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                             Keeping parents and friends of THE CATHEDRAL COLLEGE informed

                Vol II No: 331 (Vol 1 concluded 523)                                 17 November 2010

                                                           This week the spotlight is firmly on the Seniors of 2010 who
                                                           will conclude their time at the College. They have many
Loving God, as our Year 12 students come                   farewells including the Residential Dinner on Wednesday
together this week to celebrate their graduation           night, the Farewell Mass on Thursday morning at the
from school, may they feel the joy that this               Cathedral and the Formal Dinner Dance that evening.
accomplishment brings. As they make decisions
                                                           Hopefully, all students will acknowledge that their time at
about which roads to take, may they always
                                                           the College has had a positive impact on their lives to date.
have the support of friends and family. When               An important role all of us can fulfil is to hold these young
they feel moments of doubt and hesitation, may             people in our prayers. They all have such huge potential to
we, as their family, friends, schoolmates and              make a difference to our society. I want to wish them every
teachers, provide an ear to listen and offer               possible blessing in their lives and to remember that their
encouragement and strength. May their future               loving God is walking every step of the way with them.
be one filled with happiness and faith. We ask
                                                           COLLEGE LEADERS 2011
this through Jesus our Lord and Saviour.                   In one paragraph we farewell Seniors of 2010, in the next
Amen.                                                      we congratulate those Seniors of 2011 who have
                                                           leadership roles in 2011. Well done to the following
Events – 17 November to 10 December                        students:
17 November - Year12 morning group activity 9-11am         College Captains          Residential Captains
             - Year 12 Residential Students Liturgy of     Krista Abraham            Julian Crosby
               the Word and Dinner 5.30pm                  Dominic Jorgensen         Olivia James
18 November - Year 12 Graduation Mass 9am                  Christopher Kitto
               St Joseph’s Cathedral                       Vanessa Petrie
             - Formal Walk Through Browne Park 6pm
             - Formal Dinner Rockhampton Leagues
               Club 7pm
                                                           House Captains
19 November - Year 11 exams commence                       Glover     Tiana Cunningham         Mick Watkins
             -                                             McAuley    Meg Bongers              Cohen Wassell
21 November - Feast: Christ the King                       Quinn      Colleen Dunne            Thomas Reiman
23 November - Closing Liturgy of the Word 10.30am          Rice       Alexander Craig          Madeline McDonald
             - P&F Meeting 7pm                             Ryan       Graydon Kennedy          Sheridan Walker
26 November - Years 10, 11 & Residential Students          Wallace    Rachael Conaghan         Matthew Newsome
28 November - 1st Sunday of Advent
                                                           I look forward to the leadership you will provide in 2011 to
3 December   - Term 4 Concludes
             - Residential Campus Office closes
                                                           this College.
             - Reports posted Years 8-11
5 December   - 2nd Sunday of Advent                        MUSIC EVENING
8 December   - Feast: Immaculate Conception of Mary        The Catholic schools from Rockhampton South came
10 December - Day Campus Office closes for 2010            together on Friday for an evening of music. Our Lady’s Hall
                                                           was packed to capacity to hear the performances of
                  REMNDER                                  students who have been playing for as little as one year to
 Term 4 fees payments are due for payment on               more than ten years. The result was an entertaining
                                                           evening. Thank you to all the teachers in this wonderful
             Friday 19 November.
                                                           program and to Miss Quinn for the backstage work along
   Front Reception will be open 8am-4.30pm.                with her ever reliable helpers. I appreciate those parents
                                                           from the Cultural Support Group who ran the BBQ before
 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Library is in need of              the event.
 volunteers to help with the textbooks in the last two
 weeks of the school year. This will be 29 November        This will be the last Chronicle for 2010. I will write parents
 through to 10 December, any time between 9am and          later in the year. This letter will be mailed to you with
 3pm. Morning and afternoon tea is provided. Any           reports.
 assistance would be appreciated as there are at least
 6,000 books involved. For more information please
                                                           Mr Rob Alexander (Principal)
 phone the Library on 49991307.
                                                         Page 1
From the DEPUTY PRINCIPAL                                        From the ASSISTANT TO THE PRINCIPAL
As we near the end of the year there are a number of              
matters which we need to sign off on before we can               As the Senior class of 2010 prepare to finish their school
conclude. Firstly, I would like to wish all TCC families a       life, I would like to particularly thank and congratulate the
safe and enjoyable Christmas break and I hope the Year           2010 Liturgy Committee. This committee has worked hard
12 students will take with them great memories of their          all year to enhance the faith life of The Cathedral College
great school.                                                    community. They have taken responsibility for assisting at
                                                                 TCC/Parish Masses, PC Masses, Assembly Prayers,
I am currently preparing the timetable for next year and as      Afternoon Prayer, Opening and Closing Liturgies and many
all families should know by now, the structure of the day        other celebrations throughout the year, and have met on a
next year will be different as we will have only four (longer)   fortnightly basis all year.         The executive of Scott
lessons during the day and PC will be held after period 1        Delandelles, Chloe Pownall, Georgia Robson and Sophie
at 9:55am. This structure has proven to offer fewer              Wilson have been a wonderful support. I thank them for
interruptions and travel time for students with the              their dedication and their always smiling faces every
opportunity for greater depth in instruction. However            Monday morning. Thanks also to the committee: Jelicia
before we look too far forward, there are a number of            Bendall, Luke Boyle, Jayde Carey-Krievins, Conor
matters still important for 2010.                                Cochrane, Genna Dunne, Travis Duff, Jenna Johnstone,
                                                                 Rita Hill, Megan Humphrey, Libby MacDonald, Yvette
Year 11 exams begin this Friday and the Exam timetable           Mellam, Tamblyn Moyle, Sarah Pascoe, Alana Thomas,
is on the school web site under the “News and Events”            and Christabel Warren. My personal thanks to each and
tab.                                                             every one of you.

