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									                            2005-2006 Annual Report


          “One looks back with appreciation to the
           brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those
           who touched our human feeling. Curriculum
           is necessary raw material, but warmth is the
           vital element for the growing plant and for
           the soul of the child.”
                                       ~Carl Gustav Jung
Kathleen Ferris, Chair
                                      tAbLE Of CONtENts
Attorney-at-Law                       CORE VALuEs ..........................................................3
                                      NOtE fROM tHE HEAD Of sCHOOL .........................4
Robert Engelman, Treasurer
EIC, Inc, MRE, Inc.                   fACuLty uP CLOsE: Nicole L. Gayton........................5
                                      REPORt fROM tHE DEVELOPMENt CHAIR ................6
Peggy Stemmler, MD, Secretary
Pediatrician                          PROJECt uPDAtEs ...................................................6
                                      ExPENDItuREs AND REVENuEs fIGuREs .................7
Earl de Berge
President, behavior Research Center   LEttER tO PARENts AND COMMuNIty....................8
                                      KIDs WHO CARE ......................................................9
Paul Domingue
Headmaster, Verde Valley school
                                      CLAss tRIPs 2006 ..................................................10
                                      fACuLty uP CLOsE: Lynn beairsto ..........................11
Francine Hardaway, Ph.D.
                                      MEssAGE fROM bOARD Of tRustEEs ...................12
stealthmode Partners
                                      ALuMNI uPDAtEs ..................................................12
Nathan Learner
                                      fACuLty uP CLOsE: ted strickland .........................13
strategic Capital Management
                                      “WE ARE fAMILy” ..................................................14
Kathryn Lincoln                       HONOR ROLL Of DONORs .....................................14
Chairman of the board,
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy      LEADERsHIP GIfts .................................................14
                                      ARIzONA sCHOLARsHIP DONAtIONs .....................15
Lucy Palmer
Educator                              WAys tO GIVE .......................................................15

John A. Shoecraft
starQuest Investments

Mills Sinclair
Pentad Holdings, Inc.

                                      AbOut tEssERACt
                                      At tesseract school, we stimulate the love of learning and joy of discovery in every child. Our highly
                                      talented and committed educators connect with the children in small, nurturing and interactive classes.
                                      Our students master the fundamentals of reading, writing, social studies, science and mathematical skills
                                      while experiencing a broad-based integrated curriculum that includes music, drama, art, spanish and
“the direction in which education     physical activity.
 starts a man will determine his      We invite you to experience firsthand what makes the tesseract Way the pathway for your child’s
 future life.”                        academic and social success.
Respect for the individual                                     Parents in Support
We recognize the uniqueness of each individual. We             Parents play a vital role in the life of the school,
respect diversity and value the common experiences that        providing encouragement and support for their child and
bring us together. We believe intellectual and emotional       contributing their time, energies and financial support to
growth are optimized when students are known by their          events and programs critical to their child’s development     OUR MiSSiON
teachers and classmates, feel appreciated for what they        and the school’s advancement.                                 tesseract school
do well and are encouraged to look beyond their own                                                                          fosters each
current achievements and perspectives.                                                                                       student’s intellectual
                                                               A collaborative environment allows tesseract students
Dedication to Lifelong Learning                                to prepare themselves for their post-graduate years.          and emotional
We do not teach for the test, we teach for a lifetime.         An open dialogue among administrators, faculty and            development,
At the core of our philosophy is educating students to         parents models cooperative behavior. shared teaching,         love of learning and
lead lives of purpose and excellence. Development of           interactive, challenging and integrated curricula, student    strength of character
individual talents, social responsibility, critical thinking   team projects and community service all help build the        in an encouraging
and problem solving skills allow tesseract graduates to        skills and framework necessary for students to apply their    and collaborative
connect thoughts with actions, deeds with results and          knowledge and ideas in a group setting. students learn        environment.
the past to the present and the future.                        to work as a team and constructively resolve conflicts,
                                                               thus establishing a foundation for becoming caring,
A Nurturing Environment that Fosters
                                                               thoughtful, responsible and more effective participants
Academic Excellence
                                                               and leaders in our society.
the pursuit of academic excellence is accomplished in an
environment where students feel safe and free, and are         Focus on Faculty
encouraged to fully explore their interests and passions.      We recruit and retain the finest faculty by providing the
An exciting, cooperative atmosphere characterizes              best possible environment to spark their passion for
teacher-student and student-student interactions               teaching and love of learning in every child. Our educators
throughout the learning process. A commitment to               are given the freedom to develop and share their expertise,
individual goal setting and multiple teaching modalities       and are supported by professional development funding
allows our students to become engaged learners, to             as well as carefully structured planning and in-service
develop a strong sense of self-esteem and to meet their        time. their commitment and dedication are balanced
full potential.                                                by the school’s priority to provide highly competitive
                                                               compensation and benefit programs.
NOtE fROM tHE HEAD Of sCHOOL 2005-2006
Providing an exceptional education for the children takes the commitment      parents, worked tirelessly for months to
of the entire community. the faculty, staff, trustees and parents all work    stage the most successful gala in the school’s
together to fulfill the school’s mission. Over the past year, I have been     history. Over $210,000 was raised to support
so impressed and inspired by the level of support and participation           a variety of programs including technology,
at tesseract. the faculty’s commitment and dedication to providing a          and the purchase of new playground
stimulating, challenging and child-centered learning environment in the       equipment.
classroom, in the art room, on the stage, on the athletic field and in the    the tesseract Parents’ Association (tPA) provided strong support in a variety
community have been remarkable. the trustees’ and parents’ extraordinary      of ways throughout the year. some of their work was behind the scenes
contributions of support, time and resources have been remarkable as well.    supporting the faculty and providing additional resources to strengthen the
the growth and development of our child-centered curriculum throughout        program, while some of their work was more visible such as: borders book
the school demonstrates tesseract’s commitment to educational excellence.     Day, the fall festival, development of the yearbook, cultural enrichment
Each child’s intellectual growth is dependent upon an environment where       activities, the performing arts fundraising evening, “straight from the Heart
the child thrives both emotionally and socially. In recognition of this and   for Arts,” support of admissions and the development of the recycling
the need for the whole community to use practical strategies to bring         program. Most of all, the tPA’s spirit and energy continued to significantly
together social and academic learning throughout the school day, all          contribute to the positive sense of community at tesseract.
the lower school faculty are now trained in the Responsive Classroom          As tesseract grows and gains confidence as a premiere independent
approach. Over the summer, the middle school faculty adopted the middle       school, our tesseract school board of trustees guides and shapes our
school version of this, Responsive Design, where students learn how to        direction with its members’ extraordinary commitment of time, expertise
set meaningful social and academic goals and to build the community           and resources. Our plans for continued growth are exciting and necessary.
necessary to develop trust and risk-taking.                                   Enrollment has increased each of the last three years. We opened
As tesseract looks to connect “real world” issues to the curriculum, we       the 2006-2007 school year with 278 students, 73 of them new, with
are increasing our focus on social, environmental and global issues. the      significant increases in early childhood and kindergarten, and an increase in
introduction of our meaningful recycling program, the development of          1st grade which led to the opening of a second 1st-grade classroom. the
community outreach opportunities through the “Kids Who Care” service-         continued growth in enrollment at tesseract and the community’s need for
learning program, the introduction of Mandarin in the extended day            an excellent preschool through 12th-grade independent school compelled
program, and the spanish Club’s spring break trip to Agua Prieta where        the board to consider renovations to the Doubletree campus and the
our students worked in the barrios, all exposed our students to the issues    addition of a high school on tesseract’s other property at 40th street and
shaping the world around them.                                                shea boulevard. We look forward to sharing more details of this exciting
                                                                              expansion during the 2006-2007 school year.
this was only our second traditional annual giving campaign and it
exceeded all expectations. An important indicator of support for the school   thank you for your commitment to tesseract over the last year and for your
has been the extraordinary commitment to the tesseract school Annual          continued support for our growth and success.
fund, which reached an impressive $244,000. this accomplishment
significantly represented community-wide support from trustees, faculty,      yours faithfully,
staff and 62% of the parents—a big increase from 25% participation the
previous year.
In April, the community gathered for the biennial gala, “We are family,”
and once having recovered from the gala’s surprise celebrity guest, “sister   Nigel taplin
sledge,” demonstrated overwhelming commitment and generosity to
the school. the Auction Committee, a committed and talented group of
                                                                                                         “the secret of education is respecting the pupil.”
                                                                                                                                  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                                                                                                  Nicole L. Gayton
fACuLty uP CLOsE                                                                                                  Early Childhood Coordinator

