthdays
     Only invitations that are given to the entire class
      may go home from school.
     ***Please give at least 3 days notice for birthday
      treats to be brought into school.***

   Parent Help
     Math time
     Writing time
     Technology Projects
     Class Parties
Don‟t forget to sign up for a fall conference!
    Please leave a note for your child!

           Thank you for coming!

          Mrs. Rebecca Connelly

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