Year 10 exams begin next Wednesday 24 November and               Good luck and God bless to all Year 12 students. Just
again I will include a copy of the exam schedule in today’s      remember one thing: God is always there when you need
Chronicle with the website also displaying it under News         someone.
and Events.
                                                                 PC Mass:            No PC Mass this Thursday as we
All students attending exams must arrive at least 15                                 celebrate Graduation Mass at 9am.
minutes before the scheduled start – this year morning                               Next week we will ask for volunteers for
exams begin at 8:50am. Students will enter the exam                                  the normal PC Mass at 8am.
room (usually Our Lady’s Hall) at 8:45am so they must be
here by 8:30am. Students must be in full uniform and bring       Closing Liturgy:    Next Tuesday, November 23, we will
the necessary materials (eg: all students MUST have a                                celebrate our Closing Liturgy of the
CALCULATOR for the maths exam). Students will not be                                 Word at the Cathedral at 10.30am
expected to be at school when they do not have an exam,                              (please note the change to the
however the Library will be open for study during the exam                           advertised time). Parents are welcome
block.                                                                               to attend this liturgy as we present our
                                                                                     very impressive Christmas hampers to
Year 9 LAPTOPS must be returned before students depart                               St Vincent de Paul.
for the year so we can update software and carry out any
necessary repairs. On Friday 26 November the College             May Christmas be a special time for all our TCC families
will collect all remaining Laptops from Year 9 students.         and best wishes for 2011.
Therefore students will not have access to their Laptops          
after Friday 26 November.                                        Prayers and Blessings,
                                                                 Mrs Claire Stitt
I have information on Student Exchange with the
Education First company. If any family is interested, they
may contact me at the College.

Enjoy the remainder of the year and have a great
Mr Gerard Raven

                                                   Year 10 Exam Schedule

         All Year 10 exams are in Our Lady’s Hall
         Date                    Session 1                                        Session 2
                                 Students enter at 8:45am                         Students enter at 11:45am
         Wednesday 24th Nov      Multi Strand Science                             Chemistry
         Thursday 25th Nov       Maths A                                          Maths B
         Friday 26th Nov         Supplementary exams                              Supplementary exams