1. Describe your background and explain why you              4. How would you describe the way in which                  6. How would you describe the growth of
   wanted to become an educator?                                you interact, educate and communicate with                  tesseract since you first began?
   I graduated from suNy at fredonia in New york                your students?                                              tesseract has grown and changed dramatically in
   with a bs in elementary education and a minor                I view each child who comes into my classroom as            the nine years I’ve been here. the school has gone
   in English. I wanted to become an educator                   a competent and capable individual, truly valuing           through many transitions; through all of the change
   since I was very young and knew throughout                   the image of each child. I believe that the classroom       and as an educator who has stayed through “the
   my elementary and high school education that I               is molded each year through the children and                ride,” tesseract has arrived at an amazing place as
   wanted to attend college to become a teacher.                their parents; they also contribute by making each          a private, non-profit independent school. I know
   I have always had a great love for children of all           year a new and positive experience. the children            we have seen great success at tesseract under Nigel
   ages, but specifically for the young ones. It has            in the classroom learn by interacting with their            taplin’s leadership and vision. the reason many of us
   always been natural for me to play games with,               environment and through actively transforming               stayed through some of the more transitional times
   read to or entertain the children at any social event        their relationships with the world of adults, things,       was because we believed in the school, its mission
   or family gathering I attended.                              events and their peers. they also participate in            and the underlying philosophy. Nine years later, I
                                                                constructing their own identity and the identity of         know that we have found the right person in Nigel
2. What brought you to tesseract?                               others. Interaction among children is a fundamental         taplin to lead us along the path to greatness as a
   I moved to Arizona from New york after a year of             experience at this stage of their lives. Moreover, we       premier independent school in Arizona. It’s both
   teaching in the head start program. After being              use the interaction of the children in small groups         exciting and fulfilling to know, as an educator, that I
   interviewed by several schools throughout the                to provide opportunities for negotiation in addition        am a part of great things to come for tesseract.
   Valley, I was offered a number of various teaching           to more frequent and dynamic conversations
   positions. It was then that I ran across an ad in            with other children. Children’s self-learning and        7. What is your goal or aim as you begin each year?
   the newspaper for tesseract school. I initially              co-learning, supported by interactive experiences           As I begin each year, I wipe the slate clean and look
   interviewed for a 3rd-grade position which, it turns         constructed with the help of adults, determine              forward to getting to know the children and their
   out, had been filled earlier that day, so I was offered      the selection and organization of processes and             families the best I can, and learn all that makes
   a position in the preschool program. I accepted              strategies that are part of the overall goals of early      their families so special. Over the years, my physical
   the position and have been at tesseract ever since.          childhood education.                                        classroom space doesn’t change, but the children
   During my nine years of teaching, I have been a                                                                          who occupy it do, which makes it always feel
   4th-grade educator, a kindergarten educator, and          5. How would you describe your continued                       different and healthy. I challenge myself to learn to
   a preschool and pre-kindergarten teacher. Last               commitment to education and to an independent               let go a little more of that “teacher control” and
   year, I was offered the position of early childhood          school like tesseract?                                      truly listen, observe and let the children who occupy
   coordinator for the preschool program. I currently           My continued commitment to tesseract, and                   the classroom, and their learning and experiences,
   teach part-time in the pre-kindergarten Cactus               specifically the early childhood program, is to             guide me and my teaching of them. It makes every
   Classroom and, in the afternoons, I take on my               facilitate a program that is active, inventive,             year better than the last!
   administrative role of coordinator.                          documentable and communicative. I believe in
                                                                creating a curriculum that is supportive and full of     8. Is there anything else you would like to share?
3. What makes you want to stay at tesseract?                    research, learning, revisiting, reconsideration and         I have recently gone back to school to pursue my
   When I think about what makes me want to                     reflection. As an educator and the early childhood          master’s degree in early childhood education which
   stay at tesseract, many things come to mind. My              program coordinator, I also set out to create an            will include a reading endorsement. Returning to
   number one reason is that tesseract shares my                amiable environment where children, teachers and            school and becoming a student again has given me
   personal philosophy towards teaching by providing            families feel a strong sense of well-being and where        a renewed drive and ambition for continuing my
   an education based on relationships, experiential            teachers, parents and children are brought together         growth as a professional and as an educator. I look
   learning and development, positive communication             through their interest in and support of learning           forward to the new parts of myself that I can bring
   and children sharing in small group interactions to          and the development of young children.                      to tesseract and the early childhood program.
   promote their learning.
REPORt fROM                                                                                                    Project Updates

tHE DEVELOPMENt CHAIR                                                                                          During the summer
                                                                                                               of 2006, proceeds
An independent school needs to have a base of support in order for it to                                       designated for
remain independent and self-supporting. During the school year, and outlined                                   technology upgrades
in this annual report, we experienced an ever-increasing professionalism in                                    at the spring gala were
our development capabilities. We are well on the way to fundraising and                                        applied successfully
development sustainability.                                                       Katie Lincoln, Left          to the specific needs
                                                                                  Janet Ault, Right            of tesseract students
It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the efforts of those who                                           and faculty. three
worked so long and hard to raise the funds. the Development Committee worked diligently to be certain          carts and 48 laptops
that every family was called upon in our annual fund drive. this year, our fund exceeded our goal by           were purchased, along
$44,972, a 22.5% increase over the previous year. Our coincidental goal of 100% participation by the           with enough wireless
tesseract community fell short, but still over 64% gave to the fund, marking the highest participation ever.   access points to make
the Auction Committee once again provided us with a wonderful evening of fun and frivolity and raised          most of the school
$300,250 in the process. In february, we enjoyed rousing performances by our faculty, students and             building wireless,
guest artists to raise awareness and money for our Performing Arts Program. Our team tiger booster             with the exception
Club supported the sports program with the sale of a delicious assortment of snacks at our home games.         of early childhood
Additionally along the way there have been countless other appeals, such as Katrina and the Wesley             and kindergarten
Community Center to name just two.                                                                             rooms. Projectors were
                                                                                                               purchased and installed
these efforts are not easy to create and manage, but we have, and we continue to do so. Our collective
                                                                                                               in 12 classrooms, and
understanding of the need for fundraising is expanding. We are recognizing the need as a community to
                                                                                                               four sMARt tablets and
support our wonderful school beyond our tuition payments. We are increasingly becoming a sustainable
                                                                                                               two sMARt boards were
education community, dedicated to the special programs that we, and our children, experience each day.
                                                                                                               purchased for use by the
I take this opportunity to thank all of you—volunteers, parents, teachers, and administrators—indeed all       staff. the IMC computers
of our stakeholders—for your generous support of tesseract school.                                             replaced most of
I would also like to extend a thank you to the Development Committee:                                          the older computers
         barbara Wix                                                                                           and were distributed
         Andy zalkow                                                                                           throughout the building
         Doug Labelle                                                                                          and a tI Navigator was
         Michael Dee                                                                                           purchased for the 7th
                                                                                                               and 8th-grade math
                                                                                                               classes. these upgrades
sincerely,                                                                                                     have enhanced all of
                                                                                                               tesseract’s programs.

Katie Lincoln
ExPENDiTURES 2005-2006                                REvENUES 2005-2006
salary/ERE          62.44%                              tuition & fees                75.19%            2,933,694
Administrative      20.60%                              Auxiliary Programs              9.79%            382,034
Auxiliary            6.12%                              Other                           1.83%             71,415
student services     5.82%                              Contributions                 13.19%             514,446
Physical Plant       2.48%                              TOTAL                                        3,901,589
financial Aid        2.54%
TOTAL              100.00%

                       n   salary/ERE                                                               n   tuition & fees
                       n   Administrative                                                           n   Auxiliary Programs
                       n   Auxiliary                                                                n   Other
                       n   student services                                                         n   Contributions
                       n   Physical Plant
                       n   financial Aid