                                                             Page 2
From the  ASSISTANT              TO    THE     PRINCIPAL         I would also request that parents get their end-of-term
RESIDENTIALS                                                     travel notifications in to Mrs Cynthia Drane as soon as
                                                                 possible. As you realise, we have to get your son/daughter
                                                                 to early morning trains, buses and flights. The earlier we
Hello all,
                                                                 can plan for these, the more secure your son/daughter is in
                                                                 their knowledge of their travel plans. Even if you are
I hope that this finds you all well and looking forward to the
                                                                 picking up your child from the Residentials, please notify us
upcoming holidays and family time.
                                                                 as soon as possible as to pick-up times. Thank you.
It is a big week for all at the Residentials and none more
                                                                 From all the staff here at the Residentials I would like to
so than for our Year 12 boarders. We will have our
                                                                 take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very
Boarder’s Farewell Dinner tonight with the Liturgy of the
                                                                 happy, holy and family-filled Christmas and holiday. I
Word held in Our Lady’s Hall at 5:30pm and our farewell
                                                                 would also like to thank you for your ongoing support of the
dinner in the MPC at 6:15pm. It is very exciting and also
                                                                 Residentials and our staff and students.
sad for our other boarders who will no doubt miss our Year
                                                                 Mr Ron Armstrong
12’s at the Residences. Thursday evening is the College
Graduation Dinner for all Year 12’s. Two big events and
sad farewells to the Year 12’s. I sometimes think that our       From the CULTURAL DIRECTOR
Year 12 Residential students underestimate the impact
they have on the younger boarders as I have witnessed            Music Evening:       An evening of delightful music was
many times the after effects when the Year 12’s leave. I         enjoyed by the large crowd gathered in Our Lady’s Hall on
would like to take this opportunity to wish our Year 12          Friday. Performances by the Rockhampton Combined
boarders, and all of the Year 12’s, the very best for their      Catholic Primary Schools’ Concert Bands, String
future and that God may bless and protect them on their          Ensembles, the TCC Concert Bands, Stage Bands,
life journey.                                                    Percussion, String Ensembles and Choir were applauded
                                                                 by the appreciative audience. CONGRATULATIONS TO
Our first “Girls’ Night In” event went extremely well and        ALL STUDENTS WHO PERFORMED. Thanks to Miss
was well supported by parents, staff, students and others.       Karen Soanes (primary and secondary String ensembles),
It was a very successful night for all those involved. A big     Mr Nick Kateifedes (primary Concert Bands), Mr Michael
thank you to Ms Rennell Lingard, Mrs Maxene Armstrong            Jones (TCC Concert and Stage Bands) and Miss Jessica
and all of the Residential staff who contributed to make         Ladlay (TCC Percussion Ensemble) for their tireless efforts
this such a success.                                             throughout the year. Congratulations to the members of
                                                                 the Cultural Committee who capably compered the
Just a reminder to our Residential parents to continue to        evening. Special thanks are also extended to Miss
encourage you son/daughter to get their leave notifications      Therese Quinn and her band of “behind the scenes”
in by Thursday am and for parents and hosts to also              workers who ensured the smooth running of the evening.
contact us by Thursday to verify leave. We are finding that
this is “slipping” as the term wears on and it does make         I am grateful to the parents in the Cultural Support Group
things a little difficult for staff dealing with their normal    for their assistance with the BBQ and canteen duties on the
duties and taking late leave requests. It really helps to        evening. This dedicated group of parents has supported the
prepare for a good weekend if we are aware of student            College with several fund-raising ventures throughout the
movements. Thank you for your efforts in this area so far        year.     I thank them for their continued support and
this year. I would also like to ask that parents/hosts to be     encouragement. The group will meet for the final time next
mindful of our routines and have students back to the            Tuesday evening 23 November at 6pm (nibbles provided)
Residentials by appropriate times during day leave outings       prior to the commencement of the final P&F meeting. New
and ask that pick-ups take place no later than 8:00pm            members are MOST WELCOME.
unless by prior arrangement with myself or the Residential
staff. Thank you.                                                Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were presented to the Year
                                                                 12 students who have given dedicated service to the
An urgent reminder also to all Residential parents of            School Bands and Choirs for 3 (Bronze), 4 (Silver) or 5
Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 students. Exam blocks are in place          (Gold) years. The recipients of these awards were: Luke
for next week and Residential students are expected to           Boyle (Bronze for School and Church Choirs), Jackson
attend until Friday 26 November. If there is a necessity for     Deasy (Silver for Concert and Stage Bands), Megan
students to depart early from the College, I need to be          Humphrey (Bronze for School and Church Choir),
notified and the students need to make arrangements with         Amanda Lamb (Gold for School Choir, Bronze for Church
their teachers to complete their assessments early. We           Choir and Concert Band), Nicholas Miller (Gold for being a
would hope that this would only occur given exceptional          dedicated backstage worker and “roadie”), Katlyn
circumstances (with the full understanding of some travel        O’Mahoney (Gold for Concert Band), Chloe Pownall
restrictions such as the Longreach train on Wednesday            (Silver for Church Choir, Bronze for School Choir), Yvette
and some flight availabilities to the North and West!).          Mellam and Brigid O’Driscoll for their services to the
Parents are requested to contact me if there is any need         Church Choir, and School and Church Choirs respectively.
for an early departure.                                          I sincerely thank these wonderful young people for their
                                                                 outstanding service to the cultural life of the college

                                                             Page 3
Arts Night: Come and enjoy an evening of entertainment                   LIBRARY RESOURCE CENTRE NEWS
this Friday 19 November when the Year 11 Drama and              I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to my
Music students present their assessment pieces. The Year        library assistants, Ms Kerry Cavanagh and Mrs Debbie
10 Dance class and other year level Drama students will         Clark, for their hard work and commitment during my three
join the line of entertainers. A visual feast of art work by    month absence on sick leave. My sincere thanks also
the students in the Art Department will be on display for all   extend to the staff of TCC for their understanding and
to enjoy.                                                       support during this time.