                                              “the direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”
Dear tesseract Parents and Community,

the tesseract Parents’ Association (tPA) celebrated a successful year marked by events that brought the
tesseract community together and provided opportunities to support the school and community. the tPA
welcomed students and parents back for the 2005-2006 school year with refreshments at orientation and
back-to-school Nights. A Community service Committee was formed, lead by barbara Greenberg and Jana
Wilcke, to encourage service-learning opportunities. the students found ample opportunities to help others
by raising money for families and pets displaced by Hurricane Katrina, organizing a holiday gift drive for
Wesley Community Center families and holding a raffle to raise money for the Wesley Community Center
facility, which had been destroyed by fire.
the fall festival was very well attended. Room representatives put together an amazing collection of
raffle baskets which earned $1,600 that went directly back to the classrooms. borders book Day, an event
sponsored by the Library Committee, was extremely successful, generating revenue to increase tesseract’s
book collection. Classroom potluck events were held to encourage parents to get to know each other outside
the school setting. And finally, the tPA hosted a holiday party for parents, faculty and administration.
the extremely popular tesseract bloomers gardening program was introduced into the middle school. the
Cultural Enrichment Committee was hard at work hosting a bluegrass band, a Chinese acrobat, a Mariachi
band, a Japanese internment camp survivor and the bilingual story teller, author Joe Hayes. the teacher
Appreciation Committee did a fantastic job recognizing our amazing teachers with luncheons and special
birthday treats. the sports booster Club continued to provide incredible support to Coach Mayer and our
tesseract athletes, and sponsored both winter and spring sports award banquets.
Performing Arts boosters did a tremendous job assisting terri scullin with performances and fundraising
efforts for tesseract’s Performing Arts Program. Kimberley scattergood donated a great deal of time and
effort to create a truly memorable yearbook, with the help of parent volunteers sarah Nolan and Cindy
shoecraft. Our hardworking parent volunteers were thanked for their contributions with a special tPA
volunteer luncheon. the final tPA event of the year was to support the student art show hosted by our visual
arts educator, barbara Perez.
the financial contributions of parents through yearly dues allowed the tPA to not only support the efforts of
the sponsored committees, but to also purchase new picnic tables for our students, sunshades for the sports
teams, and a new bench and planting pots for the front of the school. the tesseract Parents’ Association
would like to thank the tesseract community for its support, and invite all tesseract parents to be involved in
the tPA. your contributions will be greatly appreciated and your experiences extremely rewarding.

the 2005-2006 tPA Executive Committee
bonnie Dougherty, Rebecca Etoria, sharon Hunger, Cindy Kathuria, barbara Landau, sarah Nolan, Cindy
Prince, Carrie Rao, Jana Wilcke
        “Kids Who Care”
      Co-Chairs Barbara Greenberg
                                                                      “Kids Who Care”
           and Jana Wilcke
                                                                      service Learning
Lower School Community Partners            thanks to the “Kids Who Care” program, each tesseract student has hands-on time devoted
                                           to a service-learning project that is geared to the student’s age, class curriculum and, for the
   • Early Childhood–                      older students, passions.
     Encore Senior Village
     Arizona Humane Society                    • for the Lower school (Pre-K – 4th) Each grade chose a community partner. Project
     Phoenix Children’s Hospital                 time for “Kids Who Care” was integrated into class holiday parties. for example, the
     St. Joseph’s Cancer Research Center         3rd-graders worked with Operation Iraqi Children to send school supply care packages
   • Kindergarten–St. Joseph’s                   to Iraq where they were later delivered by our troops.
     Children’s Hospital and Maricopa
     Medical Center                            •    f the Middle school (5th – 8th) first semester middle school students chose from
                                                   four community partners and worked at the community partner’s site. for example,
   • 1st Grade–Free Arts of Arizona
                                                   one project was building tortoise habitats at the Phoenix Herpetological society. the
   • 2nd Grade–Camp Courage Burn                   second semester middle school students explored their privilege of a “Democratic
               Victims                             Voice” by writing to a congressman or woman.
   • 3rd Grade–Operation Iraqi Children
                                           tesseract students have also developed a unique and personal relationship with the Wesley
   • 4th Grade–The Botanical Gardens       Community Center, a community center in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country,
               and Shoebox Ministries      where the median annual family income is $12,500. We created
                                           the tesseract Angels Project to help “adopt” families at the holidays
                                           to provide gifts. In 2005-2006, the tesseract community donated
Middle School Community Partners           over 200 holiday gifts—enough to fill a large Ryder truck from top
   Group 1–Crisis Nursery                  to bottom. We met many happy families at Wesley that afternoon,
                                           some who cried tears of joy.
   Group 2–Herpetological Society
   Group 3–The Wesley Community            former supreme Court Justice sandra Day O’Connor graciously
           Center                          supported our “Kids Who Care” program as our guest speaker for
                                           the kick-off event. she commended the students by saying, “I very
   Group 4–Phoenix Children’s Hospital                                                                               Kids Who Care Representatives
                                           much approve of getting involved at a young age…your projects are         meet with Governor Napolitano
                                           just wonderful.”                                                          at Wesley’s Rededication, 2006.

                                           truly, the engagement of the parents and faculty in the “Kids Who
                                           Care” program has been outstanding. but mostly, we should be
                                           so proud of the children. they are learning, firsthand, that their
                                           individual empathetic acts, when combined, can make a difference.