The evening will commence at 6.30pm in Our Lady’s and a         RETURN OF LIBRARY RESOURCES: Thank you to the
light supper will be provided at the conclusion of the          Year 12 students who has responded so well to the
evening. Drinks will be on sale.                                request to return their textbooks. To those students who
                                                                have not returned textbooks, novels and non-fiction
Year 12 Graduation Mass:            Tomorrow morning the        books, please take care of this matter before finishing
Church Choir and a group of instrumentalists will lead the      this week. We need to have the resources back so that
assembly in song at the Year 12 Graduation Mass. I              they can be processed and ready for the 2011 distribution
sincerely thank the students who have committed                 of textbooks. If it has a TCC stamp on, it belongs in the
themselves to extra rehearsals at this very busy time of        library.
year to prepare for this very important event.
                                                                Years 9-11: Cut off dates for borrowing has been
School Choir Rehearsal: Year 7 students who have                signposted on the library door and information has gone
expressed an interest in joining the TCC Choir in 2011 are      out in daily notices.
invited to the choir’s final rehearsal this coming Monday 22
November in Our Lady’s from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. The Choir          Years 10-11 borrowing finished last Friday so students
students are looking forward to welcoming new members to        need to return promptly library books and any textbooks
the group.                                                      not being used for exams.

Musical: The Rockhampton Musical Union Youth Choir will         Years 8-9 your borrowing ends this week. Please start
present Peter Pan The Croc Rock Musical on Friday and           bringing back novels, plays and non-fiction books to the
Saturday 3 and 4 December at 7pm and Sunday 5                   library. You may need your textbooks for classes over the
December at 2pm. Dial’n’charge 49274111 or book online          next few weeks. Only return textbooks that your teacher
at                                   has said that they are no longer being used.

I sincerely thank The Cathedral College community for the       The College policy of payment for unreturned as well as
enormous effort that has gone into making 2010 a very           damaged books applies and the costing will be put on the
successful cultural year. Congratulations to all the students   2011 account. For our Year 12’s and any students who
who have participated in cultural activities this year. Thank   have ended their enrolment, there will be an account sent
you for your enthusiasm and willingness to have a go.           to your parents in the new year.             Students and
                                                                parents/caregivers are requested to search at home and
Grateful thanks to the teachers who have given their time       school for library resources to avoid paying for these
and expertise, often above and beyond the call of duty, to      expensive resources. The library staff wishes the Year
ensure that the students at TCC were given the best             12’s all the best for the future. Congratulations and good
possible cultural opportunities.                                luck.

                                                  Distribution of Textbooks 2011: Textbooks will be
I look forward to the cultural events and challenges of
2011.                                             distributed to students in Years 9-12 on the following
I wish all our readers a happy, safe and peaceful Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 January from 11:00am to
Christmas.                                        1:00pm (Library closed for lunch from 1:00 -1:30pm). The
Mrs Bernadette Mitchell                           Library will re-open in the afternoon from 1:30 to 3:00pm.
                                                  Year 8’s collect their textbooks when the College opens
                                                  for classes.
                                                  Mrs Lyn Lawrence (Teacher-Librarian)
                                               Page 4
From the PARENTS AND FRIENDS ASSOCIATION                                             NETBALL