                                           barbara Greenberg and Jana Wilcke
                                           Co-Chairwomen, “Kids Who Care”
Class trips 2006
At tesseract school, we believe that class and field trips are essential to enriching the
curriculum and making it relevant and alive. Experiential learning is exciting and fun,
and helps to relate class content to the real world. A wonderful example of this is the
5th and 6th-grade trip. the students studied aquatic ecosystems and the organisms
that live in them. their trip took them to san Diego where they spent three days
at seaWorld learning about sea life firsthand by dissecting a squid, observing
and studying marine life, and interacting with trainers, veterinarians and marine
Connecting with their studies of American government and history, the 7th-grade
class trip brought students to boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. they
began their trip in the 17th Century by experiencing colonial times and traveled
through the Independence Period to modern day. they took several tours, and
visited many museums and historical sites, including Plymouth Plantation, the
salem Witch Museum, the Mayflower, Independence Hall, the National Archives,
and the supreme Court and Congress. finally, they experienced a private meeting
with Congressman blumenauer, and were able to sit in and listen to a senate
debate on immigration.
the big Apple was the spot for the 8th-grade trip where students were able to
further their understanding of American history and global issues, including
economics and immigration. One particular experience that touched the
students was their tour of Ellis Island and the Ellis Island Museum, where they
took part in a simulation to better understand the experiences
people faced when they arrived in New york with their families
from other countries. they also toured the Metropolitan Museum
of Art and El Museo Del barrio, the Empire state building, the
trading floor of Merrill Lynch, the united Nations, and enjoyed two
broadway musicals.
In addition to the class trips taken by the middle school students,
tesseract students enjoy a number of local field trips throughout the
year. for example, for the last few years, tesseract and the Phoenix
Herpetological society (PHs) have worked together to provide the
4th-grade students with a fascinating program teaching them about
the importance of conservation, as well as co-existence, respect and
understanding of the reptile world and reptiles native to Arizona. As part
of this nine-week program, not only do representatives from the PHs visit
the school to speak with the children, bringing reptiles with them each
time, but the students also visit the PHs where they most recently learned about and fed
African sulcata tortoises, and saw and touched various varieties of non-venomous snakes
and other reptiles.
                                                                                                                      Lynn beairsto
fACuLty uP CLOsE                                                                                                      2nd-Grade Educator

I was born in raised in upstate New york. I moved to          until I finished with a teaching certificate. After I      get the answer they want, but they are listened to
Arizona in April of 1993 and soon after, my family            completed my student teaching requirement, my              and respected.
followed suit. I have a ten-year-old son who has              student teaching supervisor recommended me for
attended tesseract since preschool and is currently in        a position in the New Paltz school District and my       5. How would you describe your continued
the 5th-grade. I enjoy reading, traveling and exploring       teaching career began.                                      commitment to education and to an independent
the back roads of our beautiful state.                                                                                    school like tesseract?
                                                           2. What brought you to tesseract?                              Education is an essential part of what I do. Every
I am a second-grade teacher in my seventh year                As I see it, fate brought me to tesseract. A friend         year I find time to attend conferences and seminars
with tesseract. I graduated in 1988 with a degree in          of mine knew that I was looking to return to                that will expand and enhance my teaching. It is
sociology from state university of New york (suNy)            work, but I had a four-year-old son to think                important that the students see how important
at Geneseo and later received teaching certification          about. Her children were attending the school               education is, not just to them, but to adults as well.
through suNy at New Paltz. I previously taught                and she thought I should go in and talk to the              Many times I’ll come away from my continued
second and fourth grade in the New Paltz school               administration team. I went in, and in less than two        education with ideas that can be put into place
District in New york. this is my tenth year in teaching.      weeks, I was hired on as a 3rd-grade teacher. As            immediately. It is a great way to keep my teaching
                                                              a bonus, my son was able to attend the preschool            exciting and to meet the changing needs of my
1. Describe your background and explain why you
                                                              program, which meant that he was able to be near            students.
   wanted to become an educator.
                                                              me during the day, which made returning to work
   I was a caseworker for Orange County in New                                                                         6. How would you describe the growth of tesseract
                                                              much easier.
   york (one hour north of New york City) after                                                                           since you first began?
   graduating from suNy at Geneseo. I worked in a          3. What makes you stay at tesseract?                           tesseract has gone through many changes since I
   very depressed area where most people survived on          the reason I continue teaching at tesseract is that         first began. there have been administrative changes
   their monthly assistance checks and ssI payouts.           I still feel a sense of belonging here. I have taught       and with this, a change in philosophy. Presently,
   When I first began, I worked with middle-aged              at other places where you enter your classroom              there is a focus on educating the whole child. In
   adults who had no desire to work. As time passed,          in the morning and don’t talk to another adult              order to do this, I need to keep on top of trends in
   I began to see more young adults dropping out              until you leave. At tesseract, there is a connection        education. the continuing education of teachers
   of school and choosing to live on the streets or in        between colleagues, and also with the students              is encouraged and an important piece of how this
   vermin-infested apartments. they were fine with            and their parents. I still love waking up and coming        can be done.
   their choices and no amount of convincing could            to school. I look forward to the challenges each day
   get them to return to school to better themselves.         brings. I also like the feel of the classrooms. While    7. What is your goal or aim as you begin each year?
   It was depressing.                                         we teach to the state standards, we are allowed             for a few years now, I have been working on
                                                              some freedom in how we do this. being allowed to            developing my writing program to encourage more
   After a few months on the job I knew that I                be creative and have the students interact in various       meaningful writing. I have been attending seminars
   couldn’t continue as a caseworker. I didn’t feel           ways makes the curriculum exciting.                         and conferences related to this goal. I am often
   that I was making a difference. I had roomed with                                                                      scouring books for new ideas or discussing ideas
   teachers throughout college and loved assisting         4. How would you describe the way in which you                 with other colleagues.
   them with projects and talking out their lesson            interact, educate and communicate with your
   plans. At that time, I was ready to enter the world        students?                                                   My yearly goal is often dependent on the group of
   and the thought of more college did not interest           As an educator, I feel that I am encouraging,               students. there are different needs to be addressed
   me. As I became frustrated in my job, I knew               respectful and supportive. In the classroom, I set          with each group of students. It varies from year to
   that it was time for me to see what teaching               high standards and encourage students to meet               year and from group to group. I will try to attend
   was all about. I continued working and took                these goals. I think that students feel they can            a conference to assist me in meeting the various
   classes at night for a year at suNy at New Paltz           approach me without fear. they may not always               needs of the children.
A MEssAGE fROM                                                              ALuMNI uPDAtEs
tHE bOARD Of tRustEEs                                                       the tesseract school graduates have been accepted to the following schools:

Keeping our eyes on the future, the tesseract board of trustees continued   Marcus Jamison is a junior at             Kaela Petty attended tesseract from
to focus on long-term planning during the 2005-2006 school year.            Chaparral High school where he            1st through the 8th grade, graduating
tesseract made great strides in implementing the strategic plan that        takes all AP and honors classes. He       in 2002. she is currently a junior at
was adopted by the board in 2004, including mapping the curriculum          is an active member of Chaparral’s        Notre Dame Preparatory where she
from preschool through the 8th grade and establishing a comprehensive       Chapter of the National Honors            participated in the school’s spring
professional development and evaluation program for our faculty.            society, the buddy Club and Interact      2007 musical.
                                                                            Community service. Marcus attended
We also saw great progress toward the goal of developing a second                                                     Garren Rose graduated from
                                                                            tesseract from kindergarten through
tesseract campus for our middle school and a new high school on the                                                   tesseract in 2003. before high
                                                                            the 7th grade.
school’s property at 40th street and shea boulevard. the board formed                                                 school, his entire career was spent at
a capital campaign cabinet, led by board members Katie Lincoln and          Ben McRae is a senior at Phoenix          tesseract. He is currently a senior at
bob Engelman, to develop a plan to raise the funds needed for the           Country Day school and a 2002             Phoenix Country Day school. Garren
project, including renovations of the Doubletree campus.                    tesseract graduate. ben is an active      has performed with three bands
the board also retained John Douglas, a leading local architect             musician who performs with tesseract      during his high school career.
who has designed facilities at the Desert botanical Garden and the          alumnus, Garren Rose. ben was
Heard Museum, to prepare a site plan. John developed an exciting            introduced to music and performing        Natasha Edwards is a sophomore
preliminary concept for a campus that will allow tesseract to provide       by Miss terri, tesseract’s music and      at North broward High school in
the complete and enriched curriculum envisioned by the school’s             drama educator, and has continued         Coconut Creek, florida. she is very
mission. Importantly, John’s work demonstrates that the property            to perform during his high school         active in the arts and music where
is large enough to accommodate all of the facilities needed to offer        career in a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream      she currently has two commercial
a premier middle school and high school experience, including a             as Lysander, East of the Sun, West of     agents, and is taking voice and acting
regulation-size soccer field, gymnasium and performing arts center.         the Moon as the Woodcutter and The        lessons. Natasha hopes to pursue a
                                                                            Highest Standard of Living as Doug.       career in entertaining.
Last spring, the school held the “We Are family” gala which proved
to be the most successful fundraiser in the school’s history. It was
wonderful to see and feel the enthusiasm for tesseract from everyone
there. your love and support of the school and its students was
evident from your generous contributions to the gala and the annual
fund, allowing us to exceed our annual fundraising goals.
this is an exciting time to be part of the tesseract family. together we
have the opportunity to advance the quality of education in Arizona,
not only for our own children, but also for so many others for
decades to come. On behalf of the board,
thank you for your continuing support of
this remarkable school.

In gratitude,

Kathleen ferris
Chair, board of trustees
                                                                                           ted strickland
fACuLty uP CLOsE                                                                           5th & 6th-Grade Educator

1. Describe your backround, and explain why you        3. What makes you want to stay at tesseract?            6. How would you describe the growth of tesseract
   wanted to become an educator?                          that’s a great question. My goal for a while was        since you first began?
   I grew up in Arizona, and throughout school            to teach overseas. I thought it would be a great        Amazing. I look back on the time I’ve taught here
   my main goal was to go into the arts in some           way to explore the world, but I haven’t been able       and I can pinpoint how each year has influenced
   form. While I was in college, mainly taking art        to leave tesseract. the school fits me so well. I       me. My colleagues through the years have also
   and film classes, my interest in education and         couldn’t imagine teaching at another school. the        helped me grow as a teacher, especially tami
   child welfare began. I worked in an after school       school’s atmosphere is so great and strong, that        McDaniel. the unit she created on Ancient China
   program in scottsdale and truly enjoyed the            it sustains even as so many changes have been           is so punk rock.
   interaction with students, so I decided I wanted       made. A former student asked me why I hadn’t
   to work with Child Protective services. It was my      moved overseas, and I told her that unless I could   7. What is your goal or aim as you begin each year?
   major until I spoke with a teacher who urged           take the entire school with me, I don’t think I         to make this year my best so that my students
   me to go in the direction of education. she            could enjoy it.                                         leave 5th or 6th grade thinking that it was the
   thought that my skills would help me become a                                                                  best school year ever.
   wonderful teacher. I changed majors and never       4. How would you describe the way in which
   looked back. I also had been heavily influenced        you interact, educate and communicate with
   by my 5th-grade teacher, as well as one of my          your students?
   high school teachers.                                  ‘Cuz I’m awesome and they know they’re in
                                                          the presence of awesomeness. C’mon, I started
2. What brought you to tesseract?                         the strickland dynasty. I’m just kidding, but I do
   I came to tesseract almost by accident. I had          use my sense of humor to interact with them. I
   graduated from Asu and was attending a job             think I understand where they are coming from.
   fair at the school. there were many schools at         I try and use what they like to teach them. for
   the fair, but one of my friends wanted to visit        example, I’m using the television show “friends”
   the booth of a small school in Paradise Valley         to teach the writing process and to illustrate how
   because she knew someone who worked there.             to add voice to writing.
   I went with her to the booth. At first, I wasn’t
   that interested in the school because, to be        5. How would you describe your continued
   honest, their wages were not competitive, but          commitment to education, and to an
   after speaking with some of the faculty and later      independent school like tesseract?
   the head of school, I knew that tesseract was the      I feel that tesseract has allowed me to grow
   right choice for me. It matched my philosophy of       into the teacher that I am, and so I hope to
   education, and I was surprised by how much it          help tesseract grow into the school it wants
   matched current educational philosophies, which        to become.
   was unlike some of the public schools I had seen.
          “We Are Family”                           HONOR ROLL OF DONORS
                                                    Anonymous (8)                                A. Jamison                                  Ms. Debra s. tranchese
  tesseract school’s spring 2006 black tie          Ms. Megan Adams                              Ms. tina Kanelos                            Ms. Paula M. trepte
  gala was a huge success! the school               Mr. and Mrs. Eric Anderson                   Mr. scott J. Kastel                         Mr. and Mrs. scott turner
  more than doubled its goal by raising             Mr. and Mrs. John Arabia                     Dr. and Mrs. Rajeev Kathuria                Mr. and Mrs. Daniel tyre
  over $200,000 for technology and                  Mr. Phillip s. baker                         Dr. and Mrs. Rajesh s. Khona                Mr. and Mrs. Ivan A. Vallejo
                                                    Ms. Renee ballard                            Dr. and Mrs. fredric Klopf                  Mr. and Mrs. Armando Viteri
  playground improvements. the event
                                                    Ms. Lynn beairsto                            Mr. Craig A. Knapp and                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilcke
  included wonderful live and silent                Mr. and Mrs. Eric and shanna bengtson        Mrs. Dana R. Roberts                        Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilkes
  auction items, including tickets to               Mr. and Mrs. Onkar bhowra                    Ms. Andrea Kolich                           Dr. Mark A. Wix and
  Oprah, suns floor-seat play-off tickets           Dr. Christopher biggs and                    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Landau                Dr. barbara D. Prah-Wix
  and a vacation to st. Croix. In addition          Dr. Irene Marquez-biggs                      Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey H. Lynch                Dr. farley E. yang and Dr. Luci yang
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert t. breece                Mr. and Mrs. thomas b. Marquis
  to live music by Gallagher and zale,
                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Ross M. bremner                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marsh
  the crowd was stunned and delighted
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Hans brutsche                   Mr. John Mathews and
  when the evening’s surprise guest–                Dr. shep bryan III and                       Mrs. Allison O’Connor
  sister sledge–came out singing their hit          Dr. Leisa bryan                              Ms. Valerie Maxwell
  song, “We Are family.”                            Ms. sue Clark                                Ms. Carol Mcbride                           LEADERSHiP GiFTS
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. stephen Cooper                  Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. McDaniel               ($2,500+)
                                                    Ms. Gina Cordier                             Mr. and Mrs. brian Arthur McGaffic          Anonymous (1)
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Desaye                    Mr. John McGinnis                           Mr. and Mrs. Jett Anderson
                                                    Mr. Paul Domingue                            Mrs. shirley A. Michels                     Mrs. Kimberly Archibald
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dougherty                  Ms. Joanne Mier                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert barker, Jr.
                                                    Ms. Meredith Eckhardt                        Ms. Kathleen Millar                         Mr. and Mrs. Larry bell
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Edwards                  Mr. and Mrs. sean M. Mueller                Mr. Michael Dee
                                                    Ms. Lynn Elberson                            Mr. Rod Mullen                              Ms. Renee Dee
                                                    Dr. Patti flint                              Mr. and Mrs. Peter t. Mychaels              Mr. tom Dubrul
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick foi                     Dr. bradley O. Oswood and                   Mr. Robert Engelman and
                                                    Ms. Krista Gavlinski                         Dr. Julie H. Ernst                          Ms. Lynn Van buren
                                                    Ms. Nicole Gayton                            Ms. barbara Perez                           Ms. Kathleen ferris
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giancana                Ms. Mara G. Pernick                         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Geddes
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. thomas A. Gilson                Mr. and Mrs. William “Wick” Pilcher II      Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harazim
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Glimcher                  Ms. shannon Polk                            Mr. and Mrs. scott Householder
                                                    Ms. tracie Glover Hawxhurst                  Mrs. April Portillo                         Mr. and Mrs. Randy Johnson
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William Goethe, Jr.             Dr. brian Puglisi and Dr. sylvia A. Mamby   Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kahn
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Gomez                     Ms. Elisa Roesch                            Mr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Labelle
                                                    Ms. Deborah Gowdy                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rounds                 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan s. Learner