P&F Meeting: The last P&F meeting for the year will be      PRE-TRIAL TRAINING CLINIC – Friday 19 November
held on Tuesday 23 November at 7pm.
Mrs Bronwyn Walker                                          It is highly recommended that you attend the below
                                                            session if you are serious about being considered for the
Second Hand Uniform Shop – A reminder that we are           QISSN/Development team next year:
looking for uniform donations to the shop. They can be
dropped to the office or directly to the uniform shop on    Friday 19 November from 3.30pm-4.30pm – for those
Thursday afternoons from 3 – 4pm.                           students in Year 9 and 10 in 2011 and any girls in Year 11
                                                            or 12 who may have missed last week’s clinic. This will be
The last day for the uniform shop to be open for 2010 is    held in the MPC. Please wear appropriate sports clothing
Thursday 2 December 2010. The shop will be open the         and shoes, bring a water bottle and a small towel.
week prior to school commencing in 2011 from Monday 17
January to Friday 21 January 2011 from approximately        During the clinic, players will be involved in skills training
9am – 2pm.                                                  and development and will be given recommendations for
Mrs Annette Ferguson                                        training in the off-season in order to be fit for trials early
                                                            next year. Members of the 2010 QISSN team will be
Japan Trip 2011 Christmas Raffle: Spoil yourself or         speaking to the groups about the level of commitment
someone else this Christmas! Tickets $2 each.               required and assisting in coaching the sessions.
1st Prize: 102cm LG Plasma “Razor Frame” TV
2nd Prize: Olympus T110 12 MP Digital Camera                The QISSN team will be travelling to the Gold Coast to
3rd Prize: $50 Dick Smith Gift Card                         play netball against other independent school teams on
Special thanks to Dick Smith Electronics Stockland          Sunday 26 June – Friday 1 July 2011. At this stage, we
Rockhampton. The raffle will be drawn Friday 3 December.    are only taking one team with a second team on a waiting
Winners will be notified by phone. Tickets can be           list. Please make sure that if you are trialling next year that
purchased from Reception.                                   you are available to travel on these dates.
Miss Rachele Belz
                                                            Happy Netballing!
                                                            Ms Renee Iddles (QISSN Coach)

MOVEMBER - As you will all be aware, November is the                  Cook like a Master Chef at Home
month for raising awareness and funds for Men’s Health. I
am again this year growing the MO. The money raised will
be shared between Prostate Cancer and Male                    Year 11 Certificate II Business students are
Depression. For more information on Movember go to            proud to announce that “The Cook like a                                             Master Chef at Home” cook book is now for
You may also have noticed that I have been growing a
                                                              sale for $4.95 a copy. Books must be pre-
FRO. The Cancer Council has approached me to Shave            ordered and paid for at Front Reception no
for a Cure and donations will go towards the Leukaemia        later than the Friday 19 November and will be
Foundation. The World’s Greatest Shave is held in March
                                                              available the following week.
each year. However, I will be shaving my FRO with the
MO at the end of this month. For more information on The      Ms Karen Callow
World’s Greatest Shave go to
Mr Roy Thompson                                                TUCKSHOP 22-26 November
                                                               Mon: HELP NEEDED!
                                                               Tues: L. Gross
                                                               Wed: HELP NEEDED!
                                                               Thurs: N. Rose
                                                               Fri: M. Jorgensen

                                                        Page 5
                    FROM THE SPORTS DEPARTMENT


Wow, how this year has flown. I cannot believe that I am actually writing the
final Sports Report for 2010. This year has been full of many amazing sporting
highlights individual and as a College. 2010 saw the greatest number of
students in the College history selected for representative teams including
four Queensland representatives and one Australian representative. Our
representative teams also achieved great success as did the teams that
competed for the College in the Inter-School sporting competitions, with three
of our teams (9B & Open B Rugby League & Junior Boys Basketball) taking
out their respective competitions.

The Cathedral College is extremely proud of the sporting opportunities it
provides for students, however this would not be possible without the
continued support of the staff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank
those staff who week in week out gave of their time to assist with sport.

Sport here at TCC is thriving with more students participating and
experiencing success on and off the field. Sport is so much more than fitness.

To the parents who not only support their children in their sporting
endeavours, but for also supporting the College as a whole. “Thank you”.

I can only imagine the potential 2011 has if 2010 is anything to go by, and that
is very exciting thought indeed.

I wish all the best for those students that are leaving the College, especially
my Touch Football girls who over the past four years have been one of my
greatest highlights. To my Senior Girls Basketball team, remember our
lesson… always have fun and never give up trying and to the QISSN seniors
of 2010, I hope to see you all on the court next year.

To all students and their families, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope
that your break is full of fun and laughter. Thank you for your support in 2010
and God Bless.

Ms Melanie Clarke
                         Positions Vacant
School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATS)

Certificate lll Hospitality Operations x 3 positions MRAEL - The successful applicant will attend the work place 1 x
school day per week. Weekend and holiday work may be required. The successful applicant will have a creative flair, be
well presented, reliable and eager to learn. Some customer services skills would be an advantage. You will be working in
a happy environment learning all skills including coffee, tills, cleaning, stocking fridges, customer service and drink
making. All interested applicants should send their resume, cover letter & school results to
Applications close 4pm Friday 19 November.

Certificate ll in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) GAGAL - Interested applicants should possess the following: A
genuine passion and desire to achieve in this area. A pass in Year 10 Maths and English.· Live on the coast (desirable –
but not necessary). Have the ability to work well in a team. Good communication skills. Transport to and from work.
Hardworking and enthusiastic even when performing mundane tasks. Interested applicants need to submit a covering
letter, last school report and their resume to Gayle Daniels at GAGAL on Contact Gayle on
0400 725 903 if you have any queries.

Certificate ll in Retail GAGAL - Interested applicants should possess the following: A Genuine passion and desire to
achieve in this area. A pass in Year 10 Maths and English. Live on the coast (desirable – but not necessary). Have the
ability to work well in a team. Good communication skills. Transport to and from work. Hardworking and enthusiastic even
when performing mundane tasks. Interested applicants need to submit a covering letter, last school report and their
resume to Gayle Daniels at GAGAL on Contact Gayle on 0400 725 903 if you have any
Full time Positions including Apprenticeships

Fulltime labouring position with the chance of an apprenticeship in the future.         The successful applicant will be
hardworking, punctual and reliable. Phone Ben on 0418 885 733.

QMAG 2011 Apprenticeship Intake · Electrical, Mechanical Fitter, Boilermaker and Diesel Fitter - This is an exciting
opportunity for someone genuinely interested in pursuing a trades career. Successful applicants will learn all aspects of
their profession, gaining valuable “hands on” experience within a mining and mineral processing environment. To apply
applicants must have a Year 12 certificate (or due to complete in 2011), be willing to undertake further study at TAFE
leading to a trade or business qualification, have a strong commitment to safety and quality outcomes, be reliable, be
enthusiastic and have a good work ethic, have demonstrated initiative and have a drivers licence (manual). Electrical
applicants must have an aptitude for technical, science or maths subjects. Please include an introductory letter with your
resume explaining your reasons for your interest in these positions and what you can bring to QMAG. Please send
applications to: HR Department, Queensland Magnesia Pty Ltd, PO Box 5798, North Rockhampton Qld 4701, . Applications close 26 November 2011.

Certificate lll in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) - MRAEL are seeking a 1st year Apprentice Chef who is passionate
about the food industry with a dedicated and loyal personality. This employer provides a great team environment and is a
well established business. If you have excellent presentation, are willing to learn and take instructions please apply by
emailing your resume and application form to  Applications close 4pm Friday November 19.

Certificate lll in Business Admin QBuild - We currently have positions available in our Rockhampton office for Business
Administration Trainees to commence with us in February 2011. After successful completion of your 12 month traineeship
you will receive your Certificate III in Business Administration and have the practical experience to match. A snapshot of
the duties that you would be required to perform whilst completing this traineeship may include word processing,
spreadsheets, presentations, typing/data entry, telephone/switchboard, processing accounts, preparing and collating
documents, ordering stationery and assisting team members and management. Applications close 10 December 2010.

Trainee Accountant - John Thurecht & Associates - Expression of Interest are sought from motivated students who
would like to work and study part time. The opportunity exists for a trainee accountant in public practice to combine their
work and study program over a six year period. A minimum work period of at least three days/week would be required
commencing January 2011. Your Expression of Interest and resume should be emailed to: John Thurecht & Associates
Pty Ltd, CPA Accountants and Tax Agents,

Sales Consultant Trainee - Westfund Health Insurance - Due to the continued growth of Westfund Health insurance
we are currently seeking a Trainee Sales Consultant for our busy Rockhampton branch. The successful applicant will
need to demonstrate excellent communication skills, be able to work in a team environment and complete a Certificate lll
in Business Administration course over 12 months. Trainee wages apply. Responsibilities include joining new members,
handling enquiries and payment of claims whilst maintaining a strong customer service ethic at all times. You would also
be expected to assist in growing membership and further raise the profile of Westfund in the community. Westfund
actively promotes employee career growth, so this could be your first step to a rewarding career in the competitive health
insurance industry. Email your covering letter and resume to: The National Sales Manager, PO Box 594, Rockhampton
Qld 4700, Applications close Friday 26 November 2010.

Certificate ll in Business Admin GAGAL - Interested applicants should possess the following a genuine passion and
desire to achieve in this area, a pass in Year 10 Maths and English, live on the coast (desirable – but not necessary),
have the ability to work well in a team, good communication skills, transport to and from work and hardworking and
enthusiastic even when performing mundane tasks. Interested applicants need to submit a covering letter, last school
report and their resume to Gayle Daniels at GAGAL on Contact Gayle on 0400 725 903 if
you have any queries.