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Greenberg                 Dr. todd and Dr. thelma Rowe                Ms. Kathryn Lincoln
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. stephen Gregg                   Mr. and Mrs. James b. Rowland               Dr. Patrick Liu and Dr. Peggy stemmler
                                                    Mr. M. W. Gregg                              Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Lynn Rucki            Mr. George Maas
                              from left to right:   Dr. Devon Gujrathi and Dr. shilpa Gujrathi   Mr. and Mrs. John J. scattergood            Mr. and Mrs. thomas Nolan
                        Janet Ault, chairperson,    Ms. Marge Haakstad                           Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. schlott                 Dr. Maitray D. Patel and Mrs. Indu Gupta
                                                    Mr. Jorge G. Hahn                            Ms. terri scullin                           Mr. and Mrs. Alan Prince
                 “We Are family,” Joni sledge,
                                                    Ms. francine Hardaway, Ph.D.                 Dr. David sease and Ms. tami Romano         Dr. and Mrs. P. K. Rao
             former tesseract parent and scott                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Adam singer
                                                    Ms. Lisa Heil                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. William t. Reaves
              Kastel, director of annual giving.    Mr. thomas Helbig                            Ms. suzanne P. smith                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rogers
                                                    Ms. Holly Henbest                            Mr. and Mrs. David P. snyder                Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. schibler
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. stephen Howard                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark steffens                  Mr. and Mrs. John A. shoecraft
                                                    Dr. Peter Hunger and Mrs. sharon buell       Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. stoneburner            Mr. and Mrs. Mills sinclair
“Education is a social is       inVision strategic Marketing                 Mr. ted strickland                          Mr. Michael P. smith is not a preparation for        Ms. Kyla Johnson                             Mr. and Mrs. Ray R. thurston                Mr. and Mrs. William G. Way
 life; education is life itself.”                   Mr. Alexander b. Jamison and Dr. Dana        Ms. Jessie soto-tolman                      Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Welborn
                                  ~John Dewey
                                                                                                             Ways to Give
Ms. barbara Anderson                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meyer                    your gift supports the people and programs that
Ms. Julie Anderson                            Mr. Mike Michaels                             make the tesseract school so special. Ways you may
Mr. and Mrs. John Arabia                      Dr. Jess Miller                               contribute are:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert barker, Jr.               Ms. susan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert t. breece                 Mr. Phillip Moeser                            Gifts of Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cauich                      Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Janice Mullen            Contributions made by check, cash or credit card
Ms. tammy Eilenfeldt                          Mr. and Mrs. George Najera                    are tax deductible in the year the donation is given.
Mr. and Mrs. bradley Ernst                    Ms. Melissa Neary
                                                                                            Checks should be made payable to Paradise Valley
Mr. Robert Engelman and Ms. Lynn Van buren    Mr. and Mrs. thomas Nolan
Ms. Rebecca Etoria                            Mr. Jack Padovano
                                                                                            Private school foundation. We accept MasterCard
Ms. Kathleen ferris                           Dr. Maitray D. Patel and Mrs. Indu Gupta      and Visa.
Ms. barbara feuer                             Mr. and Mrs. Alan Prince
Dr. Patti flint                               Mr. and Mrs. John Prince                      Gifts of Securities
Mr. brent Geary                               Dr. and Mrs. P. K. Rao                        It is becoming more common for donors to make
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Geddes                   Mr. and Mrs. William t. Reaves                gifts of securities. If the security has appreciated
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giancana                 Mr. Jean-Michel Richard                       greatly in value, you can avoid capital gains taxes
Mr. and Mrs. thomas A. Gilson                 Dr. and Mrs. francisco Rodriguez              by gifting the stock directly to the school. We
Mr. and Mrs. David Gomez                      Ms. tami Romano                               recommend that donors consult their financial
Ms. Gina Grant                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rounds                   advisors before making any final decisions. for
Mr. and Mrs. David Greenberg                  Mr. and Mrs. todd Rowe                        details about how to make a gift of stock, contact
Dr. Deven Gujrathi and Dr. shilpa Gujrathi    Mr. James b. Rowland                          the Development Office.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harazim                   Mr. and Mrs. fred Rucki
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Hayes                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Lynn Rucki           Make a Pledge
Ms. Lisa Heil                                 Mr. and Mrs. John J. scattergood              you can also pledge a gift to the tesseract Annual
Mr. and Mrs. stephen Howard                   Dr. Kerry schlecht                            fund or other area by contacting the Development
Mr. and Mrs. John y. Huber IV                 Ms. teresa schlecht
                                                                                            Office. Pledges can be satisfied through a single
Dr. Peter Hunger and Mrs. sharon buell        Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. schlott
Ms. Patricia Johnson                          Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. shaughnessy
                                                                                            contribution, or in multiple installments, at a time
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Johnson                    Mr. and Mrs. John A. shoecraft                that is convenient for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence s. Kahn                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. shook
Dr. and Mrs. Rajeev Kathuria                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry sim
Dr. and Mrs. Rajesh s. Khona                  Mr. and Mrs. Mills sinclair                      Tesseract Philosophy of Giving
Mr. ted Kreitzman and Ms. Lisa M. D’onofrio   Mr. and Mrs. Adam singer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Labelle               Mr. and Mrs. George skillings                 At tesseract school, we believe that philanthropic
Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Lang                     Mr. and Mrs. Rodney smith                     support is part of our responsibility as parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan s. Learner                Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. stoneburner
                                                                                            trustees, faculty, staff and administrators. Voluntary
Ms. Kathryn Lincoln                           Mr. and Mrs. Nigel and susan taplin
                                                                                            giving creates a partnership between the school
Dr. Patrick Liu and Dr. Peggy stemmler        Mr. and Mrs. Ivan A. Vallejo
Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey H. Lynch                  Mr. and Mrs. Armando Viteri                   and the tesseract community to provide the
Mr. and Mrs. steven Manos                     Mr. and Mrs. William G. Way                   highest quality education and opportunities for
Mr. and Mrs. thomas b. Marquis                Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Welborn               our students. specifically, our goal is for 100% of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marsh                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jana Wilcke             our community to give to the annual fund at a
Mr. thomas Mattioni                           Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilkes                    level commensurate with each individual’s ability.
Ms. Virginia Mcbride                          Dr. Mark A. Wix and Dr. barbara D. Prah-Wix   Likewise, during capital campaigns we hope that
Mr. and Mrs. brian Arthur McGaffic            Dr. farley E. and Dr. Luci yang               all of the community will financially support the
tom and tracey McKee                                                                        tesseract Philosophy of Giving. to make a donation,
                                                                                            contact scott Kastel, the director of annual giving,
4800 East Doubletree Ranch Road
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253

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