MIGAS - Tyre Fitting Trainee - Do you have mechanical knowledge? Are you interested in getting a qualification while
you are learning and working? MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees have a vacancy for a Tyre Fitting Trainee in
Rockhampton. Duties include but are not limited to general tyre fitting duties, assisting colleagues, upkeep of workshop
and managing stock. Licence and car preferred but not essential. Apply online today at

Certificate ll in Retail GAGAL - Interested applicants should possess the following: A Genuine passion and desire to
achieve in this area. A pass in Year 10 Maths and English. Live on the coast (desirable – but not necessary). Have the
ability to work well in a team. Good communication skills. Transport to and from work. Hardworking and enthusiastic even
when performing mundane tasks. Interested applicants need to submit a covering letter, last school report and their
resume to Gayle Daniels at GAGAL on Contact Gayle on 0400 725 903 if you have any

Certificate lll in Commerical Cookery Endeavour Inn, Emu Park - Asian styled restaurant. The successful applicant
must possess the ability to work a split shift, the ability to work in a team environment and be well presented. Resumes
and letter of application to: Graham Cummings, Endeavour Inn, 18 Hill Street, Emu Park Qld 4710. Phone Graham on
0418 396 702 if you require further Information.

Hairdressing Apprenticeship x 2 R&A Hair Salon Rockhampton have two full time hairdressing apprenticeship
opportunities available for 2011. Successful applicants will preferably be year 12 students who are well presented, have a
passion for hairdressing and fashion, are prepared to work Saturdays and late night and are goal orientated. If you have a
genuine interest in the hairdressing industry, please give Libby a call on 0400 004 892 to organise an interview.

Junior Position Available – Law Firm – A local Rockhampton law firm has a junior position available for a person with
the following attributes: punctual and reliable, possesses an interest in working in an office environment, presents well, is
well mannered and enthusiastic, is diligent and consistent in their approach to work. Submit your resume by the close
of business Friday 19 November with interviews to be conducted the week commencing 29 November 2010. Email
resumes to or post to PO Box 917, Rockhampton 4700.

Childcare Traineeship, Sarina Russo Job Access - The successful applicant will learn all aspects of childcare. You will
be required to pick up and drop off children to and from the daycare. This position is a Part Time role working between 15
to 30 hour per week. You will be required to obtain a Working with Children Blue Card. First Aid and CPR will be arranged
by employer. If you are passionate about wanting to become a Child Care Worker then please e-mail your resume to
Nyree at

Apprentice Electrical Fitter · Year 12 Certificate, drivers licence desirable, starting early January. Written applications
and resume to: The Manager, PO Box 5220, Red Hill Qld 4701. Applications close 19 November.

Laboratory Traineeships Skilled is a workforce services company. Our people are employed on a permanent or casual
basis across a wide range of industries. SKILLED is currently suppling construction material Laboratory Trainees to this
national client, involved in the Asphalt industry. If you are seeking a formal qualification that could lead to career
progression within the asphalt, concrete or quarry industries this may be your opportunity. Open to all applicants who
possess an eye for detail, excellent numeracy, literacy skills, enthusiasm and drive. Duties will include manual handling,
gathering samples, undertaking scheduled testing, data entry and calculations. To be considered for this Traineeship you
must possess a current Drivers licence and White card and be willing to work away. Be part of a team that is committed to

your safety. Be SKILLED. Apply online at

Manufacturing Process Worker Bradnams Windows and Doors is a leading independent manufacturer of aluminium
windows & doors with manufacturing sites within Australia and overseas. Bradnams is a family owned and operated
company that has been around for over 30 years. Bradnams is a customer service driven company which employs the
phrase 'customers for life, employees for life' If you are ready for you new career or a change in career paths and want to
join an energetic team that prides itself on customer service, quality and value then apply now. All applications should
include a letter of introduction with a brief history and summary of skills, a resume, as well as the names and contact
numbers of two business referees. Please forward applications to: or by mail to The
Operations Manager, P.O Box 9501, CQ Mail Centre, Rockhampton Qld 4700.

Administrative Office Capricornia Offender Health Services 38 hours per fortnight - You will provide the Directors of
Offender Health Services with executive and administrative support and provide staff of the Statewide Unit, Offender
Health Services with administrative support. Enquiries to Trudie Mathers on 4912 6390. You can download an application
kit at Applications close Monday 22 November.

MIGAS 2011 Intake! - Are you in Grade 12 and finishing school in a few weeks? Looking to gain an apprenticeship or
traineeship next year? MIGAS can help you take the first step into your working career! We offer apprenticeships,
traineeships and school based traineeships in areas such as Diesel Fitting, Boilermaking, Sheetmetal, Electrical,
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Fitting and Turning, Automotive and more. Launch your career and apply with MIGAS
today! Apply online at or phone Kristine on 0749 510 760 to arrange an interview.

Front Office Receptionist Discovery Holiday Park, Rockhampton have a vacancy within the front desk operations. The
right person will be required to check in/check out guests, make reservations and attend to any guest issues whilst on
shift. A background in hospitality would be advantageous, computer skills and experience with Word/Excel, have great
presentation and communication skills, deal with day to day challenges and great service skills. You will report directly to
the General Manager. Interested persons should send their resume to The General Manager. Phone: 07 49263822 or

Automotive Apprentices Capricornia Training Company (CTC) - CTC is currently seeking expressions of interest from
applicants wishing to undertake a Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (Light Vehicle) in a 4 year
apprenticeship. We are looking for applicants who are committed, reliable, well presented, able to follow instructions and
take directions. Completing Year 12 school leavers who have or are soon to get a provisional drivers license are the
preferred applicants. Register your interest online at or visit our office at 38 Armstrong St, North

Junior Storeperson/Forklift Operator DGL Australia is a national warehousing & distribution company looking for a
junior storeperson/ forklift operator for our Rockhampton warehouse. We are seeking a well presented junior who is
interested in developing a career within our warehouse operations. To be eligible for this role, you must have good IT
skills, willingness to learn, willing to get hands dirty, good written documentation skills and accuracy of information. We will
train in all aspects of warehouse operations. Apply online at

Hire Controller/Administration Trainee MIGAS - Do you have mechanical knowledge but don't want to work on the
tools? Have you considered working in an office environment? MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees have a fantastic
opportunity for someone who is interested in undertaking a Certificate III in Business, has great communication skills, is
computer literate and has excellent customer service skills. Duties include, but are not limited to: managing phone calls,
managing equipment incoming and outgoing, customer service, data entry, invoicing, word processing, communicating
with workshop colleagues, managing debtors and assisting tradesmen. Mechanical knowledge is preferred. Must have
licence and own vehicle. Junior Wages Apply. Apply online today at Applications close 30

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension have a full time position available in their coil and leaf spring factory. The successful
applicant will need to be self-motivated, accurate under pressure and possess the ability to adapt quickly to the different
areas of coil and leaf spring manufacturing. Manufacturing assembly experience would be an advantage. Phone 4927
7444 to arrange an interview.

Trainee Estimator (Wall Frame and Roof Trusses) Mitre 10, Yeppoon - Ideally CAD or building or construction
experience would be an advantage. Strong maths desirable and be computer literate. Please forward your letter of
application and resume to Bruce McCullough, Iron’s Hardware Mitre 10, 5-15 McBean Street, Yeppoon Qld 4703. Phone
Bruce on 0438 182 369 if you require any further information.
O’Briens Trainee Autoglazier - Are you a person who has the sound mechanical aptitude to learn the skills required to
be an Autoglazier? Our branches provide service to a wide range of customers, dealing with commercial vehicles and
everyday family cars. This is a great opportunity to widen your experience and obtain industry accredited training and
certification. The successful candidate will be customer focused, results driven, have strong communication skills and
possess a current drivers licence. Experience in glass replacement would be an advantage however it is not essential. If
you are interested in joining a highly motivated team please apply online at

Administration Officer JM Kelly (Group of Companies) Pty Ltd - JM Kelly currently has a couple of administration
roles vacant in our Rockhampton office. We are seeking an office junior to assist with general administration work and we
are seeking a more mature person to also work in an administration capacity. To be successful, you will need to have high
organisational skills, a positive and friendly attitude, pleasant telephone manner, a demonstrated ability to operate
Microsoft, Excel, Word & Outlook as well as skills using Internet Explorer. If you are interested in these roles, please apply
by forwarding your resume & application to: J M Kelly Group of Companies, PO Box 5115, Red Hill Post Office Qld 4701.

Apprentice Chef - Bartletts Tavern - Required for immediate start. Apply in person to chef Tony or email resume to:

Manufacturing Futures Program Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 November, 2010 at Gladstone’s NRG Power Station

Last week, ten Year 10 students participated in the 4-day manufacturing skills camp held at the Gladstone Schools
Engineering Skills Centre where each student produced a “G” clamp. In the words of current students “'We  learn  on 
industry  equipment  in  real  work‐shops  on  an  industry  site;  everything  we  do  gives  us  experience  to  get  an 
apprenticeship'.     Mr Greg Wade (pictured left) demonstrates a drilling procedure to students and at right he checks the 
precision of Corey McNamara’s clamp. 


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